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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 30, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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make some noise. have a great weekend. . bye everyone. good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." hurricane havoc. dorian strengthens to category 2 hurricane and the state of emergency extends from florida to part of georgia. we're on florida's atlantic coast as it faces the biggest storm threat in 27 years. massive drug bust. police break up a major narcotics ring in three states finding enough of a dangerous synthetic opioid that could kill 14 million people. teen vaping scrutiny. new reports of government investigations into juul's marketing tactics following our exclusive interview with the company's ceo. we talk to high school students about nicotine addiction. and superstar show down. teen tennis phenom wins again at td u.s. open setting up an epic confrontation with the defending champ noma owes ak i.
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>> going to be good. it's friday, august 30th, 2019. here is today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the storm looks like it could be a very big one indeed. >> make preparations. do not wait until it's too late. >> the mainland braces for hurricane dorian. >> the storm is a category 2 and is set to strengthen to a catastrophic category 4. >> it is not looking too good. >> everything is tense. >> you know, the praying has already begun. >> "the wall street journal" reporting juul is being looked at to see whether they targeted minors with deceptive marketing. >> democratic presidential candidate joe biden on the defense after a report he has been inaccurately telling a war story on the campaign trail. >> the justice department's inspector general says former fbi director james comey violated policies in his handli of memos about private conversations with president trump. >> police in alabama issued an
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arrest warrant for lakers center demarcus cousins over threats police say he made to his ex-girlfriend. >> alex trebek back to work following treatment for pancreatic cancer. >> it is going to be a good year. >> and coco goff moving on to the third round at the u.s. open after a thrilling win. >> and all that matters. >> he ties a school record for the longest score in clemson history. >> touchdown 90 yards? >> on "cbs this morning." >> 1-year-old ella of ohio, she could be the jonas brothers' youngest. ♪ >> french fry in hand and shaking it and shimmying. ♪ i've been dancing ♪ you're the medicine in the
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pain theia worse dancer than a baby. >> that baby is so cute. you know who likes that video? the jonas brothers. well done, little baby. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil. anthony mason is off. adriana diaz is here with us. we begin with hurricane dorian. now a category 2 storm getting scarier every hour. it is still on track to make landfall in florida as a catastrophic category 4. that would make it the strongest to hit the state's east coast since andrew in 1992. >> a state of emergency is in place for all of florida and part of georgia because there's no way to know where dorian will end up. chief weather caster lonnie quinn is here. a lot of uncertainty. what are you seeing right now? >> the storm has just strengthened. all right? still a category 2 storm but now up to 110-mile-per-hour winds. it has started to slow down.
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that's a bad sign. we've been fearful of this happening. it's starting. now moving 12 miles per hour to the northwest. so the track that is also sort of just come in now showing it up to a category 3 probably sometime later today. a category 4 sometime late saturday going into sunday. maintaining category 4 status as it makes a landfall probably now late labor day going into tuesday then all of the models now, not just this one model, all the models now are pushing it to the north. that's kind of key because if it travels up the peninsula be it onshore or offshore, it's going to have a big effect with storm surge. when do you start to feel anything? if you live in florida? well, here we're showing you sunday at lunch time you're not feeling anything. maybe 5, 10-mile-per-hour winds on sunday. everything slowed up a bit. now monday at lunch time basically the blue shows you tropical storm force winds. they are just onshore. it's that onshore circulation pushing that water onshore, the storm surge has begun. 24 hours later, my goodness. it has barely moved.
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that's the problem. it is forecast to move about #h mil 4 miles per hour crawling through florida then wednesday 1:00 in the morning it's started to hook to the north but the entire time it's been piling water up onshore. storm surge potentially if it takes this track and again the track is not nailed down yet, if it takes that track, with the landfall somewhere around say west palm, maybe mar-a-lago, jupiter, and then pushes north, the storm surge for a lot of people could be 5 maybe even 10 feet above a typical high tide. of course the king tides are in effect right now in florida which are extraordinarily high tides to begin with anyway. we have a lot to watch with this storm. again, timing looks to be a little later, labor day late into tuesday morning. >> thank you. president trump says he will cancel a weekend visit to poland to focus on the storm. people across florida are waiting in long lines for hours at stores and gas stations to get limited supplies. our lead national correspondent david begnaud is in merritt island near cape canaveral.
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how long have the people been waiting on those lines? >> reporter: well, some people showed up about 45 minutes ago. they weren't going to start serving sand bags again today until 8:00 a.m. but some people said i brought my shovel so i'll start serving myself. that lady is loading sand bags into her vehicle right now. here is the sand bag pile. you can understand why people would take it upon themselves. some folks waited in line for eight hours yesterday. >> my husband did. >> reporter: you just got here. so that's what people are doing. not only here but up and down the state at various sand bag locations. and we've seen lines not only for sand but for food, water, and fuel. >> i've never seen anything like this, never. >> reporter: as the intensifying hurricane dorian prepares to make landfall in florida people here are racing to get ready. >> better safe than sorry. >> reporter: there are long lines extending outside grocery stores. shelves once filled with bread and water are now empty. >> everybody relax! >> some stores have been telling people they can only have four
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cases of water per family. >> i want to fill up my tank so when it's time to go i go. >> reporter: there are lines at gas stations that stretch all the way down the interstate in davie, florida near miami. >> we can't tell you exactly where this thing is going to go right now. it's been kind of here and there. >> reporter: even with so much uncertainty -- >> i think i'm going to get ten bags, but i'll take what i can get. >> reporter: some people here in brevard county near orlando spent nearly eight hours in line waiting for sand bags. >> all became buddies in line. >> we did. crazy. >> had no choice. >> reporter: jamie is worried water will flood her home coming in the back door so she waited in a very long line with her 7-month-old daughter mckinzy. how long have you been in line? >> six hours. it's like victory now. it was worth it. >> reporter: i have to tell you no one we've seen so far is panicking. people are calm, orderly, but preparing right now. the governor says you got to do it now. don't wait until tomorrow. get it done. that's why teresa is here,
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gayle, doing her own sand bags so she doesn't have to wait seven or eight hours like jamie did yesterday. >> give her a hand, david. >> give her a round of applause. go, go, go. >> reporter: she actually asked and then i said let me firn the report and then i'll help you out. >> i know you'll do it, too. panicking never helps. thank you very much, david. all this is happening at the start of labor day weekend when a lot of us are trying to enjoy just one last piece of summer. u.s. airlines are especially busy and expect to carry 17.5 million passengers between august 28th and september 3rd. that's 4% more than last year. some flights have already been canceled because of hurricane dorian. that number by the way is likely to rise. and just a reminder you can keep track of hurricane dorian all weekend with our cbs news app or logon to cbs investigators have busted a massive drug ring spanning three states all over just the last three days. law enforcement officers in virginia seized enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people as
