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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  August 31, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> right now, holiday weekend
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on the road in public transit and we will explain how to get around closures >> and why the illegal immigrant tried for killing kate steinle has at his sole conviction tossed hurricane dorian is a category four storm turning towards florida's coast, more on what millions are doing to prepare.>> let's get started this morning with a look at the forecast.>> i will start us off with how nice things are for us here at home and that i want to show you what dorian looks like. the latest satellite images this morning shows it looks impressive, more on that coming up but this is the live look from our camera on top of the salesforce tower to the east and there is the bay bridge and it is clear. this will be a warm and sunny day. locations than yesterday
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meaning at this point it is 61 at oakland and san francisco, 73 is this official warm-up for san francisco so noticeably warmer in the city and as we look across the rest of the bay area it will be mid-90s inland and that is anywhere from 5 to 70 warmer and in fact that is the top line of my headlines, most spots bay area wide will be five most spots bay area wide will be 5 to 70 warmer than yesterday and very little change monday, we would do the morse or most woman today and then just sit here, saturday through monday very similar we don't cool down again until midweek, i will come up to that with the seven day forecast and to leave you with this view, this is a category four hurricane dorian, but there's a better news in the forecast
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track for a right turn in the question is how much, more on that later. officials of issued a mandatory evacuation for parts of central florida is it comes closer to short. >> it is a category four storm packing sustained wind of 140 mph and it could be the most powerful hurricane to hit the florida east coast nearly 30 years>> cbs reporter hillary lane has more from the coast this evening.>>reporter: here in beach the mandatory evacuations began tomorrow and we have seen a lot of people leave town and others hunkering down ready to weather the storm and throughout the entire state people have begun the evacuation process. nasa moved its mobile launcher to the safety of the vehicle assembly building at kennedy space center and now has orders to evacuate most of his staff tomorrow morning, also
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evacuation orders for many barrier islands along the atlantic coast which could take a direct hit from hurricane dorian know a category four storm>> take preparations if you have not already.>> along the coast cruise ships are charting new courses and cocoa beach here are boarding up. >> we have put a lot of the equipment inside and plywood her up on the retail stores>> officials are urging floridians to stockpile a weeks worth of food, water and medicine and the storm will likely knocked out power and usher a devastating storm surge for those trying to leave the are long lines for gas and for those who made it out they are released>> she is concerned and nervous as they watched it on all the channels at fort myers. they are like are we going to be out on time?>> emergency response teams from as far away as nevada and minnesota have
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packed up and are coming to florida to help in dorian is expected to arrive late monday or early tuesday. at many gas stations here in florida hundreds of cars lined up and people waited hours, many gas stations have sold out and it many of the stores has water sold out as well and the governor of florida studies bring in more trucks to help disperse more supplies to people hunkering down.>> hillary what is the mood like out there today? >>reporter: there is a t uncertainty especially with the changing path of the hurricane, yesterday cocoa beach was right in the eye of the storm but today the track has changed a lot of people here today wondering if they need to leave tomorrow the mandatory evacuation begins, officials say people should get out but a lot of people on the beach are
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saying we are going to stay in we feel we are in the clear but officials say no one should not down their guard just yet. california's pitching in, gov. newsom has sent crews from task force three made up of bay area task agencies and fire agencies to assist areas in the area and we will cover this storm on holiday weekend on air and online at for more hurricane dorian information go to it is another weekend of intense demonstrations in hong kong as protesters piled barriers and other debris across a commercial street and have also set small fires from outside of government headquarters and police earlier fired tear gas and water cannons after some protesters through objects and gasoline bombs protesters have been upset about a variety of issues and most involving the chinese government. a traffic alert and contra costa county for those who ride
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bart twain's, ongoing work on tracks means buses will be used to shuttle bart passengers between orinda and walnut creek and delays of 40 minutes or more can be expected through monday in addition there will be lane closures on east on highway 24 in lafayette near oak hill and those closures run until 7 am tuesday morning, delays of up to 30 minutes can be expected in that area. bart says it is revising tracks and electrical equipment and these disruptions will happen every other weekend through october and the free shuttle bus service will be provided by ac transit and county connection and appeals court has thrown out the gun possession conviction of a man acquitted and a high-profile san francisco murder case, he is an illegal immigrant using the deadly 2015 shooting of kate steinle in san francisco on his 2017 trial a jury found him not guilty on charges of murder, involuntary manslaughter and
