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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 30, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sends two men and one woman running for her life. >> and we are on watch as hurricane dorian creeps closer to the florida coast. the we track the timing. >> good morning it's friday august 30th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee. it is friday. we've been waiting for thisonda. >> finally it's friday. and it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. here's a live look with our san jose camera. good morning to you in san jose. 61 right now in san jose. 63 in oakland. livermore upper 50s. so your temperatures as we head through the afternoon in san francisco looking at the upper 60s. mid 70s. upper 80s for concord. so you can see seasonal daytime highs today. we are going to warm up as we head into the holiday weekend. details on that coming up.
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i'm looking forward to that holiday weekend and i can tell a lot of you guys are too. already enjoying. some of you guys are just not up and not going to work this morning. look at that travel time. those are all in the green in the altamonte pass. there's only about a 25-minute ride. no problem at all to report. there are no accidents on these major thoroughfares. so on the east shore freeway 15 minutes just under. and 37 minutes on 101 for those of you on the golden gate bridge this morning they've issued a fog advisory but i think that's probably a little outdated because take a look you can actually see the golden gate bridge. you're not going to need any extra time there. i mean, unless there's something catastrophic that happens this morning it's going to be an easy ride into san francisco. there are no delays really at any point. other than that you're good to
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go as you're headed into san francisco today. san mateo bridge is a little bit busier as your are driving towards the peninsula this morning. really no problems to report. eastbound is a breeze as well. and the nimitz looks good. plenty of company but still a pretty smooth ride. all right emily, thank you. in storm watch this morning looking live at lauderdale by the sea florida. days before hurricane dorian is expected to reach the coast. you can see the clouds in the sky but that storm looking calm right now. it strengthened overnight. the national hurricane center says dorian may strengthen into a category 4 storm by the time it makes landfall. officials say residents should have up to 7 days worth of supplies. people waited hours to get sandbags in cocoa beach. some others are simply skipling town. >> we're just going get ready
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and leaf. >> unfortunately i called this morning to see if we could get flights out and everything was all booked up. >> meanwhile first responders were on their way to florida. vice president mike pence will go to poland instead. the visit commemorates the 80th anniversary of world war ii. two men are in jail this morning accused of stealing puppies from an animal shelter. that's where we find kpix 5's katie neilson with this bizarre story and more details this morning. yeah, kenny so police say this all started wednesday night and they were able to arrest the men at this starbucks here in hayward. and when they did, they actually found two of the stolen puppies in the mens' car. that's all according to hayward police. this started wednesday night
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when three men broke into family dog on surveillance video. stealing computers along with two husky puppies and a pit bull puppy. the animal rescue posted pictures of the puppies online but someone else posted those same photos online trying to sell the puppies. a supporter of the shelter contacted the sellers and offered to buy the puppies back and agreed to meet them at starbucks. that's when hayward police stepped up and arrested those suspects in that investigation. >> the people who stole these dogs probably did something fairly stupid and stealing them from a shelter that has a very wide base of support. >> the puppies were checked out by a vet and appear to be okay. they're now back at the shelter waiting for their permanent homes. police are still looking for that third suspect seen in the surveillance video and that pit
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bull puppy. that puppy is still missing. they're asking anyone who has information in that case to call san francisco police. kpix 5. right now in oakland police are searching for a shooter who opened fire and injured two men. yesterday afternoon on 61st and lowell streets near the oakly border. a business owner says he knew it was serious when he saw a teenage girl approaching his shop pale and shaken. >> she just ran into our warehouse and she stopped crying. >> it's unclear if she was a witness or an innocent bystander. the conditions of the two men who were shot are unknown. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we've got some breaking news coming out of new york right now where police say they have foiled a terror plot. they arrested a 19-year-old in queens, new york that they say
