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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> cheers and celebrations as a festive atmosphere sweeps through downtown san jose for silicon valley pride, thank you for joining us. >> a number of groups marched in the parade today. we are telling you why corporate involvement in this event is being welcomed with open arms. >> the parade is five blocks long and there are ut they believe the fact that it
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happens in san jose is a sign of real progress. it started quietly, not even a siren but that's because this parade was not designed to force change but to show how much things have already changed.>> the people want to come out and show. there was a lot more corporate in just. >> the event changing its name from san jose pride to silicon valley pride in the big tech firms were competing to show how inclusive they could be. >> it is really good because it is represented by the big companies and i like that. a lot of support. >> protesters interrupted the san francisco parade over corporate involvement but here they consider it progress that big companies are proudly touting for diversity. >> i don't think corporations really believed it until recently but i think they have started to believe it because they believe diversity is good in the workforce.>> with gilroy
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fresh in people's minds there was a strong police presence and there were long lines at the pride festival as bags were checked but the mood seemed to be one of resolution rather than fear. >> we are here to support people, not to be scared or back away. we are here to celebrate love and that's what's important. >> there is a believe the tide of public opinion has turned in favor of diversity in general and the surge of violence in this society is the last desperate act of people who cannot accept that the world has changed. >> since this issue is now so in the media and in hollywood and in schools everywhere, a lot more pushback will be there but people have to keep fighting until the quality. >> the fact that nothing scary happened is good news, the fact that we consider that news at all is a sad sign of the times we live in. >> this is the third year of the pride parade in san jose.
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they did not do it for seven years because of a lack of participation. do not touch me. >> in los angeles, cell phone video showing a group of transgender women being removed from a bar friday night, the women were told to leave after they were verbally threatened by a straight couple, since the video surfaced lgbt supporters have protested outside of the bar this weekend. >> i think that it was really wrong and humiliating. >> the aggressors were treated with kindness and asked to leave politely and i think that was the main issue. why are you treating people differently because of their gender identity? >> bar management says both groups were asked to leave and guards were called and when they refused. lapd will be investigating this incident as a high crime, now we are looking from the cliff house camera. gray and gloomy skies near the
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shoreline aplenty of people are enjoying the day at ocean beach. we have a sticky situation. >> in light of this last week wednesday and thursday when things got humid we need to talk about the possibility for that happening again because of this breaking up of a tropical storm to the south. right colors down over baja and that was the tropical storm falling apart, let's look at the atmosphere differently. this is the water vapor so now we are looking at the futurecast going into the middle of the week the brighter the colors the more humidity and by wednesday we have pulled in some of these leftovers from the storm. san jose you are the example now, coming up later we will get some of the rest of the representative areas in the bay area included in the forecast. if you look how things are going to play out, thursday relative humidity 54% which is
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noticeable but not as bad as last wednesday and thursday. i will show you your part of the bay area coming up in the complete forecast with the rest of the seven-day forecast as well. south bay fire crews say that a ruptured water pipe helped put out a liquor store fire that was out of control, the store went up in flames at midnight along north capitol avenue. when the fire spread to the attic, the hot water pipe ruptured dousing the flames, the fire was knocked down within 30 minutes but the store sustained significant damage. a turnaround for a former republican lawmaker, joe walsh who was once a trump supporter is now challenging the president for the nomination. walsh who now works as a conservative radio host published a bombshell op-ed in the new york times last week, in this he apologized for helping elect the president with his rhetoric as a tea party congressman, he called trump an unfit conmen. >> i am running because he is unfit. somebody needs to step up and
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there needs to be an alternative. the country is sick of this guy's tantrum. he is a child. he is a bully and a coward and somebody has to call him out. i got personal and hateful, i said some other ugly things about president obama that i regret and it is difficult but i think that helped create trump. >> walsh has a history of making headlines with his remarks when barack obama was president, he accused him of being is muslim and hating israel and was only elected because he was an articulate black man. three candidates for president are pulling in the double digits on the democratic side but competitors are hoping to pick up steam. our political reporter says in previous campaigns a few white house hopefuls have managed to vault from single digits and capture the nomination.
