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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 26, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a police shooting in the east bay involving an off-duty officer and good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego and jackie ward is in el cerrito where police are investigating
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what led to the shooting. >> reporter: this is where the shooting happened in el ceo around 10:ashb spoke to said th off-duty san francisco police officer was attacked before he fired his gun. they said around 10:00 in front of this building on the corner of curry street and rose lane, police officer shot a man in his 40s and they said the victim was reportedly shot in the back and taken to the island trauma center. police said he did not have a gun on him. willie will rodriguez has lived next to the officer for 12 years. >> he's super nice and i don't know what happen. >> reporter: rodriguez said he was sleeping but heard from someone that his neighbor was outside eating and a man who seemed drunk came up to him. >> the neighbors shot him after he was attacked. after that, a lot of thin happened. a lot of cars and sirens. i was sound asleep and woke up. very scary. >> reporter: a captain with the
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el cerrito police gave an update on how the police officers doing shooting. >> he appears to be okay. i'm not aware that he's injured on right now, we are just getting started with the investigation. >> the evidence markers, we don't know the significance but police said the man was listed as stable at the highland trauma center. jackie ward, kpix5. we are told the man will recover from his injuries. >> yes. a smash-and-grab set of panic at a mall where it was located off 880 in low pitas. it was closing yesterday and officers issued a shelter in place warning while they scoured the inside of the building with reports of an active shooter creating chaos. officers from san jose were the th more than 200 stores, a movie theater and
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restaurants on site. searching it was a big task. >> it's important to make sure pein milpit be safe and it's out of an abundance of caution. >> after a few s,the employees and mall people were able to leave and it was investigated at a robbery at a jewelers and the investigation is ongoing. in the east bay, all four lanes on highway 4 are back open following a deadly crash with the crash happening about 8:00 east of the loveridge road exit with a big rig striking a motorcyclist after the biker rear-ended a toyota camry and both drivers are cooperating with police. california is now suing the trump administration over a new policy to allow migrant children to be indefinitely detained. anne makovec has more on the showdown between the state and federal government. >> reporter: it's a federal lawsuit brought by 20 states and points to a court settlement
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from 22 years ago limiting detention of children to 20 days. president donald trump's reversal of that is set to take efctn monthsun blked by the court. the feds say the current policy requiring the release of children drives a central american families across the u.s. border but the attorney general said indefinite detention interferes with the ability toensure , safety and welfare of kids. the actions by this administration aren't just morally reprehensible, it's illegal. >> california is stopping the trump administration rule for this rule for the public assistance like food stamps and those from getting a green card. another lawsuit, until another lawsuit the governor said we have a responsibility. >> stannot this
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and they loocalirnia leadersh >> is the 57th legal challenge filed by california against the trump administration with 13 involving alameda county, fire crews contained a house fire livermore. the blaze was reported on buckskin road just before 5:30 with a gas meter breaking down and cruise turn off the gas. the residents are displaced and no injuries reported. a live look at ocean beach. a little foggy but warming up all over the bay area today and mary is here with how hot is expected to get. >> it's all about the microclimate from foggy conditions at the coast to sunshine heating up inland and even in some spots, 90 degrees and here is a live look of the
