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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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stomach life from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news .
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now at 4:30, looking life from our exclusive sales force tower. it is monday already. where did the weekend go? it goes by just like that. it is warming up again. warmer than yesterday and here is a live look. you can see the fog and low clouds with temperatures running in the mid 50s to low 60s at this hour. in the microclimate forecasts, we will take you up to this afternoon. about 70 degrees for the bay and mid 70s to low 80s with sunshine and heating up inlet. we are talking mid to upper 90s
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as you go through the day. berkeley, good morning to you. temperatures in berkeley in the upper 70s later in the afternoon. it is monday, but the good news is you don't need extra time on the roadway and you can grab the extra cup of coffee. one week from today, you will be off because it will be labor day and you can enjoy sleeping. even the altamont pass looks pretty good at this hour. for those of you coming to san francisco this morning, you need to give yourself extra time because of visibility issues. there's a fog advisory in and out of the city. as for the san mateo bridge, a little out of focus but no problems as far as the roadways are concerned.
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with traffic in the eastbound direction,thg to report. you are looking good, even in the cash lanes were you are stacked up a little bit, but nothing terrible. breaking news in el cerrito where the police officer appears to have shot a man. the police officer is with the san francisco police department and was off duty at the time in el cerrito. it looks like he shot another man off of san pablo avenue at 10:00 p.m. at mozer lane and kearney. the man who was shot appeared to be shot in the back and he was rushed to the highland trauma center. there is a multijurisdictional investigation underway which always happens when you have an officer involved shooting. back to you. new video about a horrific crash in kern county. two
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children have been identified as victims and the role over that happened yesterday g 5 but the vehicle they were in veered into the center divide on saturday before veering to the right shoulder and overturning. the driver overcorrected, crashed and rolled over. a boy and a girl ages 10 and 13 were ejected from the car and died. three others were treated for injuries. the children did not have seatbelts on and the cause of the crashes under investigation. cruise reef to take resume their search and indian bay. the contra counties sherrif's office said two men worship dishing in an inflatable raft when it malfunctioned. one man swam to shore and the other disappeared. there have been boats and helicopters and indian slough is popular for
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fishing. >> there is a current with a natural river that runs through here and it does have title action and it does go high and low. if this person was not a strong swimmer, that could be a problem if there was panic and getting to shore and tiring out. they will search the waters by helicopter and by boat. the searches on four suspects who smashed displays and stole jewelry at a south bay law mall. it was at the great mall and officers had a shelter in place warning well they scoured the inside. >> reports of an active shooter created some panic. police responded along with officers from san jose. this outlet shopping center has 200 stores, a movie theater and restaurant
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on site and police say searching it was a big task. >> we want to make sure the community is safe and the people of milpitas are safe and it was out of an abundance of caution for everybody here. >> after about an hour customers were allowed to leave the mall. one woman and her daughter were stuck inside the kids footlocker a lot longer. >> we were just at the garlic festival and we missed the shooter by 15 minutes and now this is happening. it is just horrible. >> officers say it is being investigated as a robbery and investigation is still ongoing. it is unclear how much was taken . similar incident in modesto with a smash and grab robbery at the vintage fair mall and it's unclear if the incidents were related. a deputy is out of a job after officials say he made up
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a job -- story about being shop by a sniper last week. >> there was no sniper, no shots fired and no injuries sustained. a deputy's story about coming under sniper fire was a lie. the hoax which was perpetrated by a 21-year-old deputy appeared friel when he called and an attack in progress last week. he said he came under fire as he walked to his personal vehicle outside of the sherrif station on wednesday. >> reporter: the false report sparked a real response from authorities and fellow officers including home searchers, a school on lockdown and a full on manhunt for a shooter that did not exist. after he was exposed, he gave
