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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 24, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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a family of mountain lions closing down and popular south bay park. the behavior that rangers say is concerning. a racist message left in the bathroom of a bay area college. student say it is becoming a trend. trade war with china takes a dramatic turn. the latest terror and the message to put the president of u.s. countries. morning i melissa came. let's get started with thcast. rely ceend coming this way. we will not be hotspur some of us it could be a sweet spot. it may feel a little warm, let me show you what it looks like from the camera up above the roof at kpix looking back towards the bay bridge. the numbers have us sitting in the low 60s in most places.
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it is 63 in san jose. oakland is 63. san francisco looking at 60s. as far as where we are going, we start off with the forecast or san francisco, specifically. 70 degrees with a few clouds and a bit of a breeze. a beautifully day. there are some 90s to be had across the bay area for a and lint locations. is not be anything to stifling. in the headlines, things get a little more interesting. by the early and middle part of this coming week, some of the humidity might come back. maybe remember it from this last wednesday and thursday. is still something you may notice. i will talk to you more about heil why we have to deal with that coming up in the complete forecast were now, back over to you. if you plan to go on a nature hike, you can scratch rancho san antonio open-space preserve off of your list. the reason is mountain lion sightings rancho san antonio between cupertino and mountain view have 20 before miles of
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trails and draws about 700,000 visitors each year. a hiker recently shot video of three mountain lions wandering on a trail. the park is temporarily closed to humans. the mid-peninsula regional open space district says that such a closure is rare, but it is necessary because the mountain lions seem to be getting too close to the visitors. the plan is to lure the lions into areas of the preserve, not normally visited by humans. >> the fish and wildlife has placed deer carcasses in the preserve to draw the family force specific locations. it makes us uncomfortable but they are feeling they are giving used to being there people. >> rancho san antonio will remain closed until it is determined to safer the public to visit. people who lived along the smart trade corridor could be losing sleep the next 2 to 3 weeks. crews are testing out new
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crossings and train control system between san rafael and larkspur. this is happening between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. monday through friday, and again i weekends from 9:30 p.m. until 8 and. the overnight tests will be followed by test runs with actual trains. once it opens, the new segments will link up with the larkspur very. >> it is very significant and we are excited to make the connection to the ferry. it gets us the regional connection to san francisco. we think it is huge report ridership and the whole system. >> the smart train runs between santa rosa and san rafael and passenger service could begin as soon as december. transportation officials are planning to close highway fore in both directions at the 680 interchange fur the next few nights. that is from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. the contra costa county transportation authority says the roadwork is were public safety improvement project.
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extra security measures will be in place at silicon valley pride. the festival begins today and downtown san jose and there are a number of extra safeguards. all attendees will be wanted with metal detectors. all backs will be inspected, and max larger than a backpack are banned. weapons and sharp objects are also not allowed the festival. the san jose police department has marked a milestone. it has begun become the first major police department to raise a rainbow flag over its headquarters to celebrate pride week. graffiti described as racist in nature has turned up again at diablo valley college in pleasant hill. the contra costa college district police department is trying to determine who was behind this vandalism which was discovered in a restroom. janitors have already removed the graffiti wapoli consider a direct threat to the campus. students we spoke with said that dvc is overall a welcoming place. >> it is disappointing when people come in and they try to
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taint what people have already started here, to create diversity and inclusion. >> fall classes at diablo valley are set to begin monday and there were similar incidents on campus this past spring. a suspect was arrested but prosecutors decided not to pursue charges because the suspect showed remorse. he apologized and had a criminal history. we have new video of hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gathered in hong kong. the gathered again today and they built barricades across the highway. this is the latest protest in a nearly 11-week-old movement that began with calls to scrap a now suspended extradition bell. the protests have since widened to include demands fur full democracy and and an independent ingrate to alleged police brutality at the protest. >> president trump is in france after an overnight flight from washington dc. he is 20 world leaders were a group of the seven summits. the formal talks are expected to begin tomorrow morning with topics expected to include the global economy and the amazon rain forest wildfires.
