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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  October 1, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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you are watching kpix5 at 5:30 pm. e traffic problem could come with a big price tag. >> and i am veronica de la cruz. right now organizers are laying down the groundwork for the bay area transportation parks. people say that a second transit tube need to be on that list. >> reporter: this is some of the worst traffic in the nation. they say they have a solution. it is called the mega measure. wththe ey ballot for voters to pay a $100 billion tax to coordinate all
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of the transit agencies. >> we are proposing a 1% increase in the sales tax. in order to pay for large-scale transportation cost. >> reporter: the $100 billion would purchase trains, and of course bart. and bart knows just where to put them, another train. >> the underpinnings of that measure would need to be the second cost with that tunnel. that is not only a part facility, so you could have cal tran running through their. >> reporter: so it is not just >> reporter: tunnel? >> now. >> reporter: by getting this on the ballot, this requires all of the counties to agree to this idea and that is not going to be easy. voters are skeptical, after all, it took 20 years to construct the bay bridge. this is when everybody agreed that he needed to be done.
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folks are just not so sure. >> $100 billion strikes me pretty hard. >> that would be pretty helpful. if they are just going to mess it up -- >> that is large number. >> reporter: the rychie f vea operating officer -- >> nowhere is it written that the bay area has have the second worst trathe candealwi ffinic it, too. >> reporter: the $100 billion tax proposal is not even qualified for the ballot. dix5. commute hours,e transit tube. in san francisco nonprofit has a mind to solve the housing crisis. susie separates. she cofounded the california renters legal advocacy and education fund has sued nine california communities for refusing to build. their weapon
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of choice, he t this. >> of the city zones for something, and a developer comes and proposes something within the zoning, the city has to approve it. >> i see the supports as a poor, poor idea. i think it is antagonistic, i think it has a bullying quality to it. is >> e thtioften uses la y ththe e carnlifobuilding proc t now every community is subject to regional housing allocation. historically, cities in the state of california, do not meet the goals. governor newsom says that the goals need to be adjusted so more housing can be built. remember, send usur yo"project you can watch all of our
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original reports under the project home tab on a man was kidnapped from his home early this morning. hours later, they found a car anybody. they are processing two crime scenes. we will have much more the story straight ahead is 6:00. two fatal hit-and-run's in the bay area today. a woman was killed and a child injured by a driver outside of garfield elementary. the child is in stable condition. in the south way, a person killed and one morn injured. a judge puts the oakland a's coliseum deal on hold. that move took both the oakland a's and oakland by surprise. negotiations can continue until the next hearing. the e-cigarette company juul is pulling in support of a ballot measure. now in june,
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the city passed a measure of suspending the sales of e- cigarettes altogether. juul had already contributed millions towards proposition c, meant to change that law. even though it is ceasing active support now, they are not declaring victory just yet. is >> i think we all are. if this was any local interest besides big tobacco, you would take them at frr thei. juul la says that they are committede as of now, proposition c is on the ballot. a bay area massive mapot bu on the other side of the country. they caught him in georgia, 220 pounds of marijuana.
