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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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only f a limited time. let's get over to mary lee to find out innd fas cwe also have solutions like powerful wifi how does itlook t there? we will be warmer today that gives your entire business more coverage thanrd is live looat the bay bridge. we and automatic internet backup that can keep your business running. are starting off with low and it all starts with our gig-speed network. clouds and areas of fog along so give us 10 minutes. the coast. if we can't offer you faster speed or better savings inland, your skies are clear. than your current internet service, we'll give you 300 dollars the microclimate forecasts for your time. taking you through the day, we warm up. at the coast, daytime call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. comcast business. highs in the low 70s. beyond fast. it will be breezy and warm and plenty of sun along the bay. inland, mid to upper 90s for today. above average temperatures for all of us. the berkeley unified school district, happy first day of school to you. berkeley will have sunshine and warm temperatures. i will have the forecast with higher humidity levels coming up . looking at travel times, so
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far, so good. there is slowing out there and let's look at the trouble spots in the south bay. there are a couple of issues and one is on the nimitz freeway at bascom. it is slowing you down a little bit, but not by much. and now let's look at the main travel times. yellow out of the altamont pass and it is a 36 we are following breaking news from contra costa county. minute ride. greedy green on the 101. police looking into a shooting involving an off-duty police officer. let's get to jackie ward at the scene this morning. busy northbound and southbound but there are no lane closures >> reporter: you can see the unlike what we have seen in the police officers are still here last couple of weeks and there this morng. that kearney is no bottleneck to be created. good news for those of you taking the roadway this morningp police tell us the off-duty officer from san francisco shot a man at mozer lane and kearney . we are by a strip mall and the cash lanes in the westbound direction but no closures approaching the bridge or on the bridge itself. the construction is over, good
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homes and kearney street is riddance to you. still blocked off and we don't in the meantime, slow sailing and you are looking good into know the circumstances that led to the shooting. we know the moran. we are keeping eyes on breaking news from el cerrito person the officer shot is at after an off-duty police the highland trauma center officer shot a man who is at after reportedly being shot in the back. the suspect is a man the hospital recovering. several agencies on the scene right now investigating what happened. it looks like an off- duty police officer shot another man in the back just in his 40s who did not have a gun on him. a captain with the el cerrito off of san pablo avenue at police department gave us an update on how the suspect is 10:00 p.m. after the shooting there as mackey appears to be okay. right now we are just getting started with the investigation. crime techs were collecting evidence and a pizza box was seen near the . specifically at mozer lane door with a marker. we don't and kearney. we have a crew on the way to know the significance. we will the scene and they will be there momentarily and keep us posted as the investigation continues this morning. remain on scene and tried to get more details. and seven people walked liven el cerrito, jackie ward, away unharmed after a private plane made an emergency landing and caught fire at the santa barbara airport. this was just after 10:00 and video from the scene shows the airplane on its belly as kpix 5. and $20 million a to fight firefighters sprayed fire retardant foam. there is an the fires ripping through the investigation underway and it's
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unclear where the plane took amazon rain forest. off from. the president did plan on a new a shooting scarritt's south bay mall. the great mall trade deal. located off of i-880 in and pope francis weighing-in on protecting the rain forest with mounting presser. the brazilian milpitas just as it was closing yesterday. president has authorized troops police ordered a lockdown in to help tackle the flames. place as they scour the inside. he says that loggers and miners had been encouraged to light the fires. reports of an active shooter created panic. and protecting indigenous land police officers responded along with officers from san jose. the store has more than 200 and helping communities impacted stores and a restaurant and it . steve jobs' widow along with took a while to search. another person are backing the cause. a wildfire burning across the state line in nevada. the >> we want to make sure the long valley fire broke out community is safe and people doing business in mill beaters saturday afternoon 25 miles are safe. north of reno. firefighters it's out of abundance of cautfoeryonerererter: r t have it 50% contained. they say lowed leave the mall. one woman and her daughter were it hsqua destroyed a home. stuck in the kids footlocker a lot longer st at the garlic
