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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 28, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if you've been feeling too hot lately a little bit of a cooldown is going to happen today. mary what's going on? >> yeah it's going to be a little bit of an on shore flow. about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday and we will continue to cool down as we head through the next couple of days. can you see the low clouds over downtown san francisco and our temperatures mid 60s for you in concord. low 60s, upper 50s in san francisco. low 60s in san jose and 57 for santa rosa. good morning to you and happy first day of school and fremont sunny and warm and looking at 82 for a high in fremont this afternoon. other locations topping out at 89 in concord. 90 fairfield. 74 in oakland and 70 for a high in san francisco. so temperatures back down to right around where we should be for this time of year. also tracking tropical storm dorian i'll have the latest coming up emily. so far so good on those
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roadways. no major issues slowing you down here at 5:00. the we're going to start with a look at your travel times where only one is in the yellow. for those of you headed westbound out of the tracy triangle that is a 31-minute drive. the accident in the eastbound direction. so the non commute direction has now been cleared. even better there. highway 4 still clear 101 coming out of the south bay. just a second ago out of the altamonte pass. metering lights are not yet on at the bay bridge and you are really starting to get stacked up in those cash lanes. if you're a fastrak customer good luck to you you have pretty much the whole roadway to yourself. that's not going to be the case for long. looking at the san mateo bridge as well also getting busier here at this hour. we are not seeing delays or crashes or anything slowing you down once we get across the bridge. eastbound is good to go and clear as well. the richmond san rafael bridge looks the best out of all the
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bridges. not even on the approach to the toll plaza. smoodz sailing all the way in -- smooth sailing all the way in to marin county. are you good to go. no stalls, no crashes, no delays. you are just smooth sailing. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. 23 people were killed in a bar fire that appears to be arson. this is in the gulf coast state of vera cruz. authorities say it may have been started with gasoline bombs and might be a product of a gang dispute. in addition to the 23 people killed 13 people have been injured and the attackers in that case still on the loose. we are also keeping an eye this morning on puerto rico which is about to be hit by tropical storm dorian. president trump has approved an emergency declaration there. wind gusts could reach hurricane force and that's bringing a lot
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of concern for the island still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane maria two years ago. the power grid is very weak there and you can see the satellite image raging towards the island there on the right-hand side of your screen. that's the good news. they'll be able to assess the damage. dorian expected to hit florida later this week. back to you. and thank you. new this morning a warehouse fire is now under investigation in santa clara county. firefighter its responded to the blaze on sunny oaks avenue in campbell. they say that flames spread up the wall and into the warehouse and a dumpster next to the building was also on fire. firefighters got it under control just a few minutes later. no one was hurt. >> three people are dead after a fire on board a passenger ferry in the southern philippines. fishing boats and passing ships were able to rescue 245 other people from the burning ferry.
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the company says all passengers and crew on board are now accounted for. the cause of the fire is still unclear but it appears it started in the engine room. new video of drone footage from the irondequoiters news agency showing smoke, flames and devastation in brazil's amazon rain forest. meanwhile accurate ri moany between brazil and european countries. brazil says it will set conditions before it accepts any help from the group of 7 nations which has offered tens of millions of dollars in fighting and rain forest protections. santa clara supervisors have to protect sea level rise and pro mote local sustainable economies that don't rely on fossil fuel. >> and this morning the department of homeland security is divide veteraning agencies
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like the coast guard and fema. this comes as hurricane season is ramping up and critics say the move is especially reckless at the beginning of hurricane season. fema will have additional needs. homeland security officials will also transfer $116 million to fund detention bed space for u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. a woman attacked outside her san francisco apartment complex. kpix 5's jackie ward joining us live from the san francisco hall of justice live with more. >> according to austin vincent's lawyers, the district attorney's office will throw out charges against him because vincent was living in southern california during a previous incident. it was this video that led to some charges for attacking a
