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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 29, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> i love football season. >> yeah. >> football. who's ready? you ready? . i am ready. i am ready. >> go nineers. . good morning to you, breaking news. hurricane dorian to a category m as it barrels toward florida. we're on the atlantic coast with howeople are preparing and praying. >> vaping warning. major city w cigarette users to stop after an outbreak of sickness. we talk exclusively with the juul ceo about the risks for teenagers. when you think of under age vaping today would you call it an epidemic? >> i am not going to use the same words others have used but it is big and concerning. >> the search continues for a kentucky mom who may find
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missing people her cause. what her family thinks happen. >> ringing the alarm. a popular door bell company is criticized for helping police departments keep an eye on your front door. could guarding your home compromise your privacy? >> it's thursday, august 29th, 2019. here is today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. likely a major category 3 hurricane heading right for florida. this is going to be a dangerous storm. it's got nothing to prevent it from strengthening. >> florida declares a state of emergency. >> i'm going to pray my way through it because god is in control. i know that. >> milwaukee health officials urging people to stop vaping. >> 16 people who vaped developed lung disease. >> people say the long-term effects of vaping are not known. that's true. >> that's true. >> a man hunt is under way for a couple wanted for murder. the pair escaped as they were being transported from utah to arizona. a boston teenager arrestd accused of plotting a mass shooting at his school in north
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carolina. >> he spent a lot of his time looking at weapons and a lot of kids were scared of him. >> race car driver jessie combs was killed in a high speed crash. known as the fastest woman on wheels. >> new york senator kirsten gillibrand has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. >> that is a rhino attacking a car as a terrified animal peeper sat inside. >> things are downright messy. it's the annual tomato festival. >> who's got to clean that up? >> and all that matters. >> okay. so a sheriff's deputy is going to come here and arrest me? >> absolutely. >> when the con artist picked the wrong target to scam when a police captain answered the call. >> i'm going to be charged with drug trafficking? >> absolutely. >> on cbs this morning. >> bring your dog to work day is every day for this street sweeper in bangkok. how cute? video of her carrying her dog on her back is an international
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sensation. the dog seems really content, too. >> look at the little outfit the dog is in. >> she has been carrying the dog with her to work every day for the past year. >> that's love right there. i hope the dog is potty trained. >> don't you ever wish somebody could put you on their back and just carry you around? just sort of out there just chilling? don't you ever think about that? >> no, i don't, actually. >> i do think about that. >> i haven't until now but it is mething to think about, gayle. thank you. >> there you go. i leave you with that. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil. anthony mason is off. we're in good hands. adriana diaz is still here. always good to have you right here at the table. we'll begin with this hurricane dorian gaining strength in the atlantic and millions of people in florida being warned to be ready for the impact. the storm rolled over the virgin islands yesterday, hitting st. thomas with wind gusts of up to 100 miles an hour. puerto rico, we're happy to say,
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escaped with no serious damage. >> that's good news. dorian is likely to become a major hurricane in the coming days and reach the southeast coast early next week. florida is already under a state of emergency. chief weather caster lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs tv is tracking dorian. lonnie, good morning. what are the latest changes? >> the latest changes we now think it is going to become even stronger than initially thought. it is forecast to move even slower than we originally thought. if you take a look at the latest information we have a category 1 storm, winds at 85 miles per hour right now 175 miles north of puerto rico, 375 miles to the east-southeastf thturks and caicos. where does it go from here? it's a cat-1. we think it may stay over open water until it gets to the u.s. coast line, a cat-2 sometime thursday with 100-mile-per-hour winds. it is a cat-3 sometime friday with 115-mile-per-hour winds. then here we go. up to 120 saturday. 125 on sunday.
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holding the 125-mile-per-hour status as it approaches the coast line of florida. if it gets to 130, you're talking about a category 4 storm. do not focus on the skinny red line. all right? yes, this is the highest probability but when you take a look at all of the models combined, this is why the cone stretches from savannah, georgia all the way down to the southern portion of florida, anywhere within that area is the possibility for a landfall. so we got to keep our eyes on this one. certainly that state of emergency declared in florida is merited and georgia is even watching things, adriana. >> thank you so much. people along florida's east coast are rushing to load up on water, food, and emergency supplies. our lead national correspondent david begnaud is there ahead of the storm in coco beach. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. i was just looking at the people on the beach. it's a beautiful morning here. we got out of puerto rico on the last flight out of town and i just confirmed with fema that they're now relocating teams that had been sent to puerto rico and moving them here to
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florida. the official i spoke to just a moment ago said, listen. if we learn nothing else about dorian in the caribbean it is that it moved around so much we couldn't really be sure where it was going to go until less than 12 hours before landfall. so they're going to preposition teams in tallahassee, two teams in atlanta, have them ready to move up and down the southeast coast. as dorian gets closer. when dorian hit the u.s. virgin islands it brought with it heavy rain and winds. >> can barely hold the camera. >> reporter: the storm caused widespread outages but no major damage. it is now strengthening and could be a major category 3 storm by the time it makes landfall in florida on labor day. >> we just get ready. that's it. >> puerto rico dodged a bullet as the storm changed course at the last minute. floridians are being told, don't take a chance. >> i'm not that concerned but it is better to be safe than sorry. >> i went through andrew and lost my house so that made me
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ready. >> florida's goverr ron de-santos is asking people to stock up with seven days' worth of supplies. >> have a plan. be ready. listen and we'll get more resolution and certainty over the next 24 to 48 hours. >> i'm not watching the weather. i'm not going to obsess about it. i'm leaving. >> i'm going to pray my way through it because god is in control. i know that. >> here in central florida there are hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans who had been watching what was happening on their beloved island and we're happy to see they didn't really get much of a hit at all. now they're getting ready for the storm moving here. gayle, the big news in puerto rico, everybody breathing a sigh of relief. they thought it was going to be a big deal and it turned out to be, thankfully, a big old nothing. >> sometimes a big old nothing is good. i'm trying to figure out where the people are on the beach there, david. why would you come to the beach knowing a hurricane is coming? i don't get it. >> hey, you got 72 hours. get ready. >> all right. thank you, david begnaud. always good to see you. in our next hour we'll ask the president's acting emergency
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management director if fema will have enough resources to respond to hurricane dorian. amid a nationwide spike in severe lung illnesses milwaukee's health department issued an alert telling people to stop using those e-cigarettes immediately. there are now 16 confirmed cases of chemical pneumonia in wisconsin. health officials say all of the patients reported using e cigarettes or vaping marijuana. nationwide the centers for disease control says it is looking into nearly 200 possible cases reported in 22 different states of severe lung disease that may be tied to e-cigarette use. >> and the company that dominates the e cigarette market, juul labs, is unveiling what it calls the strictest age verification standards for products in stores anywhere. juul is often blamed for the surge in youth vaping. that includes 3.6 million young people, more than that who have tried e cigarettes in just the past year. in a survey last year conducted by an anti-tobacco group found
