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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 29, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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takes aim at the florida coast. >> thursday, august 29th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. . >> i'm michelle griego. and let's get to mary lee to talk about the forecast and the weekend is coming up. >> i know. all right. yeah, we're getting there. loving that. happy thursday to you. and we are looking at cooler temperatures as we head through the day and we continue with the cool weather with below average temperatures to end the workweek. changes for the weekend. here's a live look with the south bay son jose camera with a cloudy start. many locations across the bay area waking up to clouds. a gray start for sure. san jose, 67. and 66 oakland. livermore, 65. as well as san francisco. upper 50s in santa rosa. and cool and breezy along the coast. clearing for the bay. breezy and mild. and inland locations, check it out, low to mid 80s with the
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sunshine as we head through the day inland. we'll talk about the holiday weekend forecast coming up. in the meantime, let's get you to work today and get you there on time. a look' real travel times. the main travel times this morning are looking good for the most part. you are in the green with the exception of the altamont pass. you have passed into the yellow for those of you driving westbound out of the tracey triangle. 34 minutes. looking good on the east shore freeway. out of the south bay, looking good. the nimitz is looking good. they've cleared the northbound direction. and free and clear headed forward the maze. southbound out of the maze, by e last 30 minutes or so at the san ma at a i don't bridge. as the morning continues, so far, no problems. just plenty of company headed to
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the peninsula. smooth sailing through the toll plaza. and crews investigating a late night house fire at a vacant home in napa and a suspect is under arrest for starting it. a family member of the homeowner told the police he was drunk and attempting to burn an american flag in the driveway and flames spread to the garage. the suspect was taken into custody and no one was hurt. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. a live look in florida. they are preparing for a possible hurricane coming up this weekend or on labor day. things looking pretty calm there right now. but people are being told to prepare a week's worth of supplies as it is set to possibly hit as a category three hurricane. state of emergency is in effect. some video from the u.s. virgin islands as dorian hit
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there as a category one hurricane. president trump did approve an emergency declaration for the u.s. territory islands. as you can see, very heavy wind there and flash flooding in some areas. we are keeping an eye on dorian as it rages toward the u.s. and new this morning, more details on the arrest of a college student in north carolina accused of making threats of mass violence. paul, a freshman from boston attending high point university was arrested tuesday. the arrest was based on tips from another student. yesterday, prosecutors said he had guns and ammunition in his dorm room and studied mass shootings and was making plans to kill his roommate and himself if he didn't get in a fraternity. no one was hurt. and developing news, a police department sued by the family of a man fatally shot by
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officers during a drug chase. this happened on july 3rd as police tried to serve a warrant at a home suspected aas a marijuana operation. the shooting occurred when the person was found hiding behind a door. he later died at a hospital. his family is seeking damages in excess of $10,000 from the city of chino and its police department. >> he's a good father. he's a good son. he cared for the family. he's trying to make a living. and he paid a big price. he was hired to take care of the marijuana house. he's not a drug dealer. >> in a statement, the police department said that it treats any loss of life very seriously. the department has said it also has personally shared its condolences with the family. and an update on the search for a missing santa cruz woman at big sur. divers pulled a bodyrom the
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herar crashed over a cliff on saturday and her body was not inside. after an extensive ground search, the teams called the dive team in to search the water. the coroner has not officially identified the body. and police arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with a shooting in san francisco. the shooting happened on august 20th on market street near sixth. three people shot several rounds toward a crowd of people. no one was seriously injured. two other suspects were arrested on monday. and this morning, police are looking for the person who stabbed a 17-year-old boy at the hayward b.a.r.t. station. there was an argument before the violence broke out. and the teen was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. but this morning, the suspect is still on the loose. meantime, b.a.r.t. police on a hiring spree to take on a rise in crime. so far this year, violent crimes
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increased 13% in june compared to june of last year. robberies went up 24%. this morning, a band from oregon named on drugs looking for its equipment. they woke up to find their van and gear stolen. it happened in the piedmont pines area between 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. more than $17,000 worth of merchandise and gear taken. and a man accused in an attempted sexual assault at a gym faces several charges. police arrested damon quincy jones on wednesday. the victim says he walked in the locker room at a 24 hour fitness and tried opening the door to the shower she was using. the moment he reached in to try to touch her, the woman says she screamed and began to hit him. investigators say that the suspect engaged in lewd kt acts
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at another 24 hour fitness. and this morning, former san francisco 49er and rug by star jared haine settled a lawsuit over an alleged rape in san jose. it allegedly happened in 2014 when he had a brief stint in the nfl. authorities did not have sufficient evidence to file criminal charges. this morning, a first look at the richmond high school teacher charged with multiple sex crimes. the 26-year-old was arrested on monday for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with an underage student. he had been a p.e. teacher with the district since 2017. lopez is now on leave and his bail is set at $400,000. and a proposal to merge two schools in oakland is not going over well. parents and students demanding the district to reconsider.
