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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 30, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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it is stacked out in the middle of silicon valley, name next to some of the most famous companies in the world, apple, google, facebook. it just sold for $237 million. $237 million. >> that is a lot of money. i would even know what to do with that. >> reporter: would you buy trailer park? >> no. >> reporter: this is that you're normally manufactured home, either. dirt cheap compared to traditional homes in nearby mountain view. there are three pools, three sonnets in several club houses. but this still has some people nervous. >> i haven't met them yet. >> we have been here two years. >> my hopes is that they will bring the rent down. that is scary too. >> reporter: the new owner said that they are long-term
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investors. they have 25 year leases for the land that they houses are on. saying that this is a beautiful property with this rising resident community. in sunnyvale, don ford, kpix 5. your our top stories at 5:30 pm. officials headed anybody headed to the water this weekend. >> it is going to be dangerous, especially if you have a dog because the warm weather has led to severa blooms. danger and caution signs are already in place in several spots. rabbit police controls are becoming more popular in san francisco's union square. businesses are taking advantage of this, paying off-duty police officer's to keep their stores as they. the number of hours has nearly doubled between 2016 and 2018. hurricane dorian is taking
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aim for florida's coast. before it makes landfall early next week. residents ours document, boarding up and getting out of harms way while there is still some time. i am ken bastida, at the live news does. some of the people trying to get out of florida are having a tough time doing it this weekend. as hurricane dorian gather strength and gets closer to florida. forecasters are warning people to get ready and get out. this is as soon as sunday night that it was hit. national guard troops are headed the other way. the governor says that there are lines for gasoline as fuel run out. summer trying to catch a flight. >> getting out of town. but the flights are pretty much sold out. >> president trump left for camp david tonight where he will spend the weekend.
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he has multiple properties in florida. and his mar-a-lago compound is directly in the path of this storm. >> fema is there. tremendous work is going on. many, many gas structures. they are bringing gas from louisiana and that all over. we are leaving it up locally right now. >> as we continue to track hurricane dorian, also tonight and through the weekend. at the live newscast i am ken bastida. back to you. president trump is looking for the military to find his border wall. >> reporter: what health officials that the president trump wants them to be aggressive to complete the border wall. >> he wants us to move fast. the second source of money does accelerating the pace rather dramatically.
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>> reporter: that funding could come from the military's construction budget. earlier this year come the president announced a possible $3.6 billion from the accounts and to declare a national emergency to get money for the border wall. the senate cleared the way for some money to be used for the wall. in his first press conference, the defense secretary defended his decision to authorize funding. >> the corps of engineers work successively to negotiate lower prices than expected. it is as simple as that. >> reporter: president trump is eager to see more wall constructed headed into the 20/20 election. the washington post. the acting director of citizenship and immigration services also pushed back. >> i have been in many meetings with the president.
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where the subject of the border wall has been discuss. he has never said anything like that. >> reporter: so was the president. the president tweeted that saying that this was made up of by the washington post. katherine johnson, cbs news, the pentagon. >> the white house is reportedly looking to allocate the money to expand the dissension detention centers. the presidents personal assistant is out. she attended an off the record dinner with reporters during the president's recent vacation. there she allegedly disclosed private details about the presidents family and gossiped about tv news personalities. the 28-year-old came to the white house with the former chief of staff.
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because of that, some inside of the white house viewed her with suspicion. one source actually calling her a spy. east coast drug agents are sitting on i confiscated cash of fentanyl. they netted 39 arrests. this includes fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. the pipeline from shanghai to virginia, it involves shipments through the u.s. post office. >> we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. $12,000 in the truck of somebody's car in a gym bug back. >> meanwhile, the course coast guard released a video of seizing cocaine. those drugs are worth more than $30 million. and back here in the bay
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area, contra costa county is seeing a spike in deaths from opioids. easing as prescriptions decline, there were a jump in opioid death. the death rate has more than doubled than what occurred in alameda and santa clara counties. county health officials are not sure why the death rate is rising. the searches on it san mateo county for a bank robber who should not be too hard to spot. take a look. the cemetery shares office tweeted out these pictures of the suspect sporting a long black wig, sunglasses any surgical mask. they say that his nose may be also a fake. he is suspected of robbing a bank in millbrae on monday. the brother of aus olympian is facing murder charges in
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thdiom coun, includg murder. shting dg year'se use party cl the 22-year-old olympic champion , they grew up with different relatives. he is expected to be arraigned in two weeks. actress valerie harper has died. she was known by millions of tv viewers as rhoda. she later starred in her own spinoff series. harper was prepared to go on tour when she learned that she had terminal brain cancer. she was 80 years old. the top boss of twitter, the racist messages that went out to millions. one guy took it so hard that he is suing.
