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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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but strong santa ana winds burning embers flying across the area ignitin freg s.reerly blowing. you just wanted tok ucan >> reporter: rubble and ashes all that is left of this home i consumed by the fast-moving e.gele fid irinfi te 5. telephone use major north-south core door. the closthe edchoktheir hi vecles. wildfire destroyed the via lstrs d muf igsod nite calithf re mains under a red flag warning. you at a loss for words. you don't know what is going to happen. mother nature has planned she is not going to share until nd. crews arking ogress. there is some contait nm
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arseou winds picking up fire crews do admit with that red flag warning continuing through the weekend their work is not finish yet. s e tharaw that the fo that?>> res porter: that is er right. i've been covering wildfes in southern california for seven years. i believe this is the first time i have seen all the evacuation centers that had been opened for this fire come full. they have at least six evacuation centers. they started with a r number. they had to continue to open more shelters. people here because of the dfad w ildeirfi tni teeslyha taking he warnings. the oakland fire departments deploying a strike team to help crews in southern the strike team arrived in los deoy an extra engine company
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if needed. ifhey go out on the state resource which is our 8232 which is deployed right now. it is 14 days up to ndout addit engine company from the city of oakland it is 7 to 10 days. up to 14. before we starttohe uise. alameda county and san francisco fire has sent strike teams to help battle fires in southern california. are uge e crs her fueling th amfl facing. >> reporter: not only can we see the smoke from the helicopter. like we see sohe california. u will see clouds er that full-screen. i want to point out how you can see the sme coming finm the ace these are clouds.
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that is the smokthe sme oke but you can see how strong the offshore winds are. is taking the smnorth of the san fernando valley and blowing the smoke all the waoky out over offshore winds. if we switch from log ok. at toghth show us the way the wind are moving. there are your e isome good new the worst of the wind anot out yet. as we watch for the xt seral hourthe inteity tthhefo wds stwill pickca up agreain. by tomorrow morning. there is still in offshore components that. once we get into the later afternoon things will turn onshore. the red flag warning stays in re effect until the latmoe oote rn ofrr unfavorable conditions for the fire in southern california. back at home as we know our wind event is over.
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instead we are waiting for the ek. dity levels to come ck. flbe more on all that coming up in a w mifealnutel s. customers impacted by the shutoffs in california are getting their power back. here's a look at where things stand right now. all east and south bay counties now have restoration rates above 80%. the most progress in contra costa and santa clara counties. in the north bay where we saw the most outages. restoration is lower. each county is above 75%. wilson walker has been following line crews all day and joins us alive in sonoma county. >> reporter: right are working. if you come over here or head t
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every bit of it has to be eyeballed. we have to have ice on it. storm damage make sure there is no limbs no wire down.>> e power back on today brian and gordon contractors from washington state assigned to this corneof no mauesoling tyjob. there is a lot of protocols we have to follow. it is time-consuming. we work as st as we can to get the people's lights back on.>> report: thine ta osk f thiseir assigned matter where it goes. and out here present ome challencageths.>>n tathat probably a good milehalf. walk-through brush and weroufo days here. we have to throw a lot of stuff out.>> reporter: if you miles fr trtie power was back on in th
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iort meis harlud fto plan anything. we did not wfiknsthe n owufanf call a number in the couldn't get through. midafternoon patty was still waiting for her power making do with a generator and a plastic kiddie pool. for laundry and flushing toilets.>> reporter: is is how the event winds down. more waiting for some and a lot of work for those line crews. this is what we have done so far.>> reporter: one corner of an outage that affected so much of california. al t tothwed ey hkeave received out having to go in people's orthroorugh s gates. g on walk this has been a tough e. aten hed to stick their dogs on the. natural disaster. they said people are normally outgoing. thank you for coming here.
