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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 24, 2019 1:37am-2:10am PDT

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dio t sonoma county twitter account, it says evacuations have been issued. these in response to this fire, stay alert, and more information will be posted. here is the list of evacuations. evacuation orders east of geyserville, evacuation warnings for the north and geyser's road. highway 128, pine flat road, and red winery road. leave immediately if you are in or near these roads. if you feel unsafe to, go ahead and evacuate as well.
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this is being fueled by the wind that has prompted the public safety power shutoff. as we exited the highway there were maybe a dozen fire engines there ready to go and tackle this fire. and we'll bring you more on this fire as the information becomes available. >> we'll be checking back but, thank you. lots of people posting to social media tonight. the smoke and orange glow can be seen for miles all over the north bay right now. the national weather service in the bay area picked up the fire on its geyser peak cam. you can s the filledith sme r intense fl >> our meteorologist with a look at the wind speeds there. >> an unusual maphe conrning ar. this is the outline for sonoma county. that red square is where the
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satellite is to detect the heat signals coming off the fire. so we knew exactly where this was burning. i'm gonna switch from that image and we're gonna you the image full. this is just at the peak of the ridges in the north bay where we're see something of the strongest gusts. so that high flat road, that's one of the closest weather stations i haveo the locate of the fire. that's also where we've recorded a 17 mile an hour gust. it's too close to ar we're seeing thentse winds t. i'll be back with more on the rest of that red flag warning. coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you for that.
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almost 35,000 customers without power in napa and sonoma county. at 1:00 am, pg&e says they'll shut electricity to about 1,000 customers in san mateo county as well. much of sonoma county is in the dark tonight. 17,000 pg&e customers are without power in that area. unlike last time, the city of santa rosa has installed generators at some of the intersections. workers will be at those intersections throughout the night to make sure that traffic lights are working. many feeling the impact of the shutoff. otny stockedme uhersenabl >> this is what pg&e says it is going to take to restore more
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than 8,000 miles of distribution and transmission system helicopters. 6,000 crew members. and aircraft with the help of cal fire. that's if they turn the power back on between this event and the next one scheduled for this weekend. kpix 5 is your survival guide for the power shutoffoffs. an arrest at a school board meeting at oakland unified headquarters. >> protestors squared off with board members ands tonight's protests were expected. some barricades were set up in front of the stage.
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oakland unified released a statement saying, quote, "keep their okays peaceful and allow the board of directors to conduct the work we node for the benefit of all oakland students." the santa cruz sheriff is urging the people to help them catch a killer. >> reporter: shirley was kidnapped and found murdered in santa cruz county. the sheriff announced a $25,000 reward for information leading directly to an arrest. that reward isn't being offered for long. >> help us arrest this suspect. >> reporter: sheriff jim hart isn't doing any interface community to help investigators track down audrey's killer.
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with this as an incident testify come forward. >> citizens are offering doll 25,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of suspects responsible for this terrible crime. >> reporter: the sheriff goes on to say that reward is only valid until november 30th, 2019. >> reporter: on october 1st, more than one suspect kidnapped. the body was found inside his girlfriend's suv several miles away. he died from a gunshot wound. >> we have no idea why. >> reporter: some told xiks 5 they were too afraid to go on camera and the killers investigators believe robbery wassa i motive
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behind the crime. >> reporter: that $25,000 reward is only valid until november 30th. the sheriff also released a statement saying, quote, "several people were involved ot there knows who they are. that is a terrible secret to keep." a live look at washington where there was chaos on capitol hill tonight. republicans interrupted proceedings, democrats called it a stunt. about two dozen republicans, including some who are not involved in the inquiries entered a secured room demanding transparency. democrats say the attack was in response to testimony yesterday from trump's
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top diplomat bill tear. >> they're just delaying the inevitable which this is president is gonna be held accountable. >> there is a lot that has been presented to these committees that i don't know. >> they also received a letter from top republicans requesting that the original whistleblower testify publicly. we continue to follow breaking newsn sonoma cnty. >> seniors fearful they will lose their
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>> it's hard to have a actual processed thought on this whole thing. it seems like it's something that is somewhat preventible. it seems like something we're always prepared for, it's something that is becoming almost routine here in sonoma county during the season. but it's terrifying to know that oh, even as much as we're prepared, as much as we think about it, we try to prepare.
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it just happens out of nowhere. notifyings on our phone, cutting out the power completely. >> reporter: and it still happens. thank you so much for sharing what you have. we'll fry to bring you more information. >> we appreciate it. we're gonna continue to follow this story and bring you any updates. now on our original series, project home. >> the senioren population growing faster than the national average. many are struggling to afford their home homes. some worry the rising rents could put them out on the streets. >> i don't want to worry about it my rent and i shouldn't have to. it may be legal but i not eo
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retirement, checking social security. instead they're worried about housing ibsecurity. >> nearly allesidents a i. >> elects officials, please helps ump >> reporter: more than hundred one tenants at this affordable apartment complex say they're at risk of being priced out. >> it's clear the developers wish to advertise it as low-income house figure are seniors has become unaffordable. reporter: john is working two jobs in order to afford his third rent increase in three years. many of his neighbors in their 70s are still working, afraid that if they retire, they won't be able to make rent. >> we can't keep pace. it's just a question of time. more of us have to leave. >> reporter: there have been 13 rent increases in 16 years here.
