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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 29, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at noon, a judge rules and the men accused in a condo attack caught on camera will stay behind bars. good afternoon.
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i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. let's go to anne makovec with more details. >> reporter: he will stay in jail for now and as he was being led away after today's hearing, he started ranting and swearing at what appeared to be directed at the prosecutor and when he got to the back room, we heard a bang on the wall before the defense attorney went to check on him. also, in the hearing, charges related to a separate incident from february were dropped after austin vinson's defense attorney proved he was in rehab in southern california at the time of that attack. ldwithout this attack outside the westgate condo building on august 11 and the prosecutors showed this video in court today. a statement waele hano voice, emotionally paralyz. th ot. >> whewe tabout human behaor, it's difficuhorisky som
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or may not be but we always have to do that analysis in the name of public safety. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in court and this is video of yesterday's hearing where vincent was quiet and subdued. both sides talked today about his rap sheet and trying to prove whether or not he had a violent history. his most recent crime was petty theft and he had a conviction in new york for menacing with a weapon. we just heard from the defense attorney outside the courtroom who said he still will push for his client to be remanded into a treatment program and said this guy will get out and you treabere at happens. ndtosizarre. sc idiff speak rtfor
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e's motis some the but it certa a hot potato and really in the public eye. it looks like a lot of people, perhaps, didn't want to touch this case. >> anne makovec, thank you. to the storm watch with hurricane dorian gaining strength in the atlantic. it pounded the u.s. virgin islands and is forecasted to reach florida this weekend. florida is under a state of emergency with millions of people being warned to get ready for the impact and people are stocking up on supplies and fuel at a gas station near miami beach and the pumps were dry this morning and headed out of service signs on them. dorian may reach the utcoearl edy spcentmo bileauncte ahead ofe e cond ithatlantic.
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very weak wind shear and warm waters over the atlantic and with conditions like that, intensity forecast models are projecting the storm will explode into a major hurricane and this is the enhanced satellite imagery of dorian, a category 1 storm that will strengthen rapidly. right now, 85 miles-per-hour wind moving northwest at 13 miles-per-hour and likely strengthening into a major hurricane by tomorrow or saturday. now, the latest on this as it moves over the atlantic, approaching the florida coast, now, as a possible category 4 hurricane. maximum sustained wind of 130 dyourengen and the y monday atlantic cbreported david begnaud is in cocoa beach, florida. >> reporter: when dorian hit the u.s. virgin islands, it brought heavy rain and wind.
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e m caused widespread rotagesits nostrengthening and category 3 storm by the time it makes landfall in florida on labor day. >> my team is on the ground in florida and around florida to make sure that the governor and local officials have everything they need to prepare for the landfall of dorian. >> reporter: puerto rico dodged a bullet as the storm changed course at the last minute. floridians are being told, don't take a chance. >> i'm not that concerned but better safe than sorry. >> i lost my house in andrew and that may be ready. >> reporter: the governor, rhonda santos, asks people to stock up with seven days worth of supplies. >> have a plan and be ready and listen and we will get more resolution and certainty over the next 24-48 hours. >> i'm not watching the weather, not going to obsess
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about it. >> i'm going to pray my way through it because god is in control. >> reporter: there are hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans in the central part of florida that will watch and they were thankful it turned out to be nothing on their island and now they watch dorian come to them along with every other floridian being told by the governor to get ready. fema is putting teams in tallahassee and atlanta, ready to move them up and down the southeast coast and the storm that darted through the caribbean is approaching the u.s. david begnaud, cbs news on the beach, cocoa beach, florida. a surge on wall street with one hour to go before the closing bell and the dow is up more than 330 points right now and tech companies and banks have been big winners in midday trading with wells fargo up as much as 2% in stocks moving higher this afternoon as investors hope nuke talks set for september can resolve the u.s.-china trade dispute. the china commerce ministry
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said hope for progress depends on whether washington can create favorable conditions. last friday, president donald trump said he would add 5% tariffs on about $550 billion in targeted chinese goods. i'm emily turner the live news desk with a driver under arrest in contra costa county for child and then taking off while under the influence. it happened at 7:00 this morning in brentwood on sunset road and trailside drive. you can see video from the scene. we are told there are no crosswalks in this area and police officers and firefighters were there and at one point we saw a shoe on the ground. police located the suspect sitting in an suv about one half mile away and she was arrested for felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence. the crews tweeted this picture showing a 12-year-old girl being carried off in a stretcher before being airlifted to a trauma center. we will have much more on this story coming up on the kpix5 news and online at in the meantime, we are told the child suffers from major