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sunshine out there this afternoon. the 24 hour temperature change yesterday, 2 degrees to 8 degrees warmer at this hour. there is a spare the air alert for the bay area with air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups with haze in the east bay, moderate for the rest of the bay area and we will talk about that warm up and how high the temperatures will climb and tracking what is left of tropical storm ivan and what e the week. search crews are resuming their search for missing boater in discovery bay. the contra costa county sheriff's office at two men were fishing in an inflatable raft in indian slough when it malfunctioned around 4:00 yesterday morning. one of them swam to shore and the other disappeared. there has been a joint search effort with boats and helicopters and the coast guard plans to search today, as well. president donald trump said
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china wants to make a trade deal. nikole killion reports that the china u.s. trade war has dominated headlines coming out of the g-7 economic summit in france that wrapped up today. >> reporter: president donald trump wrapped up the g-7 economic summit with a joint press conference with the host, french president emmanuel macron. >> the discussions are under way between china and the u.s. it creates uncertainty, which disturbed markets and investors. >> reporter: president donald trump injected hoping to the markets when he said china called overnight wanting to resume negotiations. >> the vice chairman of china came out that he wants to see a deal made and wants it to be made under calm conditions, using the word calm and i agree with him on that. >> reporter: the chinese foreign ministry said it's not aware of the calls and they hoped that the u.s. could come to a path of rationality. markets plummeted last week
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after president donald trump announced more tariffs on chinese goods and the president did say he was having second thoughts about the trade war but the white house said the only regret is that he didn't impose higher tariffs. president donald trump insisted these moves will win a better deal with china. >> that has to be a deal that is better for us and if it's not better, let's not do business together. >> he said he would like to see u.s. companies leave china if necessary. >> if we don't make a deal, i'd like to see them leave china and it would be if we make a deal, like to see them stay there and do a great job. >> many have already cost the country more than 3 million jobs. nikole killion, cbs news at the white house. the u.s. will raise tariffs on more than $300 billion worth of chinese goods from 10 harvey weinstein pleaded not guilty to two new charges of sexual assault in a manhattan courtroom today with
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and got diet meant allowing former sopranos actress, annabella sciorra, to testify and she claims weinstein sexually assaulted her in 1993. his defense team called the indictment a desperate bid that could delay his trial by several weeks. more than 70 women have accused the former hollywood woman of sexual misconduct and weinstein has denied all of those claims. democratic candidate, kirsten gillibrand, will be in san francisco today put the new york senator will be here for manny's meet the candidate series and tickets go from $50 to $500 and in the meantime, three democratic candidates are polling in the double digits right now and of the 21 still in the race, only joe biden, national averages elizabeth of 10% or more. only four democrats had single digits to capture the party nomination. some in the current cle hope they can do the same in the
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next debate is september 12 in houston. i'm emily turner at the live news desk. we are just getting news that 12 people surrendered themselves to charges as a result of an issue after hurricane irma knocked out power at a nursing home where 12 people died. the patients died of heat exposure after the storm knocked out air conditioning at the hollywood hills rehabilitation center. the new york times reports a nursing home administrator and three nurses now faced charges including manslaughter. the governor criticized the home for not calling 911 until people were suffering or even near death. they are expected to announce the full list of charges and that will happen tomorrow and we will bring it to you on kpix5. i'm emily turner, back to you. world leaders of the g7 fig wildfires burning in the amazon
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rainforest. the environmental disaster has become a full-fledged political crisis. the brazilian president, jair bolsonaro, is sending 45,000 troops to fight the flames and nearly 10,000 new fires have been reported over the last few days and many are believed to be intentionally set by farmers clearing land. more fires have broken out since july. one of the most important crops affected by climate change. startups that plan to protect cotton. crossing the pacific on a paddleboard? a solo trip that started in the bay area. i'm live in san francisco and the warriors won't dribble for real until november but you don't have to wait. you can be taken on a tour, coming up next.