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was inspired by isis to carry out a knife attack. after they found him in an online chat room. arrested as he went to meet with an undercover agent to acquire some of the knives that police say he was planning to use in this attack. he is now in jail. back to you. anne thank you. new details this morning in the wake of the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting. another victim has been identified. they have located a 50-year-old man who sustained a grazing wound to his head. the discovery brings the number of people injured now to 17. before turning the gun on himself he killed 3 people that day. a san francisco police sergeant is in hot water accused of illegally pulling a fire
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alarm. earlier this month pacifica police posted this photo. she was one of several residents who showed up on an august 7th meeting. danoti pulled the fire alarm 5:07 right now a colorado sheriff's department getting hit with a law enforcement this morning after surveillance video caught an inmate giving birth all alone. diane in a san chez is seen in screaming pain for about 5 hours. at times nurses come in one hands her an absorbent pad. >> what hurts me more though is the fact that nobody cared. >> hay layperson can see a --
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any layperson can see she needs to go to the hospital in labor. >> sanchez is now filing a federal lawsuit. meantime the sheriff's department says that decisions on whether deputies are now authorized to call an ambulance. in san jose a driver who struck and killed a bicyclist is still on the run this morning. a chevy suburban hit another suv at story road around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. then that chevy continued through an intersection and fatally hit a man on a bike. the driver got away on foot. in brentwood an 11-year-old girl injured in another hit and run could be released from the hospital today. she was struck walking to school yesterday and was air lifted to u.c. davis medical center. as for the driver police arrested her half a mile away from the scene. detectives believe the woman was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. police on the peninsula are investigating the latest apple store t rnt
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the store just before 8:30. loaded up on display products. jumped in two cars and sped away. the suspect stole around thnolo. so f no arres. >> and this morning lyft and uber are spending millions of dollars to fight legislation that would classify california drivers as employees. a state proposal would require those companies make drivers employees with guaranteed sick days, health benefits and a protected minimum wage. the companies say their model allows drivers to set their own schedules. wednesday uber announced it would guarantee a minimum wage of $21 an hour. we reached out to lyft and the company confirms it is putting $30 million into a ballot measure that would make them exempt from the law. we also reached out to uber but
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have not heard back. the environmental protection agency has banned a plan on methane gas. the trump administration's new policies would eliminate federal requirements that oil and gas companies use that technology to detect and stop methane leaks. environmental groups and some major energy companies oppose this plan. here in california attorney general javier becerra. the documented private conversations with president trump. it happened in 2017 and the weeks before comey was fired as fbi director. the inspector general says comey broke fbi rules giving one memo containing classified information. comey has said he wanted to make a record of the actions because
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he was concerned the president might lie about them. time now is 5:10. >> an important weekend ahead in traffic. coming up the bart and caltrans project that may snarl your labor day travel plans. where to avoid all the backups. >> well happy friday to you. we are starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay. we will have that sunshine through the afternoon. i'll have your holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> well it already looks like a holiday on those roadways. lots of green. lots of open road. plenty of space for you to hit the road or head on into work if you have to sorry. enjoy it. i have more ahead. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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there is a traffic alert this labor day weekend in contra costa county. >> people who ride bart trains or drive highway 24 listen up because of ongoing work on train tracks. buses will be used to shuttle bart passengers. delays of 40 minutes or more can be expected tomorrow through monday. in addition there will be lane closures on eastbound highway 24 in lafayette near oak hill road. that will begin at 11:00 tonight and run through 7 uto 30 minutee expected. bart says it is replacing
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track and electrical equipment and doing other repairs and upgrades. there will be disruptions every other weekend through october. the free shuttle bus service will be provided by ac transit. and later in our 6:00 half hour a representative from bart and caltrans will be joining us. a new hampshire woman is fighting back after the state told her. the mother of 4 has this vanity plate that suggests the use of the bedroom. she says she's had the plate for 15 years. news of the recall made it all the way to the governor who decided she could keep the plates. >> okay. now i know wt says. >> say it. >> it says pee before we go. that's what it says. >> that's a genius piece of information to anybody who's hopping in the car.
