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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 28, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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look at a fire that is burning in eastern contra costa county right now. this blaze has spread to at least three structures. it is burning along a stretch of highway four on both sides of the byron highway. we are getting some via video from the scene. flames torching some trees and vegetation. fire crews say the flames are hitting power lines in the area. in numerous locations live wires are down. making the firefight more dangerous. for those first responders. we are getting some video of flames engulfing at least one outbuilding right now. this fire has spread to 4 structures. it remains unclear if that includes any homes. our chief meteorologist joins us with a late weather conditions in the byron area. today the weather is not helping. we have a strong wind in this area. it is likely the windiest place in the entire bay area. wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour in and around byron. the air temperature is 86.
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the wind is an issue. relative humidity 27%. tomorrow's high breezy 87. in the sierra we are looking at a high fire danger for the next couple hours. potential for additional lightning strikes with little or no rainfall. dry lightning. vertical fire danger. a windy evening in byron. the full forecast for the bay area including the holiday weekend is coming up. were on that fire is chopper 5 is on scene. investigators in fremont are trying to determine what's okay drivers so long to call police after hitting a bicyclist. both cyclists were struck and killed this morning on boyce road. a witness telling our reporter what he saw. >> reporter: it turns out there is at least a 10 to 15 minute window to when the biker was hit when the driver called 911. the million-dollar question remains. what took him so long to call police was not the crumpled windshield indented hood give indication about the force of
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the impact and how fast the driver was going. investigators say sometime before sunrise the car hit the biker from behind and kept going. he was rear ended. at this point the information shows he rode onto the car. he rode on the car for probably several tens of feet. and then was thrown off of it as the vehicle braked. he drove to where he works in the area. he came back and some of his coworkers came back with him. he took the bike off the car. it was stuck on the car. >> reporter: investigators say the collision was in this area of boyce road. the victim's body tumbled off the hood of the car here. the car eventually parked here in the adjacent parking lot. the bike was pulled off and set down nearby. which meant the driver went some distance in the dark with a bike embedded in the smashed windshield. i don't know. he is the only one answer that question.
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>> reporter: larry eldridge was arriving at work so the driver in the parking lot. he was outside of his car when i saw him. he had his arms folded. i could not tell if there was anything wrong.>> reporter: that was before 5 am. the driver called at 5:11 am. if his timing is true that meant the driver waited for at least 10 to 15 minutes before calling 911. would you think he was doing? i have no idea. he was just sitting there. >> reporter: the biker who was wearing dark clothing died at the scene. it is unknown if he would have survived had he gotten medical treatment right away. the driver is a 25-year-old man who was heading into work at his home near modesto an hour and a half away. he likely left his home around 3 am. investigators say fatigue might have been a factor. fremont police say the driver has been cooperative and gave a blood sample. he has not been arrested or cited with any violations yet. police in campbell looking
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for multiple suspects who stabbed a man at a gas station early this morning. the man survived. he is recovering from those stab wounds. the attack happened at a shell station at the intersection of east hamilton and sylmar avenue. that is right off highway 17. lynn ramirez is there with new video of this violent crime. >> reporter: police are investigating this as a gang- related incident. they say there is some video which you are about to see. neighbors say this is one too many violent events in the neighborhood. surveillance video shows the stabbing incident at a campbell gas station at about 1:20 am. the victim can be seen get in jump in the corner. moments later the suspects are seen getting into a vehicle described as a black durango is speeding away. the bleeding victim calls out to the gas station attendant
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for help. moments later and still on his feet the victim is seen gathering paper towels from the windshield washing station to soak up his blood. as the attendant calls 911. the suspect stab the victim multiple times. the suspect had a couple other people in the car with him. they all fled the scene.>> reporter: the victim was treated for multiple stab wounds is expected to survive. it could be gang-related. we are looking into the possibility for sure. our detectives are considering it. based on the video. >> reporter: neighbor said the violence as part of a pattern theye winchester cadillac neighborhood which is on the border between west san jose in campbell. how are we supposed to live in this area at the same time keeping our kids safe from the gangs? >> reporter: have been two fatal shooting since the beginning of the year. bullet holes gang graffiti in makeshift memorials to the victim are part of the neighborhood landscape. it is actually pretty scary. >> reporter: neighbors have had