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we are days from the opening of the brand new chase center in san francisco. >> dennis o'donnell is live there now. looking pretty cool behind you? >> reporter: i'm a happy man. i was at oracle park when it first opened and i thought the giants hit a home run. a crown jewel in san francisco. i walked in here today and this is a slam dunk with the scoreboard that you are seeing right now, that is the largest in the nba, six times the size
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of oracle arena. now, going inside, $1.4 billion, privately financed with 10,000 seats, 40 food and beverage points, 44 suites. there is a practice facility with a full weight room off the main court and if you are wondering about this, to maybe get a ticket to the facility, there is a 44,000 and waiting list. in this video, you can see 32- quart sized lounges and these courtside lounges go for $2 million apiece, including 12 seats and includes your personal chef and all the food and wine. but, you've got to be committed of that for at least 10 years. you do the math. you are committing $20 million for a period of 10 years. these lounges, they raised the
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warriors $340 million in like i said, $1.4 billion price tag but this is a beautiful place. 30 seconds for the walk to see the bay. the arena is beautiful. let's s how the product is on the court. as you know, the warriors lost k.d. and they lost andre iguodala. the challenge is to keep the string of championship appearances alive. >> as you saw from the video, no one will be complaining about that arena. outside with traffic, a whole different story. >> with that big scoreboard, any seat in the house is fine. you don't need to go to the fancy lounges. we will have much more on the opening of the chase center on the kpix news. let's see how wall street is doing with 45 minutes to go on the stock market reacting to president donald trump's comments about getting back to
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the table with china and the dow is up more than 200 points. the u.s. remains the world's leading exporter of cotton and they are now trying to protect this crop from climate change iowortoodsicyear. in boston, a startup called indigo is growing cotton in a lab to have drought resistant seeds. the microbe is a plant carried with it to help this seeds deal with water stress. >> it allows us to grow cotton is better able to withstand the stress stress, given water restrictions. >> they said the processes more natural than genetically modified seeds and could be a boost to cotton farmers who struggle to profit in the current market. longtime growers have already diversified into crops that can better withstand dry conditions.
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our microclimate right here, fog and some places and other places, cloudy. cloudy and foggy along the coast with plenty of sunshine inland and temperatures warming up. here is a live look at the salesforce tower camera looking south with blue skies and livermore is at 90 degrees. 87 in concord and oakland, 73 and upper 60s in san francisco, mid-80s in san jose in low 80s for santa rosa. relative humidity not bad, 35% in san jose and 26% in livermore. with that fog along the coast of half moon bay, 82% and 38% for santa rosa. tomorrow and wednesday, we see higher humidity as we track the remnants of tropical storms. high pressure is a dominant weather feature for us and gerad south of southern is mois
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california and that moisture will move up through tomorrow and wednesday and that means more clouds in the sky and that mugginess will be back tuesday and wednesday. going hour-by-hour on futurecast, you can see clear skies through tomorrow with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and in parts of the bay with temps cooler, but still above average for this time of year. with high will feel much warmer tomorrow and for wednesday. the sunset at 7:47 and the sun rise at 6:35 tomorrow morning with the daytime highs soaring to 97 in concord, 96 in livermore, 90 in san jose and low 80s in oakland and mid-70s for the daytime high in san francisco. above average temps pretty much everywhere today. temps a little cooler tuesdaesdn
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sdayand frid up intothdeof an journey with a man crossing the pacific from the bay area on a paddleboard. here is spanish endurance athlete, antonio delarosa with a trip from san francisco to owasso taking 77 days and incredible willpower. he was knocked off course by a hurricane but mated and now plans more adventures to raise awareness about protecting the oceans. >> warming hearts with open arms. her unique camp bringing kids together with similar differences. and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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welcome unique camp brings together kids with similar differences. >> it's camp open arms located deep in the woods in land with campers on a mission to conquer this obstacle course. the camp is for children with limb differences. sophia was born without a critical bone in her left arm and maddie is missing her left hand. >> it's pretty hard because i don't want to be seen as different. >> we are a little bit different but it doesn't mean
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we can't do things you guys can do. >> the camp started with six children and there are now more than 30 campers. target hopes to bring disney magic this fall with opening 25 permanent disney branded shops inside stores starting in october and they will open 40 more by october 2020 with customers getting star wars and disney princess items and merchandise featuring marvel and disney jr. characters. if you have a consumer problem or question, email us at or call the hotline, 1-888-5-helps- u. we'll be right back.
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at 5:00, silicon valley plays a major role in the nasa mission and we get a glimpse of how 3d printing technology changes space travel. that story and more at 5:00. that will do it for us. for kpix5 news at noon, have a great afternoon. allen and veronica will see you at 5:00. have a great day, everyone.
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