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nearly three-quarters of under age users were able to buy juul products at stores. in an interview only on "cbs this morning" juul's ceo kevin burns reveals the new requirements for shops selling the company's products. >> what we're moving to is a system where once you ask for our product and you scan the product in the system it locks that system down and can only get released when you hand a valid i.d. to scan that to check for the age that is not expired and is in fact a validish d. to release the transaction. >> reporter: if this works as intended a person buying a juul will have to have a valid i.d. and there will be a cap on what they can buy at any given time? >> correct. >> reporter: how big an impact do you hope this has on youth vaping? >> we think it is a contributor. reduce and improving, reducing the availability of people to get products. when we did a pilot on this we went to four retailers, about
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200 stores, secret shopped them before the system, deployed the system, secret shopped them after the system and we saw age verification failure rates from 5% to 20% go to fundamentally zero. could get it. >> nobody under age can get through the transaction process. >> reporter: the company says it plans to stop shipping products to stores that do not have this technology installed by mid 2021. we'll have much more of our exclusive interview with the juul ceo kevin burns in our next half hour including how much blame he thinks juul shares for the problem of under age vaping. a big search is under way for an arizona couple accused of murder after they escaped from a prison van. blane and susan barksdale are wanted in connection with the april murder of 72-year-old frank bligh in tucson and accused of intentionally setting fire forhis home. his body was never found. in may they were tracked down and arrested in henrietta, new york but as they were being transported back to arizona on monday police say they
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overpowered two guards in utah and broke out of the van. they were last seen in a damaged red pickup truck like this with this arizona license plate number. the u.s. marshal's service is offering a $10,000 reward for each fugitive for information that could lead to their arrest. they are considered to be armed and dangerous. authorities in multiple states are investigating new cases involving potential acts of mass violence in schools. 19-year-old paul steber was arrested on tuesday after investigators say he admitted to planning a mass shooting at high point university. police say steber had ammunition and two firearms inside his dorm room. just this week there have been at least five incidents at schools in separate states where either a threat was made or guns and ammunition were found. one more candidate has dropped out of the democratic presidential race. new york senator kirsten gillibrand ended her campaign yesterday when it became clear she would not qualify for the third democratic candidates' debate next month. that still leaves 20 men and women running for the nomination. only ten of them, though, have
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enough voter support to take part in the upcoming debate. overseas a stark reminder that the war in syria is far from over. we have an exclusive look at what life is like for more than 3 million people trapped in a bombing campaign by syria and its ally, russia. idlib is the last remaining stronghold of the opposition forces of the civil war that began in 2011. some people are calling for the u.s. to help stop the siege. holly williams got rare access and is in turkey near the syrian border. holly, what did you see? >> reporter: good morning. in idlib yesterday things were normal which means there were war planes overhead, air strikes, and reports of 16 civilians killed including seven children. there is nowhere left to run for many in idlib. they are impotent against the faceless killers in the sky. our guides told us this hospital was hit by an air strike in the early morning.
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the regime attacks hospitals like this one as well as schools, markets, and bakeries. for those who survive, it makes things unlivable here and that's the point. this hospital is now the last resort for around 500,000 people. the syrian regime and its russian backers are pushing these people to breaking point. we found parts of idlib eerily quiet. tens of thousands have fled the town of maaret al numan after its market was hit last month. 50 people were massacred, by some reports. >> please! please stop this! >> reporter: but there is no help. and so this family has carved out a makeshift air shelter underneath their own home. their children take cover here, clutching their teddy bears when the war planes menace from
7:14 am
above. and there are new reports this morning of more air strikes in idlib including seven people killed. gayle? >> holly williams. that video very tough to watch. thank you very much. fans of the speed race are known as the fastest woman on four wheels say they are devastated by her death in a jet car accident. 39-year-old jessi combs was trying to break a speed record when she crashed in the oregon desert on tuesday. dana, people keep saying she was so full of life and lived life really to its fullest. what happened? >> reporter: well, gayle, they are still investigating the crash right now but combs, who was known widely in this sport of jet racing died doing what she loved. her boyfriend told cbs news the world lost a brave woman. >> breathe in, breathe out. focus, and go as fast as i can. >> reporter: doing things typically dominated by men, like racing, and welding, jessi combs
7:15 am
broke barriers. six years ago she set a land speed record for a woman on four wheels. driving 398 miles per hour with a modified jet engine. but tuesday, in oregon, she crashed while attempting to go more than 500 miles per hour. >> the jet car that we got crashed and the pilot is fatally injured. >> reporter: in an instagram post sunday about her record breaking attempt combs wrote, people say i'm crazy. i say, thank you. >> motor sports and racing tends to be a male dominated industry. and jessi really worked to be an inspiration to women and girls. >> reporter: beyond racing combs was alnown as a tv personality from shows like "all girls garage" and "myth busters." >> time to bring in the big guns. >> jessi was an incredibly competent woman in what is largely a boys club. >> former "myth busters" cohost adam savage. >> the ways in which she was
7:16 am
inspiring to young engineers and really took that position seriously. she wanted to inspire people like her when she was young to try the things that they couldn't believe they would get to do. >> reporter: an accomplished artist and craftswoman as well as speed demon and daredevil, combs lived her life boldly. >> people like jessi are rare in the world and we need more of them. and i'm very sad that she's gone. >> very well said. in a post this year combs wrote, i'm just a girl who likes to ride motorcycles, build rad things out of metal, race anything i can, have great conversations, laugh a lot, weld stuff, break stereotypes, go on adventures, push the limits, and have fun while i do it. she ended that by saying, don't hate me because i'm awesome. >> she could write a little bit, too. i like that personality. >> we do need more like her. >> especially for someone who didn't know her. you hear about her and think sure would have liked to have met her. what a fire cracker personality she had. >> our colleague had a chance to talk with her boyfriend
7:17 am
yesterday. she had so many things she wanted to do and people she wanted to influence that he wants to keep that going for her. >> very sad news. >> dana, thank you very much. a kentucky woman who volunteered for a group that helped find missing people is now the focus of an intensifying search after she vanished. andrea knabel disappeared more than two weeks ago. mark strassmann joins us from louisville. what did the family have to say? >> reporter: good morning. this is the residential street where her family believes andrea knabel was headed. she never made it. she disappeared. which is why you find this poster looking for her all over this area. her family goes door to door searching for hope. >> we really appreciate it. >> reporter: knabel a 37-year-old single mother of two disappeared august 13th. she left her sister's house upset and was last seen talking on her cell phone, walking toward her mother's house about a half mile away.