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woman on the embarkedaro. it showed him violently wrestling with a woman trying to enter her condo. he was arrested just days after the attack. another woman came forward claiming vincent attacked her with a knife in february. but now the district attorney's office says it's received information vincent was in southern california at that time. the d.a. will ask that vincent remain in custody. will ask a judge he be placed back with a case management. he had been in full compliance and receiving housing and help. the office of the public defender wrote quote mr. vincent would continue to pursue the critical services he needs to stabilize his circumstances. those charges that he received a couple of weeks ago remain. the hearing starts at 9:00 this
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morning. and this afternoon a man in a santa clara courtroom. sunnivale public safety says the man was trying to avoid a traffic stop sunday night and crashed into a ride share car. one passenger 28-year-old of santa clara and the driver and another passenger were injured. he was arrested at the scene. he faces charges that include murder, driving under the influence while causing an injury, evading a police officer and auto theft. this morning a bay area linked to a mystery playing out in big sur. a missing santa cruz woman. her car was found at the bottom of a big sur cliff. the vehicle is registered to 37-year-old kristin kendall. she worked as a medical assistant in san jose. no word yet on the cause of the crash. this morning a silicon
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valley landlord is accused of master minding a home invasion. at her own property monday night. police say siani became frustrated with her ten ants. police say when the group of suspects arrived at the rental, the family of four refused to leave so one of the suspects turned off the power. steven carlin of san jose is accused of using a knife to try and pry open the front door. >> you know, they were yelling. first i yelled at them said hey knock it off. >> they were kicked on a metallic gate to get to the front door. >> they are all under arrest. saini and carlin refused a request for a jailhouse interview. house speaker nancy pelosi is making another push to pro mote gun violence.
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gun control advocates sat alongside her in san francisco last night. this town hall was designed to pro mote legislation passed by house democrats that would require background checks for every gun sale. >> common sense background check gun violence prevention. we have said we are not taking no for an answer. >> we are going to march on the capital in the united states to prove to the senate that if they don't take action on this, they're going to lose their elections. >> the surgeon general of california was also there as well as the founder of moms demand action. the town hall also covered topics like school safety and immigration. meantime ride share drivers #2k3457bding to be union -- demanding to be unionized. mayor pete buttigieg was in san francisco for a campaign yesterday. he joined the protesting. uber and lyft drivers from all
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over the state protested outside uber headquarters. signs now that a substance treatment center actually did more harm than good. our original report next. >> we're going to cool things down for today. some low clouds. areas of fog this morning. along the coast and for parts of the bay. i'll let you know on future cast when we'll see that clearing and also have an update on tropical storm dorian. >> and we're keeping an eye on your commute here at 5:10. the good news is there are no major issues slowing you down on those roadways. how long they're going to delay you just ahead. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed,
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welcome back this morning we are hearing allegations of serious incidents that happened at one of the few residential substance abuse programs for teenagers in the bay area. >> kristin airs has the story they regret their children ever went there. >> when she got out, she was worse. >> this mother regrets the day she sent her 16-year-old daughter to a treatment center to get help for alcohol addiction. right from the start she says... . >> translator: i began to suspect there were things that were not right. >> on one of her early visit she noticed kids coming and going at
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the oakland facility as they pleased. her daughter will call her mary says counselors let residents run free. >> they told me you can get away with a lot of things here. >> and that led to problems from day one with one male resident in particular. >> he was already acting really controlling and possessivhe woui wouldn't do like hug him or talk to him. >> she says she complained to staff but it just got worse. >> he would pick me up and just throw me on the couch out of nowhere and i would be like -- i would be so confused. >> one day mary left with a group of kids including this former resident will callscombra. >> there would be multiple times where i would leave with other kids that were there. >> this time the request was for alcohol. >> after we finished the first bottle we got another one. >> that's when mary says the male who had been harassing her
