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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it's 6:00 right now. we are going to get a cool down. just how low are we going to go? mary's got the numbers. we are going to cool it down by about 5 to 10 degrees with that for suring ocean breeze kicking in for us. here's a live look with our treasure island cam actually our roof cam and you can see the low clouds. the temps in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s this morning. good morning to you in fremont. fremont unified school district. the first day of school for you. sunny and warm right around 82 for a high in fremont. other locations as we head through the day. you're going to notice that difference with cooler temps. 90 in fairfield and 85 in san jose and oakland. and mid 60s for pacifica. we'll talk about that cool down that will continue for the rest of the workweek. how low those temperatures will get and also the latest on
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tropical storm dorian coming up emily. all right here at 6:00 let's start with a look at your bridges. we are going to start with the bay bridge. the busiest one of them all those metering lights are on. they are backed up to the foot of the maze and up onto the 880 flyover. sorry i just got distracted because i just saw there are flashing lights in the approach to the bay bridge. at this point chp hasn't written anything up you can see that right there between all those big rigs. i don't know. in the meantime it's going to be slowing you down at the toll plaza into san francisco this morning. you're also slow and go across the san mateo bridge to the peninsula this morning. so you might need to give yourself a little extra time there as well . and last but not least the richmond san rafael bridge that approach is packed but not slowing you down at this point. you're good to go northbound and southbound on 101. i'm anne makovec at the live
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news desk and we're going live right now to puerto rico which is bracing for tropical storm dorian. president trump has approved an emergency declaration for that territory right now. heavy rain is expected to strengthen as it approaches the island later today and it could hit florida as a hurricane next week. looking now at some video from the caribbean island. dorian washed out roads and flooded homes. trees are down. back to president trump. he is planning on sending fema to puerto rico. he just tweeted about it a few minutes ago. he also included some harsh criticism for san juan's mayor who he has gotten into a spat with before about the u.s. response to hurricane maria. he is calling her now incompetent. and more on the storms puerto ricans are getting out of the u.s. territory. those who are staying are preparing for the worst.
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residents stocked up on supplies this week, boarded up their homes and started pulling boats out of the water. two years after hurricane maria ravaged puerto rico thousands of homes are still covered with tarps and the power grid remains unpredictable. government ufsz as are closed through at least tomorrow. help is coming from florida dozens of firefighters with miami dade rescue are prepared to conduct searches after the storm hits. new video from brazil shows the extreme devastation from wild fires burning. meanwhile animosity between brazil and european countries seems to be prevent additional help. brazil insist it will site conditions before it accepts any help from the group of seven nations which has offered tens of millions of dollars for fire fighting and rain forest protections. the rain forest is considered vital to the health of the planet. this morning a silicon valley lan lord is accused of
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master mining a home invasion. r enu saini. she became frustrate wednesday her tenants so she called four of her friends to try and physically remove them. when the group of suspects arrived at the rental house, the family of four refused to leave so one of the suspects turned off the power. accused of using a knife to try and pry open the front door. >> pounding on the door or shouting. i heard they were yelling. first i yelled at them. said hey. knock it off. >> they were kicking on a metallic gate to get to the front door. >> police surrounded the rental finding saini and the other suspects in the front yard. they were all under arrest. happening this morning, the man accused of attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo complex may not face charges from an earlier incident. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us
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live from the san francisco hall of justice with details. jackie. >> michelle, according to austin vincent's lawyers the district attorney's office will drop some charges against him this morning since he was actually living in southern california at the time of the incident that happened back in february. it was this video that surfaced just a couple of weeks ago that led to assault charges against the 25-year-old. it showed him violently wrestling with a woman trying to enter her condo. he was released from custody just days after the attack which outraged many people. after the release of his mug shot another woman came forward claiming vincent attacked her with a knife in february on the embarkedaro in february. now the district attorney's office received information that vincent was actually in southern california tate the at that time. vincent's public defender will ask the judge that he be placed back with a case management. he had been in full compliance
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in receiving housing and help. the office of the public defender wrote quote mr. vincent would continue to receive the critical services he needs to stabilize his circumstances which can better support a long term solution to harm reduction and public safety. the hearing this morning is at 9:00 here at the hall of justice in san francisco and those charges that he received just a couple of weeks ago still stand. live in san francisco jackie ward kpix 5. new this morning major developments in the brexit battle in the united kingdom this morning. new prime minister boris johnson announced he will temporarily shut down the parliament. johnson previously declared they will be leafing the u.s.k.. today's announcement will severely restrict the amount of british lawmakers and the time british lawmakers will have to discuss a potential deal. i'm now is 6:06. pg&e has received some harsh criticism for its power outages
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this summer. >> plus hundreds of thousands of people ordered to evacuate as deadly floods sweep through japan. we'll take a closer look at what they're dealing with. >> we will continue with our cool down today with that strong ocean breeze for us. here is a gorgeous sunrise. you can see the clouds in the sky. we'll talk about when the skies will clear on future cast coming up. >> beautiful colors. much better than the ones on my map that show a little bit of red and a little bit of orange for those of you headed out on the altamonte pass. and there are some trouble spots beyond that and i'll tell you what those are ahead.