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part of what they're calling operation cookout. there are 35 suspects that have been arrested. four others still on the run. chip reid is in washington for us. what else did investigators seize in the bust? >> reporter: well, authorities say they seized about 66 pounds of fentanyl in addition to other illegal drugs and money amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. but the fentanyl, which is a synthetic opioid, had them especially concerned. >> this opioid crisis is not an issue happening someplace else or to somewhere else. it is happening right here in norfolk. >> reporter: announcing the largest drug takedown in virginia in 15 years the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia said most fentanyl comes from chinese labs. in total authorities seized over 30 kilograms of fentanyl, 30 kilograms of heroin, five 5 kilograms of cocaine and over $700,000 in cash and roughly 24 firearms including an ak-47. >> we're not talking about $500
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and $600 deals but hundreds of thousands of dollars. $20,000 in the trunk of somebody's car in a gym bag behind a local restaurant. >> terwillerger said the bust spanned three states. one of the people charged ordered fentanyl from shanghai and had it delivered to virginia through the mail. >> the last thing we want is for the u.s. postal service to become the nation's largest drug dealer. >> if you're out there using firearms, dealing drugs, and you're hurting people in our communities, this is the group of people that's coming after you. we're relentless. >> put your hands up! >> reporter: meanwhile, also yesterday the coast guard announced to the crew of coast guard cutter robert ward has seized about 2800 pounds of cocaine during their first drug patrol in the eastern pacific ocean. the cocaine was worth an estimated $38.5 million. there has been an increased effort to hold china accountable for drugs like fentanyl manufactured there and smuggled to the u.s. a bipartisan bill in the senate
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would sanction chinese labs and drug traffickers that export the drug. >> thank you very much. president trump and james comey have dramatically different reactions to a justice department report that found that the fired fbi director violated agency policy. the report criticized comey for sharing memos with the press about his private conversations with the president. the inspector general said it sets a dangerous example. >> in one memo comey wrote that the president told him he, quote, expected loyalty. if you remember comey's filing and leak of that memo led to the appointment of special counsel robert mueller. in response to the report the president said comey, quote, should be ashamed of himself. comey said critics who called him a liar should tell him now, > staywith polics presidential hopeful joe biden is on the defensive after reportedly mistelling a story on biden has bn telling some version of this story for years. major garrett is in washington and has been there for years and
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probably has heard the story. what is the former vice president saying? >> reporter: good morning. biden we should note is unapologetic telling reporters the essence of the story about military bravery, loss, and guilt is true. but this is not about just another joe biden gaffe. it is about biden telling a story methodically and with great passion but reportedly getting almost every key detail wrong. truth in the age of president trump has taken a beating but when it comes to military stories precision matters. in this case, biden didn't have it. >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden retold the story of a heroic navy captain during a campaign stop in new hampshire last week. >> the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and as god's truth, my word as a biden, he stood at attention. i went to pin him. he said sir i do not want the damn thing. do not pin it on me. please, sir. do not do that. he died. he died.
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>> reporter: but according to "the washington post" who spoke to more than a dozen military and campaign sources, biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch, and the rank of the recipient as well as his own role in the ceremony wrong. biden's story appears to have some truthful elements. in 2011 biden did award a medal to army staff sergeant chad workman after he tried to retrieve a dying comrade from a burning vehicle. workman told the post he felt biden really understood his situation. but the soldier at the center of biden's campaign story received the medal of honor from president obama. in an interview thursday biden called the criticism ridiculous saying the central point is it was absolutely accurate what i said. the story was that he refused the medal because the fellow he tried to save and risked his life saving died. that's the beginning, middle, and end. if biden were to win his party's nomination he would be running against president trump, who
7:14 am
"the washington post" notes, has made more than 12,000 false or misleading statements of his own since he took office. biden has made other blunders recently. >> we choose truth over facts. poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. >> reporter: that in some quarters have provoked questions about his age. >> i say if they're concerned, don't vote for me. >> reporter: no one has accused biden of lying or exploiting military sacrifice. for democratic voters the question may be, is this a sign that more than biden's memory is at fault or just that his facts are wrong but his passion is right? >> major, before we let you go another major shakeup at the white house yesterday the president's personal assistant unexpectedly resigned yesterday. what happened? >> reporter: she is head of oval office operations which means she is very close to the president. proximity wise and within the white house staff. she hears a lot. president trump runs a very high volume presidency. and what you hear when you're that close to the president should be kept discreetly within
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the west wing. recently we've been told that wasn't true. that was described by many white house officials as an act of disloyalty. and therefore she's out. >> major, thank you very much. the families of two teenagers who were shot and killed after allegedly trespassing outside a home in dayton, ohio are demanding accountability. the home owner admitted he shot them on wednesday. police say the teens may have been involved in drug activity on the property. why hasn't the home owner been charged? >> police are trying to determine whether this is a case of justifiable self-defense. relatives of one victim say the unidentified home owner knew the teens but police haven't confirmed that. a recent change to an ohio law could help his case. the father of javier harrison is wondering why a man who knew him would kill him and his friend. >> it wasn't in your house.
7:16 am
it was in the garage. you seen some perps out there at your garage. you know? so my first instinct is call the police. i feel like he took the law into his own hands. >> reporter: the home owner told police he saw a light in his garage wednesday and found three people sitting inside a car. police say he fired his revolver multiple times killing the two teens. the third person ran away but returned when police arrived. >> take time for us to comb through the evidence, to present at the prosecutor's office. and for them to determine whether in fact this is a justifiable self-defense or a criminal act. >> reporter: prosecutors have a high standard to prove it was a crime. just this year ohio joined many other states in requiring prosecutors to prove a home owner did not act in self-defense. while police ask for patience during the investigation the victims' families want answers now. >> i'm broken, so broken. my baby brother. he didn't even get to see his 18th birthday.