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started getting angry again. jay claims he witnessed the boy assaulting her in a stairwell. >> i see the otherid on top. >> hospital records show mary was admitted due to acute alcohol intoxication with bruises on her neck. >> how is it possible that i put her in a place that is supposed to be safe and this happened. >> mary's experience here at thunder road is not isolated. we've spoken to 5 bay area families who told us the facility offered little to know therapy sessions for their children and did not monitor whether they were using drugs or alcohol. our investigation led us to several employees who confirmed what they told us. >> it was very chaotic. >> i noticed that they were allowed to push the exit doors open and go out and smoke cigarettes and come back in. it was such a common thing to
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do. being able to walk out and go and do drugs and bring drugs back in. >> and she says the residents were always hungry. >> the teens would get up and say what are we eating? there's nothing down there for us to eat. there's molded food. old food. >> thunder road has four type a citations which are the most serious and six type b citations. among the substantiated findings failed to meet food service requirements. failed to meet drugs brought into the facility and failed to adequately supervisor minors. kay filed one of those complaints. shortly after that she was fired. >> when a parent relinquishes your child to your care and hopes you're going to support their child and do that and
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you're not doing that it's beyond ethical. >> the non profit that runs thunder road. she turned down our request for an interview. in a statement, the company told us thunder road provides a structured program building trust through appropriate behavior and open communications and treating oneself and others with respect. it would not comment on specific cases for privacy reasons. >> i have cried so much that i can't cry anymore. >> but mary's mother wants everyone to know about the harm that happened to her daughter at thunder road so that it won't happen to anyone else. >> translator: that place is not safe for any patient, any child. any mother. i believe they should shut it down. >> kristin also discovered something strange. even though local agencies tell us there's a huge need for residential substance abuse for
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teens they have none. all right. tune in for that tomorrow. right now a check on the roads. >> so far we don't have any major trouble spots out there. a look at the overall big picture shows there's really not a whole lot out there except for a lot of green for those of you who are going to need that extra cup of coffee you're going to have time for it. although it is in the opposite of the commute direction. eastbound on the east shore freeway right there at pinole county road. it is in the opposite commute direction and they have cleared everything off of 680 southbound that's all good to go in a much better situation. this is in the final stages getting this out of the way right-hand shoulder right there at 205 mountain house parkway. are you slow and go coming out of the altamonte pass down to 16 miles an hour if not slower all the way through the altamonte and once you get out of it you're in a muc better
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situation out of the dublin interchange. where we're not seeing slowing. a little bit of a delay on westbound 84 but nothing terrible to report per usual. that is a 35-minute ride. you have gained a minute. not bad at all for this hour. highway 4 looks good as does 101 coming out of the south bay. the bay bridge metering lights are not yet on but they should be here in the next couple of minutes. in the meantime you can see it is a slow-going approach to the toll el paso sda backed up under the 880 flyover. and boy what a difference 15 minutes makes looking at the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction. there are no major issues that are going to be causing you to slow down. we are starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay ocean breeze is going to kick in through our afternoon and temps will be cooler. about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. here's a live look at our
5:20 am
treasure island camera with those clouds and temperatures running in the 50s. oakland and livermore 61. 62 san jose and 57 for santa rosa. so your weather headlines we're starting off the day gray for most parts of the bay. clearer skies inland. that stronger ocean breeze will cool us down for all of us across the bay area this afternoon and near average highs through the holiday weekend. let's show you satellite and radar view and with this low pressure system that's going to usher in that stronger marine influence for us and that's why we are looking at cooler daytime highs. going hour by hour on future cast and you can see clear skies with that clearing and sunshine as we go through the afternoon for most of us except for the coast. so the coast you will still stay cloudy through the afternoon. and you can see it pushing in all the way into our inland locations for tomorrow morning and then some clearing.
5:21 am
temps will be even cooler for tomorrow and for friday. a quick update on tropical storm dorian that's nearing the virgin islands and puerto rico right now. currently 60 miles southeast of st. croix packing massive winds of 60 miles per hour. this track likely making landfall over the virgin islands and puerto rico this afternoon. close to hurricane veng. so a strong -- strength. so a strong storm over the virgin islands and puerto rico. so close to hurricane strength. we could see up to 10" of rain and strong and damaging winds. as it moves over the warm atlantic waters likely strengthening into a category one storm and approaching the florida coast as a category one storm later in the week or early next week. so that is a possibility in watching that closely.