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good wednesday morning to you. we are halfway through the workweek. here's a live look with our cliff house ocean beach camera. you can see the cloudy start to the day right now. ocean beach it's 59 degrees. that ocean breeze kicking in for us. i'll let you know what you can expect in your neighborhood coming up. >> here at 6:10 i'm keeping an
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eye on your commute. but let's jump in and check in on your public transit situation. you are all on time. you guys are looking good. you do not have to give yourself any extra time here. >> sounds good thank you. 6:11 right now deadly flooding in southern japan. this is the aftermath of torrential rainfall today in the city of saga. you can see some people trying to balance feet of water right there. earlier in the day local government its urged thousands of people to evacuate. the storm is blamed for at least two deaths so far. japan's military says it has deployed 100 troops for disaster relief. new details on a brush fire in marin county a man faces criminal charges for starting it. 73-year-old henry walker from pedaluma is charged with reckless burning. the sheriff's office says walker flagged down fire personnel saying he was trying to burn some personal items in wood acre when the flames grew out of
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control. authorities say walker had minor injuries from attempting to stomp it out. as of last night the fire burning on the ridge but spirit rock meditation center was 60% contained. the flames have scorched about 16 acres. an evacuation warning has been lifted. crews stayed at the scene overnight to preefrnt any flare ups. the fire is expected to be fully contained sometime later today. pg&e said it could shut down power if some conditions could lead to devastating wild fires. now the san francisco based utility has a new website for possible power shutoffs. find out if an additional intentional outage is a possibility. the site also has information about weather conditions in northern and central california. the potential for power shutoffs is ranked into four categories. not expected, elevated, public safety power shutoff watch and public safety power shutoff
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warning. pg&e has faced legal problems over its role in devastating wild fires over the past couple of years. san jose is making changes that could lead to a building boom in the back yard all to help ease the housing crunch. the city's pushing hard to make the so-called granny units more streamlineded. normally the process could take weeks but now on tuesdays perspectivive builders could give premium express service. they could be out in 90 minutes or less. the goal to incentivize homeowners to build more of these units on their existed lots. >> everything we're doing is moving forward to help homeowners to take advantage of the land they have. >> the city also launched a new online web portal. the city estimates 180,000 hopes qualify and have the necessary space to build them.