7:17 am
>> police took the home owner into custody for questioning but later released him. they are still combing through evidence and haven't said whether the teens were armed. the family of javier harrison says he never carried a weapon. gayle? >> nikki, thank you. now to a shocking story about a woman who gave birth alone in a denver jail cell and is now suing the city. diana sanchez says deputies and nurses ignored her cries for help. for hours in july of 2018. this video is hard to watch. surveillance video shows her talking to staff and being given absorbent pads. about 45 minutes before she did give birth, she eventually delivered her little boy in bed while crying out in pain. after the birth, a male nurse appeared with a deputy, picked up the infant. the lawsuit says it was another half hour before paramedics took sanchez and her baby to a hospital. the denver sheriff's department says it has changed its policy to make sure that pregnant inmates in any stage of labor are now transported immediately
7:18 am
to the hospital. it is so surprising to me that, a, you have to have a policy i sancheo said the pain was excruciating. the thing that was more painful is nobody seemed to care. it can be a very painful thing that no one offered this woman comfort, left her there alone. >> she could have died. >> yes she could have. >> an unbelievable story. >> terrible story. moving on the federal government reportedly is investigating the e cigarette giant juul labs as the company faces increasing scrutiny over the rise in youth vaping. reports say the ftc and attorneys general in five states and washington, d.c. are looking into whether juul used deceptive marketing targeting minors. in an exclusive interview this week the juul ceo kevin burns told us his company never intentionally targeted teenagers. >> you say your intention was never to market to kids, never to attract kids as users. but when you look back at your marketing, bright colors, cool looking people, fun flavors. wasn't it pretty obvious?
7:19 am
>> it was a lifestyle advertisement focused around millennials. i would not say it was oriented around y. >>lennia are pretty young. >> they're not youth. they are of legal age in terms of many of those. >> the company reiterated it never marketed to youth. >> he also pointed out it he wants to make it harder for kids to get it. they're changing policies. >> and he said the marketing department behind the early ad no longer is at the company. coming up at 7:40 we'll show you how one high school is trying something new to stop teen vaping and we hear from students about how some young kids, how young some kids 7:19 time to check your local weather. >> it is finally friday. with that sunshine as we head through the afternoon and the seasonal daytime highs. clouds and fog along the coast and for parts of the bay inland waking up to that sunshine. so temperatures 88 in concord this afternoon.
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good morning 7:26 i'm kenny choi chls a 14-year-old is under arrest for making threats. police say the suspect is a student at that school and there were no weapons found in the teen's home. an apple store? birlingame is robbed for the third time this month. they reportedly took off with about $75,000 worsdz. heads up bart riders and drivers bart will be working on a massive track replacement project this weekend. it will also mean the closure of two eastbound lanes on highway 24. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website it's >> race into winning with muss
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stang madness. guaranteed
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happy friday to you. in case you didn't realize it was friday and also a holiday weekend. there is pretty much except a spider out there. no problems headed into san francisco this morning. your main travel times remain in the green with the exception of a little bit of a slowdown on highway 4 and the east shore freeway. let me tell you that's not bad for this time in the morning. >> a beautiful day across the bay area with seasonal daytime highs. take a look at our temperatures as we head through the day. 88 in concord. 82 for a high in san jose. 74 oakland and up'er 60s for san francisco. >> high pressure builds in just in time for the weekend. high #2e6r7s will be on the rise saturday, sunday, and monday for labor day still staying sunny and warm into the middle part of next week. have a great weekend.
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it's 7:30. here's what's happening o morni" florida prepares for hurricane dorian now packing 105-mile-per-hour winds. it could be the strongest to hit florida's atlantic coast since hurricane andrew. >> we're much better prepared today than we were back in 1992. a major drug bust in three states seizes enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people. >> this is the group of people that's coming after you and we're relentless. >> the brother of olympic gold medal gymnast sim own biles is arrested for a triple homicide in cleveland on new year's eve. plus how parents and teachers can help kids transition to middle school. in our series down to earth a lab in tel aviv makes real meat without hurting animals.
7:31 am
>> we need to change the way agriculture and food are being produced. >> humans cannot continue to eat the way we are today. >> no. because the planet will not sustain it. >> we've been warned. they keep saying that over and over again. we need to pay attention. >> vegie burgers coming to your plate soon, gayle. >> okay. you let me know how that is. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i am trying to cut back. i'm gayle king trying to cut back on meat with tony dokoupil. anthony mason is off. adriana diaz is here and we are ready to go. there is growing uncertainty this morning for immigrant families whose sick children are being treated in the u.s. after the trump administration rolled back a program allowing families to receive in the u.s. while receiving medical care. errol barnett is in boston where he spoke to an immigrant family whose ill son is being treated there. what do they have to say? >> reporter: well, gayle, the family, which is from honduras and here in the u.s. legally,
7:32 am
said this policy rollback may cost their 16-year-old son his life. they already lost their daughter to cystic fibrosis but really found a sense of hope for their son here at boston children's. now, though, that sense of hope is turning into dread. this is reality for jonathan sanchez, three times a day the 16-year-old is hooked up to machines to treat his cystic fibrosis. now his life saving treatment and care may be coming to an end. how do you feel when you don't get the treatment? >> i start to cough a lot, throwing up, hard time breathing, and i get chest pain. >> reporter: jonathan's family says they came to the u.s. from honduras in 2016 on tourist visas for his treatment. they recently applied to stay under the medical deferred action program. but earlier this month the policy was quietly rolled back effectively ending all pending or future requests and program renewals. >> in this moment, i don't know
7:33 am
what will be happening in the future. >> reporter: last week parents in boston including jonathan say they received this notice from u.s. citizenship and immigration services ordering them to leave the country within 33 days or face deportation. >> from my perspective it's making legal homicide. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> because in central america there is no treatment, no medicine, no doctors, no specialists, nothing. >> reporter: gary sanchez is jonathan's father. >> all his life i tried to be a good father. i can't do anything. >> reporter: you think the only thing that will happen to jonathan if he goes back to honduras is that he will die? >> we don't know how much time, but in a short time, he will be dying. >> reporter: at the end of our interview jonathan's mother could not hold back her tears.
7:34 am
megan parker johnson is the family's immigration attorney. how many families do you think this impacts? >> we think probably in the hundreds across the nation. >> reporter: for jonathan and his family all they can ask for now is help. >> sending back all of those children who need treatment, including myself, they're just murdering us. they're killing us. the deportation, in other words, means death. >> reporter: citizenship and immigration services confirmed to cbs news it is ending this program although in their words they say they're just changing the approval process and deferring to i.c.e. on this. but an i.c.e. official tells cbs news it was not consulted at all about this policy change and adriana only found out about it after all those letters were sent out to families across the country. >> errol, thank you. that program gets about a thousand applicants a year so we are talking about a lot of people affected.
