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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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investigators are trying to figure out if two smash and grab robberies are connected. we are getting a look at the suspect. an apology from the san francisco police chief. the departments past treatment of the lgbt community. a massive homeless encampment on the verge of destruction and negotiations trying to save it. good evening, i am ken bastida. >> and i am elizabeth cook. trying to figure out if smash and grab robberies are connected. we have a look at the suspects the police are searching for.
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>> reporter: a little more than 42 hours ago the mall in the bay area was put on lockdown. it turns out it was a smash and grab any student jewelry store. pictures of the suspects were release that they connected were to a similar crime in modesto. these are videos of the suspects i investigators are now comparing to these photos of the thieves in modesto. >> it appears to be the same type of mo. based on the modesto incident it could be there. >> reporter: in both cases they targeted jewelry stores inside malls. both last night hours apart. the first group of thieves just before 5:00 last night using a sledgehammer to break glass display cases before grabbing what they could and taking off. then 2 1/2 hours later a similar
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robbery. in both cases shoppers mistook the loud noise from the class breaking as gunshots. >> when we told people to come to the back they were just running. >> reporter: dozens of law enforcement responded to the mall last night after reports of an active shooter. >> there was no evidence of an active shooter. >> reporter: but the case is far from close for now. they're dealing with thieves who orchestrated last night jewelry heist. >> we don't know who the suspects are that we hope that they will have something to come forward to bring these people to justice. >> reporter: milpitas police were out today looking for evidence. they will now be doing extra
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patrols. in milpitas , maria medina , kpix 5 . officers were able to catch the suspect involved. two men were taken into custody on suspicion of robbery. this was a look at the sunset, parts of the bay area dealt with triple digit temperatures today. it was hot inland that there was a little relief on the way. our chief meteorologist, paul deanno setting the scene. >> some tropical clouds headed to the north. you will notice clouds throughout the day on tuesday. not a tropical system anymore but tropical clouds are heading our way. it was hot inland but what a temperature today. one or two in fairfield in
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exactly the same time it was 59 and foggy in pacifica. 43 degrees over 42 miles. a quick peek at tomorrow, not as hot. 90s inland including concord, 94. oakland is going to to cool down to 78. full forecast in a few mites. san francisco's police chief is apologizing to the lgbt community for decades of mistreatment. joe vazquez tells us why now. >> reporter: it was the first meeting of what the department is calling a listening tour with the lgbt community. the chief began with a historic apology. >> i and the men and women of the police department are truly sorry. we're sorry for what happened, we are sorry for our role in it and we're sorry for the harm that it caused.
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>> reporter: bill scott told the lgbt community that they wanted to build a bridge with the community after years of mistreatment. it's 53 years since the riot that targeted transgender people in the cafeteria. >> why are we doing this now? because we are listening. we hear you. and because it is time. >> reporter: some in the community say an apology is not enough because many lgbtq are also homeless. >> homeless people are targeted by sweeps and being brutalized and sorry, hold on. if you want to truly apologize for something you have to stop what you are doing. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix
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5 . we've confirmed through a friend that this is the victim, 28-year-old carol major who work to apple. it started late saturday night when sunnyvale police spotted a stolen car in a parking lot. officers placed spike strips under the tires and waited. but police say 32-year-old claudio perez got in and took off. the strips failed, perez lou through a red light at barnes expressway broad siding the lyft driver. >> a tragedy as the right chair is making the turn, the impact is on the rear passenger side door unfortunately where the female passenger was seated. >> our thoughts and tragedies are with the families and loved
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we are learning more about a shooting involving a san francisco police officer. this happened at the corner of curry street and mozer lane. police confirmed 44-year-old thomas whalen used a rock as a weapon to attack the off-duty officer. the officer shot whalen and he was taken to a treatment center and arrested for assault. san francisco police have arrested two men in last shooting on market street. they found them suffering from a wound to his face. he is since been released, police are still looking for a third suspect. in the meantime police in san carlos are looking for the suspect who stole over $20,000 worth of tools yesterday morning. police say the suspect jumped
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into a nearby vehicle and led the monitors. the car was found about an hour later, police discovered the stolen merchandise and say the car had been reported stolen last week. new tonight a homeless community is in limbo waiting to see if their makeshift homes will be taken down by the city of oakland. the community includes a mother and a newborn. kpix 5 reporter , kristin neiers reported. >> reporter: waiting to see if the city of oakland will delay the demolition of a camp that is home to dozens of people including a newborn. this is jeff burris's life. he has a tangle of bicycles that he fixes for money.
