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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 30, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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robbery. >> and the 49ers wrap up their preseason. what fans are expecting when the regular season for the nfl kicks off. >> they're expecting some winds. >> yeah playoffs hopefully this year. >> good morning it is friday august 30th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's get a quick check of this friday forecast and the sunrise we're about to see. >> yeah this is a beautiful sight to see with our beautiful mount vaca cam this morning. low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and parts of the bay welcome to friday. and here's a look at our temperatures right now. oakland, san francisco, san jose, upper 50s for you in livermore and low 50s this morning in santa rosa. so as we head through the day, temperatures seasonal for this time of year right around where we should be for this time. san francisco upper 60s. oakland mid 70s. low 80s in san jose and upper 80s for concord. temps right where they should be.
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as we head into the holiday weekend we are going to be warming up. details on that. >> speaking of a holiday weekend it looks like that and feels like that on these roadways. you're not going to need to get up and rush out the door. you might even have time for an extra cup of coffee or maybe even the snooze button. travel times this morning they are in the green. the altamonte pass 26 minutes. that's an easy ride in that westbound direction. east shore freeway. a little early for that commute to be popping off. 38 minutes in that northbound direction. the bay bridge confirms it. there's nobody on those roadways. clearly the metering lights are not yet on. so you are smooth sailing if you head into san francisco this morning or out of san francisco this morning. the san mateo bridge is not quite the same story. of it's a little bit busier although it's not really slow. it's lighter than normal. normally it would be at this time in the morning. you do have plenty of company as you're headed towards the peninsula in that westbound direction. in the eastbound direction you have plenty of room on the
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roadways. we are starting to see some delays at the toll plaza of the richmond san rafael bridge. once you get out across the water you are smooth sailing into marin county both northbound and southbound on 101. police arrested two men they say stole three puppies from a san francisco animal rescue group. one puppy is still missing. those suspects were arrested in hayward last night. we find katie neilson to explain what happened. >> michelle, this is a pretty crazy story. as you said those puppies stolen in san francisco and the men accused of taking them were arrested here in the parking lot of the starbucks on foothill boulevard in hayward. now this entire thing started on wednesday night when police say three men broke into family dog rescue in san francisco. surveillance video shows the men stealing computers along with two husky puppies and a pit bull
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puppy. animal rescue posted the pictures of the puppies online asking for help. someone else took those photos and foesed the exact -- posted the exact same ones online trying to sell the puppies. a supporter of the shelter contacted the sellers and offered to buy the puppies back and agreed to meet them here at the starbucks. that's when hayward police say they stepped in, set up a sting operation, officers say they arrested those suspects around 11:00 last night when they showed up with the huskies. >> you know, it's funny because originally i was sort of in shock and kind of calm about it and as the day has warn on i've gotten angrier and angrier. it's a low maneuver right. >> now those husky puppies appear to be okay. they are back in the shelter this morning waiting to get adopted. the two month old pit bull puppy
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is still missing. police are looking for that third man seen in that surveillance video. san francisco police are still asking for help in that case. they're asking if anyone with information to contact san francisco police. taty neilson kpix 5. 6:04 right now in storm watch looking live from hollywood beach, florida just north of miami. you can see these chopper shots that's where people are bracing for what could be the strongest hurricane to hit florida's east coast since andrew in 1992. hurricane dorian strengthened into a category two storm overnight and it may strengthen into a cat 4 by the time it makes landfall. officials say that residents should have up to 7 days worth of supplies. and the lines for water were as
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long as the lines for gas. some others are simply skipping town. >> we're just going to get ready and leave. >> unfortunately i called this morning to get flights out and everything was booked up. >> meanwhile first responders from around the country are on their way to florida. president trump cancelled his weekend trip to poland to focus on dorian. vice president mike pence will go to poland instead and it commemorates the 80th anniversary of world war ii. i'm anne makovec and a push to stop the plan to shut down england's parliament has been rejected by a scottish judge. that happening overnight. a group of 75 parliamentarians wanted to issue a junction against u.k. prime minister boris johnson's plan to get a no-deal brexit eventually. the case is going to go to court on tuesday. so this is not over and friday is the first possible date that parliament could be suspended.
