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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 28, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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a southbay landlord accused of plotting a home invasion on her own tenets.
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passengers on an airport shuttle were told to get off so that a robber could drive it home. the bizarre bus jacking at sfo. >> my impression was, the kids had their phones out. they had cigarettes. and original report of teenagers trip to a bay area recovery center nearly puts his life at risk. good evening, i am elizabeth cook. >> we begin with the elaborate scheme that was masterminded by a landlord to try to force her tenants move out. maria medina is in mountain view with how it ended with five people in handcuffs. >> reporter: the family of four, including two children were inside the rental home when the suspect showed up. ultimately, he ran at a backdoor as the suspects tried to force their way in. one man watched it all unfold across the street. >> you take her to the courts. that is ridiculous. >> reporter: meant to mute --
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mountain view police say the landlord is a suspect in robbing her own property. dave murphy lives across the street, he watched as the suspects tried to break in just after 8:00. >> i yelled at them and said hey, knock it off. >> they were kicking on a metallic gate. >> reporter: mountain view police surrounded the rental, finding the woman and the suspects in the front yard. >> that whole block was packed. >> reporter: the woman became frustrated with her tenants that were late on the rent. according to investigators, her idea of an eviction involved calling for of her friends, including this man, stephen carling of san jose. when the group of suspects arrived at the rental, the family of four refused to leave. one of the suspects turned off the power. she is accused of using a knife to try to pry open the front door. >> the family escape three backdoor as officers arrived. >> reporter: they did arrest
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five suspects, including the landlord, who has a temporary new home herself, a jail cell. >> were you not expecting this? >> not at all, that's crazy. >> reporter: the two ar expected in court on thursday. both of them refused a request for a jailhouse interview. in mountain view, maria medina, kpix 5. fire crews are mopping up what is left of the spirit fire in marion county. 73-year-old, henry walker, from petaluma is in custody, charged with reckless burning. walker flag down fire personnel, claiming he did started the blaze in what acre by setting personal belongings on fire. authorities say that walker had minor injuries from attempting to stomp it out. the spirit fire is 60% contained. it was burning on the ridge above his rock meditation center. the flames have scorched 16 acres. fire officials say forward progression has stopped and the evacuation warning has been lifted. workers will remain on scene for mop up.
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the fire will be fully contained sometime late tomorrow. a bear area was linked to a mystery. authorities are looking for a missing santa cruz woman. over the weekend a mangled car was found at the bottom of a big sur cliff. nobody was inside. the police say the vehicle is registered to 37-year-old, kristin kendall. friends of kendall said that she worked as a medical assistant in san jose. tonight, there is no word on the cause of the crash. a bizarre crime at sfo. police say a man stole an airport shuttle bus. joe vasquez tracked down in south san francisco. that bus took a long, strange trip to stay say the least. >> reporter: this shuttlebus company, the president of the company said that this crime was a bus jacking. the vehicle is sitting in this
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mechanics parking lot after a wild ride. >> this happened at noon at sfo's busy international terminal. >> reporter: the sky rk shuttlebus was picking up and letting off customers when a man appeared out of nowhere. according to the owner of sky park, the man put his arm up, keeping any new customers from getting on comment ordered the folks on board to get off, because he said, i am taking this bus home. as he was driving away, the bus ejector had a sudden realization, how do you close a door, yelled to the driver? the driver yelled back, i'm not helping you with that. the bus was later recovered in berkeley along ashby avenue, sitting across three lanes of traffic. it was towed to this shop where the mechanic tells me, it appears the bus had run out of gas. >> you don't people get away with stuff. >> reporter: he got away, but the bus was recovered. nobody was hurt, the robber was
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calm, according to witnesses. he did not appear to be armed at the time. the driver decided not to take any chances, and gave of the bus quickly. to make in this day and age, the only thing you can do is be alert. don't try to fight it.>> reporter: she gave up the bus. >> that is the best way. >> reporter: police are looking for the suspect. reporting live in south san francisco, joe vasquez, kpix 5. a former google engineers facing federal criminal charges for allegedly stealing trade secrets from 4 uber in a high- stakes technology war. his name is anthony. he is a pilot and autonomous biotechnology. he is named in a federal indictment the said he resigned from google in the fall of 2015 , and allegedly spent the next few months engaged in corporate espionage. today's indictment charges him with 33 counts of trade secret theft. prosecutors say he uploaded 14,000 files related to top-