5:22 am
as we go through the day today back at home you can see cooler temperatures but right around where we should be. 86 for a high in santa clara. 85 san jose. 90 to morgan hill. looking at 89 for pleasant hill and concord. for san francisco about 70 degrees. 69 berkley. 74 oakland. and 80 for pedaluma. heating up as we look up to the north in you chiia. just in time for the weekend we warm back up and looking warm on labor day as well. back to you. >> sounds good mary. thank you. time now 5:22. >> coming up why millions of children's water bottles are being pulled off the shelves. >> and let's take a look at our traffic camera at the golden gate bridge. as traffic comes into san francisco. emily's got another check of offtraffic when we come back. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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heads up for our drivers in san mateo county this morning. sheriff's deputies say that three suspected skimming devices were found on monday. no word on how long those devices were in the gas pumps. authorities are now investigating. this morning, millions of children's water bottles are
5:26 am
being recalled. the contigo kids water bottles were sold in stores like costco, walmart, and target and also online april 2013 through june of 2019. a silicon spout can detach and pose a choking hazard for children. contigo has received reports of 18 incidents in which a spout was found in a child's mouth. time now is 5:26. >> ahead now in our next half hour a california family is not happy about faster network speeds. why they say 5g is a health hazard. >> and more than two dozen people are killed in a fire at a bar in mexico. coming up why authorities think it might be arson. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. breaking news this morning arson investigators on the scene of a deadly fire in mexico. this morning at least 23 are dead. >> plus former warriors player
5:30 am
demarcus cousins in legal hot water this morning. the accusation involving his ex-girlfriend. >> plus get ready for a cool down. >> i'm ready for that. good morning everyone it's wednesday august 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning everybody i'm kenny choi. let's see how low we can go. >> yeah, we are looking at temps that will be cooler. we are going to see temps running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. here's a live look it's a cloudy start and temps are running in the upper 50s to lower 60s this morning. the first day of school and happy first day. we are looking at temperatures in the low 80s in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine. so warming up for you in fremont. your microclimate forecast for the coast. mid 60s. breezy and cool and cloudy for the bay. low to mid 70s with clearing and inland locations sunny skies in
5:31 am
the upper 80s to low 90s. so we are starting to cool things down and we will continue as we head through the rest of the workweek. details on that coming up. emily. here at 5:30 i'm keeping an eye on your main travel times. elsewhere you are in the green. i do want to note for those of you headed out on 101 northbound out of the south bay. there is a pothole just as you pass 880. apparently it's bad enough for chp to report. heads up on that one. there is an injury accident that's blocking lanes. give you more information. so far that travel time is still in the green as it is on the east shore freeway. holding just south of 40. as you can tell the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. that back up is getting closer and closer to the foot of the maze and is already up over the 880 flyover at this hour. looks like the san mateo bridge has eased up just a little bit in the last 15 minutes or so.
5:32 am
you are smooth sailing into the peninsula this morning. >> i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we're keeping an eye on this terrible situation in mexico where 23 people have died in a bar fire overnight that appears to be arson. this is in the gulf coast state of vera cruz. authorities say there may have been an attack where this fire was started with gasoline bombs in the crowded bar and it might be a product of a gang dispute. so in addition to the 23 people who were killed, 13 people were injured. the attacker still on the loose as authorities work to identify them and the motives behind this. back to you. ann thank you. new this morning police in martinez are investigating a pipe bomb. yesterday morning a resident on wayne street called after finding a device and moving it onto the street. a bomb squad was able to safely
5:33 am
deactivate the device. it's still not clear how it got there. police urging anyone who finds a suspicious device to call law enforcement immediately and not move the object. happening today a court hearing suspected of a man suspected in a high profile attack in san francisco. instead it involves an attack in february. a victim in that san francisco incident saw the recent mug shot of austin james vincent and believed he was responsible for the previous attack. but vincent's attorney was able to prove his client was in southern california at the time. so the february case is expected to be dismissed. 5:33 right now a man is in custody in virginia accused of killing the wife, son, and mother-in-law of a minor league baseball player. matthew thomas bernard was arrested yesterday in pitsylvania county. deputies were called to a house yesterday morning after a