7:18 am
>> my life is not the same right now without her. >> reporter: erin fecker is her sister and this is her father. they told us andrea reentsly lost her job and was going through a rough patch. >> reporter: no one has heard anything? >> nothing. >> randomly it hits you and you get really upset. >> reporter: i hope she didn't come out on a busy thoroughfare like this and take a ride to go to someone else's house and never made it, got into the wrong car. >> reporter: that's the worry. >> that's the worry. >> reporter: a volunteer group called missing in america has joined the search. >> this is very personal. >> reporter: personal to diane stump because andrea knabel belongs to their group. >> i've looked up the map and it is about 13 miles away. >> reporter: this is knabel around five months ago in ohio helping search for someone else who was missing. >> it's heart breaking. we miss her. we're going to find her. we're going to keep looking until we do. >> reporter: do you feel in your gut having done this hundreds of times there will be a happy ending?
7:19 am
>> i pray to god that there will be a happy ending. >> reporter: it's been more than two weeks with noignf her. >> the more time that passes the more we worry this is it and it was the last time i'm going to see her. very worried. >> reporter: louisville police told us they also have no leads. like andrea knabel's family they just hope somebody knows something and will get in touch. gayle? >> yes. mark, we all hope they will have a happy ending in this story. thank you very much. nearly two decades after measles was declared eliminated why the . good thursday morning to you. a gray start to the day across the bay area with that on shore flow. and that will keep the temperatures on the cool side through the day. low 80s in concord and san jose. upper 60s in san francisco. clearing for the inland and some for the bay. cool, cloudy, and breezy along the coast.
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below average for friday and we heat up over the weekend and labor day.
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much more news ahead only on "cbs this morning" juul's ceo responds to claims they want to ll e cigarettes to teenagers. the company's new move to turn them away. plus, why some customers say the home security company's ties to police leave them feeling insecure. two-time world cup winner carly lloyd says, hey, she wouldn't mind getting her kicks in the nfl. get it. could it really happen? you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ppy 24/7? aveeno® with prebiotic oat. it hydrates and softens skin. so it looks like this... and you feel like this. aveeno® daily moisturizer get skin happy™ my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin.
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. good morning. 7:26. crews in napa county investigating a late night house fire at i avacant home and a suspect is under arrest for starting it. it happened in american canyon. no one was hurt. and in modesto, three people behind bars and others on the one after a smash and grab at a julie store. and plans to expand b.a.r.t.
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to silicon valley. they have $125 million for the expansion. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including
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. good morning. here at 7:27, keeping an eye on the traffic. there is a traffic alert to tell you about for those of you commutes from the far and north bay. southbound 101 before windsor, lanes are blocked in the southbound direction. the main travel times, in the red on the east shore freeway. highway 4 is backed up. the better part of an hour. you need ten extra minutes leaving the east bay forward the city. and a cloudy morning across the bay area. all because of the strong on shore flow. here's a live look at the treasure island camera and the gray start. 81 in concord. 68 san francisco. heating up into the weekend.
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it's it's 7:30. here's what's happening on "cbs this morning." hurricane dorian batters the virgin islands and moves toward florida, where it could make landfall as a powerful category 3 hurricane. >> you never know. you have no idea what you're going to go through. >> at this point, it's all about preparation. >> milwaukee's health department alerts people to stop using those e-cigarettes immediately. tony speaks with juul's ceo. >> when people say the long-term effects are not known, that's true. >> that's true. that's a true statement. jet car racer and tv personal jessi combs dies, trying to break the land-speed
7:31 am
record. plus, giving police access to video without a warrant. some consumers complain their rights are being ignored. >> we will always fight for our customers' rights. free food pantry is giving its neighbors food and renewing faith too. >> it provides a little bit of hope for people, and not just in the sense that there's something there, but that other people care. >> looking to bring people together, food always does the trick. >> i'll say. >> maybe a popeye's sandwich. >> you can find me. >> adriana diaz is with us. we appreciate that. juul ceo acknowledges his product is a big part of that problem. one in five high school students, one in nearly 20 middle school students say they vaped in the last year. only on "cbs this morning" we spoke to kevin burns, the ceo of
7:32 am
juul, largest e-cigarette company, and asked him what's being con to stop underage vaping. >> when you think about under anl vaping, youth vaping, what's it look like to you? how big is the crisis? >> the problem is big. >> would you call it an epidemic? >> i'm not going to use the same words that others have used but it's big, concerning and needs to be a lot lower than it is today. >> crisis, emergency? >> we need to move with speed and urgency, yeah. >> do you have a sense of how big a portion of the underage market you guys are? >> we don't know specifically on that but i'm sure, you know, a big portion of the problem is attributed to juul usage of our product. >> what do you say to those families, those parents about their teens using this product? >> i've said this before. i'm sorry that their kids are using the product and i have empathy for them, what they're going through, dealing with their kids, trying to go through any kind of difficulties, especially an addiction to a
7:33 am
product that has kninicotine in. >> when you say sorry, and you have said it before, sorry for what? was it an accident? was it a mistake? how did this happen? >> i said i'm sorry for the situation they're in. again, there's never been -- >> you don't think juul caused it? >> some people could have used our product, but there's never an intent on the company's part to target youth, to grow our business. that's been the assertion. >> families are suing you, saying you went after their kids as customers. your campaigns appeal to them and now they're addicted to nicotine, maybe for life. how do you plan to respond to that? >> i don't think our campaign was ever targeted to kids. we don't need to target youth to grow our business, to be successful and fill our mission. >> part of that mission is now keeping juul's products away from underage shoppers. >> you have a fix for it, you think? >> we have a solution, which can work on this. >> burns brought us to a san francisco convenient store to show us their new initiative. >> okay. let me scan that. >> an i.d. verification system.
7:34 am
>> all right. this i.d. has expired. i cannot sell it to you at this time. i apologize. >> it prohibits cashiers from selling juul products to underage shoppers and places limits on the amount people can buy. >> you have to have a valid i.d. to scan to release the transaction. >> if little brother walk in with big brother's i.d. and hands it to him and that i.d. is expired, no go? >> won't get a transaction. >> 40,000 stores have committed to implementing these new standards and plans to stop distributing products to stores that aren't compliant by 2021. they call at the strictest verification standards for any age restricted products in stores. when you talk about all you're doing to combat underage use and i think about your apology, i'm sorry to the parents who find their kids using this product, i'm sorry for the situation they're in, it sounds like you're putting the blame on the families and the teenagers.
