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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 26, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news in contra costa county where a off-duty bay area police officer shot someone overnight . we have the latest from the seasoned scene. good morning everyone, it is monday, august 26 and i'm to 17. i am kenny choi . we warm up through the afternoon. happy monday to you. we have moderate air quality for most of us but the east bay with unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. you will see haze in the sky and in the microclimate forecast, 70 degrees for the coast and breezy and warm for the bay with mid 70s to low 80s . inland, mid to upper 90s for inland locations. the berkeley unified school district, happy
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first day of school. it will be sunny and warm with temperatures in the mid-70s. more coming up. it actually looks pretty good on the roadways and their overall road times are in the yellow. what this does not show you is that it will be a smooth ride. at the altamont palace, 28 minutes on the east shore. highway 4 to the east shore freeway is 39 minutes. now let's take a look. excuse me from having the golden gate bridge up.odto go into marin county and this is where we see it stack up. no brake lights, crashes or stalls.r.
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investors are at the scene and now let's get over to kpix 5's jackie ward this morning . there are investigation errors on the scene at mosher lane and kearny street just off of san pablo avenue. this is where a off-duty san francisco police officer shot a man around 10:00 last night. we are by a strip mall and some homes and we don't know the circumstances that led to the shooting. we know the person shot is listed as stable at the highland trauma center after being shot in the back. the victim is a man in his 40s who did not have a gun on him. and we are checking on the san francisco officer following the shooting. is . right now we are just getting
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started with the investigation. and crime scene tax could be seen collecting evidence. there werecre woerout an they had markers next to a pizza box and a backpack. we have reached out to the police department for comment since it was the san francisco police department's officer but we have not heard back yet. and a smash and grab setting up panic at a great mall . located off of i-880 in milpitas just as it was closing yesterday. there was a shelter in place warning as they scoured the inside of the mall. there wascers san joerare more a movie theater and staunts on n
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it was a big task. >> we wanted to make sure the community is safe and people doing business are safe. it was an out of an abundance of caution for everyone here. >> reporter: after a few hours, employees and customers will be able to leave. there was a robbery at the diamond bite jewelry store. and in manhattan, waiting for the arrival of harvey weinstein. he is facing a new and diamond in connection with an upcoming trial. the indictment has not been made public. stein is accusexually a at least two women so far and the trial date is set to begin september night. we have an update coming up.
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and world leaders at the g7 summit in france and the trade dispute between the u.d isat the forefront. officials have called u.s. trade representatives asking them to get back to the bargaining table in the follows more turmoil over the weekend when the president told reporters he was having second thoughts about the dispute. >> sure, why not, might as well . >> have you had second thoughts? >> i have second thoughts about everything.>> reporter: the white house said that the president meant to say that he wishes the tariffs on china were higher. we will have more for you in about half an hour and a cbs bo y special report. . the contra costa sherrif's
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office says two men were fishing at indian slough when their raft malfunction just after 4:00 yesterday morning. one man swam to shore and the other disappeared. there has been a joint search effort with boats and helicopters. indian slough is popular for fishing. >> there is a current and a natural river running through here. it does have title impact and it goes high and low. you could have a problem if you panic and don't know how to get to shore and you tire out. for those of you who live in fremont, today you have a chance to sound off about a homeless navigation center. the city is trying to decide whether or not to build the center in downtown fremont behind the city hall or in north fremont by a plant nursery.
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both locations have sparked protests. it would provide housing for up to 45 people as they work to find permanent housing. dewho ch was the target and holding drug accountable for the nationwide opioid epidemic. a beautiful sunrise on our tower cameras as we kick off on monday. this is looking south at the colors in the sky. just gorgeous to start the day. we will let you know what to expect for the rest of the work week and into the weekend and when humidity will be on the rise coming up. and looking at the bay area bridge where it is backed up onto the flyover. i will te u w get across it as well as your other routes ahead.