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r y say this is about $600,000o an improper lane change. in a new lawsuit, republican lawmakers says that california is a violating federal voting laws. this lawsuit claims that the states automatic voting registration program violates the voter registration act by failing to verify whether noncitizens are being registered. the suit was filed on behalf of three republican voters, who claim that the dmv program, found discrepancies in the polls. >> california refuse to determine citizenship eligibility. this is a nonpartisan issue. we believe that it afs fes ct be accurate and clean. >> today the secretary of state pushed back, calling the lawsuit an attempt to suppress
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the vote. while, a federal court says that that they cannot bart states like california from passing neurons. they cannot block, slowing down or charging internet companies to favor some sites or apps over others. without these rules, phone and cable companies can interfere with internet traffic, as long as they disclose it. last year the california attorney general was of several attorney generals who challenged e their decision. on he issued a statement on today's ruling seen the parts this decision underscores the sec's failure to adequately consider public safety concerns are impact on low income americans. the first of its kind restaurant has just opened in west hollywood. this particular business, you can bottle of wine. we goe to si
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nu. me >> reporter: marijuana is on the menu at was hollywood's cafi. already, the line is out the door. >> it is exciting knowing that this is the first cannabis cafi. being a part of it is thrilling. >> reporter: she is one of the first to dine at the cannabis inspired restaurant. while the food here is not infused with marijuana, you can order marijuana with your meal and smoke it inside. the staff can help you pair your food with just the right type of weed. >> to present wineo talk out parents, this is ultimately what we want to do. >> reporter: california is one of 11 states were recreational pot is legal. custy ere a conversation with on
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ev is >> a couple of the questions we ask, what is your tolerance level? and are you with somebody safe? >> reporter: the customers say that the restaurant might ease the negative stigma around marijuana. >> anybody can feel comfortable , and not have a lot of social anxiety because it is so spread out. >> reporter: she believes that this will not be the only cafi of its kind, for long. chris martinez, cbs news, was hollywood, california. coming up, the oakland a's get ready for a huge playoff game tomorrow night. >> his daughter is getting ready for a mutor heugal, a brazen heist in santa cruz county. coming up, all new at 6:00. is northbay ready for fire season? how the city is going above and beyond to make sure that hard lessons learned two years ago, our party is. the new tools that residents
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should get to know. expect what you need to know tomorrow morning. bein g a p toon etaccused of kpseixcr5. , expect more.
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i am ken bastida at the live news desk. some heads up for some drivers headed to marin on thch ndbridmoge. there is construction going on. work begins on insulation of this is for a w the upper west bneound span. this will restrict westbound
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traffic on the far left lane for the rest of the month from 9 pm to 5 am. it is a $20 million project. it is the first ever pedestrian path connecting marin county from the east bay. the concrete barrier being installed t will riders from traffic, but it will not o stuck in traffic. you now can bike sickle from marin to the east bay. the oakland a's are going to's the tip of a race tomorrow night. this is a wildcard hega. me ast'on. dennis o'donnell tells us the skipper is not the only melvin preparing for the event. >> reporter: the treadmill has been her best friend. >> i call myself a renaissance
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woman because i like to do so many things. >> she is the creative arts person. >> reporter: she is an actor, writer, artist. but her only his only child never got into the family business. >> not only am i a fan, but i am his only daughter. rehere er it or not for baseball. >> he saw her across the field. they started writing letters to each other. that's pretty much teep>>tor:or for the marathon november. a challenge that she never considered until she was diagnosed with type i diabetes at the age of 14. >> you know it is one thing when you go are two or three and it is part of your life, now your life completely changes. that is the thing i'm most proud about her, she accepted it, she moved on. she was tough. she goes through a tough life
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right now with a smile on her face. are it is a daily balancing act to keep her blood sugar stable, as it becomes way more tedious while she runs. >> there always extra things to be thinking about. i will be out on a run in my blood sugar starts to tank. you have to stop. >> reporter: for that ast re,on her first ever marathon. that she will do it with the encouragement, the aunt type i. >> there so many inspiring stories out there, i want to be one of those inspiring stories. i really want to be somebody with type i diabetes that can tell other people, not just with type i diabetes, but with the need adversity, don't count yourself out. >> reporter: this is why there is more than one team this fall. >> there is no way. as a matter fact, i cannot run a marathon. so to have the courage to do anthe issues is very courageou
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to do. i'm rywow.d pr courageous and inspiring. >> that is in ervembno. >> that is coming up later. let's talk about the oakland a's wildcard game. october baseball. hey, it has been a long time. a so here we are on yex the sieve of the win or go home, one game. the wildcard, winner take all against tampa bay. you know who is really up for this? the starting pitcher. >>oome into his >> i would have said the same thing. he most most of the season coming off arm surgery in 2018. he started in five games of
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september. he went 4-0. he will have the crowd on his side. they are expecting 50,000 fans. after losing last year's wildcard game in new york, they are really taking advantage of the home-field advantage. >> we look forward to that huge crowd pulling for us, instead of the yankees like it was last year. >> we have had the road game couple of times, we know that we are going to play in front of our fans. it is going to be a football type crowd. >> this is one of the loudest fan bases in m excited for that. >> i hate to be that guy. but, oakland has lost eight consecutive, winner take all games. isme th a do against the new york mets. >> come on. >> a beer not repeat tomorrow.