7:35 am
doesn't the blame reside with juul, at least in part? >> i don't want to give any impression i'm blame iing it one families. you have a category-wide issue. we are, in part -- we need to be part of the solution. we have to take an active leadership role in being part of the solution. >> this follows previous efforts by juul to counter underage vaping, removing most flavors from stores, shutting down social media accounts and marketing to reach former smokers. can you say today that you think underage use will go down when the next survey go comes out? >> can't say that with certainty, no. there are other factors that come into play. we're the only manufacturer that's taken flavors out of retail. there's been an influx of counterfeit and compatible products coming into the marketplace. online is still a challenge as a channel. >> when the 2019 numbers come out, teen use, which is already
7:36 am
at one in five high school kids, could go up again? >> i think it could go up. yeah, that's a possibility. >> think of that. another year in which teen vaping numbers continue to go up. a couple of things important to point out there. i had a fake i.d. in high school. this new system they have would have beaten my fake i.d. i wouldn't be able to buy juul. you heard him mention he has a teenage daughter. he has a teenage son, too. his teenage daughter didn't want him to work for juul. >> interesting. >> he brought her around to meet everybody inside and said she had to be convinced that what they're about actually is public health. the big takeaway, he tries to take on all questions for the first time, he believes he can convince the fda and hopefully america that juul is a net good for public health in this country. >> his argument is that they want to provide a product that cigarette users can use to wean themselves off cigarettes but why not make it a prescription product to get juul rather than make it available for everyone and people to start using the product who don't smoke?
7:37 am
>> it's a great question and maybe the fda will push it in that direction. juul perspective is if you go into a convenience store and have the option of buying a cigarette, you want them to have just as much easy access to the juul alternative, if switching can work. look, millions of lives are at risk and millions of teenagers are entangled in this. the balance of the two will dictate where this goes in the years ahead. >> you have more. >> we have much more, yes, we do. in the next hour, much more from our exclusive interview, including what kevin burns says parents are telling him about their kids' vaping. the big move that he says was damaging to the company's credibility, getting in bed with big tobacco company. using door cameras to catch criminals. could access by law enforcement also put your privacy at risk? subscribe to our podcast. hear the day's top stories in less than 20 minutes. we call that a deal. you're watching "cbs this morning." we appreciate that. we'll be right back. morning."
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word of a growing
7:42 am
partnership between police and popular doorbell ring. ring said yesterday more than 400 law enforcement agencies use its neighborhood watch program. that gives police potential access to customers' police videos. jamie yuccas shows us how they could use it. >> hey, man, don't do it. >> everything from home break-ins. >> hey, what are you doing? >> to stolen packages. >> stay informed with alerts from your community. >> ring also offers the neighbors app which lets customers know when and where a crime happens in their area, working in conjunction with the so-called neighbors portal, now used by 400 law enforcement agencies. to request customer video that might help their investigations. ring ceo jamie siminoff.
7:43 am
>> my goal would be to have all police agencies on the portal. >> we'll see a growing sense of people becoming informants on our neighbors, in our neighborhoods. >> andrew ferguson is the author of "the rise of big data policing." >> also potential problems with who gets targeted in those neighborhood apps and that can be very troubling. what can happen, of course, there could be a police response and that could impact someone's liberty, someone's lives. >> reporter: ring says its customers have complete control over their videos and can choose to give consent to a law enforcement request for access. >> the ring customer will see a request come up. they can either accept the request or opt out of that request and all future requests, and the police will never see if they have done that. >> reporter: but privacy advocates worry that customers might not always have the final say. >> yes, we have a choice, sometimes. but it's very easy for police to get a search warrant for that same footage if they believe a crime has occurred.
7:44 am
>> i can tell you, we'll always follow the laws but we'll always fight for our customers' rights, control and privacy. >> you know we have security cameras. >> reporter: jamie yuccas, los angeles. >> lot to think about there. why the u.s. could be on the verge of losing an important worldwide health status it's held for two decades. plus how one of the most active . good thursday morning to you. it is a cloudy start to the day for many locations because of the strong sea breeze kick in for us. and with that, we'll see the temperatures on the cooler side through the afternoon. low 80s in concord and san jose. upper 60s san francisco. below average for friday and warming up as we look ahead to the weekend and labor day.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
reported in the state since last year. so far, the u.s. has reported more than 1,000 cases across 40 states. it could undermine efforts to eliminate measles. just this year, 12 cases already. >> get vaccinated. >> yes. next story, unbelievable video in italy. volcanic explosion in southern italy unleashed a billowing plume of thick, black smoke more than a mile in the air. stromboli volcano erupted. no casualty or damages were reported. the blast was stronger than the previous in july which killed a hiker and covered the popular tourist destination in ash. this volcano has been erupted since 1932. >> continuous eruption, stromboli eruption. >> one man said it was raining sand and stone, which was pretty hard to imagine. >> i saw it recently. we happened to be there this
7:50 am
summer. it was at night and it was very, very, very pretty. >> the video is unbelievable. >> it is. >> no fatalities. >> yes, thankfully. this next story is one i think of female empowerment that i love. u.s. woman's soccer star carli lloyd said she is seriously considering an offer to play for the nfl as a kicker, that would make her the first femnfl player in history. >> it's honestly gotten me thinking a little bit. i think from a kicking perspective, that's what i do for a living. i don't see why not, you know, women can kick. kind of considering the offers and we'll see what happens. >> last week during a philadelphia eagles practice, lloyd nailed a 55 yard field goal. look at that. she was approached by at least two nfl teams to kick in preseason games today. unfortunately, lloyd has a soccer game tonight, but she is not ruling out accepting future offers. first thing that popped in my
7:51 am
mind is what would she be paid? >> good question. >> our wonderful producers and i crunched some numbers. in 2015 she made $356,000 in salary and endorsements. on the lower end of pay for kickers is just under a million. >> wow! >> and she made it -- >> that's why she's considering it. >> yes. >> she made it look so effortless. that's what's so cool about it. she didn't hesitate. just one kick. it was flawless. >> go, carli. >> women can kick. >> women can kick. >> better than men. >> go carli. our next story is a rock star on the journey of a lifetime. singer mike posner hit the road again after a scary snake bite almost caused him to lose his leg. we told you about this story in april when the artist began a walk across america in new jersey. his goal, reminding people of the importance of living in the moment. but earlier this month, while trekking along the flats of colorado, he was bitten by a rattle snake miles from the nearest town. >> about about ten minutes
7:52 am
later, the ven emstarted to go through me, and that's when my whole body kind of went tingling. it was sort of like the looney tunes opening where the circle gets smaller and i felt like darkness was coming in. i'm grateful that i still have my leg, that i still have my life. >> after six days of hospitalization and two weeks of rehab, mike is back on his feet. he actually wanted to start right where he was bitten. >> he launched that here with jamie yuccas, gave a shout out to the rattle snake. >> thank you very much. ahead, how fema is preparing for dorian. oming up. is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination.