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>> please don't close my school. >> the district wants to shut down kaiser elementary school and move the students and teaches to a strugglin will meab cuts, which activists say should not fall on the most vulnerable. >> if there are shifts that need to be made and mergers and consolidations that need to happen, it cannot be the flat land communities that take the hit. >> we want a manageable and efficient district. >> the school board is set to vote on september 11th. and new, research from triple a suggests that the number of deaths from drivers running red lights is at a ten-year high. a couple of recent examples include this crash last month in san francisco. a red light runner slammed into a car, killing a pedestrian and
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injuring another person. this video shows a car plowing into an suv after running a red light at a los angeles area intersection. that impact left the suv on its roof and then killed its driver. the study analyzed all red light crashes from 2017. most recent data available found 939 people killed nationwide. that's a 28% increase from five years earlier. >> drivers are distracted. they're impatient, and they're making the decision to run a red light instead of safely stopping. >> they don't follow the law. it's really sad that people have to die because people want too run the red light. >> and there's also a push for speed cameras that photograph and send a ticket to drivers who run red lights. time now, 5:09. and ahead, in a kpix original report. >> serious allegations against a substance abuse treatment facility in the east bay. why a teen says it sent him
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deeper into his addiction. we are continuing with the cool down thanks to the strong, on shore push for us. the ocean breeze kicking in from the pa sifks. we'll talk about how cool the temperatures will get coming up. and the zipper car has done its job. your lanes are open and ready for you to ride them. the commute times on this bridge and others ahead. professor and just a reminder about the special coverage as we get ready for another preseason battle for the 49ers. here's the updated schedule. you can watch it right here on kpix5.
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. abuse treatmente told you about facility in oakland where a 16-year-old resident ended up in the emergency room with acute alcohol poisoning. >> and we talk to another family that had a life threatening experience with their teen at the same place. >> xanax, pills, that was my downfall. >> reporter: he was addicted to xanax and he was referred to thunder road, a recovery center for youth in oakland. >> my first impression, so much freedom. kids have phones out and cigarettes. they had weed. and hook up: he says it was
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with a dealer. >> it was a free for all. >> reporter: in a matter of weeks, he fell deeper in his addiction, something his mother noticed. >> i go in and my son looks worse and worse physically. >>nit. it w onlyhe next morning at aounselor called. >> said, do you have bobby? and i said yes. she said i just went to his room and realized he's not there. no concern. no apology for not calling. he could be anywhere. shocked, hurt. but they have no idea. likely, my son came directly to me. >> reporter: she filed a complaint with the state, one of a growing number of complaints since 2017. that's the year suter east bay hospitals which used to run hano
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a nonprofit called bay area community services. you may recognize the aquilina ro anymore. teens are referred here to thunder road by social services and juvenile justice agencies. it's oew pces in the bay area for drug addicted youth. but we discovered something strange. there are currently no residents here. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: meet the chief probation officer, wendy. >> we had a few incidents that occurred last year that i was very concerned about. and i made a decision to no longer use thunder road as a provider. >> reporter: she says there were occasions her department was not notified that youth were missing. >> one of the major considerations i always have, do i feel kids are safe? do i have confidence that the facility is providing a safe place for at risk youth that the county is responsible for?