5:34 am
neighbor called believing someone had been shot. when investigators arrived they found a woman dead in the driveway and two dead in the home. >> this was a shock to our community to anybody's community when something like this happens. and it's just a reminder of how fragile life is. >> the victims are the family of the double affiliate for the rays. tmz sports broke this story on the all star laker center. he's accused of threatening his son's mother if she didn't allow their 7-year-old son to attend his wedding. he allegedly made the threats over the phone wednesday. >> i'm going to ask you this one more time can i have my son? >> no he's not coming. >> [ audio not understandable ]
5:35 am
. >> the lakers released this statement saying quote we are aware of the allegations involving demarcus cousins and take this claim seriously. we are in the process of gathering information and will reserve comment at this time. a man is behind bars this morning after crews say he admitted to starting a fire in marin county. charged with reckless burning. walker flagged down fire personnel claiming that he started the so-called spirit fire in wood acre by setting his personal items on fire. right now the spirit fire is 60% contained. it was burning on the ridge above spirit rock med station center and at last check scorched about 16 acres. fire officials said the flames forward frog has stopped and evacuation arrange has been lifted. crews are hoping to have it fully contained today. here is a live look at the san francisco airport which yesterday was the scene of a bus
5:36 am
jacking. the man who stole the airport shuttle bus remains at large this morning. the shuttle company sky park says the bus was picking up and letting off passengers when a man appeared out of nowhere and blocked new passengers from getting on and ordered the people on board to get off. the bus was later recovered in berkley along ashby avenue sitting across three lanes of traffic. no one was hurt. this morning an east bay high school a student was driving recklessly in the parking lot when the suv overturned. this happened right after classes let out for the day. three passengers were hurt but they are okay. san francisco's famously sinking my len yum tower is one step closer to being stabilize. a panel of independent experts approved a million dollars fix to sure it up. the project calls for over 50 piles to be drilled 250' into
5:37 am
bedrock. it's tilted 17". however, the planning department still needs to do an environmental impact review . once it's done the city can move forward. this morning a former google engineer is facing federal criminal charges for allegedly stealing trade secrets for uber in a high stakes tech war. a pioneer in autonomous technology. he resigned from google in the fall of 2015. then allegedly spent the next few months engaged in corporate es pi noj. prosecutors say he uploaded 14,000 files. >> silicon valley is not the wild west. the fast-pace and competitive environment does not mean federal laws don't apply or they can be ignored. >> if convicted the former executive faces the possibility of 10 years in prison and a
5:38 am
$250,000 fine. the debate over 5g technology is intensifying in sacramento. the city launched the high-speed internet service in 2017 and verizon put up hundreds of antennas around town. but now some people who live there are concerned those radio signals are creating health hazards in their homes or cancer and other long term health effects. >> they got sold on flashy and new and smart city and they didn't take the time to think of the people who are actually going to have to live through the testing. >> the levels of exposure are too low to pose any potential harm. the city says it will make sure fcc rules are followed and the counsel is expected to talk about 5g technology next week. a top executive from a big box retailer is making an apology. dianne king hall has that report in cbs money watch this morning. >> we'll start with stocks after starting the session higher yesterday wall street lost
5:39 am
ground. the dow slid 120. nasdaq fell 26. s&p 500 lost 9. millions of dollars to settle thousands of claims tied to the opioid crisis. the first federal trial is scheduled to start. purdue is the maker. and an executive for hardware retailer lowe's is apologizing for controversial comments he made that sparked employee outrage. lowe's. the washington post says the comments were made in a video presentation that was broadcast to lowe's employees. he realized the comment was careless and ignorant. >> apparently americans will have to take a break from the latest fast food craze. what happened? >> yeah on a lighter note after going viral online and having
5:40 am