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festival and we missed the shooter by 15 minutes and now r s to try to reach ground and this is happening. it is just horrible. containment. >> in the high elevations and >> reporter: officers say this is it being investigated as a steep terrain, there are smash and grab robbery and it's difficult challenges for the cruise to get in and mop up. unclear how much jewelry was >> reporter: residence in the rancho haven neighborhood cleared out yesterday as they stolen. rushed into battle the flames. a robbery at a neiman marcus people are home but are on alert if there are flareups. and a fire burning near and chaos ensued as shoppers redding and shasta county. ran from the mall and canoga park. they too thought there was a shooting but officers determined there was not. the fire is now 80% contained and all evacuations and road closures have been lifted. 600 acres have burned in 14 earlier in the day a smash and grab robbery occurred at the vintage fair mall and it's unclear if the incidents are homes and other buildings have related. a deputy who claims that he been destroyed and there is no was shot by a sniper and it word on what sparked the appeared to be a hoax. wildfire. a spanish endurance athlete who set off from sausalito days called dispatchers to say he was hit in the shoulder outside ago is now in honolulu. the sherrif's station in lancaster. he claimed the
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sniper was on the upper floor >> hmade the trip paddled of a nearby apartment building barding across the pacific. and now authorities say it is he is making the trip to raise awareness about ocean all a lie. >> the reported sniper assault pollution. the highly modified 20 foot paddleboard include sleeping quarters in the front and storage space in the back. was bifurcated. he is the first solo traveler to cross the atlantic on a standup paddleboard. >> my family had to be outside he celebrated with an ice cold the house and i had to stay at my mom's house because they beer. >> he deserves it. wasn't letting anybody in or out. my wife missed work. >> that would definitely burn the calories, that is for sure. >> the officer went so far as to cut holes in his shirt with >> that's not how i would cross the pacific, but it's his knife. the sheriff is apologizing to those inconvenienced by the incredible for him to do. fake emergency. whether you cross the street or the bay, so far the commute looks good here ed a search for a missing boater in discovery bay. 5:15. two men were fishing and an there is not allowed or fred inflatable raft when it but there are trouble spots malfunctioned just after 4:00 that are in the clearing stages. yesterday morning. one man swam to shore and the other disappeared. there has been a joint search through redwood city, they are off of the roadway and not causing delays at this hour. effort with boats and you may see scattered debris on helicopters. indian slough is popular with fishermen. the roadway at these areas.
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altima passes slowing down and >> there is a natural current you are down to seven miles per hour. that runs through here and it does have title action and it once you get out of the runs high and low. altamont pass, you are in a again, if the person was not a better situation and going full strong swimmer, that could be a speed to the dublin interchange problem. if you don't know how to get to . we have yet to see slowing on six pounds 680. shore and you tire out. the travel time will climb >> they will resume the search later in the morning. on the eastshore freeway, 15 minutes. with helicopter and by boat. two children identified as to get on their on highway 4, it's about 15 minutes. victims in a fatal rollover that happened yesterday morning at i-5 and button willow outside of bakersfield. it is really too early for south bay commute to be officials say the suv veered anything other than green. there are no lane closures on the richmond and san rafael into a center divider on saturday before veering to the bridge and the toll plaza looks right shoulder and overturning. the driver overcorrected, crashed and rolled over. a boy good and you are moving along without a problem. if you are headed to the san mateo bridge, it looks clear and good as and a girl ages 10 and 13 were ejected from the vehicle and well. the bay bridge is getting died at the scene. busier at this hour. i will three others were treated for injuries. the children did not have check to see if the metering seatbelts on and the cause of
