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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa celebrations of the lunar new year are underway, as fears of the coronavirus buys. he calls them, the man who is helping homeless to build their own houses out of what others the way. >> this is the truth window, this is the insulation, so. >> the bay area couple that admitted to running a billion- dollar ponzi scheme. now at 11 and streaming, calls for caution, they threatened to overshadow this lunar new year's eve. good evening, i am elizabeth
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cook. >> there have been no coronavirus cases in the bay area so far. but the cdc has confirmed a second u.s. patient. it's a woman in chicago, just back from wuhan, china. the agency is monitoring another 63 people here, showing possible symptoms, so should you be worried? well, turns out probably not. market is at a tech celebration in san jose, with the message from health officials tonight. mark. >> reporter: on the lunar calendar it is the year of the rat, and the celebrations are already underway. it is the night before the lunar new year at san jose's tech festival, which is shared on the lunar calendar with the chinese new year. it is primarily a celebration of family, food, and tradition. >> we have like family united
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together. >> reporter: there may be some people who are fearful of the coronavirus but she does not expect it to dampen the celebratory spirit. >> you know, people don't want to come, and get it. >> i would emphasize anyone who is feeling ill has any symptoms of illness, i would really discourage them from going to any public gatherings of any kind. santa clara county's chief health -- chief health officer will not confirm for any investigators are looking into the virus. there are no cases confirmed anywhere in california. and because symptoms can seem like the flu, her advice, if you feel sick, stay home. >> that for any kind of these viral infections, large gatherings makes things easier for them to spread. back at the tech festival, they came home all the way from missouri to join san jose's large community for the
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celebrations. >> airports are basically making sure they, like, whoever is coming from there is getting fascinated, checked on. others say they are closely monitoring events in china and taking some precautions. >> every time i go somewhere, i don't want to get the flu. >> reporter: vietnam has a full 10 day celebration and so it is here with events extending through next weekend. some major age or -- asian leases are being disinfected including the rail station but millions in and around china are not going anywhere, at least 10 cities and 30 million people are under a travel ban tonight. major landmarks have also
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closed including shanghai disneyland, the resort had been planning a lunar new year celebration, guess who pre- booked will be refunded. the world's largest hotel chain is waiving cancellation fees for its properties in china, and for gas traveling from china, the offer is good through february 8. a massive bust by san jose police, they just took a pound and a half of cocaine, 3 1/2 cocaine's -- pounds of pot, and one person was stealing both but so far no more details on the arrest. homeless encampment are a common site in many bay area communities, especially in oakland. they spoke with one man who is helping the homeless to build their own homes. his story is an all-too- familiar one with no income and
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the high cost of living, he ended up on the street. all he wants is for walls and a place to safely put his longings. miguel elliott was leaving more structures has been working with many homeless communities in the bay area and has been offering up this solution. >> it has a little kitchenette downstairs, shelves here, it has a table that can fold up and down. >> reporter: he mostly uses materials that you can find on the streets. >> this is the truth window, this is the insulation. >> reporter: the key with this project is those on the streets will be making their own homes to get off of the streets. >> having a programmer people with mental health disorders are actively involved in helping to design or build or decorate the structures that they are actually going to be living in. you know, that could be a really fantastic activity.
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>> reporter: this is when idea for a shelter for the homeless, but here in oakland, they are trying to build a village to move the homeless out of tense. >> it is putting a small dent in a very big problem. >> reporter: a group of homeless advocates have built the more traditional 8 x 12 structures while the homeless, like, are getting exactly what they asked for. the residents here know the structures are at risk of being removed for safety violations. the city of oakland has encampment management policy, and according to justin, a spokesperson for mayor libby shouts office, says we assessed each encampment based on the criteria of safety, health, size, and location. they found the city is fair, reasonable, and lawful. oakland will soon open a community like this that meets city code, at the intersection of fifth and oak. those here hope for now they can continue to call this place home. in oakland, kpix5. investigators say a couple
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was running a billion-dollar ponzi scheme to fund their lavish lifestyle. they face up to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy, and money laundering charges. his wife faces 15 years. a couple owns dc solar, a company that built multiple solar generators. they owned at least 20 properties and a martinez baseball team. they also had a taste for muscle cars, back in october. u.s. marshals auctioned off about 150 of the couple's cars including a pontiac firebird trans am, once owned by burt reynolds. >> this is not a victimless crime, in harms the american economy, and it can have a tangible impact on the martinez community. >> they manufactured about 6000 of these trailers, but on paper, sold over 17,000 of them. >> investigators say it sold thousands of solar generators,
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they did not have, and used money from new investors to pay off old ones. president trump's attorneys will begin making their case in his impeachment trial in about eight hours and the boss is not too happy about the time slot. in a tweet, president and former apprentice host called saturday morning the quote death valley of the tv land. house democrats wrapped the third and final day of their opening arguments tonight, using almost every minute of their 24 hour total to make their case. >> no president has ever dared, during the impeachment inquiry, to officially and explicitly ordered government witnesses to defy health subpoenas. >> they have run out of things to say about three days ago. that is because the case that they are presenting is weak, and is flimsy, so. >> president trump's team also
