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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. uber and lyft are prosing a $21 minimum wage for their drivers. what the drivers this happening about the new proposal. >> not going down without a fight. the controversy over a proposed school closure in the oakland hills. >> plus hurricane dorian intensifies, the storm on track to slam florida. preparations are already underway. and the stage is set for the next democratic debate. who is in, who is out. we begin with the bay area's ride share giants prosing a new minimum wage for drivers. they are looking at $21 per hour among other employee protections. the change comes on the heels of a driver led protest that crossed california. kpix 5's joe vazquez asked
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drivers tonight is this enough. . >> reporter: uber and lyft are telling drivers they are willing to compromise with a proposal that includes a $21 minimum wage. the proposal comes after days of protests that brought drivers through san francisco and ended in sacramento today. they are demanding a living wage and pushing for a bill that would make drivers employees instead of independent contractors. lyft is saying it could cause the company to off load or lay off hundreds of thousands of drivers, it could cost customers more money and make them wait longer for a car. lyft is willing to compromise, promising they would get paid $21 an hour, provide some benefits and make sure drivers get their voices heard within the company. lyft is advocating for an approach in line with the interest of drivers by modernizing labor laws and
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having protections like a minimum wage, a system of benefits and representation. >> $21 an hour is an insult to drivers. >> reporter: he was in sacramento with the group, they are advocating for the passage of ab5. he usually makes 20 to $25 an hour depending on tips, which in the bay area is not enough. >> there is no way to just make ends meet. i can't afford a healthcare insurance for me and my son. >> reporter: uber is also pushing the $21 an hour minimum wage through a petition urging drivers to move away from ab5 bp to figure out a way to pay drivers more. >> they have to look at the product that is given by the individual drivers and reward the drivers that provide a 5
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star service. . >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> we reached out for uber and have yet to hear back. hurricane dorian is expected to intensify into a category 3. togetherring florida targeting florida. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the storm for us. >> here is the deal, the storm missed puerto rico. that is wonderful news for puerto rico, and as it moves over the caribbean it will sit over warm water and could impact florida as soon as sunday. take a look. >> reporter: hurricane dorian pounded the u.s. virgin islands with rain and winds as the storm strengthened into a category 1 hurricane. the stormknocked out power and damaged buildings. the u.s. virgin islands governor closed schools and issued a curfew through thursday morning. the national hurricane center said hurricane dorian shifted in the direction of florida and
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could hit the state as a major hurricane. >> you must have an evacuation plan. be sure tofill your gas tank. plan to leave to get to a safe area. >> the florida governor declared a state of emergency telling people to stock up on a week's worth of supply. >> you get ready and that is it. you can't do anything more. >> reporter: hurricane dorian could also move north into other states. >> it is difficult to forecast where the storm will go and how severe the effects may be. >> reporter: strong winds and heavy rain lashed puerto rico but two years after hurricane maria devastated the area, puerto rico appears to have been spared a direct hit this time. signs of hurricane maria's destruction remain, including 30,000 homes on the island still covered with blue tarps and a thousand roads still impassable. >> a lot about a hurricane coming toward florida but
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where? we don't know. within that cone of uncertainty, jacksonville florida, 328 miles to the south, miami florida, both are accurate forecasts. more than 300 miles apart. we don't know where in florida it will make landfall. we will know more in 48 hours. back to you. >> thank you. a rainbow, a rainbow. a good news ending. >> cbs news correspondent david begnaud shared a rainbow over puerto rico after the area was spared by hurricane dorian. the siled still recovering from the devitation from hurricane maria two years ago. -- devastation from hurricane maria two years ago. >> join us for the latest on hurricane dorian tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. the stage is set for next month's democratic debates.