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president trump has escalated his trade war with china announcing plans to raise tariffs on more than $500 million worth of chinese imports. cbs news natalie brand reports the growing trade battle increased jitters on wall street. 12 president trump launched his latest so in the trade war with china just hours before leaving fur the g7 summit in france. >> our economy is doing great. we're having a little spat with china and we will win and. >> reporter: lris on $300 million worth of chinese goods would increase from 10% to 50% september 1 and current tariffs on $250 billion of chinese products rise from 25% to 30% on october 1. this latest started friday morning when china said it would place new tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. products in response to a previously
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planned u.s. tariff hike. china said it would also move forward with previously postponed import duties on us- made autos and auto parts. spot that is one of the areas where the chinese punching the hardest. truck or other the president called fur corporations to cut ties with beijing tweeting our great american companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for a an alternative to china. in response to the president latest tariff hikes, the national retail federation said in a statement that it is impossible her business to plan fur the future in this type of environment. standoff between the roles to largest economies rattled investors and stocks plummeted on friday. >> just makes it more likely that a recession would come sooner rather than later if we have all of these pressures from the trade conflict spilling out. >> reporter: concerns of the global slowdown likely to dominate discussion among leaders at the summit this weekend. natalie brand, cbs news, the white house. today is the final day of
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the democratic national committee summer meeting and san francisco. just about all of the 2020 democratic candidates have appeared in this weekend they have been mapping out their strategy to beat president trump. >> we've got this guy who came in on a slogan about make america great again, which were all of us, we said again, forum?>> tom steyer, the semper cisco billion or said democrats must take on the president of the issue of economy. and elizabeth warren said that when the government only works were certain people, that amounts to corruption. front-runner joe biden did not attend. he sent a video message instead it events continue later this morning. two bay area counties are celebrating victory a lawsuit challenging president trump since withhold federal funding over their status as things were a cities from undocumented immigrants. now the president issued his executive order shortly after his inauguration. santa clara and several cisco counties then sued and won a
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preliminary injunction a few months later. yesterday the court issued a final ruling creating a permanent protection first century cities and counties. santa clara county supervisor joe sent and a statements, are taxpayers sent their tax dollars to washington and reasonably expect the federal funds helped deliver essential public health and safety services. rather than being used as a bargaining chip on federal immigration policy. tensions are increasing over wildfires averting through the amazon rainforest in brazil. the brazilian president has issued a decree deployed the military. experts report 77,000 wildfires across the country have burned so far this year. this is 85% over the same period in 2018. half of the fires have occurred. french president macron is among the critics questioning the roll
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res. > closer to me, crews continue to make practice in the battle against wildfires in upstate california. the so-called mountain fire has destroyed at least seven homes and burns six acres in shasta county. northeast of ready. calfire says the blaze is 50% contained. >> this is why it is so important to evacuate a fire zone as soon as we are told. calfire staged this demonstration dropping fire retardant on an old suv. as you can see, it did not go well. this was just 9000 pounds of retarded and big supertankers can carry about 80 tons. the time is 6:11 and we have coming up, this moment original report. it is allowing bay area patients to heal like the pros. we will have that story coming up. the city of san francisco is making it easier to live life without credit cards. you know when you're at ross
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20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. the countdown is on to 5:00 when the niners will take on the chiefs in kansas city. we do not know who will win but after the game the players will be sore and they will need to recover. juliette goodrich shows us how to heal like a pro. she has this mornings original report. high-tech tools are helping to mend injured athletes and speed recovery. whether you are a pro or an amateur, the goal is to get you back in the game. it is just practice, but after a grueling game and a brutal pouncing on the football field, the niners spent the next day putting their bodies back together. the latest cutting-edge rehab and recovery devices are always at their fingertips. but now big guys, move over.
