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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this sign: everyone is welcome here, everyone belongs. >> we're asking business owners to put these in their windows as a sign of strength and love and connectedness. >> reporter: they are neighbors and friends, mothers and children. >> we're trying to get local businesses to welcome everyone. >> reporter: people who have decided it's time for their community to make a statement of love in an era where hate is embolden. an american woman of the muslim faith is a pediatrician who lives in orinda and opened a clinic here. she said a man pushed her inside a store. >> it was very deliberate. lots of glares and looks of hatred to the point where other customers were shaking their head at the whole incident. >> reporter: while she wasn't physically injured, this group of neighbors decided it was an attack on their community. >> we're a part of a movement. >> reporter: beginning last week, they started walking around, handing out these signs for shop owners to place in their windows. a message of inclusion by the people of la mor inda.
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>> there are a lot of people who have said we're an all-white community, that we're only a wealthy community. neither of those things are true and it's really, really important to me that we welcome everybody into our community because we all belong here. >> reporter: rebecca says a variety of community groups began holding candlelight vigils and making home made signs about three years ago. every time someone was made to feel like they do not belong here, these groups have loudly proclaimed that the community has their back. they hope to inspire others to realize every little bit helps. >> that support i received from all these wonderful women, i wantveryonto feel not be hesitant about visiting our local businesses and our community. wet be a stimulus for catapulting a much larger movement, within the greater bay area community at large.
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>> reporter: they know full well the nastiness could continue but they have a greater good in mind. >> no. putting us up is not going to stop someone from being a bully but saying over and over again we all are human may change some minds. if it helps somebody feel more confident themselves, somebody walk down the street without fear, somebody walk into a store knowing that store welcomes them, then we've done good in the world. >> i want to emphasize this is a grassroots campaign in part emphasized by a group called the la morinda diversity group on facebook. there are other groups involved, too many to name here. the school district has been supporting it. you can see that these folks, they just have some enthusiasm for being able to get shop owners involved in doing something, anything to fight back against symbols of hate.
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>> absolutely and carry on to other areas too. a lot of flavors behind you on a hot day. >> sunday right now. >> which kind of takestuse us to the weather. check out this stunning time lapse. a thin marine layer rolled over alcatraz this afternoon. it's going to get a bit stickier in the next few days. >> by the early middle part of this coming week, we'll pull in more humidity. since we just had an experience with that last week, you probably remember wednesday and thursday when it started to feel sticky, let's get you ready for this next wave of that. look at all the bright colors working their way from mexico. those are the leftovers. eva is going to disappear but the water vapor and extra humidity does not. in fact, all that stuff starts getting pulled our way. the brighter areas of blue on this map show you where we're starting to pull in higher levels of humidity. let me show you an example. i'm just going to pinpoint one location now. i'll get the rest of the bay area coming up in the complete
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forecast. but san jose, here's how you're going to experience this. and you'll be my example for the south bay. while the temperatures will be a little bit cooler than they were when we got that last influx of humidity last wednesday, thursday. levels will probably be somewhat similar. bottom line is it shouldn't feel as bad as you remember those last two days. likely on tuesday and wednesday you're going to notice the humidity come back. i'll talk to you about that for the rest of the bay area and we'll look at the 7-day forecast coming up in more detail in a bit. back over to you. in the more immediate future, smog is going to be a big problem in the bay area skies tomorrow. air quality managers have issued a spare the air alert for monday, asking commuters to carpool or take public transit to work to cut down on exhaust. a section of downtown san jose traed into a river of rainbow today for silicon valley pride. kpix 5's john ramos was there and tells us what started as a small people oriented gathering
