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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 23, 2019 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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was at the house when the adults came home and this is when the assault began. he was tied up with the rope, assaulted multiple times, and held against his will and targeted with racial slurs. the victim said that they even threatened to kill him. once he was in tight he went to the san bruno police department. he was treated at an area hospital for his injuries. >> the suspect were yelling, using multiple racial slurs. he believed that his race was a motivating factor. are the suspects in this case were arrested for the alleged attack. they are facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and a hate crime tonight. >> reporter: back out here live.
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u atreare t a cas the san bruno police department says that they want to make sure that they are protecting the victims who are under age in this case. they are being very tightlipped about the details of this investigation. live in redwood city. kpix 5. happening right now. crews at the scene of a major fire. this is happening on anderson lane. this video was just posted on twitter. you can see that these buildings are burning at this point, which includes an abandoned mobile home. we have some calls into the contra costa protection district . we are waiting ithe are above average, into the low 90s. we did coole temperature. oakland was down to 72. the fog is already rolling in.
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kippered yesterday, we are double digit degree cooler. we are still about average. we will stay above average for your saturday. here is a preview of your weekend. this will be the cooler half of the weekend. san jose, 86. a comfortable 71 degrees in san francisco. we will talk about the warm up and that happens on sunday and be on. coming up in a few minutes. just in the past few hours, president trump is raising the stakes in an escalating trade war with china. late this afternoon the president tweeted that he will raise tariffs to 30%. and on another $300 billion in good, to 15%. an increase of 5% all taking place on october went d
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the news of the tariffs. the dow lost 623 points. the nasdaq and s&p also suffered big losses. the markets plummeted on news that china was imposing $75 billion on u.s. goods. at one point today, the president told u.s. companies to seek alternatives to doing business with china. international companies like apple, watched as their stocks took major hits. some of the products targeted by chinese tariffs, medical estimates, electronics, vehicles, plastics. some will take place on september 15. just before christmas. wall street stock traders are saying that the volatility is no surprise. >> the information and the policy is so on a day-to-day basis, we are really only a tweet away from up or down
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movement. >> right now president trump is on his way to paris for the g7 summit. word appears a global recession will be on the topic that world leaders will discuss. i did not create system. that was created by politics. >> it senator bernie sanders among the top democratic candidates in san francisco today. the party holding it summer meetings and laying down a strategy to be president trump and 2020. kpix is reporter. melissa? >> reporter: here at the hilton in san francisco. the national democratic party is holding its big meeting. we saw a parade of candidates come through today to make their case. including one who lives in san francisco and one who was of
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course elected here. kamala harris is campaign had plenty of supporters in the audience. she blasted the president for backtracking on gun control. >> when he coddles the nra, he blusters a lot, he reminds me of a puffer fish. >> reporter: senator booker gave a special shout out to san francisco. >> some people thinking of hope and faith is a losing strategy. i think it is the only way that we have ever won. [ applause ] it was harvey milk right in the city that said without hope, life is not worth living. and you, and you, and you have to give hope. >> reporter: he said he is the best person to take on the president because of his business background. >> mr. trump is going to said
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the following things to the american people. he is going to say yes, i am credible. yes i am a racist. i hate women. i do things that nobody should do, say or think. but i am good for the economy. and we are going to have to not rather do than that. i built a business from nothing. >> reporter: senator elizabeth moran said certain people. >> when you see a government that works great for those with money, great for those with connections and does not work for much of anybody else, that has corruption, pure and simple. we need to call it out and we need to fight back. >> reporter: another bit of news to report. earlier today the massachusetts congressman announced that he is dropping out of the race. he is the fourth democrat to end his campaign for the primary candidate. this leaves only 21 active
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democrats still running for president. live in san francisco, kpix 5. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg recovering from yet another cancer scare. the 86-year-old just completed three weeks of radiation treatment for a tumor on her increase. we have learned no further treatment is needed at this time. there is no evidence of disease anywhere else in her body. kingsburg has had several bouts with cancer since 1999. the billionaire businessman has died. details of his death are not known. it has been reported that he has been in poor health. his brother said that he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer 27 years ago. he was the 11th richest man in the world. he was 79 years old. their calling a first for san jose. an complex built exclusively for the homeless.