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happy monday to you. here is a classic bay area view. the fog is rolling in through the golden gate gap and you can see
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the top of the golden gate bridge tower this morning. we will talk about what you can expect as it warms up and when humidity will be back in the atmosphere coming up. take a knee a look at the golden gate bridge, let's talk about the drive times. 21 minutes and there is a visibility issue from the fog that mary was showing you. you are in the red across the bay bridge was 16 minutes. san mateo bridge at nine minutes. still good to go over the san mateo bridge. a judge will decide whether an opioid manufacturer could be blamed for contributor to oklahoma's opioid crisis. this is the beginning of holding drug companies responsible for the nationwide opioid epidemic.
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experts believe the judge is likely to rule in oklahoma's favor which could push companies to settle other cases . in la county, a deputy at the center of a criminal investigation after officials say he made up a story about being shot by a sniper. angel reinosa said he came under fire as he walked to his vehicle at the sherrif station on wednesday. it sparked a full on man hunt for a shooter that did not exist. after the deputy's hoax was exposed, a full report of what happened. >> angel reinosa admitted he was not shot out and he told investigators he caused the holes in his shirt by cutting it with a knife. >> reporter: it is unclear why a . in fire watch, glenn dale residents are home after evacuations from a fire that
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at the border of eagle rock in glendale around 5:00 last night. police shut down the highway and had residents get out as they fought the flames. the mandatory evacuations were lifted five hours later and the cause of the fire is under investigation. near reading, the fire is near 90% contained. it broke out at bear mountain and dry creek roads in shasta. it has burn 600 acres so far and has destroyed 14 buildings and damaged seven others. people have been treated for minor injuries and all have been released. tropical storm dorian is gaining strength over the atla as it moves west and certo rico and s neig suppliesaheaof g . is part ofatlahurricanseason
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florida go e boge, birsthguy the putting when a gator at an orlando country club casually strolled past. the two were unfazed by the close encounter. his shot was a good one and all he was concerned about was messing it up. >> i wonder what happens if the gator eats the golf ball and how do you score? >> i imagine you drop it and don't get a penalty. >> i would be distracted to see a seven foot gator. >> all he has to do is hang a ri is concentrating. >> he plays golf better than i do which isn't much to say,
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unfortunately. it is 6:15 and as we look at the big picture, it looks good on this monday morning. you can have an extra cup of coffee as you had to work this morning. no trouble spots to report except for a few in the clearing stages. 37 in the westbound direction at skaggs road. you can see it is causing a little slowing as you pass by approaching the accident. then the usual slowing at the curve as you head to the island off the highway on 37. the altamont pass is the usual suspect and i will check in on that action on 205 westbound. you are down to about 11 miles out of the tracy triangle and back to the dublin interchange, still slowing on 680 out of the dublin interchange and westbound on 84. nothing terrible slowing you
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down. you have 38 minutes out of the tracy triangle. eastshore freeway is 23 minutes and 42 minutes on highway 4. there is some debris as they are in the process of clearing it. it does look like it is slowing you down a little bit. still looking good out of the south bay on 101. the nimitz and north end and southbound directions getting busier but there are no or stalls, accidents or delays to slow you down. delays at the toll plaza and the bridge in the westbound direction. midspan, you are in better shape. northbound and southbound 101 are still clearing good to go. really, the slowing is the san mateo bridge which is a slow crawl westbound. no issues to report, just regular rush-hour. mary. it is already monday and
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the weekend went by just like that and we are starting with a beautiful view with the colors in the sky and the sun is toise you can see thshallow marine yer as we start the day. temper 50s up to the low to mid 60s. heating up through the afternoon with sunshine. we will have clearing daytime highs at 5-15 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. the higher humidity back for tomorrow and wednesday. we do have a spare the air alert for the east bay. if you look at the east bay, you will see haze in the sky with moderate air quality. speaking of the east bay, berkeley, good morning to you. you will heed to the upper 70s through the day.