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has gotten a big corporate push. >> the parade is only five blocks long and there's more people marching than watching. they believe the fact it happens in san jose is a sign of real progress. >> reporter: it started quietly. there wasn't even a siren. but that's because this parade wasn't designed to force change but to show how much things have already changed. >> the people wanted to come out and show and now there was also a lot more corporate interest. >> reporter: the event changed its name from san jose pride to silicon valley pride, and the big tech firms were competing to show how inclusive they can be. >> it's really good because it's represented by all the big companies and i like that. i saw a lot of t-shirts, a lot parade o cporateaisco involvement but here they consider it a sign of progress that big companies are now proudly touting their diversity. >> i don't think corporations
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until recently really believed it. i think they started to believe it because they realize that a diverse workforce is a good workforce. everybody is fighting for talent in this valley. >> reporter: with gilroy still fresh in people's minds, there was a strong police presence and long lines at the festival as bags were checked and people were wanded. but the mood seemed to be one of resolution rather than fear. >> we're here to support people. we're not here toe bhered.o srec rate love and that's what's important to us. >> reporter: there's a belief here that the tide of public opinion has changed in terms of gay rights and the surge of violence in our society is the last desperate act of people who cannot accept that the world has changed. >> if issued didn't exist, there would be no backlash. since this issue is so in the media and in hollywood and like more pushback to bee, a lot there. but people have to keep fighting until we truly get equality. >> the fact nothing scary
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happened here today is good news. the fact we consider that news at all is a sad sign of the times we live in. in san jose, john ramos, kpix 5. >> this is silicon valley's third pride parade. it was halted for seven years because of lack of participation. meanwhile, san francisco police chief bill scott is inviting lgbtq community on how to increase trust and communication with his department. scott and his command staff are teaming up with pride for a series of so-called reflection and reconciliation sessions. the first is set for tomorrow evening at 6:30 in the glide sanctuary at ellis and taylor. it will be streamed live and broadcasted later on sf gov tv. the city of oakland is bringing in the army to help clean up the streets. this rat is one of the unsavory thing he's picked up on his
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regular patrols through the fruitvale district. 30 army officers will join him and other volunteers for weekend clean-ups. he hopes the presence of officers in uniform can show people in the district that authorities care about keeping it clean. and then residents may be less inclined to put up with longstanding problems like homelessness, illegal dumping, and side shows. a fire at a san jose liquor store help put itself out when the heat rup tured a water line. the fire started just before midnight at a strip mall along north capital avenue. fire crews say when the fires spread to the attic, a hot water pipe ruptured. that doused the flames. fire was knocked down after that within 30 minutes. stores still have a lot of damage though and at least 10 neighboring businesses lost power. they don't know exactly yet what caused the fire. a popular park in san jose has been turning visitors away all weekend a family of mountain lions moved in. a mother and her three cubs were spotted last week at the rancho
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san antonio open space in cupertino. at first just a few trails were closed. but when the mountain lions failed to show any sign that they were afraid of humans, rangers made the decision to close the park off completely. >> to get the animals unhabituated around humans, that way they're a little bit more afraid. that's what the end goal is. hopefully they'll move on to another area. >> no mountain lions have been seen today. the park will remain closed until further notice. the coast guard is searching for a missing man. they say efren cruz was out on indian slew when his inflatable cr bee sng for him ever since. sparks fly at a side show. too bad for the participants because they had an audience bkt critics of his former teammate
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andrew luck. what richard sherman had to say to the colts fans who booed their former hero off the field. he set off from the bay area and paddled his way to hawaii. the cause that inspired that athlete's incredible journey across the pacific. and they are calling it pian-francisco.