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according to affor tents should their me on rent. more half of novatto's low-income tenants spend 50% on housing. some are spending a much as 144% of their income on rent due to recent rent hikes. what's happeningerfect legal. hamilton was built in part with financing obtained through california's low-income housing tax program. levels are set by hud. >> the disparity between what you needot the
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median incom te both john and theresa have been homeless before. the apartment was their haven. an affordable place to stay that pulled them out of homelessness. now they're worried they'll spend what should be their golden years working to stay off the street. >> i'll have to start looking for another place to live. i won't be able to afford it. it'll just be too much. >> i don't think that our representatives understand that the end result these days ishein athat fixed income in affordable housing projects are getting evicted and driven out right and left. >> reporter: another property is affordable housing access, they operate out of newport beach and did not respond to our quest for comments. after the rally, we heard from tenants adl to have a dialogue. >> it's hitting so many
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different levels of society. >> thank you. keep spending your ideas and stories to us. home kpi m. there are tens of thousands of people without power outside of the bay area. in nevada t perownt el dorado county as well. and it could be more than 48 hours before theights are turned back on in the sierra foothills. some small business owners a treakin mg into their own hand hands.
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tonight some southern andy tool that could help homeowners fight wildfires before help arrives. it's called the portable fire pump cart system. and it lets people use water from their smm wat can >> their job is to basically put the system at the poole side. put the suction hose into the pool itself, and layout the fire hose. that's all we're asking them to do. put the signage in front and they can leave. they back their rig into the driveway and have a hose that's laid out for them. >> if you want to try out those pumps, you have to rent it out from a fire defense service. and their website says they are experiencing a high demand. so you will be need some patience.
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>> the wind is the source of all this right now. >> and i can fire we started with. we come in for a closer examination on this. where is that fire burning? right on the sonoma and lake county lines. st about 20 miles an hour. you don't want any winds. but a 20 mile an hour wind is much better than what's right up the hill. there's our locator again. the sonoma county line. we can just go up the hill to the top of those mountains. once you g to that 3,000, 4,000 foot level, that he are recording gusts in the 70s. winds are gusting up to
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50 miles an hour in the mountains right now. red flag warning in effect until the afternoon tomorrow, thursday afternoon. by about 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow, the situation will start to calm down. this is gonna be warm to hot for many of us tomorrow. san francisco, my extreme example. 88 in the city tomorrow. record temperatures here. both locations are gonna be right there. if youook at the rest of the daytime highs, there's not a whole lot of 71 the coast and inland. it kind of levels the playing field. and yes, is there an opportunity for another offshore wind event on sunday. here's the current setup in the atmosphere right now. see that center of high pressure spinning clockwise? it's driving the winds over northern california from the northeast. iing to vance this to sunday. the colors are brighter red, the wind speeds have intensified, and the
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orientation is northeast right over us. so the pattern really picks up with a little more concern here by the time we get into sunday. that's what we will start focusing on. let's get through tonight. and we'll start looking at what could be red flag warnings for sunday. breaking news out sof noma county. evacuees ordered after a fast-moving wildfire breaks out.
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that breaking news >> winery. there is the evacuation warning for northern heelsburg and the town of geyserville. a former 49 sercoming back to the bay area. he's not bearing gifts for his former team. and why are these guys so happy?
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those teams that have won the first two games end up winning the world series 77% of the time. >> say again, please. >> houston, we have a problem. >> the problem is that man, stephen strag,der 2 in the post. 2-2 game. kurt suzuki, solo home run. that's when it all fell apart for the astros. asdrzbal cabrera, two-run score. nationals score six in the 7th inning. going back to dc now.
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eric reed is now a carolina panther. he's looking for payback this sunday on the 49ers. >> definitely the way i feel like i was treated there. the way they run that organization. i remember they changed my position and my contract. i remember they released the ball to bowman who led in tackles the year before at that position. sixers, ben simmons. the 76ers start strong. dominic smith, sidney crosby, finds the back of the net.
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how about is it for hou alvarez, a line drive. cabrera money on the field. and at the plate tonight. dude is hungry. he won the game, 120- 101. this oklahoma announcing their famous sooner schooner will not run again. this was during last saturday's game. the school is building a new one for next season.
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>> we continue to monitor this wildfire in the geysers and sonoma county. mandatory evacuees are in effect. >> we'll have the latest in
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