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assault with a semiautomatic firearm but was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm yesterday and appeals court ruled the judge failed to properly instruct the jury on the legal theory they could've led to a not guilty verdict on the gun charge and now it is up to the san francisco prosecutors to decide if they will retry him on the charge>> we are not going to go, he has done his time and we will let the federal case proceed. >> the ruling will not affect a separate federal gun possession case against him and a trial in that case is set for january he is still in custody at the santa rita jail and suv smashed into a home in sonoma county last night with deadly results. authorities say the vehicle went right through a wall at high-speed sending cinderblocks
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flying. >> these cinderblocks went through the window in front door and went over the house, the vehicle currently is resting on top of the hot tub in the backyard area. >> authorities say the treated deflected a car prevent more damage in the driver of the suv was killed and one person in the back of the house wasn't injured. the search is on for two men accused of snatching the purse of a 95 rolled woman at a petaluma safeway a target store's video surveillance captured two suspects who allegedly purchased more than $1000 worth of merchandise with the woman's credit card san jose police announced they are still major burglary ring connected to dozens of break-ins across the bay area hod the burglars mostly onn jose man said thursday morning dozens of police officers surrounded his neighbor's home and arrested several. >> then i see a swat team with guns drawn pointing at somebody
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on the ground. in my backyard. >> police say the evidence found includes stolen drivers licenses, credit cards, drugs, guns and ammunition and it included bike shops, construction sites and schools for victims and 13 area cities an investigation is underway this morning in san francisco after a stabbing occurred during lessons evening commute, witnesses say the two men took out knives and started stabbing each other and authorities swarmed and took them away to the hospital in our cameras were there as we were covering arise and crime in the area at the middle san francisco's authorized printer $50,000 to hire retired sfpd officers to patrol the world- famous shopping district unlike their former colleagues with badges against these officers will be in plain clothes and they will have full access to sfpd with city issued gear and the retired officer program will launch next month.
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it is 6:10 am>> a new blood testing company is promising actual results with just the of a finger and will show you how they say it works algae blooms taking over bay area waterways. the warning for people and their pets.
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a bay area startup is promising to deliver accurate blood test results with just the of a finger and it is the type of claim that may sound familiar . that is because another bay area company, theranos , made a similar promise before it completely unraveled, we explained in this morning's original report that a new company says it has a system that works.>>reporter: you just need about three>>reporter: you just need about 3 to 5 drops>> with just a few drops of blood from a of the finger this tiny vile promises to produce test results that are as reliable as traditional lab testing once and that is according to a healthcare company called microdrop , it's at home blood testing kit is called i am aware that >> that first visit to the doctor is time-consuming, tactical and paper oriented just to order a test. what we are saying is let's not waste time on the first visit and let's have you go armed with a little more information. >> that information would come to this kit people can order
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online and the global blood testing market is expected to reach $60 billion by 2023 and it is a space made murky by elizabeth holmes, founder of theranos as she promised to revolutionize blood testing using a similar method of collection and she is now awaiting trial on charges of fraud and felony conspiracy for misleading investors about its technology.>> the problem was his they had technologies that were not validated in a clinical environment and they did not engage the clinical lab professionals when they first launched>> microdrop says it is dedicated to transparency and how the tests work and accuracy. the vials are sent to certified partner labs around the country, no lab order is required of the process takes less than five minutes and after mailing back the vile, results are available within five days. right now i'm aware only screens for celiac disease and
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rheumatoid arthritis it plans to expand the range to include tests for heart disease and other autoimmune conditions the cofounders says the goal is to help people get diagnosed quicker. >> with healthcare means being able to measure and monitor your health stats and vitals and when you see something going out of range you go to your doctor proactively>> direct to consumer testing is the future. >> dr. wu is a professor of medicine at ucsf and not affiliated with the startup and he says that microdrop shows promise as the at home testing industry growth been bement we don't want patients making their own diagnoses and ordering their own lab tests without help of a professional and so bypassing that step is potentially problematic >> we do not want you to not visit your doctor we just want you to visit your doctor with