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stunning new video out of fairfield. a wild side show tearing through the streets. officers were watching from above in a chp helicopter as the
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driver spun so fast, their cars threw sparks. this happened friday night in the area of huntington driver and stanford court. police on the ground quickly rushed in to stop it. police conducted a pair of dui tests. a pair of suspected catalytic converter thieves in san rafael got themselves busted because of their own car. one car was hit last night in shoreline parkway. a short time later, an officer stopped a car with no plates. those catalytic converters are expensive. the suspects alledgedly used a saw to take the converter. officers say they later found two more of the catalytic converters in their car along they're now both behind bars in the marin county jail. we're less than two weeks away from the grand opening of
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the new chase center in san francisco. chopper 5 flew over the waterfront arena and got a look at the freshly installed logo on the roof. we'll be getting a closer look at the finishing touches inside and bay area rock royalty will officially open the place on september 6th as metallica performs alongside the san francisco symphony. >> that will be a lot of variety. a spanish endurance athlete who sought out from sausalito 76 days ago just arrived in honolulu after paddleboarding across the pacific. >> a paddleboard. antonio de la rosa's daring 2900-mile trip was meant to raise awareness about ocean pollution. his highly modified 24-foot paddleboard includes sleeping quarters in the front. he arrived in hawaii yesterday after marking his 50th birthday at sea. and he celebrated onshore with an ice cold beer. he earned that right. >> he's the first solo traveler to ever cross the pacific on a standup paddleboard. >> he got his message out
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there. we've been talking about what he did and how he's protecting the ocean. >> looks so easy until you try it. many locations may not notice much of a change tomorrow. we'll start off with a 24-hour change. san francisco, oakland, concord, i've got you guys on here as my representative spots, showing us the north bay, inland valleys. it's going to be 8 degrees warmer in the city tomorrow for san francisco. 5 degrees warmer in oncrd. we hit 97 today in concord. we're going to hit 97 tomorrow. it doesn't necessarily matter we're not warming up all that much tomorrow. we already did the warmup over the last few days so it will be hot for inland locations tomorrow but at least we're keeping these numbers out of the triple digits. there's good news. let me show you what the rest of
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the daytime highs look like across the rest of the region. fremont, 87. mountain view, 85. 88 in san rafael. and there's napa up on top with a daytime high of 89. and we should get used to this. if we take a look at the long range outlook here, the six to 10-day probability map, the deeper the shades of red, the higher the degree of confidence temperatures are staying above average for this period. six to ten days out. where the 7-day leads off and going out to 10 days, we'll likely still see warmer than average temperatures. let me show you that comparison. i showed you what the numbers look like for san jose in terms of comparing what the humidity will look like. we'll see temperatures that will cool down by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. the humidity levels are going to increase. will you feel this? i think you will. you'll notice it's a little more humid. the timing could adjust a little
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bit. but i don't think it's going to be as sticky as what we experienced last wednesday and thursday. here are a couple more examples for oakland. temperatures in the mid 70s. if the humidity gets up into the mid 60s, that's higher humidity than we're used to but the mid 70s are not all that bad. so i don't think you notice a big problem even if you notice it's gotten a little more humid in san francisco. strong onshore flow. we've always got relatively higher humidity. here's the 7-day forecast. we've talked about staying warmer than average. we'll bring the numbers back down for a little bit on thursday. we'll get down to 89. then we'll climb back into the low 90s by the time we get into saturday and sunday. still warmer than average. that will be around 87 for inland spots. notice what's happening through the bay. we'll be staying in the mid 70s for daytime highs. so probably the most noticeable thing will be another dance with the humidity on wednesday and thursday. we'll see how that plays out. more detail as we get closer to it. vern, what's going on in sports? >> we've got sports settling in
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at 6:00 and on the menu, raiders. antonio brown update. a lesson in pronunciation from a big leaguer. and speaking of big leagues, look at this. testy, testy. when a bay bridge series bragging rights is on the line. just because we're super hungry...
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visitors not only took in the stunning zoo at san francisco's fort point, they also took in classical music accompanied by waves crashing in the background. it's all thanks to an organization call pian-francisco which plays pianos there for everybody to enjoy. >> music belongs everywhere. to find a musical instrumenting especially something as precious
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as a piano here is special indeed. it brings new life to this place that used to be so very bustling. >> not all concerts were impromptu. local musicians were drafted to perform while park rangers were on hand to tell stories about the past. >> one of my great fantasyicize ies is to do the late show, stop in, loosen the tie with my soda and sit at the piano and tickle the ivories as i play with the band. >> do you know how to play the piano? >> chopsticks, does that count? >> i took piano for five years. begged dad to let me quit. he said son, one day you'll say i wish you made me practice. and he was right. >> wise dad. >> there you go. >> you cantihat. >> i know. i'm still young. >> i can still learn. but first, a little baseball up top. no matter what happens to the as in this playoff push, giants fans can always say yeah, but
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what about the bay bridge series? series finale oakland today with the former as pitcher dave stewart tossing out the first pitch. he's going to have his number 34 retired next season. pick this game up, top 2nd, giants bats are swinging. just past marcus semien. scored brandon belt to make it 2-0. oakland responded to the home half. mark canha, the cal product went yard. this one off of logan webb. the was tied. and then three batters later, chad pender just got through. corbin joseph came on down. as led 3-2. anderson served up evan longoria and he did not miss. his 17th home run for the year tied thee a 3e goesan again. se fly the game gave the lead back to the as 4-3. for the second straight game in
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a oakland's bullpen could not hold. longoria delivered. two runs came on in. giants led 5-4. longoria 4 for 8 with four rbi in the series. and then things got testy in the 8th. right at the head of former a stephen vogt who did not like it. vogt took it deep yesterday. bottom 9. marcus semien, last chance and no. a ground-out to end the game and the giants win it 5-4. so they win the season series over oakland three games to one and bragging rights. for the as, thankfully tampa bay also lost. they remain a half game back of the rays for the second wildcard playoff spot. the giants, four games back of the cubs in the national league wildcard race. ahead on our game day sports show tonight, after the
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late show, a must in sports. get the names of these athletes right. right? tanner roark of the as. >> a lot of people will just kind of look at it and say oh, it's roarke. >> i said roarke one time in front of my grandma. my grand ma is like, 4'11", maybe 5' and she got on me. i try to tell people it's roark. they can't. it's ro-ark. it's simple. little league worerreot lou. or rng t make it 3-0. ru.losia won it 8-0.