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>> today i want to use this opportunity with all of you to announce i am ending my campaign for president. >> at a speech on friday congressman seth moulton became the fourth democrat to drop out of the race for president. there are still 21 candidates in the race, only three, joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have national polling averages in the double digits. >> we had 320 20 candidates drop out recently. one of them told the times i think it is evident this is a three-way race between biden, warren and sanders. a debate about how far left the party should go.>> i do not feel those pressures because i just made the debate for the fall, it is like making the playoffs and it is a long haul. a number of presidents that ended up being presidents worrying single diy
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elections in 1972, since then only four have had single digit polling numbers at this point in the election cycle and still went on to get the nomination. of course, only carter and clinton went on to win the presidency. current candidates whose average is not in the top three are hoping to pull off a similar feat, candidates like harris, beto o'rourke and cory booker, all of whom are in the single digits.>> this man lives in the bay area and is a campaign manager for cory booker. he says that after labor day, more people will be paying attention to the primary election. that will be good for booker. >> when we get on the debate stage in a couple of weeks you will see us take up and ultimately we want to peak in february or march here in california when we vote. >> melissa caen, kpix 5. coming up, president trump
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sending mixed signals over his escalating trade war with china. why some say he was misinterpreted. he left the bay area 76 days ago and now a paddleboard or is back on dry land, the inspiration for his journey across the pacific. plenty of fog around the area, near the shoreline and we will see what that means for the forecast. we will find out after the break. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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president trump softening his tone on the trade war with china during talks at the g7 summit in france but as meg oliver explains the white house later offered its own interpretation of his comments. >> reporters from the g7 summit asked the president if he had
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second thoughts about escalating the trade battle. >> yes, for sure why not? might as well. >> do you have second thoughts? >> press secretary releasing a statement hours after the president's comments saying that his answer was greatly misinterpreted, president trump responded in the affirmative because he regrets not raising the tariffs higher, president trump was also asked if he would declare an emergency aa him order american companies to leave china which he tweeted about on friday. >> i have no plan right now.>> the president's national economic council director if defended the strategy on face the nation. >> thousands of businesses have implored the president to protect them against china's unfair trading practices. >> he says the tariffs are mostly affecting china minimally affecting the u.s. economy, a new poll finds more
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americans say they are optimistic about the economy rather than pessimistic going forward, but many are unsure, at the summit president trump discussed kim jong-un and his recent short range missile test. >> i am not happy about it but again he is not in violation of the agreement. i received a nice letter from him last week. >> the tests did appear to violate un security council resolutions. meg oliver, cbs news. >> one hot button issue dominating the agenda, the wildfires in the amazon and world leaders are clashing on how to respond. the french president is pledging assistance to fight the fires but also wants to turn up the pressure on the brazilian government. he is threatening to ditch a a deal after accusing the brazilian president of not doing enough to protect the
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lush rain forest. not everyone is on board however. >> we all agreed to help as quickly as possible to the countries that were affected by the fires. >> this is to be or not to be. at the same time, the eu is ready to offer financial help to fight the fires. >> heavy hitters like germany, the uk and the eu president are standing by the trade deal and the issue remains in limbo. visitors to a popular south bay park have been turned away because a family of mountain lions. the mother and her three cubs were spotted last week at the rancho san antonio open space in cupertino. a small part of the park was closed but then the mountain lines did not show any signs that they had fear of humans. officials that they better close the entire park and they have no word on when it will reopen. this is almost impossible to believe. an endurance athlete breaking a
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record paddle boarding from sausalito to honolulu.>> a daring adventure for a good cause. 76 days, five hours and 22 minutes. that is how long it took the spanish athlete to voyage across the wind and current of the pacific ocean. the only help he had was his 24 foot long standup paddle board that he calls the ocean defender. >> peddling over 2000 miles with the goal of raising awareness to protect the ocean from man-made pollution.>> he raised awareness that's for sure. since we are on this topic, here is the latest weather. >> okay i will talk about the humidity coming up and a second but put the humidity aside, we are in for temperatures above average for the next seven days. we don't have a heat wave coming, there is no triple
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digit numbers in the forecast, upper 90s like today but the theme is for the next seven days and even looking past seven days , getting into the first few days of september the deeper the shades of red the higher the degree of confidence temperatures are above average. so you will see that in a second on the seven-day forecast and beyond. we should get used to things getting warmer even if there is no sign of intensity. a live look from treasure island to the bay bridge, 95 in concord, 87 would be the average daytime high in concord so we are above average. not 100 but it is warm. san francisco 66, san jose 82, oakland 75. here is where we are going tomorrow, 97 concord, 90 in san jose, 81 oakland and 94 in santa rosa. fremont 87, mountain view 85. i showed you the comparisons for humidity in his san jose
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now for concord even though we are warm to start the week when we get to wednesday or thursday when we likely have the increasing humidity, the daytime highs are coming down but this will be different from the last time we went through this on wednesday and thursday because on those days the humidity levels were a little bit higher and the daytime highs were also higher. so it's going to be noticeable, you will have the increase in humidity but it should not be as bad as last wednesday and thursday but we will track this. the direction of the moisture plume could shift either way so stay on top of the forecast but for now noticeable increase in humidity into the middle part of the week. even though it's not going to be stifling, santa rosa 88 degrees on thursday with relative humidity at 54, that is similar to where we were wednesday and thursday of last week for the humidity but not the temperatures. it was noticeably warmer into
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the 90s for that last stretch last week. on the seven-day forecast, temperatures do not necessarily tell the whole story particularly for wednesday and thursday. we have to factor in the humidity but when we get past next weekend we are drying out and temperatures come to the lower 90s which is just a little above average. i will see you with more on this coming up later. i can deal with those temperatures. sports settling in at 5:00. what do we have today? the raiders with an antonio brown update. a pronunciation lesson from a big wiener and the oakland a's great, the bay bridge series boss getting put to rest.
