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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 27, 2019 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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keep up with the daily escapades. >> he says it is all to make some fun memories. he is going to go off to college and he wants to have his little brother have some good memories. kpix 5 at 6:00 begins right now. not 6:00, we are in fire watch. grass fire in the northbay prompts an evacuation warning. new numbers just in on this fire. plus a former engineer from google is accused of stealing a bay cityts you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 pm. >> we are's getting the first sidents better get familiarized with their alarm images from a fire in marin systems. kpix 5 at 6:00 begins county. the spirit fire is burning about five acres. right now. good evening i am ken bastida. evacuation warnings are in effect. crews are fighting this >> i am elizabeth cook. there is a grass fire burning on a hillside in marin county. right now from the air. >> the flames are halfway up her ridge near and spirit rock.
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paul is looking at the weather this is just west of fairfax in conditions in that area. marin. here is some video >> let's go to paul right now. from a few months ago. this is some updated numbers. >> thankfully we're looking at the fire has now grown to about contentions that are not horrible for fighting a fire. 10 acres. when max gusting at 8 to 14 it is about 30% contained. before an evacuation warning is miles per hour. temperatures are in the low to mid 80s. in effect for rancho santa yes, it is warm, yes it is margarita east area. this is being out of done out drive. the wind is not a huge issue. of an abundance of caution. they are using both air and ground resources. >> all right, we'll get back t. our top story at 5:30 pm. our chief meteorologist joins us now. what are the conditions out sent is a is san jose is trying there right now? >> the conditions today are not that bad for fighting a fire. to make way with the housing it is not rain for three months, it is dry out there. crisis. >> they're making changes in here's what is going on right now. when discussing between normally the permitting processa di to 40 miles per hour. it is not that hot. the the humidity igfor ar, which is >> reporter: when it comes to getting a building permit here thing. in the city of san jose, it exc tomorrow's high is 79 degrees.
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so improving time-consuming. an expensive process that is worse than db. trust me, i know. but if you're trying to build a granny unit, a backyard home, the city is going to treat you like a rock star. it turns out one of the solutions of the housing crisis is buried underneath all of that red tape at city hall. they just need to get out of their own way. >> welcome everyone. >> reporter: this is an accurate him for additional dwelling unit. the secondary homes that people build in their backyards. this will save builders time and money. the verified phaacto inspectorsh same usually getting these approvals in one at a time would take fo
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for public works to actually review your plans and actually get you out in 90 minutes or less. >> reporter: there now is an online portal. granny unit projects get bumped to the front of all in the effort to get thousands of backyard homes to be built in and is a. >> everything we are doing is to help homeowners, take advantage of the real estate that they own. build something back there that can fit our housing shortage. >> reporter: serious a full- time job is to hold your hand through the entire process. >> you are not alone. there are people that don't really know where to start in the process or how to move forward. so i really have their back. e . >> reerjosecity
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in california. >> the city estimates that 180,000 homes qualify and have the necessary space. lissette at our other top stories. a chp chase through the east bay ended with shots and then which is far between the center divide and a bus. a stand at an east bay school goes wrong. this suv overturned and a concord high school this afternoon. they were doing donuts after school this afternoon. soon after this video made news, the suspect will not face additional charges. the district attorney's office says that the witness the claimed that he also attacked her on the embarcadero in february was mistaken. evidence proved that he was not in san francisco at the time.
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as more students return to school, governor newsom is making his pledge of two years of free community college.gradu must be the first time full- time students and at least taking 12 units per semester. california has already, they are now providing $42.6 million to cover a second year of free tuition. >> i recognize free does not cover all of the cost of attendance. on the tuitions i, we hope that this will change people's mindsets. and do something positive for themselves. >> right now tuition is about $1500 per year for a full-time student. the college board is announcing that it is replacing so-called adversity scores with the sat.
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rukeover breaks down these new >> reporter: comedy colleges are you applying to? >> i am applying to 10 colleges. >> reporter: she is quick to admit that applying to colleges is stressful. she took her second sat to hope to boost your score. >> you're putting so much trust into this process. you are trusting the other side to consider everyone fairly and not be is fair. >> reporter: he is the ceo of the college board, in wake of the college admission scandal he is announcing changes to prevent future violations. >> we are not going to allow those environments outside of the school anymore. everybody will have multiple checks.
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>> reporter: back in may on cbs's morning you announced the adversity score. >> it is really about the broad context. are you are changing that to landscape, why? >> there is no longer a single number. >> reporter: landscape looks at how the test scores compare with other students in the high school. it includes factors including i i say that it's sister. >> reporter: the college counselor says that this and changes can only do so much. >> it will be until we see some major shifts, admission raids for students of color , can we say that okay, progress is being made. >> reporter: meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> thcollege board yoot ad baona
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where yo u thliatve. they are trying to settle more than 2000 lawsuits against the company from between 10 and $12 billion. as first reportedcities and sta country for aggressively marketing opioids and downplaying their long-term effects. the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. this custody after a judge ordered johnson & johnson to pay a record $572 million for their role in the opioid abuse crisis. attorney william barr has rented president trump's hotel r a $30,000 holiday party. this raises questions.