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burris says it is the most stable he has been in a long time. >> i am trying to get on my feet. >> reporter: but it's on the verge of getting turned upside down. earlier this month after a string of fires in the communities the city posted these notices warning residents that the structures they have built would be dismantled and their belongings were discarded. if they don't relocate by wednesday. candace elder the founder of east oakland collective saying people on the stretch are vulnerable. there are senior citizens and families. >> that particular family will get sheltered point we're are working hard on expanding the capacity shoot to shelter families.
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>> reporter: precious time that will allow advocates to raise money for fire retardant tents. but elder says there is a larger problem. the cities major tendency to displace the homeless before finding permanent solutions. >> the city is under so much pressure i think sometimes they ask inhumanely. >> i believe they are doing homelessness resolutions in the most compassionate way possible. >> reporter: elder says she is waiting to see the mayor's two- week extension in writing. the long-term goal is to work with the city to identify land where the homeless can live without fear of displacement. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5 . president trump is back in washington after the g-7 summit in france. the chinese government has contacted the u.s. and wants to resume negotiations according to president trump. >> china came out that he wants
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to see a deal made and he wanted to be made under calm conditions, using the word com, i agree with that. >> join michelle griego for the latest developments starting at 4:30. meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi is speaking out against gun control. she wants the senate to ask on measures that have cleared the house. >> is a national epidemic, we are not taking no for an answer, we are going to persist relentlessly, constantly until we get the senate to say yes. >> tomorrow she will take action against gun control. how they will help save the
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environment. the bill that will make it possible for parents to give their children medical marijuana at school. and a rare sighting, a black bear in big surf. ♪
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some devastating fires burning in the amazon jungle tonight. more than 80,000 of them, the world's largest tropical rain forest has turned into an environmental disaster.
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betty yu joins us with information. >> under intense pressure the brazilian president ordered the military to help put out the flames. scientists say what is left of the rain forest is drier than it should be and that they believe is a result of climate change. ironically the amazon is seen as key to fighting climate change. at this point families are trying to save their homes, even if a garden hose is all they have. >> it start on that side and came over here and it looks like they are trying to keep it away from their houses. >> help is coming from the sacramento base to super taker the modified 747 is now flying airdrop missions over bolivia. the supertanker is being dubbed the next gen air tanker.
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it can be sent anywhere in the world in under 20 hours. tweeting it's devastating to see the destruction ravaging the amazon rain forest. one of the world's most important ecosystems. apple will be donating to help reserve its biodiversity and restore the amazon indispensable forest across latin america. and leonardo dicaprio's environmental foundation has made a pledge of $5 million and today g-7 nations pledged $40 million to help. tropical storm dorian gaining strength as it approaches the eastern caribbean. it has maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour and people in puerto rico were stocking up on supplies. forecasters say that storm could hit the area on wednesday as category one hurricane.
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before that it could dump as much is eight inches of rain on barbados. pharmaceutical giant johnson & johnson caused a public health emergency in oklahoma. in the landmark case the drug giant has been ordered to pay $572 million in damages for addiction programs over the next 30 years. the pharmaceuticals were named as defendants, both settled out of court for combined total of $355 million. johnson & johnson vows to appeal. >> we are disappointed and disagree with the judge's decision. we believe it is flawed. >> it could shave negotiations in federal ohio. a judge is weighing 1500 opioid lawsuits. what could be the first for
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children who use medical marijuana. the state passed a bill today that would allow students access to medical marijuana to let school boards decide whether they can administer marijuana to school-age kids k- 12. that means kids through 12th grade using medical marijuana could bring it to campus for seizures etc. the rock radio station has been a fixture for nearly 40 years. cumulus media has announced the format will switch from rock 'n roll to a cast of the a.m. station of sports radio happening on so number six. the media conglomerate acquired the station in 2005. a rare sighting of a particular type of bear. this video shows a black bear feeding at a condor sanctuary. workers in the wildlife society have put out a car case -- a carcass. they have stopped
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putting them out to encourage the bear to move on. and open space on the peninsula has partially reopened following mountain lion sightings. a hiker took video of a couple of cats leaving the area. trotting along the path, these are juveniles that prompted a shutdown of the san antonio preserve, now a female mountain lion and her three cubs are staying on that country trail. areas closest to the parking lot are open again for visitors. keeping an eye on the tropical storm dorian there near puerto rico. >> we're looking at a store moving through the caribbean right now at 50 miles per hour sustained winds. tomorrow night into wednesday the latest forecast does carry it pretty close to the island of rico in the dominican republic there is a strong tropical