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the crash is under investigation . yes, they are as of 5:15. it will be slow at the toll plaza. . the g7 summit is underway in the south of france and so far trade wars have been the topic of discussion. president trump unveiled an it is monday and we start the day with low clouds and broad new trade deal with jaden areas of fog along the coast pan and talked a trade deal and parts of the bay. with uk boris hopefully you are waking up well. here is a live look looking west johnson who said he is not a fan of tariffs. he asked the president if he . there is fog from the golden had plans of escalating the gate gap to san francisco. trade battle with china. >> why not? might as well. concord at 62 and livermore at 64. 66 in san francisco. 66 at >> reporter: you have second thoughts? >> i have second thoughts about everything. san jose and 53 in santa rosa >> reporter: later the white this morning. house said that the president checking the visibility, clouds meant that he wishes the tariffs on china were higher. with areas of fog along the we will have more information coast. half moon bay down to on the conversation in a little half-mile this morning for visibility and two miles for santa rosa. there are areas of fog at the more than an hour as the president is expected to hold a g7 news conference with french prime minister emmanuel macron. coast and parts of the bay and heating up through the afternoon with plenty of
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sunshine and daytime highs 5-10 the amazon inferno and the degrees warmer compared to plan passed by world leaders yesterday. average through the less than an hour ago and a week with higher humidity starting tomorrow and that's hollywood a lister who is finding relief. because of what is left of and we are going to warm up tropical storm ivo bring in the mugginess back tomorrow . in through the afternoon and we berkeley, good morning and happy first day of school to you. 78 for high with sunny and warm are tracking what is left of tropical storm ivo and how it conditions in berkeley. we have will impact our weather , coming up. now let's look at the a spare the air alert. bridges this morning. so far, so good. moderate air quality for the the bridges in the yellow and i east bay. this ridge of high have the rest of the commuting green. pressure is the strong ridge which is the reason we will heat up. we are watching a low pressure system what is left of tropical storm ivo. you can see the hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" moisture over southern california and off the coast we're the webber family. and that will push in through we're the tenney's the day tomorrow. we will have we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. clouds tomorrow and humidity in ♪
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get your usaa auto insurance quote today. the atmosphere. you can see clearing through the afternoon tomorrow with low clouds and arbut more humidity for tomorrow as well. temperatures today, 74 in san francisco and 81 in oakland. 94 san jose. heating up in concord and fairfield and here is the seven- day forecast of what you can expect. cooler tuesday and wednesday and higher humidity will likely make it feel warmer tuesday and wednesday. temperatures cooler it's tsleep numberbiggest sale360 smart bed.n the ♪ thursday and friday and heating you can adjust your comfort on both sides up with temperatures into the your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. weekend. family of mountain but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your lions moved in. a mother and movements and automatically adjusts her three cubs were spotted to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. last week at the open space in not promise... prove. cupertino. atfijusta fe and now, all beds are on sale!
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trailsere closed but when the mountain lions failed to show they were afraid of humans, mountain rangers decided to close the area completely. there were no mountain lions seen yesterday. the time is 5:20 . another measles scare as an infected teenager goes to a convention and airport. thousands were exposed. as we head to break, a live look outside of the golden gate bridge. it is warming up and 5:20 on this monday morning. we will be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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good monday morning to you. let's look at the east bay drive times d those look like. it is all green sure fwy and 58 and less than that on highway 24. as for the south bay, the drive times will remain this way for the next hour or so. with the exception of 85 which is a 19 minute drive. a public health warning this morning. a teenager at a hip-hop confrontation was contagious with measles at the arizona grand resort in phoenix
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. the teenager also spent time at the airport and there is concern that thousands could be at risk. shs diagno measles after she left the > in althwatch, doctors le was need to promote healthy lifestyle changes to patients who survived cancer. 95% of doctors recommend things like losing weight and quitting smoking to some cancer patients but only 25% of oncologists and specialists do the same. those with dementia have trouble sleeping. caregivers live up to five and half hours of sleep weekly because of difficulty falling and staying asleep. stress is a factor and it can interrupt sleep. and the cigarette ads are fueling the team vaping craze.