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more awareness of your health. how is this for some hashtag irony? the twitter account of twitter account ceo jack dorsey was hacked yesterday and his account tweeted out the stitches it was more than 4 million the stitches it was more than $4 million including obscenities, racial slurs and the bomb threat since then though it has been determined the threat wasn't credible and the social media company which dorsey cofounded said the phone number is is where the account was compromised due to a can security oversight by the mobile provider and that issue is resolved a sacramento high school are calling on school officials to change a new dress code saying the rules are unfair. west campus new dress code acquires shirt necklines to be no lower than 2 inches below the collarbone and shorts can be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. the changes have some thinking it discriminates against certain students and school leaders say the rules follow the district's policies but they're working on a compromise
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for students. of officials have a warning for anyone going to the water this weekend at some spots could be dangerous because warm weather has led to several toxic algae blooms. danger and caution signs are in place in several spots from berkeley to oakley and no word yet on how long does advisories will last. and now let's take a look at the weather. >> have a beautiful weekend coming, warmer than yesterday and if you remember what yesterday felt like that was pretty much right on the market for average this time of year but today were going up anywhere from 5 to 7 and then we will sit there for like the whole three-day weekend it will be kind of a warm weekend but not too terribly hot me show you what it looks like to start things off this is the beginning of our saturday morning what a beautiful shot that is from our camera on the treasure island looking back towards the bay bridge, you see the early morning light in the sky off to the east. not the case here and this is on the coast, you see same
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clouds creeping over the hills this is from the camera on top of the sales force tower. but those clouds are trying to creep over from the coast. there is not a lot of this and it is very limited right in and along the coast on the peninsula and maybe a few clouds trying to squeeze in around the golden gate bridge but that is it this is what this guy looks like for the majority, that is the view from the sales force tower looking east, what a beautiful start to the day. as far as temperatures, it is one thing to tell you we are warming up today 5 to 70 more so than yesterday but to start it is in the low 60s at san francisco, upper 50s inland, 57 at livermore, santa rosa the cool spot at 54. so there is the change, san francisco, san jose, oakland
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and concord showing how much warmer these spots will be for more we were yesterday for the daytime high it will be seven it will be 70 warmer today in san jose meeting we're going up to 87 which means yesterday was 80 so you had a nice end of the workweek as far as temperatures. but today numbers start to go up a bit and you can take the numbers and hold it pretty much through monday. now let's get everybody else, livermore you are 92 and fremont 84, topping out at 88 in san rafael and to give you the updated look at dorian that i showed you the top of the newscast, a category for hurricane, if you take it and play it forward the important thing will be the turn to the north as it gets closer to florida. the bahamas are right in the center of this and as we go through the forecast, once we get into tomorrow and the afternoon it will be moving over the bahamas as a category four hurricane which is a story that should not be overlooked.
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as far as florida and e re coai it is not set in stone. it is good news for now because the track turned to the north and it will stay hopefully right off the coast right along the coast but it doesn't appear to be a direct piledriving had on hit at this point for dorian but we still need to watch that. the forecast track has change the last 12 hours and it likely will do so again here's the seven day forecast and i said we would stay put the whole holiday weekend and look what happens next week, daytime highs will be back into the upper 80s by the middle of this coming week. back over to you.>> good morning everybody on the day of cal football and the day of stanford football and the day that nfl teams have to get a roster of 53 have to get a roster of 53 x 1 what do i have for you? i have the giants trying to finish up strong as august transitions into september and
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speak of finishing strong, the yankees bring out the best in the oakland a's. happening in oakland a week before last and last night in new york. >> before we go to the break a quick check of getaway gas, here's where you can buy the cheapest prices and today we are checking concord. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call, or visit a store today. you want baseball i have got oakland a's engine continue to run hot last night. as the east bay home team to, hope for accounted for three rbis. there were three innings but he left because of a bad knee. and then seth brown brought the a's back to retire they came up
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at two, brown 343 and three rbi and pofar brought home two more, they brocks 8-2, they one their e w and the padres are in the house and forcefully for the giants brenda bell is in the house been blessed at two runner, look at this, mike went to the opposite side of the ballpark number bumgarnar not seen here, nine strikeouts and tie the game for the most pitching wins at oracle park and the giants had eight to the padres three shout out sacramento river cats and shout out san rafael pacific's minor league baseball which showed up big and playoff action. and don't forget, college