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it officially is opening its doors to new tenants. we are at the complex where people are coming home for the first time in years. >> reporter: that is right. san jose continues to have one of the most severe homeless problems in the bay area. a 42% increase over the last couple of years. there is about 6000 people now living on the streets of san jose. so a building like this is, as impressive as it is from the stray, this is just a drop in the bucket. but for the people lucky enough to move in, it means everything. >> it is like christmas morning every time you open that door. >> reporter: this is the first permanent housing that she has had that she started living aroundn jose around nine years ago. >> i have a kitchen to make cookies. for the first time in 10 years. it is literally a dream come
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true. >> reporter: the city, county and state, provided about $40 million in public funds to build 134 apartments. where 155 people now live. >> this will provide housing for house loans -- thousands of homes for homeless residents. >> reporter: some without jobs, pages $15 per month. but she does not expect to be jobless for long. >> here i have a future. so i can go back to school. when it came to the line that asked for meme my address, i cheered up because i actually had something to write down. i had an address. >> reporter: this is what the city call supportive housing. there are all sorts of on-site counseling services and meetings to help people get back on their feet. there is no time let for the people that live here. this is not a shelter, this
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people will hear the horn. we have to test with deocng on rpthe testin that can keep everyone up at night. how long is asked expected to last? i am here with a discussion on what to do with undeveloped land. i will have the story, coming up. and firefighters making significant progress on a northern california wildfire. how a bay area company is stepping up to help. ♪ it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday. the kpix 5 forecast is sponsored by the commission free santa cruz boardwalk. testing begets tonight along the smart trains new extension to larkspur. the three mile extension will connect san rafael to the larkspur ferry terminal. the new
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>> reporter: it is a relatively short extension, but a pretty significant link for regional transit. the commuter rail service is about to reach larkspur. will start hearing it as soon as tonight. >> we are hoping that we are able to plug it in and be ready to go. you because. >> reporter: the trip from san rafael to larkspur is a pretty short one, just three miles. a lot of it through industrial areas. but that sounds do travel. just asked the folks that live in the hills of san rafael. >> the smart train. >> reporter: she said she does not mind the normal horn noise. >> it is pleasant. the testing is somewhat annoying. >> we are operating in areas where we have had not had train
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service in years and years. it is important that we condition people to the trade operations. >> reporter: more construction workers would of course be good news. recent headlines have been about budget and timeline challeng. for smart leadership, opening a larkspur statement would be like placing a keystone. >> it is very connection to san francisco. >> we think it is going to be huge for the whole system. >> reporter: there will be test runs added to the daily service. they are aiming to get passenger service started sometime in early december. and larkspur, kpix 5. trying to find out what to do with some bayfront property in burlington. more than 1000 neighbors have
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spoken up, they want us to be open space. the other ideas diaz being considered for this prime property. >> reporter: nine acres of undeveloped bayside property, surrounded by development. the discussion of what to do with it is just getting started. overgrown with weeds, stretching across the shoreline, more than 100 yards. this property is owned by the state of california, is coveted by developers and environmentalists. >> we need to ensure that every single person, has true access to the bay. >> reporter: the lead is currently managed by the california lands commission. which will decide the fate of the robbery, as either a park or a commercial development. the new hotel would bring up additional taxes to berlin cam. the retired dentist says that he has been fishing here for decades. he remembers the shore before any hotels were ever built.