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wait until you hear his claim. the artist that is drawing a crowd. coming up, all new at 6:00. why salmon catches are at a record high. ♪
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twitter ceo had his account hacked this afternoon.
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messages to his more than form million followers had racist statements, and bomb threats. it was later found that this was not credible. twitter said that this was compromised due to a security oversight. saying that this allowed an unauthorized person to send this message. apple is apologizing for allowing siri to eavesdrop. they say that they listen into improve the quality of siri. now, the apple ceo says that users will have to login. the company will also no longer keep audio recordings of siri. youtube is launching a new website for kids. it allows parents to choose between three categories for age-appropriate content. preschool for kids under five.
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younger for 5 to 7-year-olds. and older for children 8 to 12. they created this new channel after getting pushed back. art instruction is often the first thing to go in cuts. >> one school district in contra costa county is finding a creative way to keep it. >> reporter: an explosion of color. >> art is really fun. it is really amazing. it just brings the joy to life. >> reporter: the students take turn drawing a huge coloring of their alligator mascot. they're making chalk art. >> there are some our programs cut in middle school and high school. i think that there should be are in elementary school, because this is where you want to nurture or incur that
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creative spirit. >> reporter: he is the same artist that enlisted thousands of alameda students in 2008 to set the guinness world book of world records for the largest chalk. today the education foundation is bringing his chalk drawing lessons to his elementary students over two years. the foundation has raised $20,000. he donates the talk and supplies through his nonprofit. jessica clark of the foundation said that some schools can find ways, but others cannot. but this program covers all 30 elementary schools. >> all students, we want to make sure that they are getting to what we know to be foundations of a quality education. >> reporter: she welcomes the project. >> we do a lot of are in the classrooms. we integrated with math. >> reporter: here it is art for the fun of it.
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>> do not be afraid to take risks. get messy. >> all right. good job. >> reporter: what are you learning for the first time today? >> how to make it like dimensional. and now to use the colors. >> reporter: students are learning about shapes, shadows and self-expression. >> you have so much space. you just kind of feel the art. >> reporter: a hands on experience that students can draw on for years to come. and pleasant hill, kpix 5. >> wagner says the idea of bringing his trucker to the school came about after he did an art project at one campus. they drew 600 butterflies in honor of a teacher that had died of cancer. long lines, short supplies at every turn as people scramble to stock up before hurricane dorian.
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it is literally the calm before the storm. a live look at cocoa beach, florida. only a smattering of clouds. >> in the past 10 minutes, hurricane dorian has upgraded to an extremely dangerous category 4 storm. we are live from home depot in west palm beach, florida. what has the mood been there, so far?
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>> reporter: there is definitely a sense of urgency here. all across the state. we were at the airport yesterday in orlando, we spent some time there. now west palm beach, florida. you're going to see long lines at gas stations as people try to fuel a. in the grocery store, hardware store, they are tried their best to restock their shelves as people come in and clear them out. so right now we see people looking for plywood. at this particular location, they just got a new shipment of play with in. of course people are trying to board up their windows right now. and we see people full of cars, just like this one. everybody's tried to grab batteries. when you talk about a category 4 storm. you know that those in are going to be strong. people are grabbing batteries. they know that they are going to have a big mess to clean up. we see a lot of cleaning supplies. big boxes of garbage bags. and then everybody wants sandbags. about an hour from here, at
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delray beach, there are three sandbagging locations. free for all residents to come by. by 930 they were out. everybody here taking the storm very seriously. they are trying to get their hands on any resources that can. >> i am sure that there are runs on things like the sandbags, the essentials, but have you heard about any severe shortages? >> reporter: most stores say that they are working with a network of stores outside of the city state of florida trying to pull in resources. the manager here says that every home be depot, every harbor stories tried to get generators. trying to get sandbags. all of the items that everybody is looking for. they are hoping that that network of stores outside of the state of florida, even outside of georgia, can send them supplies. we know that in the miami area, there is a real shortage of
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gasoline. the florida highway patrol will start escorting those gas tankers to gas station so that people can feel up. there is a great concern that if you don't hurry up right now, get everything that you need, you might not be able to get that in the next couple of days. >> what is your sense as you are able to speak with some of those shoppers there? are they grabbing the plywood and steal to board up to leave? >> reporter: i think that you have two groups of people. people that are bored and raised here in florida, they have been through other hurricanes, they are doing everything that they can to stay in their homes. there are prideful people, a lot of people do not want to run from the storms. when you talk to folks, they said that i have lived through other hurricanes. i just going to board up and hunker down. then there is another group of people that say you know what, we have not had a storm like this since hurricane andrew.