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the state's first ever little league world series title. nfl and the raiders. antonio brown, story lines to follow of course on hbo series hard knocks. but the saga of his helmet appears to be over. he lost his second grievance over his right to wear the old one from the steelers. brown will reportedly use the league approved headgear. meanwhile, the man carrying the pigskin ears, doug martin, placed on the injured reserve with a shoulder injury. he joined his childhood favorite team last year. ran for over 700 yards. veteran defensive lineman cory liggett, the raiders signed him and his 27 year sacks. last year he was suspended for testing positive for a banned substance and later tore his quad. segue over to golf. that's what they were shooting for. the pga championship tour
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trophy. here's brooks koepka. anybody who's played golf with me knows this is where i like to put them, in the woods. he lost the lead. rory mcilroy was raging. got a little luck here in the 8th. save par. he closed it out with birdies at 17 and 18 to win by four shots, four under 66 and big, big money. $15 million. the largest pay-out in golf history. rory mcilroy is lightning hot. he won the fedex cup for the second time in the last four years. i wonder how heavy that thing is. >> i was just looking at that. >> what if you dropped it? >> not as heavy as the paycheck. do you have second thoughts? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> is the president softening his tone on the trade war? not according to his staff.
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what the white house says he really meant. plus, the republican who just threw his hat in the ring to challenge the president in 2020. the california sheriff's deputy who said he was ambushed by a sniper now admits he made it all up.
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i'm going to run for president. >> we've heard that line a lot this year. this is the first time we've heard it from a republican. conservative radio host and former illinois congressman joe walsh announcing today he will challenge president trump forth. >> we've got a guy in the white house who's unfit, completely
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unfit to be president and it stuns me that nobody stepped up. nobody in the republican party stepped up. because i'll tell you what, george. everybody believes in the republican party. everybody believes he's unfit. he lies every time he opens his mouth. >> you say that but one of the things the white house points to and the president points to often is just about every poll shows 80% support for the president among republicans. >> they don't have an alternative. >> walsh was elected to the house in suburban chicago in the 2010 tea party wave but lost a 2012 re-election bid and has since hosted a radio talk show. he told abc's this week that trump is, quote, nuts. the president's re-election campaign issued a one word statement in reaction to walsh's announcement: whatever. on the democratic side, three candidates are polling in the double digits. their competitors are hoping to
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pick up steam ineeksahea melissa caen says with a few notable exceptions, history is not exactly on their sides. >> today i want to use this opportunity with all of you here to announce that i'm ending my campaign for president. >> reporter: at a speech in san francisco on friday, congressman seth moulton became the fourth democrat to step down from the race for president. joe biden, bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren have national polling averages in the double digits. >> we saw three 2020 candidates drop out recently. seth moulton, one of them told the times, i think it's evident it's a three-way race between biden, warren, and sanders and it's a debate over how far left the party should go. do you feel those same pressures? >> no, i don't feel them at all because i made the debates for the fall. it's like making the playoffs. and it's a long haul. a number of our presidents that