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enough. now they are afraid to go ts people stay safe. stay in your house right now. it is not safe to be out walking around.>> reporter: even before the latest incident this morning neighbors were already planning a special safety meeting. now there will be greater emphasis because of what happened here today. that meeting will be at rosemary elementary school starting at 6:30 pm until 8 pm. the chief of police eddie garcia and the mayor as well as other officials plan to attend the meeting as well as perhaps 80 to 100 neighborhood residents. who are very concerned about what has been happening here. a 17-year-old boy is recovering from a stabbing at the hayward bart station. the victim had argued with another man before the incident yesterday evening. the hayward teenager was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police searched the trains but have still not found the suspect. bart police are on
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a hiring spree as the department is tackling a spike in crime. staffing levels of the agency's police department are some of the highest in years. with 40 new officers since january. the agency said it is because violent crimes increased by 80% between 2013 and 2018. but also a new contract with the police union also help the agency pick up new offices. they say a one-time pay increase in the cost of living raise work. parents and oakland are up in arms about the latest wave of school closures and mergers. andrea joins us now on the major changes impacting thousands of students.>> reporter: this is the second round of school what they are calling consolidations here in the city of oakland. ol boar elementary school are trying to get the school board to change their mind. this is henry elementary school in the oakland hills.
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next august the campus could be quiet and empty. with the students and staff moving four miles down the road to academy on 61st street. the latest attempt by the oakland unified school district to do what they call rightsizing the district. we have too many schools and not enough students. last year we had 11,000 empty seats.>> reporter: combining kaiser and would not be a first. last year students begged not to have academy closed and folded into another school. roots was the first of three planned waves of school consolidation sent by ousd. once we have the right number of schools in the right configuration we can easily concentrate resources we have in those schools to better serve all students.>> reporter: kaiser parents and students are in green waiting for their turn to speak out against the proposed merger. kids come from all over oakland. it is not necessarily a neighborhood school. they come from all over oakland
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for the kaiser experience. i would drive my kid an hour a day to go to that school.>> reporter:>> a community that is strong and kids are successful.>> reporter: a district spokesperson said once all proposed consolidations happen there is talk of leasing out this sites for money. or even trying to alleviate oakland's housing crisis. there have been talk about creating housing for teachers among others. the city needs more affordable housing. our teachers are prime candidates for folks who need housing they can afford.>> reporter: that public hearing and comment session just got underway here and oakland. there is a large crowd of parents here. coming up tonight at 7 pm hear from students and alums about why they think the student the school needs to be remain open. it is going to be a smoother ride along the san
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mateo costs. the special repaving project set for highway one. getting into a cal admissio how california can help save brazils burning rain forest. those stories and more coming up next.
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we will follow breaking news on the ease contra costa county. fire crews have contained a brush fire that his friends at three structures. chopper 5 arrived at the scene moments ago. this looks to be a farmhouse off highway four. pg&e working on power lines right now after th d own.
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the fire has left behind a charred mess of trees and vegetation. claims are still burning on the corner of that property. fire crews seem to be getting it under control. dousing it with hoses. president trump getting ready to make his first bay area visit as the president. and it is not about folds. it is more about campaign cash. wilson walker on some plans for the september visit.>> reporter: out of the blue we have a save the date notification from the trump pens 2020 campaign. it is for september 17. somewhere in the bay area. we probably won't know very much about that until the day of the event. you probably won't know much about it after that unless you buy a ticket. just a high-end affair. private folks. the tickets start at $1000 and they go up to $100,000. not a rally. >> reporter: a member of the
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republican national committee that the secrecy which will surround the even until the day of the gathering should come as no surprise. it felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> reporter: in april 2016 in canada trump had to abandon his car on a highway and across a fence to reach the california republican convention in burlingame. it was june 2016 on the presumptive nominee donald trump held a rally in downtown san jose producing some of the ugliest moments of that campaign cycle. the rally ended with a bloody melee as trump supporters were surrounded chased down and attacked on their way out of the event. republicans still blame city officials and police for that violence. if i were advising the president i would tell him to never hold a rally in a place where the police and the mayor don't commit in advance to securing the safety of citizens and journalists.>> reporter: why would mr. trump come to the bay area?