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this 16-year-old rising star gymnast -- >> i just broke my foot last night. >> reporter: and motorcycle champ, >> i just fell off a pretty good size ledge. >> reporter: a santa clara county deputy sheriff. >> i unfortunately hit my knee against my patrol car door. >> reporter: all have access to the same kind of allegiant gear. and >> hello providing them with the same types of treatment they would get if they were a pro athlete, like they were in the 49ers locker room. >> reporter: doctor arthur ting runs a private sports medicine clinic in fremont. >> there is definitely science behind every type of device. >> reporter: is packed with innovative state-of-the-art technology that he has personally seen in pro locker rooms around the bay area. >> it is gentle. >> reporter: the goal? >> how can we prepare the athlete to improve his ability
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to train, get stronger, and better and how can we keep him on the field get him and bet that back in the game faster. >> reporter: 12 at least strange like coverings that make you look like the michelin man. spec it is kind of like you are squeezing yourself. >> reporter: it is called norma tack. >> it is an interesting sensation. >> reporter: geraldine fisher uses it for a torn meniscus. >> starts at your ankles with the air pressure and then it starts building all the way up until you feel very compressed. >> reporter: the device was creative her patient suffering from circulation disorders, but the pro sports world quickly took note, and snapped them up. >> it is hoping to return blood flow to get the lactic acid out of the legs after a workout, or just improve circulation for a healing. >> reporter: another tool, whole body cryotherapy. the sessions are supershort. no more than three minutes. athletes swear that it decreases pain and inflammation. >> it is really cold and it is a little uncomfortable, but the feeling when you are out, it
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helps so much fort recovery edwin you are sore. >> reporter: madalyn williams has competed with simone biles and hopes to go to the tokyo olympics, getting back into practice is key.>> could be a week of not doing stuff. >> reporter: among these high- tech wonders, a low-tech contraption. it is called the flux a nadir. >> i hate it but it is useful. troll cody webb uses it to break up scar tissue that has developed after acl surgery. black i have seen huge gains in a couple of weeks. it really helps bring the mobility back. >> reporter: even with all of these high-tech tools perhaps the biggest players in rehab at recovery, time, good health, and a good nights sleep. in alameda county, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. google offering a first glimpse at its plant three method transit village
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incident downtown san jose. the 6.5 million square-foot space will feature officers, shops, restaurants anupto 5000 homes close to the transit center. the next step is to get feedback from locals about the plan and the city council is expected to take a final vote in the fall of next year. some of san jose's chronically homeless people will not have a home of their own. the city officially cut the ribbon on second street studios yesterday. this brand-new $40 million complex was built exclusively for a the homeless. >> here i have a future. i am going back to school, and when it came to the mind asked me form my address a teared up because i actually had something to write down. i had an address. >> rent at the studios is subsidized based on the tenants ability to pay. the mayor sam liccardo said the
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city has 13 more projects like this ready to break ground. san francisco has officially pulled the plug on cashless stores. as of yesterday, it is now illegal fur stores to ban cash payments. if you want to be cash at a store like amazon go, just tell an employee at the door. is rule only applies to brick- and-mortar stores. it does not apply to vendors like food trucks. lesson get a quick check on the weather with darren peck. we are keeping the weather well behaved. >> it will be a little warm but only a couple of degrees warmer that it should be at this time of year. considering how hot we have seen it get over parts of the middle of this week, it is nice to say that. san jose, look at the sunshine waiting to greet you. it is clear. it we cannot say sunshine yet. we are waiting from the fore the direct like for from the sun about to hit the official sunrise time. it is a few minutes later as we
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have gotten later into the summer. it is coming up in two minutes. taking a look at the live view from the scene on mounted backup. this is 25 feet up in the coast range one of the first cameras to catch the sunrise. and do not let the fact that there are no clouds in either of the views for you because while it might be clear in the sound pay and it is clear east of the coast, it is not clear from the majority of us. let me show you what the marine layer is doing. if we take a look at the visualization, there is a south bay, look at the north bay, for a santa rosa, low clouds. pretty much filled in much of sonoma county in the lower valleys and especially in and around the rest of the bay. over towards the east bay as well. this will last until the late morning and then we get into the sunshine today and when we get the sunshine, think back to yesterday in the terms it way that it felt of her daytime highs. that is what today will feel like. let me show you with daytime highs look like. 90 in concord. 90 livermore. we hit 87 and san jose. we top out at 70 in san francisco. 87 in santa rosa.
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it is quite the nice change in santa rosa from one day to the next. we have seen the temperatures come down to the upper 80s. we had to in the upper 90s not long ago. nicer to have the southerly flow coming in. we are pulling and the cooler air from the bay. the north bay village we did not notice as a dramatic of a change from most other locations. one other thing to keep an eye on into the early part of this week, we may start to see the humidity pickup. the tropical storm isthe pacifi ivo will not do much. if up with that the forecast track, edible season to track the tropical system getting past sunday. but the remnants, all of the leftover moisture will be there. watch what happens into early next week. we will not have rain in the forecast we will feel the humidity start to flow into the bay area by tuesday and wednesday from the system and considering what we experience wednesday and thursday of this
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last week when the humidity went up, and you know how that can make things feel uncomfortable. when you look at wednesday, tuesday and wednesday, ninety six inland. we may feel more humidity as well. i do not think it is a big deal from much of the rest of the bay area. we are looking pretty good. i will see with more in the next half hour. let's see what is going on the world of sports. the big test opening welcoming one of the begin teams in the country. the head gear drama that will not and. the latest move by the raiders wide receiver to hold onto his old helmet is coming up. that's take a quick check of our getaway gas. here is where you can find the cheapest prices. today we are checking berkeley.