7:35 am
>> seems like they will figure out a way to work something out when you hear a story like that. in an exclusive the teen vaping epidemic. ahead how one high school is getting creative to stop e-cigarettes use and why students doubt it will work. if you're on the go subscribe to our podcast and hear the top stories in less than 20 minutes. s podcast in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ apple card is here. and here. it's a new kind of credit card. created by apple, not a bank. with a better way to track where you spend. daily cash you get back every day. and a new level of privacy and security.
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♪ juul labs is the central focus of a reported government investigation into marketing practices that target minors. three new jersey high school students spoke to us about whether they think the company's new measures to keep its products away from teenagers will actually work. >> juul. you've heard of it before i'm guessing. >> yes. >> reporter: how common is it in this school? >> it is hard to tell exactly because kids can sneak around so much. so maybe like 20% about. >> reporte >> i'd say about the same. >> reporter: does 20% sound about right to you? >> i would say more prevalent
7:40 am
among under classmen. freshmen, sophomores, and even eighth graders i would say. >> reporter: that's young. lauren goff, sebastian gomez, and greg push are rising seniors at new jersey's sparta high school. they say they don't personally use e-cigarettes or juul but have friends who are addicted. what are the symptoms of addiction other than just needing it constantly? >> this thing called nixic kids get. it seems like a bad flu out of nowhere. your face goes pale and you start throwing up and just feel horrible. >> reporter: to help combat underage use sparta has cracked down on students' not so secret vape breaks with hall monitors and a schoolwide system for tracking bathroom visits. now the school will install sensors in its bathrooms and other locations that can detect e-cigarettes vapor. this is what, a thousand dollars per unit? >> a thousand dollars per unit. >> reporter: the school superintendent michael rossy says when triggered the detectors send alerts to school security and administrators. >> reporter: a silent alarm.
7:41 am
>> correct. >> reporter: the principal might be a hundred yards away but would get a note that hey there is a problem in this bathroom. check it out. >> correct. >> reporter: but the students we spoke with doubt the system will stop their peers from vaping. >> i think kids will learn to do it somewhere else. >> reporter: you think kids will beat it. it'll just move them to a different room. >> if they are knowledgeable of installation of the system i think they'll find another place to juul which will be helpful for those of us who would actually like to utilize the restroom but i don't think it will curb the use of juul. >> reporter: you think it'll still be 20% for kids this year? >> yes. they'll still be able to do it after school on their own time. >> reporter: on thursday juul ceo kevin burns told us about a new plan to curb youth vaping. an i.d. verification system that prohibits cashiers from selling to under age shoppers and limits the amount customers can buy. >> we think it will be a contributor. in reducing the availability of
7:42 am
people to get products. >> reporter: do you think it will impact how easy it is for kids to get juuls? >> whatever rules get in place i think people will always find a way to get it. they can easily just ask an older friend or a, whoever it might be. it'll just create another obstacle for kids to jump over. >> most of the kids i know don't actually use juul. there are those called disposables right next to juuls in the convenience store. you don't have to charge them and once they're done you throw them out. it is a hundred percent not even just a juul thing. if juul for some reason goes off the deep end there are still the other ones they're using. it's not just juul anymore. >> what sebastian is saying is a really good point. they're using juul almost as a generic word. they say juul but mean any e-cigarettes. if you go to a convenience store or gas station these days there are lots of brands. the fda didn't even start regulating this until 2016. there are very few rules in place. it is long overdue for someone to step in and set standards. take some products off the shelf. maybe let others stay. >> interesting they said as young as eighth grade. i was surprised to hear that.
7:43 am
>> 1 in 20 middle schoolers use e-cigarettes each month. we also asked the students if they knew any adults who had used an e-cigarettes to quit smoking. they couldn't name any. but the teachers could. so there is a divide here. they see the problem among their peer group. some of the teachers are aware, yeah, they have a family member who quit traditional cigarettes with an e-cigarettes. >> they say if they have the detection devices in the bathroom they'll find other ways and the same w the i.d. ver if i kapgs in tver -- verification in the stores but i have to think if it gets harder and harder to juul they'll do it less. >> yes, it should work. >> we were all children once. we knew how to get around stuff. not a good thing. >> they are resourceful. ahead how apple bowed to rising pressure from consumers who want more options to fix their broken devices. plus, why singer kacey
7:44 am
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important mes important message for vlad duthiers, three more days of vacation before you're back on tuesday for what to watch. >> if he doesn't come back i'm happy to. >> we've enjoyed having you here. >> it's been great. here are a few stories we think you'll be talking about today. hurricane dorian is forecast to slam florida's east coast earlier in week. when another devastating hurricane lashed parts of louisiana and texas in 2017, one celebrity quickly took action. houston texans star j.j. watt created a fund to help raise money, deliver supplies, and rebuild homes in the wake of hurricane harvey. now watt has released a two-year update on the recovery front he helped generate. his initial goal was to raise $200,000. instead his fund has brought in more than $40 million including donations from around the world. the money has gone to help clean up and repair nearly 1200 homes
7:49 am
and almost 1,000 child care centers. the fund has also served 239 million meals to those affected by harvey and helped with a distribution of medicines to uninsured patients. what a remarkable man. >> i remember when he launched the campaign and he, his goal was hit in one or two days because people like him so much and they know exactly what he is trying to do. they can see the heart of him. everybody wants to do something good. bravo to him. >> he sent out a tweet thanking everyone saying, shining a light on the beauty of the human spirit which is so strong. >> i love that he is providing mental health services which is so critical to people who have been through that trauma. >> you justated another bullet point to the things he's provided. it's wonderful. now news from apple. it will soon be much easier to get your iphone fixed thanks to a new repair program from apple. the tech giant announced yesterday it will begin selling parts, tools, and repairman euless to independent phone
7:50 am
repair businesses in the u.s. the policy comes after years of apple lobbying against right to repair bills allowing just that. supporters say this is a major step forward that will give consumers reliable and accessible options to fix broken smartphones. the there are some caveats. this is only smartphones. the independent companies can only repair out of warranty phones. if you take an in warranty phone they can take whatever price they want. >> this is the so-called right to repair movement, the idea you can take your phone to anybody and let them fix it for the best price. i went to apple for fixing a screen. a crafty new york screen fixer did it for $97.99. i haven't turned it on to see if it works yet. i'll do that later. >> we have the sweetest story coming up to head into the holiday weekend. i love this. country singer kacey musgraves who we love just helped put a struggling business on the
7:51 am
national map. the six-time grammy winner and her sister wandered into an old school l.a. photo store called tom's one hour photo to take these '90s style port rates. after learning the family owned business had slowed down because of the digital era she took to social media telling her 1.6 million instagram followers to stop by and keep the business afloat. she even spoke at one of her concerts about how she can relate to the store. >> our country is built on the backbone of these small businesses. my parents had a tiny business together making ends meet and working together doing what they can so i know what it's like. >> the singer also made the photo shop its own instagram account within just three days it got about 40,000 followers and i am one of them. >> so interesting. the owner, tom, said she introduced herself but i don't follow music so i didn't know she was a singer. i just thought she was a