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the department of justice official says that he chose that only after other dc hotels were booked. this is not the only incident with in which the president has profited from his administrations business. he said that he we'll have the g7 summit at his resort in e th getting dumped in the bay. the chicken words are heating up. some customers disappointing. have you ever set off your home alarm? ♪
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i am ken bastida at the live news desk. right now there is a town hall on gun violence underway in san francisco. speaker nancy pelosi, house democrat are taking place in this one. let's listen in. [ applause ] >> to lincoln high, to the extinguished distinguished principal. welcome to each and everyone if you foafternoohonored to be her represent san francisco and the
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congress of the ed states. jackie spear. [ applause ] with the surgeon general, and the new title to match her extraordinary talent. >> right now, this is a town hall on gun violence at abraham lincoln high school. there just getting underway so introductions are going on. we will have more coming up. this townhall is meant to spotlight legislation that is passed by the house democrats. the surgeon general that she mentioned there, dr. harris is also in attendance. also the founder of moms demanding actions. of course, they will be spending the rest of the meeting to talk about the democratic agenda tocu violence in the wake of all of the shootings that we have had here in the united states over the past several years. we will have more for you
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coming up. at the live news has, i am ken bastida. in the meantime, pressure is growing on capital to address the gun violence. the american federation of teachers is the latest group to join the call. the member sent a letter to congress after 30 when people were killed in mass shootings in texas and ohio. they want congress to take the legislation on approved background checks. in the so-called red flag gun laws. when lawmakers to return to washington in two weeks. >> it should me in a way that i had not seen. >> we are going to persist relentlessly until we get is >> the house judiciary committee will meet next week and reportedly work on additional gun control plenty of odgsget e red mped ie every singay do yver wo has mes in play. sthis iwhy the ar
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>> reporter: we are a professional skipper on the bay, sometimes you see strange things in the water. sometimes those things can be dangerous. it is 7 am and already the army corps of engineers is searching for logs, trees, any manner of history stuff. >> probably the oddest, with the exception of putting cars and refrigerators. was a jacuzzi. with chlorinated water still need. >> reporter: theboat to remove the debris when ferries run into it. ferries are often going across the bay with >> this can put a significant hole in the boat. so you would lose a propeller or a rudder and possibly could
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be dead in the water. >> reporter: no refrigerators are carsick, but giant pilings, from the look of things. they may have been floating in the bay 4 years. then this. the coast guard vessel traffic. >> we are focused on looking on an overturned vehicle that was reported last night. >> reporter: the upside down boat was described as a banded. after one hour noble to found. however they are always on guard. >> we call them all of the time when we see debris. >> reporter: on san francisco bay, kpix 5. the busy season duriwinter storms. heads up parents, a popular of water bottles have been recalled. because of a choking hazard. the chicago-based company has
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reportedly received 150 complaints, including 18 incidents in which the spout of its kids cleanable water bottle was discovered in a child's mouth. the bottles were sold between april 20 and june of this year. so far there have been no reported injuries. some bad news for hungry customers looking to try popeyes new chicken sandwich. they announced today that the popular sandwich has sold out everywhere. it took just over two weeks and the chicken chain says this is just for now. apparently the demand is too high. the too aggressive. one of our own kpix 5 employees try to get one today in san francisco, he met a line out front. the yihad sold out of t sandwiches. all of this before popeyes even open to stores. teenagers need help with
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addiction. they have few residential treatment options in the beery. some parents tell kpix 5 that there is one facility that may have done more harm than good. >> when a parent puts their child in your care and tress that you are going to support and you don't do that, that is beyond unethical. it is just not right. >> the treatment insist that they follow a structured program. you could be the judge. watch our original report os on 7 pm news. a volcanic rock the size of manhattan drifting on the pacific. ♪
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it is a video that you have to see to believe. >> a volcanic rock is drifting through the pacific ocean. it is actually a massive she is of pumice stone stretching more than 58 square miles. almost twice the size of manhattan. it is even visible from space. experts say that it came from underwater volcanoes. now the vast mass is heading for australia. along with some stowaways, which researchers think may breathe life into the barrier reef. >> you wonder back in the day if stuff like that did not g there? we are all thinking, right? clear skies for the
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southbay. over these be in the north bay we actually have some precipitation falling from the clouds, but evaporating before it hits the ground. so you may look up and see at on odd shape to the cloud. this is trying to make it to rain. livermore, the last day close to 100 degrees. more comfortable in san jose, santa rosa and fremont, upper 80s for you. san francisco, 67. half moon bay, 62. overnight lows, most of us falling to the low to mid 60s. i want to show you the radar, a couple of new lightning strikes. the tropical moisture is giving us some cloud cover. this is also causing a few thunderstorms in the sierra. there is an outside chance of lightning strikes in the northbay mountains. the last time that we had a
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10th of in inch of rain or more was on may 21. this is almost 100 years ago. we do it every summer. it has been a long time. all arnd the we have had even bay area. we will likely go 30 or 40 more days before rain. mid-september, at the earliest, usually mid october. always on halloween, right? as the tropical moisture is moving towards us, it will scoots on by. still the onshore breeze. were not looking at widespread offshore breeze. the breeze comes in from the ocean a ttle bit toow. , strong day.. we head
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will not be hot, nor will we be cold. temperatures begin to dip tomorrow and we will be more seasonable all the way through the holiday weekend. santa rosa, 85. oakland, 74. concord, 85. redwood city, 85. danville, staying below 90 degrees tomorrow. so will pittsburgh. petaluma, 80. san francisco, 70. mid-80s for the one country. more sunshine tomorrow. it should be a pleasant holiday weekend to get outside. we will be in the 60s at the beach. 80s to 90s inland for the holiday. new at 6:00, a housing development in the southbay stops due to a asbestos level.
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we crunch some numbers to find out how much the levels are really bad? a new trashcan gets a lot of attention today. ♪
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let's face it, most kids look forward to the bus ride home after a long day of school. >> one student in we s t off difft ne his older brother they now have a facebook page to
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