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ended up being our presidents were in the single digits at this point in the summer. >> reporter: democrats started choosing their nominee based on primary elections. george mcgovern, jimmy carter, mike dukakis. current candidates whose national polling average is not in the top three are hoping to pull off a similar feat. candidates like kamala harris, pete buttigieg, beto o'rourke, and cory booker, all of who are in the single digits. demacy lives in the bay area and is the campaign manager for cory booker. he says after labor day, more people will be paying attention to the primary election and that will be good for booker. >> once we get on that debate stage in a couple weeks, you'll see us tick up and ultimately we
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want to peak in february, in march. here in california and in april and beyond. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix 5. >> president trump appeared to soften his tone at the g7 summit in france today. david daniel reports the white house later offered its own interpretation of what he said. >> reporter: global challenges in the spotlight. world leaders at the g7 summit in france discussing everything from trade and the economy to iran and the global climate crisis. one hot button subject also on the agenda, the wildfires raging in the amazon. >> we all agreed to help as quickly as possible the countries that were affected by these fires. >> reporter: with france's president emmanuel macron pledging help but also demanding international pressure, even threatening to ditch a european union trade deal with brazil over the country's response to the fires. but not everyone is onboard,
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including germany, the uk and eu president who stands by the trade deal. >> this is about to be or not to be. at the same time you offer financial help to fight the fire. >> reporter: and in a surprise twist to the already tense meetings, iran's foreign minister flew into the resort hosting the g7 to meet with his french counterpart about de-escalating tensions with washington. >> we'll do our own outreach. but i can't stop people from talking. if they want to talk, they can talk. >> reporter: as for the u.s. trade war with china, president trump sent mixed signals. >> do you have second thoughts? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> reporter: aides later clarified that he wanted higher tariffs. david daniel, kpix 5. meanwhile, president trump says the u.s. and japan are close to a major deal on trade. japanese prime minister shinzo abe said there's still some work to be done but both sides agree
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on key elements. pope francis called for a global commitment to put out the fires burning across brazil. >> brazil is the world's largest catholic country. an unexploded bomb forced evacuations from a crowded beach in barcelona. it was found 80 feet offshore and 10 feet underwater. a local security chief said the device may date back to the spanish civil war. it turned up as crowds were out enjoying a summer day at st. sebastia, a popular beach on the mediterranean coast. police cordoned off a large
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stretch of sand. bomb disposal experts are expected to show up tomorrow to deal with the device. an out-of-control car slams into a bus stop, missing a woman in a wheelchair by inches. >> what's your craziest fan encounter? >> and we sit down with john travolta to talk about his latest role which is more of a role reversal.
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a terrifying close call in phoenix. an out-of-control car smashed through a bus stop. it narrowly missed a woman in her wheelchair. two others at the bus stop flew several feet as the car came in. amazingly nobody was seriously hurt. the driver told police her brakes went out and that caused the crash. reports of a deputy shot in a frantic search for a sniper sent officers pouring into anbos
6:39 pm
ago. >> today we're learning it was all a hoax. reporter greg mills has the latest on the phony report which impacted thousands of people. >> reporter: starting with this frantic call from deputy reynosa. sheriff's department says not true. >> there was no sniper. no shots fired. >> reporter: reynosa's urgent call wednesday continued. >> from the apartment complex, two shots. my shirt's ripped. >> reporter: now we know, not true. >> angel reynosa admitted he was not shot at from the apartment complex. >> reporter: a giant hoax. >> we're sad to report to you that the reported sniper assault was fabricated by our deputy. >> reporter: fabricated report of the shooting at reynosa.
