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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 12, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a body found in a san jose neighborhood, the latest developments on her disappearance. now, the power is back on for all customers impacted by the pg&e mass shot off. look at the damage they say was caused to the equipment during the outage. >> we have the latest on the wildfires. forced thousands from their homes. a police source confirms the body of a woman who went missing on monday has been found. the 33-year-old was found in the auburn area in the neighborhood between camden avenue and the golf and country club. of mac after several frantic days of searching for her, it
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was a family friend who found her body in the san jose neighborhood. she was last seen in this car. the search ending with answers, but also grief and heartache for those who knew the tech ceo.>> i am very shocked. >> nearly a week after erin valenti went missing. the search came to an end in this neighborhood. source tells us that a family friend found her rental car. than their worst fears. iw a car, but i didn't think someone would be in there. >> she was on a business trip in silicon valley. her family last heard from her monday night as she drove through san jose. instead of heading to the in a facebook post they said she was confusing, and disjointed. has been posted that her disappearance was extremely out of character.
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>> this excellence award goes to erin valenti founder and ceo . >> we have lost one of her own. it feels strange. >> her friends say the 33-year- old was a standout in the tech community. >> tonight her family and friends obviously distraught did not want to talk. >> it's horrible. >> as the search for her ends, the question surrounding her death continue. >> what a shock. i am glad that they found her. they had been looking for hera >> investigators arrived on scene late tonight, there is no word on the cause of death. the lights are back on for all customers impacted by pg&e's power safety shutoffs.
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this is a look at the original counties that had their powers turned off. they restored power for the final 2500 customers tonight. at its peak, more than 700,000 were impacted by the impact. pg&e confirmed 15 incidents of weather-related damage to its system in areas affected by the shutoffs. is shared photos of downlines and vegetation on power lines. the utility is defending its decision to cut power earlier this week.>> one of the main misconceptions as we did this to save our own skin. i can't really fathom how that would work for us. we care about the safety of others. it is you, and making sure we keep things safe.>> the windy weather that triggered the shutoffs included wind gusts of more than 70 miles per hour at high elevations. from wednesday evening into
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thursday morning. a community is reeling after a southern california fire swept through a mobile home park. a second death has been now confirmed. the mobile home park remains under an evacuation order. as it sits in darkness following a deadly fire. for 360 degrees, there is very little. investigators believe the fire was started by this trash truck that dumped a load of burning garbage. it tripped a motion sensor in this ringing doorbell camera minutes before she ran from the flames. >> as it went by, about 50 minutes before i could see fire for my front door. that is when i saw that i had a video of it. two the death toll stands at two. investigators have found a co is the get the ground and
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their son, then just black. >> they want to collect donations to help their neighbors rebuild. >> if it were me i would want someone to help me and pigeon a hand, because i know we are struggling as it is. >> the street was under in an evacuation order that was lifted. >> the street blocked off. it was a pain trying to get in and out. >> jean was able to get back into her house this evening. >> it is a reminder that we can see what's going on. >> it is unclear when the second body will be the bile pa firefighters are battling a huge fire. they have made progress and the wind has weekend.
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fire in los angeles county scorched 8000 acres in the san fernando communities. they have containment at 33%, at least 31 homes were destroyed by the flames with wind being whipped up to 78 miles per hour. is not known how the fire is has started. some sand electric power line is to blame. the brush underneath that tower was on fire. the wind was blowing so hard it took off. back in the bay area more than 1000 people attended a fire prevention event where a revenant from busters car fire made it public debut.