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>> >> i don't have that confidence. >> reporter: the lack of residents come to the attention of the department of social services. an inspector made a recent unannounced visit to out what was going on. we don't know what he found, but the situation could jeopardize a potentially profitable deal we discovered they got when it took thunder road from suter. if the facility stays open, serving at risk teens for five years and meets certain conditions, they get ownership of the building, a multimillion dollar property. and they're supposed to submit an annual report to thea. g.'s office that regulates nonprofits detailing how it's complying with the deal. we put in a public records request and got these back. d claims ith eing.ey were sed ok
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after we put in the request. we tried to talk to the clinical director and he told us to leave the property. in a statement, they said thunder road is a voluntary, unlocked program and operates as a restraints free environment, meaning young people cannot be restrained or physically prevented center leaving the facility. over the last ten years, the community demand for this type of residential care declined and the number of young people willing to engage with this level of treatment dropped. the chief probation officer disagrees. >> there is a need. my goal is to have all of the youth home in our own community. what that means is that really expanding the number of licensed facilities that are in the area. so there does continue to be a very important need. >> reporter: on the last visit
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home, bobby was in really bad shape. >> my son came under the influence of heavy drugs, xanax. so that's when i just gave up. >> reporter: she pulled bobby out of thunder road and sent him to a locked rehab in utah. he's back home now and three months sober. >> only negative came out of this place. thunder road pushed me back when i could have been going forward. >> reporter: thunder road doesn't have clients currently in residence, but the outpatient program for teens is full. in their statement, they said they stand firmly behind the work they've done for thousands of youth and families over the last 32 years. but it has only run the facility for the last two. read the statements online on all right. here at 5:18, down to the roadways this morning. the good news is that you are in pretty good shape.
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there were only a couple of issues slowing you down. the big picture is mostly green. the only trouble spot is unfortunately in the commute direction on the east shore freeway in the westbound direction. you can see in the wake of this accident as you are approaching the accident right there at hill top drive, you are down to 5 miles per hour trying to pass that. they're trying to clear i as quickly as they can before the commute starts to heat up and causes damage that's ir repairable throughout the morning. in the meantime, the altamont pass, we are seeing travel times or drive speeds in the red. slow and go in the westbound direction. once you get through the altamont pass, like it was before, good to go to the dublin interchange and out of it if you're going northbound or southbound on 680. a small slow spot on westbound 84. in the yellow there.
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and the accident on the east shore freeway in the red. off of highway 4, give yourself extra time because of is accident. you're good on highway 4 and 101. and the nimitz is clear northbound and southbound. and let's take a quick peek at the san mateo bridge. it is busy. and a refleshing ocean breeze is back cooling us down and we'll continue with the cooler weather for today, even cooler compared to yesterday. here is a live look for the sales force tower camera looking north at the golden gate. this is a gray start. cloudy skies for most of us across the bay area this morning. so that cloud cover is extensive as we start the day. mid 60s for many locations. concord, oakland, san francisco, sanose, upper today and tomorrow, the coolest days of the week due to the strong sea
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breeze. warming up especially inland as we lor labor day. here's the satellite and radar view ushering in the on shore flow and the marine push from the pacific cooling us down. we will have the skies clearing inland for parts of the bay and staying cloudy along the coast. for tomorrow morning, a morning of low clouds and gray skies for tomorrow and temperatures staying below average for your friday. but highs for today, one to six degrees cooler than average. looking at 81 in sunniville. and 80 in santa clara and san jose. and check out concord, 81. so much more comfortable compared to earlier in the week. now we're looking at temperatures seasonal for this time of year. 81 pleasant hill. san francisco and berkeley,
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upper 60s, low 80s. and looking at highs right around 87 for clover dale. and by the way, we have the big game for tonight. we have the 49erses taking on the chargers at 7:00 p.m. that's right here on kpix5. and there we go with the seven-day forecast. still cool for tomorrow. we warm up for the weekend and into labor day. back to you. and time now is 5:22. and if you just got four hours of sleep and feel great, listen up. some people function better on less sleep and the reason why may be in your dna. we'll explain.
