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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 27, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this is just west of fairfax in marin. here is a look at some video from a few months ago. this is some updated numbers. the fire has now grown to about 10 acres. it is about 30% contained. before evacuation warning is in effect for rancho santa margarita east area. this is being out of done out of an abundance of caution. they are using both air and ground resources. our chief meteorologist joins us now. what are the conditions out there right now? >> the conditions today are not that bad for fighting a fire. it is not rain for three months, it is dry out there. here's what is going on right now. when discussing between normally to 40 miles per hour. it is not that hot. it is currently 84 degrees. the humidity is high for this time of year, which is a good thing. tomorrow's high is 79 degrees. so improving weather conditions.
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concord, 91. only 65 with that ocean breeze in san francisco. your seven-day forecast through the holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. westbound 580 back open and moving this hour. earlier this afternoon it was a different story, it was at a complete standstill. more than four hours all because of the police chase that started somewhere west of livermore. it ended with a crash in 580 in oakland. a driver of a silver and paula had been driving erratically and despite a police pursuit, he refused to stop. police say when things ended quickly that the driver who officers believe was under the influence, try to pass this transit bus on the left. you can see what happened.
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the suspect still try to ram officers, one of whom fired a shot. nobody was hit. the driver was arrested. traffic was backed up for miles during the investigation which should not end until almost 3:00. happening right now, a town hall on gun violence prevention here in the bay area. advocates are joining nancy pelosi and congresswoman jackie spear. than townhall is designed to promote legislation passed by house democrats. including a bill to require background checks for every firearms sale. >> we introduced in generally, we passed it in fairbury, who ascended to the senate. common sense background checks. gun violence prevention. we have said that we are not taking no for an answer. [ applause ] we are not taking no for an answer.
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>> the surgeon general is also there, as well as the founder of mons demand auction, shannon watts. additional charges against a man arrested for allegedly attacking a woman outside of her embarcadero condominium. it was this video that first led to charges against austin vincent. it showed him violently wrestling her to the ground, trying to enter her condominium earlier this month. after the release of his mug shot, another woman came forward, claiming that he attacked her with a knife in february. but now, the district attorney's office is that it has received information that vincent was in southern california at that time. so those charges will have to be droughts. the d.a. is still asking to keep vincent in custody. we have new information on asbestos levels on a san jose construction site. as we reported, the
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construction has been shut down since early august as a result of those elevated asbestos levels. kpix 5's reporter joins us live. >> reporter: the city of san jose is sharing some of and stated that shows the asbestos levels from the monitoring stations appear on the hill were many, many times higher than what is safe, establish levels. the concert began with neighbors that live up here. the concern is now spreading, especially down the hill. >> reporter: they live in the mobile home park, this is just down the hill from the project which has been struck down by the city of saturday because of elevated levels of asbestos in the air. because prevailing winds blow in their direction, they are not worried that they are getting exposed. >> i spent a lot of time in my garden.
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to hear that there is asbestos now, it is a concern. for my health, my neighbors. >> reporter: asbestos occurs naturally in california, it comes from the serpentine rock, the official state rock. the problem is wn the rock becomes pulverized and becomes dust him a this then blows in the year. >> all of these years later, there is a possibility of asbestos contamination. >> reporter: the city that is a shared recent results which showed elevated asbestos levels at the stations majored units. when results show the trigger point for reaction, it it was higher than that. >> when we saw the number, we decideto halt the work and make sure that mitigation was being taken. >> reporter: the bay area said
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that this could be a concern for workers the neighbors, but it depends. there is no currently there's told of exposure that carries no risk. >> reporter: nobody from the company was available to comment today. the company said their private consultant concluded that the exposure levels fall under the epa guidelines. but the bay area officials say that there are variances in the safe levels are what are considered the safe levels between public agencies. in fact, the epa has another, cal osha has yet another. there is no agreement on what is a safe level or a danger level. meantime, the city of san jose continues to shut down this construction. they will continue monitor and they will also be hiring a consultant to advise them on the next steps. reporting live in san jose, kpix 5. redwood city has a new
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regulations to prevent smaller homes from being demolished and then replaced by mansions. the city council voted unanimously to add an approval process for homes that will be bigger than 3000 square feet and cover more than 45% of the lot. the residents are concerned about changing the character of their city. the new process will allow city input. it is one of the few cities on the peninsula that does not have lot coverage limits for single home. one of the top engineers from google is accused from stealing trade secrets. prosecutors allege that he downloaded 14,000 files from google back in 2015. while working on what would become the top secret self driving car. he then abruptly left in 2016.
