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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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now. we began with a shakeup in the economy. the battle over whether workers should stay contractors or become company employees. lynn ramirez is in san jose. one of the places where the battle over gig economy workers is taking shape.>> reporter: it is happening everywhere. at any given time on the roads workers are driving around looking for the next job. a job that will put money in their pockets as well as the pockets of the ridesharing companies. the question in sacramento is will those employees ever be given full employee status. ridesharing companies say drivers don't legally fall into old-fashioned worker categories. labor laws were written decades ago when gig economy type work didn't six.>> reporter: until now they have classified their drivers as independent contractors. also known as gig workers who get paid by the job but don't get benefits. a bill working its way through
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sacramento a b5 could force rideshare companies to reclassify drivers as company employees. and give them full benefits and protections. the business model of some of these companies is basically to exploit workers.>> reporter: it is backed by labor groups who want to unionize a gig workers. if a b5 get overtime pay for extra hours. they will be paid minimum wage. they will get workers compensation and unemployment insurance. all of those protections the law is supposed to provide.>> reporter: with the deadlines of passing it weeks away ridesharing companies are focused on and alternative bill that would create a new hybrid classification for drivers. let's update the laws and create a new model that protects drivers flexibility.>> reporter: if a deal in sacramento can't be struck the company say they will take it to the voters. uber and/or dash have announced they will pay $30 million each
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to find an initiative campaign for the california ballot that would create the new gig worker category. we have done research. it shows strong and broad support.>> reporter: it could be that in 2020 california voters will decide if driver should be employees contractors or something in between. i'm fine with staying contractors. i'm a contractor myself. if they are going to be profiting off of these people they should also give them all the benefits that come with being an employee of the company. >> reporter: it should be voted on by the senate the next couple weeks. meantime the ridesharing companies are gearing up for a fall 2020 campaign. labor said it is gearing up as well to fight it. new details on why a state appeals court just threw out the conviction against a man who killed kate steinle. she is the woman who was shot in the back one asap cisco peer. pier 14 in july 2015. josi garcia acquitted of murder
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and manslaughter in the case. he was found guilty of possessing a firearm as a felon. now that conviction has been thrown out as well. because the judge failed to properly instruct the jury on the nature of these charges. garcia was in the country illegally. and was deported five times. he said he accidentally picked up the gun which was wrapped in a t-shirt. and it went off. the case ignited a nationwide controversy over san francisco sanctuary laws. he still is facing the federal gun charges. garcia is still in federal custody. however the case turns out he is likely to be deported. >> a pretty wild scene san francisco union square just before 5 pm. a fight broke out between two men. both men took out knives and started stabbing each other. authorities arrived on the scene.
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they took them away to a hospital. no word on their conditions. a shopping and dining area in los gatos was hit by a fire overnight. firefighters were able to contain the blaze to a building that holds for businesses. it was still too close for comfort for other businesses on village lane that have suffered fires before.>> reporter: the fire started in a storage unit in the common area behind the store and spread out from there. it took firefighters two hours to knock it down. it will take longer to make repairs and to undo the damage that was done.>> reporter: the fire spread to the roof threatening all four businesses at kirkley the building. is going to be a long time. that is what we are hearing. because it is the roof. the roof is just destroyed.>> reporter: the salon owner choked back tears as she described the damage to her business but the impact of the fire on her employees. we are our own little
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dysfunctional family. we definitely are a little family here.>> reporter: broke out overnight. smoldering for several hours before that. displaced business owners are bracing for what is likely to be months of redtape and repairs before they can reopen. we are trying to open as quickly as possible. we do not know how much it is going to take. the damage looks significant.>> reporter: the business district where the fire broke out is known for his popular restaurant shops and salons. and for fires and reached in years. it birdied 2014. and again four years later in 2018. in 2016 a popular sports bar caught fire. it does not appear to be a connection between the fires. nearby business owners are thankful that last night's fire was quickly contained. i am very grateful for our fast work they were able to do and to break into everybody's building to stop it before it continued on. we are really close.