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children 12-17 reported seeing advertising are likely to start using the e-cigarettes. and bringing together a group of kids with differences. >> it is camp open arms in maryland. these campers are on a mission to conquer an obstacle course. the camp is for children with limb differences. sophia was born without a bone in her left arm and maddie is missing her left hand tiers it's pretty hard . >> is not that i am different. just because we are a little different doesn't mean we can't do things you guys can do. you're the camp was created five years ago to create an inclusive environment. it
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started with six children and now there are more than 30 campers. and international leaders wrapping up the g7 summit today . coming up, the very latest meeting that president trump most notably skipped. and i'm on the scene of a police shooting that happened overnight. it involves an officer that was off duty from the sfpd. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . breaking news overnight with shots fired in contra costa county by an off-duty san francisco officer. we take you to the scene. at the g7 summit, president trump to spon abwher and other s stand in the trade war with china. and a live look outside. the details we had today.
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it is monday, august 26 and i am emily turner 17 -- michelle griego . we will see clear skies through the afternoon. the temperatures will be heating up . warmer compared to yesterday. here is a live look in san jose where there are clear skies and it is 61. oakland coming in at 59. 56 in san francisco and 63 at santa rosa. the watching area of fog and clouds and we will have son into the day. low 70s for the bay and then heating up inland, we are talking mid to upper 90s. above-average temperatures for all of us. hool
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dirict isunnand warm and welk about the rest of the week and when humidity levels will be on the rise coming up. emily. looking at the travel times at 5:31, alt-a mann passes the only place impacted at this hour. you may need an extra cup of coffee and if you are like me, you will need it because it is monday. holding strong at 36 minutes and it's not getting slower. still 15 minutes on the bayshore freeway. highway 24 about an hour. slow down in the cash lanes in the westbound direction. no issues eastbound. san mateo has gotten busier with all the toward the peninsula. no issues as you get off the bridge. the
5:22 am
lights are on at the bay bridge and slowing go through the toll plaza and then once you are on it, you are on better shape. i am live in el cerrito at the scene of a developing situation where police are investigating a officer involved shooting. this doesn't involve one of their own officers, it actually involves an officer from the san francisco police department . a white car was towed from the scene and this was just off of san pablo avenue around 10:00 last night at the intersection of mosher lane and kearny street. we don't know the circumstances that led to the shooting but we don't know the person that was shot was at the highland trauma center after being shot in the back. el cerrito police say the suspect was a man in his 40s who did not have a gun on him. a captain with the police department gave us what he knew about the timeline of events shortly following the shooting. >> once they located the parties
5:23 am
, nobody left the scene. >> they could be seen collecting evidence and a public pizza box and a backpack were seen near the doorway we don't know if they are significant or of any importance . >> we have reached out to the san francisco police department for comment but have yet to hear back. i am emily turner three , kpix 5. a attempted smash and grab with shots fired triggering an active law enforcement response . suspects still at large. there was a shelter in place warning at 8:00 last night while they searched inside and found no evidence of shots fired but there was evidence of vandalism at the jewelry store. investigators are going through surveillance footage and it's unclear what the suspects took.
5:24 am
if anyone has information, they are asked to call the milpitas police. we are keeping an eye on the g7 summit which is going on in france. acclimate meeting is just wrapping up. president trump skip to that one and since staffers in his place. this is the final day. he is set to appear in a news conference with french president emmanuel macron about an hour for now . president trump says he hopes that the next summit will be in miami and hopefully at one of his resorts. in hong kong, antigovernment protests took a turn. police fired a live round and a water cannon was used.
5:25 am
riot police have engaged with the protesters firing multiple rounds of tear gas well protesters through bricks and protected themselves with umbrellas. since june it is the face of a government unwilling or unable to solve the political crisis. if it becomes too violent, beijing may deploy troops to pacify the city. and security forcefully removing transgender women from a bar. >> don't touch me like that. don't touch me like that. don't touch me. >> reporter: chloe perez rios posted this on facebook saying they were celebrating and lgbtq festival when a couple of trends phobic slurs were given to the table. excessive force was used to take the transgender women out and then they gently remove the man and woman from the bar.