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back to you. an apple store in birlingame is robbed for the third time this month and police are looking for at least 8 suspects. officers say the men ran into the store at 8:30 last night. they jumped in two cars and sped away making off with about $70,000 worth of products. 6:06 this morning uber, lyft, and door dash are plannlit measure that would classify its california drivers as employees instead of government contractors. the companies claim that the assembly bill would force them to let go of thousands of drivers. lorena gonzalez reacting in a tweet saying quote billionaires who can't pay minimum wage to their workers will spend 10s of millions to avoid labor laws. pay your dam workers end quote. -- workers end quote. well the 49ers faithful have
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high hopes for the up coming season even after last night's final preseason funl game in santa clara. >> 9ers. >> the 49ers lost a close one to the los angeles chargers. 27-24. the game was seen right here on kpix 5. dpoo it the loss fans we spoke with say hopes are high. >> ever since i was a kid. my dad rooted for the 9ers. we're all here we support day in and day out. >> it's a family thing. the first regular season game will be september 8th against the tampa bay buccaneers also in santa clara. and if you're going to any 49ers or raiders games this season check out the stadium guide. it has information on the rules and tips on how to get to the games more quickly and i'm going to a game. >> yeah, a raiders game in about a week. >> have fun. >> raider nation. time now 6:07. a popular spot for kayakers and paddle borders in southern
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california is off for the holiday weekend. the major environmental hazard keeping people out of the water. >> and it could be slow going for drivers and mass transit. representatives from bart and caltrans are here on what you can expect. >> and that means a warm up is on the way. i'll have your holiday weekend forecast coming up. well it's holiday and friday. light for most of us on the roadways but not all. let's take a live look out to the richmond san rafael bridge. i've got that and your main travel times ahead. a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences
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good friday morning to you. well it is friday we're excited about that and we have a lot of great weekend events going on across the bay area. if you're heading out to the wine fest this weekend sunny and warm in the low 80s and how about the art festival this weekend and labor day sunshine in the mid 80s.
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temps will be warming up as we head through the holiday weekend. i'll let you know what you can expect where you are coming up. and it certainly looks and feels like a holiday on those roadways. we rarely see it like this unless it is a weekend. and it pretty much feels like that. you are smooth sailing westbound on 84. the altamonte pass commute is 26 minutes. you are also good to go on the east shore freeway highway 4 as well as o 1. y bridg boy, nobody there. no backups. you've got plenty of time to make it into san francisco. not quithe you're going to see some delays. mass transit on time with the exception of the capital corridor out of berkley. speaking of mass transit drivern delays throughout the holiday weekend. joining us with more this morning on what to expect bart
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anyway from caltrans as well as chris flippy from bart. this is different than some of the weekends past because labor day now will be included. so what do first riders and then drivers need to know about these closures. >> well we definitely want people to plan ahead and be ready for significant delays this weekend. looking at what's happening we're going to have a bus set up. that's going to replace our normal train service. we're telling bart drivers to expect delays of 40 minutes or more. as far as the road closures go, the lane closures go eastbound 24 ot oak hill road we're going to have the two lanes closed through the three day weekend. if the delays start to approach 30 minutes we'll reduce the number of lanes that are closed from two to one. >> interesting. it's almost like a moving target there. if it really starts to back up that changes. >> that's right. and so we're in support of our partners of bart and watching the traffic closely because we know that if we get into a
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situation where 24 backs up about 30 minutes #350e78 find their way down onto the surface streets and they can back up lafayette and orinda and we've worked that out with bart so we can add capacity back and get the traffic moving there. >> that's great. now this is all part of a project that is happening over a series of weekends. what exactly is this project for? what is going to be accomplished at the end of it? >> yeah, we're doing some huge things out there that are really going to benefit the riders for decades. we're replacing 5' of rail. we're replacing 6 switches. it allows us to move from rail to rail. these components are nearly 50 years old and when all this work is done it's going to be a much more reliable ride. it's going to be a safer ride and we think we can get a lot done this labor day weekend. it increases the productive hours that we have to do important construction work by 66%. we really want to take advantage
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of that window. >> that was going to be my question. because in the past and moving forward it is just friday at 11:00 p.m. until monday morning but now you will be including monday. that's kind of the big change up here. >> correct. and here's the thing to keep in mind. it takes us about 14 hours to first shut down the track, make sure everything is safe and reactivate the track once we're done. that 14 hours is a fixed cost. so when you can throw 24 hours of productive construction work on top of that time, that makes a huge difference. >> that makes a lot of sense. i think everybody would be excited or is excited to have it all done. when this is all said and done you said everything's 50 years old. the end product. the bright shiny thing to look forward to what does that look like. >> it's going to be a really modern railway which is what the voters wanted when they approved
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measure rr in 2016. we've started that work. we've started some major track rebuilds in oakland. now we're doing this work near lafayette. it's our busiest line in the system. that's why this is a priority. >> busy time and a busy line. thank you so much. chris felipe from bart. and caltrans. two eastbound lanes of highway 24 will close at 11:00 tonight. everything should re-open tuesday morning by 7:00 a.m. just expect those delays and the track work means that bart riders can expect those delays. 40 minutes or more. shuttle buses will be running between the orinda and walnut creek shuttle stations. >> great information there. here is a live look with our san jose camera with clear skies this morning. in san jose right now you're at 61 degrees. mid 60s in concord. low 60s oakland. upper 50s livermore. low 60s in santa rosa.