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dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at friday night lights shined extra bright as they lasalle opened the season against one of the top pogroms in the
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country. st. thomas aquinas from florida has produced 18 nfl players the left decade. from anhigh sl cou up at the raiders wide receiver antonio brown hanging out with the student. r in e first game, the t game. raiders, zion turned to marcus rosemary who makes it one headed juggling cats before the 71 yard touchdown score, to get saint thomas leaving the top- ranked raiders are going on to win 24 -14. it is the home of south carolina and. antonio brown headed hearing in connection with the latest grievance over his helmet yesterday. a decision is expected early next week. tomorrow on kpix 5 we will see if jimmy grappler can bounce back from his poor preseason debut in which he completed one of six passes with an interception against the broncos. since monday's game, there has
6:26 am
been a loof talk on social media and bay area radio as the jameis performance something his head coach can relate to. >> i had success my first couple years in houston as a coordinator and i was really young and i thought everything was easy and why does anyone get stressed out. and then i go to washington and i was not as good anymore, at x actually read a paper with a that told me how bad i was and that was my first job ever and i only got it because of my dead. i would like to say that it didn't mess me up but it did. >> reporter: hello block with the orioles starting against tampa bay lit the block up in the second inning. also metals a seven run any with the grant lamp in the raise when the game 7-1. is were off last night and with campus when they move half a game ahead of oakland in the wildcard race rick beseler tied with cleveland the second and final wild-card spot. today, get ready from the bay bridge series between the giants and the a's.
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coming up in the next half hour, we have details unfolding about three people in the bay area arrested her hate crimes. why litan black teenager racially motivated. we will show you how several cisco could be invaded by thousands of scooters. what about him?
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is about 6:30 i melissa came. let's start this half hour off with a check on the forecast with their impact. we have a good-looking day. especially if you like the temperatures to stataverage. it will be warm but not terribly hot from most of us and i think that is probably the main headline. look at the clouds that were taken the view from our camera sitting on the top of the sales force tower. that is a good sign. he wanted to keep temperatures well behaved, if it is that cody all the way up there, here's the forecast today. the numbers come in at 70 degrees before the city. that is the san francisco forecast. that is 2 to 3 degrees above average. you start to notice it is a little warmer when you get inland and you will see a 90. taking a look at the forecast across the bay area as a whole, 90 degrees from inland spot. there is no way around it.
6:31 am
is not the kind of heat that we have all been acclimated to. we went to much more significant heat than that in the middle of the last week and it will up going into early next week. it would not be quite as hot but there is a warm-up to show you the seven-day forecast. the weekend looks pretty good. bottom line in the headlines has an interesting item. says some humidity returning early next week and i can already hear the sigh happening. the humidity was at least one aspect of this past week's weather and there is more about coming back tuesday and wednesday. morris coming up with the seven- day. that is your have getting you want the door. melissa, back to you. police say young black man was the target of an unusual hate crime in san mateo county. the teenagers told police he was hanging out with a female friend at her san bruno home when the of her family members arrived and attacked him. he said the adult tied him down with a rope in assaulted him
6:32 am
and even threatened to kill him while hurling racial slurs. once he was finally untied, he went to the police. >> the victim reported throughout the rent attacked the suspects other him you using multiple racial slurs and he believed his race to be a motivating factor in the attack. >> reporter: the three adult suspects were arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and hate esthgevictwas treated at a hospital from non-life- threatening injuries. three people who opened fire near a busy park and hayward are still on the run. he was football team was practicing with the shots rang out around 6:15 wednesday night. isn't people scrambling in all directions for a safety.>> see people running. i didn't know why he was calling me. turns out that the shooting was happening right there. >> police say a man was hit with a single bullet is an stable condition. several witnesses told police they saw three men running away
6:33 am
