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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 17, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm mola lenghi.
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york. what can you tell us about the criticism president trump's facing? >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, this criticism is bipartisan. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle believe the president made the wrong decision. and that's in part because the hole that was created when u.s. troops left have made it able for russians to get influence and potentially for terrorist groups like isis to regain strength. images from a russian journalist appear to show what the u.s. withdrawal from northern syria looks like. coca-cola cans, boxes of food, and a football are some of what's left behind at this former u.s. base in manbij. the u.s. military con an air strike to destroy weapons in
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another base of kobani where u.s. and kurdish forces first worked together to drive out isis. now the russians have moved into the area to help kurdish fighters battle a turkish invasion. >> if russia's going to help in protecting the kurds, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> reporter: president trump defended the u.s. withdrawal yesterday at the white house. >> i'm not going to get involved in a war between turkey and syria, especially when if you look at the kurds -- and again, i say this with great respect -- they're no angels. >> reporter: a bipartisan majority of the house voted to condemn the president's decision to yeas are 364 -- >> reporter: nancy pelosi said the president was visibly shaken by the house rebuke during a bipartisan meeting at the white house. >> what we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown. >> reporter: pelosi and other top democrats walked out of the meeting claiming the president was insulting them. >> the other democrats stayed and had a very productive
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meeting. >> reporter: president trump later tweeted this photo in response with the caption, "nervous nancy's unhinged meltdown." and we should mention that after the president tweeted that image, speaker pelosi made it her twitter cover picture. so clearly she did not take it as a dig. anne-marie? >> she did not. laura podesta in new york. thank you. yesterday's meeting at the white house was the first time president trump and speaker pelosi have been in the same room together since the impeachment inquiry began. gordon sondland is expected to be interviewed behind closed doors. as nancy cordes reports, there are a lot of questions that center around the work of the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani. rudy was a great prosecutor. he was the best mayor in the history of the city of new york as far as i can see. >> reporter: president trump defended his embattled personal lawyer even as house republicans backed away. >> i think there would be other people i would have represent
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myself. >> reporter: a top adviser to the secretary of state told lawmakers that fallout from rudy giuliani's ukraine pursuits prompted him to resign last week. michael mckinley said he was stunned by the mistreatment of marie yovanovitch, the u.s. ambassador to ukraine who was removed this spring because giuliani viewed her as an obstacle. >> if rudy giuliani was seeking out corruption and what happens mostly in the 2016 election -- >> reporter: the president tried to reframe giuliani's mission, though he, too, had urged the ukrainian president to investigate former vice president joe biden. do any of you think it was okay for the president to ask more than one foreign nation to investigate his campaign rival? >> there's nothing that the president did wrong. >> reporter: democrats say if they do move to impeach mr. p, it20 primaries. uld be cleaner and better if we did it before the end of the year, if we do it. >> reporter: otherwise it looks
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political? >> at some point you would let the voters decide. >> reporter: the senate's republican leader confirmed wednesday that if the house does vote to impeach the president, then he will hold a trial in the senate. he called it his constitutional responsibility. it would take a two-thirds vote in the senate following that trial to remove the president from office. nancy cordes, cbs news, capitol hill. overnight the chicago teachers union confirmed about 25,000 teachers are set to go on strike this morning. despite months of negotiations, the union says it failed to reach a contract with the third largest school district. ththe issues incluludede benef time. >> wants a five-year contract, most marriages in this country, many marriages don't last five years. and i don't like this conflict fluff to marry it. >> reporter: chicago mayor oeri what she called a historic package on the main issues. classes are canceled trooper's mind as
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the train barrelled toward him. >> reporter: the dash cam video begins with utah state trooper ruben carea scrambling up an embankment. an suv is stuck to the railroad tracks, an unconscious man inside, and a bright light -- >> get out of here! we've got to go -- >> reporter: getting closer. >> i wasn't really thinking. i was just doing my job. the plane concern was getting him out. out of the vehicle. there's a train coming! >> reporter: the trooper's voice grows more urgent as he pulls the man out and a split second later -- incredibly both men escape disaster. >> the vehicle flew about 30 feet in front of us. that's when i realized, wow, it
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was a lot closer than i would have liked. >> reporter: you can say that again. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> amazing. coming up on the morning news, starting today, more people in california can download an app that will warn them about the next earthquake. and post-debate fallout. presidential candidate elizabeth warren faces another round of attacks by her rivals. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪
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cali elizabeth warren is deflecting a new round of criticism. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "washington post" reports senator elizabeth warren came under attack for a second day by her democratic rivals following tuesday's debate. yesterday, senator amy klobuchar demanded that warren show her math to explain how warren will pay for medicare for all. south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg told cnn warren was more forthcoming about the number of selfies she's taken than about how her plan is going to be funded. former vice president joe biden called for honesty from warren. >> it's kind of about time other people get questioned. she's going to have to tell the truth. >> warren's campaign says it is studying a range of options for paying for her health care plan. "politico" reports bernie sanders won a prized endorsement from his hospital bed. while sanders was recovering from a heart attack, he got word