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24-hour temperature change and we are cooling than yesterday at this time. 11 degrees cooler this morning. low clouds and areas of fog at the coast and parts of the bay. we'll see that sun as we head through the afternoon for most of us except for the coast near seasonal daytime highs. a little warmer mainly inland over the holiday weekend. by the numbers we have now gone 100 days in san francisco since we've seen anywhere from 1/10 or more of rainfall. the last time that we saw that 1/10" of rain or more was may 21st. it was a very wet winter and spring and we're going on of course a dry stretch this summer and that will continue as we head through the next several days. high pressure in control it's to our south and with that on shore flow keeping us pleasant and mild. daytime highs seasonal for this time of year. as we head through the rest of our weekend into labor day and with that temperatures will be on the rise. future cast taking you hour by hour and you can see clear skies except for the coast.
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those clouds hanging along the coast. low areas of fog along in parts of the bay. and that sunshine on saturday. sunday and for labor day. our sunrise at 6:37 and our sunset at 7:41. so a i san jose as we toughfter. upperwo and antioch. 70 in berkley. mid 70s in oakland as well as for san leandro and low 80s for san rafael. here's a 7-day forecast with those temps warming up saturday, sunday, and for labor day. we're going to stay sunny and warm as we look ahead to the middle part of next week. back to you. >> thank you. 6:18 right now an open space preserve on the peninsula is now back open just in time for the holiday weekend. they were shut down after mountain lions were spotted leaping out of brush. they have since been moved to a less busy area.
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a warning this morning to stay out of the water in parts of southern california. 60,000 gallons of sewage spilled yesterhe huntingtonornt hat red you en right her are the areas most affected and where plenty of kayak and paddle board rental shops rely on business. >> it's definitely going to affect business a lot because throughout the weekend is when we do most of the paddle boards and kayaks. >> the mayor of stanton, the orange county city where the spill originated claims the sewage was contained within the drainage channel before reaching the harbor but the orange county health care agency disagrees. 6:19 right now . a colorado woman says she was forced to give birth all alone in a jail cell. details on a disturbing new lawsuit. >> before we go to break a quick check of our get away gas and today we are checking out san
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kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mansini's sleep world. visit i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we're just getting word that a tree has fallen in san francisco on hide street between jackson and pacific and because of that the powell hide cable car line is now out of service temporarily. that is according to the sfmta so we are keeping an eye on that. back to you. 6:23 right now san francisco appears to be on the verge of accommodating people forced to live in their cars or other vehicles. the planning commission has voted to turn a parking lot next to the balboa park station. >> i think the status quo is
6:24 am
more dangerous. there's no control at the moment when a car pulls up or a van or rv in front of your house. right now there is no recourse. >> the lot would also have bathrooms, showers and support staff to help transition folks out of their cars. the pilot program for 33 vehicles would last a year before the land is turned into 130 affordable housing units. a woman is facing charges this morning after police in brent wood say she hit an 11-year-old with her car and took off. she's expected to be released from the hospital today. the driver was arrested half a mile away from the scene. detectives believe she had been using drugs and alcohol. a colorado woman is taking legal action after what she calls a horrific experience in jail. 5 hours in a denver jail cell last month. at times nurses come in. one hands her an absorbant pad
6:25 am
and no one comes into the cell until about 30 minutes after the baby is born. sanchez has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and county of denver. >> so many people there and nobody lifted a finger basically. >> failure to provide care to a woman who is in labor and a baby who is born without any medical assistance in a dirty jail cell, this is not civilized. >> the sheriff's department says that decisions about whether to move a pregnant inmate were left to jail nurses but dno authorizn ambulance. it is 6:25. one bay area county is issuing a public health warning connected to vaping as a san francisco-based ecigarette giant. >> and police looking for a suspect in a shootout in broad daylight. >> and taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light and it's the
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friday before the holiday weekend. not a lot of cars on the road. >> and kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of this year's pet food express bay area pet fair at the alameda county fairgrounds and tomorrow morning we'll feature a lab up for adoption. you can join us tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. and find out how you can give this pet a forever home. we'll be right back. 6:26. at aetna, we believe in taking care of the whole you.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. a live look from florida this morning where dorian could be the most powerful hurricane to hit some areas in more than a quarter century. mary is tracking its path. >> and why authorities in alabama have now issued a warrant for the arrest of a former warriors star. good morning it is friday, august 30th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30 let's get right over to mary to talk about our forecast for this holiday weekend. hey there. hey good morning. it is finally friday and a beautiful afternoon as we head through the day. with that sunshine. and seasonal highs. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. it's a gray start. you can see the bay bridge, temps running in the 50s and low 60s at this hour. so your weather headlines and your microclimate forecast we are looking at breezy conditions for the coast and the mid 60s for the bay. upper 60s low 70s. breezy, mild plenty of sun for