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injuries and at the incontra crews were repairing a water main break in danville that affected dozens homes oncentri circle without water. the crews made repairs and d they are expected to reopen at 4: man is under arrest and napa county, accused of starting a fire outside a home for sale in american canyon. a family member of the homeowner told police he was drunk and attempting to burn an american flag in the driveway when flames quickly spread to the garage. no one was hurt. in washington, a new report accuses they fired fbi director, james comey, of going robe to target president trump. more on the response. >> reporter: the justice
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department's watchdogs and former fbi director james comey violated fbi policies when he leaked memos documenting private conversations he had with president donald trump in january 2017. a new inspector general report said what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information obtained during the course othe fbi employmentp nt three days after he was prompted to take an unusual step and that's when comey asked a friend, law professor dan richmond, to share the contents of the memos with the new york times. >> i thought it might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: the department of justice has declined to prosecute james comey and his critics, including president donald trump, will likely jump on the findings. the president repeatedly blamed james comey for launching the russia investigation, which dog the first two years of his presidency. >> i did a great service to this country by firing james comey. >> reporter: james comey emphasize there was no evidence he mishandled classified
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information and tweeted, i don't need a public apology from those who defamed me but a quick message with a sorry we lied about you would be nice. katherine johnson, cbs news and washington. >> within the past hour, president donald trump tweeted out, perhaps never in the history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than james comey. he should be ashamed of himself. meanwhile, former special counsel, robert mueller determine the president did not conspire with russia in the 2016 election and he could not clear him of obstruction of justice when the president fired james comey. space force is a step closer to launching and about one hour from now, the creation of a us-based command with the new unit planning and carrying out space operations including missile warnings and satellite activities. it's seen as a launchpad for a full new military branch which would need congressional approval. still ahead, a major drug bust on the high seas.
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found in the pacific. it can catch criminals in the act but what you may give up when you install a ring camera outside your home.
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welcome back. there is no single gaging, according to a new study, the largest to analyze the shaping of sexuality with researchers looking at dna from nearly one half million and they found genetics plays a role but from lots of genes, not just one and the environment and social factors play a role. >>new at n drug bust at sea with a coast guard crew based out of southern california caught a gray covered vessel off the eastern pacific ocean during a patrol of drug transit zones in the region with about 3000 pounds of cocaine seized and as for the worth, more than $38
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million. a growing partnership between police and the doorbell camera company, ring, raises concerns. >> the partnership gives police potential access to customer videos and jamie yuccas shows how guarding your home could compromise your privacy. >> somebody is breaking into my house. >> reporter: the home surveillance camera from ring captures crooks in the act. everything from home break-ins to stolen packages. >> you can stay informed with alerts in your community. >> reporter: ring offers the neighbor's app which lets customers know when and where a crime happens in their area. it works in conjunction with the so called neighbors portal used by some 400 law enforcement agencies to request customer videos that might help their investigations. the ring ceo, jamie seaman off. >> my goal is to have every law enforcement agency on the police portal to help
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communities come together to make things safer. >> we will see beming an inform on neighbors and neighborhoods. >> reporter: andrew ferguson is the author of the rise of big data policing. >> there obviously will be potential problems with who gets targeted in the neighborhood apps and that could be troubling. what could happen is there could be a police response that could impact liberty and lives. >> reporter: ring said customers have complete control over videos and can choose to give consent to law enforcement. >> the ring customer will see a request, and they can accept it or opt out of that request and all future requests and the police will never see if they have done that. >> reporter: privacy advocates worry that customers might not always have the final say. >> yes, we have a choice but it's very easy for police to get a search warrant for that if a crime has occurred.