lines out the door, popeye's new chicken sandwich is sold out. the company released the sandwich about two weeks ago and after a twitter battle with chick-fil-a the chain started selling out. it will be back soon and back for good. the company says it will send out an app when its sandwich is back in stock. >> i'm looking forward to tasting that sandwich. it looks good. >> so am i. >> diane king hall live at the new york stock exchange. thank you. and ever wonder what's floating in the bay? it turns out a lot of jung. what crews pulled out of the water. >> well our ocean breeze is back and that's why we will be cooling down. i'll let you know what you can expect where you live coming up. >> and no surprise for those of you in the red crossing that bay bridge this morning. that drive time is going to be slow. you're still looking good on the golden gate bridge as well as the san mateo bridge and the
5:41 am
richmond san rafael bridge. i've got more ahead. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. good wednesday morning to you and it's 5:43. you can see the low clouds out there. we are going to cool things down as we head through the afternoon with that ocean breeze kicking back in. i'll let you know what you can expect if your neighborhood coming up. san francisco is getting more smart trash cans but it's an expensive fix to the city's
5:44 am
garbage problem. they were installed in japantown yesterday. it can compact trash automatically as it begins to fill up. they are expensive though and cost around $4,000 each before maintenance costs. >> we're really willing to look at all kinds of garbage cans and ways to keep the city clean. >> this gives you more of an option and looking for people to not throw trash on the ground. things get dumped into the bay every single day. but do you ever wonder what happens to all that debris. they use a specialized all aluminum high-speedboat named the john dillard to find and remove the debris before one of the many ferries runs into it. >> probably the oddest with the exception of floating cars and
5:45 am
refrigerators. >> refrigerators. >> cars. >> and a jacuzzi with chlorinated water in it. >> wow. the john dill ard is on patrol four days a week. the busiest time is during winter storms. a monster yacht the length of a football field and we found out who it belongs to. our don ford snapped this picture yesterday. it belongs to british businessman joe lewis who is best known as the owner of totnam. it is the first yacht to have an indoor paddle tennis court. must be nice. >> very nice. u.s. women's soccer star carly lloyd is considering kicking for the nfl. >> and she should. the 37 got a couple of offers after nailing a 55-yard field goal at a practice last week.
5:46 am
take a look. >> yes! >> she's awesome. in addition to -- yeah she did. in addition to her 55-yard field goal lloyd also hit a 40-yard goal. lloyd was offered a chance to participate with two different teams in nfl preseason this week but her coach says she turned the offers down as she is set to play a game with team usa tomorrow. she's busy. lloyd is a t-time fifa women's world cup champion and two-time olympic gold medallist. >> i love that. >> right in the middle too. >> talented. >> miami could use that. my gators beat them this weekend in case you were wondering. miami missed a field goal. so maybe they could recruit her. >> they could of used her. >> they can take all the help them can get in the meantime. as far as traffic is concerned you don't need any
5:47 am
help. i'll just skip the map and get right to traffic at this hour. it looks good. we do have a couple of issue that is are going to slow you down. those are in the commute direction. this is westbound on highway 4 it's really slow for those of you headed out of skory bay, that -- discovery bay that area getting towards antioche. it's all off to the right-hand side. 3 miles an hour because there are lanes closed as well as the right shoulder. once you pass that you're good to go then you hit regular slowing as you're passing through pittsburgh westbound on highway 4. you are looking good no problems to report down to 7 miles an hour. we are starting to see residual slowing out of the 680 dublin interchange. if you continue fast the dublin interchange you are going to hit an accident or pass one. westbound closer towards the bay. your travel time there for that commute is a 40-minute ride. you're now in the red which you haven't been all week.
5:48 am
the east shore freeway still looks good. there's that highway 4 commute in the yellow thanks to that accident and 101 is still in the green as well as 42 minutes out of the south bay. bay bridge is slow and go as you're approaching the metering lights out of the toll plaza. and boy it got real busy in the last 15 minutes for those of you headed towards the san mateo bridge. plenty of company and also some brake lights headed in that direction. eastbound is startinto get a little busy as well. and it's also heating up at the richmond san rafael bridge, heir. well the ocean breeze we know and love it's coming back to us. the afternoon running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday: here is a live look at the treasure island camera. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to slow to mid 60s. 61 for you in concord. 59 san francisco, 61 in san jose and 57 for santa rosa.