6:31 am
the bay. so temps right around where we should be for this time of year. we are going to warm up as we head through the holiday weekend. details on that coming upment your labor day forecast and keeping a close eye on dorian and i'll have that in just a few minutes. all right here at 6:31. let's take a look at your bridges around the bay and let's start with the easy one. that is the easy one. it clearly looks like a friday and a holiday friday at that. you are smooth sailing all the way into san francisco. not even in the cash lanes. it looks good for those of you headed z into san francisco from the east bay. it is a little bit more busy on the san mateo bridge as you are headed westbound towards the peninsula. not too many brake lights but you do have plenty of company as you are headed across the span there. that's the good news this morning. and we are starting to see slow delays as are you approaching the toll plaza on 580. once you get through the toll plaza and about half way across
6:32 am
the span or maybe not quite out over the water. you are in much better shape and then marin county at this hour are good to go without a problem. your main travel times all in the green. right now san jose police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist. it happened just after 4:00 on story road. it was a chain reaction crash initiated by a chevy suburban that hit another sufficient. that chevy continued through an intersection and hit a man on his bike. the suspect took off on foot. a health alert in sonoma county this morning for lung injuries caused by vaping. this follows a statewide alert. no vaping related illnesses have been reported though in the county so far. meantime the marketing practices of san francisco based vaping company juul. these flashy ads that depict
6:33 am
younger adults using juul. meanwhile attorneys general in illinois, washington d.c., and four other states have launched probes investigating juul's popularity. the company maintains it fully cooperates and is transparent with any government agency. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we're getting word that a 14-year-old has been apprehended in paloalto accused of making threats. he was planning on shooting up the high school. those comments made anonymous on the police department's instagram page last night so they immediately started an investigation. went to the student's home. they found no weapons but he was apprehended for a mental health valuation. and the palo alto p.d. says they may still file charges. gunfire struck two men. neighbors say it happened about 2:30 yesterday afternoon at 61st
6:34 am
and lowell streets. the owner of a nearby business who did not want to be seen on camera says he knew it was serious when he saw a teenage girl approaching his shop pail and shaking. >> she just ran into our warehouse and she stopped crying. >> it's unclear if she was a witness or an innocent bystander but she did not appear to be physically injured. no word on the conditions of the two men who were shot. former warriors star demarcus cousins is facing jail time after allegedly threatening to kill the mother of his son. charge carries up to a year in jail. cousins is accused of telling the woman that he'd quote put a bullet in her head. the exchange over the phone reportedly happened after she refused to allow their son to attend cousin's wedding last weekend. this is where people are bracing for what could be the strongest hurricane to hit since
6:35 am
andrew in 1992. hurricane dorian strengthened into a category two storm ernind i may strengthen into a category four by the time it makes landfall somewhere between the florida keys and southern georgia. officials are now warning people to have at least 7 days of food and medicine available. empty store shelves. long lines at gas stations. similar seens across the state. >> we are preparing for the worst. we're hoping for the best. ladies and gentlemen please take this storm seriously. >> a bunch of water just now trying to get gas while we still have some. >> with the space coast a possible target nasa is taking no chances. it's moving kennedy space center's mobile launch site into a building and its visitor complex will be closed sunday and monday. and this could be the strongest hurricane the east coast of florida since andrew in 1992. mary's joining us live and she's
6:36 am
been tracking dorian's path. >> this storm could turn into a monster of the storm. the conditions for it very warm waters, very weak wind shear and with it now a category two storm likely strengthening into a category three storm later today and that will continue to intensify. this hurricane here dorian that's enhanced satellite imagery of dorian. it's a category 2 storm maximum sustained winds at 110 miles per hour. and take a look at the projected path. likely a cat 3. later today and a category 4 storm as it impacts the bahamas over the weekend and still a category four storm as it nears the florida coast. the east coast of florida all on that cone of uncertainty and likely making landfall and hitting the florida coast by labor day. so our time around 11 p.m. monday that would be for florida overnight on tuesday. but this will be a catastrophic