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>> we follow the laws but will fight for the rights of our customers, their control and policy. >> reporter: jamie yuccas in los angeles. a team effort to save a bear cub trapped near lake tahoe and when deputies arrived at the kings beach motel, they found a bear cub to scale a dumpster to reach its sibling and deputies stepped in with a letter to let the cub figure out what to do next and it didn't take long because he quickly popped out and ran off to rejoin his family. all is good. >> so cute. >> but you want to keep your distance. >> from afar he is cute. we are catching sunshine with a pretty view from the dublin camera with blue skies and we will show you the salesforce tower salesforce tower camera and also looking at clearing from the salesforce tower camera looking east at the bay bridge. mount diablo in the distance. temps in the upper 60s to low
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to mid-70s at this hour with a plsant afternoon and 77 in concord, 74 in livermore, upper 60s in san francisco. 73 in san jose. the satellite and radar view has a low pressure system ushering in the on floor moderate push from the pacific with a ridge of high pressure over the death or southwest building in with temperatures warming up for the holiday weekend to above average for this time of year. today, hour by hour with that clearing through the rest of our afternoon, and for tomorrow morning, a gray start with cloudy skies and then looking at the afternoon sunshine with temperatures similar to today for friday and warming up for the weekend. our sunset at 7:43 and the sunrise at 6:47. daytime highs cooler than average. 81 in concord an 84 in san
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jose. mid-70s in oakland and about 70 in san francisco and upper 70s in mountain view and redwood city. a big game tonight with the 49ers taking on the chargers at kick off at 7:00 p.m. and you can watch that on kpix. mostly fair skies and low 70s and great weather for that game day forecast. the seven-day forecast, going through, you can see temperatures warming up for the weekend above average through labor day and into next week. great barbecuing weather and doing anything as we celebrate the end of summer, we can't believe it. >> we will be here monday, right? >> always. >> we have a special newscast line up ahead of that game mary was talking about, the kpnx news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight will feature live reports from levi's stadium and at 7:00, watch the niners take on the chargers and stay tuned to the
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fifth quarter after the game. still ahead, cooking up a solution to save resources and how a couple of bay area teenagers help conserve energy around the world and at home. a reminder before we go to break that if you have a consumer problem, email us at or call our hotline at 1-888-5-helps-u. we will be right back.
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welcome back. cooking over open fires are normal for 3 billion people worldwide. two bay area teenagers hope to bring old cooking logy ck lp those glly well as the elderly in the bay area. >> this is the jefferson award winners this week. >> reporter: at the community center, guests enjoy a special meal. kiara and lila prepare a dish using ingredients sourced from the free food bank. >> this is rice pilaf with vegetables and chicken. >> reporter: they present how it is cooked. >>e gointo taabout a cooking tool called the wonder bag. >> reporter: it's nonelectric slow cooker is relying on heat retention for cooking. the pots are brought to a boil on a stove and moved into a bag
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where it sits to finish the cooking process. >> wonder bags are tools to save time, save resources like water and fuel. >> reporter: the bags can help reduce the risk of inhaled smoke for those who live where cooking over an open fire is the only option and after seeing the open fire cooking on a school trip to south africa, they wanted to find a way to help their new friends. >> they come with energy and teach us dancing and they drum with us and it has been a positive experience in our lives. >> they've raised $11,000 through bake sales and bought 800 wondra bags to give to south african families. >> it saves the environment and improves personal health and public health. >> reporter: in the first presentation they hope the bag can be a budget saver for seniors on fixed incomes like raymond gutierrez who spends his days fishing. >> perfect for me.
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>> that's why they serve up a hot meal for the lunch crowd, offering bags at a deeply discounted price to those who need an extra hand in the kitchen. >> it makes you feel good from the inside out. >> reporter: to help save resources and improve health, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to lila parker and kiara savage schwartz. allen martin, kpix5. you can nominate your own local here for a jefferson award online at we'll be right back.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, the feds are looking into juuls marketing practices and whether the e-cigarette company used social media influencers to target teens. live coverage from levi's stadium of the 49ers final preseason game tonight. >> football season! i love the time right now because we are out of here.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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♪ [ monitor beeping steadily ] >> brooke: he knows. thomas knows i wouldn't do anything to try to hurt him. and when he wakes up, he's gonna tell ridge that. >> hope: look, my experience is that it is not safe to assume what thomas will say or do. >> brooke: honey, it didn't look like he was trying to apologize. it looked more like he was -- >> liam: hey. so, ridge is still just trying to get answers from the doctor. what looked more like what?


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