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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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officers swarm japan town looking for car burglaries suspects and then a police car loses control. >> the first thing i see is he is driving one-handed with a gun. dangerous close call, a driver was shot at while driving down a mage major bay area roadway. thousands of workers including summit several southbay hospitals could be hitting the picket line. a man fighting for his life after a unmarked police car slams into a bus stop. good evening. >> betty has the story. >> reporter: police say it all began when officers responded to the area of two reports of
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car burglaries suspects, let caused the rked poce car time. tonight a tow truck pulled away the unmarked car that had a bus stop on geary boulevard and webster street in japan town this evening. >> they were chasing to auto burglary suspects. during that time they called for additional units. at that time a unmarked police car arrived on the scene. at which time the accident occurred. >> reporter: sfpd says that car hit one of the suspects and a officer. they were rushed to the hospital. the suspect has life- threatening injuries. the second car burglary suspect was taken into custody. >> these people are breaking into cars. this morning my car got broken broken into on geary boulevard nine times this year. he says it has cost him $7000
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to replace his windows multiple times. >> right here is known for breaking into cars and we keep asking the cops, can you please hide out. catch them. >> in japan town we have tourists that come from out of town, they leave their stuff in the car. we have folks that come to the chinese consulate, they come on a daily basis. >> reporter: sfpd says the officer that was hit along with the suspect sustained non-life- threatening injuries. kpix 5. >> a liveross the bay area where the weekends tranquil weather will evolve into a sticky situation. darren joins us now with a look at the changes ahead. we do not have to deal with uncomfortable humidity often,
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the fact that it looks like we could get another surge of uncomfortable stickiness is what we are talking about. nothing off our coast, we have to go off the coast of mexico where a tropical storm is falling apart. the tropical storm itself is not a concern, it is what will happen after it falls apart. the storm is gone by the time we get to tuesday but they are is still all of this left over moisture that has pulled out of the tropics. that stuff will get pulled up and drawn our way. that says wednesday afternoon. if we look at what the realm of humidity readings will be, for wednesday afternoon, it is wanting to show you upper 60s but chances are that does not mean much. let's put this into perspective. the relative humidity today, down to the 40s. that was typical. no complaints about stickiness today. by wednesday it is likely coming back. on the same day when daytime highs will climb back up into the low to mid 90s, it is going to be uncomfortable around here.
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more on that in the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. back over to you. the search is on for a suspect in a freeway shooting. andrea spoke with a victim whose car was struck i a bullet. >> had it been a hollow tip, or three inches, something like that, through the glass, it would have hit my head or upper body. >> reporter: a near miss on highway 4, a driver calling himself jasper found himself on the receiving end of a gunshot at 3:30 pm. he says the driver of a silver mercedes sedan was acting to erratically and then threatenedw so i was just like what is your problem. he continued to go on. >> reporter: that turned into reality and the mercedes driver started chasing him on the
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highway. >> the first thing i see is he is driving one-handed with a gun. i can see it aimed at me. >> reporter: that is when the trigger was pulled, leaving this bullet holes in the side of his car. the driver was not done and he lined up another shot. >> i got onto the shoulder and gunned it because i thought my life was on the line. >> reporter: this was the scene on highway 4 four hours, traffic back up as chp combed the asphalt for evidence. >> this can happen anywhere but even unprovoked. >> reporter: so far the chp is not commenting on this latest investigation of a shooting on highway 4. kpix 5. >> highway 4 is one of the bay area freeways with surveillance video cameras. 12,000 municipal workers can soon walk off the job, local 521 wrapped up voting
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yesterday to authorize a strike but so far no date has been set. the union represents a number of county employees including social workers, maintenance workers and janitors. many of those workers are employed by o'connor hospital in san jose and saint louise regional. they have been working without a contract since mid june. president trump meeting with leaders at the g7 summit in france but underneath the smiles our concerns about the teetering global economy. as well as trumps escalating trade war with china. tom white has more. >> reporter: president trump sounded upbeat has he had lunch with the meetings host, french president emmanuelle. >> everybody is getting along. people accomplish a lot this weekend. >> reporter: the seven leaders posed for official photos but n likely to be tension between the u.s. and allies. resident trump and other leaders disagree on many issues
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from russi to climate change. yesterday's escalation of the trade war between the u.s. and china is on the minds of many. china who is not a g7 member unveiled retaliatory tariffs on nearly $75 billion worth of u.s. goods and the president responded by announcing he will increase existing tariffs in order u.s. companies to leave china. >> we are having a spat with china. >> reporter: boris johnson told reporters he will push president trump to de-escalate the trade battle. last year's g7 became 6-11 president trump refused to sign the traditional agreement at the end of the summit and left early. this year the french pren a poi police fired water cannons and tear gas as protesters blocked roads. >> former talks between the