6:37 am
storm as a category 4. we'll be watching that closely for you we'll talk about our weather here at homecoming up. two hong kong pro democracy activists are now free on bail. arrested this morning on suspicion of organizing, and citing and participating in an unauthorized assembly. >> all we ask for is just to urge beijing and hong kong government withdraw the bill, stop police brutality and respond to our course on free election. >> this comes just one day before a planned march in hong kong. organizers cancelled the event after they were denied permission. protesters may still gather tomorrow. right now the bolivian government is coordinating. president of bolivia eva more or less says she accepted 5
6:38 am
helicopters yesterday. allege allegedly slow response to the fires which have been burning for more than a month right now. more assistance is expected to arrive in the coming days. meanwhile in brazil a ban is in effect on setting fires to clean land. it follows a global outcry over the fires ravaging parts of the amazon rain forest. most of which have been set by farmers and ranchers. indigenous communities are now finding themselves in danger of being displaced because of these fires. time now is 6:38 a special program brings the 49ers face to face with some of their biggest fans. why some of the players say they were the ones left star struck. >> and visitors to yosemite will have to abide by new speed limits over this holiday weekend. the reason behind this change. >> and taking a look the market just opened up 10 minutes ago. the dow is up about 119 points. coming up we'll get an update
6:39 am
from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. well well well, what have we here?
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it is finally friday and we're excited about the weekend. if you're heading out to the milbury art and wine festival this weekend. sunshine temps in the mid 80s. so great weather f o events going around across the bay area this weekend. and you can see the sunshine in this shot. fief 80 and 680. it is busy but i can tell you not nearly as busy as it would be on any other day. clearly a friday and going into your holiday weekend. 6:42 right now a san francisco home designed by a prominent architect will not be rebuilt. last year's san francisco's planning commission planned to legally demolish the building. yesterday the commission approved a two unit. the developer had threatened to sue over the matter and san
6:43 am
francisco's city attorney was not sure how such a case would turn out. this morning tesla gets a break in china and consumers are dipping into their savings. >> jason brooks good morning. >> good morning michelle. good morning kenny. a big break for tesla in china. it will be exempt from a tax on auto purchases. beijing has really been pushing electric vehicle sales. tesla in the process of building a factory in shanghai that hopes to start production by the end of this year with upwards of 3000 model 3s produced on a weekly basis eventually at that factory which would help tesla get around potential tariff battles in the u.s. and china. stock is up almost 5% in the early going. consumer spending remains strong up another 6/10 of a% in july. americans bought more new cars and trucks but they had to raid
6:44 am
their savings to do that. 8% to 7.7%. this as paychecks rose only 1/10% in july. stock market on the rise for the third straight day. dow's up over 100 points. nasdaq gaining 30 points thanks in large part to tesla and the s&p 500 is up by 11 points in the early going. michelle and kenny back to you. >> go ahead. >> no you go ahead. >> i was going to say have a great weekend it's a great weekend. you're off on monday, lucky guy. >> absolutely. going to take it off. got a lot of football to watch this weekend. >> you're oregon ducks over the weekend. >> yes, thank you. >> thanks. good to see you. it is 6:44. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. joining us live from new york. >> ahead on cbs this morning, the latest on hurricane dorian and how it could impact holiday
6:45 am
travel plus a look at new technology schools are using to combat teenage vaping. this is in the wake of our exclusive intloouf with the juul ceo. also a ground breaking way that scientists are creating meat without harming animals and this doesn't involve plants. i've been saying plants don't survive but in fact this is beyond science fiction. you've got to tune in. they're growing the meat in like a little lab. no animals are harmed. we'll see you at 7:00 for that. >> it's actually steak and chicken just no animal involved which blows my mind. >> it actually blows my mind. it is some freaky meat and it's not for me but maybe for you guys. >> i'd probably taste it. you have a great weekend we'll see you at 7:00. >> you too. >> meat in a petri dish. maybe. those planning to visit yosemite national park over the busy labor day weekend will be asked to watch their speed. visitors will see wild life
6:46 am
crossing signs throughout the park. so far this year 11 bears were injured by speeding drivers. the wild life protection zones will remain in effect until further notice. so slow down. >> slow it down. 6:46 let's get another check on traffic. we've been looking at these cameras around the city. and it's looking light. >> no need to slow down. there are no slow downs to report at all. it's also labor day friday light which is good news for those of you who do have to work today like the rest of us. we at least can give you that. taking a look at the overall big picture. this looks good. a lot of gre on that map. not many icons that are reporting any trouble. let's get down to a couple of the issues we are seeing. there's a water main break at san carlos avenue. as you can see from our map, there is not a slowdown as a result of that at this hour.