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here is the satellite and radar view with a strong ridge of high pressure which is why the temperatures are above average and we are tracking this low pressure system with tropical storm ivo . south of the california coast, that will move into our area which means more clouds for tomorrow and the mugginess will be back tuesday and wednesday. futurecast hour by hour, you can see clearing through tomorrow morning with low clouds and areas of fog and temperatures cooler for tomorrow . with the humidity, it will feel warmer with ur sunrise at 6:34 and sunseted 7:47. 97 at fairfield and 90 at san jose and 81 in oakland. 74 degrees will be the high in san francisco and 73 a pacifica.
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for tomorrow and wednesday, mid 90s inland and it will feel warmer. low 90s inland for thursday and friday and temperatures will be cooler and then heat up back to the weekend with sunshine. 6:19 and world leaders have announced a new plan to fight the devastating wildfires in the amazon. they are not the only ones stepping up to help. you are looking live outside at san francisco and the bay bridge.
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6:22 a $20 million
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budget to help fight the fires at the amazon rain forest. the smoke is so thick that cameras are unable to capture the devastation. the brazilian president says he is sending 40,000 troops to the area to fight the flames. there have been more than 20,000 fires that are broken out since july. >> with the onslaught of climate change and with homesteading and mining and all of that contributing to deforestation, brazil is on the verge to lose probably 60% of its remaining habitat within under a decade. >> reporter: actor leonardo dicaprio's environmental fund is pledging $5 million to help fight the fires. a private plane made an emergency landing and caught fire and the santa barbara airport. the plane was on its belly last night as firefighters sprayed it with retarded foam.
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>> there is no word on who owns the aircraft. >> astronaut anne mcclain denied accusations of identity theft. she is going through a divorce with her estranged spouse. the pair are fighting for custody of their six-year-old son who she had before she met anne mcclain and they currently share parentinga inkern cou o richmond children are identified as the victims of the fatal roll over saturday morning along i-5 about 30 minutes outside of bakersfield. in veered into a center divider on saturday before veering to the right shoulder and
6:25 am
overturning. the driver overturned after correcting and rolling over. they were treated for injuries and both children did not have seatbelts on and the cause of the crash is now under investigation. a south bay park closed indefinitely after a family of mountain lions moved in. a mother and three cubs were found at the rancho open space and cupertino. the park was closed off completely. >> to get the animals not habituated around humans so the and hopefully they moved to another area. >> reporter: no mountain lions were seen yesterday but the park is closed until further notice. bringing star power to
6:26 am
dates and after the recent mast shooting. and how they are helping the residents reclaim their shooting. >> one police car remains on the scene of a shooting in el cerrito last night involving the san francisco police officer . you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza where there is bumper to bumper traffic and 56 degrees. we will have your traffic when we come back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and we are live in contra costa where a officer is involved in a shooting. and standing up to hate. this is monday, august 26 and i am kenny choi . i'm michelle griego . we have some beautiful skies out there. it is just gorgeous to start the day with that sunrise . if you could look out your window, it's a beautiful start to the day. temperatures heat up through the afternoon with above average temperatures this time of year. a spare the air alert in effect with moderate air quality for most of the bay area and unhappy for sensitive groups in the east bay. you will notice haze in the
6:31 am
east bay this morning. this is a live look at the golden gate where the fog is rolling in. now a live look from the sales force camera looking south at the colors of the sunrise. heis low 70s for the coast in mid to upper 70s and low 80s for the bay. heating up inland to the mid- 90s for those inland locations. berkeley with your first day of school, summary sunny and warm. it's looking good as far as crashes or stalls are concerned and there are zero of those here at 6:31. it is slow and go traffic with a live look at the bridges. on the san mateo bridge, it is slow going westbound toward the peninsula. there are plenty of brake lights and that commute direction. getting busy eastbound as well
6:32 am
and once you are across the bridge, you are in better shape. getting over it is the problem. also slow at the richmond/san rafael bridge. then into marin county, there are no issues to report. the southbound commute with the bidet bridge. the main travel times in the red eastbound at 24 minutes and then the yellow at the altamonte pass. 46 minutes on highway 4. still looking good on the south bay on 101. i am jackie ward in el cerrito where police are on the anmo lane. there ng that took
6:33 am
is one police car remaining and investigators as well. the shooting happened at 10:00 last night and we are by a strip mall and we still don't know what led to the shooting. the officer that was shot is listed as stable after being shot in the back. the suspect is a man in his 40s and authorities say he did not have a gun on him. a captain with the el cerrito police department gave us the timeline of events shortly following the shooting. >> nobody had fled or left the scene. crime scene text could be seen collecting evidence and a pizza box and back pack were seen with a crime marker next to them. we don't know their
6:34 am
significance or if they are relevant to the case. we reached out to the san francisco police department as this involved one of their off- duty officers but we have yet to hear back from them. i am jackie ward , kpix 5. a wildfire burning across the nevada state line. the long fire broke out saturday afternoon and it has grown to 4 square od nis th it getting bigger and they have contained it to 50%. residents are told to remain on alert for flareups. and honoring people killed in the recent mass shooting in ohio. >> this is one of the greatest days of my life and i love spending this moment with you. >> reporter: this concert in dayton as musicians reminded guests of their power to triumph over tragedy. it was called gem city shine in honor of the city's nick name. and earlier in the day kanye west held a sunday service with the goal of getting people back to the district and into businesses.
