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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 22, 2020 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now 11:00, the heated battle over a proposed chick- fil-a is still going strong, why the fast food chain has so many people riled up. newly released video shows a deadly confrontation over a parking spot in vallejo, what
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reveals in the moments before an off-duty officer opened fire. shots fired on the vegas strip, a fight escalates inside a packed mall. tonight the hunt for the young man. and marathon debate over president trump's impeachment trial just wrapping up, taking you live to washington, where minutes ago the senate approved the rules. streaming on cbsn bay area, a packed crowd fighting to keep a chick-fil-a out of their neighborhood. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. live in campbell, the city council vote could come late tonight, andrea? >> reporter: the public comment portion less more than two hours, at 10:45 pm the council decided to take a break, they started resuming the meeting a few minutes ago, no vote either way, many passionate speakers hoping to keep this chick-fil-a out of the neighborhood.>> what
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i find particularly disconcerting about the applicant orthe untruths.>> reporter: a packed city council chamber filled with opponents of a proposed chick-fil-a in their city. many say the issue isn't with the restaurant but the location.>> bringing that many cars on tabasco home is going to be a disaster for the neighborhood.>> why wouldn't you aim to fix the problem? why would you make it more congested? i don't understand. >> reporter: according to the traffic report, it would bring in 2300 extra cars per day, located at the corner of basco where the denny's currently sits, community members have scoped out other locations in santa clara county, to show the impacts of the traffic. >> you can see that has edrs orr: had , thedit me leuc
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>> reporter: the owner of the denny's spoke tonight at the meeting, she said she is hoping she can keep her business running, and that chick-fil-a will not move in. kpix 5. new video in of a dead the police shooting in vallejo, it shows what happened the night in off-duty richmond police officer opened fire, killing a man. juliette goodrich is in the newsroom. >> the fateful encounter happened in november, it started during an argument over a parking spot, we want to warn you, some videos hard to watch. you can see both drivers go for the same parking spot, but virgil thomas, the off-duty officer, pulls into the spot
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first. the 38-year-old parking the van behind thomas and then walks over to confront him, the exchange words for a few seconds, when you see him walk back to his van and open the hood, reaching in to grab something. he retrieves what looks like a gun, and walks back over to thomas, the exchange words again. a different angle gives us a closer look when they are exchanging words, you see him turn around, walking toward his van, that is one thomas takes out a gun and fire is the first shot. he takes off running, thomas runs after him, continuing to fire shots, and he was fatally struck. the police officers association president said that the video proves that thomas acted in self-defense and it reinforces he was in a position where he was forced to protect himself and the public, but the family has hired an attorney, saying the video shows a cold-blooded
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murder. he was a well-known local rapper and a father of six. thomas has been put on temporary administrative leave, the da is investigating. juliette goodrich. developing in las vegas, a shooting inside a mall since people running for cover. at the fashion show mall located along the vegas strip just after 6:00, it started when a group of teenagers got into an argument, one person pulled out a gun and fired it into the crowd, three people were injured and rushed to a nearby hospital, their injuries are considered non-life- threatening, no arrests have been made. a live look at ff oh sfo right now, they are screening flights from china, wujan, china. a man in washington state is being held in isolation,
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diagnosed with the coronavirus after a trip to china. health officials are scrambling to retrace his footsteps to see who else might have been exposed. at least 440 people in china have now been diagnosed with the virus, the death toll has risen to nine, at chinese airports, tempered passengers are having their temperature taken. before being able to board flights, at sfo, screenings are confined to passengers arriving from wujan and connecting from there. the coronavirus causes a pneumonia like illness, the city say the cdc says there's a lot we don't know. >> we know it can spread among humans from person-to-person, but is it frequent, common, that is something that we don't know quite yet. the cdc is really is raising the travel notice to china from lever one delivered to from level i to
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level ii, and they are not screening all people from china yet . opening arguments set to start in the afternoon tomorrow, after a 13 hour day on day one of the impeachment trial. it wrapped up just moments ago. natalie? >> reporter: that's right, moments ago, but a short time ago, senators finally voted on the rules resolution that will govern the senate trial. that happened on a partyline vote, as expected. 53-47, it happened after a marathon day, more than 12 hours of debate on a series of 11 amendments proposed by democrats in a push to hear witnesses and documents, ahead of the start of this trial. >> reporter: house managers and president trump's legal team argued late into the night over the rules governing the senate
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impeachment trial. >> we hear all this talk an overwhelming case that they are not prepared today to stand up and make an opening argument about. >> we are ready to present our case, color witnesses, the question is, will you let us?>> reporter: a rules concession, mitch mcconnell submitted handwritten changes to his proposal, giving both sides a third day for opening arguments, after some moderate republicans, including susan collins, expressed concerns. mitch mcconnell agreed to enter house evidence automatically into the senate record. >> i send an amendment to the desk. >> reporter: of the first amendment to subpoena white house documents was defeated along straight party lines. it was the same for several more amendment seeking documents and witnesses. >> congress and the american people deserve the full truth.