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secret pct, chauffeur. it did become its waymo self driving car. >> silicon valley is not the wild west. the competitive environment does not mean federal laws do not apply, or they can be a word. >> he faces the possibility of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. >> will earn additional charges against the man arrested for allegedly attacking a woman outside of her condo will be dropped. the suspect will stay in jail. it was this video that first led to charges against austin vincent. it shows him violently wrestling with a woman, trying to enter her condo earlier this month, after his mug shot was released, another woman came forward claiming that he attacked her with a knife in february. now, the das office said it has received information that vincent was in southern
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california at the time. those charges will be dropped. the marcus cousins is in hot water, accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend. tmz sports broke the story of the all-star lakers center. he is accused of threatening his son's mother if she did not allow his 7-year-old son to his wedding. he made the threats on friday. his acts claims she has an audio recording to prove it. listen in. 's minnesota's warmer time. and i have my son? >> no, he's not coming. >> i'm gonna make sure put a bullet in your head. >> reporter: they said we are aware of the allegation involving demarcus cousins. we take this claim seriously. we are in the process of gathering information. we will reserve further comment at this time. a pizza hut was robbed by
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masked men with a gun on monday night. this happened at the restaurant on tara hills drive. two robbers jumped the counter and pointed a handgun in the face of an employee. the suspects punched and kicked the victim before stealing cash from the register. the suspects were caught after they were stopped by police for driving too fast, and with no headlights. had suffered drivers tonight in san mateo county, sheriff's deputies say three suspected skimming devices were found at a woodside chevron gas station yesterday afternoon. no word on how long the devices were installed in those gas pumps. authorities are investigating. emotional town hall in san francisco has wrapped up tonight as a discussion put gun control center stage. kpix 5 reports the advocates are not just calling for safety, but common sense. >> reporter: one month after three people were shot and killed at the gilroy garlic festival, nancy pelosi and
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jackie spear called for comprehensive gun violence legislation. gun-control advocates were alongside the lawmakers at abraham lincoln high school in san francisco. the town hall was designed to promote legislation passed by house democrats that would require background checks for every gun sale. >> common sense background checks for gun violence prevention. we have said, we are not taking no for an answer. >> losing your best friend is something that is really hard. i hope that nobody else would ever have to go through that. >> reporter: gun violence hit close to home for aj santiago, who spoke about her experience on stage. also in atan, the surgeon general of california, dr. nadine harrison founders of mom's demand action. shannon watts, the town hall covered topics like school safety and immigration. back to you. rideshare drivers are demanding to be unionized. they got some surprising
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support today from a presidential candidate, mayor pete buttigieg. he was in san francisco for campaign event. he joined the protest from all over the state to protest outside of uber headquarters. coming up, our kpix 5 original report. this was a free-for-all. they did not call the cops or anything. the serious allegations against a substance abuse treatment facility in the east bay. why want teenagers that is sent him deeper into his addiction. a proposed fix for the sinking millennium tower. it comes at a hefty price tag. a state of emergency tonight in puerto rico as a powerful storm inches closer
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earlier today, we told you about a substance abuse treatment facility in oakland where a 16-year-old resident ended up in the er with acute alcohol poisoning. internet's original report, we spoke to another family that also had a life-threatening experience with their teenager at the same place. >> xanax, pills, that was my downfall. >> reporter: bobby was addicted to xanax when his doctors referred him to thunder road, chemical dependency recovery center for youth in oakland. >> my first impression was, there's so much freedom. it's at their phones out. they had cigarettes. they had weed. >> reporter: is that it was easy to go awol and hook up with his dealer.