6:47 am
one lane blocked due to an accident. this is not in the commute direction either. the altamonte pass is a little bit slow now as you're coming out of the tracy triangle. 25 miles an hour in that real time update. but then once you're through the pass you're back up to a regular running speed and good to go all the way through the dublin interchange. there's no slowing there. . no slowing either on westbound 84 if you're headed into sonal. those of you headed out of berkley due to some kind of an equipment issue it's only about 15 minutes. elsewhere on bart, muni and golden gate transit you are on time this morning. you've got plenty of volume and plenty of company but no crashes or stalls or issues slowing you down at this hour. san mateo bridge is also busy in that westbound direction. same story there. not too many brake lights. eastbound looks goo vie on our o
6:48 am
cam of the fog and above that our gorgeous sunrise. a pretty view there with our sutro cam looking east. a classic san francisco view. our temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. 64. 59 livermore. 61 san francisco and for san jose 52 in santa rosa. 24-hour temperature change and we are cooling compared to yesterday at this time. running about 3 to 11 degrees cooler. if you had a chance to step outside you'll feel that difference. and parts of the bay. we're going to have that sunshine as we head through the afternoon. for most of us except through the coast and as we look ahead to the holiday weekend a little warmer especially inland. here's the satellite and radar view. that low pressure system to our west in the pacific and a ridge of high pressure to our south. so that's why we're going to keep that on shore flow going with that ridge of high pressure building in. our temperatures just right. right where we should be for
6:49 am
this time of year. as that ridge of high pressure builds in for the holiday weekend. our temps will be warming up. and i'll show you that 7-day in just a moment but here is future cast taking you hour by hour and you can see the sky's clearing. this is at 4:00 p.m. the clouds hanging around along the coast tomorrow morning. very similar. low clouds for parts of the bay and we will be warming up with that sunshine saturday, sunday, and into labor day; allergy sufferers. medium high levels for today but it does increase friday, saturday, and for saturday, sunday and especially by labor day sky high for that pollen count unfortunately if you are suffering from allergies and i know a lot of people still are. so our temps looking at seasonal daytime highs. for the south bay we go. 81 santa clara. 82 in san jose. pleasant warm conditions. concord upper 80s. also upper 80s for pleasant hill. 70 for berkley. mid 70s in oakland as well as for san leandro and mid 80s from
6:50 am
santa rosa and for petaluma 90s. and temps warming up saturday, sunday and into labor day with that sunshine. great weather for all of those outdoor events and activities you might have. >> sounds excellent. mary thank you. 6:50 right now. last night the 9ers faced off against the l.a. chargers. >> not too long ago the team hosted a very different kind of guest. >> he signed my ball and my shirt. >> very cool. welcome to the 49ers community corner. each position group decided whom they'd invite for an up close and personal day at the 9ers training facility. the special guests got to watch practice from the stands and even meet the players. individuals diagnosed with als. it was hard to tell who was the most in awe. >> the players have been so
6:51 am
generous with their time. >> you see these guys putting their lives on the line every day. >> it's an honor. it's been a lot of fun. >> they look up to you as a football player and it gives you a great platform to change somebody's life. >> the players invited more than 40 community groups. >> and with roughly 1200 guests over the course of 9 days. good to see that. a popular target for thieves. details on this latest robbery. >> plus a puppy napping that started in san francisco ends here in the parking lot of a payward starbucks. we'll have all the details coming up. you've still got game.