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there is no plausible reason why anyone would not want to hear all of the available evidence about the presence conduct. >> it is clear house democrats view this as an opportun the pr monitoring closely while he is in switzerland. >> a total hoax. i'm sure it will work out fine. >> reporter: senators will return tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. notably, all of the votes on the 11 amendments proposed by senate democrats were partyline votes except for one, republican senator susan collins of maine voted with democrats on one of the amendments, which would have allowed for additional times for the parties and responding to motions. that was one wonky amendment where she joined with democrats, the rest were straight party line votes. >> it has been a long day and night for everyone, yourself
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included, i'm sure, so long, chief justice roberts had to give a bit of a lecture about civility right?>> reporter: that's right, sometime in the 1:00 hour, he had set back and let the debate play out between the impeachment managers of the legal team, but finally he said i think it is appropriate to admonish both sides in equal terms, and remind those addressing the senate where they are, they are addressing the world's greatest deliberative body. trying to urge them to engage in civil discourse. >> remember where you are. thank you. a live look at the bay area bridges, light lingering showers around the bay, followed could be an issue for tomorrow's commute, let's check in with brian for the latest. >> indeed, the fog is forming
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in the wake of a weak cold front in the north, dropping impressive amounts, it is just about done, a few light showers, getting ready to move towards dixon and woodland, down the south bay, a few light showers over mount hamilton, and that's about it. rain totals were impressive, canfield got 1 inch, but san jose had a trace. that brings us to well below average for this time of year, we're about half average in some parts of the bay area, there is more coming, we will have the details we cover the forecast in a few minutes. a frightening scene outside a florida airport, how a father ended up clinging to a moving car with his wife and daughter inside landlords in oakland will no longer be able to check the criminal backgrounds of potential renters. devoted oakland city council. know we thought this would
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happen this year. nobody thought this right?>> jerry rice weighing in as the 49ers prepares for the super bowl, how he thinks the game will play out. don't forget, streaming on cbsn bay area, find us on and the cbs news app,
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a major change for renters in oakland, the city took action to make it easier for people with a criminal past to find housing.
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joe vazquez on what landlords will no longer be able to check.>> reporter: the vote here at city council was unanimous, oakland becomes the first california city to ban criminal background checks for renters. >> all in favor. any opposed? any abstentions, it passes unanimously. >> a mix of emotions and feelings. >> reporter: getting out of prison in 2012, he struggled getting a place to live in oakland despite his job as an aviation mechanic, he ended up on the streets, contributing to the homeless crisis. >> it will allow people to move forward, and reduce recidivism. >> reporter: he has been lobbying hard for the city council to pass the fair housing ordinance, saying landlords cannot turn down renters because of criminal convictions. >> talking about family reunification, you are in a
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stronger position to get a job and go to school and get the help you need. >> reporter: they reread says it will benefit his own son, who will get out of prison in a few months. >> it will make a huge difference in his life as he begins to do the things that he ought to be doing. to improve the quality of his life and for my 2 granddaughters. >> reporter: the california department association, which represents landlords, says it is the most extreme on the state, the group doesn't plan to challenge it in court. >> people might say if you had a criminal history, you might be a troublemaker, landlords have the right to vet whoever is coming through their doors. >> yes got my responses this. i have both a civic duty and a moral obligation to give back to my community. we've all made mistakes, who wants to be permanently punished? >> reporter: joe vazquez. tomorrow marks the start of opening statements in harvey
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weinstein's sexual assault trial, coming two years after dozens of women accused the movie mogul of abuse, harassment and rape. several accusers are expected to testify, he faces charges of predatory sexual assault, he faces life in prison. he denies any nonconsensual sexual activity. new news of this carjacking in a florida airport, a suspect steals somebody's wallet on his way out of the airport. then you can see him run outside and jump into a car, he takes off, with a mother and child inside, the father desperately trying to hold on, the suspect stopped to let them out of the car, but he was eventually caught, he was arrested and is being held on a $175,000 bond. a massive expansion of the sharks ice getting complex
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could be in the works, officially named solar for america ice on 10th street, it has 4 ice getting rings. under this new proposal it will have a total of six rinks, and nearly 350,000 square feet in size, the official training facility for the san jose sharks. the city council is expected to vote next week. 49ers legend jerry rice getting pumped up ahead of super bowl liv. >> he let a workout at 49ers fit in san jose, he is fitter at 57 than most people are. are ever our. he looks like he could play now. he signed copies of his book and shared thoughts on the 49ers cinderella season. >> nobody thought this was going to happen, no one thought this right? did you think it? no, you can tell that they want
