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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bastida. back to you. the other big story that we are falling this afternoon is hurricane dorian. it is gathering strength over the atlantic . >> the storm is expected to make landfall as a monster category 4. on one of the busiest holiday weekends of the year. today the national oceanic and atmospheric flew into the is. it is now a category 3, it is expected to become a the extremely damage, dangerous category 4. this could bring winds of up to 140 miles per hour. pete >> back on the ground, forget the plywood, they are covering windows in steal. this would be the most instructive hurricane since andrew from 1982. a line of costco shoppers stretching out into the parking
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lot. residents prepare for days without power. >> tonight we're tracking hurricane dorian as it nears this door coach. we are live in cocoa beach, florida. >> reporter: veronica, about 10 million people could be in dorian's path. right now the latest track is still unclear. some models have it making it to florida, others that have it starting the coast. otherwise, forecasters are warning people tonight that nobody's out of danger. >> reporter: the race for essentials kicked in high gear friday along florida's atlantic coast. >> i'm getting my plywood, my shutters, my fuel, food, water, everything. >> reporter: shoppers took advantage of hurricane dorian's slow approach to stock up on items such as flashlights, batteries and water. >> it is getting closer today. this allows us to be here today. >> reporter: of many gas
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stations, drivers are waiting in long lines to fill up their tanks. >> a little bit more patience and tolerance. >> reporter: hurricane dorian is expected to hit florida's east coast as a category 4 hurricane. with 100 and 40 mile-per-hour winds. >> it is not looking good. could be very devastating. >> reporter: workers along the cocoa beach boarded up to hunker down. >> to make sure that your team acres have the opportunity to go home and be with her families. >> reporter: dorian threatens storm surge and flooding. >> you have to be prepared. >> reporter: this could be this drug is on florida's east coast in almost 3 decades. president trump has declared a state of emergency here in florida. he has spoken to the governor as well as the governor of georgia.
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they will be monitoring the storm from camp david. back to you. >> reported live for us in cocoa beach. we appreciate it, thank you. our chief meteorologist is tracking the latest models. >> we're going to talk about what we know and don't know. we know that it is huge, it is heading directly towards florida. it will make landfall as a major hurricane. the latest stats on dorian, let's get right to it. 125 mahler sustained winds. a big storm, a strong storm. a category 3. here's the part that we don't know. when it is going to take a turn to the north? the latest track from the national hurricane center hasn't making landfall likely tuesday, pushing it a day, and then basically doing a huge right-hand turn into georgia and south carolina. some commuter model say that that turn might happen before landfall. it is not a guarantee that
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dorian makes landfall, it could be georgia, could be south carolina orchid continue. he could stay offshore entirely. they still have to prepare 100% along the east coast of florida. this means that it is no longer a guarantee that it is going to make landfall in florida. it is way too close to not prepare for this monster storm. we will be keeping a close eye on hurricane dorian throughout the weekend. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage on air and online. health experts are warning anybody that are planning to visit the delta, you're going to see caution signs in several locations. we are live in oakley to talk about that. >> reporter: yeah, this is a concern right here. the algae bloom. health officials are concerned, you see them in some parts of
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the delta here. in fact, in some places they have posted danger signs. >> reporter: a beautiful start to a labor day weekend. >> a slight wind, sunshine. the water feels really nice. >> reporter: the kayaker says that not much boat traffic this afternoon. it is the calm before the holiday rush. >> i am in the corner where the kitchen is really loud, i love being by the water. it is calming to me. are just as crowds begin to move to the delta, health officials are warning people to stay out of the water. health officials tested the water and found high levels of toxins. they say that bacteria can cause diarrhea and skin reactions. >> it is usually not fatal. pets can get vomiting and diarrhea. they can also have
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seizures and died. >> reporter: health officials posted danger signs. they caution signs. >> three factors for these blooms. warm weather, nutrients, water flow. >> reporter: there are areas with no advisors and, if you see algae, do not touch the water or fish. >> as i was carrying kenny i realized that there was more algae, i didn't think much of it. >> reporter: we don't know how long the advisory will last. officials will test the water again. we will be sure to keep you updated. live, kpix 5. is >> be want to check the status of a lake or reservoir towards you, we have posted a link on a brand of grab and go these has hit the apple store in berlin game for the third time.