from the restroom area immediately after hearing gunshots. so far, there is no description of the suspects. authorities looking for for a people involved in organized theft ring that victimized able to the bay area. the thefts were from retail stores and individual people. the total was about $70,000. this was all discovered after a two-month surveillance operation that started with a tip. investigators say the stolen property including laptops, purses, and cameras were taken from such retailers as target, redwood city and a cvs drugstore in san carlos. >> things have really changed. we have some weird people. >> two people arrested in pacifica before other people identified during a search it anyone with information is urged to contact the san mateo sheriffs department. sanford disco has reopened the permitting process fur companies i wanted to rent out electric scooters. 11 companies have applied. right now, the companies skip
6:34 am
and scoot are the only scooter companies allowed to operate around town as part of a pilot program. as soon as this fall, scooter enthusiasts could have a larger fleet to choose from. >> thousands more scooters sounds like it could be problematic. i know it is pretty crowded as it is with people on stuff, already. the bike lanes. but if people are smart about using them, it shouldn't be too big of a problem. >> last spring, scooters were pulled from san francisco after some locals called them public nuisance and that led to the more controlled your long pilot program. san jose, oakland, and other cities have also grappled with how to deal with the upstart router rental industry. a battle is brewing over what to do with a chunk of bayfront property in bellingham. the land is managed by the california land commission which will decide the fate of the property. it is either going to be parkland or a new hotel. more than 1000 neighbors have
6:35 am
spoken up say they want to the nine acres to remain open space. >> i get it. the political and funny thing, but the reality is, once you put it in, is never coming back. selectively on the coduleto con matter next month. a surprise were students at the tenderloin immunity school. 330 backpacks filled with essentials like folders, notebooks, and pencils were passed out yesterday. the several cisco unified school district and staples provided the backpacks and thanks to community donations, teachers were also surprised with several pallets of school supplies.>> the fact when several single student get a backpack with supplies means a great deal to our teachers, students, and our families. select the event as part of the staples start proud program. the company plans to donate 1000 backpacks to schools of
6:36 am
more than 18,000 nationwide. dealing with the mentally ill and drug at the addicted people has reemerged and several cisco has a top priority. kpix 5's phil matier asked what has changed since he was in office and will can change. >> just a second. was not as bad when i wasn't there. the reaction at that time. we were still speaking we are humanistic, and not as aggressive as we need to be now because we did not have the same kind of volume. we did not have the intensity. we did not have the drug dealing. obviously mayor breed, and people running city hall, have to come up with a new model on how to address the issue. more on that tomorrow morning at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. atlantic coast were all california students to take an ethnic studies course is on hold. the new law was supposed to kick in this school year but
6:37 am
the various groups involved have not been able to agree on what should be included in those courses. the law author josi medina of riverside said more time is needed to get everyone to agree on the details. in sacramento, officials are looking into what caused two trades crash entering 27 people. a test train collided with the two-car real vehicle on thursday night. the sacrament of fire department said 13 victims were brought to area hospitals and two of them have moderate injuries. the others were treated at the scene and released.>> boom. that fast market flipped over the top of my bike and hit the ground. the guy in front of me hit the bench in front of him so hard, and so bad he tore the whole lower. is like opened up all the way across. >> the accident happened near marconi avenue and roosevelt road. all trains has since been cleared. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg covering after cancers tumor was discovered on
6:38 am
her pancreas. courses the 86-year-old just completed three weeks of radiation and that no further treatment was needed at this time. there is no evidence of disease left in her body. and zérich had several bouts of cancer since 1999. into what s for disease control might be the first death linked to vaping. doctors say that a man was being treated in illinois from mysterious lung ellis linked to vaping before he died. his death comes just after the cdc announced at least 193 cases of the same illness have been reported and 22 states including california. many of the patients told their doctor they were vaping thc. a substance found in marijuana.>> we can say we are seeing a pattern of lung injury that we have not seen report. the whole thing looks normal and looks abnormal equally through the entire long.>> the american vaping association says thc and dilute illegal
6:39 am
drugs are to blame but health authorities say they are investigating looking for a common thread that ties these cases together. federal authorities are working to find more suspects connected to one of the largest cases of internet fraud in u.s. history. young people in foster care often become homeless, we are going to meet our pets of the weekend find out how you can help to make angel and geordie part of your family.
