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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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get an alert even before the shaking begins. the new earthquake warning system about to roll out statewide. investigators combing through records and rubble trying to figure out what caused these fuel tanks to explode in contra costa county. facebook is the new cigarettes. once had giant calling out another. the appeal for facebook to be broken out. to think i am being pushed out against my will has been really hard. our original series project home. tonight how do you keep teachers from being priced out of the bay area communities they educate? good evening. on the eve of30
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that could radically improve how a response to earthquakes including the big one. marks a year visited usgs offices to show us how it works. 30 years ago nobody had any advance warning about the quake. technology in communications have changed. starting tomorrow and early warning system is coming to your phone. in 1989 the first sign people had about an earthquake was when the ground started shaking. but tomorrow the state office of emergency services will roll out the my shake app statewide which could give valuable seconds of warning. with early warning rolling before the rong shhits. ke actio >> reporter: early warning systems are listening for the very first signs of an earthquake. that comes in the p wave.
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the initial or primary wave of an earthquake. and travels faster to the ground than the more damaging s waves. we have sensors throughout california particularly in the bay area and la area. >> reporter: not only will you get an alert but also on your phone the same way amber or other emergency alerts are issued now. if you can just get yourself into a doorway or something. you have a jam around you are get under a table.>> reporter: had this existed in 1989 san francisco and oakland might've had about 10 seconds of early warning based upon the distance from the quake epicenter. it really depends on how far you are away from the earthquake.>> reporter: has been in the testing phase for the past year. it is already available for download. we have posted a my shake tutorial online. for instructions on how to set up the my shake app but that clouds rolling in the fast over the bay area.
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it could turn to rain in some spots. darren peck is checking it all. sunset was you could tell just from looking at the clouds. things are changing. if you look at the sunlight and radar it is not just clouds. we can follow that back up to where it counts. all the rain the far northwest coast is checking it now. this is where it is for now. if you put it into the future cast we will see the computer is able to pick up on the weaker southern edge of this. that might get here tonight with a few light showers. it is not until the overnight hours. 1 am a few light showers through sonoma county. that will pass through much of the bay area between now and about sunrise tomorrow. it is not going of rain. when i checked back in we will look at that again and more details. we will talk about how likely we get rain for the morning commute. don't count on much. i think the bigger impact tomorrow is going to be in the afternoon. when things get windy to the point you can tell it is fall.
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it will be a cool breeze that makes it feel different. more on that coming up as well in a bit tonight the investigation into that massive fuel tank explosion in contra costa county involve search warrants and the atl. what are they looking for. andrea is live at outside the facility in crockett and has details. >> reporter: major development here tonight contra costa found fire and local fire agencies turnover operations to a private contractor hired by nustar. a new wrinkle into the investigation as contra costa county served a search warrant at this facility. as the sunset busy mopping up and preventing another potential disaster by evincing a jason tanks damaged by yesterday's inferno. we are confident at this point there is no longer any threat of any kind of ignition.
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>> reporter: the leading the investigation but with the help of many other agencies. including the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives. atf has provided certified fire investigators to help look into the cause. also today a contra costa judge signed off on a search warrant to collect valuable evidence. you should not form any opinions about that. this is a common practice. in that many many fire investigations.>> reporter: nustar has not responded to a request for comments about the search warrant. investigators say the texas- based company has been cooperative with the investigation. those in the area want an explanation of what happened quickly. how did it happen? how does something like that happen? >> reporter: michael who lives down the street from the facility said he feels safe tonight and is not worried about the air quality. he has lived here for five years and said he has never had a reason to question safety practices at nustar. they have been a good
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neighbor to me.>> reporter: the power was turned on in this area around 2 pm this afternoon. they allowed them to get access of surveillance video and anything else on a computer. items which are normally covered under a search warrant. tonight raiders offensive lineman trent brown is vowing to clear his name. after being accused of domestic violence in a new lawsuit. his ex-girlfriend who filed the suit claims he slapped punched and choked her on several occasions over the past year. she said he also threatened to shoot her. if she didn't allow him to visit their son. brown has denied all of the allegations. the nfl is investigating. brown had just signed a four- year $66 million contract with the raiders. pg any executive who was in charge of the natural gas division is looking for work tonight.