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football, i will be here later on today with highlights. see you later. i driver is in the doghouse tonight after crashing into a family friend yard>> he is not being taken to jail because he is a dog any black said this is what greeted her when she heard a crash outside and we have duke part german shepherd and part labrador and part daredevil and his owner said he was waiting in the car when his leash wrapped around the gear and pulled it into neutral. >> he did not look startled or upset and he looked super happy with what he had achieved the >> the car rolled down a hill and crashed into her mailbox and retaining wall and she said she is not mad about the wall and she is glad no humans or dogs were hurt>> that sounds like one of those farmers commercials where they talk about the crazy after they have covered>> if you scripted it you not believe it. while the next half hour we
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will go back live to florida where long lines and short supplies are at every turn as people scramble to stock up before hunkering down. from the couldn't be prouders
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>> now let's start off this half hour with a check of our forecast. >> web a great-looking holiday weekend coming, a little bit warmer than we remember yesterday and we will do all of the warming today and then we will sit here on cruise control from saturday through monday and you will not notice much of a change but if you think about yesterday to today it will be 5 to 70 warmer. this is the view from top of the sales force tower looking east, sunrise doesn't happen until 6:39 am, couple of minutes away, you can tell it is about to happen, beautiful scene with the early morning light on the horizon 63 at concord right now, 90 cooler than that is santa rosa where it is 54 so there's your spread. ficiallyor san francisco which is a 60 warm-up from yesterday. and you can see numbers for the and e top line shows most
6:31 am
spots are five shows most spots are 5 to 70 warmer than yesterday but very little change from today until monday we cool back down are the time we get into the middle of the week and i will show you more on that touring the seven day forecast and headlines in the weather world is hurricane dorian now a category for. if you're looking at the screen that is what the current storm looks like those are the latest updated satellite images and we are two days out from watching it approach the coast of florida, i will have that coming up in the complete forecast. this is a live look at delray beach in florida and you see it looks relatively calm but the state is bracing for hurricane dorian. the hurricane is a category florand ened to strike the flo late monday or early tuesday and right now gas stations are busy motorists filling up and
6:32 am
half of them maybe having to evacuate spirit because i have to leave to go elsewhere i fill up>> walt disney world and the resort of president trump are potentially in the crosshairs of the hurricane. >> fema is there an tremendous work is going on many, many gas trucks are coming and bringing gas from louisiana and all over. we do not know about evacuation and we're leaving it up to those locally right now >> we will cover the storm all holiday weekend on air and for more information on hurricane dorian to the trump in is ttinadto tran mo xico border anwhite house officials say discussions over shifting the funds have been going on for weeks and earlier
6:33 am
this year president trump asked for a possible $3.6 billion from the military account when he declared a national emergency to get money for the wall . meanwhile a woman has been getting life-saving treatments at children's hospital in oakland, maria isabel has a rare genetic disorder called nps six and originally from guatemala she and her family migrated to the us in 2003 invited by doctors to take part in medical trials and the treatments have extended her life expectancy. at the trump administration is ordering her and other legal migrants with medical waivers to depart us>> if he goes through with this and in this instance the doctors says she will die without the treatment she gets and can only get here. he is giving a death sentence to a young woman who has done nothing but what was legal.>> the department of homeland security has received letters from areas congressman calling them to reconsider the decision
6:34 am
in the prbill that would kethe stant of presidenttrump is out and sources tell cbs news that an off the re with journal madeleine wester fagossiped about tv news personalities seeking access to him and she abruptly resigned thursday night and on the campaign trail's recent polling numbers show that his approval rating has plunged in every key 20/20 battleground state including republican strongholds like the state of texas and georgia. former san francisco mayor was asked if he is beatable.>> i do initially i said consistently that trump is almost not beatable and when he got the nomination i said the same thing and the democrats condemned me because i suddenly start running against hillary watch out, he could win. i am now convinced he can lose been the tuples that matched
6:35 am
almost identical numbers for the five top people running, they have them all knocking trump off. the difference is however, at no point does trump go above whatever magical number against either one>> more on that tomorrow morning at six right here there was a key vote in sacramento that could blow up the so-called gig based companies and yesterday a senate committee passed a be five and the controversial bill would allow or require companies to classify a majority of workers as employees and not contractors and that would disrupt the model that allows businesses to avoid providing benefits and paying certain taxes.>> what if all businesses decide we will hire independent contractors throughout the state and what happens to the state economy than in what happens to the taxes and workers compensation and what happens to the healthcare at that point because no one is covered?>>