7:52 am
customer. but his son knew and reached out and said thank you so much. i listen to your music all the time. what you've done has really changed the family. awesome. >> it's wonderful. i am a small town girl so go small town. >> only accepts cash. should get ready to accept a lot more of it. >> nicely done, kacey musgraves. you, too, nikki battiste. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend. we'll continue our conversation during the break on facebook and twitter live. american tennis sensation headed for an epic showdown at the u.s. open. too, with a showdown at the epic open. and now it reminds me of her. i'm just glad i never fixed it. listen, you don't need to go anywhere dad. meet christine, she's going to help you around the house. the best home to be in is your own. from personal care and memory care, to help around the house, home instead offers personalized in-home services for your loved ones. home instead senior care. to us, it's personal.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> it's 7:56 i'm kenny choi. police say that a 14-year-old student is under arrest accused of making threats to shoot up gun high school in palo alto. there were no weapons found in the teenager's home. a health alert in sonoma county this morning. this follows a statewide alert. no vaping related illnesses have been reported though in the county so far. and an open space preserve on the peninsula is now back open. the trails rancho santa county preserve. those big cats have since been removed and moved elsewhere. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms
7:57 am
including our website it's
7:58 am
here at 7:57 let's get a look at the bay bridge this morning. in case you didn't know it was a friday. here is proof there is nobodyrel the way into the bay city this morning. they are all in the yellow. none of your travel times in the red. you are still looking good in the altamonte pass. highway 4 and 101 are starting to get slow. let me tell you they're not going to get much worse than this. >> it's a gray start to the day along the coast and parts of the bay. sunshine inland and we are going to see that clearing and sunshine for most of us as we head through the afternoon. daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year. upper 80s in fairfield, concord. low 80s san jose. mid 70s in oakland and upper 60s in san francisco. highs will be warming up as we go through the weekend. and into labor day. still sunny and warm into the
7:59 am
midpart of next week.
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west, friday, august 30, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead we are tracking the path of hurricane dorian and the preparations in florida th. a cutting-edge lab that produces real meat without hurting the animals. we'll explain. in school matters, ideas to help this year's sixth graders to make the tough transition to middle school. first, today '"eye opener." >> hurricane dorian getting scare your every hour. >> this started to slow down. that's a bad seign. it's moving at 12 miles per hour. >> some folks waited in line for eight hours yesterday.
8:01 am
>> my husband did. >> we have seen lines for sand, food, water and fuel. >> authorities say they seized about 66 pounds of fent nal and money amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> police are trying to determine whether this is a case of justifiable self-defense. relatives of a victim say the unidentified homeowner knew the teens. police haven't confirmed that. >> this is about biden telling the story methodically and with passion, but getting every key detail wrong. >> what kind of car do you think big shaq drives? >> imagine being over seven feet tall and squeezing into tiny smart car. >> dude, no way. are you kidding me? >> he is bigger than the car. >> wow. >> is this your car? >> yeah. >> how do you drive -- look at thancht i got to go, man. bye. >> you notice we didn't see him drive off. i wanted to see him actually move in the car. >> i don't think he could turn the wheel with his knee next to
8:02 am
it. i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil. anthony mason is off. adriana diaz is here for this holiday weekend as we wind out the week. hurricane dorian is gain more strength as it pushes closer to the united states. hurricane watches up in part of the bahamas. dorian became a category 2 maine overnight. it will take three days or more to reach florida and it could be a category 4 when it makes landfall. that's big. chief weathercaster lonnie quinn of wcbs is tracking it. where is this going to end? whether is it going to reach the coast? >> the storm has gotten stronger within the last half hour or so. we have winds gusting up to d -- excuse me, us stained up to 110. that's a category 2. one mine per hour stronger, we it's moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. here is the track. we think it makes landfall --
8:03 am
and you can't pay that much attention to the skinny red line. it says somewhere around west palm. curving to the month. we think landfall would be late now labor day into early on, say, tuesday morning. so monday night into tuesday, that's what we're watching. let's talk about this path it takes. to the north storm surge is a - big problem. i put some stuff together for us. there could potentially be, if it comes on surge around west palm and curves north, that entire way traveling up the peninsula, it's pushing water onshore. five to ten feet of storm surge is possible anywhere from west palm up to jacksonville. again this strike point could be further north, could be further south. let's talk rainfall. if it travels in that direction it's putting a lot of rain down not just in southern florida where it comes onshore as of right now, it would do that rainfall amount the entire stretch. we are talking a foot to a foot and a half of rain. then the wind. here is the onlyavin grace. it's a relatively small storm.
8:04 am
i see everybody show this satellite picture say this enormous beast. hurricane-wise, this is a tightly wrapped small storm like hurricane andrew. the hurricane-force winds would be confined to 100 miles from the center of the storm. tropical storm-force winds would be felt from top to bottom in the state of florida. we will continue to am could up with more updates and give you the updates as we get it. back to you. >> thank you. florida's state of emergency now includes all of the state's 67 countries and many people are obeying the call to prepare now. people stood in long lines to buy water and food at grocery stores leaving the shelves empty. many others waited in their vehicles in lines that stretched down busy roads to fill up their gas tanks. we spoke to come people who sat in line almost eight hours to collect sandbags. we sped up this video to show you how far this line stretched in cocoa beach. our partners at will be covering the hurricane
8:05 am
throughout the weekend. you can use our cbs news app to find updates 24 hours a day. the u.s. open has quite the tennis match in store this weekend after another victory by 15-year-old american tennis phenom coco gauff. she game the youngest woman to advance to the u.s. open's third round since 1996. she wasn't even alive the last time this happened. it was seven year years before she was born. show won in three sets. you did not have to be in the stadium to know the 15-year-old had withbeen victorious. that was the roar. >> wow. a huge roar heard from outside louie armstrong stadium in new york. what does she get for winning? she gets to take on the number one seed and defending champion
8:06 am
naomi osaka. that's tomorrow. osaka won her second round match in straight sets. i love people cheering for them both. this is going to be such a great match. the crowd clearly loves them both. >> if you add up their ages they are still younger than revenus d about the age of serena. >> cocoa is 15? >> wow. >> i love it all. love it all. ahead, cutting-edge cutlets. this is real meat that comes from a lab, not an animal, not a plant. wow. seth doane will give us a
8:07 am
8:08 am
we have much more news ahead, including simple steps to helphi fall. see how technologies made actors robert de niro and al pacino look younger in martin scorsese's latest film. scorsese's film. you're watching "cbs this morning." look younger. you're watching "cbs this morning." children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny with options that fit your budget. that's fun for the whole family. announcer: only at progressive par... maybe an insurance park was a bad idea. yeah. yep. stand up to chronic migraine with botox®.