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mel christopher was among the employees at a big retreat last week with top customers. at a sonoma county winery at the same time the utility was initiating a massive power safety shutdown. pg&e ceo said in a statement and part the timing and location of this event was insensitive and appropriate in tone deaf. facebook ceo hours away from a live address about the importance of free speech. the company has been under fire for running political at that are not true. tonight that has another tech billionaire with the most prominent office in san francisco exercising his right to free speech when it comes to facebook.>> reporter: it is by far the largest social media company in the world. but now more prominent voices are sayinganshould be broken up. >> facebook is the new cigarettes. is addictive and not good for you. they are after your kids.>> reporter: marc benioff ceo of
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salesforce tell cnn after requiring instagram and was app and by the way struggling with misleading political polls facebook has just outgrown itself. they are acquiring other companies and co-mingling their data into theirs. at that point because they are now doing that they should be broken up. because they are creating undue influence is the largest social media platform. on the planet.>> reporter: he's not the only one speaking up. elizabeth warren has called for a breakup of facebook. russell hancock silicon valley points out there is already an antitrust investigation underway against facebook. you want to achieve scale and then you want to achieve market share. then you want to achimarket dominance. that is why external players governments regulators monitors have to step in and make
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decisions that these companies will not make for themselves.>> reporter: we have reached out the facebook and have yet to hear back. tonight's top democrats are feuding with president trump after a bipartisan meeting on syria. those sideways at the white house. he was insulting. he called her a third rate politician. we have to pray for this health. for his health. the meeting happened after the house passed a bipartisan resolution by overwhelming numbers. opposing the president's decision to pull out troops from syria. things quickly got heated. it prompted nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders to walk out. were of words did not end there. president trump posted this photo of pelosi pointing a finger at him with the caption nervous nancy's unhinged meltdown. she responded by uploading that exact same photo. as the background of her
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twitter account. president trump tweeted again saying that pelosi is unhinged. will have the latest from washington starting at 4:30 am tomorrow morning. our original series project home. teachers being priced out of bay area communities they educate. and turning teachable hours to time spent just getting to work. it feels like a huge chunk of the day. three hours. that is an ace of my day. i don't blame the dogs. i blame the owners. pitbulls attack miniature horses in the sierra foothills. the demand from the able . yocan get om yahoo.
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now to our original series project home. most of us have that one teacher who change our lives forever. these days a lack of affordable housing is pushing educators of the communities they teach. disconnecting them from the students. susie introduces us to a teacher trying to make ends meet.>> reporter: every morning before the sun rises megan is already up. by 7 am she is on a crowded bar train. she transfers to muni train. then she walks up to school. a huge chunk of the day. three hours that is an eighth of my day.>> reporter: she
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didn't always have to endure this three hour commute. she used to live in san francisco.>> we got our first notification in the was $200.>> reporter: like clockwork. her rent in san francisco went up. she finally left the community she has worked in for 15 years. to become a super commuter. we got a increase of $400. that was the moment we knew we just had to move. >> reporter: the entire state is facing a teacher shortage. in the bay area it is especially bad. the turnover rate is 21%. anywhere from 300 to 700 educate educators leave every year. in the past five years the district estimates it has lost 3000 educators. in my ideal world my home is near my students homes. we live in the same community. we are real neighbors.>> reporter: when she lived in san
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francisco every once in a while her students was stop her in the mission district. waving and i'm not sure which one of my kids you are all grown up.>> reporter: but now because she lives across the bay she doesn't have time to stay after school events. and after her commute she doesn't have time to invest in her new community in oakland. that is a huge part of the educator life. is being a part of that school community. that is suffering greatly.>> reporter: the district has steadily increased salaries to try to keep teachers. in 2016 the average teacher made $52,000 a year. now the average salary is $83,000. in san francisco that still means they are low income. low income and san francisco for one person it a year. housing instability for educators is now very quickly rising to a crisis level.>>
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reporter: the codirector of counsel of community health and organizations. a nonprofit that advocates on behalf of of educators. his organization released a study this fall entitled who will teach our children? a teacher who is struggling with their housing is not going to be as good at the job.>> reporter: it highlights how much teachers cannot afford to rent here. $83,000 a year affording rent means paying less than $2075 a month. in a city where the average one- bedroom goals for more than $3700. it enriches kids educational experience when they have a connection to a teacher. who is there with them. as they develop. that doesn't just come automatically or free. those teachers have to be respected and protected.>> reporter: low income and black communities particularly the bayview schools are being hit the hardest. 76% of students are
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socioeconomically disadvantaged. 37% of students at that school are black compared to 8% districtwide. by year three turnover rates is at 47%. that is more than double the district average. in addition to raising salaries the district is now adding teacher housing. 100 teachers will be allowed to live here. at france's scott elementary school. the $44 million project is one of many teacher housing solutions being built on district property. i want to believe that. it is something we all want to believe. there is a place for us here. it is going to work out. our wages are somehow going to keep pace with the housing that is available to us.>> reporter: for more than a decade thousands of teachers have learned the hard way that they cannot afford this place. that is what megan'miles for. desperately trying to avoid becoming this districts next dropout. the city i love and the community i love.