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has 24 hours to lay out their case, they say they will save the bulk of the arguments for early next week. >> what my people have to do is just be honest, just tell the truth. >> senators will have 16 hours to ask questions before revisiting the whole issue of calling new witnesses and ordering new documents. it is starting to pull billions in federal funding, if california does not overturn a law requiring insurers to cover abortion. gov. newsom says he will fight to defend access to the procedure, but opponents argue the law forces them to pay for something they don't agree with. >> what is wrong with it is the fact that you're making me pay for the killing of a child and that should never be something that someone is forced to do. >> donald trump really needed to stick to the stats putting
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this country as a whole. >> he also became the first sitting president to attend the march for life rally in dc. telling the crowd unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the white house. the annual walk for life west coast is tomorrow in san francisco, it starts with the rally at the civic center plaza 12:30 followed by a march down market street to the embarcadero plaza. rhodes will be closed along that route, so keep that in mind if you are heading into town. that same stretch of market street is just days away from a pretty radical change. starting wednesday, private cars will be banned between 10th st. and the embarcadero. >> the safety factor will go up tremendously, i think that is, as a bike rider, i think, in a pedestrian, i think that is the thing that is most important. >> it is already hard with all this construction, you know? it will make my life even harder. >> the cars will still be able
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to cross market street, and all the extra traffic officers on patrol to help drivers with the new rules, and site anyone who breaks them. we are kicking off premise weekend with music cares, it is one of the most prestigious events of the weekend, before musics biggest night. new video of the california air ticket that crashed in australia, what investigators say it did right before it went down. tender is rolling out new tools tonight to protect users from dangerous dates. we have weather moving into the bay area, some rain, especially in this part of the bay area. the north bay, this is an afterlife right now, a beautiful site along the waterfront. could get some light rain, so good the rest of the bay area. we have all the details, coming up and the forecast. 49er lineman, fueling that tonight for the big trip to miami. we are there, for the send off
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dinner. we will be with him all next week leading up to the super bowl, dennis o'donnell, they will have five reports from mi i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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the stage is set for musics visit -- biggest night. the grammy awards will air this sunday right here on ebs but the celebration is already well underway, betty is in los angeles for us tonight. >> reporter: run purple carpet here at the person of the year benefit, where musicians from all genres are celebrating and paying tribute to arrowsmith.
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>> you are the rock legend, this is like a high school reunion for you. >> it really is, just a high school reunion, i have known every one of these guys, we came up together, we all knew each other when we were starting out, we were all open for other bands, all open for each other. >> tonight, bay area sammy hagar is more than one of a dozen -- and lynch larry walker alice cooper. >> what is likely to be here tonight performing? >> it is great, we see them all the time, you know, it is sort of like they are brothers. stephen is in hawaii, and we live right down the street, so i see them all the time and we are on the road all the time. >> reporter: there being recognized for their charitable work over five decades, and their influence on american music. >> we have been playing way longer than we should, but we still play pretty good.
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>> reporter: there being recognized for the charitable work over five decades, and their influence on american music, so. >> it is all, they're all intersect, in fact, basically, like, blues, and rock 'n roll is the reason country music exists. >> this is my favorite american rock band, so this is a huge night to be just in the presence of. >> how do you relate to the music as a musician from england? >> well, for me, like, that is so much drama in their music, you know? and i am nothing if not dramatic. >> the impact of music cares now in its 30th year is also heavily felt in the artist community. country singer and nominee ashley mcbride knows what it is like to be a struggling artist. >> i was eating ramen noodles using unsharp and number two pencils, as chopsticks come and i'm like i'm not exaggerating, you cannot make this stuff up.
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>> reporter: they have raised more than $66 million, to support people in times of financial medical and personal leave. after they wrap up, many stores will come out tomorrow night, for clyde davises and the according -- gala in beverly hills. >> of course will be at that gala. look for her report. you can look for that report tomorrow night at 11. las vegas will use grammy night to unveil its new slogan, it is the famous what happens here stays here, you know that one. the review journal is reporting the new catchphrase will be what happens here only happens here. it is considered one of the most successful taglines and tourism. >> tender is rolling out new safety features tonight,
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including a panic button. if the user feels unsafe on a date, they can hit the button to him and police to their location. users can also check into the app to let friends know where they are. the free tools will be available starting on tuesday. a woman is dead after a tragic accident at a central valley raisin packing plant. investigators say 33-year-old was working at the delray facility east of fresno when her clothing got tangled in a machine that breaks up bunches of raisins, they believe she may have been trying to clear some debris for the equipment. investigators are combing through the wreckage of a engel engine plane that crashed in a backyard, just outside the auburn airport. the crash killed an 80-year-old man and his 55-year-old son. a third person on that plane was hurt. tonight, investigators say a california-based caretaker had just dropped a load of fire
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retardant before it mysteriously crashed. killing all three crewmen on board. this is new video of the crash scene here, the hercules was based near sacramento. it helped fight the kincaid fire in sonoma county last summer. a four point a 4.6 earthquake rattled southern california, this struck in the mojave desert outside of barstow. people from las vegas, all the way out to studio city reported feeling that jolt. so far, no reports of any damage or injuries. about an hour before that quake, there was a smaller jolt in el cerrito, really small. a two point magnitude. always be prepared. for us, we need to repair for a bit of rain this weekend.