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an account of what really happened. >> he admitted he was not shot at and he told investigators that he had put the holes in his uniform shirt by cutting it with a knife. >> it's unclear why the deputy fabricated the story. i am reid binion reporting. >> he is embarrassed and disappointed by the deputy's actions. joe walsh will challenge president trump in the presidential nomination in 2020 . he made the announcement on abc this week and immediately announced a campaign ad called, be brave, on his website tiers these are not conventional times , these are urgent times. let's be real, they are scary times. today i declare >> reporter: walsh recently publis publicly
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apologizing for helping to elect president trump. trade wars have dominated the agenda. the rising temperature tends. >> reporter: while most americans were sleeping, president trump was at it for a third day meeting with world leaders at the g7 summit in france. there was escalation with the trade dispute with china and the president just said that the u.s. called trade representatives asking to get back to the table tiers they want to make a deal. that's a great thing, frankly. >> reporter: mr. trump made headlines when responding to reporters asking if he had second thoughts about the escalating dispute? >> might as well. >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> reporter: the white house issued a statement saying that what the president wish was
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that the tariffs on china were even higher. the president will issue a broader statement and is expected to hold the g7 closing news conference with french president emmanuel macron. laura podesta, cbs news. >> reporter: they are expected to hold a joint news conference in a few hours at 6:30 this morning. cbs news plans to carry this as a special report and you can watch it right here on kpix 5. and an agreement for a $20 million fund to help brazil fight the wildfires in the amazon rain forest. more than 20,000 fires up roquan out in the region since july. leonardo dicaprio's environmental fund is putting $5 million to help preserve the forest and fight the fires in indigenous land and in acting the community.
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others are also backing this cause. closer to home, the crews are gaining on the mountain fire which is near 90% contained. it broke out in shattered stick to take shasta county last week. it has destroyed 14 buildings and damaged seven others. medics treated three people for minor injuries and they been released. there are currently no evacuations and the cause of the fires under investigation. a wildfire burning across the nevada state line. the long valley fire broke out saturday afternoon and is grown to 2400 acres. the good news is that it is not getting bigger and at this time you have a 50% contained. the time now is for: 41. coming up, how the community is reacting to the
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>> it feels good to know the people outside of the community care about what is happening to us and they are making an effort to make sure that they pay homage to the people who lost their lives. funds will benefit the families of the shooting victims and the survivors. a group of mostly women decided to take action following a recent incident where a muslim woman was pushed in a store. it doesn't of community members walk through asking for shop owners to display a sign with the words, we are standing up to hate. >> the support i feel from these wonderful women, i want them not to be hesitant about visiting local businesses in the community. >> it's to encourage more
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community members to take action. the police will hold the first listening session with the lgbtq community. the first session is tonight at 6:30 at the sanctuary at ellis and taylor. a section of downtown san jose was transformed to a river of rainbow yesterday for silicon valley pride. there was a big corporate push this year. the parade was only five blocks long and there were more people marching than watching. it is a sign that progress is happening in the south bay. >> i don't believe corporations really believed. they are learning a diverse workforce is a good one. this is the third year of the pride parade after being halted seven years due to lack of participation. it is 4:45 and as we
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checked the forecast, another warm start. we are looking at temperatures above average for this time of year and that will continue with temperatures warmer than compared to yesterday. for the next few days, i live at the sales camera. fog and temperatures in the mid- 50s to low 60s. you can see dense fog along the coast about a quarter-mile from half moon bay through the golden gate gap and into parts of the bay this morning. you can see the locations along the coast and for the bay dealing with a grace start. we will heat up through the afternoon and it will be 5-10 degreeswarmer an will stay abav nextvel . to tomorrow, higher humidity readings as we go into what was a tropical storm.