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take you for helping us out. they are getting a lot of grief. they are sympathetic to that having not had a disaster. this a lot of work out here. a lot of frustration and a handful of folks waiting for the lights to come on. my impression if you are waiting is probably not too far away. inheth erspdeite one lafayet element she school held classes as some parents pleaded with pg&e. to get the power back on. sleepy hollow. lombardi lane. that is one little plate. that is all we need. it is awful they are at home without anything to do. it is crazy. school officials at y happ ethey re by today fore me up ago with no power. i think our kids will be fine
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today. power is almost fully restored in lafayette. only 16 customers are still pending. we will continue to stay on top of the situation as power is restored. the latest updates on our website. the live dues desperate fire investigators and santa clara county have determined the cause of cotruction. filyestonoa conclusive cause since foul play is not suspected a criminal investigation into that incident has closed down. the fire erupted in june of this year. when the project was nearly a quarter of the way completed. the villas residential project was approved to have a total of 56 units. the are rebuilding that now. president trump said his acm ng htieland sestepping
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down. he is the fourth person to serve in that posthering tr tp presidency. a rally the president trump is holding in louisiana. he is about to speak to thousands of supporters at the lake charles civic center. is the trump in town to show support for louisiana's republican candidates for governor. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine said that she was told president trump pressured the state department to remove her from her pulse. marie yovanovitch was on capitol hill today. giving a deposition behind closed doors. as part of the democrats impeachment inquiry. in an opening statement she said there was a concerted campaign against me. she was recalled to washington in may. reports indicate that was about the time presidents lawyer rudy giuliani was pushing ukrainian officials to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. now the president can appoint and fire any ambassador. mr. trump said today he doesn't
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remember marie yovanovitch. she might be a wonderful woman. i don't know her. she might be very much a wonderful woman. 2 associates of rudy giuliani were arrested on dnesdaaccused of illegally funneling foreign donations to political campaigns. including $325,000 to a pro trump is super pack. the indictment said the two men also lobbied a u.s. congressman last year for help in ousting marie yovanovitch. cbs face the nation host set the arrest this week are significant. this was a shadow foreign licy of sorts being run by the president personal attorney. the connection of these two individuals is significant in that the criminal element exists. as you said they were arrested. they were trying to the country. the two men also helped arrange meetings in ukraine for
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giuliani. ever seen done with him at trump's hotel hours before they were arrested. a mailing to those giuliani associates was in federal court in san francisco. federal prosecutors say andre has been a source of foreign cash for political campaigns in min gereedm iruatiaden th ncnatiluonal. $1 s they said the money was dona to campaigns in both new york and nevada. he was ordered released on $1 million bond. he had to surrender his u.s. and ukrainian passports. he is scheduled to appear in court in new york city next thursday. california's tough gun laws are getting in the even tougher. the sweeping reforms aimed at preventing future mass shootings. some another parent learns his fate in the college admission scandal. why he is the first to avoid prison time. san francisco's biggest party kicks off right now. would you need to know about fleet week as it gets underway. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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governor newsom assigned a couple gun bills today. one will limit the purchase of semi automatic rifles to one per month. another will make california the first state to allow employers coworkers and teachers to ask a judge to take away someone's firearms if they are believed to be a danger. governor brown previously vetoed the twice. california has outperformed the rest of the nation because i llof our gun laws. in reducing the gun murder rate substantially. compared to the national production. another law bans the sale of semi automatic rifles to anyone under the age of 21. the new laws take effect on january 1. court filings in the case of a deadly stabbing at a bart station won't be made public. a judge agreed to seal arguments on why that case
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should be dismissed. 29-year-old is accused of stabbing 18-year-old neil wilson at a bart station in july of last year. he was initially declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. the same judge later reverse his decision after a progress report and a doctor. his attorney argues that the records are made public they contain taint a jury pole. san jose invesco to say speed played a role in this deadly crash that happened on monterey highway 7 am. witnesses told police to in voigt a red light. the man drove into a bike lane and lost control and crashed into that light pole. the bicyclist was not injured. the driver is yet to be identified. 48-year-old man is in critical condition after heas hit by a car in west oakland. it happened a ttle before 9:30 pm last night. the driver failed to stop after hitting the man. he was found lying in the roadway. near the crosswalk.
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anyo with information is being asked to call police. san francisco public works has approved a plan to ban most cars from market street. the idea is to widen the sidewalks. roll out the red carpet for buses going up and down market. all cars except taxes will be banned from octavia boulevard. the proposal was certified by the planning commisda si > by january. fleet week in san francisco now going full steam ahead. things kicking off this morning with the big parade of ships. te afpets ro s francisco's waterfront. fodrea ivis lthr e e action to come.>> reporter: some days you get the best assignment of the day. right now behind me the water is clear. there are no boats on the water. the sky is clear. the airshow has ended.