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leaders begin tomorrow morning. president trump also wants a special meeting tomorrow but the global economy where he reported the plans to contrast what he sees as a looming u.s. economy as the economy in europe. a different type of political gathering in the bay area. in san francisco 13 candidates spoke at the national democratic parties summer's meeting. harris was there and so was bernie sanders. they are among 10 candidates that will be attending the third round of democratic debates. that is not the case for three other candidates that did not qualify including colorado senator michael bennet. >> we are rewarding celebrity candidates with millions of twitter followers, billionaires that purchase their way onto the debate stage and candidates that have been running for president for years. it forces campaigns to force over millions of dollars to facebook, the same platform that let the russians interfere
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in 2016. >> the billionaire he referred to was probably tom stier. he has not yet qualified for the next debate but he is close and so is hawaii chrisman to see. the next debate is set for december 12. new video in arizona, it is showing the progress being done along the us-mexico border. u.s. customs and border protection releasing this video showing the 30 foot replacement wall being installed on the border. this section is located in san luis arizona. the agency says more than 10 miles of wall replacement has been completed. 44,000 troops are mobilized to fight raging fires destroying the amazon rain forest. there has been more than 76,000 wildfires across brazil. this is what the aftermath looks like. this year there has been all of
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those wildfires, flames choking parts of the region known as the lungs of the world for the amount of oxygen it produces. they have become a global issue fronting antigovernment protest as well as a international outcry. >> we need to escalate this up the global agenda. >> while some fires happen naturally, environmental groups say most of the fires are caused because farmers are burning the land to clear for crops. back at home, a update to the mountain fire. calfire says it has burned at least 600 acres of land but it is 70% contained. a firefighter and civilian have been hurt. 14 buildings have been destroyed, seven others have been damaged. you survived the horrors of germany and now his landlord is kicking him to the curb. how a local community is coming together to help a elderly man. a priceless heirloom dropped in a parking lot and taken. one woman's desperate plea to those who have may have found her diamond ring.
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one of disney's most popular villains heading back to the big screen with the ano
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battle that has been brewing in alameda. >> demonstrators rallied in support of a holocaust survivor who says he is being asked to
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pay up or leave the home he has lived in in 20 years. >> reporter: time is running out for musiy rishin. he says his landlord first increased his rent by $700. when he objected, the landlord gave him a eviction notice. he speaks limited english, his daughter translates. >> this is simply killing me. i have been living here for 17 years. with my wife and my son. they are both gone now. this place keeps their memories . i cannot even imagine leaving this place. itke leaving them. >> reporter: the 87-year-old is on a fixed income and has a section 8 voucher. advocates say the ordinance does not protect section 8 tenants from no cause evictions. they are working with the city to change that.
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advocates rallied this afternoon to show their support. >> to be forced out in this housing market, on their income, i mean it is a death sentence. >> reporter: musiy rishin and his father fled ukraine in 1941 when he was 9. the were bombing their hometown. the landlord's attorney says he sympathizes. he says the high cost of housing is a regional issue, given the location of the apartment complex, right by the water, the owner wants to bring the rent up to market rate. >> they want to be outraged and make this the problem of the landlord and i think that is unfair. this is a burden that should be spread across society. >> reporter: in alameda, kpix 5. the city will host a community meeting on thursday to talk about the proposed changes to the ordinance. today police are asking for your help in finding a woman's precious family heirloom. here is a look at her diamond ring.
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it fell off of her finger on monday, at city center bishop branch while she was carrying her son back to the car. she does not want to show her face or reveal her last name because she has not had the courage to tell her family it is missing. two men were spotted on surveillance video that may have answers. >> it appears in the photos that they are on the same path we were to the car and it appears one of the men was holding the ring. >> police say they do not believe the men stole the ring but they are hoping they will come forward and contact them. the better business bureau is warning about a email scam. here is how it works, a scammer hages videos of you ying engaging in compromising a 70s. they may claim to have access to your web camera. scammers then demand payment or they say they will send out images or videos to your family and friends. they save the threats are
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baseless. usually. if you get such a threat, they suggest you report the threat to the fbi. eddie money is battling stage iv cancer. he was diagnosed last fall while taping his reality show. the singer said it started out as a checkup, the diagnosis hit him hard but he does not want to hide it. his career spanned more than 40 years including hits like i am in love, take me home tonight, and i have two tickets to paradise. disney is revealing a first look at emma stone as curella deville. the internet is full of mixed reaction to the new look. the image was revealed today at the d 23 expo. she herself appearing in a video message. she says the film will take place during london's punk rock area of the 1970s.