5:49 am
so your weather headlines. low clouds and areas of fog at the coast and for parts of the bay this morning. our inland locations waking up to clear skies. that stronger ocean breeze will cool all of us down as we head through the day. near average highs even through the holiday weekend. by the numbers it has been a long time since we have seen any measurable rainfall even 1/10" of rain or more in san francisco and that happened back on may 21st. you remember just how wet of a winter and a spring that we had with that record rainfall and now we're going on almost 100 days since we have seen any rain. so we are looking at dry conditions and that will continue, that dry stretch over the next several days not expecting any rain. here is the satellite and radar view with this low pressure system ushering in that on shore flow and that is the reason why we will cool it down. as we go hour by hour on future cast and you can see the skies clearing as we go through the afternoon. that cloud cover pulling back to the coast in the afternoon and
5:50 am
then for tomorrow morning that cloud cover a little more extensive. so even then moving into our inland locations tomorrow morning. then some clearing. temps will be cooler for your thursday and for your friday. if you're suffering from allergies, the pollen report looking at medium high levels for today increasing as we go through the rest of the workweek and into the weekend. not the best news for allergy sufferers. our sunrise at 6:36 and sunset at 7:44. daytime highs for today cooler compared to yesterday but right around where we should be for this time of year. so seasonal. 85 for san jose. concord no longer talking about the 90s but upper 80s. improving with our weather. 89 in concord as well as for pleasant hill. 70 san francisco. upper 60s berkley. mid 70s in oakland. 80 in pedaluma and mid 90s in cloverdale. here's your 7-day forecast. what you can expect temps cooling down for thursday and friday and warming back up into the weekend and into labor day.
5:51 am
back to you. >> mary thank you. a major milestone for the tallest active geyser in the world. . >> steam boat geyser in yellowstone national park erupted yesterday for the thirty-third time this year. smashing the record for most eruptions in a year. since 2018 it had been quiet for more than three years but when steam boat does erupt it puts on a huge show look at that shooting 300' into the air. >> wow. time now 5:51. >> talk about a special delivery. coming up truckloads of teddy bears dropped off at a california hospital. what inspired this act of kindness. >> and before we head to break, let's take a live look outside. this is a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. 5:51 we'll be right back. from the couldn't be prouders
5:52 am
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good wednesday morning to you. isn't this just a beautiful view with our mount vaca cam. you can see the low clouds and then above that as well we have the mid to high level clouds but just in the middle that sliver of a sunrise with the golden colors in the sky. talk about what you can expect. when we'll see that clearing on future cast coming up emily. sunrise is beautiful mary. here at 5:54 i have a nice sight for you for those of you headed on the nimmets northbound or southbound. it's not stop and go.
5:55 am
certainly busy. there's plenty of volume but the good news is there are no delays. well a special delivery at a hospital in placer county. >> a jump start to help the healing process for patients in roseville. every child that enters suters in roseville. now they no longer have to. california family fitness staff delivered more than 2000 snuggly mood-boosters yesterday for a special gift. >> i thought since the kids are amazing and i want them to think they will alwayse amazing. >> elana specially designed these t-shirts to remind patients they're pretty tough. >> that's so nice of them. and the 11-year-old too designing these t-shirts. >> it's contagious. it also can be very traumatic so those teddy bears can help. it is 5:55.
5:56 am
an unexpected announcement from the prime minister this morning. we'll have the details and the potential impact. >> and tropical storm dorian is bearing down right now on the caribbean. we're going to take a look at puerto rico which is bracing for the storm and some of the damage it's already left behind. plus a man who is facing assault charges for allegedly attacking a woman in san francisco just a couple of weeks ago may have some charges dropped this morning. we'll explain. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
5:57 am
sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a bay area landlord is accused of planning a home invasion targeting one of her own tenants. the goal of the bizarre plot. >> tropical storm dorian is expected to grow stronger as it roars through the caribbean. how puerto rico is preparing and where the storm is headed next. good morning everyone it is wednesday, august 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi.
6:00 am
thanks for waking up with us. it's 6:00 right now. we are going to get a cool down. just how low are we going to go? mary's got the numbers. we are going to cool it down by about 5 to 10 degrees with that for suring ocean breeze kicking in for us. here's a live look with our treasure island cam actually our roof cam and you can see the low clouds. the temps in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s this morning. good morning to you in fremont. fremont unified school district. the first day of school for you. sunny and warm right around 82 for a high in fremont. other locations as we head through the day. you're going to notice that difference with cooler temps. 90 in fairfield and 85 in san jose and oakland. and mid 60s for pacifica. we'll talk about that cool down that will continue for the rest of the workweek. how low those temperatures will get and


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