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. it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. a heart break end to the search for a missing santa cruz woman. kristen kendall's car crashed on saturday and her body was no inside. police arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with a shooting in san francisco. it happened on august 20th on market street near sixth street. no one was seriously injured. two other suspects arrested on monday. and ride shares offering a $21 minute mull wage. in exchange, drivers asked to drop support of a bill to make
7:57 am
them employees rather than independent contractors. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, it's
7:58 am
. good morning. here at 7:57, let's start with a look at the travel times. they are all in the red unfortunately. you're going to need a little bit of extra time. it's been a rough morning on the roadways. for those of you head out of the altamont pass, 42 minutes. same on the east shore freeway. 74 minutes coming out of the south bay. the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze and the 880. you can see on emily's live traffic cameras the cloudy start to the day. cloud cover for the coast, the bay, and inland. here's the treasure island camera. and the gray skies out there. so as we head through the afternoon, cool temperatures because of strong on shore flow. daytime highs one to six degrees below average for this time of
7:59 am
year. low 80s concord and san jose. upper 60s san francisco. we warm up as we head to the weekend and labor day.
8:00 am
into good morning. it's thursday, august 29, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead hurricane dorian's latest track and the acting administrator of fema shows us how the agency is helping people get ready in florida. plus, we ask juul's ceo if his product is safer than cigarettes. and a woman who is helping neighbors eat when they can't afford food. great story. first, today's "eye opener" coming at you at 8. >> hurricane dorian is gaining strength. the atlantic and millions of people in florida are being warned to be ready for the impact >> we think it's going to be stronger.
8:01 am
it's forecast to move slower than we originally thought. that's a bad combination. >> dorian in the caribbean moved around so much we, couldn't be sure where it was going to go. >> in italy yesterday scenes were normal, which means there were air strikes and reports of 16 civilians killed, including seven children. they are still vegetable that crash, but combs, who was known widely in jet racing, died doing what she loved. >> this is the residential street where her family believes andrea knabel was headed. she never made it, which is why you find this poster looking for her all over. one fan appears to have really had a really good time at the u.s. open. >> keep your eye on the woman at the top left corner of your screen. he was changing his shirt during the game. >> going to take a picture of lopez. i feel so bad for her that she got caught. look at her.
8:02 am
she is like, yeah. >> wait, wait, let me get my phone. hold on. ola! >> at one point she is raising her eyebrows. >> i know. >> i think she was shooting the tennis court. >> yes. no. she was interested in the foul line there. >> you're right. she is going to get a hard time from friends. >> she liked it. >> i know. i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil. you are leaving your shirt on, right? >> do you have your camera ready? >> i actually do. anthony mason is off. adriana diaz is here. we are going to begin request this. dorian is building into a major hurricane. powerful winds and heavy rain damaged st. thomas and other parts of the u.s. virgin island yesterday. puerto rico, which had been in dorian's path, escaped the storm with minimal damage. >> dorian's eye is now north of puerto rico, moving towards the
8:03 am
southeastern u.s. florida is under a state of emergency. lonnie quinn is here. lonnie, where and when can we expect the storm it hit the coast? >> with the latest information is looks like it's more sort of a labor day event. it looks like it's going to be a very big storm. it's rapidly intensifying. the current conditions right now from the national weather service this is the absolute latest information, a category 1 holding sted day 85-mile-per-hour winds. it's focus to get bigger a lot faster. you can see what we're talking about. number one, what lies ahead of it? super heated water. i will show you what i mean. water at 79 degrees maintains a hurricane. if it's warmer than 79 degrees that hurricane can start bubbling up. look at this. this hurricane is going to travel over water that is 85 to 90 degrees. so that's one thing that's going to aid in the intensification. the second thing, there is no dry air around it. yesterday it was surrounded by -- when you look at water
8:04 am
vapor, the dry air is this red area you see right here. all this red that you can see was around the hurricane. well, it's no longer there. it's now on the back side of it. you see that pool of dry air? it's on the wrong side. it's not going to help to shrink this hurricane. it's going to get bigger. then the forward speed slows down. the slower it goes, the more it sits over that warm water and with grow big aernd bigger. right now 13 miles per hour. you get to saturday up to 125 miles per hour moving at 11 miles per hour. sunday it's up to 130 miles per hour. now it's moving only nine miles per hour. and monday it's holding on to that 130 miles per hour as far as the wind paid but traveling forward at only five miles per hour. so inland flooding is going to be a big problem here as well. a very major hurricane, a land strike somewhere around florida. >> thank you. peter gainer is the acting head of the federal emergency management agency. he joins us from fema's
8:05 am
headquarters. good morning. last night florida's governor has issued a state of emergency for the counties that are in the hurricane's path. what resources do you have on the ground there and what do you suggest people do to prepare? >> so we have been working with the governor and local officials starting as early as yesterday. i had a phone call with the governor later today. our team is on the ground in florida and around florida making sure that the governor and local officials have everything they need to prepare for landfall of dorian. >> now, earlier this summer you told congress that fema was short 2,000 people. do you have enough staff to handle this if it makes landfall? >> we have plenty of staff. it's just not fema. it's our federal, private partners. you can see behind me here in washington, d.c. the national response coordination center, the majority of these staff are from other federal agencies and we have plenty of people to respond to dorian or any other
8:06 am
hurricane or threat we may have this atlantic hurricane season. >> fema acknowledged in the past that they were not prepared for hurricane maria two years ago. what has the agency earnlearnedm those mistakes, do you think? >> we have learned a lot. again, no threat or disaster is the same. so if i just go back to dorian landfalling in puerto rico, u.s. virgin islands, one of the things we do differently is we have six times the commodities on island. things like water, food, generators, and we have significant staff footprint on both the u.s. vi and puerto rico. and our engagement with local officials and state officials i think is really one of the things we're most proud about to make sure that there is no need that goes unnoticed or unaddressed when it comes to these major storms. >> and a quick question about funding. yesterday we reported that more than $150 million that was going to be in your budget is instead
8:07 am
going to be shifted to the border. do you have enough money to afford that kind of loss? >> we do. right now in our disaster relief fund we have $27 billion. the 155 million is really less than 1%. you know, we live with risk every day in this business. we assess that risk to be minimal. we are supporting the acting secretary and our partners in dhs with the emergency on the border, and we are fully confident that we have, again, enough money to deal with disasters from 2017 and '18 and deal with what we have in front of us for 2019. >> peter guaner, thank you. >> you are welcome. have great day. >> good luck. >> thank you. only on "cbs this morning," the ceo of the e-cigarette giant juul responds to the company's critics. >> people say juul is toxic. is it? >> the product or the company? >> interestingly you would ask.