5:26 am
the groups were asked to leave after the argument broke out and they refused to leave. inviting the lgbtq community to help increase cooperation with the department. they are looking for cooperation and reconciliation sessions. the first is this afternoon at allison taylor. and joe walsh announcing his run for the republican presidential nomination yesterday. once a supporter of the president, he says that mr. trump is unfit for office and he believes many republicans support his point of view. he apologized on an op-ed for helping to elect president trump . 21 people in the race including joe biden, elizabeth sanders and -- bernie sanders
5:27 am
and elizabeth warren. some of the current hope they can do the same. >> i just made the debates for the fall and it's like making the playoffs. it is a long haul and a number of presidents that ended up being president were in single digits at this point in the summer. >> in houston and going forward, you will see this picking up and we want to peek in california in march. the next debate is set for september 12 in houston. and harvey weinstein is headed to court. a manhattan district attorney says he will be arraigned on indictment and it is not clear if more charges will be brought against him. he has requested to have the case venew yo to take
5:28 am
pleaded not guilty. trial is set to start september 9. and announcing he is seeking reelection after president trump pardon him. the 87-year-old is pledging to bring back some of his most controversial policing tools including an out door jail in which inmates wear pink underwear and are shuffled around and chain gangs. her pale was the sheriff 24 years. marc liverman is live at the new york stock exchange with the money watch report. good morning. good morning. stocks dropped at the end of trading week. the nasdaq dropped 200 39 and the s&p dropped 75 points. today president trump said that he had two productive calls with china on sunday and he
5:29 am
believed the two countries would make a great deal. the president did not give out specifics but the president promised a more thorough report later today. and the restaurant industry is feeling the pinch. there was less sent from beijing as of june of this year . china is a huge and growing customer for lobster and it slapped heavy tariffs on the product in july 2018. there are some layoffs at some maine based businesses. a big day for dogs and their owners, give us the details. >> today is international dog day. smart asset ranking dog friendly cities placing las vegas in the top slot. they looked at walk score concentration of dog parks and
5:30 am
the number of dog friendly restaurants. an amazon's alexa has created puppy items. >> i am marc liverman in new york city, it's always good to see you. and san francisco ranked number three. >> all right. a case out of this world this morning as nasa investigates the first possible crime in space. the heat is on for the area with above average temperatures. i am tracking what is left of tropical storm ivo and how it will impact our weather coming up . if you are using this bridge to cross into or out of san francisco, visibility will be an issue, but not on the other bridges. i have the commute times ahead.
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good monday morning to you. it is 5:43. this is a look north and you can see the clouds and fog rolling in through the golden gate gap and into the bay. through the afternoon, above average temperatures and we do have a spare the air alert coming up. and honoring the people killed in the recent mass shootings. >> is one of the greatest days of my life and i love spending
5:34 am
every moment with you. >> reporter: this concert in dayton yesterday as musicians had triumph over tragedy and gem city shine. thousands gathered for the block party and earlier in the day kanye west held a sunday service and the goal was to get people back to the district and into businesses. >> dayton, ohio, you are a city of epic proportions. whether you know it or not, your voice is strong. >> according to dayton's mayor, no tax money was used on the event. nasa astronaut anne mcclain is accused of identity threat from space. apparently mclean inappropriately accessed a bank
5:35 am
account from the space station and it is identity theft. >> we have a joint account but she used my personal login credentials to look at my personal banking, even an account i just set up. >> they have a six-year-old son and she called mclean one of the top astronauts. car part thieves in custody because of their own car. one vehicle was hit saturday night at shoreline parkway and a short time later a officer stopped a car with no plates and noticed a freshly removed catalytic converter. police took pictures of the stolen device and the electric saw that was allegedly used to remove it. they found two more catalytic converters in their
5:36 am
car along with drug pair for land yet. both men are now at fifth oakland city jail. and this rat is one of the unsavory things that was picked up on regular patrols through the fru failed district. about 30 officers will join him and other officers to join for the weekend cleanups. he is hoping to show authorities care about keeping it clean and also residents may be less inclined to put up like long-standing programs like homelessness. >> taking a stand against plastic and a few companies taking a different approach with straws. >> instead of paper or plastic, they are using pasta. they are trying out pasta straws. many of the compostable paper straws
5:37 am
get soggy. this will not get mushy in a cold drink but they will soften up and about one hour. they are composite of all. >> i love that. >> i have strong feelings about this. >> you said with shakes, you cannot do it. >> then it will taste like flour and water if you are trying to drink something. the metal disposable ones are fine. i don't know the company that makes them, but they are at shake shack. they don't dissolve and they don't get mushy. i have an adverse and to those paper straws. >> we want to save it but not the fact that it falls apart in your mouth. doing quite well here at
5:38 am
5:47 and looking good. there are no real trouble spots to report and they have cleared. the only slow spot is the usual suspect at the altamont pass. westbound seven miles per hour out of the tracy triangle where it is slow. backup to regular running speed at the dublin interchange. and there is slowing on the southbound direction of 680. same on 84 westbound with residual slowing. drive speeds in the orange for a little bit and then you are green and good to go. the commute out of the altamont pass is now at 39 minutes. 20 minutes in yellow on the eastshore freeway. highway 4 also yellow at 37 minutes westbound to the eastshore freeway. there is apparently debris by the railroad. just be aware of that and be careful.