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>> and if you're a mom that's the policy. >> you know what it avoids extra long road trips. >> the governor was right. >> i don't know about all that but what i do know about is for traffic this weekend. it's going to be heavy in the odd spots. so we're not really talking about commute traffic this morning because there isn't any. however, there is going to be an issue with labor day traffic for those of you trying to hit the roads. i checked in with the logistics company about the heaviest travel times so you can plan around it this weekend. today between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. is when you can expect the heaviest out of town. in my experience in the bay area everybody kind of procrastinates. pretty much a good frame of mind is that it's going to be slow and you need to give yourself
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some extra time. $3.50 for the state of california. and because everybody hasn't hit the road yet, take a look at our overall map. there's only one that's new into our real time traffic center. it's in the center divide in the process of being cleared not causing any dlas. it's early for the south bay commute and almost pretty much a holiday weekend and this is in play northbound 22. we were seeing slowing 22 minutes ago. but tip it doesn't seem to be causing delays at all. last but not least we're now starting to see a little bit of a slowdown and that travel time still remains in the green. east shore freeway about comme i easy. just to give you an idea of how easy the roadways are. take a look at the bay bridge and the fact there is no one on
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it. you can enjoy that ride. >> i love that. looking good on the bay bridge this morning. we are going to head through the afternoon with seasonal daytime highs. here's a live look with our roof cam and you can see quite tower shining brightly this morning. so mid 60s for you in concord, oakland. upper 50s liver more. and looking at the low 50s in santa rosa. by the numbers we have gone now 100 days in downtown san francisco since we have seen any measure able rainfall. the last time that happened was may 21st. we're going to continue on that dry stretch as we go through the next several days. high pressure in control. it stays in place to our south. we're going to have just a weak on shore flow but as that high pressure builds in those temps will be on the rise. hour by hour on future cast and you can see that sunshine with the cloud cover just for the
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coast and then as we head through tomorrow morning same story. low clouds areas along the coast. and parts of the bay, that sunshine, temps warming up even more for the holiday weekend. quick update on hurricane dorian. it's now a category two storm. likely strengthening into a major hurricane later today as a category three storm and then eventually a category four storm as it impacts the bahamas by this weekend and still a category 4 storm as it approaches the georgia and east coast of florida by monday. labor day packing maximum su a is a category four storm that's a catastrophic hurricane. so watching that very closely with dorian. back at home looking at daytime
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highs. mid 70s for you in oakland and 73 for san leandro. here's the 7-day forecast on what you can expect we're going to warm up as we look into saturday and sunday and for labor day and we will stay warm and sunny as we head to the middle part of next week. 5:20 right now a lot of 9ers fans expressing a lot of optimism and hope. 9ers. >> it was the final game before the regular season and the 49ers lost a close one to the los angeles chargers. 27-24. the game was seen on kpix 5 and despite the loss fans say hopes are high. >> ever since i was a kid we are
5:21 am
all here. day in and day out. >> it's the faithful first regular season game. also in santa clara. and if you're going to any 49ers or raiders games this season check out the kpix 5 stadium guide it has information on the rules and tips to get to the games more quickly. san francisco bay's juul facing a lot of heat from the feds this morning. >> and before we head out to break let's take a live look outside. this is at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving along pretty nicely at 5:21 on this friday morning. we'll be right back.
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you're taking a live look out to the dublin interchange right there. 580 and 680. pretty much the only busy spots on the roadways at this hour. i had to do some checking just to find something to show you. because it is light on those roadways as we head into labor day weekend. identify got your travel times and commute times ahead. lung injuries caused by vaping. this follows a statewide alert. no vaping related illnesses have been reported in the counties so far. meantime the marketing practices of san francisco-based vaping
5:25 am
company juul are under scrutiny. these flashy ads depict younger adults using juul. the ftc could seek monetary damage for deputyive ads that target minors. >> showing on videos for teenagers. so it's really targeting to us in my opinion. >> we don't need to target youth to grow our business to be successful and fulfill our mission. >> juul would not comment on this specific investigation but is prepared to fully cooperate. more health headlines right now. plant-based diets are becoming more popular. the trend could lead to deficiencies in an essential nutrient. meat, eggs and dairy are critical to brain health. and a study finds it's never too
5:26 am
late to start exercising. to build muscle as highly trained athletes of the same age we are keeping an eye on hurricane dorian this morning as it prepares to bear down on the coast of florida. expectation and preparations. >> plus a crazy puppy napping story that started in san francisco ended here in hayward. we'll have more details about the two men behind bars and the puppy that is still missing. coming up. my experience with usaa
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> a heartless crime at a bay area animal shelter. what led police plus waiting onn deluge. florida coast communities
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stocked up on final supplies. th ufficial end of summer. warming up. mary's got your labor day forecast. >> good morning everyone. it is friday august 30th i'm michelle griego. >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. let's get a check of that forecast. it's warming up again and numbers don't lie. >> that's right kenny and michelle. we've got that friday feeling. it's going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. happy friday to you. here's a live look with our san jose camera and in san jose in the low 60s right now. mid 60s in concord and oakland. low 60s in downtown san francisco and cooler in santa rosa. your microclimate forecast as we take you through our afterno loy with breezy conditions and we're looking at our inland locations mid to upper 80s with that sun. we'll talk about the holiday