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8:12 am
♪ this morning we are bringing you a special segment from the cbs news series down to earth. our partnership with facebook watch that showcases unique story telling. the united nations is urging people to eat less meat. they say animal agriculture is the leading cause of greenhouse gases. seth doane traveled to high-tech
8:13 am
laboratories in tel aviv to see how slaughter-free meat is made. real steak and chicken but no animals were hurt. it's created out of cells from farm animal tissues. >> reporter: this truly qualifies as experimenting in the kitchen. not the recipe, but the steak itself. we had to sign a waiver just to try it. >> you have worked hard for that bite. >> reporter: the ceo explained how they are growing steak from the stem cells of cows at this laboratory near tel aviv. >> we can produce meat more efficiently in the way which is more ethical, more sustainable, and healthier. >> reporter: environmentalists say we should be eating less meat. according to the united nations, farming animals is one of the most dangerous sources ogreenho
8:14 am
pollution. -calleod tecology, ing he. al we need to change the way agriculture and food are being produced. >> reporter: humans cannot continue to eat the way we are today? >> no. the planet will not sustain it. >> the beauty is that once you have established the cell bank, you don't need the chicken anymore. so theoretically, one chicken could feed the world. >> reporter: at super meat, the ceo explained how they extract stem cells from chickens. they can become any type of cell, so by tweaking the mix of proteins and amino acids they can direct them to become whatever they need. muscle, fat, or connective tissue. >> inside it looks very similar to sort of an artificial womb. >> reporter: and he adds they will be able to produce exact hi the cuts of meat desired. a vegan himself, he thinks there is also potential for consumers who object to killing an animal.
8:15 am
these are very delicate portions. >> yeah. well, just to get this portion is a lot of work. >> reporter: one of the many hurdles is the sci-fi aspect of this. they hope minds will be changed at the table with the first lab-produced meat likely served in restaurants within a few years. and as to our taste of the future, it tastes like chicken. it was surprisingly normal. no one can seem to agree on a term. i hear clean meat, cultured meat, cell-based meat. >> i think once it's vastly produced, it will just be called meat because that's what it is. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," seth doane, tel aviv. >> was it just me, or did seth take a long time to answer? >> tastes like chicken. >> freaky meat and it's not for me. >> a very small portion. >> i want to try it. it could be the future.
8:16 am
>> we could just eat plants. you can survive on an all-plant diet. >> i have heard that rumor. all right. to see more of seth's down to earth report go to our website florida faces a massive task, getting ready for hurricane dorian. bobby jindal had to deal with big storms when he was governor of louisiana. he is in our toyota green room with some ideas for florida's new governor. you're watching "cbs this morning." e. he's in our toyota green room. you're watching "cbs this morning." well it finally happened, zachary. somebody burned down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning.
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sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on a you can adjust your comfort on both sides - your sleep number setting. can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your
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movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? no problem... and done. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise. prove. and now, all beds are on sale! it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. ♪ you're looking at miami beach. looks pretty good as floridians brace for hurricane dorian. it's like lying to strengthen to a category 4 before it makes landfall early next week.
8:20 am
dorian could be the strongest storm to hit florida's east coast since hurricane andrew in 1992. former louisiana governor bobby jindal knows firsthand what it's like to prepare for a hurricane. weigh as congressman hurg hurricane katrina. he joins us at the table. good to have you here, governor. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. ta youinly know what he it's erlike to deal with catastrophi issues. right now it is tracking to be a category 4. as they are waiting, what advice do you have for the governor and the residents, too, really? >> i would say thee things. we did have two big hurricanes my first six months like governor desantis is facing. the first is you need to overprepare. you hope for the best. you prepare for the worst. hook, if you overprepare and the hurricane is not as bad as you feared, people might criticize you. but if you underprepare, people's lives could be lost. in my home state we had a health care facility that didn't want
8:21 am
to evacuate. they refused to evacuate. we parked high water vehicles in their front yard without telling them. in the middle of the night we get a panicked call. we said the national guard is there, ready to evacuate your patients. >> weren't you annoyed by that? there is always somebody who says i am not going. >> you said this best earlier. florida like in louisiana people have got a lot of experience with storms. unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to complacency. sometimes people think it didn't hit me last time, it's not going to hit me this time. in addition to overpreparing, it's always better to ask for forgiveness, not permission. i give you an example. we had commercial buses to help us evacuate new orleans. they didn't hoe show up in time. we got national guardsmen, some who didn't have commercial driver's licenses, we got school buses, got them out. fema mean well, but can get in the way, they told people you can't go in the water without
8:22 am
proof of insurance and registration. th i would say the people, the first for a government, the third is for the people of florida. you are the best first responders for your neighbors and friends. the local officials, the state officials, the federal officials do amazing jobs. our first responders run towards danger, not away from it, even when our houses are being flooded. if you have a neighbor, a relative that needs help, you are the best person to help them. get your family safe. if you can help a neighbor or an elderly relative, please do that. >> the cajun navy, volunteer force in louisiana, on the skub jekt of response, the trump administration is diverting $151 million from fema to border initiatives. what do you make of that? >> i think the important thing is the resources need to be there for puerto rico, florida, georgia, anybody impacted by the storm. i believe the resources will be there. i hope the democrats and
8:23 am
republicans don't try to make this a political football. i have confidence the resources will be there to respond to this storm and we need to be vigilant to mack sure they are. >> without the 151 million? >> i wish he would be more restrained in how he spend our tax dollars. i will say this. as a state that benefitted from the country's generosity at katrina and rita, i think the people of puerto rico, they are american citizens, they deserve our ongoing support and help as well. >> speaking of this president, in 2015 you told nancy cordes that president trump was an ego m maniac and narstist isis. i voted for him. i ran against him. i voted for him. there are many policy things i have liked. i like that he cut taxes, cutting regulations, supporting america's energy industry, he appointed conservative judges. there are things i don't like. i mentioned spending. i wish they would look at strengthening medicare and