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giants and athletics. who is the bay bridge big league boss? the fourth game of the series with dave stewart throwing out the first pitch, he will have his number 34 retired next season. picking up top of the second inning the giants were swinging finding holes. that is a looper just getting past marcus simeon scoring brandon bell but oakland respondedin the bottom half. the cal product going yard this time off of logan webb and then
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it was tied for three batters later, chad pindar just gets through. joseph comes on down now in the next inning brett addison serves up evan longoria, back away and gone tying the game at three. bottom of the fourth there he goes again. the second of the game giving the lead back to the 80s 4-3. the oakland bullpen could not hold the lead, bases loaded in the seventh and longoria delivers with two runs this time. longoria 4-8, four rbi in the series and then things get testy in the eighth inning. 91 miles per hour at the head of the former oakland a. he was not happy, no further incident between the teams. marcus simeon with a last chance and a groundout to end the game and the giants win 5-4. they
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won the series 3-1 and bragging rights. thankfully for the a's tampa bay also lost so they remain 1/2 games back of the double race. the giants are four back of the cubs and the national wild card race. a show worth waiting for tonight on game day after the leger, the a's pitcher. >> a lot of people will look at it and say okay but. >> i set it one time in front of my grandmother and my grandma was like maybe five foot and she got on me. i try to tell people it is roark and they cannot, i am like it's simple.
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>> hey, a look at williamsport, pennsylvania longtime site of the little league world series. curagao in the blue trying to hold off hot louisiana here is the fifth inning hit scoring a run making it 3-0. a series tournament record with 17 hits, louisiana winning 8-0. the first ever little league world series for the state. the nfl and the raiders, antonio brown was storylines to follow on hard knocks but the saga of his helmet appears to be over, losing his sec ingredients over his right to where the old helmet, brown will use the league approved headgear. meanwhile the men carrying the football, doug martin based on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. the oakland native joined his childhood team last season running for over 700 yards, the
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raiders also signed a veteran defensive lineman who played his entire year with the chargers with 27 career sacks. last year he was suspended for testing positive for a banned substance. switching over to golf, they are shooting for the pga tour championship trophy in atlanta. $15 million on the line. anyone that has played golf with me knows this is where i like to put them, in the woods. double bogey on the seventh hole. rory mcilroy getting lucky in the eighth avoiding the water saving car. closing it out with birdies at 17 and 18 winning by four shots. yes, big money for rory mcilroy, $15 million. the largest payout in golf history. if you are the caddy you are thinking i am going to the bank tomorrow.
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a nice little percentage. of that paycheck. $15 million although uncle sam will tap him on the shoulder and say give me some.
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there was something a little unexpected, a little something off key as san francisco's most famous view this weekend. pianos underneath the golden gate bridge with music cutting through all the thick fog. >> visitors were treated to the stunning view and they heard classical music with the waves crashing in the background. all because of this organization which placed the pianos there for everyone to enjoy but not all concerts were impromptu, local musicians were drafted to perform as park rangers were on hand to tell stories about the past. >> ♪ >> the event will be ending today but it is certainly not
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the last, pianos have been popping up around the city like in the lush botanical gardens last month. great to see and fun for even those that are learning.>> we covered a story on that in july. >> the coolest event in the city. >> like you so much for watching. we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. lati war w a. th do you have second thoughts u out escalating the trade war? >> i have second thoughts about herything. >> strassmann: recession worries plague wall street, what we have to do on main street. also tonight, powering up-- tropical storm dorian churns in the atlantic threatening to become a hurricane. azazil deploys troops as the aazon goes up in smoke. cbs news is there. >> the amazon is considered key in the battle against climate change. cre than 74,000 fires have been reported since the beginning of the year. >> strassmann: did an ugly divorce lead to the first crime in space?
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plus out of luck in indianapolis. >> i'm going to retire. this is the hardest decision of my life. de >> strassmann: and wounded warriors, tt


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