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the feather on the hunt fur suspects one of the biggest onlinesc. 80 people were indicted on thursday and charged with been part of a massive online fraud conspiracy. according to the indictments, the schemes used online romances and fake business emails to still at least six my dollars they also pursued an additional $40 million from victims the u.s. and elsewhere.>> law enforcement agencies have received complaints from tombs and everyone of the states and scores of foreign countries. the fbi said the scammer specifically targeted vulnerable populations including the elderly. the estimate the collective annual take from these crimes to be in the billions. the state attorneys general nationwide have announced an
6:43 am
agreement with major phone carriers to crack down on illegal robo calls were the companies have agreed to take certain voluntarsting offeee la calls,and instiging suspicious calls and pattnsthar still hurdles to jump through before the call. this is a good first step. but right now there is no timeline from the phone companies to make good on those promises. we have a picture for you. the video shows what appears to be -- there is a new rock that was found on mars being named after the rolling stones. they are making their mark. the rock was thrown three feet when the insider lander landed on mars. it is the longest moving rock that we are aware of. let's get a check of the weather. they called is the rolling
6:44 am
stone because we are in the when the rover landed the force of the landing pushed the rock away and the band actually mentioned it at their show, down in la over the weekend. let's talk about how things are going to be a bit warmer over the next few days, getting into early this week, in general, the whole team in the forecast is that we will be warm. we will not be excessively hot. we will not see the temperatures coming back into the low hundreds again, police day above average for a in a while. if we look at the age of 40 day temperature trend, this takes us past the seven-day and picks up on day eight and goes out today 14. manged august 31 into the first week of september. the deeper the shades of red at the map like this, it is a probability map. the deeper the shades, it is telling you the higher to the degree of confidence the temperatures will be. we will settle into the idea think staying a bit warmer.
6:45 am
we have really nice blanket of marine layer clouds obscuring our view of the towers. that is one thing. here is the other bridge looking east from our roof. that is the bay bridge looking gray but it does not look this way everywhere. let me see the camera over the trite value valley. this is dublin. it is an artistic looking view. some of the low clouds, the one set of made it the furthest inland, are showing up in the hills above dublin. most of the tri-valley is looking at clear skies. all of san jose is looking at clear skies. that is a different view from the one over san francisco. we are looking clear. the numbers are coming in right in the low 60s. 62 would be the number in oakland. if we look at the detailed view of the san jose looking at clear skies. we see this eastern edge of the marine layer that is mated to the health. it is a north bay socks in.
6:46 am
along with the remea down to pe about a. it will auburn back over the next few hours over 11:00 and it a sunshine for everyone. the numbers go back pretty much right where they were yesterday will be low 90s inland. that is coming in at three or two days before degrees average. warm but not too terribly unbearablys down to the upper 80s for a san jose and santa rosa. oakland is going to 77 and it is 70 degrees in the city. a lot of things going on this weekend. if they do not have plans, chinatown street fest in oakland. 77. if you want to go down in san jose, the san jose pride festival most of the events of the day are happening tomorrow. the 90 that i have that us tomorrow in san jose. tonight festival is happening tonight and it will be
6:47 am
different from the start at 6:00 tonight until 11:00. 68 the time 11:00 rolls around. the silicon really pride festival picking up. as far as the rest of the seven- day going into the mid-90s towards the end of the week and will be humidity. that is hot as we will go. we will see you with more coming up on this later who are your friends over there. this is my favorite part of this job. it is time further pet of the week. this year kpix is a proud sponsor of the bay area fair on september 14 and 15th. joining us this morning with more with mike murri from pet food express and pam seven from rocket food rescue. tell me who you brought with you. >> we have angelo and georgie. both of them are eight years old and they are a bonded pair. georgie is usually the anxithee
6:48 am
-- >> they are incredibly sweet. they are sitting here. you said they are eight years old. spot both of them are eight years old. >> you were telling me that they might be well placed in a home with adults because they come from an owner who is pretty calm, these guys seem pretty calm. they see seen like they just want to cuddle with you. and chill out. maybe not so good before families with small kids. select a really great with kids, over short periods as long as they are supervised. >> me too. but small kids may hurt thems. >>re >> i assume ad to rumble. >> and ideally you would like to adopt them together. select they do need to be adopted together and if you're interested in filling out an application go to rocket dog
6:49 am and click on the adopt button. the changes proper outcome and i'm sure we haven't. suck there special events coming up. the bay area pet fair is the weekend of september 14 and 15th, as you mentioned. will have over 2000 adoptable animals. over 70 rescues and shelters will be there. or 100 offenders. >> at the pair at the fair will the pets be vaccinated? >> they are ready to go pick the groups have come in and are vaccinated. everyone is ready to go. spiky people can bring their own pets. a lot of people will visit that we have meet angry areas without area. is like dogs, f, rubber check all great and small. is open 10 until 5 saturday and sunday. free parking and admission.