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they are trying to get out of the state. a lot of school, a lot of businesses here, they are really looking hard on whether they are going to stay open. people are trying to get out of the state of florida. when those evacuation orders become mandatory, they will lift of the total requirement on the highways. they hope that people will get out of the state. most flights are booked. if they're not booked, they are very expensive. >> absolutely. west palm beach. thank you. the path possibilities are just too big. >> paul has been tracking those for us. >> we are still three or four days away from landfall. so much can happen in and change. we know this. it is strong and getting stronger. the advisors come every three hours. in between the advisories, they category 3 to category 4. they said they are not waiting, let's make it a category 4
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right now. when will this happen? will this happen before it makes landfall , or will it make this turn on landfall. we don't know exactly what is going to happen. we know that a very strong storm is heading in the general direction. we will keep it on the for you. 80 degrees in and is a today. 87 in santa rosa. remember this, hurricanes feed off the warm ocean water. we will never get a hurricane here because of the warm ocean water. 59 degrees for a low for san francisco. the pollen count have been high, they are getting higher. labor daweekend, tcout for the grasses and the elm.
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very high and getting higher as we move toward the weekend. for us, hot weather, cold weather, humid weather, it is all somewhere else to a ridge to our south. not hot inland, seasonably cool on the coast. saturday, tomorrow, clouds near the water. sunshine all day. everybody was sunshine during the day. hayward, you will be cloudy. oakland, you will be cloudy. lots of sunshine. this low-pressure area to our north gets closer. we get september heat very often here in the bay area. sunshine for most this weekend. concord, you will go back to the low 90s. 93 for you. morgan hill, 92. still cool at the coast.
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60 degrees at half moon bay. antioch, 92. berkley, 71. petaluma, 90. the extended forecast. was the weather through the weekend. 70s near the water, 80s to 90s inland. we will certainly keep an eye on the hurricane for you. new at 6:00, in exes leaving the bay area. we tell you how much counties are seeing the most people move away. plus, a shakeup. a bill that could possibly ruin big companies like lyft. and the case of stolen puppies, possibly saw. but tonight one is still missing. ♪
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some hungry customers across the country left popeyes restaurants empty-handed this week. the chain sold out its new chicken sandwich.
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he is accusing the chain of false advertising and deceptive business practices. he said he suffered tire damage driving from location to location. in search of a sandwich. bart is suing for $5000. he is angry. the county is taking him seriously. he has a court date in october. by then he will have discovered kfc. news at 6 pm begins right now. the business model of some of these companies is to exploit workers. the battle over so-called gig workers. now companies like uber warrant they will take the fight to the voters. the raging fire in the south bay shuts down several businesses. it is not the first time a blaze has hit the shops. just in time for labor day weekend some of the bay area's favorite waterways now off- limits. the health warnings to stay out
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of the water. news at 6 pm starts right now. we began with a shakeup in the economy. the battle over whether workers should stay contractors or become company employees. lynn ramirez is in san jose. one of the places where the battle over gig economy workers is taking shape.>> reporter: it is happening everywhere. at any given time on the roads workers are driving around looking for the next job. a job that will put money in their pockets as well as the pockets of the ridesharing companies. the question in sacramento is will those employees ever be given full employee status. ridesharing companies say drivers don't legally fall into old-fashioned worker categories. labor laws were written decades ago when gig economy type work didn't six.>> reporter: until now they have classified their drivers as independent contractors.
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also known as gig workers who get paid by the job but


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