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>> reporter: the fire department that the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. the burlingame apple store targeted by thieves for the third time this month. they hit last night again. rushing in during business hours. making off with $70,000 worth of iphones ipads and laptops. police say there were eight suspects. they took off into cars. nobody was hurt. millbrae authorities are looking for is suspected in gropper who has a notable outfit. you can see the suspect sported a long black wig sunglasses at a surgical mask. police believe that nose might also be fake. san mateo county sheriff deputies say he suspected of robbing the california bank and trust monday. he took off in a blue sedan with a stolen license plate. two people arrested after
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they were caught on camera stealing puppies from a san francisco animal shelter. in the video you see three men snatching two husky puppies and one pitbull puppy from the family dog rescue. the shelter posted photos of the stolen dogs and not long after someone reposted them offering the huskies for sale. the people who stole these dogs. probably did something fairly stupid. instilling them from a shelter that has a very wide base of support. police are still looking for the two month old pitbull and the third man seen in the video. kpix is a proud sponsor of this year's petfood express bay area pet fair at the alameda county fairgrounds. september 14-15. tomorrow we will feature a lab up for adoption. join us to find out how you can give this sweet pet a forever home. health experts warning anyone planning to visi this boy wed avoid aralgae
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blooms. here's a look at some spots where you will find the danger and caution bibrea regional shoreline park in oakley visitors are being worn to stay out of the water.>> reporter: caution is the lowest level. danger right here is the highest of three advisory levels. these signs are posted throughout this park. you don't need to see the lab results. take a look at the water. it looks very dirty. it is not something you want to walk into. a slow afternoon on the delta in oakley. it is the calm before the labor day weekend rush. there is usually a lot of activity out here. especially on a long weekend. the last chance to enjoy summer.>> reporter: is crowds headed to the delta health officials are warning people to stay out of the water. at the big break regional shoreline. i realized there was more
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algae. i did not think much of it. >> reporter: they tested the water and found high levels of toxins. they say the bacteria can cause vomiting diarrhea and skin rashes. for humans it is usually not fatal. pets are the greater risk for fatality. they can get vomiting and diarrhea. they can have seizures and die. >> reporter: they posted danger signs at the break. even in areas with no advisory signs if you see algae blooms nearby don't touch the water. or eat the fish. you can eat them. we always just throw them back.>> reporter: it will be hard but they will stay out of it. we have a golden retriever. we can't keep her out of the water. the kids like this one. >> reporter: the severe drought a couple years ago is a big reason for the algae blooms. three factors for the blooms are warm weather nutrients and stagnant water flow.>> reporter: we don't know how long the signs will be up.
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health officials will continue to test the water and they will be sure to keep the public updated. the algae blooms are pretty regular this time of year. they are happening right now due to the warm weather. paul joins us with a look at our labor day weekend forecast. warm but not hot. it sounds good. you get saturday sunday and 90 monday. outside as we begin the holiday weekend. nobody in the 90s. lots of you in the 80s. concorde livermore santa rosa middle to upper 80s. cooler in san francisco. 70 for oakland. 75 san jose. first day of your three day weekend temperatures running above average. san francisco 69 degrees is your normal. tomorrow 72. san jose your average is 82. tomorrow 84. the warm spot will be concorde with a high of 93. the full forecast coming up in seven minutes. with traffic deaths on the rise san francisco is transforming its busiest intersections to help curb the trend.
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the city said it has installed 121 new signals at intersections near market street. and aims to add 140 more at the end of the year. they have added 76 new lights with longer yellow and red basis. 90 more in the works. so far 21 people have died in san francisco traffic this year. the city struggles to meet its goal of bringing fatalities to zero. bart is showing off its new platform signs making their debut this labor day weekend. the new digital signs will show details about canceled trains and whether the train is a new one with three doors were old one with just two. the commercial salmon season is underway. with spectacular returns. the story coming up. major pushback over a new building about to go up and the east bay. tonight neighbors main concerns. new numbers tonight on which bay area counties are
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losing residents and losing them quickly. the mass exodus coming up.