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today teachers, parents, and students in oakland have a chance to weigh in on plans for more school closures. the first round of closures back in february drew fierce protest and we could see the same tonight. the school board wants to reduce the number of schools in the district by as many as 24 citing declining enrollment. the district estimates more than 1300 students would be affected by this latest plan. today's meeting starts at 4:00 on 2nd avenue. san francisco will expand mental health programs at its public schools to help kids deal with stress, depression and other issues. currently all sfusg schools have mental health nurses. it will also be used to expand clinical mental health support. for providing mental health services to students. happening today the 2019
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wine grape harvest begins in livermore valley and in just a few hours a rabbi, priest and pastor will bless the harvest. pino grigio and omegasouthern winery sau vinon blanc. >> why not the blessing of the harvest. >> sure yes. >> i will say amen to that. blessing of the harvest: . >> cheers. >> that's right well we'll go ahead and bless your commute this morning. there are a couple of trouble spots but really not causing an unholy mess. taking a look you can see one of them and that is on the peninsula. for those of you headed northbound on the 101. you're down to 14 mes per hour as you're approaching the airport this morning in the northbound direction. but that back up doesn't last long. they are in the process of getting out of that one lane
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that's blocking off the shoulder. let's fly back over to the westbound highway 4 accident. now this is out of one of the lanes but still blocking another. so the left panned lane is still blocked. but you are up now above 10 miles an hour which is better than we were just about 15 minutes ago. once you get past it you're smooth sailing and right there as you continue westbound you see slowing but that's typical for that commute those of you who ride highway 4 you'll know. for those of you headed out of the altamonte pass you're good to go slow out of the tracy triangle but once you're out of the altamonte you are fine. all the way to the dublin interchange. it looks like the backups on 84 westbound have decreased but we are now starting to see delays southbound on680 you're pulling into sonole this morning. there is an accident in the westbound direction past that interchange. a stall on 238 also not causing delays but they are causing delays southbound on the
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nimmets. right there there is an accident just past 92 you can see slow and go conditions leading up to that. then over on the peninsula you see that accident on broadway causing those delays at this hour. the bay bridge this morning the metering lights are on. you are slow and go backed up towards the foot of the maze and up on to the 880 flyover at this hour. it looks like you're going to be moving along at a better rate of speed there. and you are really slow headed westbound on that san mateo bridge. somebody stalled off to the left-hand side but at least you're going to have beautiful of weather to balance that out. mary. that's right our wonderful sea breeze is kicking in for us today. that means temps will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. here's a live look. that gray start. temps running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. 61 in oakland and for san jose. 63 livermore. upper 50s san francisco. mid 50s in santa rosa. areas of fog along the coast and
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for parts of the bay with tt stronger on shore breeze that will be cooling us all down as we head through the afternoon and your average highs through the holiday weekend. so here's the satellite and radar view with that low pressure system ushering in that on shore flow with cooler temperatures. let's go hour by hour on future cast taking you through the day and you can see that clearing for most of us. that cloud cover pulling back to the coast. for tomorrow morning it's going to be a gray start for more of you. so even that cloud cover extending for inland locations tomorrow morning and then some clearing and temps will be much cooler for thursday and friday. i do want to give you an update on tropical storm dorian. it is 60 miles southeast of st. croix. and will likely make landfall later today by this afternoon and close to hurricane strength. so a strong tropical storm and
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close to a hurricane there with 70 miles per hour winds. you need 74 miles per hour sustained winds to be classified as a cat one hurricane. it will move close to the dominican republic for tomorrow and then as it moves over the warm atlantic waters it will increase to a category 1 storm and eventually a category 2 storm with those longer range models with the potential for approaching the northeast florida coast as a cat 2 hurricane. we'll be watching that closely for you. back at home our sunrise at 6:36. daytime highs cooler compared to yesterday but right around where we should be for this time of year. 86 sunnivale as well as for santa clara. 90 to morgan hill. concord upper 80s. not too bad there. upper 80s for pleasant hill. so no longer talking about the mid 90s and how hot it was earlier in the the beginning of the week. and looking at highs topping out
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at 85 for windsor. there we go with that 7-day forecast cooling down and thursday and friday and warming up into the weekend and also for labor day. back to you. 6:19. the family of a minor league baseball player is targeted in a horrific triple homicide. we'll have the investigation into the tragedy and the incredible arrest of a completely naked suspect. >> let's head outside right now as we take a live look from our treasure island camera looking athe bay bridge. look at that, all kinds of shades of gray to kick off this wednesday morning. 6:20. here's one you guys will like.