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. plenty of powerful people famously run on as little as four to five hour of sleep per night, like square ceo, tom ford, even the president. >> and now there's the science to prove it. researchers isolated a short sleep gene. they conducted a study finding the people felt rested on less than six and a half hours of sleep per night and feel more enjetic even when the sleep schedules change. >> i don't have that gene.
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>> you don't? >> no way. >> i have that gene. i get about four hours of sleep a night. i don't know if you would call me functional. . >> i feel enjetic after coffee. and coming up, a major boost for b.a.r.t. the new cash puts planning for an extension on track. and a water main break in the east bay overnight. the authorities on scene. we'll go there live next.
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. now at 5:30, coastal communities hunkering down. hurricane dorian picks up speed. and uber and lyft proposing a new minimum wage. and is stage is set for the o'nd's.mocratic debates. i'mo. i'm ken choi. 5:30.
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and a check of the forecast. inland areas, get ready for the cool down. well deserved. oh, yeah. the ocean breeze is kicking in. cooler temperatures once again. cooler than yesterday and below average for this time of year. very comfortable and nice and mild conditions. here's a live look at the roof cam. the cloudy skies and the cloud cover is extensive inland. the coast, bay, and inland waking up to the cloudy skies. but a beautiful live look with the roof cam at the bay bridge. the temperatures in the mid 60s and upper 50s in santa rosa. through the day, cool, cloudy, and breezy along the coast, mid 60s. upper 60s and low 70s for the bay. inland, low to mid 80s with plenty of sunshinel tkbout the e workweek and the holiday weekend coming up. and well, let's start with the main travel times this morning. there are issues to talk about
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here. the altamont pass in the yellow. however, the one i want to talk about is on the east shore freeway. that's the red. that is a 38 minute ride if you're headed in the westbound direction. highway 4, you're good to go on highway 4. by the time you get to the east shore freeway, that's where the delays start. through san pablo, that's the crash blocking the lanes that has you in the red. you'll need to give yourself extra time. and if you start a little bit further south, you're fine on the east shore freeway. no problem to the maze. 101 looks good. and it is getting busier on the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction. and quicker eastbound and no issues. the bay bridge meters lights not on. looks pretty good. we are starting to see backup at the toll plaza if you're headed
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this way. good to go and shore freeway on that part of the roadway. a pulled off big rig on the side of the road at the richmond-san rafael bridge waiting on the wash lanes. otherwise, good to go headed to marin county this morning. i'm anne makovec. and we are live to danville where there was a water main break early this morning. roadways still shut down right now. this happened at about 3:30 our time. franciscan drive is still wet. and east bay is on scene and we don't know at this point how water service might be affected in the area. but the cleanup is underway. and don't know when the roadways will reopen. keeping an eye on it. and storm watch, hurricane dorian is taking aim at florida. this is a live look at dell coaf
5:33 am
the sunshine state. on the left, things are calm this morning. but there is now a state of emergency. dorian pounded the u.s. virgin islands as a category one hurricane. puerto rico dodged a direct hit. the storm is gaining strength and forecasted to reach florida this weekend, possibly as a powerful category three. store shelves emptying and homeowners filling up bags and installing hurricane resistant windows and doors. >> people think putting basic materials on the windows and tape and all that will work. it's false security. none of it works. >> meanwhile, tourists in daytona beach decides whether to get out of town or hunker down. it may move north to other states, including south carolina and georgia. and multiple families without a home in contra costa county after a grass fire on a
5:34 am
ranch along byron highway spreading to a barn and burning another building and a mobile home. once the five acre fire was out. it left behind a mess of vegetation and melted debris. one living space under investigation. the fire department says it looks like it could have been an electrical issue. and this morning, b.a.r.t. is on track to bringing trains further into silicon valley. new money will fast track the agency's ex-tense plans. the federal transit administration is handing over $125 million for phase two of the plan for a six and a half mile b.a.r.t. extension. four b.a.r.t. stations will be added from barry through downtown san jose to the city of santa clara. it will be primary under ground. segment two will open this year
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and segment two in 2026. it will create better opportunities for businesses. the total cost of the project is just over $5 and a half billion. and ride hailing companies offering a compromise to the drivers, including a minimum wage of $21 an hour. the proposal comes after protests by drivers pushing for a bill to make them employees instead of independent contractors. lyft claims the bill would force the company to let go of thousands of dlies. >> it's an insult to drivers. there is no way to just have ends meet. i can't afford a health care insurance for me and my son. >> according to the business news site tech crunch, uber is pushing the $21 minimum wage. drivers to withdraw support of the bill. an update from modesto.
