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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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allegedly rammed them. this is when one offially the d into custody and arrested. >> reporter: now the limited details that we have on this case, our from a facebook page from the chp. this leaves many questions to who this suspect is. exactly how fast this case was. what the conditions were on the freeway, how many drivers were there? we are waiting those answers tonight. live in oakland, kpix 5 . i am ken bastida at the live news desk. going back to school after a long summer. this can happen. take a look. concord high school, the first students were doing donuts
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after class let out this afternoon. our kpix 5 morning aker took these photos. the suv flipped over in the parking lot at concord high school. it is a black jeep on its roof. some broken glass on the grounds. what report is that one student was slightly hurt. no other injuries were too serious. at the live newscast, i am ken bastida. today the man arrested for allegedly attacking a woman outside of her san francisco condominium will not face charges for an earlier incident. ther it shows him violently arrest wrestling a woman. after the release of his mug shot, a woman came forward
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claiming that he attacked her with a knifebarcadero. now the district attorney's office say be dropped. the d.a. will asked that he remains in custody. he is hot water this evening. he is accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend. he is accused of threatening his son's mother if they did not allow their seven-year-old son to attend his wedding. he allegedly made the threats on friday, one day before his wedding. his x claims that she has an audio recording to prevent. >> is going to ask you one more w,not coming. >> the lakers issued a response, say that they are aware of the allegations. we of course take this claim seriously.
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we are in the process of gathering information. a former google engineer is now facing federal criminal charges. for allegedly stealing trade secrets on self driving car technology before he left to join uber. he is named in a federal indictment. he spent the next few months engaged in corporate espionage. >> you are free to move from job to job. what we cannot do it stuffer pockets on the way out the door. >> he is charged with 33 counts of trade secret theft. prosecutors say that he uploaded 14,000 files related to top-secret projects. after a civil suit was filed in 2017, d
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question with this case occurred at a time that anthony was still working at google. when he and his team were fully authorized to access the information in question. >> he surrender to authorities. he has his first court appearance this afternoon. if convicted he pays faces the possibility of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. as a result of the criminal charges, he was released today as ceo of pronto, the autonomou toloughlin and her husband made their first appearance in months today. our reporter was at the hearing in of boston. >> reporter: it was clear after lori loughlin and her husband came to federal courts, knowing
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what they wanted to do, despite the charges and concerns. the celebrity couple moved faster with the rise to separate attorneys. stonefaced is surrounded by cameras after they left court. lori loughlin and her husband were back in boston to settle a dispute. at issue, what prosecutors say is a conflict of interest. the person representing them al w fsity of southern california. which is a conflict. she leslie paid $500,000 to get their daughters into usc. also considered in court today, whether the couple will continue to have joint counsel. the judge telling them that the base line of the justice system is having a right to a lawyer loyal to you and only you. in the end, the judge ruled that they cannot us
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>> i hope , but at the same time, you know? i feel like they were taken advantage of their position. >> reporter: the judge also said that the two could have the same attorneys at the same time, but there's no guarantee that those attorneys would have time to catch up on the case. reporting for kpix 5. coming up at 5:30 pm, a major reform in the wake of the college admission scandal. the changes applied to level the playing field. how this will affect every student taking the sat. the city council voted on a new permit process that would put larger homes under greater scrutiny. we are live in redwood city with more on these regulations.
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into a growing debate, what to do about these monster homes here in redwood city. bigger is not better when it comes to home sweet home in redwood city. just ask long-term resident rick lewis. >> some of these monster homes, actually take away from the charr, ter e nig newfltio, i le unanimously to add more requirements in the approval process. >> a lot of times the mentioned does not fit the footprint of that area. >> reporter: but a realtor from redwood city opposes the new ordinance. >> i love the fact of these cute, quaint neighborhoods, but i think you can still have that and more square footage. >> reporter: new homes that will go tothe lot or at a sqre mmison in othnot te
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downila larger homes without approval. >> i understand that they don't want to have all of these mansions. but there are ways to build and develop and fit that footprint. >> reporter: the city council tried to maintain and protect the city's charm and diversity. rick said that redwood city has ted stated time, and he hopes that that does not change. >> about a house, i started raising the kids here. >> reporter: what of the developer said today in a statement that they plan to make sure that they keep redwood city's charm. to lnight's if plications pri overcome those so-called monster homes. kpix 5. they are get s t. they are getting some support from a presidential candidate.
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>> he joined a crowd of [drivers, demanding to be unionized. the drivers came in a caravan to san francisco from los angeles to protest right outside headquarters. you can hear honking in the background as protesters blocked several lanes, forcing cars to go around them. the caravan now heads to sacramento. extract of san francisco on market street is open, but earlier today there was a fire. crews found smoke billowing at an electrical vault near six and market street. no injuries were reported. investigators are still working to find out the cause. jeffrey epstein's accusers
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have their day in court. more than a dozen women shared their frustration. two children killed by a suspect in a stolen police cruiser. a dramatic moment when he took off from the deadly rampage. there is a backyard building boom. rain is falling from a number of clouds. but they are not hitting the ground. there is no chance of rain over the bay area. i will explain what is going on. ♪
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. i am ken bastida at the live news desk. we have an evacuation order in effect for a portion of marin county. this fire is at five acres, but this growing. the wording is for east rancho santa margarita.