6:36 am
huber and lyft , they aim at correcting legislation and lyft sent a statement saying they're working on a solution that provides drivers with strong protections which includes an earnings guaranteed, a system of worker directed portable benefits and the first of its kind industrywide sectorial monitoring and doordash process we are confident that california voters will support a solution that pares worker flexibility with economic security. a band of grabbing go thieves has hit an apple store in burlingame for the third time this month making off with about $70,000 worth of merchandise eight people grabbing up armloads of ipads, iphones and laptops thursday night bolted for the door of the robbers were in and out in
6:37 am
about 30 seconds and took off in two cars and it is the latest in a series of high-end robberies at bay area stores. a mobile home park in sunnyvale has sold for an eye- popping sum of 23 $7 million from plaza delray's valu several tech giants like apple, google and facebook of the manufactured homes usually sell for around a quarter of $1 million is much chr than traditional homes in the surrounding area but the latest sale has some feeling nervous. >> i hope they do been here two years and let's sell it again>> my hope is it would bring the price down. >> that is scary as well because you do not know. >> the new owners say they are long-term investors and a recent community meeting they offered low interest and 25 year leases to lot owners to prove that point. federal drug agents on the east coast have confiscated a cash of fentanyl capable of killing 14 million americans, operation cookout involved three states and it netted 39
6:38 am
arrests, 30 kg of fentanyl, heroin, cash and firearms and includes an ak-47 of this drug pipeline stretched from shanghai to virginia and involved shipments through the us postal service. >> we not talking $500 deals but hundreds of thousands of dollars, $20,000 in the trunk of somebody's car at a gym bag behind a local restaurant. >> meanwhile the coast guard just released video of the cutter robert ward seizing nearly 3000 pounds of cocaine during its first drug patrol in the eastern pacific thursday and these drugs are worth more than $38 million. back in the bay area contra costa county is reporting a spike in deaths from opioids even as prescriptions for the drug declined there were 81 deaths in 2018, another jump of more than 50% from 2017 and that death rate was more than double the rate in alameda and santa clara counties.
6:39 am
at the same time contra costa has seen a 25% drop in opioid prescriptions over the last four years, county health officials are not sure why the death rate is climbing and they say could be linked to have your use of nonprescription street drugs like heroin and fentanyl. nevada authorities are treating the death of a man at this week's bergman festival as suspicious, doctors declared the man dead after he was brought to a medical tent at the music and art festival but have not released any details such as cause of death, his age or where he is from burning man run through september 2 cost tens of thousands of people annually to the nevada black rock desert new numbers on which bay area counties are losing residents quickly, that mass exit is coming up. later cooking up a solution to save resources and how a couple of area they teenagers are helping communities conserve energy around the world and here at home.
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it on e anor san ha sold 121 new signals at intersections near market street and they plan to add 140 more by the end of the year. they also added 76 new lights with longer yellow and red faces and 90 more of those in
6:43 am
the works. so far 21 people have died in san francisco traffic this year as the city struggles to meet its goal of bringing fatalities to zero. bart is showing off its new platform signs making their debut this labor day weekend and the new signs will show details about canceled trains and whether the approaching train is a new one with three doors or an old one with just two getting approval for oakland tallest building may turn out to be an even taller order. the planning commission has given it's okay for the 37 story tower on broadway, neighbors are mounting legal challenges, tenets of a building next door said the city hasn't consider the environmental impact on their 100-year-old building several unions have joined the fight and the developers however say the plan was hbors d trusts at of their mind. new numbers on how many people are leaving the bay area due to high housing costs and census data shows over five years from 2013 to 2017 alameda
6:44 am
county had the most residents move out, 13,000 people. santa clara county lost 80 to hundred and san francisco the lowest number with 1300 people leaving. popular destinations for those leaving include oregon, texas and idaho two people were arrested after they were caught on camera stealing puppies from a san francisco animal shelter and and in this security camera video you can see three minutes snatching two husky pups and one pitbull for my family dog rescue and the shelter posted photos of the stolen dollars and not long after someone reposted them offering the huskies for sale. >> the people who stole these dogs probably did something fairly stupid in steg from shel wide base of support. >> police are still looking for the two month old pit bull and the third man seen in video . the salmon population is bouncing back in northern california. some commercial salmon fishing
6:45 am