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two people behind bars and three others on the run in connection to a jewelry store smash and grab in the vintage fair mall. police saw sai the robbers used a sledge hammer to break glass in a show case and shoppers heard if commotion and thought they heard gunshots. hours later, there was another robbery and police having if the robberies are connected. and a west san jose neighborhood is on edge after a rise in violent crime. they met with the city's police chief and mayor pleading for help and urging their neighbors to take action and not be afraid to call 911. last tuesday, a gunman shot and killed a 29-year-old man in west san jose. this past weekend, someone shot a 17-year-old boy. police chief says the area is a hot spot for crime.
5:37 am
but he promised they are increasing patrols. >> we will continue the utilize the special operations as we've been doing to try to quell some of the violence. i'm not going to sugar coat it. it's gang impacted at times and people are afraid to say something. >> the area will see more patrol cars and foot patrols. and campaign 2020, the stage is set for next month's democratic debate. ten hopefuls will take the stage. it's the third primary debate. this is the first time joe biden and elizabeth warren will pleat on stage. and san francisco based candidate tom fell short of qualifying. the activist spent more than $300,000 a day or advertising. and he failed to reach the democratic committee's requirement. and the campaign team releasing a statement last night saying it
5:38 am
was clear tom would have met the 2% threshold and been on the stage if there had been qualified early state polling in the last few week. and gillibrand is dropping out. low polling numbers and funding issues hurt the campaign and kept her from qualifying for the debate. and president trump is making arrangements to visit if bay area for the first time since he was elected. supporters are asked to rsvp for the september 17th event. but the location of the fund raiser is a secret unless you buy a ticket. they can cost $1,000 per person to $100,000 per couple. and with the talk about medicare for all, time to review the existing government health care plan for those over 65 and permanently disabled. business analyst joins us now to explain the program that covers 60 million people in the country. what are the four different parts of the program?
5:39 am
>> reporter: i know it's confusing. pay attention. medicare part a covers hospital services and skilled nursing. part b for doctors visits, outpatient services, labs, and preventive service. and part c, medicare advantage plans or private insurance alternatives. part d is prescription drugs. now the reason you're hearing so much about medicare in this campaign is the combination of the u.s. aging population and rising health care costs has put parts a and c under significant financial pressure. in fact, medicare funds are set to run out in just seven years. that's after the year 2026. >> so then, what can be done to address the short fall? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of different kinds of solutions. under the current system, congress could increase taxes or reduce benefits to shore up the
5:40 am
finances. of course, neither of those is popular. the medicare for all plans that you're hearing about, they're more dramatic. they fall into three basic categories. about a dozen different plans. the first is the introduction of a single national government run plan to cover every american and would eliminate private coverage. that would be the most dramatic. the second choice of plans would be an overhaul of medicare which would allow those under the age of 65 to buy into the plan or they could continue to buy private insurance if they chose to do so. and a third type is plan is like a new public plan option offered to individuals through the afford care act marketplace. now, all these plans get jumbled together. before the next debate, it's time for a little medicare boot camp. >> all right. getting ready for the boot camp. must be and numbers. on point. jill, good to see you.