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>> don't be that guy, vern. this unbelievable scene was caught on video. these crash through thone ist w you know what they're doing? they are stealing an atm inside. this happen at 3 am monday g. they were out less thanrn inoneo minute. the suv that they used, they left it behind. they really don't know what type of vehicle they use to get away. a restaurant has shut its doors. the fish, chop and steakhouse has closed over the weekend after 33 years in business. the parent company restaurants unlimited file for bankruptcy in july. it was purchased soon after. the restaurant in burlingame remains open. what one city is doing to crack down on plastic pollution. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane]
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto. looking for their forever home. but the humane society said the and the kitten are a bonded trio. >> adorable. we are looking to either warm up for the weekend or take him a trio of kittens?
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>> we are going to go from below average temperatures to actually above average temperatures. i had a viewer stop me today and asked me to keep this cool, fall weather going. we are looking at temperatures warmer year i live look. you can see downtown san francisco under a clear sky. our high, conquered and napa topping out at 70 degrees. san jose, 68. fremont, 65. downtown san francisco topping out at 62 degrees. it is going to be another chilly night had. dropping down into the upper 30s in santa rosa. mis30d-. for fairfield, 46. your pollen report, if you're suffering from allergies, it
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does increase on thursday and friday and saturday. here is the satellite and radar view. we have the high-pressure slowly building in for us. dinking the system, this is torog a p to our north. this could bring temperatures slightly cooler. we are going to time it all out for you and the future cast. it is going to be a cold start to the day tomorrow morning with clear skies. and then for tomorrow in the afternoon, we have that sunshine. temperatures are little bit warmer for your wednesday. there we go on thursday, maybe a few more clouds with that weak weather system. maybe a dip in temperatures. but we are going to warm up as we go through the rest of the week. so your headlines, cheer and chilly. and then as we go through the end of the week, we are going to be warming up to about average temperatures for this time of year. the daytime highs for tomorrow,
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warmer compared to today. still slightly below average for this time of ar. 72 looking at highs topping out at 76 in conquered and pleasant hill. it daytime high in san francisco. upper 70s for riverdale. here is the 7 day forecast and what you can expect. we are looking at temperatures that are going to look warmer for wednesday, thursday. check out friday and into the weekend. about average temperatures into the weekend and the start of early next week. i will be tracking these chilly temperatures. on the morning show that starts >> all right, thank you. am. all new at 6:00. a city is trying to make it tougher to displace renters. a woman showr s usoutht on the streets. there is a hit-and-run
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a chilhospalizedd a mother d e impeacent procesans.d the congressman is going to let his constituents know what to expect. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets nicote-cirettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pus
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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this certainly gives new meaning when it comes to paying with plastic. they are turning in their plastic bottles for train tickets. 30 bottles will pay for a standard fair. each morning people line up with a full bag in hand. on av00ere 20tt ,0bos lear some say the money is motivating. they have a long history of trash troubles. it often pulls up outside of famous landmarks. before this began, there were no rlien ycev araited atave. subway stations beijing. istanbul and indonesia
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run similar problems. that is it for the news at 5:00. kpix5 at 6:00 begins now. now at 6:00. a dead hit-and-run. a mother and child struck at a crosswalk by a oakland school. what neighbors say, they say this is no surprise. >> a mysterious kidnapping. tonight, questions about whether the body found could be the victim. there is an emergency, do you know which direction to go? >> the montecito heights area. >> reporter: in santa rosa is talking very fire safety tonight and that includes evacuation plans. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins now with two deadly hit-and- run to the bay area. >> and one of those cases, mother was killed.
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a four-year-old child injured when a driver came up on a sidewalk. >> why the tragedy comes as no ri to oakland neighbors. >> reporter: at 11:19 am this morning, a mother and child were hit as they cross the street at 22nd avenue in front of garfield elementary school. police are not identified the victim, but say the four-year- hod girl was transported to the sp agde, otither whcad hapest and was arri td,a scene and started investigation, we luconcd dehi a vehicle did flee the scene. >> reporter: it investigators are seeking surveillance videos and witnesses who may be able to give a description of the fleeing suspect with them vehicle. >> right now we are asking for the comm


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