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new this morning from virginia a man is in custody accused of killing the wife, son, and mother-in-law of a minor league baseball player. the suspected killer emerged
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from a home naked. ran after a virginia state police officer and that officer then used mace to try to control him. it didn't work . then the man tried to attack a man in a bernard church parking lot. >> i was just saying lord get me out of this and i was fighting the most that i could. >> authorities finally apprehended him after an officer hit him with a baton. he's accused of killing three family members. the mother, wife and child of the baseball player bivens. 6:24 right now purrdue pharma. the news comes two months before the company goes to trial. purrdue is the maker of the prescription painkiller oxycontin. the sackler family would give up ownership of the company and pay $3 million of its own money. earlier an oklahoma judge ordered johnson and johnson to
6:25 am
pay $572 million for fuelling the state ate opioid crisis. purrdue settled the state case in oklahoma for $270 million. a former google engineer could spend up to a decade in prison for allegedly stealing trade secrets to benefit uber. anthony levindowski resigned from google in the fall of 2017 and spent the next few months engaged in corporate es pi noj. prosecutors say he stole 14,000 files related to a top secret project which later became the wamo self-driving car. >> silicon valley is not the wild west. the fast-pace and competitive environment does not mean federal laws can be applied or
6:26 am
ignored. >> levindowski pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon. a panel of independent experts signed off on the $100 million project calling for more than 50 piles to be drilled 250' into bedrock. however, the planning department still needs to do an environmental impact review and until that's done work can begin. 6:26 police are on the hunt for a man who xhomen dear xhen deared a shuttle bus. >> and why hundreds of millions of dollars are now being diverted. >> and let's take a live look outside this time at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see a lot of traffic out there. all the east bayers trying to get into san francisco. emily's going to have an update on your traffic is just a bit. 6:26 we'll be right back. you've still got game.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. emergency personnel in one bay area city are fed up with false alarms. the plan crackdown that's being met with skepticisms in the community. and a live look from puerto rico as tropical storm dorian takes aim. all is quiet and calm right there. we'll let you know if the island can expect a direct hit later today. good morning it is wednesday august 28th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time right now is 6:30 let's check in with mary lee who's
6:31 am
also tracking that storm. >> a lot to track. we are tracking tropical storm dorian and also our ocean breeze kicking back in for us. so temps will be cooler as we head through the day across the bay area. here is a live look with our treasure island camera. it is a gray start with those low clouds. temps running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. fremont good morning to you and happy first day of school to the fremont unified school district. so your microclimate forecast taking you through the day. mid 60s for the coast. breezy cool and cloudy for the day. low to mid 70s with clearing and for our inland locations plenty of sunshine upper 80s to low 90s. so temps running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. we'll continue on that cool-down as we head through the week. i'll have your labor day weekend forecast and the latest on dorian coming up. as far as the roadways are concerned it's not terrible out there. i will say we are creeping out
6:32 am
of the green on your main travel times. are you no longer in the green coming out of the south bay. 59 minutes there. 42 for those of you on highway 4 trying to make it to the east shore freeway and the east shore freeway just popped in itself. and we are still slow and go coming out of the altamonte pass 41-minute drive. the bay bridge metering lights are on. you're fine if you have cash but if you are in the fastrak lanes you are slow and go backed up to the foot of the maze as well as on to the 880 flyover. 6:32. happening today in a santa clara county courtroom a suspected car thief is set to be arraigned on charges in a fatal crash involving a ride share car. claudio perez was trying to avoid a traffic stop on sunday night and crashed into a lyft car on the lawrence expressway. murder, driving uchls while causing an injury, evading a
6:33 am
police officer and auto theft. oneide share passenger 28-year-old carol major of santa clara was killed in the crash. another passenger and the ride share driver were also injured. investigators are still trying to find a man who stole a shuttle bus from sfo. the shuttle company sky park says the bus was picking up and letting off passengers yesterday when a man appeared out of nowhere. blocked new passengers from getting on and ordered the people on board to get off. the bus was later rovered in berkley along ashby avenue sitting across three lanes of traffic. it appears the bus had run out of gas. >> in this day in age the only thing you can be is alert and don't try to fight it. >> no one was injured. witnesses say the robber was calm and did not appear to be armed but the driver decided not to take any chances and gave up the bus. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we have some breaking news coming in right now. reports that a bicyclist was hit
6:34 am
by a car and killed in fremont about a half an hour ago and roadways are now closed. we're talking about northbound boyce road near auto mall parkway and stuart avenue. we've got some calls into the police department but the reports about the bicyclist who was killed coming right now from the east bay times. we're waiting for confirmation. but the roadways we know will be closed until around 10 this morning. back to you. anne thank you. 6:34 right now as we take a live look from puerto rico right now where they are bracing for tropical storm dorian. the island is still grappling with the defation sfr hurricane maria back in 2017. dorian is expected to be a smaller than expected storm. it could put the most vulnerable at risk including people still relying on tps for shelter. the storms have battled the islands of martinique. as dorian passed through the
6:35 am
small french island. and as we head into the height of hurricane season the department of homeland security is planning to divert $271 million from agencies like fema to fund border programs. house speaker nancy pelosi say that this move is especially reckless right now. the dhs says that fema will still have money for operational needs and long-term recovery efforts. on twitter last night president trump falsely claimed that congress has already approved $92 billion in disaster aid for puerto rico in the two years since hurricane maria. that number is actually around $40 billion. puerto rico has received just a fraction of that. and mary you've been tracking dorian's path all morning long. >> you can see the enhanced satellite imagery of dorian as it moves closer to the virgin islands as well as for puerto rico. here is the latest on dorian as we move closer to it.