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and let's take you to berkeley. happy first day of school. it is 70 degrees and warming up to 78 in berkeley was sunshine through the day. we do have a spare the air alert with moderate air quality for most of us in the bay area. in the east bay, unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. there is a ridge of high pressure which is why we will continue to heat up. we are tracking a low efof opical storida. air and an wednesday and you will feel the humidity for tomorrow, especially with the warm temperatures. through the day today, clearing with clouds along the coast. into tomorrow, areas of fog and
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that will be in parts of the bay. cloud cover tomorrow with higher humidity and more moisture in the atmosphere tomorrow because of what was left. we are looking at 74 in san francisco and 81 in oakland. 90 in san jose and heating up to 97 at concord and fairfield. the seven day forecast with temperatures a little cooler than tomorrow. emily. at 4:48, i'm tracking your main travel times. this early it looks pretty good with slow spots and a few trouble spots which i will get to. this is eight 80 at bascom where the shoulder is blocked but not causing delays at this hour. it is early for the south bay commute to be picking up. on northbound 101, still issues
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but they are not causing delays at this hour. slow and go through the ultimate pass, per normal. then through the altamonte pass, back up to regular running speed at 63 to livermore and it looks good all the way to the dublin interchange. the overall drive time is in the yellow at 32 minutes and elsewhere you are still green and looking good. for those of you coming across the golden gate bridge northbound and southbound, there is a fog vivibis not gr. looks like it is improving through the morning, but just a heads up to take your timee an drive across the peninsula. and the bay bridge is getting busier, but the warning lights are still not on. it is 4:49 right now.
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daniel radcliffe is a hero in the world of toys. and more on the eye on entertainment and the film tells the story of a government report on the cio's excessive use of torture in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. >> if it works, why do you need to do it 183 times. >> maybe when the report comes out, people will finally see that. >> reporter: christina is in love. netflix released a preview of the upcoming comedy, falling in love. as city girl after losing her job and boyfriend enters a
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contest. falling in love streams on netflix august >> i need you to help rescue them, we are running out of time. >> reporter: a child's away helps to save the world. two kids are whisked off to save the world. daniel radcliffe and adam lambert lend their voices to the characters based on a popular toy. it hits theaters on friday. michelle medina, los angeles. good morning everybody. let me tell you something, with the oakland a's, 33 games left and the giants with 32 regular- season games left. they are taking it all fairly fearlessly, especially against each other. this was proved yesterday as the bay bridge series wrapped up. the story in a moment.
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you are looking live at downtown san jose. 63 degrees there this morning and we are just warming up. we will be
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welcome to monday. we start the day with patchy fog along the coast and for parts of the bay. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. a 24-hour temperature change with about 1-4 degrees cooler than yesterday. now let's look at the dublin interchange where it is busy out there. there are no trouble sport spots toreport. it is monday, i can tell you. i have one minute or so to
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wrap up yesterday? it's what i do. here we go in 3, 2, 1. let's go to oakland. the first pitch and rollie fingers will be retired next year. and then at the third, the long ball tied the game up at 3. tied at the bottom of the fourth and then a second homeroom of the day of the third of the series. oakland retook the leads at 4- 3. the a's bullpen cannot close . and the bases drunk with a couple of runs and the giants leading by 4. and then it gets testy. oh my goodness with eight innings. right at the head and nobody died. they took 3 a 4 from oakland
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this season. and antonio brown's helmet issue appears to be over. brown well reportedly conform and use the approved headgear. the fedex trophy is what they were gunning for in atlanta. and walking away with it with a four under 66. he wins the fedex cup for the second time in his career. and get this, first prize is $15 million. that's right, $15 million. that is million with an m kick. what a day for roy mcelroy in the pga, yesterday. as you can tell from the tone of my voice as i go up and down. i'm going down because i wrapped up. hey, that is sports at this hour. i have more, don't worry, but
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you will have to wait for it later today. it is time now at 4:57. a private plane with 7 on board crashes in southern california and all people on board survive. now available every day. and our new sweet n' smokey homestyle chicken blt for $8.99. come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel
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live from the cbs be area studios, this is kpix 5 news . breaking news. a off-duty san francisco officer opens fire. a plane goes down and amazingly all on board survive. and panic at a bay area mall after reports of an active shooter. what really happened? it is monday, august 26 and i am kenny choi . i am michelle griego, let's get over to mary lee to find out
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how does itlook t there? we will be warmer today thanrd is live looat the bay bridge. we are starting off with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast. inland, your skies are clear. the microclimate forecasts taking you through the day, we warm up. at the coast, daytime highs in the low 70s. it will be breezy and warm and plenty of sun along the bay. inland, mid to upper 90s for today. above average temperatures for all of us. the berkeley unified school district, happy first day of school to you. berkeley will have sunshine and warm temperatures. i will have the forecast with higher humidity levels


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