8:24 am
social security. i think republicans can't only worry about deficits when democrats are in charge. i do support what he is doing with china. i wish he would bring our allies with us like the european and others so we are not doing it alone. so there are things i don't like. in all i do support many of his pom sees and again i have low expectations. >> help us understand. this happens with a lot of people who say these terrible things during the campaign, egomaniac and narcissist. you didn't think he was good for the country. how do you go from that to voting for someone you don't think is a good person? >> i actually publicly endorsed him in t"the wall street journal." i said i don't want him to be the next great statesman. i -- my opinions didn't suddenly change. i voted for him for two reasons. i thought he would try toe. a w appoint conservative judges. >> how do you think he is doing
8:25 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. >> it's 8:25 i'm kenny choi. police say that a 14-year-old student is under arrest this morning. police say that the suspect is a student at that school. two people have been arrested accused of stealing puppies from an animal shelter in san francisco. the whereabouts of a two month old pit bull and a third suspect remain unknown. and oakland police are searching for a suspect suspected of gunfire. we'll have news updates on our website
8:26 am
8:27 am
happy holiday weekend to you here at 8:27 from your real time traffic center. we don't have a whole lot to talk about which is great news for you getting ready it to head on the road. let's take a look at the nimitz camera this morning where you can see the northbound direction is a little bit sluggish as you're headed into the maze right now. once you get there the bay bridge metering lights not on and there's no need for it. in the meantime let's take a look at the san mateo bridge where if you are headed towards the peninsula. moving on to the dublin interchange this morning. it's all right and last but not least the bay bridge is pretty empty. that could be every day for the bay bridge and that commute. we are looking at gray skies from the coast. parts of the bay and you can see that on a live look with our
8:28 am
treasure island cam. let's talk about our temperatures as we head through the afternoon. we are going to have clearing, sunshine inland. 88 for a high in concord. 74 in oakland and looking at 68 for a high in san francisco. with high pressure building in our temps will be on the rise as we look ahead to the holiday weekend. low 90s inland saturday, sunday and for monday on labor day. low 70s for the bay this holiday weekend and mid 60s for the coast. we're going to stay warm and sunny as we look ahead to the middle part of next week. so not a lot of change through the holiday weekend and into next week with high pressure in control. have a great day. cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
8:29 am
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welcome back to welcome back to "cbs this morning" on this fri-yay. time to bring you some of the stories we call talk of the table. you want to go first? >> sure. i have a story about my mom that also ends up being a story about the country. i should warn people it has a pretty graphic image involved. so my mom is a teacher. been a teacher mueller report than 30 years. she is preparing for the school year in maryland. when she showed up to work yesterday at 9:00 a.m. she was confronted with a picture of this, a plastic leg. we're blurring it because it is a leg that has suffered a simulated bullet wound. >> so gross, tony. >> very gross. >> what grade does your mom teach? >> high school. so the teachers at her school, at her high school were instructed to -- how to put on a glove and staunch the bleeding by putting their fingers in the bullet wound part of this national program. all 50 states. stop the.i ttre to twitterand ih
8:31 am
dg the merits of it. why don't we take gun control as a real issue and not teach teachers how to be medics on the one hand. other people saying, look, this is the world we live in. what are you going do? kowner a corner? better to have teachers prepared. my mom was rattled all day long. by that evening i called my aunt who is also a teacher. my mom's line was busy. it was busy because they were talking to each other. my aunt said i have goat oto ge the phone. it fills her with sadness. she feels like teachers and students in the classroom are thinking about gun violence rather than focusing on teaching and learning. >> and they really are. the more and more this happens, that's what students in florida have told us who went to parkland. >> on the other hand, you have to be prepared. but there is something very unsettling about it. >> i saw when you tweeted that. it went viral. >> >> my story is about alabama governor kay ivey issued an
8:32 am
apology for wearing blackface in college. she issued a statement. it says i offer my heartfelt apologies for the pain and embarrassment this causes and i will do all i can going forward to show the nation that the alabama of today is a far cry of the alabama from the alabama of the 1960s. here is the back story. when she was in college she apparently was in a skit where she was wearing back fais. her then-fiance in a radio interview that recently surfaced described what that was like. it was called cigarette butts or cigar r butts. he said, quote, this skit did not require a lot of talent but it did require a lot of physical activity like crawling around on the floor and looking for cigar butts. then you can hear now governor laughing on the tape. the response, as you can imagine, the backlash very strong, especially from state legislators. some are calling for her to resign. one said this is who she was
8:33 am
then. this is who she is now. >> i don't believe that. i mean, i don't know this governor, but i just think something that happened 50 years ago, they were different times than now. doesn't make it right because it pespecially back then it was pretty common for people to do that. not funny. not okay. but these are different times. i think if she apologizes and owns up to it, i don't think she should have to resign. i am not a resident of alabama. they know best. different culture, different time. hopefully, we learn from it. >> important she is apologizing. >> exactly. i want to end with something more fun. i want to lift it up a little bit. >> it is friday. >> it is friday. these are hilarious, i think, before and after photos. they show students before they left for school for their first day and after they returned home at the end of the day. it was posted by one of the mothers who said she was mortified when she sent her little daughter to school and then she came home and posted
8:34 am
the picture. other parents started. but my favorite one is a little girl, the little girl of color on the end on the right-hand side. i thought what is the difference in that picture? the little girl comes home and her mother says, dear, what happened to you? where is your ponytail? she says, i think i left it at school. look at the little boy, he is skoulg. the little blonde girl on the left. when you are getting your kids ready for school and certainly the first day of school, i was so excited. i got new pencils, new patent leather shoes. as a paternity you want them to look cute on the first day. i think they had a good day. >> i hope they did. >> you come home looking like that, you had a really good day. >> hot bath, macaroni and cheese, you look fine. this morning, how talking to middle school students about academic pressure and fitting in can help them do better in school. new research focused on more than 1,300 sixth graders making the transition to middle school.