5:41 am
thank you. and time now, 5:40. straight ahead, from a car to a roof, a california police chase takes a wild turn. how it all came to an end. and the ocean breeze is kicking in once again for today. temperatures cooler. i'll let you know what to expect coming up. plus the latest on hurricane dorian. and east shore freeway drivers, listen up. you don't have time for the extra cup of coffee. you need to get out the door. slow and go from before highway 4 thanks to an accident. fire department is on the scene and blocking lanes. slow and go in the westbound direction. i'll tell you how long that will take and where your other trouble spots are just ahead.
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. good morning. a cloudy start to the day. a live look with the sales force tower camera of the golden gate this morning. the temperatures mainly in the mid 60s across the bay area. we are looking at that ocean breeze kick in for us and that means cooler temperatures. we'll talk about when we'll see the skies clear and i'll show you futurecast and an update on dorian. and polas rnorni >> no, no, no, no, no. >> two robbery suspects led police on a pursuit through l.a. county stopping in a neighborhood in bell gardens. a woman climbed on a house and jumped from one roof top to
5:45 am
another. but it didn't take her far. she ran along the tops and walls and eventually joined the coconspirator on the roof of a shed. and the duo embraced before deciding to surrender to police. all right. scary. and also in the l.a. area, getting a lot of attention from the san francisco giant's biggest rival. >> it started with a video showing the surprise of a lifetime. that's alfredo surprised with his dream truck for his 60th birthday. his wife and kids pitched in. and as you can see on his face, it says it all.. >> he's sacrificed a lot of stuff for us. he would rather us have everything rather than him. >> why so emotional? >> it's my dad. >> and if you can't already
5:46 am
tell, based on his t-shirt, he's a big dodgers fan. the team spotted the viral video on twitter and decided to hook up dad with free tickets to the game and for the entire family. >> that is so cool. >> sweet man. >> they love dad too. he's so loved. >> deserves it. >> i love he didn't let go of the beer through the whole thing. . >> i got to celebrate this new truck. >> you wanto talk about a perfect combination. he's got his long neck, a brand new truck and now tickets to the dodgers. >> free tickets. >> not a bad birthday at all. unfortunately, it's bad on the roadways, though, at 5:46. we have a couple of trouble spots on the east shore freeway, which is not the place you want to have traffic accidents in the morning commute. let's zoom in. this one has been in play for a while. the fire department is on the
5:47 am
scene. chp in the process of moving it. 14 miles per hour right there as you approach the accident. and that backup goes past highway 4. for those of you who use highway 4, you need to get on the road early and give yourself extra time. it's super slow all t way d t wee snnaddionaln the westbound direction at cutting boulevard. two lanes blocked. and either way, we're starting to see slow downs approaching richmond. and hopefully, they get this out of the way quickly. it's a bad situation. and to another slow spot, the altamont pass. 10 miles per hour in the westbound direction out of the triangle. no issues as far as crashes or stalls. and good to go to the dublin and 680 and 84 westbound. a little bit of slowing. and that drive time in the
5:48 am
yellow, 39 minutes. thanks to the accident, you're in the red on the east shore freeway. 36 minute ride. d stillkingnd cup of coffee and good head out of the south bay. and san mateo bridge is busy in the westbound direction. eastbound looks like a breeze. and starting off the day with cloudy skies for most of us across the bay area. so the cloud cover is extensive this morning. that strong sea breeze will keep the temperatures below average for this time of year throughout the afternoon. here's i live look with the sales force tower camera looking east. you can see the clouds in the sky mainly in the mid 60s this morning from concord, oakland, livermore, downtown san francisco, and san jose. mid 50s, a little bit cooler, in santa rosa. the weather headlines, today and tomorrow, the coolest days of the week thanks to the marine influence for us.