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ten presidential hopefuls will be taking the stage. next month in houston is the third primary debate. this isthe first time joe biden and elizabeth warren will meet onstage. tom steyer fell short of qualifying. he spent more than $300,000 on advertisements, despite that he failed to reach the democratic committee's requirement. today his campaign said "it is clear from public polling that tom would have easily met the 2% threshold and been on the debate stage if there had been any qualified early state polling in the last few weeks. 2020 presidential candidate drng o thrace. she failed to qualify for the primary. president trump took a dig at her after she made her announcement. he tweeted a sad day for the
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democrats. president trump will be visiting the bay area for a 2020 reelection campaign luncheon fundraiser. his first time in the region as president. people are asked to rsvp for the september 17 event but the location is being kept a secret unless you buy a ticket. tickets cost a thousand bucks per person to 100,000 per couple. . modesto police arrested two people in connection with a jewelry store smash and grab. three suspects are still at large. the robbery happened sunday at the mall. the robbers used a hammer to break glass in a show case. police are investigating a possible think between the modesto theft and another smash and grab. both thefts happened hours apart at the same jewelry store. former san francisco 49er
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and rugby star jarryd hayne has settled a lawsuit over an alleged rape in san jose. a woman accused jarryd hayne of sexual assaulting her in 2015 when jarryd hayne had a stint in the nfl with the 49ers. authorities didn't have evidence to file criminal charges. tonight we are getting a look at the high school teacher arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. here is a look at the suspect. israel ayala lopez, he had been a pe teacher with the west contra costa unified school district. bail was set at $400,000. new tonight, a woman recovering from terrifying moments at a 24-hourpitomize. the victim told -- hour fitness. the victim told police this man walked into the locker room and tried opening the door to the shower she was using. the moment he reached in, the woman screamed and began to hit
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him. investigators say the suspect engaged in lewd acts at another 24 hour fitness off california street and there may be more victims. after a rise in violent crime residents are meeting with city officials and asking for help. kpix 5's maria medina is in san jose with how the community is asking one another to step up. >> reporter: in a week this area of san jose had a murder, a shooting and a stabbing and now the community is trying to take back their neighborhood and calling on their own neighbors to stop being afraid and call 911. >> i am really scared for my kids. >> reporter: not too far from where she lives, surveillance cameras caught a man being stabbed by a stranger at shell gas station around 1:20 a.m. this morning. >> it is hard for me. broke my heart. >> reporter: it is the latest crime to hit the neighborhood in the last week. tuesday a gunman shot and killed a 29-year-old man near winchester boulevard. this weekend someone shot a 17-
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year-old boy. >> i see a lot of shootings. >> reporter: she doesn't allow her kids to go outside alone. >> reporter: tonight the neighborhood association leaders called for a public safety meeting. expressing their concerns to city leaders. >> this area can be gang impacted at times. >> the police chief says the area is known as a hot spot for crime. but they are increasing patrols. >> we continue use our special operations as we have been doing to try to quail the violence. . >> people are afried say something. >> reporter: many say neighbors are afraid to report the crimes and they urge residents to take action. >> everybody needs to call. >> we are not going to know what is going on unless you tell us. >> the chief says not only will the area see more police patrol
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cars but they will also be doing more foot patrols as well. maria medina, kpix 5. . coming up, bay area parents expressing outrage over a plan to merge two schools. >> plus google's donation to combat homelessness in its backyard. the bay area communities that could benefit. >> and who knew cougars could read. why the sacramento street where one was
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a proposal to merge two
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schools in oakland getting heat tonight. some parents are not happy about that. kpix 5's christin ayers was there as they voiced their concerns ahead of the school board's final vote. . >> reporter: tonight isone of the last chances for parents in oakland to speak out about a controversial proposal to merge a high performing school in the oakland hills with a lower performing school. in the flat lands. >> you have failed us. >> let's decide what is best. >> please, don't close my school. >> reporter: tonight parents and teachers urging the board to reconsider. >> you don't have a lot of schools that work in this community. this one does. >> reporter: most in this room stand against a plan to shut down kaiser elemin thendstnd te the school district spokesperson says the problem is oakland has too many schools. >> we are trying to get to a
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point where we are just a more manageable and more efficiently operated school district. >> reporter: and that means cuhat th say suld not fall on oakland's most vulnerable. >> if shifts need to be made, then it cannot just be flat land communities that take the hit. >> reporter: what do you think should happen? >> it should close. merging brings resources. >> reporter: he believes he knows the root of much of the opposition. >> it is racial. >> reporter: one out of four students identify as african- american. but parents say their school is diverse and thriving and they want to keep it that way. >> every child should have a quality neighborhood school. we think our neighborhood deserves that consideration as well. >> the board will make its final vote on the proposal on september 11.
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in oakland, christin ayers kpix 5. new tonight a ban from oregon that calls themselves on drugs woke up to find their van and their gear stolen in the 2:00 a.m. ines area between and 8:00 a.m. $17,000 worth of gear and equipment taken. a police report was filed and a go fund me page was started to recoup some of the losses. a 17-year-old boy is recovering from a stabbing at the hayward b.a.r.t. station. police say he was in an argument before the violence broke out. the teen was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. b.a.r.t. police say it is working to take on a rise in crime. they say this year violent crimes increased 13%. last year 485 incidents were
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reported. robberies also went up 24%. tonight b.a.r.t. is on track to bring more trains into the silicon valley. >> veronica de la cruz with how a cash boost is speeding up the plans. >> reporter: the agency announced the cash today. the money will fast track the extension plans in santa clara county. they are handing them $125 million. it it is for phase two of the plan. a 6.5-mile extension. four b.a.r.t. stations are being added through downtown san jose to santa clara. the stretch will run underground. part segment one opens by the end of the year. segment two will open by 2026. b.a.r.t.'s extension will create better opportunities for
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businesses in the silicon valley. >> it will totally transform downtown san jose. not only from transportation perspective but the economic growth, to housing development, business and commerce. . >> san jose city leaders are touting the plan and saying it will create a silicon valley for everyone. >> note, this $125 million is really a down payment on the future. >> the cost of the project is $5.5 billion. back to you. >> thank you very much. new tonight, a non-profit fighting homelessness in san francisco and san jose just got $1.5 million from google. salvation army and the 8 is says it will use $1 million fo 225 affordable housing complexes and 75 transitional housing units.