6:50 am
we adopted out over 1800 last his year. e look to adopt about >> at they are a sweet and calm as these pups i'm sure you'll have no problems. >> we have all sizes from german shepherds to to almost. >> thank you for being here. we really appreciate it. we are appreciating pets every saturday. they are here in the studio. until the big pet fair, september 14 and 15th at the alameda county fairgrounds. we will be right back.
6:51 am
there are more than 500,000 they afar more likely than in their peers to end up homeless, and less likely than their peers to go to college. about half of them become homeless within a year and a half of living on their own. as sharon chen shows us things are looking up the bay area
6:52 am
thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: dina brown surrounds foster youth with a circle of love and support through nonprofit that she started after her parents passed away. >> this is life. so temporary and ask myself, what is my life all about. >> reporter: diana left her job in it management and founded sore in 2009. volunteers provide sports, academics, and life skills to bay area foster youth this year. middle school or start with the residential program at uc berkeley forth three summers, and stay connected with other activities. select they should have someone to guide them towards success. >> reporter: diana leads the way. only about half of american foster youth graduated from high school on time at sort 95
6:53 am
percent get the high school diploma on time and nine or 10 of them go to college. takes and teary and barren a mechanical engineering student at uc merced. while foster kids can move from home to home and school to school. demick manager madeline: so that they can remain committed to students from middle school to early college suck stick with those kids no matter what. >> reporter: to soar graduate diana miller, diana family.>> she is always there and i feel like that is home a mother is. to be able to give kind of love to the kids truck recouping foster youth to soar towards a hopeful future this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to diana brown. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> the group sore free youth
6:54 am
partners was easy berkeley, social services and a host of community organizations. most of the funding comes from foundations and individual donations. obligations were students must include a referral. you can nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award online on hero. we will be right back. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down. you are gonna say: you'll get the best deal of the year on xfinity tv and internet! and you even get this.
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mike, you're on balloons. sarah, you're gonna high five everybody. ben, you're gonna be wowing them with your dance moves. don't miss the xfinity best deal of the year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year! with huge savings of $600 over two years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call, or visit a store today.
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at a time further look at the warnings top stories. the rancho santa 20 open space preserve was closed to humans until further notice because of mountain lions. rangers say it is rare but the mountain lions are potentially dangerous because they seem to accustomed to people. rancho san antonio between cupertino and mountain view has 24 miles of trails and draws 700,000 visitors every year. heads up for folks in the north bay. smart will conduct overnight testing of its transfer the next 2 to 3 weeks. between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m. on monday through friday, and again on the weekend 9:30 p.m. until 8 a.m. graffiti described as racist in nature has turned up at diablo valley college in pleasant hill. the contra costa colored district police department is trying to determine who is behind the vandalism. it was discovered in a restroom. the fall classes at diablo valley are set to begin on a.
6:57 am
>> president trump as arrived in france a group of seven summits. before he left, he vowed to impose more tariffs on chinese goods. he called floor u.s. companies to consider alternatives to doing business and china. extra security measures will be in place this weekend at silicon valley project of us will begin today in downtown san jose and that security will be tight. all attendees to be wanted with more than detectors and bags larger than and backpack are banned. i showed you the forecast earlier in the newscast. i will show you to other weekend events as well, after i get through the seven-day forecast. look at the warm up. we are back to the mid-90s and will probably increase humidity a little going into the early and middle part of the week, thanks to the leftovers from a tropical storm being pulled our way. the only reason i bring it up is because you probably remember how weird that it felt. wednesday and thursday when we saw the increased levels of humidity. it should not be bad but there is more coming back. a couple of months of weekend.
6:58 am
the festival of the art happening at palo alto in the mid-80s today. and summer days are happening foster city, just like you would think. there will be a bunch of bands laying. food trucks, vendors, and the whole thing going on at foster city. it will be 81 and we mentioned all of the things in san jose as a buffer the silicon valley pride. do not forget the oakland is doing a chinatown event as well. we have pretty much most of us covered. i think that is it for us this morning. think of her watching kpix 5 news. we will be back tomorrow morning at 6:00.
6:59 am
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