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to win, i feel like they're going to go and win super bowl liv.>> all right. they are setting the stage in miami, the super bowl logo is up at hard rock stadium, the grounds crew was hard at work putting the finishing touches on the field. stay with kbcw for the 49ers coverage, kpix 5, a closer look at how the draft class helped fuel the remarkable turnaround, head to the special section on her website, bowl. watch out for dangerous surf along the bay area coastline, warnings have been extended another day, with the possibility of recurrence and sneaker waves. >> through 9:00 tomorrow morning. we will be looking for skies to clear, things to dry out any chance of rain for the time we hit the weekend. 300 delays at fs faux sfo, because of a cold front that
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moved through, concorde 55, fog being recorded in santa rosa and oakland, and in hayward right now. a factor as we get chillier. when we had out tomorrow morning it should be dry but foggy, temperatures begin the 40s and into the 50s, with sunshine tomorrow afternoon, driving moisture over the pacific northwest, high pressure off central california will take all of the high clouds and send them into washington state. for us, future cam shows lingering showers in the south bay, and for much of the rest of the bay area will be fog, drawing up by 9:00 or 10:00, and more sunshine tomorrow, but not for long, looking for high pressure to build in, or the showers to head out of the area, more rain is due by sunday, the next shot of showers at the bay area, overnight lows in the mid
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40s, set up at 7:21 am. here is what we're expecting. showers dissipate, clearing out tomorrow, next chance of rain and wind sunday, temperatures tomorrow under increasingly clearing skies, mid 50s, in the south bay, 59 degrees at sunnyvale, 58 at santa clara. east bay, 50s, a touch warmer than today, northbay is looking good, fog tonight, some sunshine tomorrow, and hitting 58, the extended forecast, dries out until sunday, rain and wind, the next one looks like sunshine as far as the eye can see. jerry rice looks like he could suit up. >> he is on the field ri 49er playoff games, before the game got looking like he still wants to play.
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the super bowl. a bay area reporter nearly ruined kyle shanahan super bowl experience last time around. an in-state rivalry turns into a civil war, wild scenes coming up. amnifeatdonald trump. ini wa do t
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a das amnifeatdonald trump. and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >> yeah, i'm watching it too. i see them every day.
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>> the curtains, they're always drawn in this place. >> i know. >> that guy, it seems like he's in charge of them. i don't know, i don't feel very good about this. >> we have to report this. >> yes, absolutely.
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the eighth straight year i've read this intro, barry bonds was not elected to the baseball hall of fame, the homerun king getting 61% of the vote, his highest total in eight years on the ballot, but well short of the 75% required. he has two years left on the writers ballot. as for those were going, former yankee shortstop derek jeter elected on his first try, he missed out on being a unanimous selection by just one vote. and that is outfielder larry walker joining derek jeter, with a spongebob squarepants shirt, walker made the cut by six boats six votes in his file year in the ballot.
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a backpack glued to his back in miami, three years ago the offensive coordinator for the falcons at the super bowl, with his playbook in his backpack, veteran bay area reporter mistakenly walked off with it, at midianite. >> i was walking around there, looking for my backpack frantically, running into media people, having to do interviews, try not to come off as a jerk blowing him off, but i was panicked, he wouldn't give it to me at first until i showed him it was mine. i forgave him, fast, but i was stressed for a while. stephan curry and klay thompson, gone so long, charles barkley is starting to forget about them. the top five. >> the best backcourt. >> steve and?
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cliff? >> a long day for everybody. >> he was having a long day, she got liam livingston, a cricket ball in a sensitive area, the same game, the same thing happened, the announcers in the book in the booth, they were getting a kick out of it. duke and miami, the blue devils freshman taking the dunk, throwing down the dunk, duke won 89-59. kansas and kansas state, the wildcats, gordon, down 22, steals the ball goes in for the layup, blocked by the player, he stands over him, it gets out of hand, players throwing punches, the fight spilled into the stands, multiple suspensions likely stemming from that incident. and it was sort of needless. in 19 point difference in that basketball game. needless. right? bigger not coming back, walk can my side be firm? and mine super soft?
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getting a new first look at a driver the shuttle. >> owned by general motors, a new robot taxi called the origin, a boxy electric vehicle with a catch, no steering wheel, break or excelerator. they say it will cut transportation costs by $5000 a year for people in san
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francisco, it isn't quite
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