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eventually the rest of the bay area within about a 24 hour period, right now, fog looking over the city. this is the vantage point from high above sutro tower. looking toward the city. and right now the numbers are mostly in the mid-50s, and as we look toward san francisco, this from treasure island got all the way up into the 60s today. livermore actually sort of not having 70 degrees surrounded but approaching it. and for january that is saying something. this weekend with a partly rainy weekend, that is that low up by the aleutians. that will keep us partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow, and we get a chance of rain, it will be moving first into the north bay, and then into the rest of the bay area, the wee small hours of sunday morning, you will see on the future cast. tomorrow, it sort of looks like a mattress six loaded. and by tomorrow night, we get
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some clouds around and by tomorrow night we begin to pick up a chance of showers in the north bay, that is chance number one to market them. watch what happens, that goes out, then here comes the main band of the cold front, this is round, two, three in the morning, on sunday morning, so it is convenient, if you pop up showers, then we are done with it. sunday afternoon looks nice and sunny, so partly cloudy tonight, mostly cloudy tomorrow. we will getting laid a shower chance in the north bay and light rain for most of the bay area, about midnight saturday, through sunrise. forecast highs for tomorrow and not looking bad, the numbers are mostly in the 60 degrees range, and don't forget, the fan fest is tomorrow, it will be cloudy but dry, and 61 degrees. 70 forecast, chance of rain in 24 hours, in the bay area. third of an inch, to a few hundredths of an inch in the south bay, and by the time he gets next wednesday, thursday and friday, we are done with it. it was like a pretty good weekend ahead, so enjoy it.
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>> haven't we seen this somewhere before? look closely. that is what science fiction fans are saying tonight about america's new space force i am running to defeat donald trump.
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in 2016 i warned that donald trump was a dangerous demagogue, and when the republican congress wouldn't hold him accountable, i went to work helping run winning campaigns in twenty-one house seats. it's time for the senate to act and remove trump from office, and if they won't do their jobs, this november you and i will. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the new space force logo is getting a good ribbing from the twitter first. boldly goes where other have gone before. check this out. many say the design has a striking similarity to the starfleet logo from star trek. george to kay, who played sulu on the tv show even tweeted he should get royalties. >> here they are side-by-side. yeah, same delta shade, same orbiting track, and stars for a space affect. what do you think? i know what i think. >> as spock would say, fascinating. sport settling in at 11 and ahead on this one, food, and a lot of it, from the house of prime ribs, look at that. i know quite a few 49er offensive line men who were glad to see this.
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this is so big, it is not can my side be firm?
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and be up top, and the warriors as they reportedly tinker with the roster of possibly trading big man to dallas. they had other issues. the gratuitous pregame broke
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hugs contender the indiana pacers, and white. done by 19 -- 19, d'angelo russell for a screen. third quarter, at nine, three pointers. seth curry, sit down and watch this one, pacers methodically found the open guys. put the pacers up seven in the third. later, same quarter, they follow for glenn, the third. yes. they are down 10, same margin, fourth quarter, pacers on the run. and a rhythm. bank. it was the pacers night, when 29-118 as the warriors have lost three straight. college ball up from her seat, that is not a good sign. her white class -- they led most of the way before meyer hollingshead hit a go-ahead three less than two seconds left. stanford answered, what in in bounds. ashton laid in and send it to overtime, 60 for all.
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in the extra period. textbook play for lexi, inside. she scored 29 but more importantly, fifth-ranked stanford won the game, 76-68. look at this double team can resize prime rib, served up for justin school. this is the annual lineman dinner. yummy slabs of beef, was he doing there? honorary lineman? he was not the only honorary lineman. >> i got the invite, man, i call the invite a couple of days ago and it is hard to say nine -- notes here offensive line. >> because the season has gone on so long this year we were going to make it work now and why not have a little pre-super bowl dinner? >> a segue to that the pre-nhl all-star stuff, st. louis goalie said if justin bieber could scorn him he would donate
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$10,000. he put the beaver mask on. gave it a try. featured chuckle at the all- star skills challenge. my challenge is why be able to pack and make my flight in time enough to leave for miami tomorrow? >> you just need shorts, maybe a couple of short sleeve shirts. >> a pillow, plica,
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the late show with stephen colbert captioning sponsored by cbs >> now, over in the senate, utah republican mike lee, a trump ally, is blasting the white house, after a classified briefing about the soleimani strike. >> probably the worst briefing i've seen, at least on a military issue, in the nine years i've served in the united states senate. >> all right, i know you have many questions about the rationale for the targeted strike on qassem soleimani. however, i'd like to start with this-- prince harry and meghan markle are leaving the royal family! >> but what about the imminent threat? >> w g


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