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>> there used to be nothing i here. ice to come out here. now you cannot come out here with a slingshot. >> reporter: he thinks that building a hotel or any other development is a bad idea. >> the reality is it is never coming back. >> reporter: construction is already happening up to the properties edge. the california land commission is considered the matter in september. kpix 5. a wild fire in shasta county has destroyed three homes. they are trying to keep the blaze from growing. the mound fire broke out yesterday, triggering evacuations. it is now 40% contained. cal fire says that it covers 600 acres. 580 firefighters are working on it. i one point the fire was threatening more than 1000
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homes. this forced more than 4000 people to evacuate some of the evacuation orders and road closures have been ee lifted. this enables host to list their homes at no charge. a live look at the tri- valley area in alameda county. temperatures are on the tuesday your side, as they usually are in the summer. a little breezy too. check out this serene shot of a blanket of fog moving into the san francisco bay,altraz there. could this mean some changes in our forecast? >> it certainly looks like it. actually, the pattern is going to be stuck above average. warmer than average over the next week. you saw the lack of cloud cover in dublin. you saw the cloud cover moving through san francisco.
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you can see the temperature spread out there. 60s in san francisco. 90 in concord. 90 in livermore. santa rosa, only 70 degrees. another warm night tonight. close around 60 degrees. 61 for fremont and san jose. a lot of weekend events going on. the call this summer days. go out and get some food from the food trucks. it will be sunny and warm in foster city. a high-resolution satellite shows you a lot of cloud cover baking up against the sonoma coastline. not so much san francisco. also, san mateo and, trust me the cloud cover will rollback in the bay area e ridge of hig pressure just to our west. this ridge is not that strong,
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it is in a location that is conducive for widespread heat. this time it is just cutting off the on tour flow. inland areas you will stay in the 90s. clouds tomorrow morning near the water. everybody on the coast getting some saturday sunshine in the afternoon. more on the same on sunday. sunshine for all of us on the afternoon. the microclimate forecast. they are hosting the number one football team in america tonight. here's your forecast for the weekend. vern will have the score for this game coming up tonight at 10:00. not much fog or cloud cover out there. the afternoons will continue to be between to two goes number seven degrees above average. we have a couple of the 90s out there. fairfield, concord, livermore. a lot of 80s.
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75 in oakland. your extended forecast. a little bit warmer, sunday and monday. we cool off towards the middle of next week. the overall theme, warmer than average continues for the next seven days pike. preseason football drops a few minutes before 5:00. on the other side of this break, we will address the 49ers. we did the raiders last night. it is go time. 5 pm tomorrow as quarterback james garoppolo back in the subtle. ♪
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we are 24 hours away from a key test for the 49ers and the quarter back. >> it is still preseason. this is a game that you will see right here on kpix 5. >> i love this. he is back in i am ready to go. once again the curtain raises on jimmy garoppolo. let me tell you something. there is no more overreaction in sports than preseason football. you better believe, it is true. they will play in kansas city tomorrow. garoppolo will be watched by everyone. >> i had success for my first couple of years in houston as a
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coordinator. and then i go to to washington and i was not as good anymore. i actually read something one day and it said i was so d t mess me up, but it did for a little bit. >> just to bring that soundbite under context. we all saw this terrible showing last week. against denver. completed just one pass, six attempts. he was intercepted. there has been a lot of chatter on social media, on the bay area with waves. the coach could relate to those real-life hard knocks issues. garoppolo will be under the microscope big time. >> that is the only thing that we have been talking about. >> yeah, i think that we could get him better after tomorrow.
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after tomorrow's game. get a little bit more into what he is doing. >> do you know who is going to be ready? number 10. >> you are always ready. >> anyway, the bills at the top of the hour. >> perfect, thank you. we will be right back.
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♪ a surprise for some students at the tenderloin community school today. >> office depot in the district teamed up to get them new backpacks. >> filled with essentials like folders, notebooks, pencils. they were all passed out this morning at the assembly. thanks to the donations, teachers were also surprised with school. office depot also plans to donate 1000 watching.
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preseason football coming up next. >> that's right, we'll bring it al on 00 we will see you there in just a few minutes. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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