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new e-cigs we have done a lot of stories in the past about the salmon population. suffering in northern california. this year fishermen are beaming ear to ear. don ford on why there is a record amount of salmon this year.>> reporter: the fish
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coming in are huge. they are coming in numbers not seen for years. the commercial salmon fishing boats are lining up to offload their catches at pier 45 in san francisco. they are catching twice as many fish as predicted. jim mosher has been catching salmon for five days. there is fish down south earlier. monterey bay.>> reporter: mary collins fish 30 years for salmon. he is one of the wholesale salmon buyers on pier 45. he said this year is special. we haven't had a season like this in 10 or 15 years. basically the reason we are having this kind of a season is three years ago we had 150% at normal rainfall amount.>> reporter: larry believes terrain lots of rain in the last couple winters field california rivers so baby salmon could find their way to the ocean. river flows are key. we need minimum flow
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requirements in the salmon producing rivers. we could have a salmon like this every year. a salmon season like this every year. when they returned a big three-foot fresh. amazing. about your local store you might be paying less for high- quality salmon as they reached the market. it is not just california. these are being shipped overnight to dallas. these are going north to washington. some are shipped overseas. it is gangbusters. one of the best seasons we have seen since 2000 since 2003.>> reporter: getting approval for oakland's tallest building might turn out to be an even taller order. the planning commission has given it's okay for the 37 story tower on broadway. neighbors are mounting legal challenges. tenants of a rent-controlled building next door say the city has a consider the environmental impact on their 100-year-old building.
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several unions have joint the fight. the developers say the plan was designed with neighbors interest top-of-the-line. we are getting some new numbers on how many people are leaving the bay area. due to the high housing costs. census data shows over five years from 2013 until 2017 alameda county had the most residents moving out. 13,000 people. santa clara county lost 8200 residents. san francisco had the lowest number with only 1300 people leaving the region. popular states for those leaving the bay area include oregon texas and idaho. a lot of reasons to say including nice weather. this is going to be one of the nicest labor day weekend. two years ago around labor day 106 degrees in san francisco. we have had that air quality. there is a lot of stuff that can go awry when it comes to weather. none of it. zero. perfect weather. for your weekend.
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appreciate it. you will be hearing a lot and seeing all social media what is going on back east. people are having to leave the house because dorian is coming. for us nothing but sunshine and pleasant weather. ada concorde right now. 64 san francisco. you have sunshine. san jose 75. santa rosa 84. overnight middle to upper 50s for the majority of the bay area. fremont 59. redwood city 59. san francisco 59. maybe it is as simple as a backyard bar bq in your neighborhood. maybe want to drive somewhere. try something new. the sausalito art festival is for you. this weekend and monday sunshine 72. it should be pleasantly cool in sausalito. the millbrae's festival is this weekend. sunny and warmer. 81 degrees. high-resolution satellite shows clouds that contains a hug along the coastline. watch which direction they are moving. yesterday it was a southwest flow of air. which is cooler than a northwest flow of air.
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all onshore flows of the same. clouds come from northwest to southeast. that is why we are 10 degrees warmer inland. a different wind direction can be five or 10 degrees of a difference. high-pressure to the south. that is key. this time of year september october ridges will set up to the north. which gives us an offshore wind. that is when we get hot. we don't see that. the same clockwise flow around it is promoting an onshore breeze. it will keep temperatures down for the foreseeable future. not allowing us to get hot. clouds near the water sunshine for everyone except for the coast tomorrow afternoon. were the same on sunday. no real inland intrusion of that cloud cover. full sunshine in castro valley saturday and sunday. 81 degrees tomorrow. 78 sunday. gorgeous labor day looks good. the ocean is cooler. the nights will be cooler. warm nice the past couple nights. the ocean has been running warm. that is done. armor this weekend but no widespread heat. september is the warmest month of the year in san francisco.