6:52 am
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late last night a san francisco puppy napping that started on wednesday ended here in the starbucks parking lot in
6:55 am
hayward off of foothill boulevard after a police sting operation. this all started wednesday night when police say three men broke into family dog rescue in san francisco. surveillance video shows the men stealing computers along with two husky puppies and a pit bull puppy. the animal rescue posted the pictures online asking for help. someone else posted those same photos online trying to sell the puppies. a supporter of the shelter contacted the shelters offering to buy the puppies back and agreed to meet them at this hayward starbucks. that's when hayward police say they stepped in and set up a sting operation arresting the suspects around 11:00 last night when they showed up with those puppies. now two of the pit bull puppies -- i'm sorry two of the husky puppies recovered but the pit bull still missing along with the third suspect. san francisco police are asking for help if you have any information in the case.
6:56 am
live in hayward katie neilson kpix 5. it is 6:56 time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> hurricane dorian is expected to make landfall on monday. forecasters say dorian's winds could top 100 miles an hour when it comes ashore. anywhere from south florida to the georgia border. president trump cancelled his weekend trip to poland ahead of dorian's arrived. the practice of san francisco's vaping company juul are under the microscope. the ftc could seek monetary damage for what it calls deputy. now police are looking for at least eight suspects. they reportedly took off with about $70,000 worth of products. >> a 14-year-old student is under arrest for making threats to shoot up a school in palo
6:57 am
alto there were no weapons found in the teen's home. because of ongoing work on train tracks buses will be used this holiday weekend to shuttle bart passengers between orinda and walnut creek near oak hill road. all right. speaking of the roadways let's take a live look out to the san mateo bridge right now where it is a little busy in that westbound commute direction towards the peninsula. you've got some company out there but not a whole lot. it certainly is friday and holiday light out there. let's take a look at the dublin interchange. that is bright and also busy. the bay bridge this morning empty with the exception of the spider that's crawling across the camera right there but you're not going to have a problem as you are headed into the toll plaza. travel times mostly in the green with the exception of a little bit of slowing on the highway 4. let's show you a beautiful live look with our treasure island camera. isn't that a pretty sight with the clouds in the s our bay bridge as we head through
6:58 am
our afternoon. we will have that sunshine temperature seasonal for this time of year. 88 concord. looking at 82 in san jose. 68 for san francisco. temps warm up as we head through the weekend and for labor day as high pressure builds in we'll see plenty of sunshine and staying warm and sunny for the middle part of next week. i'm super excited about this. we have a special treat. >> look at this guy. >> look at him. >> and giana. >> yay. >> look at this beauty. >> they want to see the baby. >> here's the deal. emily has been filling in for months on traffic and emily you've done such a fantastic job. >> you've been amazing. really. >> i have to officially pass the baton. here's the traffic clicker. i'm officially passing this back to you. >> thank you. no more sleeping in. >> yeah. >> welou're n really pi with rig. true. >> we've mis so much but
6:59 am
emily we are going to miss you. you're always part of the morning crew. >> i can come back whenever i want to wake up at 2:30 in the morning. >> i already said 4:30 i still text her. >> just having a baby and helping my other little one get to kindergarten and start all that stuff. i'm so excited to be back. it's going to be hard leaving this one every day. >> please. if daddy wants to come with me. daddy came in to help us out to make sure we could get through this segment. >> he's so poised. >> he's doing pretty good. >> he's camera ready. >> he watches every morning. >> he's been in the studio for the last 10 minutes and he's so quiet. >> thank you. >> you help mommy do traffic. >> take us out to break. make some noise. have a great weekend. . bye everyone.
7:00 am
good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane havoc. dorian strengthens to category 2 hurricane and the state of emergency extends from florida to part of georgia. we're on florida's atlantic coast as it faces the biggest storm threat in 27 years. massive drug bust. police break up a major narcotics ring in three states finding enough of a dangerous synthetic opioid that could kill 14 million people. teen vaping scrutiny. new reports of government investigations into juul's marketing tactics following our exclusive interview with the company's ceo. we talk to high school students about nicotine addiction. and superstar show down. teen tennis phenom wins again at td u.s. open setting up an epic confrontation with the defending


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