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he has outraised all but two of his democratic challengers here in california. there is still plenty of money to be had. he has scheduled fundraising events for beverly hills and san diego. high school students wanting to attend a cal state university campus could face tougher admission standards. a proposal would require students to take an extra math science or computer class starting in 2026. critics say this will harm low income students of color because many of them are in schools where they don't have the chance to take the course is currently required. meanwhile csu study of its own students said those who learn such skills in high school outperform those who did not regardless of ethnicity. highway one recently got a bit of a facelift. the roadway that offers beautiful views of the california coastline will now be a little bit easier to drive.
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recently completed resurfacing project covers a 10 mile stretch from highway 280 down to gray whale cove. don ford drove it himself. >> reporter: this might look like your normal asphalt repaving job. it is not. this is not your normal road. this is california highway one. one of the most iconic and scenic roadways in all of north america. 10 miles of highway one from pacifica to gray whale cove has been repaired with a new surface. caltrans also finished a brand- new pedestrian bridge. caltrans and pacifica are so happy they cut a ribbon. folks come from all over the world to see the california coast while driving on the famous highway. a highway that caltrans is said is much smaller smoother because they refined the surface with micro grinding. for someone to understand you have to drive it. once you drive it you would
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mefinitely understand there is pavement.>> reporter: a specialized vehicle measures the surface and uses diamond tip grinding wheels to shave off the slightest perfections. the mayor said there is another cool item. a little red reflectors. on the backside. if you happen to be driving on the wrong side.>> reporter: do people do that and pacifica? he said the new pedestrian bridge has changed his life. it is a godsend. i can get to eureka square very easily now. >> reporter: they work with pacifica on the new bridge. we have their involvement on how to design and and how it would look.>> reporter: caltrans took loinput that is news right there. that is what we will do in the future. smooth highway one. california might help brazil
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save is burning rain forest. if they vote on forest protection passes. the california air resources board is set to vote on guidelines for governments and tropical countries that would require forest intact in the atmosphere clean. brazilian farmers set fires in the rain forest to make room for livestock and mining. the idea is that in exchange for the cash farmers would preserve the trees rather than burn them down. brazil insists it will set conditions before it accepts any help from the group of seven nations which is offered tens of millions of dollars for firefighting and rain forest protections. we saw a little bit of pacifica. in the don ford shot. it's typically. shades of gray. typical day in pacifica. 65 degrees. nothing better than august weather. it will warm up pacifica to soon. pacifica did make it to 68 today.
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i do want to tackle what is going on in the tropics before local weather. this is the five day forecast cone. for hurricane dorian. it missed puerto rico. wonderful news for puerto rico. it did not weekend by moving over puerto rico. we now have a category one hurricane over very warm caribbean water that was strengthened to a category three hurricane. the rim of possibilities. we don't focus on the middle. that middle will move. the range of possibilities for miami all the way to savannah georgia labor day weekend. busy labor day weekend in florida. we could have a hurricane. 70s else i picked livermore 76. san jose 74. the ocean is running warmer. overnight lows stay milder. napa 61 degrees but radar shows all the thunderstorms on the california side of the california nevada border. they have wrapped up. still lightning strikes east of lake tahoe and active afternoon in the sierra. we are about to hit triple
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digits. without rainfall. 99 straight days since we have had a widespread tent of an inch of rainfall. he will hit 100 degrees 100 days and many more after that. we don't get rain in the summer time. sunshine tomorrow after 1079. friday 82 degrees. pretty close to average. we have a strong onshore push keeping you cloudy along the coastline for monterey up to bodega bay. minimal cloud cover inlet. that push is not as strong. tomorrow that changes. strong ridge to the south and east. big load to the northwest. the push of the ocean will get stronger. temperatures respond by dropping. look at all the cloud cover tomorrow morning. widespread clouds even an olympic afternoon sunshine friday more widespread clouds but that will continue into the beginning of the weekend. the coldest days of the and we could thursday and friday. it will be warmer for the holiday weekend back to average. we get into september which historically is our warmest month. summer begins in san francisco in a few days. 75 tomorrow fremont.
