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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 24, 2019 2:07am-2:37am PDT

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cats weren't afraid of people so park rangers decided to close a small portion of ranch in san antonio. be out on the streets. >> right now skipping school are the only two companies ultimately deciding to close allowed to operate in the city the entire park today. as part of its pilot program. that is not the only concern. riders could soon have a much larger fleet to choose from. the cubs are at an age where they will soon separate from their mother. >> since the city released the >> we had a video taken by a application for electric preserve visitor last week scooter companies to operate, 11 have applied, including skip and scoot. each one could add fairly close to this family and up to 2100 scooters to the streets. that could mean as that they were nonchalantly walking across the trail. >> the mountain lions are not showing fear of people. many as 27,500 scooters in total that is concerning to us. >> the family of cougars made its presence known to visitors . the sf mta has not said how that all week. >> rangers decided to keep the many companies would be approved. >> i think it's convenient. i public out the entire weekend starting today. >> for public safety and safety love the convenience of riding of the mountain lions. it all. >> she is taking the scooter >> and bring in the state for a spin for fun. department of fish and wildlife >> we almost got hit earlier, but >> right now fish and wildlife someone was blowing their horn have placed deer carcasses in the preserve to try and draw at us. it's like a bike lane, share the road. >> san francisco allows a
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the family to a specific location. >> is in the plan is to use that loud noises and other measures to instill fear of maximum of 2500 on the street. people in the mountain lions. >> thousands more seems like a >> it makes us uncomfortable could be problematic. i know it is already crowded as that they are getting that it is, people on bikes and habituated to being around stuff already, you know, bike people so we want to nip this lanes. but if people are smart about in the bud. >> today many adopted by the open space only to learn it was using them i think it should closed. >> i think it is very important not be too big of a problem. to preserve it wildlife, we >> it would kind of help get have taken too much of their habitat so it is the least we cars off of the streets i can do. >> we are trying to keep the guess. i feel like a big part of the people and cats separate. >> although the teenaged cats commute is all the traffic. are at the age when they were soon leave their mother she says it will not stop her from >> they ce scooters is a good returning. >> the decision to make it safe fit for last mile commutes. that is exactly what melissa for us and save for the animals stankus and her husband collin here and come back and enjoy it use their scooters for every day again. >> for now the closure of the 4000 acre open-space is through the weekend. . last spring scooters were rangers say they cannot remember the last time they pulled from the streets after closed it to the public. much criticism that they were public nuisances. >> the city said they expect to issue permits in early fall so there will be no gaps in kpix 5. right now president trump is on his way to the g7 service when the current summit in france leaving behind permits expire october 14. in san francisco, betty you, a deepening trade war with china. natalie brandis at the white
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kpix 5. house for the president spoke just a short time ago. natalie. >> the trade war with china taking a dramatic turn today with tariff hikes announced >> the city said the new permits will be effective for no longer than one year. able to live a long list mark across both sides and the corridor in marin could lose a president urging u.s. companies little sleep tonight. about 90 minutes ago crews to find an alternative to china. >> president trump launched his began testing out the new crossings and the train control latest were with china just system between larkspur. this overnight testing will continue hours before leaving for the g7 for about two weeks followed by summit in france. >> our economy is doing great. text runs with actual trains. we are having a little spat once it's opened the new with china and we will win it. segment will link up with the larkspur ferry. >> late friday the president >> it is very significant and tweeted that terrace on $300 we are very excited to make the billion worth of chinese goods connection to the ferry. it would increase from 10-15 % september 1 and current terrace gets us that regional on $250 billion in chinese connection to san francisco. products would rise from 25 to we think it will be huge for ridership and huge for the 30 % on october 1. this whole system. >> the smart train currently latestfor tat started writing runs between santa rosa and then to repel. passenger service the larkspur could begin as soon as december morning when china said it new video out of southern would place new tariffs on $75 california shows what appears billion worth of u.s. products to be a driver asleep at the in response to a previously planned u.s. tariff hike regina wheel of a moving tesla.