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fire chief says the pickup is a symbol of wildfires who is bigger and more devastating and deadly than ever. >> what more powerful than to show that two people who want their debt didn't see that. this is what could happen. >> in addition to seeing the pickup, attendees got to meet firefighters and witness rescue demonstrations. all proceeds from the event will go to help burn survivors. dozens of demonstrators took over the turkish airlines ticket counter. they are protesting against the turkish invasion of territory in syria. passengers had to be diverted to another checkpoint. the arab league is calling on the un security council to force turkey to hold its kurds in northern syria. turkey pushes deeper into syria. is taking control of the
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northeast of syria. artillery fire from both sides are escalating. the united nations is concerned about the estimated hundred thousand people who have been displaced by the fighting. one person was killed, 20 others injured after a hotel under construction suddenly collapsed. officials say two people are still missing tonight. several top floors caved in this morning. a towering crane on the construction site is swaying unsupported. nearby buildings have been evacuated as precaution. the hotel had 350 rooms, and more than 60 condominiums. it was scheduled to open in the spring. the abortion pill will soon be available on all campuses. i spoke to students with their reon and the story is coming up. coming up, could vaping increase your chances of getting the flu? answers coming up. the blue angel sort across
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the bay, don't worry if you missed the show -- we will tell you when you can see the next one and how you can watch from your home. weather will cooperate -- for sunday, it's all coming up after the
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the governor has signed a number of bills into law. >> one of them bill 24 sets california apart from all other states. it will require public universities to provide students access to abortion pills on campus. what do students think about it? we went to uc berkeley and found out. >> reporter: as you can imagine we spoke to students who feel strongly about the abortion pill on their campus.>> if i were to have this kind of situation i would want to have something like this on campus. >> berkeley students think the abortion pill should be on their campus. in fact, they were surprised to learn it wasn't. >> i think it's definitely a right student should have, especially since this kind of thing would unfortunately
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happen at universities. >> a new law would require universities of california and california state university health centers to offer on- campus the abortion pill. the governor to cytologic initiation that would reduce barriers for hundreds of california public university students forced to go off campus to take medication for abortions every month.>> i feel horrible about my peers would go through this in their dorms with out anyone to support them. >> the pill is given into the doses. pro-life clubs at san jose state university want it off their campus. >> i am so mad, imagine a woman taking the pill in her dorm room? >> the abortion pill would be available on all uc and csu campuses by 2023.
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the governor signed a be divorces for which would allow them to prescribe about abortion pills to patients on a nap on a smart phone. fire is at the scene of a three alarm fire in san lan andrew right now when they arrived a few minutes ago. flames were shooting through the roof it appears to be apartment complex. this is all unfolding on the 400 block of davis street. fire crews were able to contain the fire damage to one unit. a bill was signed by the governor, it will guarantee all students get a state-funded meal of their choice. in banning the practice of meal shaming in which students who use school money for the meals. a statement issued today, the governors thank you third- grader from napa county who
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brought attention to the issue by paying for all of the food service fills that a school. circus animals getting mark. they will no longer be able to perform in circuits is that come to the state. new jersey in hawaii are the only other states with bands like that. there is a ban in sales and manufacturing of new products with for. that law goes into effect in 2023. a new california law will ban smoking and vaping at state parks and beaches. this would apply to about 340 miles of the state shoreline, and 280 state parks. there is one controversial exception to the smoking ban. they would be able to write a parking lots and roadways. >> to bandit in the state, and 90% of places yet have it is a
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designated area has a pretty reasonable compromise. >> the new law goes into effect on january 1, anyone found violating the ban can be fined up to $25. doctors raising concerns about the dutch mental health impact associated with vaping. dr. brandin cooks says vaping impairs the immune response system, and could increase chances of the flu turning into pneumonia. he notes the combination of vaping, and exposure to the flu can create what he calls the perfect storm. >> vaping, you inhale smoke, is actually causing an effect in your lungs. it's in peering your lung function to fight into affection, fight bacteria. two the cdc is evaluating the role of vaping and thousand illnesses including more than 20 related deaths.
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fireworks lit up san francisco's waterfront tonight to celebrate fleet week. this the roof cam at the bay bridge in the background. earlier today the blue angels roared into the bay thrilling thousands of spectators. later the navy seals jumped out of the back of a c-130 cargo plane into the marina green. the focus wasn't just in the sky, there's plenty to do on the ground. >> they let their engine stall and come right back down. >> i feel like i'm going to pass out.>> once i got a i l, i the rest of them.>> tomorrow is the last day of fleet week. if you can't make it to separate cisco at all this weekend you can check out all of the action. from her tower cameras. live.