5:31 am
weekend forecast and also tracking hurricane dorian. details coming up. i don't have a whole lot to tell you as far as the roadways are concerned on this friday eve. a lot of people left town yesterday. your main travel times are looking good. they are all in the green. this is my present to you on this friday. you are super easy when it comes to going into work this morning. your commute is rather. here at 26 minutes that's the altamonte pass. usually you would be in the yellow. highway 4 to mcarthur maze. 27 minutes on highway 4 and 101 out of the south bay that is a 37-minute ride. no problem to report there. the bay bridge look at how empty that is. no problems at all. you are not even really slow in the cash lanes either. so you're not going to give yourself any extra time to get out the door. san mateo bridge is not quite the same story. it is a little bit busier. you have a little bit higher volume towards the peninsula
5:32 am
this morning. eastbound looks good. no stalls, crashes or otherwise as you head to the peninsula you are fine. the approach is not slow but you are slow for some of the cash lanes. once you're through the toll plaza you're good to go. we are keeping an eye on hurricane dorian this morning. starting with a live look at hollywood beach, florida. nothing compared to what they're going to see when it comes to monday when the hurricane is set to hit. a state of emergency is in effect throughout florida right now. dorian set to hit as a category four storm. right now it is gaining strength over the caribbean. we are expecting strong winds and heavy rains. some new video in from tampa florida where they are evacuating military aircraft in light of the danger that is to come. even though their hangers are safe for hurricane force winds they are flying them to kansas
5:33 am
until that hurricane passes. this is mcbeal air force base. these planes are used for fuelling other planes in midair. and that is again where people are being urged to stock up on supplies. while this picture looks relatively calm. brewing in the grocery stores where people are trying to get their hands on water, bread, all the things they would need to survive a week without authorities help. back to you. i'm katie neilson live in hayward. police say they have arrested two men accused of stealing three puppies from a san francisco animal rescue group. those arrestses happening right here near the starbucks off of foothill boulevard. now this entire thing started wednesday night when police say three men broke into family dog rescue in san francisco. surveillance video shows the men stealing computers along with
5:34 am
two husky puppies and a pit bull puppy. the animal rescue group posted pictures of the dogs online asking for help. someone else posted those same photos trying to sell the puppies. a supporter of the shelter contacted the sellers and offered to buy the puppies back and agreed to meet them at starbucks. hayward police stepped in and set up a sting operation arresting the suspects around 11:00 last night when they showed up with the huskies. >> i mean, really, honestly it's really i would say that an entire community as goofy as that sounds came together. it started with a facebook push and i believe acc contacted you all and i don't want to discuss this here and then basically, you know, i would say people were brave. >> those husky puppies appear to be okay. they are back in the shelter this morning. now the two month old pit bull puppy is still missing and one
5:35 am
suspect seen on that surveillance video still at large. a for your help. they'd like you to contact them if you have any information about the case. live in hayward katie neilson kpix 5. a san jose dentist is facing a boycott this morning for his ties to two buildings where culturally important murals were painted over. in 2014 a mural on rock avenue depicted the latino's community mayan roots was wiped away. both buildings are reportedly tied to the same dentist. yesterday protesters marched outside his door. >> it looks like there's an agenda of some type to remove our own culture from our neighborhood. >> it's extremely important. >> the dentist attorney denies his involvement in the loss of
5:36 am
the second mural. a new preservation group is working to fight a dozen murals that are waiting to be removed. the planning commission has voted to turn a parking lot next to the balboa park bart station into a lot for people living out of their rvs and their cars. >> i think the status quo is more dangerous. there's no control at the moment when a car pulls up or a van or an rv in front of your house. >> the pilot program for 33 vehicles would last a year before the land is turned into 130 affordable housing units. some people are skeptical it will only be a temporary solution. but local officials say it is something that's needed right now. >> we've seen a major increase in the number of people living in their vehicles. >> the lot would also have bathrooms, showers and support staff to help transition folks
5:37 am
out of their cars. new this morning some good news for home buyers. bay area homes are getting cheaper. sort of. the average price of a home on a year over year baetsz fell by 4.7% from $856,000 in june to $816,000 in july. and sales have reportedly shifted from the more expensive homes. happening today the santa clara county fire department will conduct an alert. the test area will include parts of las gatos, cupertino. the gun range fire has destroyed at least two homes so far. the cause of the fire is unknown
5:38 am
at this hour. this morning the career of former warriors star demarcus cousins is in jeopardy and he could end up in jail. there's a warrant out for cousins arrest in alabama. the charge carries up to a year in jail. he's accused of telling his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son that he'd quote put a bullet in her head. the exchange over the phone reportedly happened after she allowed cousins to attend his wedding last week. products considered unsafe. diane king hall has that story and much more in today's cbs money watch report. she joins us live from the new york stock exchange. rather it's mark liverman. good morning mark. >> noets eigher in hopes of more talks on the trade war between the u.s. and china. the dow rose 226. and the s&p 500 jumped 36
5:39 am
points. three u.s. democratic senators want amazon to remove unsafe products from its store online. a wall street journal investigation revealed more than 4,000 products were mislabeled, banned or submitted unsafe. it invested (40) 000-0000 to ensure its products are safe, compliant, and authentic. and the owner of timberland vans and several other clothing says it will no longer buy leather from brazil as fires continue to destroy the rain forest. it will not purchase leather and hide from brazilian suppliers until it's assured they don't harm the environment. al itounds like fitbit is up to something new. tell us about that. give us the details.