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first week of september looks not hot. 76 oakland tomorrow. san francisco 72. livermore 93. napa 86. san jose 84. pleasant right on through the holiday weekend. next week there is a change. a couple degrees cooler. falling below average by next wednesday and next thursday. get outside and enjoy. that is your forecast. we have sports settling in on a friday. can you believe one month from today the warriors report for training camp? the nfl teams have dominated this day. in this roster cut down period. what moves are local teams have made. the answer coming up.
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nfl up top moving forward all games count. raiders veteran he is counting money. team re-signed center rodney hudson. the numbers three years and 34 million. makes him the highest-paid center in the league. the team did release 13 players today including linebacker brandon marshall. signed with oakland five months ago. rosters had to be set by 1 pm saturday. 49ers quarterb competing for a backup job displays some blocking skills last night against the chargers. jeff wilson junior on a 41 yard touchdown run. that got his teammates attention. fellow iowa hawkeye george kittle. we worked out after
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practice sometimes. to do that it just shows the type of guy he is. kudos to cj. we have tenants. serena williams and purple. at the u.s. open. the fellow in the far right kobe bryant in the audience. against carolina. williams not just a mere workout. no problem. won this third round three and two. this made a stop at oracle last year. the three on three big three basketball league. featuring a lot of former nba bowlers. for the championship game will be featured on kpix on sunday. it will be the blue triplets against the killer threes. featuring warrior steven jackson. the league is in the third year with the founder ice cube with actor michael rappaport. they are glad fans have bought into the game.
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yes. we did. we wouldn't have did something on this level if we didn't think he could catch on. and go all the way. we knew it would be a lot of hard work. three years ago when i think back. yes we were hoping praying wishing and expecting to be right here right now. check out the shot. miles turner. look at this. hope he has that kind of touch as his team usa faces czech republic on sunday. to kick off the world cup of basketball. as we speak a's and yankees. giants and the padres. moving pictures on. the late show. can't wait. cbs evening news is coming up. john dickerson with a preview. tonight on the cbs evening
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news hurricane dorian keeps gaining strength. there is new information about where and when it is expected to strike. military daughter speak out after their father's death at a veterans hospital is ruled a homicide. steve hartman with a toy story. a little girl's crusade for gender equality. those stories and more tonight on the cbs evening news.
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a very popular park on the peninsula is back open to hikers for the holiday weekend. after a family of mountain lions a whole string of sightings shut it down for nearly a week. the lions have moved on to a less used area of the park. if you do happen to spot one the rangers would like to know about it. the cofounder of the luxury
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fashion brand is making his move to the bay area. andrew spade of the late kate spade bought a home in the east bay. he purchased the home in the hills near piedmont worth $3.5 million. it sits on half an acre lot. the house is nearly 4000 square feet. it has a fantastic view of the bay. french doors open up to the terrace. he made the move to the west coast following the death of his wife in 2018. thank you for watching tonight at 6 pm. the cbs evening news is up next. will be back here on the news at 7 pm. don't miss it. have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: tonight, dorian is now a major hurricane. horida could be hit by catastrophic winds and storm surges. gas stations are running out of fuel. the national guard's been activated. we've got the latest on when and where dorian will hit. also tonight, two daughters call for justice after their father's suspicious death at a v.a. hospital, as the justice department joins the s.vestigation. breaking news: we now know the cause of death for los angeles pitcher tyler skaggs. new investigations are launched ento whether the e-cigarette maker juul is targeting minors. a minor league pitching prospect shares for the first time his arartbreak after his wife and one-year-old son were murdered this week. late today, the founder of twitter had his own twitter account hacked. tcist tweets were sent to four million follow


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