5:49 am
we are going to warm uphe a and staying warm and sunny for labor day. here's the satellite and flow. hour by hour on futurecast, thee clearing for the bay. the clouds along theow mng a cld start. and looking at temperatures below average for your friday. and really quickly, an update on hurricane dorian. it's a category one with winds at 85 miles per hour. over the next couple of days, it will be a major hurricane. the extent of the warm temperatures in the atlantic, the sea surface temperatures, goes very deep. so with that, we're going to see the strengthening of dorian, possibly a strong category three storm as it nears the possibly of the southern
5:50 am
georgia coast to the whole florida coast. they're under the cone of uncertainty. and we're watching that closely for you. back at home, our sunrise, 6:37 and sunset, 7:43. daytime highs, comfortable temperatures. low 80s in concord. nice there. 80 in san jose. 73 oakland. 68 san francisco. and there we go with the seven-day forecast. so again, temperatures below average for friday. and as high pressure builds in for the weekend, we warm up and plenty of sun labor day and early next week. a teenage girl from sweden is raising awareness in a big way. the 16-year-old completed her 15-day trip across the atlantic to attend the global warming conference. she arrived in new york with a four-man crew. they traveled on a zero emissions sailboat. all right.
5:51 am
from sailboats to statues. in southern california, an artist is turning heads. >> something gets cool and some say it's creepy. you be the judge. take a look. these are not people. these are statues of five men iy hall. this guy has a toilet plunger aiming at a apple on ak ke terr. it freaks people out at night. >> i think it's cool. >> yeah. i like it. it's different. >> the artist says the installation is men to relate to lawn game and activities in the age of global warming. they'll be on display for the next three months. . >> what does it mean? so many interpretations. >> that's true. cool or creepy. >> i think it's cool. why not. and this morning, a message of compassion. coming up, meet the california
5:52 am
restaurant manager who has one rule, no one eetds alone. and here's a life look outside. this is the richmond-san rafael bridge. 5:52. we'll be right back.
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5:54 am
. good morning. i'm keeping an eye on the roadways. we'll take a live look to the nimitz. in the northbound and southbound direction, no issues to report. but it i bus and crashesls e you oer.
5:55 am
and a southern california man is caught doing a good deed. >> he's speaking about the touching encounter. >> a photo of the i.h.o.p. manager offering food and conversation to a homeless man. it happened on monday. customers told him about a homeless man outside of the restaurant. >> i wanted to make sure you're okay, are you hurt? do you need an ambulance? and he had a tear in his eye. i'm tired and hungry and lonely. >> so the two men talked for a while and he offered him food and a cup of coffee. people should never ignore or walk past the homeless. >> very nice of him. hopefully, he can spread that to others. acts of kindness.. >> a kind gesture can go a long way. and aential victoryng forr
5:56 am
drershe f better may have propee move. and cleanup after a water main break in the east bay. we are live on the scene coming up next. from the couldn't be prouders
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. taking a live look from south florida this morning. hurricane dorian could become a category three by the time it makes land fall. we'll let you no when and take a lo the problems the storm has caused. andg issues this morning. we'll have an update on the repair effort. and today, one bay area city could move forward with a plan to provide a safe place for people living in cars. and it is thursday, august 29th. i'm michelle griego. . >> i'm kenny choi.
6:00 am
6:00 right now. a bit of a cool down yesterday, today, even more. mary has the numbers. and if you like the cooler weather, you have it today and tomorrow. below average temperatures. all because of the strong ocean breeze that we know and love so well in the bay area. this is a live look with the ocean breeze at cliff house camera. you can see the clouds in the sky. and i want to show you quickly a pretty view of the sun before the sunrise there. and now the temperatures. mid 60s for many of us. 67 in concord as well as san jose. 66 oakland. 64 livermore. 65 san francisco. mid 50s santa rosa. the weather headlines and what you can expect, we are looking at seasonal temperatures if not cooler than average. but mild aspe60s s


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