5:40 am
>> yeah, the company is introducing fitbit premium. the new subscription hopes to make more money off users who already paid for a fitbit. the tracker will analyze your activity and come up with healthy programs. the old fitbit focused more on counting your steps. >> the fitness craze continues with fitbit. >> as well as the subscription phase. >> yeah, i know right. and craze for that matter too. >> all right. they've made a business out of it. mark liverman in new york city this morning. thank you. time now is 5:40. one scooter company wants to help clear the sidewalks with a ghostly invention. >> the self-driving scooter will drive its way back to a charging station. it will use ai technology to guide itself. it plans to roll those new rides out soon in china.
5:41 am
it does look a little creepy though. they're just kind of riding along by themselves. time now is 5:40. a dumpster diving bear gets stuck. coming up the curious cub's family tries everything to get him out. how a california deputy came to rescue him. >> you're ready for the holiday weekend because temps will be warming up. i'm tracking a ridge of high pressure build ing in for us. >> and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. nobody. a few bodies. not normal for this time of the morning. i have your travel commute for labor day as well as to work just ahead.
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good friday morning to you. it is 5:44. here's a live look at our sales force tower camera looking south. check it out with the fog rolling in. pretty sight this morning. we have that on shore flow kicking in as we head through the afternoon. i'll show you future cast and time it out for you coming up. an update this morning on an open space preserve in the peninsula. video captured last week showed big cats leaping out of some brush and trotting along the path at rancho san antonio preserve. the big cats move 0 to a less used area but anyone who sees a
5:45 am
mountain lion contact a ranger. those of you visiting yosemite national park are warned to watch their speed. bears and other animals have been hit by cars. so far 11 bears were injured by speeding drivers. the wild life protection zones will remain in effect until further notice a bear cub gets trapped inside but a couple of brave sheriff's deputies come to the rescue. >> take a look. this happened outside a king's beach motel. deputies found one cup trying to scale a dumpster to reach its sibling. when that didn't work deputies stepped in with a ladder and let the cub figure out what to do next. >> we figured if we put the stepladder in the cub may be able to figure his own way out
5:46 am
this was something new for sure. >> the bear eventually ran off to rejoin his family. so they were able to get close to that dumpster to get the ladder in. >> you can see the mama bear's face like what are they getting in to? >> these kids. >> there you go. we are all informed. when it comes to information on your commute this morning. i don't have a whole lot to tell you that it's going to be bad for your travel into work and this is important to help you plan when to hit the road and how to avoid it. gas prices are at a 3-year low. people were leaving early.
5:47 am
for those of you who didn't get friday off. 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. is when we are expecting a real mess. rush hour basically starts after lunch and the rush back in to town. in my experience, the bay area folks come home a little bit later. it's going to be real miserable and it can be anywhere from 10 to 110% longer than usual. it is mostly green out there. there are only a couple of trouble spots. i'll start with one of them. this is still in play. it's not showing any slowing in that northbound direction on 242 right there at grant street. that was an eta of about 20 minutes about 15 minutes ago. this is really hardly anything to report. we are seeing a little bit of a slow down through the pass out of the tracy triangle in that orange but your overall travel time is still in the green.
