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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 9, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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great military equipment, however, does not mean we have to use it. >> reporter: the president said he would be responding with economic sanctions after iran launched more than a dozen missiles at two iraqi bases housing u.s. troops. >> these powerful sanctions will remain until iran changes its
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behavior. >> reporter: the white house now wants to negotiate a new nuclear deal. yesterday there was a closed door meeting with administration lcied gofeneral qassem soleimanini. >> that was insulting. >> reporter: two republican senators spoke out saying the president needs to be held in check if there's further military escalation. >> it is not acceptable for officials within the executive branch to come in and tell us that we can't debate and discuss the appropriateness of military intervention against iran. >> reporter: in a rare act of defiance utah senator mike lee and kentucky's rand paul now say they will join democrats in voting for a war powers resolution. >> we need to have a debate about separation of powers. >> reporter: democrats said the briefing failed to show the strike was a good decision. most republicans thought otherwise. >> one of the best briefings i've had since i've been here in
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the united states congress. >> reporter: in iran leaders there say there won't be any concessions until the u.s. pulls its troops out of the region. and today's war powers resolution vote in the house is expected to pass with overwhelming democratic support. the resolution will have a tougher time in the senate where two more republicans in addition to mike lee and rand paul will have to vote for it to pass. >> thank you so much. iran's foreign minister said it's up to the u.s. to ease the flaring tensions between the two countries. elizabeth palmer reports from tehran. >> reporter: news played up iran's missile launches. and played down president trump's speech and his announcement that there would be no casualties. >> all of our soldiers are safe. >> reporter: in fact, some local media are still claiming that 80
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americans were killed. hard-liners are blaming the u.s. decision not to retaliate for the strikes as a climb down. but behind the tough talk there's widespread relief for most everyone. iran made it clear it didn't want a war. but what about steps to further ease tensions? in a media, we posed the question to iran's foreign minister? what would it take to get de-escalation going? >> it is up to the united states to now come to its senses and stop its adventurism in this region. >> reporter: in other words, iran won't make any concessions until the u.s. gives up its bases and pulls its troops out of iraq. and that, of course, would make it easier for iran to expand its own influence across the region. elisabeth palmer, cbs news, tehran. this morning there are new details about the final moments of a plane crash in iran that killed all 176 people on board.
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iranian investigators said crew members of the ukrainian jetliner never made a radio call for help. it appears the aircraft was trying to make it back to the airport when it crashed outside of tehran on wednesday. this as we learn more about the victims. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: video appears to show ukrainian international airlines flight 572 on fire and hurdling towards the ground. killing all on board. it crashed minutes after takeoff. flight data abruptly silenced as the plane was climbing towards 8,000 feet. it happened just hours after iran fired rockets into iraq, prompting speculation something could have brought down the plane. holes in some wreckage at the crash site drew comparisons done to the badge of the malaysia air flight that was shot out of the air over ukraine five years ago. prompting questions from justin trudeau. >> can you say one way or
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another that the plane was not shot down? >> i cannot. it's too early to speculate. >> reporter: they blamed mechanical problems but the 737 passed a safety inspection just two days prior. the faa warned pilots to stay out of the area. among the dead were several children, college students, and newlyweds. the plane involved is a boeing 737 but not one of the grounded max planes. this comes at a time when confidence in boeing is already at a low point. the iranians have reportedly recovered the black boxes but it is not clear who will have access to them. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. there was a major after shock in puerto rico. the island was hit yesterday by a magnitude 4.9 earthquake. it follows a powerful 6.4 magnitude quake on tuesday. more than half of puerto rico's 3 million people were without power yesterday.
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thousands are sleeping outdoors because of fears of collapsing buildings. >> translator: we are going to stay at this shelter until we're told it is safe for us to return to our home. >> tuesday's quake killed at least one person and destroyed or damaged about 300 homes. power is not expected to be restored to the entire island until the weekend. president trump has approved an emergency declaration for puerto rico clearing a way for earthquake relief. people living in the path of bushfires in southeastern australia are being urged to evacuate. it comes as hot and windy conditions could make the situation even worse. fire officials have told communities in coastal towns south of sidney that winds will likely drive fires towards the water again. people have retreated to beaches in recent weeks to get away from the flames. temperatures in the threatened area are expected to reach 110 degrees tomorrow. so coming up on the morning news, reaction to prince harry and meghan markle's decision to step back from their royal family roles.