6:35 am
>> dayton, ohio, you are a city of epic proportions. whether you know it or not, your voices are strong and you are important . >> reporter: dayton's mayor says no tax money was used for the event. now let's go live to downtown sacramento, the state capital. the attorney general and the governor will make an announcement early this morning about some sort of legal action they are taking on immigration. there are vocal opponents of immigration and more than two dozen lawsuits dating back to jerry let brown's administration. they indicated problems with banning green cards for emigrants who have used public assistance in the past and this could have something to do with that. the announcement expected at 9:45 this morning and we will be watching it. back to
6:36 am
you. taking a stand against hate. a group of mostly women decided to respond to an incident where a muslim woman was pushed into a store. they handed out signs for shop owners to put on display and the signs read, we are standing up to hate. she said she hopes others will follow their example. smacked the support i received from these wonderful women, i wanted everyone to feel that it not be hesitant about visiting businesses in the community. >> they know that could be nasty but that won't tour them from their mission. a hate crime investigation after cell phone video shows them forcefully removing transgender women from a bar. >> don't touch me like that. >> reporter: chloe perez rios
6:37 am
posted the video on facebook. they were celebrating lgbtq festival at the bar when a couple directed trance phobic slurs at their table. security used excessive force to throw the change gender when out but gently removed the man and woman from the bar. they said both groups were asked to leave and the authorities were called in when they refused. they want to increase trust and communication with officers . the agency is teaming up for what they call reflection and reconciliation sessions. the first is set for tonight at 6:30 and the glide sanctuary. and it started as a small and people oriented gathering but it has gotten a big push. the parade is five blocks long and there are more people marching than watching. the organizers say that real progress is happening in this is the third consecutive year of the parade after was halted seven years because of lack of
6:38 am
anticipation. and protests in hong kong have taken a dangerous turn. a new twist in that demonstrations that have taken to the streets. a man paddle boards all the way to hawaii and the message behind his incredible journey. let's get a look at the big board with the dow up 220 points. we will get an update from jason brooks coming up. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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good monday morning to you. something to brighten your day with this gorgeous sunrise over mount diablo. this is looking east and you can see the shallow marine layer and other than that, clear skies. temperatures heat up through the afternoon and tracking what is left of tropical storm ivo . details coming up. and take a look. we have no
6:42 am
issues to report with the exception of those coming out of the tracy triangle and the altamonte pass. and other than that, the roadways look good. it is 6:42 and christian schiller brand will be in san francisco today for the meet the candidates series term 6:00- 7:30 tonight. tickets go from $30 up to $500. right now three candidates palling in the double digits. joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warning have national polling hours of 10% or more. and some with single digits have gone on to capture the party's nomination. >> it is like making the playoffs and it's a long haul. a number of presidents that ended up being our presidents were in the single digits at
6:43 am
this point in the summer. >> you will see us pick up and ultimately we want to peak in february or march here in california and then beyond. >> the next debate is september 12 in houston. antigovernment protest in hong kong take a dangerous turn . for the first time, a police officer fired a live round and a water canyon was used. riot police have now engaged with the protesters and they fired multiple rounds of teargas while the protesters threw bricks and protected themselves with umbrellas. since june, they have been the face of a government unable or unwilling to solve the political crisis. if it becomes too violent, beijing may deploy troops to pacify. >> and president trump talking about trade again.