5:48 am
there's a reminder that it's a holiday weekend. it's clearly a very light day on the bridge. not even slowdowns in the cash lanes. not quite the same story for those of you on the san mateo bridge headed westbound. no break lights, crashes or stalls to report mary. >> that's very good news. happy friday tow. we are starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay you can see that patchy fog rolling in. our sales force tower cam looking east at the bay bridge and above that we are looking at the horizon with the sun just about to rise. temperatures running in the 50s and in the 60s. oakland 62. as well as for downtown san francisco. low 60s san jose and low 50s in santa rosa. low clouds areas and parts of the bay. afternoon sun as we head through
5:49 am
our day for most of us a little warmer mainly inland over the holiday weekend as high pressure builds in. that satellite and radar via high pressure to our south and that's bringing in a bit of that on shore flow for us and that ridge will continue to build as we head through the weekend. plenty of sunshine so just in time for our holiday weekend. we have beautiful weather. here we are in future cast taking you hour by hour. you can see the skies clearing. that cloud cover along the coast. tomorrow morning same story. and temps lsh even warmer for your saturday through labor day. allergy sufferers. your pollen report. we're looking at medium high for today but it does increase for saturday, sunday and sky high for labor day on monday. it's not the best news there. well the latest on hurricane dorian it is a category two storm packing maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. likely strengthening into a major hurricane as a category three storm later today and then
5:50 am
eventually as a category four storm as it impacts the bahamas over the weekend and still a category four just before making landfall possibly along the east coast of florida. but mainly you can see all of the east coast of florida under that cone of uncertainty with maximum sustained winds landfall of 130 miles per hour and a category 4 that is a catastrophic storm. so watching that very closely with dorian. back at home our sunrise at 6:37 sunset at 7:41. daytime highs for today seasonal. 88 in concord. 85 livermore. 82 san jose. 74 and 60s in san francisco. staying sunny and warm into the middle part of next week. back to you. sunglasses are a summer necessity for us. doctors are warning to pay attention to what kind of shades you buy. doctors say that folks should buy sunglasses that offer
5:51 am
protection from uav. just because your lenses are darker and more expensive doesn't mean you're getting protection. >> very expensive sunglasses might not offer the uv protection you're looking for. and you can find them in cheap sunglasses that you pick up at a corner drug store. >> doctors say that sunglasses aren't always important on sunny days when damaging uv rays can still reach your eyes. hurricane hunters making history. flying into the eye of dorian. >> and let's take a live look outside. our traffic camera at the richmond san rafael bridge. we'll have an update on traffic when we come back. >> and kpix is a proud sponsor.
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good morning here at 5:54. let's take a look at your main travel times for those of you in the east bay. taking a look at those travel times they are all in the green. 14 minutes on the east shore freeway. similar on 580 to make it to the maze. and there's nobody on the bay
5:55 am
bridge. smooth sailing to san francisco. 24. highway 24 is 11 minutes. 5:54 right now as hurricane dorian moves closer to florida. a group of hurricane hunters is making history this morning. >> the first ever all female crew has taken flight. >> there's more women getting interested in flying and it's also fun to have that comradery to be honest it's been a male-dominated field. >> the florida crew consisted of captain christy twining, commander rebecca wattington and lieutenant lindsey norman. they are the first group of women to fly into an atlantic hurricane but they say this is just the beginning. >> people think you're a little bit nuts but then you tell them this is why we're going out and doing this collecting all this really important data then people are usually really grateful for what you're doing. >> the group collected data that will determine exactly where hurricane dorian is heading and how it will impact florida.
5:56 am
>> a little nuts and very brave. >> yeah. that's true. very brave. and it's cool all-female crew. bout time. >> do it. time now 5:56. uber and lyft issuing an ultimatum to state lawmakers and another bay area company jumps into battle over worker rights. the new developments straight ahead. >> plus a puppy napping that started at a san francisco animal shelter ends here in hayward. we'll explain how police were able to catch the suspects. z3hrcz zi0z
5:57 am
y3hrcy yi0y
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. a live look from florida this morning where dorian could be the most powerful hurricane to hit some areas in more than a quarter century. how the region is getting ready. >> an apple store in the bay area has become a favorite target for thieves. we'll have more on the latest
6:00 am
robbery. >> and the 49ers wrap up their preseason. what fans are expecting when the regular season for the nfl kicks off. >> they're expecting some winds. >> yeah playoffs hopefully this year. >> good morning it is friday august 30th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's get a quick check of this friday forecast and the sunrise we're about to see. >> yeah this is a beautiful sight to see with our beautiful mount vaca cam this morning. low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and parts of the bay welcome to friday. and here's a look at our temperatures right now. oakland, san francisco, san jose, upper 50s for you in livermore and low 50s this morning in santa rosa. so as we head through the day, temperatures seasonal for this time of year right around where we should be for this time. san francisco upper 60s. oakland mid 70s. low 80s in san jose and upper 80s for concord. temps right where they should be. as we head into the holiday


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