8:08 am
the product. >> we toxicology test all of our products. >> interesting indeed. ahead, why he tells tony he could not answer all our questions about the safety
8:09 am
much more news ahead. a 16-year-old rising star in the environmental movement arrived in new york after sailing across the ocean blue. hear her inspiring words and call to action on climate
8:10 am
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8:14 am
a world-famous climate activist is in new york now after crossing the atlantic in a solar-powered sailboat, wow. greta thunberg is her name. she arrived in lower manhattan yesterday after a two-week transatlantic journey. now, she chose not at to fly because of the environmental impact of jet travel. while she said she would actually be a normal teenager, she says somebody has to take a stand on climate change. >> if you try hard enough and long enough, you will make a difference, and if enough people stand together and apply for the right thing, then anything can happen. >> thunberg will protest outside the united nations tomorrow and speak at a u.n. climate change summit next month.
8:15 am
i'm so smitten with this little girl. i keep reminding myself she's only 16 with what she's doing. >> she told our roxana saberi in london she's an introvert. look what she's doing. she's inspiring a generation. >> don't underestimate introverts, they're everywhere. >> i am too. ceo of juul says he can't comment on regulating cigarettes. i think that's a big question though. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ better get here before the end of this song. ♪ ♪ the last of the 2019s won't last long. ♪ what makes an amazing deal even better? how 'bout that every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a two-year or 25,000-mile no-cost maintenance plan, with roadside assistance. ♪ save on the last of the 2019s! ♪ toyota. let's go places.
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8:18 am
onle only "cbs this morning," the ceo of juul's labs is expressing concern over vaping. juul markets itself as an alternative to cigarettes and its job is to improve the lives of 100 million smokers and its
8:19 am
goal seems to be paying off. cigarette smokers has declined. according to a report this month by wells fargo, e-cigarette sales by juul is the major reason for this decrease. ceo kevin burns told us why he thinks that's great news. >> is it true you track cigarette sales every friday and compare them to juul sales? >> every monday at 9:00 a.m. page three on the neilsen report. that's the first thing i look at. >> you want to see them going down. >> going down. >> you think juul is killing the cigarette. >> i think it's absolutely contributing to the decline in cigarettes. you see a high decline of smoking. we're at three times the historical average in terms of
8:20 am
the decline rate of cigarettes smoked new state. >> you think it's safer. >> i'm not going to comment. >> cigarettes are here, the patch in the middle, and juul is here? >> let's just say they're the number one cause of death in the world. >> in 2020 may you have to file with the fda and prove to them you are a net good for public health. >> correct. >> that's taking into account underage use and taking into account the potential benefit for adults. do you think you can meet that threshold that juul is a net good for public health? >> we think so. >> you feel confident? >> yeah. we think so. the da will be the finally ash terror, but we think so, yes. >> the fda limits what it can say about if public health benefits. at one point following our change of product safety we had to break from our interview to
8:21 am
determine what they could and couldn't say. >> the study you're going to file in ten months, what the do they tell you about the health and safety of the vapor when you develop it. >> we're restricted. we do toxicology testing on all of our products. >> people say juul is toxic. is it? >> the product or company? >> interesting you would ask. the product. >> we toxicology test all of our products. >> when you say the long-term effects of vaping are not known, that's true. >> that's true. that's a true statement. we think we have a product that's legal today, has tested for toxicity and does not present a risk based on the guidelines of the category today to the american public. >> fair to say if you knew this to be a toxic or dangerous substance, you wouldn't be selling it? >> i can't imagine that we would have the data support that we're selling a product that's
8:22 am
damaging to the american public and we have that data that we'd continue to sell that product. >> the reason i ask is the co-bako industry doesn't have the greste record when its to telling the people the truth of what they're selling. could the same be true? >> sure, sure. there's a lot of association that comes with that in terms of the nicotine business. sure, i understand that. our job is to create the right kind of protocols, do the right kind of test, make sure it's peer reviewed, deliver it in a transparent fashion and over time create some credibility. it ooh going to take a while to build that credibility. >> did it hurt to take billions of dollars from altria? >> certainly it hurt us in the health and scientific community. certainly it hurt us. >> why do it? >> we had lots of internal debates on this in terms of the pluses and minuses associated with this.
8:23 am
this was not, you know, something where there was, you know, no downside in terms of perception or affiliation or ability. we understand that. >> the downside is public trust? >> no. i think there's a lot more pluses tore. listen, my most -- most of my ration al fale for this is they going to help ak settle rate our mission. i have access to retail that i wouldn't have otherwise, access to research i wouldn't otherwise, access to 17 million smoker database i wouldn't have otherwise, that i can target smokers and talk specific le to those who are adult smokers. so there's a lot of pluses in terms of fulfilling our mission that go well beyond any financial contribution. >> do you ever run into parents who think you're just a blood-sucking vice industry. >> i see perrinets all the time not fans of the company, not
8:24 am
fans of folks who work for the company. >> what do they say to you? >> we can't talk on camera. >> really. >> it's an emotional topic, and i understand that. >> the research shows it's not only former smokers. some people are starting juul and they've never been on nicotine before. what's your advice to people? >> don't vape. don't use juul. don't start using nicotine if you don't have a pre-existing relationship with nicotine. don't use the product. you're not our target consumer? and kevin burns even went on to say making money is not his number one priority right now. it's getting through that fda process. you're skeptical. he thinks he can convince the health officials and company they're a net good for health. >> i can see why he's being criticized and heavily attacked. you gave him a lot of time to tell his story and he didn't shy away from anything. i applaud that, especially during this time.
8:25 am
>> no, absolutely. by the way, juul is going to help pay convenience stores to install that age verification technology. >> yes. they're trying to do something. >> they're trying to make a difference. >> yes. . good morning. it is 8:25. multiple families displaced in contra could say sa county after a grass mire near marsh creek road. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and crews in napa county investigating a late night house fire the aa vacant home. now a suspect is under arrest for starting it. it happened just after 11:00 in american canyon. no one was hurt. and parents demanding the oakland school district to reconsider plans to shut down kieser elementary school and move the teachers and studentings to the flat lands.
8:26 am
news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
. good morning here at 8:27, let's start with a look at the travel times. mostly in the red. some of those main commutes have not recovered. taking a look, you are only in the red in most of them except the altamont pass in the yellow down to 40 minutes. east shore freeway, 36 minutes from highway 4 to to maze. that is better than earlier.
8:28 am
highway 4, 77 minutes out of 101 from the south bay. backed up to the maze and well on the 880 flyover crawling through the toll plaza to san francisco. and a live look at the san mateo bridge. debris in the center divide. no delays. just regular commute traffic causing the brake lights. slow at the richmond-san rafael bridge. a cloudy start to the day. you can see that on the traffic cameras. through the afternoon, some clearing. sunshine inland locations. clearing for the bay and cloudy along the coast. breezy for the bay and the coast. cooler compared to yesterday and below average for this time of year. 73 oakland. 68 san francisco. breezy again for the coast and for the bay. westerly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. below average still for friday and heating up into the weekend and labor day. and really quickly, here's the game day forecast for the 49ers taking on the chargers.