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and to think i am being pushed out against my will. it has been really hard. i love this place. i love coming to work every day. i love going into schools and seeing kids. and to think that someday i can't do it. it is a very difficult reality to live in every day. >> reporter: there is a ballot measure on san francisco's november ballot that would change the zoning restrictions and increase opportunities for affordable housing and educator housing projects. there is some debate over how s ect of ather project home story coming up in the next couple weeks. from the research that you are able to conduct what did you find when do teachers leave? in their first year? a lot leave in their first year. most research showed they tried to hang on to two or three
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years. usually by year two or three that is one there was a big job. people were not able to stay past that amount of time. it is not just teachers. it is cops. firefighters.>> reporter: it is everybody. it is expensive to live here. susie thank you. keep sending your ideas and stories to project home. you can see all of susie's reporting on our website. miniature horses are dead after being attacked by pit bulls. donna said the dog slightly came in through the neighbor's yard jumped the fence and ran up to the back door where they attacked the horses. it happened monday in valley springs. this is devastating. for both of us. i don't blame the dogs. i blame the owners. so far no word on who the dogs belong to. the horses were rescued six
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months ago. if you were one of the billions of users affected by the yahoo data breach you can now file a claim for your peace of the class action settlement. you might be eligible for two years of free credit monitoring or up to $358 in cash. if you already have credit monitoring. you could also be eligible for up to $25,000 to cover out-of- pocket losses. during a data breach. the hack wasn't disclosed for years. the affected accounts between january 1, 2012 and december 1, 2016. we are waiting for that rain. we should get our hopes too high. it is going to amount to a lot. there is a chance for light rain tonight. the bigger headline should be tomorrow afternoon is going to be breezy and it will feel like a chilly fall day. that is really how the majority of us are going to experience this. ylike showers of the 44
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northwest sonoma coast. that is the theme. i'm going to let this play through. keep your eye on the rain. there is not a lot of that they are. that is 3 am. may be a few spotty showers off the coast. we can count on a sprinkle or two. it is done by the commute. maybe you might notice there is a drop or two of the sidewalk. that is about it. it will actually even start to clear out pretty quick by the time we get into the morning hours tomorrow. the sky will clear. the wind picks up. watch of that changes. timestamp up here. brighter the color the stronger the wind. this is late afternoon. our chance for light rain is going to come midnight to sunrise. the wind picks up second half of the day tomorrow. which means it is a breezy chilly feel to the day. 67 san francisco. with a 20 mile-per-hour dust that will feel more like the upper 50s. even these numbers and lynn
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concorde livermore in the low 70s. it will feel cooler. it won't be as windy by the coals. it will still be breezy now. that covers our brief taste of fall. you can see the winds. watch how things change. early next week instead of that onshore flow. we end up with a huge ridge of high pressure going into early next week. that is late summer. it is really going to be a quick turnaround. enjoy the brief taste of fall tomorrow. we will stay cool and breezy on friday. the weekend is fine. sunday will be noticeably warmer this saturday. it is monday and tuesday of next week is when the temperatures climb. back near 90. we can do it all and we are going to do it all in the next seven days. mary will have you cover tomorrow morning. they will start 4:30 am. bundle up tomorrow. i can already feel the chill in the air. coming up a lucky
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announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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49ers are 5-0. their best start since 1990. some dog lovers are attributing the success to one very cute fan. meat is the way the 49ers frenchy. the nfl's first ever emotional support dog. in recent years athletes including nfl players have been more candid about eir struggles with mental health. whether pregame jitters or depression. the team took things further by adding zoe the roster.
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you can tell she helps guys after a tough day on the field. she is pretty cute. i have not seen the way. did you see lebron's pass against the golden state warriors? i missed that one. i got that. lebron's pass but something happened in san jose that has you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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and you get first dibs on that brand... seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. history at the shark tank where had the best 1st period ever in san jose. sharks goalie had 36 against keller carolina. the puck is sitting on the ice. the canes and said thank you very much. 1-0 shark. 1st period kane the front of the net on the power play goal. that is goal number two. 19 seconds left in the first period. kane is able. a hat trick in the first period. first time in sharks history. second career hat trick. their third straight 5-2 is the
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final proximate lebron james and the lakers continuing their preseason series against the warriors. taking it to the rack. a spinning no-look pass to danny green. knocks down the corner three. la blew out golden state. steph curry did not play. when the unbeaten 49ers hits our nation's capital to play the redskins on sunday it will be a reunion for head coach kyle shanahan who was washington's offensive coordinator for four years under his dad mike. kyle was asked about his favorite memory in washington. being able to work with my dad. and be around other good coaches. the rrl waller to t season. pay him reportedly $9 million a year. while her battle a drug problem earlier in his career. and is now two years sober.
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he leads oakland with 37 catches the season. while it might have to lift to that deal immediately. the team's number one wideout williams who missed oaklands game in london against the bears still not practicing. he has a foot injury. for the official medical diagnosis for williams injury let's go to doctor gruden. he has a foot problem. he has a plantar fascia. we believe it is planner fasciitis. whatever that is. he has. it is not getting much better. he just wants him on the field. stretched the cavs. haven't we all had that? that is a common thing. the raiders. they play sunday. you're on the big five. 10 am start. post game show ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort.
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the late show is up next. start tomorrow morning at captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump had a phone call with the ukrainian president, in which he is said to have pressured the leader to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. >> "the late show" has acquired this exclusive audio. ( phone ringing ) ( laughter ) ( laughter )


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