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this was on i-5 last weekend. you can see that driver relaxing with arms crossed and his head tilted to one side or the car going about 70 miles an said it would also move forward with previously postponed hour at the time. import duties on u.s.-made autos and auto parts. >> that is one of the areas it may have been on autopilot. where the chinese are punching tesla said the feature is not the hardest. >> earlier in the day the an invitation to take a president called for corporations to cut ties with snooze. tonight yet another beijing saying our great measles scare. this time at the happiest place on earth. health officials say a new american companies are hereby ordered to start looking for an zealand teenager visited both alternative to china. >> in response to the disney parks in anaheim on president's latest tariff hikes august 12 while infected with the national retail federation said in a statement it is impossible for business to plan measles. she also spent four nights at for the future in this type of the nearby desert palms hotel. environment. the standoff between the people who visited those world's two largest economies locations around that time are that rattled investors and advised to look out for stocks limited friday. symptoms. supreme court >> it just makes it more likely that a recession will come sooner rather than later if we have all these pressures from the trade conflicts spilling justice ruth bader ginsburg is recovering tonight after a cancerous tumor was discovered on her pancreas. the court said the 86-year-old out. >> concerns of a global slowdown are likely to dominate discussion among leaders of the g7 summit this weekend. just completed three weeks of senator dianne feinstein said radiation and no further treatment is needed at this time. we also learned there is no evidence of disease in her body. ginsburg has had several bouts in a statement today the of cancer since 1999. connected center for disease control looking into what could economy is showing signs of
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weakening due to the trade war be the first u.s. death linked and set this latest round of tariffs will only make things worse expressing concerns about to vaping. the impacts, substantial the man was being treated in illinois for mysterious impacts to california and its agricultural products. meanwhile the u.s. chamber of pulmonary problem associated commerce is urging the u.s. and with vaping. nearly 200 cases have been reported in 22 states including china to get back to the in california. >> we can say that we are seeing a pattern of lung injury negotiating table. at the white house, natalie brand, kpix 5. top democratic candidates that we have not seen before. were in san francisco today on the text x-ray the whole mapping out a strategy to beat thing looks abnormal and it looks abnormal equally president trump in 2020. >> we have got this guy who throughout the entire lung. >> the american vaping came in on a slow indian a association takes the position that thc or illegal drugs are to blame for these lung slogan of make american great injuries. tonight brazil's president mobilizing his military to help fight the fires that are ravaging the amazon rain forest. horses will deploy starting tomorrow. the rain forest has again. >> comes fire said democrats must take on the president on the economy and senator been burning at a rate of three elizabeth warren spoke saying football fields a minute when the government only works prompting global demand to do for certain people it amounts something about it. amazon to corruption. the front runner however, joe biden, did not attend. he sent produces vast amounts of oxygen for earth and is considered a video message instead. crucial in efforts to combat climate change. barrett county celebrating victory. he issued the
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firefighters making more headway against a wildfire right here that destroyed at least seven homes in shasta county. 600 acre mountain fire northwest the reading is now 50 executive order shortly after % contained and some evacuees his inauguration. are now being allowed to return san francisco and santa clara counties sued and won a home. this is why it is preliminary injunction a few months later. today a court gave a final important to evacuate a fire warning for sanctuary cities zone when you are told. cal and counties. the santa clara supervisor said anything" our taxpayers and tax fire staged this retarded drop demonstration targeting an old dollars to washington and we suv. yikes. it didn't do so well, didn't fare so well there. that was just 9000 pounds of retardant either way. expect those federal funds to this big supertankers can carry help deliver essential public health and safety services about 80 tons. rather than being used as a bargaining chip on federal immigration policy. it racist graffiti has turned up again at a community college in the east bay despite >> smarto evacuate when is a re an ongoing effort to move to hope that does not happen much around here but we are heading promote diversity and toward the peak of fire season inclusion. kristin ayres is at dbc -- dvc and pleasant helper it's been september and octobe at the school year has not we will keep they have been over the past 24 hours. concord 28 degrees -- concorde even started and already students are talking about it. a case of recent vandalism in a 8 degrees cooler. campus bathroom. one of several in recent months. easant h r rsitis r againsraci the priest did not make it all
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the way inland with the breeze. insi campus , stop we are settling in the 60s tonight, livermore 65, san francisco 61 percent has a 66. san rafael, your load tomorrow morning 59, fremont 61, redwood hate. but a bathroom is where the latest case of racist graffiti city 60. the sun is up 652 was discovered on campus. in a letter to students college president susan lamb wrote last spring we enjoyed a series of tomorrow morning. a couple ideas for your hateful acts by a cowardly weekend, maybe the summer days festival in foster city will be semi sunny, beautiful weather, individual who wrote racist messages and restrooms. today i am angry and frustrated to learn of another such incident. warmer than average. the president did not describe upper 70s and low 80s, the the graffiti but students say warmer day of the weekend will be sunday about 3 to 4 degrees it sounds familiar. >> those racist words to warmer. it was going on with the big picture whether? the storm gave us that strong offshore flow. that low is gone, and it the latinos or african-american assent. >> it happened three times last year. >> it is unfortunate that there next several lows will pass by to the north because of this are 70 individuals that have ridge of high pressure. if it were stronger we would negato said have an offshore wind and temperatures in the 80s and 90s author at the bay area with the location that it in, it's not that strong. what it will do is limit the dvc is overall a welcoming place. >> it's disappointing when onshore flow. it will allow all the