8:29 am
have a great day.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to bring you some of the stories we call talk of the table. people often tell me this is their favorite part of "cbs this morning." they're curious to see what you're going to choose. >> i'll go first. i'm talking about a remarkable apology from apple which is apologizing this morning for listening to a recording people's comments to sera, the digital assistant. they say they were doing it for training purposes and to improve the device. the apology is really frank for a corporate apology. it says -- let me see if i can find it. i feel like gayle this morning with my papers. we realize we haven't fully been living up to our high ideals and
8:31 am
for that we apologize. people can opt out now from having this happen, but they hopia will let it happen to improve the service. >> nothing better than saying we're sorry. people accept it if they think you're sincere. >> it sounds sincere. >> i wish we would have to opt in versus opt out. >> good point. >> you know. >> i'll get back to you on that. >> do some original reporting, as always. i have a lovely story. there's a 6-year-old boy in iowa named hayden williams. he moved to a new house. he was afraid of what he was worried about, bad guys being in his new room, because he used to share a room with his sister. his mom took him to the local to cops about whether there were bad guys at home and then officer schwartz showed up at his house and looked in his room for bad guys. found none there. reassured him. when he went to school, officer schwartz showed up and he was so excited. >> i like that.
8:32 am
>> very nice. you could go door to door, right down the block. there are a lot of kids who are afraid of the bad guys. >> it shows once again what police officers do. we hear so many stories that are often negative about police officers. i believe the majority of cops out there want to do a. >> job, want to engage with the public, and do that on a daily basis while risking their lives for strangers. i love that. bravo, officer schwartz. mine is about the dogs. you have heard of copycats. how about a dog that likes to copy, too? what you talking about, gayle? take a look at this video. they show chiffon a picture, and she imitates the pose. okay, that's pose number one. watch chiffon. you can see chiffon looking at the picture. and then posing. but this is one that really gets me. here's chiffon taking a look. running back. and posing. >> wow. >> every time i see that, that cracks me up, because chiffon doesn't -- i don't know if
8:33 am
chiffon is a boy or girl. she's a girl. thank you, betsy. this is chiffon with mom and dad, too. just so cute. they look like little stuffed animals. i couldn't get enough of how she's looking and then posing and taking it all in. >> that is adorable. and goes to show how smart dogs are. >> exactly right. >> very smart. i do have an update. users will have to opt-in on the apple listening device. apple is listening to you as well. they might have heard your recommendation. >> tony was serious. >> i knew it was on the page somewhere. i was trying to find it. anyway, let's return to our esexclusive interview with kevin burns. he acknowledged we don't know the long-term effects of vaping. when you were considering this job, you took it in 2017, as i understand it, your daughter, 16, didn't want you to take it. why? >> 15 at the time. she was worried, she did not know much about the product and the company. and she was worried what the company focus was and what the product was. >> she was a teenager at the
8:34 am
time. she was already familiar with it. didn't that tell you something? >> my teenage daughter doesn't recommend the 1.1 billion smokers around the world. she has no exposure to smokers. we live in a community with very few smokers and a small smoker rate. for me, i looked at the opportunity to have a huge impact on the number one source of preventable death in the world, which is getting people off cigarettes. i said that's a massive public health opportunity. >> and our dr. tara narula is here to break down what we do know about e-cigarettes. doctor, good morning. a lot to chew over in this conversation. what jumped out to jow? >> i think what jumps out to me is the issues with the lung disease that we're seeing, that we reported on last week. we talked a lot about the effect of e-cigarettes on the brain in the youth population, the cardiovascular taekts and a lot of these are intangible for parents and kids to wrap their mind around. they're long term problems. when you see a child intubated
8:35 am
on a ventilator, this becomes very real and very scary. this is a wake-up call for every parent listening to the story to get up and have a conversation with their kids, today, tomorrow, this weekend, about vaping. you can argue the merits for smokers to help them quit, but nobody is saying that this has value or benefit in a youth population. >> so you see this as a call to action for parents. what should they know about the toxicity? what do you want them to know? >> i think they need to know i spoke to dr. chapman yesterday innnesota, they said they're seeing this pattern of inhalation injury that looks similar in all of the kids presenting, kids who previously had no lung disease, who were healthy, ages 15 to 23, who suddenly have shortness of breath, chest pain, and within days to a week are ending up on oxygen, on a ventilator. many have been discharged but the question is what are the long-term ramifications going to be to the lungs. >> parents don't even know their
8:36 am
kids are vaping. the story in the news thrk parents are shocked as their child is in a medically induced coma that their kid is even vaping. >> we can no longer avoid this. it needs to be part of our understanding. we need to know the facts about what the problem are so we can explain that to our kids. we need to know what it looks like. >> like a little usb thing. >> like a pen, a usb. a lot can be easily concealed. parents need to be on the lookout for that and have frank, open conversations with their kids starting very early, as early as kindergarten. >> some of the teens who have gotten sick have reported using thc in these vaporizers. is that part of the problem, that products that are not necessarily juul products, that are not necessarily nicotine are being put into these devices? >> that could be part of the problem, but we don't know. they're all on this right now because they're seeing this flood of cases throughout the country, and we really do need to figure out what exactly it
8:37 am
is. but in the meantime, the reality is whatever it is, it needs to be something that's avoided in a youth population. >> so that device on the table, that juul belongs to linda who is in hair and makeup who did my amazing wave this morning. >> who is not a teenager. >> who is an adult, an adult smoker who is now midway to switching, and she's trying to use juul to help her. she says she heard the reports of the lung illness, the coverage of it, and it makes her worry and it pushes her back toward cigarettes. there's kind of two messages, the teen message and the adult message. what is the message to adults? should they switch, should they not? >> i think we need more research. we said this before, and we're getting more research. there was a study that came out in february looking at e-cigarettes versus traditional nicotine replacement therapy. it may be that down the road we have proof that these are actually beneficial. but right now, as far as what is recommended, it is not one of the recommended ways we have the
8:38 am
gum, the patch, other medications, counseling. but i don't think anybody can say that it doesn't potentially have value for current smokers. but that's one issue as you said. and what i really want to focus on when i think we really need to focus on is the youth population. >> what about all the people, when young people do things, they off do them together. what about teenagers who might be around vapors inhaling that vapor? are there any second-hand risks? >> because these have only been out for 11 years really on the market, not only do we not have long-term research on what the effects are on you, down the road, are you going to develop cancer, problems, we don't have research on the second-hand effects. it would make sense logically if you're inhaling something something else is using you could be exposed to what what the chemicals are. >> you said your concern is about the teenagers. it does seem like people like the juul mr. burns, that they are now trying to dial it back on how they were marketing to teenagers.