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two members of the squad are backing his campaign. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez phoned him along with minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar. >> not just a fight for our lives, this is the fight for our democracy. this is the fight for a better future, one that we can all be proud of. >> "politico" says a third squad congresswoman rashida tlaib, is expected to announce soon that she is also backing sanders. yesterday she says she hasn't made a decision on an endorsement. "the hartford current" reports a father who lost his 6-year-old son in the sandy hook massacre has been awarded $450,000 by a wisconsinpasner wg battle to challenge conspiracy theorists who claimed the shooting was an elaborate hoax. he sued authors of a book titled "nobody died at sandy hook," which alleges the massacre was
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staged by the federal government. posner and his family have been the target of death threats and online attacks. ahead only on "cbs this morning," posner tells us about his crusade against online misinformation and how he's helping victims of bullying and harassment fight back. and the "los angeles times" reports on a new earthquake app out today. california's governor's office of emergency services is expected to unveil the newest u.c. berkeley my shake app. it will giver everyone in the state the chance to get early warnings. as you might expect, californians are on board with the new technology. >> if you have an earthquake and it's shaking, obviously everybody's affected. if anything shakes or rattled or gets too bad, you know what i'm saying, things could happen. w that and wonder what if. >> until today only people in los angeles could get the alerts through the city's shake alert l.a. app. still to come, tentative deal. a month-old strike at general
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go to the olivia newton-john cancer wellness and research center. on the cbs "money watch," the general motors strike could end soon, and jennifer aniston breaks an instagram record. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. yeah, she did. we'll come back to aniston in a minute. earnings are front and center for the financial markets once again today. morgan stanley, union 500 slipped 5, and the nasdaq dropped 24 points. shares of general motors
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rose following word of a tentative deal to end the month-long united auto workers strike. the uaw says the deal offers, quote, major gains for the 49,000 union workers who went on strike. details were not released, but the deal reportedly includes wage increases, improved health benefits, and a path to full-time jobs for temporary workers. the deal still needs to be voted on. meantime, the government's automobile crash test ratings system is being updated. the national highway traffic safety administration says it will study new test procedures and updates to the way it evaluates cars. the agency also says it will look at new technology to better protect pedestrians and bicyclists. yesterday's announcement came a day before road safety advocacy groups hold a news conference calling on the agency to update safety tests. and actress jennifer aniston broke instagram for a short while this week. the "friends" star joined the
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social media platform on tuesday. the first photo she posted was a selfie with her former "friends" co-stars. news of aniston joining instagram led to an influx of followers, likes, and comments, which caused technical problems. she broke the record for the fastest time for an instagram account to reach one million followers. it took five hours and 16 minutes. anne-marie? >> you know who she snagged that record from? the sussexes, harry and meghan. they had the record before. didn't hold on to for long. >> wow. wow. that's a neat one. but i -- what's funny is i saw it, you know, floating around twitter that she joined instagram. i was like, oh, let me check this out. i went to find it. so to the point about just there being technical issues, couldn't find her. i thought she came to the party and left quickly. >> oh. there you go. all right. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you, diane. >> you got it. still ahead, music for everyone. how a special shirt is helping deaf people experience music. ♪
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ last week. the trooper was taking pictures of a car already involved in a wreck when another car slammed into this tow truck. the driver of the car was hurt. surprisingly, arenas walked away unhurt. people who are deaf will now be able to enjoy music thanks to new technology. ian lee is in london with this new groove. ♪ >> reporter: these twin sisters enjoyed dancing to music even though they can't hear it.
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>> i feel as though the deaf community think what's the point of going to a nightclub if they can't hear the music. >> reporter: the deaf fashion bloggers can hear the music thanks to the sound shirt. it's made by a company called cute circuit and uses special microphones and touch fabrics. >> if you go to the symphony orchestra and you want to feel them, you wear this shirt, and the orchestra starts playing. and you will feel different instruments in different parts of your shirt. >> reporter: all this technology doesn't come cheap. starting price for a shirt is over $3,500. they believe it's a price worth paying to feel the rhythm of the night. >> almost like feeling the depth of the music. so it's another sensation. it's really different. >> reporter: a different sensation, so more people can enjoy the beat. ian lee, cbs news, london. coming up only on "cbs this morning," cbs news special correspondent and co-host of
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start with the essence of natur. ukraine. a teenager in maine is fighting suspension after warning classchool. as errol barnett reports, school officials say her warning amounted to bullying. >> reporter: there's a rapist in our school, and you know who it is. it was this series of sticky notes that got 15-year-old ala mansman and two other students suspended from their maine high school for three days. >> if i'm being punished, will our -- are other people going to fear being punished, as well? >> reporter: according to the school principal, mansman was suspended because her notes made a male student feel bullied, targeted, and unsafe. >> i was pretty disappointed that my administration then decided to investigate the claims. >> reporter: ala is a passionate advocate on issues of sexual assault. organizing a youth summit this
4:27 am
year and speaking out at a school board meeting in june. according to the national sexual violence resource center, a fourth of girls and one-sixth of boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. the aclu of maine is asking a federal court to stop manmans suspension. >> we're concerned that schools. >> reporter: manman tells us it was a criticism of the school culture which she says does not openly address ways to prevent abuse. >> this is the least reported crime in the u.s. >> reporter: cape elizabeth high school has not responded to our requests for comment, citing the pending litigation. but manman tells us not everyone on campus has been supportive of her actions. because her suspension is pending the outcome of the case, she was here on campus wednesday taking her pre-s.a.t. tests. errol barnett, cbs news, cape
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elizabeth, maine. coming up on "cbs this morning," cbs news special correspondent and co-host of showtime's "the circus," alex wagner, looks at whistle-blower protections. and in our series, "a more perfect union," why some people who beat cancer are lacing up to fight fellow survivors. that's the "cbs this morning" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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