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>> it was a free-for-all. they did not call the cops or anything. in a matter of weeks, he fell deeper than ever into his addiction. this is something that his mother noticed. >> i would go in, my son looks worse and worse physically. >> reporter: one day he left thunder road, went home, and spent the night. it was only the next morning that a counselor from thunder road called. check this idea bobby? i said yes. she said i went to his room and realized he is not there. no concern, no apology for not calling. he could be anywhere. >> reporter: were you shocked? >> he could be shot or hurt somewhere. we have no idea. luckily, my son came to me. >> reporter: she filed a complaint with the state, one of a growing number of complaints since 2017. that is the year that sutter east bay hospitals, which used to run thunder road, handed it over to a nonprofit called bay area community services. you may recognize its acronym.
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they also run many homeless programs. >> teenagers are referred here to thunder road by social services and juvenile justice facilities. >> reporter: it's one of the few places for drug addicted youth. we discovered something strange. there are currently no residents here. >> it does not surprise me. >> reporter: meet probation officer wendy still. >> reporter: we had a few incidents last year that occurred, and i was very concerned about them. i made a decision to no longer use thunder road as a provider. >> reporter: she said there were occasions when her department was not notified that youth were missing. >> one of the major considerations that i always have, do i feel the kids are safe? do i have confidence that the facility is providing a safe place for at risk youth? the county is responsible for them.
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>> reporter: at thunder road? >> i don't have that confidence. >> reporter: the lack of residents have come to the attention of the department of social services. an inspector made a recent, unannounced visit to find out what was going on. we don't know what he found, but the situation could jeopardize a potentially profitable deal that we discovered that they got when they took over thunder road from sutter. if the facility stays open, serving at risk teenagers for 5 years, and meet certain conditions, they get ownership of the building, a multimillion dollar property. bacs is supposed to submit an annual report to the attorney general's office that regulates nonprofits, detailing how they are complying with the deal. we put in a public records request, got these back, two identical, two page reports from fiscal years 2018 and 2019. they claim they are complying with everything. they were submitted, one week at we put in our request. we try to talk to thunder road
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clinical director, benjamin blake, about that. he told us to leave the property. in a statement, bacs says thunder road is a voluntary, a large program. it operates as a restraint free environment . that means that young people cannot be restrained or physically prevented from leaving the facility. as for the lack of residence, over 10 years, the community demand for this type of residential care has declined. the number of young people who are willing to engage with this level of treatment has dropped to nearly 0. g probation officer wendy still disagrees. >> michael is to have all of the youth home in our own community. what that means is, really, we need to expand the number of licensed facilities in the area. there will continue to be a very important need. >> reporter: on the last awol visit home, bobby was in really bad shape. >> my son came home under a
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heavy influence of xanax. that is when i gave up. >> reporter: she pulled bobby out of thunder road, and sent him to a locked rehab in utah. he is back home now, and three months sober.>> the only thing negative command of here, thunder road pushed me back when i could have gone forward.>> reporter: although thunder road does not have any current clients, bacs says that outpatient is full. they also said that thunder road stands firmly behind the work they have done for thousands of youth and families over the past 32 years. however, bacs has only run the facility for 2 years. you can read the statements online at thank you. san francisco's famously sinking millennium tower is one step closer to being stabilized. a panel of independent experts has approved a $100 million fix
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to shore it up. the project calls for 50 piles to be drilled 250 feet into bedrock. the 58 story luxury tower is tilting 17 inches. the planning department needs to do an environmental impact review. once that is finished, the city can move forward. we are taking a live look at st. croix and the u.s. virgin islands. this is with earth camera. the islands are bracing for tropical storm dorian. president trump approved an emergency declaration for puerto rico. the national hurricane center is predicting that dorian will strengthen over the next 24 hours. as it approaches the island, the area is not fully recovered from the devastation of hurricane maria only 2 years ago. you don't mess around, get things ready to go even if it will not nail you.:sometimes it is not the wind, it is the
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rainfall. flash flooding will be a concern tomorrow night. this is the latest track. this is the updated track on perhaps hurricane dorian. we have some items of note. it will pass directly over the island of puerto rico. it will miss hispaniola, east of the dominican republic. it will strengthen over the weekend. chilean san francisco is foggy. we have clear and in concord, we have 50 degree temperatures tonight. the money temperatures are in the low 60s. we have mid 60s for san jose. we have a chilly, 56 in santa rosa. we had thunderstorms later this evening over the sierra. that is that tropical moisture that gave us cloud cover working from south to north. i don't see any rainfall around the bay area. it has been a while. last time we received 1/10 of an inch of rain in any one calendar day was before memorial day. it was may 21, 98 days ago. it has been nearly 100 days
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since we've had a decent rainfall. we do this every summer. it's amazing to see how long we go between rain events. we are very dry in the summertime. we have a big ridge of high pressure somewhere close by. it is leaving. tropical cloud cover is working its way to the west. it will get close enough that there is a tiny chance of an isolated thunderstorm in the far north bay overnight tonight. it is nothing widespread. we have a chance of lightning north of santa rosa. we get back to normal weather tomorrow. the onshore flow begins. it will get stronger. we have sunshine in the afternoon. this will push further inland. we break out of the sunshine from the clouds. temperatures will drop five degrees tomorrow, and five more degrees as we head toward thursday. this pattern will not give us he waves. september is the warmest month. it will not be hot next week.