8:35 am
students who received social and emotional support from their teachers had better grades, attendance and fewer disciplinary problems. psychologist and cbs news contributor lisa demore joins us now. >> good morning. >> what does did the study say? >> it's about that rough first day of school. a wonderful study done in a large public school district in the midwest where they had 1,300 sixth graders. and to half of them, teachers gave a very straightforward three-part message. they said the transition to middle school isll feel unsure you fit in, this will not last forever, and there is support here if you need it. and to the other half they said sort of welcome. and what they found is that the kids who got the message that they should expect some difficulty as they adapt, they should expect some challenge, those kids over the course of the year had fewer disciplinary incidents, came to school more
8:36 am
often, and at the end of the year had better grades than the kids who did not get the expect challenge message. >> what is it about setting expectations for kids? it's sad to say the world is tough out there, you might face some difficulties. what is it about saying that that makes it easier to face the difficulties? >> if you consider the alternative, often when we sense kids are anxious we jump in with reassurance. you are going to have a great day. >> you are not going to say it's not going to go so great for you? >> when we say it's going to be fantastic, don't worry, it's going to be amazing, they get there and feel tense and then they think, oh no, something's really wrong. of course they are going to feel tense. they are adapt to go an entirely new environment. they can feel less sure they can come home and say it wasn't great because you said it should be fantastic. >> so you want them to have realistic expectations so they don't feel like something is wrong? >> absolutely. it's interesting.
8:37 am
worry takes up bandwidth. when kids are worried about being worried, they have less energy to focus on school. >> you like the point, don't confuse conflict with bullying. we are very quick to use the "b" word these days, bully, bully, bully. what is the difference? >> for me conflict is like the common cold of human interaction. if you are going to be with other people, you will have conflicts and you will get colds. >> yes. >> and bullying is more like pneumonia. conflict is two people not getting along. bullying, when we define it carefully as we do in psychology, it's when one person is systematically targeted and cannot defend themselves. there needs to be intervention. for conflict we can help kids manage it more effectively, but we want to make the distinction between is my child tangling with another child versus is my child being attacked and unable to testifidefend themselves. >> aion i finalistgrader. rising
8:38 am
when he was coming into fourth grade, i remember fourth grade. i said you may face kids who do x, weather y, and z. basically, put junior versions of put downs to deflect and get away. >> if kids laugh off and attack, it deflates it. it goes from being bullying to conflict because your child is successfully defending themselves. we see across the board when we look at bullying is that the most effective interventions come from bystanders. the kids standing around when it happens actually have the most power to stop it. they can say fox it off, come play with us, or get a teacher. if we are concerned about bullying we can say to kids on the way into school you are not in mistreat anyone. and if you see something being mistreated you step in or invite them -- >> i love that recommendation. >> you have to do something. >> well, my go-to was if somebody said something, so? really not too much you can go
8:39 am
after that. so? >> so is your face. >> yes. i was very mature. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. coming up, what's in store in movie theaters this fall if you have been thinking about that. i have. we have been talking about it. why fans are looking forward to a creepy clowns in "it chapter two" and joker. plus, the upcoming movie that could be a huge draw for female
8:40 am
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a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! halloween time is back in disneyland
8:46 am
and disney california adventure parks!... hours. >> the jokerer with joaquin. bradley cooper produced it. >> it could be the oscar conversation. unlike any comic book movie you have seen of late. psychological thriller. and speaking of scorsese, it's inspired by king of comedy. >> thank you, eric. we got to go. we'll be right back.
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(sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking) (sfx:footsteps in wet cement) (sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking) hi hi ♪(whistling tune: "don't worry, be happy")♪ that will do it for us. thank you to adriana diaz. was it good for you? >> it was great. >> thank you. we will see you next week. >> bye. now about to make landfall
8:50 am
in florida as a catastrophic category 4. >> just confirmed with fema, they are now relocating teams that had been sent to puerto rico and moving them to florida. >> nothing but water, 85 degrees, it's going to blow up. it gets to 130, you are talking about a category 4 storm. >> president trump is under enormous pressure to show that his top talking trade strategy is working. >> china was going to overtake us. not gonna happen. >> you have second thoughts about escalating it. >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> do i feel his death was an appropriate punishment? absolutely not. >> epstein accused of sexually abusing dozens of women. >> were you afraid of him? >> yeah, he is still winning in death. >> the company is calling the judge's ruling flawed. >> how satisfied are you this morning? >> any time you win a case in excess of half a billion dollars, that's a "w." >> they are suing you saying you
8:51 am
went after the kids as customers. >> we don't need to target youth. >> people say juul is toxic. >> the product or the company? >> interestingly you would ask. ♪ >> a good night. everybody was glad to see her. >> holla! >> mrs. smith is here also. >> i was like, who is that? >> me, too. >> butter that bread and grab your seat. it's time for what to watch. >> part of the fun, how is he going to introduce the segment. >> get comfortable. wave that e-cigarette vapor out of your eyes. get your head in the game. >> shake it off, shake it off. >> ta-da! >> i'm an introvert. >> i am, too. >> yeah, right. >> right up to the boat. [ bleep ]! >> a lot of beeps on that tape. what do you think they were saying? >> golly, he's hungry.
8:52 am
>> i spent spapart of the summen a paddleboard i fell off about 75 times. a kid age 10 in the front, age 7 on the back. >> don't blame your kids. >> popeye's new chicken sandwich. have you heard about this? flavorful, juicy, the bun is a buttery cushion. i haven't got one. three days in a row it's sold out. i saw stars. the angels started singing. the colors got a little brighter. >> is that the same chicken sandwich or a second one there. >> how many did you have? >> the video shows customers in shanghai shoving each other trying to get their hands on what appears to be rotisserie chicken. >> gayle, is that you at popeye's? >> that is me. there i am in the red. ♪ can prevent wildfires.
8:53 am
colbert: turns out there's much more to say. nearly 90 percent of wildfires are caused by us humans being careless, dumping our used barbeque coals willy-nilly. i guess the song was wrong... we did start the fire. that's why i respect mother nature and her trees, whether coniferous or new car scented. go to to learn more about wildfire prevention. narratorin a home fire,lls give youyou may have lessf action. than two minutes to get out. so when you drill show everyone two ways out of the house, pick a safe meeting spot, and get there in under 2 minutes. then practice home fire drills at least twice a year. you can even make them fun, so everyone knows the sound and exactly what to do when they hear a smoke alarm. go to and learn how to prepare your family for home fires.
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chicken. good morning it's 8:55 i'm kenny choi. a 14-year-old student is under arrest. police say the suspect is a student at palo alto high school. an apple store in birlingame is robbed for the third time this month. now police are looking for at least 8 suspects. and heads up bart riders and drivers. bart will be working on a massive track replacement pren the orinda and walnut creek stations. >> news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms
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here at 8:58 there's a severe traffic alert to tell you about if you're headed northbound out of marin county or into marin county. it is slow going.
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