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a look at a very color colorful sunset in the bay area. we won't have a very colorful all sunset over the bay area, we were he showed it to you. if you paid attention. as we had a look over the bay tonight we have there's guys. this will be a full me moon tomorrow night. the numbers the highest today is 77. 78 incident is a. 79 degrees. italy warm again tomorrow. the numbers will be a little cooler. the wind has calmed down. they are out of the dry kurt direction. it was hazy conditions with all the pollutants from inland california. up north, calm winds at this hour. radar shows we have high- pressure that is maintaining a grip over california. is a pressures ball you will
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number from your chemistry classes that as pressures fall, so do temperatures. it will cool off for monday and tuesday, not a big deal really. oakland is at 58, golden gate bridge is functioning perfectly well. not many cars on at this hour. tomorrow will be chilly with a fight in the air. the numbers will be in the upper 40s right up to the shoreline. the bay will be near 50. the elements will be in the mid 40s. future castes show there's high clouds to give you beautiful sunshine. the low clouds are moving into the bay area. it sunny but cool tomorrow. more cooling by the coast. warm weather returns next week. that of these trends are big trends. we will be in the 70s all week. art and wine fair, if you care
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to partake in that it will be 79 degrees and then carlos. the italian heritage parade is 68 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow, 67. san jose 76, at oakland 71. nice day. typical for this time of year with the numbers in the 70s. it stays that way for the rest of the week ahead. 70s around inland. and at the shoreline we will be in the mid 60s and low clouds from time to time. not so much going on and whether. coming up, kenny plan the division showdown against the rams? plus, to lethal offenses in baseball tee off in the american league championship series. with the yankee just because we're super hungry...
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is the third straight trip to the alcs for the astros if you ask vegas they want to win the world series. the yankees make a statement in game one of the series. they were in houston for game one for the sixth inning. they crush a solo home run. he was not ready to cool off. the next inning they are up three. torres hits a long drive with the bases loaded. he ise hatafiveon mound for the astros. the yankees will start.
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washington's dealing this afternoon as they look to go up 2-0 in the series. dexter fowler is up, and he goes down to end the inning. he gets tommy looking, and just like last night, the picture takes a no-hitter into the sixth inning. he gives up one hit, and fans will love it. they are up a run. they come up with a big two run double. they leave the series 2 games to arrive 20. there almost completing a come back on the road. the latest on george, it looks like the tight end for the 49ers will play against the you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. the 49ers didn't make any moves i would suggest george will not play tomorrow. we report tonight that he will play, but there is a concern about whether or not he will be able to finish the game. the 49ers and the patriots are the only unbeaten teams left in the nfl, many believe the 49ers record stems from their easy schedule. separate cisco's or opponents only have i wins total, and the sunday they face a defending
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champion on the road. >> the fun thing about footballing criticism, if you want to make a story about a team that being strong with their schedule, you can make about anybody. many had similar teams. they don't compare them the same. you can't worry about it. you laugh at and you appreciated. you appreciate making people look down.>> they have in injury issues is a perfect time for a by this weekend. is unclear whether a week off will help them get them back. they make notable progress with the program playing the fourth quarter. josh love finds a freshman in traffic and comes down with the catch. the john runs in for the to your touchdown and after the
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kick the game is tied at 38. the spartans were down as much as 21 points in the game, they couldn't complete the come back. they hit the field goal at the time expired. they lose a heartbreak. and upset of the day here in athens, the hosted south carolina near the top of the game, the bulldogs find cal in this game is tied at 17, we go into overtime. south carolina goes up by a field goal. jordan needs three points to at least keep this one going, but the field goal is no good. they miss it, and a huge upset as south carolina a 21 point underdog knocks off georgia 20- 17. >> are the niners going to win tomorrow? >> yes. affirmative.
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the most popular candy for halloween -- the reese's cup. university says it's america's favorite candy, but they broke down kenny preferences by each state. californians prefer skittles. and m&ms. over all of the candies. this is fitting, because tomorrow is national that this every day is a national something day. tomorrow is national m&m day. >> i think the kids know who has the best candies. >>
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