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emma thompson is set to star alongside stone when the film is released on may 28 in 2021. darren has made his reservation. >> i first time hearing about it. let me show you what it looked like just before we pulled the low gray wet blanket over the city. take a look at this time lapse, from our camera that sits on top of the sales force tower, we are legally overtaken. you can still see the sutra tower. we had plenty of sunshine in the early part of the day but as we got into the afternoon the clouds came back. hoping to keep the temperatures well behaved. we will stay warmer than average for most of us, especially the further away you are from the influence of that like san jose or we are looking at clear skies. 66 in san jose, 59 in san francisco. warmer in concord, 72.
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oakland is at 63. i mentioned how things are going to change for us by the middle of the week as we start to bring the humidity back. i showed you it is from a tropical storm that is falling apart but there is another interesting story. it is about to meet its doom. watch what happens. the thing goes nowhere, it goes a little further north and just stops in its tracks and falls apart. why would a storm do that? usually they go on for a couple of days. the answer is, look at this map differently and put on the sea surface temperatures. red is warm, blue is cool. tropical storms need warm sea surface temperatures and we do not have that off the coast of california. there is the current, see all of that blue? water temperatures are down in the 50s. that is why the marine layer was able to overtake the city. it is driven by the fact the water is cool off the coast. you can see that in the daytime highs, 73 in san francisco, 94
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in concord. we see it in the marine layer, it is those cold sea surface temperatures that are behind this. as far as the temperatures, the long-range forecast, 8-14 days, where the seven day leads off, we are taking a look at august 31 into the first week of september. the deeper the shades of red, shows you the higher the degree of confidence temperatures will be above average and you will see that in the seven day forecast. mid-90s again by mid weekend is are also the days specifically that tuesday through thursday, where we will increase the humidity as i showed you at the top of the newscast from the tropical storm. it will file bit uncomfortable to the middle of the week but at least the numbers and not going into the 100s. we have seen that happen. more on this coming up a little bit later. what is going on? we have two for saturday night, it settles and now. more than anything else, we do
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not give you one sports segment, we give you two. not a repeat performance from last monday night for the quarterback of the 49ers.
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nfl on top and the 49ers bounce back. whatever you want to call it, jimmy needed this one tonight. at kansas city, he had to hear it all week since monday, 1-6 in denver with a interception. opening drive, the ball batted down on 4th down.
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3-6 on the first drive. meanwhile the reigning mvp, patrick holmes like he never left, a dart on a wheel route to damien williams. it opened the scoring. man did jimmy respond. found matt here. he drove, grabbed, touched down, tied the game. 4-4 on the drive. the last possession of the have for the 49ers. he set up a robby gould field goal. 188 yards in the first half, early 4th quarter. the chiefs of 4, jeff wilson junior picked up one of his two 17 at the very stadium where he tore his knee up last september. >> i thought it was a good step coming back here to kc where it all started.
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just to get that out of the way is another step in the right direction. >> last week was not as bad as it looked. it definitely looked that bad live. today everybody's on the same page better. we moved the chains and we got into a rhythm. you start forgetting about things and playing football. >> some shocking news from the nfl tonight. colds quibec andrew announced his retirement. the 29-year-old says he is one down from dealing with injuries the last four seasons, shoulder, ankle, training camp, he was the first overall pick in 2012 out of stanford. we are just getting started. segment 2 is straightahead and in that want one of the news on giants send a fall. the bay ridge series picks back up again in oakland. ♪
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the season is over for giants pablo because the team announced that third baseman is said to have tommy john elbow reconstruction surgery. meanwhile tonight 53,000+, the bay ridge baseball series picked back up in oakland, seventh inning. matt added to a 3-2 lead.
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the giants battled back, they scored 8 runs in the eighth inning. i did not stutter. the ball got away, alex dickerson scored, that ties it at 4-4. later in the inning, kevin crushed a two run double off the right field wall, two more runs scored, and then, and then, the knockout blow. stephen smashed a three run home run, the giants took a come from behind 10-5 victory. they are now a half-game off the second wild card playoff spot. chris, when you see this, you know, the san jose earthquakes are coming into the living room. they hosted the whitecaps, corner of the goal, he was there for a header into the back of the net in the 34th minute. the quakes took it 3-1 and stopped a 4 game winless streak.
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there you go. >> speechless. >> all of that on a 24 saturday night. >> did they know this was something i was going to happen to publicly spent >> yes he had got hit their and a looked at it and they shut him down which is too bad because he plays so many great positions. he is so versatile and he can just smack a ball wherever. he is so valuable.
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darren, when are you back? >> 6 am. that is the next local newscast. >> news and weather updates are always on we how do you gauge the greatness of an suv?
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