6:36 am
this will make landfall later today. so the latest stats for you right now looking at maximum sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. it's 60 miles southeast of st. croix moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. so there we go, likely making landfall over the virgin islands and puerto rico by this afternoon as that looking at a strong tropical storm close to hurricane strength with 70 miles per hour winds. maximum sustained winds there could see up to 10" of rain for puerto rico there and possibly the virgin islands. and as it moves over the warm atlantic waters strengthening into a category 1 to a category 2 storm possibly looking at it approaching the northeast coast of florida as a category 2 storm by monday. we'll be watching that very closely and of course we'll talk about our weather back at homecoming up. mary thank you. today a red flag warning is in effect for parts of northern california. there's high fire danger today
6:37 am
in the same area that just dealt with a destructive fire a few days ago. the national weather service issued red flag warnings in parts of el dorado and amador counties. pg&e has warned they might shut off power at high times of risk. crews are already starting to prepare for it. in santa cruz they checked on hundreds of miles of power lines. >> if we have had to turn the power off because of fire conditions, that means there's concern that maybe a wire might of come down because of wind or some other equipment may have been damaged. >> pg&e says it will try to alert customers 48 hours before it shuts off power. in campaign 2020 today is the day for democratic election hopefuls to this month. meantime ride share drivers
6:38 am
demanding to be unionized. mayor pete buttigieg was in san francisco for a campaign event yesterday and joined the protesting uber and lyft drivers from all over the state to protest outside uber headquarters. members of congress from the bay area are vowing to continue their fight for new gun control measures. gun control advocates joined house speaker nancy pelosi in san francisco last night. the town hall was designed to pro mote legislation. the bill has already passed in the u.s. house. >> common sense background checks. gun violence prevention. we have said we are not taking no for an answer. >> we are going to march on the capitol in the united states to prove in the senate that if they don't take action for this they're going to lose their elections. >> california's surgeon general dr. nee dean harris and jun control activist sharon watts also took part in the town hall.
6:39 am
right now in fremont an investigation is under way after a shooting was reported involving two vehicles. it happened yesterday at about 4:00 p.m. on 880 near stevenson boulevard and farwell drive. the witness told police one person in a dark-colored sedan waved a gun at occupants in another vehicle. anyone with information is asked to call police. if you accidentally trip your burglar alarm you could be considering a fine. at the city's dispatch center. the fourth most common call for help are generated by burglar alarms in home and businesses. nearly 7 a day with each one requiring multiple officers to respond. problem is 99% of the alarms are false. >> this is really a drain on us. we don't have the time and resources for this. we need to figure out how we can make this better.
6:40 am
>> the city council is considering an ordinance. even a first offense would result in a $50 fine. time now is 6:39. the hunt is on for a santa cruz woman who worked in the bay area after her recke was found at the foot of a cliff. >> and an old attraction at i don't semitea -- yosemite. >> let's get a look at the big board here. the dow is down about 104 points. coming up we'll getten update from kcbs's financial reporter jason brooks.