6:40 pm
>> i was at work. my wife called me. she was frantic. >> reporter: that one phony radio call impacted thousands of people. >> at the time we were all confused, trying to figure out what was going on. >> reporter: surrounding streets shut down. metrolink shut down. the apartment building evacuated amid concern in. >> my family rather be outside the house. i had to stay at my mom's house because they wasn't letting anybody in and out. my wife had to miss work. >> i apologize for the inconvenience that was item possessed on you. it's extremely disappointing. we expect our sheriffs to be held to a higher standard. >> the deputy is now the subject of a criminal investigation for filing a false report and the case has been turned over to the d.a.'s office. 49er richard sherman is
6:41 pm
blasting fans in indianapolis for the way they said farewell to his former stanford teammate and their now former quarterback, andrew luck. plagued by a ceaseless string of injuries, the 29-year-old had planned to announce his retirement today after telling his teammates. that all changed at last night's preseason game when a reporter broke the story as luck stood on the sidelines in indianapolis. >> i'd be lying if i didn't say i heard the reaction. it hurt. i'll be honest. it hurt. >> 49er corner back richard sherman, he quickly leapt to his former teammate's defense, tweeting, quote, this is a very rough game. most people will not understand what we put our bodies through season after season. we don't need the sympathy because this is what we sign up for. but to boo a man who battled for that city is disgraceful. if the power does go out
6:42 pm
during a wildfire, would you be able to escape from your own home? >> it's not just a little bit of panic. enthese types of situations, we see extreme panic. >> a new california law could save laws but it also comes at a cost. >> from the only enflorida file, proof that diehard golfers don't let anything get in the way of a good walk spoiled. and this can be a bit deceiving. that's a very gray view right now in one of our cameras. most of them don't look like this. i'll explain how the marine layer has gotten squashed and what that means for most of us feeling warmer tomorrow.
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he's best known for his dance moves in "saturday night fever." he was in "grease." >> you know who we're talking about. john travolta. he's taking on a whole new kind of character. kpix 5's bet bet sat down with the star to talk about his new thriller, the fanatic. >> reporter: john travolta transforms into a man on the other side of the limelight, a crazed fan who takes extreme measures to meet his favorite hollywood star. >> you're rooting for him. you on his side. then he does some bad things. >> it's a hard thing to
6:46 pm
negotiate because you know where he's coming from and all of us have a little bit in us. we've all loved a sports figure, an artist, a music person, we've loved in our heart and we only imagine that the people we admire will feel the same way about us. >> reporter: travolta is someone who has known decades of fame. this year is the 25th anniversary of his starring role in "pulp fix." he starred in "grease" 41 years ago when he was 23 years old. >> what is your craziest fan encounter? >> probably the times there's been a home invasion where there's someone hiding in the house or something. but they were not ill intended. >> reporter: in the fanatic, both his character and the star, hunter dunbar, crossed the line.
6:47 pm
>> somebody had a lot of fun with his wardrobe. >> oh, yeah. you've never seen a guy dress like that before or that haircut or those glasses. >> how did that all come together? >> that was just a creative imagination of fred durst and myself. >> reporter: travolta is also sporting a new look these days, inspired by pit bull. he stars in his newly released music video "free to tango" which already has more than 10 million views. >> it's really been so wonderful to be invited to dance again boss i don't get a chance to do it very often and i still have it in me. >> reporter: and it certainly shows. in san francisco, betty yu,thea. >> melissa remind me, our producer, said he did of course dance in "pulp fiction." now to florida.
6:48 pm
this guy played golf with a gator. he's lining up for a shot at a country club in orlando when a 7-foot alligator strolled past. the two seemed equally unfazed by each other. incidentally the golfer's name is steel, as in nerves of. which is required when you're playing golf with a gator or when you're forecasting the week ahead in the bear area. >> that's my job. a lot easier than working around the alligator trap or sand trap. let me show you how dramatically different it looks across the bay area. the camera that sits just beyond the poll booth. plenty of low gray. the clouds are getting pushed down and you can't even see the deck of the bridge out there. you can kind of see how it goes. if we look at this from the top
6:49 pm
of the sales force tower, alcatraz sits out there. we've got this thin ribbon of clouds. it can't come in anywhere else because it's not high enough. high pressure is warming us up. and squashing the marine layer. compressing it. so it doesn't get far inland. san jose, sunshine. and especially once we go over the other side of the hills. that's looking over toward the trivalley. there's dublin. plenty of sunshine. and it's hot over here. 94 in concord. 90 in livermore. not far from this camera which is looking out toward dublin. 80 in san jose. and it's 66 in the city. here's where we're going tomorrow for daytime highs. very similar inland to what we did today. 97 in concord. 96 in livermore. 74 for san francisco will be a warmup. 90 in san jose will also be a warmup. we'll go up anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees around the bay. so we'll notice that warmup tomorrow. if you're inland, you already did the warmup. it was hot today. it will be hot again tomorrow. i mentioned some humidity coming our way from the leftovers of what was a tropical storm.