5:39 am
at the golden gate bridge, it is foggy and the san mateo bridge is busy as you head toward the peninsula. not too many brake lights though. the bridges backing up onto the flyover. once you get through the toll plaza, a better situation. there is a little fog out there, but it is going away. it will be nice to have the sunshine through the afternoon. foggy at the coast but through the afternoon, above average temperatures and warmer than yesterday. here is a view looking east with golden colors in the sky and this son about to rise over mount diablo. patchy fog along the coast and for parts of the bay this morning. a shallow marine layer with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s.
5:40 am
visibility at three quarters of a mile for half moon bay. about a mile at santa rosa. as spare the air alert with moderate air quality for most of the bay area. unhealthy for sensitive groups. the back-to-school forecast for berkeley and by noon 70 degrees. 78 by 3:00 pm and warming for you in berkeley. happy first day of school. the ridge of high pressure helps to heat us up with daytime highs at 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday we are also tracking a low pressure system which is what is left of tropical storm ivo . you can see that along the coast of southern california and that will work its way into our area tomorrow with more clouds and more humidity. you will feel the difference tuesday and wednesday and it will be monday.
5:41 am
clearing on future classed and low clouds and areas of fog. there will be more humidity in the atmosphere. in the 6-8 day outlook,bor a long stretch of above average temperatures. sunrise at 6:34 and sunseted 7:47. 96 for livermore and 90 at san jose. low 80s for oakland and 70 for pacifica. with the humidity, it will feel warmer. actually that feels like temperatures for tuesday and wednesday will be cooler by the end of the workweek and heating up for the weekend. the time now is 5:51. coming up, golden gate
5:42 am
visitors are treated to a special show. who is behind the pop up pianos. this is at the richmond/san rafael bridge as people head off to work and school this morning. it is 5:52 and we will be right back.
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it is 5:55 right now. something unexpected and off key in san francisco over the weekend. >> pianos at the golden gate bridge and the music cut through all that thick fog. >> music know. trying to dry your tears -- music know. it is think to the organization pianfrancisco.
5:46 am
local musicians performed well park rangers told stories about the area's past. panic at a bare area mall causing panic and now police are looking for them. and any minute now, producer harvey weinstein is set to arrive in court. we have more breaking news, next. we are on the scene of a developing situation in el cerrito where there was a police shooting involving a san francisco police officer.
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live from the cbs be area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news in contra costa county where a off-duty bay area police officer shot someone overnight . we have the latest from the seasoned scene. good morning everyone, it is monday, august 26 and i'm to 17. i am kenny choi . we warm up through the afternoon. happy monday to you. we have moderate air quality for most of us but the east bay with unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. you will see haze in the sky and in the microclimate forecast, 70 degrees for the coast and breezy and warm for the bay with mid 70s to low 80s . inland, mid to upper 90s for inland locations. the berkeley unified school district, happy first day of
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