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you don't want to cancel your plans. [sneezing] cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of advil multi-symptom cold & flu knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. advil multi-symptom cold & flu. destructive mudslides in peru. these pictures are from an area where homes and a foot bridge were destroyed. the rain is causing rivers to overflow in the southern part of the country. dozens of homes and other buildings have been flood. peru's rainy season is expected to last until april. there's reaction from buckingham palace to royal bomb shell, and some spending by the secret service may be a secret at least for now. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports the trump administration wants to delay until after the election a democratic proposal. it requires the secret service
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to disclose how much it spends on protecting the president and his family when they travel. the secret service is part of the treasury department. treasury secretary steven mnuchkin agreed to the idea but wants to start it after the presidential election. democrats say the public has a right to know the price of mr. trump's frequent visits to his resorts in florida and new jersey. "chicago tribune" reports an illinois judge ordered google to turn over a year's worth of act joor jussie smollett's priv data. the judge wants google to give information to a special prosecutor investigating why investigators abruptly dropped criminal charges against him. last year charges were dismissed against jussie smollett for staging a racist and homophobic attack in downtown chicago and then lying to police about it. our partners at the bbc say
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prince harry and his wife meghan markle made a stunning announcement. the couple said they are stepping back as senior members of the royal family. they plan to become financial independent and raise their baby son in both the uk and north america. harry and meghan did not explain what they meant by financially independent, or how they would earn money. earning money that's always been extremely controversial for members of the royal family who tried it before. it's never worked. there's a lot of unanswered questions. unprecedented again. harry and meghan saying they want to do things their own way. >> bbc says no other royal was consulted. a buckingham palace spokeswoman said the royal family was disappointed. the "boston globe" reports social media posts from new england patriots star quarterback tom brady make it sound like he does not plan on retiring. yesterday brady said that he still has more to prove after the patriots season abruptly
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ended in an upset playoff loss to the tennessee titans last weekend. he posted that it was not a good-bye just a see you later. after saturday's loss brady said his future was uncertain. >> i love playing for this team. i loved playing for this team for two decades and win a lot of games and, again, i don't know what it looks like moving forward. we'll just take it day-by-day. >> brady who is 42 years old is due to become a free agent in march. reports "jeopardy" host alex trebek said despite thinking about retirement he does not plan to leave the quiz show in the near future. he spoke yesterday during a promotion for this week's primetime show featuring the top three contestants in "jeopardy's" history. the 79-year-old trebek is battling pancreatic cancer. he said the treatments are taking a toll and been taken off
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the oscars are once again going without a host. last year's hostless ceremony featured musical numbers, comedy and star power. the academy officials say that . 29 million tuned int the show last year.condessc history bu12% from the year before. this year's ceremony takes place on february 9th. on the "cbs money watch" a new round of airbag recalls by takata. uber drops upfront pricing for some riders. we go the new york stock exchange for that and more. good morning, naomi. >> reporter: today investors will get the weekly read on initial jobless claims. on wall street stocks closed higher yesterday. the dow rallied 161 points. the nasdaq set a record closing up 60 points. s&p 500 added 15 points. president trump plans to attend
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the annual world economic forum in davos, switzerland later this month. this will mark the president's first time on the world stage since the u.s. military strike in iraq that killed iranian general qassem soleimani. president trump pulled out of last year's gathering citing the partial government shutdown. takata is recalling 10 million more front airbag inflators over fears they could explode. they were sold to 14 different car companies. automakers will determine which models are affected and launch their own recalls. this recall is the last one takata agreed to in a 2015 settlement with safety regulators. 25 people have been killed worldwide by takata inflators. >> uber ended upfront ride pricing in california in response to the state's new gig law. yesterday it informed its golden
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state customers it would switch to providing estimates as opposed to fixed prices. the new california law makes it harder to qualify its drivers as contractors. the change applies to all private rides while riders using uber pool will continue to see their prices upfront. thank you so much. >> thanch >> thank you so much. still ahead, outbreak in china. scientists identify a new virus as the source of a pneumonia outbreak that has sickened dozens of people. e are real peo, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. nopixent is a biologic, many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin.
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res. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. singer justin bieber revealed he's been battling lyme disease. he posted a message to fans on social media. lyme disease is transmitted by
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ticks. the 25-year-old also said he recently had mononucleosis. he says he's getting treatment and will be back better than ever. scientists say a new virus related to sars may be responsible for a mysterious pneumonia outbreak in china. the new coronavirus was found in 15 of 59 patients with the illness. the virus is spread through coughing or sneezing. or by touching an infected person. supreme court justice ruth baden ginsburg revealed she's cancer free. the 86-year-old made the announcement in an interview on cnn. that makes her now a four time cancer survivor. most recently she underwent treatment for a tumor on her pancreas in august. buck henry an influential voice in comedy has died. henry won a writing emmy for "get smart" and was nominated for an oscar for "heaven can wait."
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our top stories this morning. president trump is pulling back from a military showdown with iran. but this morning a senior commander of iran's revolutionary guard reportedly threatened harsher revenge soon following iran's missile attacks on u.s. troops. today the house is set to vote on a war powers resolution to limit the president's ability to take action against iran without congressional approval. and there are new details about the final moments of a plane crash in iran that killed all 176 people on board. investigators said crew members of the ukrainian jetliner never made a radio call for help. they say it appears the plane of trying to make it back to the airport when it crashed outside of tehran on wednesday.
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more than 600,000 cancer deaths are expected in the u.s. this year alone but despite that number there is new hope. a report reveals that death rates for some cancers are going down. >> reporter: he first battled melanoma 17 years ago. in 2013 he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. >> did you think this was a death sentence? >> ah-ha. absolutely. at the time. because there were no treatments at that point. >> reporter: the 73-year-old is now in remission thanks to a break through in immunotherapy treatment. >> the tumors in my liver started to reduce my spleen. >> new research highlights treatment advances for cancers such as melanoma and lung cancer that are driving down the cancer death rate. a report shows a 29% drop since 1991. the death rate fell more than 2% from 2016 to 2017, the largest
4:27 am
single year drop ever reported. >> the therapies for those diseases have become so much better than they were 20, 25, 30 years ago. >> reporter: long term declines for lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancer. those are behind the overall drop in cancer deaths. progress is slowing against the other three cancers. this doctor says new therapies for melanoma are extending patient's lives but more working to be done. >> those drugs are fantastic and they are good for right now. we need better and safer drugs. >> reporter: powers gets skin checks every month. he's had five surgeries. he receives monthly immunotherapy treatments. >> anything can change at any moment. that's why i have continuous gratitude every day. >> reporter: after everything he's been through he's determined to live life to the fullest. coming up on "cbs this morning" we'll hear from royal biographer tina brown about
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prince harry and meghan markle's next chapter. plus as part of our partnership with ted in our series ideas that matter we'll speak with a gymnastic coach wh championship titles. in our series a more perfect nonpt salooutsidof ago that's bringing communities together. ie. have a great day. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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