6:44 am
joining us now is jason brooks, good morning. and the trade for moves resulted in a big selloff with the dow falling 600 points in the process. there is more trade optimism this morning helping the market rebound. president trump said he received two phone calls from china wanting to talk about trade. beijing's foreign ministry said no calls had been made. they are hoping to do something to avoid the next round of tariffs and the tariffs on u.s. imports which would hit apple including the iphone with the tariffs in december. and there are mixed signals from the key economic report from the commerce report. it is good news due to a heavy month of commercial aircraft orders and you strip that out and
6:45 am
orders are down which is the biggest decline since march. looking at the big board as it rebounds from the ugly day on friday. the dow is up a couple of hundred points and the nasdaq is moving higher as well as the s&p moving higher by 20 points. michelle and kenny, back to you . thank you. and setting out from sausalito 77 days ago, he just arrived in honolulu. >> he paddleboard across the pacific. the daring trip across the pacific was meant to bring attention to ocean pollution. he has sleeping quarters in the front and storage space in the back. he is the first to navigate the pacific on a paddleboard and he celebrated with none other than a ice cold bar. >> look at those arms. he has guns now.
6:46 am
>> 77 days? he has worked it off. looking at the big picture, it looks good. only some small and trivial things that may slow you down briefly, but no major hiccup. there is a hazard in the roadway southbound at tennyson off of 880. it is slow here and it usually is this time of morning. you can see it is slow approaching the san mateo bridge. he gets better once you cross the bridge and i will show you that in a moment. at the altamonte pass at the tracy triangle, you are slow but not terrible. it is showing up on the map and you are down to six miles per hour and that area. it is slow on 680 out of that.
6:47 am
and on the san mateo bridge, slow going after you leave the toll plaza in the westbound direction. he spent you are picking up. then the approach to the toll plaza is slow. once you get across the bridge, you're good to go and moran is good northbound or southbound, whichever way you choose to go. the lights of been on since 5:15 and you can see that it is starting to backup. the commute is slowing down into san francisco. it may take longer than normal to get across the bridge but chp is not saying what that is. the travel times in the yellow with the exception of south bay which looks good. mary. if you struggle to get out of bed, we will help you get
6:48 am
through the day. happy monday to you. this is looking east of the sun rising over mount diablo at the spectacular sight and the shallow marine layer. now looking north, you can see sunshine as well as the fog rolling in to the golden gate back and into the bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and it's cooler than yesterday. oakland at 58 and livermore at 61. low 60s in san jose and low 50s as santa rosa. we will heat up with clearing through the afternoon and we will run 5-10 degrees above yesterday and stay above- average for the next several days. for tomorrow, changes with higher community is left from tropical storm ivo bring in the moisture . air
6:49 am
is unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and you will see hayes in the air with moderate air quality for much of the bay area. speaking of east bay, berkeley, good morning to you and happy first day of school. at the berkeley unified school district, 78 degrees for the high. there is a strong ridge of high pressure which is the reason why we heat up today. this is the remnants of tropical storm ivo and you can see the moisture plume south of the coast of southern california. that will move up for us bringing clouds andmugginess will be back tomorrow and wednesday. for today, clearing through the afternoon and tomorrow morning areas of fog. temperatures cooler tuesday and wednesday with more humidity and temperatures above average the rest of the week.