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we were at court for his first appearance. >> reporter: he turned himself in to law enforcement officials in downtown san jose today. is defense attorney says that they believe the facts of the case will eventually exonerate him. the case that is likely to reverberate throughout silicon valley. >> all of us generally speaking are free to move from job to job. what we cannot do is stuffer pockets on the way out the door. >> reporter: according to the indictment, they allege that he knowingly sold trade secrets belonging to google. >> this is not the wild west. the fast-paced, competitive environment does not mean that federal law does not apply. >> reporter: federal prosecutors allege that he downloaded more than 14,000 documents, related to the self driving car program. first to his company's laptop, and later transferred the information to his personal
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computer. >> theevidence of this case is going to show conclusively that he did not steal anything. not from google, not from anybody. >> reporter: he says the case, regardless of its outcome, highlights the potential pitfalls. aztec as tech companies try to lure top talent from their competitors. >> your area of expertise is your area of expertise. this really highlights just how competitive the market is. this is a big part of silicon valley. >> reporter: is a client said that his client had every right to access that information. >> let me be very clear. not a single one of these suppose it secret files ever went to uber or to any other company or person. >> reporter: they settled a lawsuit with google in 2018. as the case shifts now to
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criminal court. this carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. at the federal courthouse in downtown san jose, kpix 5. tonight he is free on $2 million bail. new at 6:00, if you accidentally trip your burglar alarm, you could be slapped with a fine. one north bay city is considering a plan to crack down on false alarms. >> reporter: if you own a home or business in san rafael and and alarm system, you need to make sure that is working properly. in a short while, your margin for error could be shrinking to zero. the four most common calls for help are generated by false alarms. last year they had 2400 burglary calls. 6.6 per day, with each one requiring multiple officers to respond. the problem is, and 99% of the alarms were false.
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>> this really is a drain on us. we don't have the time and resources for this. we need to figure out how we can make this better. >> reporter: said the city council is considering an ordinance to find owners that generate false alarms. the amount with increase, but the first offense would result in a $50 fine. they are usually caused by human error. moving a window open, typing in the wrong code. >> we just end up turning it on and off. >> reporter: even the police alarm that the false alarms are probably not intentional. so susanna, says why punish people for the first offense? >> i think that that seems a little excessive. things happen. a where my short circuit, you could fix it. >> we will do not want to give free warnings because we do not want to encourage people.
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>> reporter: she wonders how people are supposed to act. >> so you get a call saying that there is an intruder in your business. in order to avoid the police been called, due go down there and confront a potential burglar? >> reporter: police said that they wanted individuals to be more aware. police say that the data shows where this has been adopted come false alarms have dropped by 50%. in san rafael, john ramis, kpix 5. >> of the city council approves the proposal at its september 3 meeting, it will go into effect on january 1. san francisco has a trash problem. more and more community think that this machine right here is the answer. what they cost? and why the city thinks this
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may be a good investment. plus, the first steps approve to stop further tilting of the millennium tower. it is not going to be an easy fix. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. new at 6:00, san francisco getting smarter trash cans. but this is an expensive fix. they are being installed in japan town today. kpix 5's wilson walker has more on what is being done to clean up litter. wilson? are you may have seen these around san francisco. these are these big bellied trash cans. it is kind of hard to miss. it even comes with some nice features like the foot pedal.