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good wednesday morning to you where our cool down is courtesy of our sea breeze today. a lovely view from our ocean beach cliff camera. we're going to see temperatures start about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. i'll show you future cast when the skies will clear for most of
6:44 am
us coming up. google reportedly making a move out of china. >> joining us now is kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks good morning. >> good morning michelle and kenny. tech firms are increasingly looking for ways to avoid collateral damage from the u.s. china trade bar and the report is that google is looking to remove its pixel reduction from china to vietnam. it's google home smart speaker production from china to thailand. the idea so to build a low-cost plant in asia. the battle between u.s. and china but also rising labor costs in china making it tougher for u.s. businesses. tiffany is seeing the fallout of weaker tourism in the u.s. tiffany's saw a 25% decline in tourism spending in the americas
6:45 am
in the first quarter. and tourism spending in the u.s. picks up 12% of its revenue. heading higher overall. the market heading lower for the second straight day. the dow dropping 45 points. nasdaq moving lower by about twnt 5 points and the s&p is down by 10 points. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio thank you. it is 6:45 time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning and gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning gayle. >> i feel like i haven't seen you in a thousand years michelle my bell. >> it's been a long time. >> braces for dorian's impact today. we are on the already hurricane ravaged island. >> plus new cbs this morning
6:46 am
exclusive. why juul says it won't pause production despite recent cases of severe lung illnesses reportedly linked to e-cigarettes. tony due copal did that interview yesterday morning. >> and achieving higher test scores. we like that. we'll see you guys at 7:00. that's a little over 10 minutes from now michelle. >> that looks like a fun classroom. i wish we had that when i was in school. >> yes, i didn't have one of those either. >> all right. well we will see you at 7:00. >> the kids are learning. >> yeah, that's great. >> all right i'll see you later. >> bye bye. 6:46 right now. a major milestone for the tallest active geyser in the world. >> look at that. yesterday steam boat geyser in
6:47 am
yellowstone national park erupted for the thirty-third time this year. before it sprung to life in 2018 it had been quiet for more than 3 years. when it does erupt it puts on quite the show. erupting 300' in the air. >> that is the coolest thing ever. can you imagine if you lucked out and you just saw it rz well it's way better than getting hit by a bison. i will take a geyser any day. i'll also take much better traffic conditions that we're seeing outside right now. as a result of a few accidents out there. the overall big picture is starting to get a little bit jumbled. there's going to be more orange and more red out there. right to those trouble spots. one of them is on the east shore freeway. they are in the process of clearing that. but look at the delays. you're pretty much in the orange from the maze. a little bit of a break right there 580 but you are backed up
6:48 am
all the way to highway 4. i'll have that drive time in a second. in the meantime westbound 24 coming out of walnut creekment right there at 680 and it's slow going on 24 right past that all the way through. and this is still not cleared. now it has been moveded out of the lane but it is still slowing things down significantly all the way pretty much before you get to the san mateo bridge. up until broadway down to 11 miles an hour in some of those slow spots northbound on 101. and coming out of the altamonte pass this is the least of our worries at this hour. but then back up to a regular running speed towards the dublin interchange. slow and go conditions out of the dublin interchange but really starting to clear on 84 in that westbound direction. take a look at that. due to that accident on powell you are in the red on the east shore freeway. and highway 4 is slow and go also. 54 minutes in that westbound sdreks. you've still got that accident
6:49 am
right there at broadway. 64 minutes as you are headed out of the south bay this morning. the metering lights are on. 880 flyover under those cloudy skies. but mary that is set to change. >> that's right. we are going to have clearing as we head through the day. for most of us. but if you are waking up to those gray skies, here is a beautiful live look with our sunrise, our mount vaca cam. our temps are running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. oakland 60 one 63 in livermore and for san jose. upper 50s in san francisco. mid 50s for santa rosa. so your weather headlines. low clouds, areas of fog along the coast and parts of the bay. that stronger ocean breeze kicks in today and that will cool us all down this afternoon running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. near average highs through the holiday weekend. by the numbers downtown san francisco the last time that we
6:50 am
saw 1/10" of rain or more was back on may 21st. of course you remember how wet of a winter and spring that we had. but we're running now almost 100 days ago since we saw any measurable rainfall at least 1/10" of rain or more and it looks like we're going to continue on that dry stretch over the next couple of days. a low pressure system just after the coast to our west is bringing in that on shore flow and that's why temps will be cooler for today and especially as we head through the end of the workweek. going hour by hour on future cast. here we are at 4:00 p.m. and you can see the skies clearing. so that cloud cover pulling back to the coast. for tomorrow morning it is going to be a cloudy and foggy start for many of us. that cloud cover extending farther inland. so for tomorrow morning many of us waking up to those clouds and then some clearing and temps will be a little bit cooler for our thursday and friday. allergy sufferers not the best news here. medium high levels today and increases thursday, friday, and
6:51 am
especially by saturday. so we are not done with allergy season just yet. our daytime highs for today even though we are cooler, our temps will be right around where we should be for this time of year. so taking you out to the south bay. 86 in sunnivale. also for you in santa clara. 85 san jose. 92-morgan hill. upper 80s loss gatis. concord 80s. nice to see that for pleasant hill starting off the week in the upper 90s. 70 in san jose. san francisco 69 in berkley. 74 in oakland and san leandro and topping out at 85 for windsor. here's the 7-day forecast cooling down for thursday and friday warming back up for the weekend and into labor day. 6:51 right now investigators now say a destructive wild fire in a residential neighborhood in portland, oregon was intentionally set. the massive fire damaged several homes and buildings and dozens
6:52 am
of cars. someone set the fire in what used to be a golf driving range. neighbors who first saw the flames ran to neighbors to get them out safely. >> i ran to the scene and everything is up in smoke. our cars, the oil, fuel tanks are exploding. >> no one was injured and the investigation is still ongoing. right now authorities in big sur are looking for a missing santa cruz woman. last week a mangled car was found at the bottom of a cliff with no one inside. police say the vehicle is registered to 37-year-old kristin kendall. friends of kendall say she worked as a medical assistant in san jose. no word yet on the cause of the crash. time now 6:52 more on the fires in marin county... >> this shot was hard to forget. austin vincent with back in court this morning.