6:50 am
for our 8-elay -- day outlook, we stay above average for the temperatures. we heat up to 97 in concord and fairfield. 90 degrees for san jose. 74 degrees for the high in san francisco and even along the coast at 70 degrees. here is the seven day forecast and you can expect cooler temperatures tuesday and wednesday and it will feel warmer tuesday and wednesday with temperatures cooling down thursday and friday and then heating backup with plenty of sunshine as we look ahead to the weekends. michelle. this just in. disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein has planted not guilty to kick -- pleaded not guilty to sexual assault in addition to the five charges he already
6:51 am
faced. police are looking for the suspect who shot five partygoers for a birthday party for her two-year-old. someone approached the group of about one dozen attendees and words were exchanged before the shooter opened fire. the victims ranged in age from 18- 20 with three victims and serious conditions this morning but expected to survive. none of the children at the party was harmed. a man in the icu after an alcohol fueled fistfight. a group of 40 people got into a fight over a beach towel and raising waters yesterday afternoon. one man tried to break up the fight and was jumped. medics revived him and so far there have been no arrests. 6:51 and reports of an active shooter sparks off chaos
6:52 am
at a bay area mall. and an off-duty san francisco police officer shot someone overnight. ahead on cbs this morning, u.s. allies break with president trump over the trade war with china. the president's efforts touting the strong economy are met with skepticism. what you can do to get flexibility for your job. also more people working remotely. let's take a live look outside from our mountain camera . you are looking at the sun over the bay area with beautiful skies this morning. it is 6:52 and we will be right back. from the couldn't be prouders
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6:54 am
to the wait did we just win-ners.
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6:56 am
mozer lane in el cerrito where a shooting took place around 10:00 last night. it's by a strip mall and we still don't know the circumstances that led to the shooting but we know the person the officer shot is listed as stable at the highland trauma center after being shot in the back. the man was in his 40s and police say he did not have a gun on him. the captain gave us the timeline of what he knew. spanky appears to be okay and i'm not aware that he is injured . right now we are just getting started with the investigation. the crime scene techs were collecting evidence. there was a pizza box and backpack next to a doorway with a marker. we don't know if they are significant to the case. we have yet to hear back. in el cerrito, jackie ward ,
6:57 am
kpix 5 . it is 6:53 and a time look at today's stories. and a smash and grab in milpitas where an active shooter created chaos. authorities say it is investigated as a robbery at the diamond bites jewelry. and cruise the contra costa county are searching for a missing boater. they will search by helicopter and boat. in a private plane made an emergency landing and caught fire at the santa barbara airport just after 10:00. an investigation is underway. and at the g7 summit they agreed to a $20 million fund to help fight the wildfires in the amazon rain forest. more than 20,000 fires of broken out in the region since july. and president trump and
6:58 am
emmanuel macron are set to hold a joint news conference. you can watch it here on kpix 5. let's look at the trifle times this morning . there's a 30 minute ride from i-4 to the maze. also to get to the eastshore freeway is the better part of an hour. still in the yellow if you are coming out of the altamont pass, a 39 minute ride. let's look at the nimitz northbound and you are looking pretty good in the northbound direction and the same thing southbound. the overall picture shows it is slow out of the altamont pass and slow westbound across the san rafael bridge as well. same thing across the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge with slowing on the nimitz passing 92. mary. a classic san francisco view. i love this view with the fog
6:59 am
rolling in. later today we have clearing and we warmed to 97 for the high in concord and fairfield. 90 at san jose and 74 in san francisco. tomorrow the temperatures are cooler, as well as wednesday. we will have humidity and it will feel warmer thanks to the mugginess. we heat up for the weekend. i hope you are off to a good start this morning. thank you for watching kpix 5 news. >> i just want to keep looking at that board beautiful view. >> you look like an angel with a halo. >> she is. don't forget cbs this morning is coming up. have a great day everyone.
7:00 am
good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. president trump says quote, really wants to make a deal after a weekend of seesawing remarks that spread anxiety among investors. we're in france with the latest from the g7 summit. >> amazon inferno. we take you to brazil where wildfires are raising fears that environmental damage in the giant amazon rain forest is going too far to turn back. >> faked sniper attack. the l.a. county sheriff says a deputy made up a story that he was shot by a sniper. now he's out of a job and could face criminal charges. astronomical crime. nasa investigates allegations an astronaut carried out identity theft during a mission in what could be the first crime committed from space.


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