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81 napa. 83 livermore. 60s san francisco. pleasant weather but about 5 degrees cooler than average. we warm up friday through sunday. labor day looks pleasant. 70s near the bay. 80s to low 90s inland. 49er high-priced player suffers another setback in his bid to play the team's opening game. why the giants rookie pitcher brought his twin brother to tears last night. one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. before the 2018 season the 49ers signed to a four-year $30 million contract. injuries have prevented the running back from taking a single snap for lltake
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the field anytime soon. he suffered a torn acl in last year's preseason. return to the practice field earlier this month. again until yesterday. that did not go well. mckinnon had a flareup in the knee. according to john lynch the prognosis is not good. we are trying to get to really what is the root cause of the problems he is having. just because he is working through this we are working through it. i'm going to leave it at that. yesterday was not encouraging from that standpoint. what that means we are not sure. you solve inch right there. that was a conversation i was having with him before the game talking about jerry mckinnon. he was optimistic obviously is not anymore. 49ers and chargers tomorrow night. the final tuneup before the regular season. one thing we have learned from hbo hard knocks is john
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gruden loves to use a particular phrase and team meetings. knock on wood if you are with me. let's pound the ball. knock on wood if you are with me. do not cut your pants. knock on wood if you are with me. knock on wood. one thing certain john gruden is knocking on wood with the nfl. he is still getting used to the new rule where you can challenge in reviewing pass interference penalty. he isn't exactly chomping at the bit. to throw the red flag. you only make that call if it is pretty obvious. i don't want to split hairs. watch a superduper quadruple slotion to see if it is or isn't. that is irrational. and insane. cannot wait for the regular season. giants relief pitcher made his big league debulast night. with his brother taylor
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becoming the 10th set of twins to play in the big league. tyler was grab drafted in 2013. he has a funky throwback submarine style delivery. he pitched a clean 123 8th inning for san francisco. 2000 miles away was taylor who had just lockdown a save for the twins. minnesota game finish in time for taylor to watch tyler on tv. an emotional moment. he called and i knew the timing was weird. so i answered. he said on your first call. it was really cool. just because we are twins that doesn't mean we have to be compared to each other. we have different paths. he did it all himself. six years for tyler to make to the big leagues. a very unorthodox style. his arm about six inches from the ground when he releases the baseball. i like watching him. join us tomorrow at 5 pm
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and 6 pm for live reports straight from the field at levi stadium. kickoff is at 7 pm. the 49ers face the charges. we follow with the fifth quarter at 10 pm. you can watch it all right where you are right here kpix 5. we will be right back.
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it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: tonight, dorian's now a hurricane and could be a powerful category 3 when it hits the u.s. mainland this holiday weekend. florida declares a state of emergency, but puerto rico will be spared the worst. ending his silence after breaking with the president, former defense secretary jim mattis says the u.s. can't go it alone. only on cbs, the c.e.o. of the top-selling e-cigarette companyr of lung disease cases linked to vaping. federal agents raid the home off investigation of union corruption. ( explosion ) holly williams has an exclusive look inside syria where families dig their own shelters to escape attacks from their own government.


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