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the remaining cash will be used in san francisco for veteran residential detox and addiction treatment programs. . families are displaced in contra costa county tonight after a grass fire broke out on a ranch. the fire sparked near marshall creek road. spreading to a barn and burning another building. once the fire was out it left behind a charred mess. >> and one living space was fully inengulfed. it could have been an electrical issue. a mountain lion sighting tonight in sacramento. mountain lions are out of place in the urban area but what is more unusual is where it was seen. witnesses say was ar drive. to top it off, it was found
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near an elementary school. the mascot is the cougar. despite a search, the creature managed to evade everyone. >> just felt like it was home. >> yeah. >> i recognize that picture. >> exactly. i will stay here. and then leave. humidity moving in tonight. sticky outside. there is a reasons for it, the ocean is running warm. rather than the mid-50s, it is 62 degrees so the breeze from the ocean is not as chilly and it is a little bit more humid. dew points close to 60 degrees. which is sticky around here. you will notice an increase in humidity. tonight or early tomorrow morning. san francisco, 64 degrees. oakland 65. san jose 65. temperatures not moving much with the humid the west. trivalley 63. napa 61. san francisco and san rafael 61 degrees. one more pre-season game.
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tomorrow night, watch it right here on. >> reporter: mostly clear skies in santa clara as the 49ers host the chargers. 72 -- on. >> reporter: mostly clear in santa clara as the 49ers host it chargers. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. pleasant day. 79 degrees. friday 82 degrees. clouds in the morning. not hot inland. milder at the coast, the pattern is dragging in warmer air from the pacific. ridge to the east, low-pressure system to the west. flow around it. southwest flow. this is a pleasant weekend. we want the onshore flow to keep fire danger almost septem and clouds, afternoon sunshine and temperatures that are comfortable. morning cloud cover all the way out to livermore, down to morgan hill, up to santa rosa and napa.
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morning clouds. afternoon sunshine and temperatures close to average for this time of year. mild for thursday. we trend warmer for the weekend. watch out for drizzle along the coastline. tomorrow san jose 80 degrees with afternoon sunshine. 60s at the coast. fairfield 83. brentwood 86 degrees. daly city 66. may get afternoon shine. oakland 73. san rafael 75 degrees. 88 in lake port. extended forecast, milder but pleasant. beach mid-60s. bay low 70s. inland 90 degrees. and pleasant weather through the middle of next week. the latest on weather and traffic tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30 a.m. nice stretch of weather. now we can see extremes. we can get chilly and hot in september. neather for the next week. >> thank you. coming up, an nfl
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. tonight fresh precision the cal football team. the -- digs for the calfootball team with a donation from aaron rodgers. >> pretty cool. the bears tweeted out a video of the players seeing the locker room for the first time.
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aaron rodgers gave a 7 figure donation in june. it went toward renovating the locker room and creating a scholarship in his name. the bears open at home saturday against uc davis. 15 years ago he could have been a 49er. bad news for the 49ers, their running back might not make opening day and a big scare for the a's tonight. not talking about the game. we are up next. . >> our special coverage tomorrow, another pre-season battle for the 49ers. you can see the schedule right here and watch it all right here as well
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a's had a chance to go 22 games over .500 and pick up a game in the wildcard but forget that. they are just hathird seis okay. he took a pitch off the helmet. he would leave the game but there are no a concussion yet. two run blast. fourth home run.
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a's take the lead. bottom of the 6th, 4-3 a's. he allowed four runs. next inning. kansas city loads the bases. he faced four batters without record an out. a's lose. u.s. open. serena williams against the 17- year-old. first set she can't handle her serve. the teenager takes the first set. 7-5. but serena williams won the final two sets to advance to the third round. her sister lost. 49er running back had a set back. it is not looking good. he won't play tomorrow and
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neither will pettus who is dealing with a groin injury. second year white out is trying to build off his performance from 2018. when i talked to him we covered eating utensils. >> if you had to choose what to eat with for the rest of your life, spoon or fork? >> it has to be a fork. >> i would go with the spoon. >> am i wrong? >> i think you are. >> i am going fork. >> ing fork too. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> explain yourself. if you are doing and you need water -- >> use your mouth. >> how are you going to do in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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. the late show captioning sponsored by cbs >> this morning, president trump surprised cnbc by calling in. >> what day is it? it's a monday. it used to be trump tuesdays. it's going to be a trump monday. mr. president, are you with us? >> i am with you. hi, joe. look, without tariffs, we would be captive to every country, and we have been for many years. >> but that wasn't the only place trump called in to brag. >> back to the phones. i think we have one more call, maybe-- >> people talk about collusion. the real collusion is between the democrats and these companies because they were so against me during my election


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