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in case you are squeamish about touching the handle of the san francisco trashcan. a lot of people think that these are the solution to the cities rather infamous trash problem. the bigger question may be, does the city have the stomach for the cost? >> and i thought finally, after 32 years we have a trash system. >> reporter: not just any trash receptacle, this is the first of 80 new big bellies now arriving in san francisco. they compacted with the power of the sun. incredibly, they actually contain trash that goes in them. >> we close this up, this blocks your hand. you cannot region. >> reporter: as you might expect, they are expensive. they are about $4000 for each. and they have maintenance cost. >> the mayor is willing to buy
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some. >> reporter: they have already been paying for this, dissatisfied with the city's efforts to control trash on the streets. in recent years, public works has been opposed to the widespread use of big bellies because of their cost. so does the mayor's partial funding of the signified a slight change? >> we're looking at all kinds of garbage cans. and ways to keep the city clean. are one might wonder if the city's investment, i am told that trash on the ground is another benefit of this apparatus. >> this gives you more of an option, looking at people not throwing more on the ground. >> reporter: so this is more of a behavioral modification thing? we hope that that works. when this trashcan was getting rolled out, there was another bit of news out here. i'm going to plate for you, see
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if you could hear what happens in the background. take a listen. >> so what i think about the things -- our rights. that is the mayor's car. oh. >> reporter: it was the mayor's car, you can see that it lost the driver side view mirror there when somebody drove by and sideswiped the suv. and the driver drove right off what we all were listening. police were called. they filed a police report. they tracked down, i am told, some surveillance video from the many, many cameras that are around the's plaza. for the driver that sideswiped the mayors suv today. it was the wrong car and they did it at the wrong place. we are live in japan town in san francisco. kpix 5. >> we vowed to get to the bottom of the great mirror
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caper. the famous sinking tower is one step closer to being stabilize. a panel of independent experts has approved a 100 million dollar fix to shore it up. the project calls for over 50 piles to be drilled down into bedrock. they will be filled with steal, reinforced concrete. the planning department still needs to do an environmental review. once it is approved, the city can move forward. a quick update on that fire burning in marin county, right now it is 60% contained. i am told that evacuation warnings have been lifted. so that is good is. >> the wind was not strong, the humidity is that. so, if weather can help, after three months of no rainfall, maybe that it did today. five cases will actually decrease.
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the offshore wind events really increase the fire danger. the winds are in the other direction. it is pretty hot outside today. concord, 91. oakland, 72. san francisco, 65. santa rosa, 71. it is a little sticky out there still. plenty of cloud cover tonight. napa, 62. i want to give you the latest on tropical storm dorian. it will likely impact puerto rico. it is likely not strong enough to be called a hurricane. but it is still a big storm. the pollen count around here, it has been an issue all summer long. it is increasing. so perhaps your allergy issues may increase. temperatures are decreasing. san bruno, 76 degrees tomorrow.
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satellite and radar review, we have clouds hugging the coastline. you may have seen what looks like rain, it is. it is evaporating before it hits the ground. we have had a lot of that over the bay area today. this low is passing by to the west. along the coastline, lots of sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures will continue to fall. a chance of thunder or lightning over the mountains. we will see near advertise tomorrow all over. it looks nice for the three day weekend coming up. napa, 85. oakland, 74. san francisco, 70. even cooler on thursday and
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friday. through the holiday weekend, 70s near the bay, 80s to low 90s inland. the 49ers part way of a costly member of their defensive community. and why did he show up for an interview in sweatpants today? keep ef5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep all.
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so everything at the new two center, which a. the owner showed up in sweatpants. >> i split my pants. >> reporter: he is not going to let some ripped pans get in the way of celebrating the new chase center.
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no more kevin durant. clay thompson will be out for a well. >> in the past few years i look at it as standing at the top of mount everest, trees get pushed off. it is still tiresome sometimes. it is hard for people to understand. now we are back to trying to climb up. the giants news, they released him. the nfl news release malcolm smith today. they signed a deal worth over $26 million. and then he missed all of that year. in 2018 heonly started five of the 12 games. when you think great
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tidings, you think rob gronkowski. you also think rob gronkowski. no doubt he was an ultra funny guy. after nine seasons he has decided to call it quits. today speaking on behalf of a cbd business venture, we saw a completely different side of him. >> i was not in a good place. football was bringing me down. i did not like it. i was losing that joy in my life. like joy. sorry, but. >> the nfl has some issues, goes to show you. check out the women in the crowd. you see him taking off of his shirt.
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i love the expression on her face. whoever she is. we will be right back.
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teens who need help with addiction have few residential treatment options. >> but some parents tell kpix 5 that there is one facility that may have done more harm than good. the treatment center insist that it follows a structured program. you could be the judge. watch our original report recovering chaos. this occurs tonight on the new 7 pm news. thank you for watching. cbs news is next. >> see you later. now available every day. and our new sweet n' smokey homestyle chicken blt for $8.99. come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: tonight, dorian may be headed to florida. there's a state of emergency in puerto rico. can its power plants handle the storm? our david begnaud is there. also tonight, an extraordinary day in court. more than a dozen women who say they were sexually abused by jeffrey epstein are given a chance to tell their stories. a major investigation at a v.a. hospital. multiple patients may have died after being wrongly injected with insulin. was it intentional? actress lori loughlin makes a new court appearance in the college admissions scandal as big changes are announced for the s.a.t. exam. what st. louis is doing to stop a disturbing trend.


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