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storm or a category one hurricane is something to keep our eye on it could be headed toward the bahamas. our weather is foggy in san francisco under the cloud coverage 58 degrees clear skies 76. a 20 degree temperature spread tonight. cooling 260 freemont, 62. it did have a spare the air day today and several last week will not be one. good to moderate air-quality coming up tomorrow as the winds begin to change, here's the reason why. here's the ridge of high pressure moving out it is the reason i got hot inland. this tropical mess, what was tropical storm ivo we will get some cloud cover but it will be a little sticky like it was last week. cloud cover is the local cloud variety with the serious cloud
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cover that moves overhead. we will watch the low cloud cover moving on wednesday, humidity is gone, afternoon clouds are gone on wednesday and thursday and a stronger onshore flow big area of low pressure to the north and west cranking up the breeze from the chili ocean and as the onshore flow increases temperatures decrease and they will go back to average on wednesday. low clouds and fog tonight and humidity increases with the cloudier afternoon and temperatures will return to normal and stay there wednesday through the holiday weekend. almost labor day weekend. 96, fairfield 95 are hotspots. freemont 86 degrees. napa 90. 87 year high in oakland 78, san francisco is 72 extended forecast sunshine increases but temperatures continue to drop on wednesday and thursday. upper 60s to low 70s near the bay, staying cool at the coast. wake up with our team, the latest on weather and traffic starting at 4:30. bright and early. a nightmare when you discover your kid or relative is addicted to drugs or
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alcohol. >> a treatment center that was supposed to help did more harm than good. >> when a parent wishes to give their child into your care and trusts that they are going to support your child and you don't do that, it is beyond unethical, it is just not right. >> see our original report recovery chaos on the 7 p.m. news. first look at it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts
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a project nearly a decade in the making. the chase center in san francisco just about ready to open. >> we got a look inside the golden state warriors new home. painted on the court, san francisco. the state of art facility is home to the largest scoreboard, from the food, to the beer, the effort to add local flavor stands out. so does the amount of art in and around the building. some of it on loan from sfoma. >> i like that there is an attempt to give big seal betty a locally rooted field. >> metallica and the chase city center will open and those who want preseason tickets will soon be able to. they go on sale to the public
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at 4:00 p.m. the first ever game on saturday october 5th against the la lakers. sports ahead, you will see how concentration is key in our profession. and a young fellow who first discovered a couple years ago played tonight
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the contending a's with the next man up, really was the next man up. at the royals tonight, in left field, seth brown. major league debut because stephen piscotty went on the disabled list. he spent five full seasons in the a's minor league and that is where we found him in 2017. august 2017 he drove and 38 runs which was the most for any month in professional baseball. he earned him the nickname with the ports. >> what i've been doing this season is something i've always wanted to do. >> oregon native came up big in
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the second. his first major league hit, a loop or two left field, his family were just loving it, downtown brown drove in a run with another single at the start of the game, marcus simeon , a boat to the gap with the bases loaded. everybody scored with the three run triple and he was just getting going. he unloaded a three run big fly the a's won the game, 19 to 4 on 22 hits, they e back in this wildcard race. season highs for runs and hits. hey everybody, that is tyler who hasn't won a game since july. but the quick reflexes that the hundred and five miles per hour off the bat. after a two-out error in the sixth. with the bases loaded escobar delivered big time. the giants try to rally in the
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ninth lost 6-4. it is no slow build for the u.s. open list. serena williams and maria sharapova, this match didn't last long. williams is six-time u.s. open champion while she came to the match unseated. mike tyson attended this one and over quickly. they dropped only two games in 59 minutes. she now has a record of 20 and to all time against sharapova. and look at this russian reporter trying to hold it together during a live shot. that's enough, we w we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> and our next show is tomorrow at 4:30. have a good night. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> who will face off in the next democratic debates? two nights. ten candidates each night. watch the lineup take shape in an unprecedented live event: the draw for the cnn democratic debates. >> but before the draw, cnn presents the draw draw, where we draw to see how we draw for the draw. will it be wolf blitzer slathered in honey and rolled in candidate photographs? ( laughter ) whoever sticks to his chest is on the first night, on his abs the second. mitch cuomo sitting on eggs? the order they hatch is the order they are drawn. john king strapped to the wheel of chaos? or simply david guegin flipping a coin-- over a bed of knives! it's all happening on cnn this


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