6:50 pm
we'll switch the way we look at it. not looking at regular satellite. this is the water vapor available in the atmosphere from the storm. notice how it all gets pulled our way. by the time we get to wednesday, this map is now showing us the relative humidity. the pretty shades of green. show you where the relative humidities are going to by higher than typical for wednesday. if i say 43% relative humidity on wednesday, it probably doesn't mean anything to you. here's your perspective. this is what today's reading was, down in the low 30s. this is normal. this is what we're used to. wednesday will feel a little more humid. it shouldn't be as bad as it was last wednesday and thursday. the direction of that plume of moisture has to shift a little one way or the other and we can get a much more noticeable increase in humidity. let's go to the other side of the tropics. we've got a newly developed tropical storm. this is dorian. dorian is going toturn into a category 1 hurricane. now the concern becomes puerto
6:51 pm
rico. that's wednesday afternoon. at this point the forecast for the eye of the storm goes south of the island. puerto rico's got to be on guard here. we'll be watching that story very closely. from now through wednesday. of course then the dominican republic is next on the list. and from there it gets a little too far out to keep forecasting that and we'll have more on dorian over the next few days. wednesday afternoon right now is the timeframe to keep an eye out for that. in the 7-day forecast you can see that warmup into the mid 90s. that gets us back up to 96 inland to peak then we'll come back down into the low 90s by the weekend. you've got to remember tuesday and wednesday will also have a little bit more humidity with it. it will make you feel a little more uncomfortable. just because we're super hungry...
6:52 pm
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california's big fire stormed over the past couple years exposed a deadly problem. >> elderly and disabled residents were trapped when the car went out rendering their electric garage doors useless. now a law has been designed to prevent future tragedies. >> it also comes at a cost. >> reporter: october 2017, the oakmont fire came raging into santa rosa. >> i was nev ever going to out run a fire. >> reporter: cheryl dean was trapped. needing a cane to walk prior to knee surgery, flames were closing in. the power was out. and she couldn't get her car out of the garage. >> i did everything i was supposed to do. i tried to lift it up. it only went about 12" above the ground and then it would stop. >> reporter: cheryl was lucky. a good samaritan lifted the door
6:55 pm
for her and she got out. but what she experienced turned out to be deadly for others who, because of age or physical disability, couldn't open the garage and there was no good samaritan. >> it's not just a little bit of panic. >> reporter: david shew says not since the '90s has been there a law passed. >> censors prevent the door from closing and crushing anything in its way. >> the speed and intensity that these current fires that we've seen in the last couple years are moving through communities don't give people the time to think or really try to understand what to do ergenc quiet >> reporter: scott o'neal says some customers who simply want
6:56 pm
to replace their garage door are shocked to learn the new law requires them to also spend hundreds more to replace their opener, even if the old one works just fine. >> something happened where they have to replace that garage door and it wasn't planned for, their opener wasn't that old, and they're forced to buy one with a battery backup. that hurts. >> reporter: an electric powered one would cost $200. a battery powered is one 500 dollars. o'neal says pg&e's plan is actually inspiring some home owners to voluntarily upgrade to a battery backup opener. >> people want reliability. they want to have that operator dependable in case the power does go. >> reporter: if a homeowner wants to keep their old electric opener, installers face a $1,000 fine if they reconnect it. but for people like cheryl dean, the cost of her battery backup opener included peace of mind. >> my life is worth $500 at
6:57 pm
least. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> more safety changes are coming starting next january, the building code will require a gasket that seals the garage door to prevent burning embers from blowing in. for now, thanks for watching. 60 minutes is coming up next. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. the weather's perfect...
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> pelley: more than a quarter of cities and counties across america say they have fended off an attack on their essential computer networks. hospitals, city halls and transit hubs have all been crippled by sophisticated ransomware attacks. >> christman: cyber-crime has really become a way of life, and connected to everything we do, and really every crime we see. >> pelley: at what point does this ransomware come to our phones? >> christman: i think it's already on the doorstep for that. ( ticking ) >> last year, more americans died of drug overdoses than in the entire vietnam war. who is responsible for the opioid epidemic affecting almost every community?


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