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crews are arriving at right now. they have called in an air response. they are also using ground resources. again, this is in the rancho santa margarita area. a warning, evacuations have gone out. we are keeping an eye on this. this is called the spirit fire. at the live news desk i am ken bastida, back to you. more than a dozen women who call themselves survivor had a chance to speak in court today. they are angry that jeffrey epstein'suicide has robbed them of justice. there dramatic statements. >> reporter: women who claimed that jeffrey epstein accused them. they spoke. >> today is a day of power, strength. i want to thank the judge for
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letting us speak. having some closure. it is still going to be a rough road. but there have been several survivors that of reached out to me. >> reporter: the accuser says that he abused her when she was 14, she called him a coward. she said that she's very angry and said that he killed himself before going to trial on trafficking charges. the court ruled his death in his jail cell earlier this month a suicide by hanging. one of epstein's lawyers challenged that, saying that and expert hired by the family says that injuries to his neck are more consistent with homicide and suicide. the judge said that he inse in hearinvant experiences. >> it was both empowering and infuriating the person that needs to hear those words is not here to hear them.
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>> reporter: he signed a will just two days before his death, putting his assets into a trust fund. the will is expected to make it difficult for his accusers to collect damages. the democratic women's caucus is calling on congress to investigate jeffrey epstein's death. there requesting an investigation into his plea deal , that allowed him to be charged with lesser charges. in dayton, a person driving a police cruiser crashed into three cars. this is from inside of the police vehicle. it shs him cks car d take it tg f etof yt a miles r .
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previously, police officer attempted to arrest the suspect as the officer eve the existence vehicle, he enters from the passenger side. the officer taste the man, but he was still able to steal the police car. he hit several cars one was a van carrying several children. >> he tried i tried to get as many kids out of the car is possible. >> he has been arrested. charges are pending. a bizarre standoff continues or the amazon rain forest. the brazilian president is refusing $20 million in emergency aid. that is until he gets an apology from the qus brazil's sovereignty. meanwhile, those fires continue to burn. now some 3500 square miles have beenburned. roughly the size of yellowstone nati ptheris concern that this
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disrupt weather patterns worldwide. dorian is gaining strength. puerto rico is under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch. residents have been busy stocking up with supplies, preparing for the possibility of a power outage. lines could be seen at grocery stores and gas stations. the island still has not completely recovered from hurricane maria. that devastated for recoat two years ago. you are keeping an eye on the hurricane? >> yes. we are looking at the storm that draws a parallel to i system. hurricasere s y. hurricane watch. t thtropics.
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the chops are getting more active. this is 300 miles away from puerto rico. this is still going to pack a very big punch. word is going to go? two out of three times the storm stays within this cone. the eastern corner, if you will of the dominican republic, headed towards the bahamas. so tomorrow evening could be a rough evening in puerto rico. let's talk about precipitation that falls from the clouds but evaporates before it hits the ground. this is happening right now, including the clouds that we see in this picture right now over san francisco. it is evaporating before it hits the ground. 93 in livermore. san francisco, 65. santa rosa, 84. santa rosa, 70. low 60s tonight.
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mid 60s in that is a. with that humidity it will be a warm night tonight. 76 with sunshine 73 with sunshine in the afternoon. the cooling trend began a little bit today. a very interesting satellite review. the clouds are still on the coastline. tropical clouds, if you will. and the radar is picking up some precipitation that is not hitting the ground, but falling from the clouds and evaporating. this is the rainfall. . there are thunderstorms bubbling up over this year. this is where most of the thunderstorm activity will stay.
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tomorrow we are back to normal stuff. watch the change from wednesday to thursday.the is a lot more. see that typically, we will have a cooling trend. a 10% chance, we could get an isolated lightning strike tonight, in that spot. stronger onshore breezes will close down on wednesday. it is hump day tomorrow, wednesday. 83 degrees in vallejo. it is cooler in sent is a cut down to 85. oakland, down to 74. san francisco, down to 70 degrees. upper 60s near the bay. will have a very close to average. through the holiday weekend,
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the weather will be very, very pleasant. hopefully you vese w ascent the question is, who will not be able to see in person? it is a new jim in the mission bay. ♪ the clear the rack sale is on at nordstrom rack.
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♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. the happening this friday through monday at nordstrom rack. taking a live look at the newly built season tickets went
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sale for we got a chance to sit inside and talk to the executive to. i'm sure that they are very pleased. how are the fans reacting? >> what did you think? >> it is a slamdunk. the warriors open their brand- new $1.4 billion chase center. i guess we didn't break anything because they actually invited us back today. >> reporter: i feel like i don't want to spill any water. >> it is brand-new.>>he is not they have the league's biggest scoreboard. all of the bells and whistles that you can imagine. it is a far cry from the oracle ar there fans from oracles that say that they are being priced
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out. >> was people love our team. 70% have moved over, some obviously, maybe the price is not quite right for everybody. we have had mostly positive reactions. now if we were losing, perhaps they would be more open about it. but we have been winning and i think that that always helps. >> two key numbers that came out in that interview. that 70% of oakland fans, season ticket holders renewed. there are 44,000 fans on the itinst. these things are supply and demand. they charge what they charge because they can. if they start losing, this demand will drop. >> yeah. >> my issue is with these
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arenas. the supply and demand. it is really supply and demand to the wealthy and not so much the middle income earner. >> maybe some people will step up and buy tickets and give them to the community. >>49ers on ll idea. u. iserg fest event. guess get to eat dinner on the last year the event raised more than half $1 million for the foundation. it is the final tuneup for the regular season. they take on the chargers thursday night at 7 pm. we will start our coverage live. growing.
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all of this to help out the housing crisis. it in changes to the sat process, how it is designed to give students a fair shot. we'll take you live to a town hall. teachers and parents are putting pressure on congress to act. ♪
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 pm. >> we are's getting the first images from a fire in marin county. the spirit fire is burning about five acres. evacuation warnings are in effect. crews are fighting this


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