8:39 am
they say they never were marketing to teenagers but that's hard to believe when you look at some of the advertising but it seems like they're dialing back and making it difficult for teens to get it. >> that's a great thing. unfortunately, we're five or six years into this problem, so until juul is able to implement what it's trying to do, until the fda has this, parents and schools need to be on the front lines. parents need to recognize signs their children are using. for instance, are they going outside or do the bathroom during family gatherings. do you smell a sweet odor oin their clothes or room that they're trying to conceal with air freshener. are they complaining of being thirsty, having nose bleeds, being irritable. or you find something in their room that you don't know what it is, or cords or chargers. >> one thing parjts want to hear is the people responsible for the early juul ads, kevin burns
8:40 am
tells me none of those people work for the company anymore. on the question of have they turned a pamg, they have changed the team. >> they're taking steps. thank you so much for all that insight and all those tips. >> tara is riled up. >> as a parent of two young children. >> this will continue into the break. >> thanks again. it's important. moving on to the next story i want to tell you about because i did it with my colleague hannah. so here's a simple idea that's making neighbors in minnesota, making sure their neighbors do not go hungry. >> now we don't get paid for another three days so we're at the pantry trying to figure out what we can feed the kids, since they're out of school. >> so what are you hoping to get here today? >> breakfast and something that we can make so they can warm up when i'm at work. >> ahead in our series, a more perfect union, we'll show you what inspired one woman to put a
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
our series, a more perfect union, aims to show us what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. in communities across the country, people are getting creative to make sure their neighbors don't go hungry. roughly 40 million americans are food insecure, meaning they can't always food afford. we visited one minnesota neighborhood where a simple idea is helping many families in need. every day, when jamie hendricks
8:45 am
gets home, she gets to work. checking her pantry and filling it up. >> so what needs to be restocked today? >> so today, we need to restock some more of the vegetables. and some more of the macaroni type of items. >> this food isn't for her family. it's for her community. in st. paul, minnesota. >> what are you grabbing now for the pantry? >> toilet paper. >> the supplies are headed to her front yard, where she planted the north end free pantry. she got the idea from little free libraries where neighbors lend and borrow books, but she's replaced books with food. so many people took the free food, she had to replace her 2 1/2-foot cabinet with a seven-foot one. >> that told me we have a much bigger problem, but much bigger need in our community than what i had even thought. every day, when i come home and i check it, there's usually some things gone. >> when people are a few days away from their pay day. >> right before rent, right after they paid their rent.
8:46 am
>> 20% of people in st. paul live below the poverty line. that's more than 8% above the national poverty rate. angelique knows what it's like to have to choose between paying bills and buying groceries for her husband and four kids. >> now we don't get paid for another three days. so we are at the pantry trying to figure out what we can feed the kids since they're out of school. >> what are you hoping to get here today? >> some breakfast and something we can make so they can warm up when i'm at work. >> right. >> rush learned about the pantry on facebook. she's gone to food banks but they have limited hours and some require proof of income. she says she and her husband make $75 too much to qualify for food stamps. >> having the pantry and it being anonymous, it helps a lot. it makes it so you don't have to answer to anybody or feel shameful. >> there's nothing worse than only having some things to feed your kids. and not having what they want to eat. as a mom, it makes you feel
8:47 am
really sad that they don't want to eat ramen noodles or they don't want to eat the soup you got, but they have to because you don't have anything else to feed them. it's really hard. i didn't mean to cry. >> no, it's okay. i'm sure there's nothing harder than to hear them say they're hungry. >> it's really hard. >> has your life experience pushed you to do this for others? >> when we grew up, we didn't have a lot of money. that was the same with when my daughters were young, but we always found a way to be able to make it and to be able to help other people. >> free food pantries have popped up nationwide. more than 700 are listed in this online directory. hentrics' neighbor rosy tool sees the impact. >> how often do people come and take food? >> almost every day. it's not only that they are taking but people are two, three times a week bringing stuff. >> just of kind of provides a
8:48 am
little bit of hope for people and not just in the sense that there's something there, but that other people care. and so that in and of itself, i think, makes a big difference. >> if everyone did a small thing like this for the community, what kind of world do you think this would be? >> a non-hungry world, that's for sure. it would make it easier for people to survive. >> love that piece. she seemed like a tough cookie, but she broke down. >> so many americans are struggling. 40 million americans are food insecure. but what jamie said is so inspiring. it's not just the food you're giving out for free that matters. it's the fact that people care. >> exactly. >> and that can uplift us all. >> it wasn't free for jamie in the beginning. she had to use her own resources. now more people are donated. it shows you how much a simple little thing that starts with kindness builds and builds. >> a great story.
8:49 am
>> before we go, how a former marine carried his brother in arms 14 miles to help him fulfill his dream. a great story. we'll be right back. in arms and help fulfill his dream. it's a great story. we'll be right back. when the engines failed on the plane i was flying, i knew what to do to save my passengers.
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to like this. two veterans teamed up to fight incredible odds in a tremendous show of strength. john nelson hiked 14 miles to the top of mt. timpanogos. he did it with johnthan blank strapped to his back. nelson and blank served in the same unit of the marine corps. in 2010, nelson lost his legser but he decided not to let his injury stop him. he skis, hunts, sails, but he needed help to climb a mountain. that's when nelson stepped up to the challenge. >> i got legs. i couldn't imagine if i shed a
8:53 am
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. good morning, everyone. it is 8:55. police looking for the person who stabbed a 17-year-old at the b.a.r.t. station. the teen was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. of and a vote could turn an empty parking lot in san francisco into an overnight rest stop for the homeless. they will vote on the program this afternoon. uber and lyft offering $21 an hour minimum wage. in exchange, drivers are asked
8:56 am
to drop support of the bill to make them employees rather than independent contractors. updates through the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:57 am
. good morning. a look at the travel times at 8:57 you are moving out of the red on some of the commutes. however, you remain in the red on the east shore freeway and out of the south bay. 37 minutes from highway 4 to to
8:58 am
maze. highway 4 has recovered. 101 slowlying down. 75 minutes to the airport. and bay bridge metering lights are on. slowing down on the approach to the maze at the east shore freeway. and crawl on the westbound san mateo bridge. gray start to the day and a strong on shore flow. with it, cool temperatures through the afternoon. below average temperatures through the day. it's a cloudy start for all of us inland, the bay, and the coast. here's a live look at the treasure island camera. you can see the cloudy skies through the afternoon. daytime highs cooler compared to yesterday. below average one to six degrees. low 80s concord. low 70s oakland. upper 60s san francisco. some clearing for the bay and breezy and cool, cloudy, and breezy along the coast. below average temperatures friday and we warm up into the
8:59 am
weekend and labor day with the sunshine. by the way, here is the game day forecast. the 49ers and the chargers.
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