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temperatures are close to average. we have no heat coming to san francisco with that pattern. that tiny chance of lightning strikes over the north bay mountains, i don't see anything now. it could happen. we have a stronger onshore breeze cooling off tomorrow. temperatures will ride the average through the holiday weekend. we are pleasant weather for your outdoor activities. it is 83 degrees. livermore is one of the hundred degrees and 91 degrees. santa rosa is down to 83 degrees. san rafael is at 81. we will see 70s in oakland. san francisco is hitting 70 degrees. pacifica is at 66 degrees. we cool down a bit more on thursday and friday with a lot of sunshine. the weekend looks nice. we are in the 80s and 90s inland. it is average. it will stay pleasant through the labor day holiday weekend. tomorrow morning, mary lee and emily turner, the latest on weather and traffic beginning at 4:30. we have a nice stretch of weather, right to the weekend. the weekend could be stormy or hot, it can be a lot of things. labor day weekend will be very pleasant. still ahead, stopped at a
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some kids, fooling around in the card and east bay high school, and goes terribly
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wrong. is to make police a student was driving recklessly in the parking lot at concord high school, when the suv overturned. this happened right after classes let out for the day. three passengers were hurt, but are amazingly okay tonight. >> that age? >> we have a pennant race going on. the giants fans are clinging to hope, but there is hope tonight. we're still playing baseball. the giants are looking for victory. in the american league,
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remember that seth brown hit 37 home runs for the eighth that minor-league team. you knew he had a glove to
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match the lumber. he's on the mound, 13th victory of the season, in kansas city, second inning, the a's are up. check out the closing speed on seth brown in left field! how do you like that! runners on base, check out his arm. we have a dead man running. that the shadow intact. he is out of the play. five innings, they gave up one earned runs. he gets his 13th victory. the a's win. they're tied the second wild- card spot. northgate high school buddies, the brothers, doing their thing. i dated her sister, tracy. >> she does still talk to me, actually. brandon is home, thank you, the game is that it 1. this is a base hit from sam. is a goat had run for arizona.
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the giants are down. christian walker, that is an rbi base hit. the giants lose 3-2. they are 5.5 back of the wild-card spot. 18,000 seat, chase arena will open with metallica on september 6. with the nba season tipping off in november, it is all the amenities of a first-class entertainment venue. it does cost $1.4 billion. that coupled with skyrocketing player salaries means higher prices for tickets. what is the fan reaction? i put that question to joe. >> reporter: it gets more expensive every if you want to compete. the player payrolls go up. the cost of doing business goes up. we have to keep pace. everyone understands that. hopefully, we try not to make it so that the fans are priced out of the market. the truth is, we have 45,000 on the waiting list. they must think the value is there. >> i have a lot of feedback from oakland fans.
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they feel that they are out priced. to his point, 70% of those who purchased season tickets in oakland are coming to san francisco. there are 44,000 on the waiting list. supply and demand. and >> they did price it well if you have that much demand. >> they are paying the mortgage on the building. they do have to pay
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. we will see you then. ♪
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