boats are catching twice as many fish as they expected.>> buday gobet has been a hotspot, fish at half and fish down south earlier and monterey bay, it has all been good. >> fulton industry believe the recent heavy rain season filled california rivers so baby salmon could more easily find their way to the ocean so soon at a grocery store near you the cost of higher quality salmon could be much less. a popular open space preserve and santa clara county is back open for hikers this holiday weekend after a string of mountain lion sightings shut down rancho san antonio preserve for nearly a week and park officials say those liens have moved to less used areas but if you spot one rangers want to know. now let's get a look at the weather. >> spotted the sunrise from the camera on top of the sales force tower and it came up at 6:39 am take a look at the view from the top of the sales force
6:46 am
to the east, lenny of sunshine, but i will get a couple of other cameras to show you it doesn't look that way everywhere but for most of us it does. the overwhelming majority of us this morning waking up to clear skies. you have to be at the coast or on the west side of the peninsula around the golden gate. current numbers show 63 at concord and 61 at oakland and 57 livermore, 61 san francisco and 60 san jose and santa rosa is cool spot, that is what it looks like from the sales force tower looking the other way. this is looking west and most of us will have clear skies but you get to the west and over to the peninsula you can see there is a blanket of low-grade wet and this is what it looks like at the coast right now. that ocean beach and all the way down the peninsula, it is creeping through the golden gate, but this is it, this is
6:47 am
the only place we are seeing it and if you look at it on future cast there is that low grade off the coast and everyone else is clear and over the next few hours to pull a little of it into the base further and it works its way over. once we get past 9 am it goes back and it gets sunny and it s to 70 warmerhere is sunday and sunday will be just as clear and we will stay beautifully sunny and clear and relatively warm or pretty much the entire holiday weekend. speaking of which, let me get you into the daytime highs. across the region today, the really convenient thing about this is, if you want to know what sunday and monday feel like temperature was just look at the map. we are not changing the we will stay the same. mid-90s inland and 95 concord and 92 livermore, 73 the city
6:48 am
and 93 for sawe just repeat thi the way through monday and there is the latest look at dorian that is the category four hurricane into the direction that brings it over the bahamas and then we will watch the forecast track from their hopefully continue to make a hard right hand turn and continue to graze the coastline but we cannot consider that to be absolute gospel at this point, it will change too much in the bottom line is anything in the big cone needs to be prepared for the possibility of a major category hurricane and will start watching for it along the coast of florida by tuesday morning and perhaps monday night as far as the seven day forecast, there is the cool down by the middle of the week but it will take until the middle of the week to get there will say to the mid-90s all the way through the holiday weekend inland and to upper 70s for the bank. melissa who is your new friend?>> this is dino and he is our pet of the week and we
6:49 am
are the proud sponsors at the alameda county fairgrounds on september 14 and 15th we have mike murray from pet food express and david ely on the golden gate labrador retriever rescue. dave who is this incredible gy?- year-old chocolate lover or lab named dino and he was surrendered by his owners who said that he was a little too much for them. >> he is not, what or who would be a good owner? >> clearly this guy needs a lot of exercise and leadership and a lot of time with his people. that is the recipe for success. >> is he safe for kids? >> in his current state, a two- year-old juvenile him he would jump all over little kids and he could knock them down. come on over here dino.
6:50 am
>> look at this mug he would be safe for ? step probably the older children and it is the adults in the family that will set the tone for the behavior around other kids, if they are ready for a rough time with a crazy young dog go for it but probably older kids would be better for this rascal. >> fantastic and he has had his shots and he is fixed? >> his had his shots and neutered and up for adoption, goldengate rescue website, he may be at the upcoming pet fair. that is sponsored by pet food express is a tell us morepus. (#42filmetics),3%)7tdisqd27
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g e at florida'is live at cocoa beach florida where things look relatively calm and the category four storm should strengthen before making landfall early next week residents are stocking up, boarding up and getting out of harms way that while there is time and forecasters say it is still too early to tell where dorian will make a direct hit.>> this is the seven day forecast which shows temperatures will stay warm through the holiday weekend mid- 90s for saturday, sunday and monday and do not expect a whole lot of change the next three days except for today. today will be anywhere from five will be anywhere from 5 to 70 warmer than you remember yesterday so just in time for the weekend with a little warm- up. we will cool back down by the middle of next week, near average, backed up into the upper 80s and then the upper 70s throughout the day into the middle of next week. >> you saidthe next 24 hours
6:58 am
will be critical and we will know exactly where it will be heading>> yes and even now early saturday morning we have gotten close enough to that window we discussed earlier that we're getting more confident on this thing and it looks a little better for florida so fingers crossed it will stay that way and will watch for south carolina by the middle of the week. >> thank you for washing kpix news this morning.
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