6:53 am
hear why some charges are expected to be dropped next. >> and taking a live look from our mount vavmdca cam. look at -- vaca cam. look at how beautiful that looks. 6:52 we'll be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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taking a live look at the walt disney world resort in florida. for all the star wars fans out there the official dedication for the star wars galaxy's edge is today. beginning tomorrow a similar exhibit is already open at disneyland in anaheim. >> i'm jackie ward live in san francisco in front of the hall of justice where the man accused of hacking a woman in front of her apartment. his attorneys are saying that the district attorney's office may be dropping some charges for a case in an incident in february that happened because he was living in southern california at the time. this is the video that led to
6:57 am
those charges that he got just a couple of weeks ago for assaulting that woman allegedly in front of her apartment on the embarkadaro in san francisco. he was released from custody just days after the attack which outraged many people. after the release of his mug shot another woman came forward claiming vincent attacked her as well with a knife back in february also on the embarkedaro. there's new information that vincent was in southern california at that time. however vincent's public defender asked that the judge he be placed back with assertive case management they say he was in full compliance there and receiving the help he needed. he is due back in court at a 9:00 hearing this morning. in san francisco jackie ward kpix 5. 6:57 right now time for a look at this morning's top
6:58 am
stories. >> new this morning in the santa clara courtroom a man is set to be arraigned in connection with a fatal crash. claudio perez was trying to avoid a traffic stop sunday night and crashed into a car operating as a ride share vehicle on lawrence expressway. a ride share passenger died in that crash. >> a man faces criminal charges for starting a brush fire in marin county. the suspect is 73-year-old henry walker. the fire is expected to be fully contned sometime later today. >> at least 23 people are dead and 13 injured after an arson attack in mexico. the fire broke out at a bar. so far no arrests. tropical storm dorian is on track to touchdown in puerto rico this afternoon. the u.s. territory is still reeling from hurricane maria two years ago. this morning in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson announced he will temporarily shut down parliament.
6:59 am
let's take a live look out to the bay bridge toll plaza where you are slow and go backed up to the maze at this hour. and underneath those foggy skies for now. it's not clear either at the san mateo bridge on the bridge in the westbound direction it looks like there's a tow truck there trying to get something out of the left-hand shoulder. slow crawl. eastbound is looking good however and it's slow in the approach to the toll plaza getting to the richmond san rafael bridge. mary. okay emily well it is a cloudy start to the bay. check out our south bay san jose camera waking up to mostly sunny skies. we are going to have that clearing through the afternoon except for the coast. it's going to be running cooler about 5 to 10 degrees cooler this afternoon 89 in concord and 90 in fairfield. 85 for a daytime high in san jose. 74 oakland and 70 for san francisco. it gets even cooler thursday friday warmling up for the weekend into labor day.
7:00 am
>> sounds good. look again. they get the halo. can we pan it over. >> little angels. >> me and kenny we're not good enough. >> join us tomorrow find out. good morning to you, our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." strengthening storm. the latest forecast as tropical storm dorian heads for puerto rico and florida. david begnaud is in florida as emergency crews get ready. >> what gives you confidence that you're better prepared now? >> i think first of all the number of supplies that we have. epstein's revelations of newly released video takes us inside epstein's florida mansion. we talk to one woman who stood up in court to say the accused attacker stole their innocence. the pioneer in the race to


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