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the party has already begun here. the october crowd fisherman's wharf are bigger than usual. camera equipment is being name checked and double checked. this is an icon. it is a 150 to 600.>> reporter: seats have been saved. this is our spot. >> reporter: it can mean one thing. year wleetbiggest party of the has arrived. it began wi a parade of ships and is punctuated by the thrills of an air show high above and sometimes close to the san francisco bay. it is exciting. it is a thrill to watch these guys do . the amount of talent they have is incredible. we come every year. something bigger than ourselves. i love the airplanes fly over your head and you could feel it in your chest. inside your body. it is so powerful.>> reporter: basking in the sun everyone on the waterfront is waiting for
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just one thing. to see the blue angels.>> the pilots. flying heart stopping close s t and on the water. my favorite part is seeing the blue angels fly by me. and also getting out of school. because friday is the best day of the week. the best weekend do in fact start on friday. a big thank you to photojournalist for getting this incredible shots of the blue angels. as that airshow is moving to the sky. the pro tip if you're coming down here to the marina to e th rowahere eaterly. rf try to take transit.
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traffic has been pretty intense. it took us quite some time to get to r location down here on the waterfront in the marina. from our station which is not all that far away. if you can't make it to any of the airshows this weekend check out exclusive sales force towers camera streaming live. you can see the great views of all the stunts. i was out there earlier with my iphone trying to get a picture. it is so hard. it is not easy. they move so quickly. they are out of the frame in two seconds. at least the weather has been cooperating. as we just learned it is also saturday eve today. the weather really is cooperating for this weekend. . thg into fleet why fleeof year.
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it is like the chamber of commerce whether we like to show the rest of the country when they come here. le you what it looks like inland. from our sht owme highest camer it sits on top of the close range looking back into the central valley. that haziness has a lot of smoke mixed into it. there has just been a smattering of fires that have started across the state. there's a couple in the sierra. there is e south of tahoe is a controlled burn. it is putting smoke in the air. the bryce. fire. grass fires. we were coming the last few days. put it all together and you can tell this guy still has the haziness. this is not fleet week stop in the air. that is from just the mix and match of fires that are burning throughout the state. up here in northern california and on the major ones. you get to the coast today. it is relatively warm. we are all much average. we are all right around the middle to upper 70s. whether onthbay or inland. it is a level playing field for
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temperatures. that includes the costs. here at ocean beach it is chilly. we are getting a little bit. along the peninsula and temperatures right at the water today are at the midd le a upper 70s. thanks to this pattern in place. 77 in oakland. very little difference but san francisco 76. very little difference. get santa rosa 80. we are pretty much going to do this for the next 5 to 6 days. the temperatures may warm up a little the next few days. i doubt you will notice. close to average. this is where we will stay. the one thing that you may have noticed which does feel different out there right now. the wind it might stl really dry. look at the humidity levels. uris is right now on the 5 pm hothe humidity levels in the teens we to50here wch is% owst
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rn green. the next few days we do start to influence a little of it. it is really not until we get to sunday. that we start to pull in a little more of the onshore flow. you can certainly see the colors change. i can put some show by sunday the humidity level start to comenu toback mbuper. we will slowly get our way back l with that. by early next week. it is dry maorout there. the thintog the winds have let out. the other half of the concern is still here with a dry weather. you will probably noticed this as ll th in gasome arroate spot. en 75. what we will notice the closer you are to the water tomorrow including in the bay temperatures will come down. speaking of fleet week. great forecast for it. 70 degrees. beauty shop there. let's get into the seven day forecast. in terms of not li attal ulyp r
5:23 pm r down. aijono mabe quiet. we deserve some quiet weather and that is what w coming up la coming up a bay area businessman the first to avoid prison in the college admission scandal. why a judge spared him from serving time. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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- (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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jane fonda was arrested in activist was participating in a climate protest at the u.s. capitol. she was demonstrating with a group called oil change international. it has pledged to hold demonstrations every week focused on climate change. who pleaded guilty in the college admission scandal is the first to avoid prison time. today a judge gave peter a year of probation and a $9500 fine. plus community service. he admits he paid $15,000 to have his 'sughtac ert score inflated. prosecutors say that included extra time to take the exam and having a co-conspirator correct her answers. sartorial homes elaina's food specialties. of the parents who pleaded guilty have gotten jail terms raising from two weeks to five months.
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california will become the first state to require public colleges to make abortion pills available at campus health centers. this would apply to all 34 university of california and cal state university campuses. the new legislation signed today relies on private donations to pay for the set up and services costs. it is set to go into effect by 2023. in 1968 a group of chi students at san jose state walked out of their graduaticaoo ceremony. to protest the educational system. what they did back then has changed this university forever. we believe at the time we could change society. horses make a dramatic escape from the flames in southern california. the frantic efforts to corral them to safety. intruder in the dark break since the wrong house. during the pu deadly force. ♪
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