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people come in and they tried temperatures for those living to taint what people have already started here to create near the coastline to stay in the 60s and 70s. a repeat performance on sunday. diversity and inclusion. >> they applauded the president's letter and said what is needed now is an open coastal and bay fog and clouds, dialogue. >> i think having something like that this semester will be afternoon sunshine, blue sky a good way to show them that both of our weekend afternoons. this campus will not stand for 91 degrees with sunshine, a anything like that. >> we want to be a safe space little hotter on sunday. 95 degrees under mostly sunny for everyone and hopefully they can learn from the hurt that skies. hates will continue with they inflicted on other people. >> campus police are investigating and asking anyone with information about the minimal intrusion of that incident to come forward. fogging cloud cover. the college president said 80 afternoon 2-70 degrees above average. not hot but anyone interested in finding out the content of the graffiti consistently above average and can contact the dean of their next week we will see an individual college. in pleasant hill, kristin ayres, increase of cause and humidity around tuesday and wednesday. lots of 80s tomorrow including 87 yuan santa rosa, 83 and kpix 5. a young black man vallejo. was the target of an unusual low 90s concord, fairfield and hate crime on the peninsula. he told police he was hanging livermore. a couple degrees out with a female friend at her home when three of her family members arrived and attacked him. the adults allegedly tied him down with a wrote rope, warmer sunday and monday, close to 80 near the bay. assaulted him and threatened to close to 100 inland and then we kill him all hurling racial
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slurs. cool off toward the middle of when he was finally untied he next week and continue that went to the police. cooling at the end of the week. >> the victim reported throughout his attack the it will be warmer than average suspects yelled at him using but the really hot stuff that multiple racial slurs and he can be a concern to folks prone to hot weather, that likely believed his race to be a will stay away. motivating factor . >> awesome, it will be a nice weekend. thank you. did you know that >> suspects were arrested at donkeys get a kick out of the scene of the alleged attack classical music? >> i didn't know that. >> these guys did. on charges of assault with a how one oakland amusement park deadly weapon. criminal threats and a hate accidentally found that out. crime. the victim was treated at the hospital for non-life- here are tonight's guest on threatening injuries. extra security measures will be in place this weekend in silicon valley pride. that festival begins tomorrow in downtown san jose and security is going to be tight. all the attendees will be wanted with metal detectors, all bags inspected and searched and bags larger than a backpack will not be allowed. weapons and sharp our depth objects are also not allowed. the police department marked a milestone today becoming the first major police department to raise the rainbow flag over their headquarters to celebrate pride week. >> we are getting a look the folks at children's tonight. fairyland in oakland learned
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something pretty important this the 6.5 million square foot week. >> very important. space will feature offices, donkeys like to dance. yes they . shops, restaurants, hotels, and even a job-training center. google plans to build 500 plans listed the station. now you know where they coined the term kicking up your heels. the city council will take a final vote next fall. san that is gideon and chiquita getting their groove on. jose's most chronic homeless workers were testing the pa finally have a roof over their system when, who knew. heads tonight. the city officially cut the they realize that donkeys dig ribbon on second street studios the soundtrack from disney's it today. brand-new $40 million fantasia. complex built exclusively for >> or they hate it, one or the other. [ laughter ] the homeless. >> here i have a picture. i am >> it kind of looks cute. going back to school. when it came to the line that >> all right, coming up and sports, opening the season with the big test welcoming one of asked me for my address i teared up because i actually the best teams in the country. had something to write down. i have an address. and ahead, drama that just will not and. the latest >> the rent is subsidized based on attendance ability to pay. the mayor said the city has 13 more projects like this one
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ready to break down break ground. san francisco has pulled the plug on cashless stores. as of today it is not illegal for stores to ban cash payments. if you want to pay cash at a store like amazon go just tell them at the door. the rule only applies to brick and mortar stores, not to vendors like food trucks. >> more electric scooters could one of the top programs in the country from florida has soon be powering their way onto produced 18 nfl players in the last decade. the most from any san francisco's streets, up to high school in the country and 27,000 of them. >> we are pretty sure this is it looked showed up at the not how the autopilot feature game. is supposed to work. raiders wide receiver antonio brown hanging out with the new video of a tesla driver lasalle students without his helmet. opening drive of the game the asleep at the wheel. >> the flames are not the only danger in a wildfire. tonight cal fire him and shades spartan james kobe forced to why it is so important to get give de la salle a 7-0 lead just out when they tell you to get out. 30 seconds into the game and later in the first the game now tied at seven, the raiders zion turner goes deep to marcus frisby who makes the one-ha >> a proud sponsor of this s rw ve. thomas the lead ine to year's petfood express bay area pet fair. that is next month at the ranked team alameda county fairgrounds. tomorrow morning we are featuring 22 i was up for 24-14.> it isa helmet adoption. make sure to join as bright and saw that that just will not end.
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early at 6 antonio brown had his hearing in connection with this latest grievance over his helmet today. a decision is expected early next week. tomorrow on kpix we will see if jimmy gallant below can bounce back from his poor preseason debut in which he completed just that one of six passes with an interception against the broncos. there has been a lot of talk on social media and bay area radio about jimmy g's performance, something his head coach kyle shanahan can relate to. >> i had success my first couple years in houston as a court nadir and i was really young and decided it's easy, what is anyone get stressed out? go to washington and i wasn't as good anymore. i read a paper one day and told san francisco could be in the path of scooter tsunami. me how bad i was and that was the city has reopened the my first job ever and that i permitting processoors could ac got it because of my dad and i would like to say it didn't mess me up but it did for a little bit. >> now the baseball giant now with the orioles starting against the raysaustin meadows
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