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getting way with some 70,000 dollars worth of merchandise. the robbers were in and out and about 30 seconds. they took off into cars. this is just the latest in a series of high-end heists. we report live with breaking news. >> reporter: this all went down in just the last 10 minutes and union square. we are told that there was a fight between two men. they pulled out knives and began stabbing each other. it is, two people have been taken away from the scene by ambulance. >> there were two guys fighting. and then the guy pulled out a knife. he got stabbed. he almost died. yellows died.
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>> reporter: we're back out here live. we were out here today is doing a story about security here in union square. with the presence of san francisco police, even when they are not duty, here is the story. >> reporter: they are a common site. but those officers may not be working on the cities tab, but on businesses. this is a program that allows businesses to higher off-duty san francisco police officers at time and have pay to keep the city safe. >> many of the retailers in the union square area higher police officer's to watch the door. to provide an extra layer of security. >> reporter: this is been around since the 1970s. it has drastically increased in popularity in the last several years.
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>> there has been a lot of growth in the need for police services. >> reporter: in 2016, from a entities paid overtime pay. in 2017, that number shut up shot up to 273,000 hours. >> this does not come out of the cities budget at all. this is paid for by private entities. >> reporter: working the extra hours is completely voluntary by the officers. they are still full-fledged san francisco pd, was city issued gear keeping watch, on somebody else's done. >> it also makes the workers feel safer the stars, to know that there is that safety presence at the door. >> reporter: again, we were out here covering that story when the stabbing happened. one of the cruise that was
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parked in front of macy's, before it was flooded with other cars cruisers, and fire trucks because of the stabbing. thus far, two men have been taken to the hospital from union square. we will have more information as soon as it becomes available. live in union square, kpix 5 . two separate fires broke out in los gatos in a home as well as in a commercial building. the started about 1:30 am. that fire spread to an attic. earlier firefighters had to tackle some tall flames on the roof of this house on overlook road. there were two people inside at the time. including a woman who suffered moderate injuries. the cost of those fires are under investigation. there facing possible criminal charges after making online threats. palo alto police said that the
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14-year-old left the threat yesterday. he posted as a comments. they took him in for questioning and conducted a search of his residents. they believe that the threat was unfounded and that there is no danger to the school. police say in a statement that unfounded threats such as this one are not only criminal in nature, but can create a great deal of stress in anxiety for students, parents, school staff and community. police themselves initially noticed the comments. they are looking to what sparked a fire at elk grove high school. there was smoke coming from the building. firefighters had the flames out in about 40 minutes. >> we have had arson investigators out, we have had hazmat to take a look. the cause is still under investigation.
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>> the school is in session, but no evacuation was needed. no injuries reported. nevada 30s are treating the death of this week's burning man festival as suspicious. doctors declared the man dead after he was brought to a medical tent at the music and art festival. they have not released any details, such as the cause of death, his age, or where he is from. burning man, which runs through september 2, attracts tens of thousands of people annually. took visitors to death valley have died this week. authorities got reports of a woman who was unresponsive in triple digit heat. she died before rescuers could get to her. and last sunday, a driver was killed in a single vehicle crash. that it asking is under investigation. temperatures are expected to top 115 degrees during the holiday weekend there. still to come, developing news. a search is on for people who
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ran off after a rollover crash. lyft is looking for a law that would upturn how some bay area businesses do business. .drove to disaster in santa cruz. ♪ kpix 5 weather is brought to you by mancini sleep well.
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♪ at this hour, police are combing the trails of fort constant in san francisco after a rollover crash. there is a heavy police presence . the document was taken to the hospital. the other car ran off. people have been searching the trails. right ear drivers are one step closer to becoming employees.
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a senate committee passed ab five. a controversial bill that would require companies to classified the majority of workers as employees and not contractors. that would disrupt the model that allows businesses to avoid providing businesses and paying certain taxes. >> what fall businesses decide you know what, we are going to hire independent contractors. what happens to the state of california? what happens to the taxes? what happens to the workers compensation? >> uber, lyft, and doordash are contributing to the millions of dollars to statewide initiatives aimed at counteracting the legislation. they did send out a statement saying that they are working on a solution that provides drivers with strong protections that include and a system of worker directed benefits and a first of its kind industrywide
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bargaining. doordash says that they are confident. coming up in 6:00, we will discuss how lyft, uber and doordash plan to fight this. this happened around 9 am this morning. it appears the driver was making a left-hand turn on vista way. when they hit the pedestrian. the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with police. investigators so far that there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor in this collision. drivers and part riders , they will need lots of patience this weekend. the transit agency is replacing a massive part of tracks between orinda and the walnut creek stations. the two eastbound lanes of highway 24 will be shut down
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starting tonight. there will be disruptions every other weekend through october. bart says that this will all be worth it. >> when this work is done, this will be a much more reliable road, it is going to be a safer ride. for us, it increases the productive hours that we need to do really important construction work. >> free shuttle bus service will be provided and county connection. they are open to hikers for the holiday weekend, after a string of mount mine sightings shut it down for a week. a video shows a family. the lines have moved to a less used area. but if use but one of those cats, rangers want you to know.
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getting outside this is going to be fine. we have been hot, we have been cold, everywhere in between. it is going to be really nice to get outside. temperatures slightly above average. do not let the weather stop you from enjoying the weekend. think about the people in the southeast dealing with what they are dealing with. for us, just picture-perfect weather. 80s right now. 70s in oakland. we're back chilly in san francisco. warmer ocean water led to warmer air above the ocean. the ocean is back to the upper 50s. below 60 degrees for most of the bay area. redwood city, 59. san jose, 59. livermore, tomorrow morning 58. lots to do this weekend. a couple of ideas for you. 81 degrees in millbrae. for the millbrae art and wine
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festival. saturday, sunday and monday. and sausalito, 72 degrees. sunshine in sausalito. we do not have sunshine right at the coast. but watch the direction of the clouds, things are coming from the north west, as opposed to the south. a northwest flow of air is generally a warmer flow of air off of the ocean. temperatures warmed up today. this pattern though will prevent big-time heat from moving in. pacifica, you're going to 85 degrees. this is giving us a flow from the ocean, so no big time september heat. at a minimum. clouds near the water only. sunday, we will do it again
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with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. custer valley, a beautiful date tomorrow, 81 degrees and sunshine. the weather headlines, the ocean is cooler. the nights will be cooler. we will trend a couple of degrees warmer this weekend. september yes, it is when summer happens in san francisco, historically. 72 tomorrow. 86 in napa. pleasant weather through the weekend. 80s and 90s inland, 60s and 70s near the water. that is your kpix 5 forecast. the driving dog that crashed a santa cruz couples holiday weekend.
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♪ for most dogs chasing cars is where it is that. >> not for the four-legged adventurer. this pooch appears to prefer driving them. this picture shows what happened when the chart dog went for a drive.
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taking out trash cans, slamming into a retaining wall and knocking over a mailbox. he is definitely not practicing for a learners permit. the owner said that he thinks that the dog had its leash tangled on the gearshift and it went into neutral. no tickets were issued. speaking of dog, kpix 5 a proud sponsor of the pet food express bay area pet fair. this is coming up in a couple weeks. juliet goodrich is going to in see that event. come out and say hi. >> you don't have to wait to bring a new pet home. tomorrow morning we are going to be featuring a labrador retriever that is up for adoption. order while funding could be getting a boost. how the defense department is being tapped for the money. plus, a major property sale on the self-pay. >> they are calling him the
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wigged out bandit. the bank robber with the unusual sub costume. the weather's perfect...
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family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 pm. >> now at 5:30 pm, a mobile home park cells for a nine figure some. its proximity to several text giants makes it a valuable real estate. >> residents hope that the owners are in for the long haul. >> reporter: $237 million. this is a big number to pay for a trailer park. >> you are giving us a bad name. >> reporter: okay, this is a manufactured home park.
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it is stacked out in the middle of silicon valley, name next to some of the most famous companies in the world, apple, google, facebook. it just sold for $237 million. $237 million. >> that is a lot of money. i would even know what to do with that. >> reporter: would you buy trailer park? >> no. >> reporter: this is that you're normally manufactured home, either. dirt cheap compared to traditional homes in nearby mountain view. there are three pools, three sonnets in several club houses. but this still has some people nervous. >> i haven't met them yet. >> we have been here two years. >> my hopes is that they will bring the rent down. that is scary too. >> reporter: the new owner said
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that they are long-term investors.


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