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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 29, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. michelle is in miami and we will go live to her in a few minutes but first let's get a quick check on your wednesday weather forecast with mary. >> good morning. we are looking at the temperatures cooler and chillier compared to yesterday morning. put on your jacket as you head out the door. we will see those temps warm up as we head through the afternoon. looking at a mild day ahead. 43 in concord, oakland 48, 40 right now in san francisco. 46 in san jose and 41 for santa rosa. as we go through our afternoon we are looking attempts that will be in the low 60s in san francisco and oakland, mid-60s san jose and concord. about four to 8 degrees above average and this is just the start. i will have more on this warming trend coming up. gianna. the start to your community is a pretty good one. the major issues and we are getting first reports of a minor crash right at pacifica exit and traffic is light so traffic not seeing any or tr bay brgelooking good and
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also a great start here if you're commuting out of the east bay into san francisco. traffic is moving at a limit. no meeting i just had a great start on the bay bridge as well. 15 minutes ago southbound 101 from the richmond-san rafael bridge as you work your way into san francisco. travel times west bound 580 36 minute drive time to a five to 680 body through their so heads up. everything else is in the green so good news there. heads up, hopefully you have heard car free market street against today. is down from 10 to main street, west from stewart to ben s. you will still be able to cross at the intersections of market street but you will not be able to travel down market and that is how it will be for now on. happening today a plane carrying 200 u.s. dignitaries from china will land in california. a flight full of people link the coronavirus outbreak. last night it landed in anchorage, alaska, and the 747 touchdown at around 10:30. it was met by workers in full
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white suits and gloves. at marc air reserve base in riverside. sometime this morning between 7:00 and 9:00 the passengers are due to land. it is not believe that any are sick but cbs has learned that they could be quarantined for three days until they are sure. the disease has been detected in at least 16 countries and in china were it began the death toll stands at 132 with nearly 6000 confirmed cases. five of those cases are in the u.s. also happening today the office is really easy new details in the murder of a bay area tech executive. the sheriff's office is planning to release new video of the person of interest who they suspect of killing him. the reward will also be increased to the largest in county history, that news
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conference starts at 11:30 this morning in santa cruz. new this morning east palo alto police investigating its first homicide of the year. police say they got reports of shots fired last night shortly after 8:00 . when they got to the scene they found a person who had been shot and called paramedics. it was too late. no arrest have been made and police are hoping where witnesses may come forward. as we take a live look at san francisco city hall this morning a corruption bombshell is rocking city government. longtime public works director mohammed nuru has been charged in an fbi probe along with nick bovis. the complaint says that nuru and bovis schemed to private airport commissioner to land a restaurant space. >> the complaint alleges corruption, bribery, side deals, there was an envelope of cash, the scheme involved the payment of a $5000 bride. and also provision of travel.
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>> the complaint also says that the two men try to arrange commercial leasing right at the transbay transit center and manipulate the cities portable toilet designs to help bogus -- bovis lend a bit. in addition to the investigation the city of san francisco is also conducting its own investigation. meanwhile a former purchaser has been tapped to the interim public works director. in the north bay police are set to finish clearing out one of the largest encampments in sonoma county. some 260 people have been camping along the trail in santa rosa took a couple weeks ago the supervisors decided to relocate them to a temporary village in low skills to. the homeless advocates say only 60 people will have a place to stay and the rest have nowhere else to go. to it is official. berkeley city council members voted to allow marijuana friendly smoking lounges within city limits. many were concerned about the lounge per se but that the
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operator, berkeley patient's group, wanted to set up shop at one of the busiest intersections. beat they say it needs the square footage at the location to operate effectively and plans to be a good neighbor. as we take a live look to capitol hill where the impeachment trial against resident trump is entering a new phase now, senators have two days to get their questions answered and lawmakers will then hold a crucial vote to decide whether or not to allow new evidence and witnesses to the trial. 5:05 and we are bringing you super bowl coverage from florida all morning. the niners are getting ready for super bowl liv. >> x5 michelle griego is live from yemen this morning with what it takes to build a winning team. michelle. >> reporter: first of all, at first i in little havana where people are talking and gathering and talking football,
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hopefully all about the 49ers. they made a lot of moves to get the team ready for super bowl liv, now nothing more notable than jimmy garoppolo. the 49ers acquired jimmy g back in october 2017 from the patriots. it was basically a two-month trial. they wanted to see what he could do. rob low is said to be a free agent after that season and went 5-0 as a san francisco starter and made the team's decision on whether to give him a long-term deal and a note was a no-brainer. >> for anyone to come into a new system and new building and give them six weeks to show that he can be the quarterback of the future to me is borderline impossible to do to someone but no matter how good they are. i think he blew all of our minds on the success he had and by the time the season ended even though we thought it would be hard for him to do it made the decision very easy. >> reporter: the 49ers is getting set to face his former team on sunday.
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we are gearing up for football here in miami and so excited because i'm already starting to see some 49ers fans finally. i've been waiting for them for a while but we did run into a few last night. so they will be coming in as we get closer to sunday. >> they are invading miami. >> we need is bay area dance to keep michelle company down there. >> thank you, michelle. >> stay with us for all of your super bowl coverage. throughout the morning michelle is bringing us a taste of miami coming up. along with dennis o'donnell and vern glenn they are all in south florida all week long reading live coverage of countdown to kickoff. it continues here on kpix 5 and of course on cbsn bay area and our website. >> it has been a lot of fun and
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it will only get more fun from here. >>? seven minutes after 5:00. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, is not just san francisco, other major cities around the u.s. making their roads car free. >> coming up we will hear from the department of transportation in new york about how safety factored into their decision and why they say it is a -- already working. >> are you ready for a warm-up? it is coming. starting today i pressure we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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is this for real? not exactly... thats bargain bliss setting in you're basking in the glow of organic produce at shockingly low prices i guess the choir isn't real? oh no, they're real... they shop here every sunday
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5:11. welcome back. a live look from miami. just four days ahead of super bowl liv. that is harvard stadium where the 49ers will play all week long. we got a lot of super but all fun ahead of the game. always longed we have reports from florida as we get ready for super bowl liv. >> miami is a hub for cuban culture and that means some good food. our michelle griego is live in miami. they are cooking up something very special in little havana. michelle. >> reporter: anywhere yogo you little havana. it is so great here especially here at riverside. this is an iconic restaurant that has been here nearly 50
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years. this is where everybody comes and they get their coffee in the morning and talk about things. the cuban culture is really at the heart of little havana. all around the area you can see signs that say little havana and you can see a lot of things that say eighth street which is the main drive down little havana. of course you hear a lot of salsa music as you walk down the sidewalk but, yes, it is the cuban food that draws so many locals and tourists here. >> these are some of our most popular dishes. the cuban sandwich which is iconic to the city of miami. it's like the official dish of miami and it's very classic cuban sandwich. we have cuban bread which we bacon house, we have roast pork, sweet ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles. it's press grilled. >> reporter: and it's warm also. and a little gooey. oh my gosh.
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the mustard is wonderful. >> the are popular. you get them at the restaurant and you can go to any cuban party without having them. they are pretty much ham bichamel and fried. a little scream of lime on them and they are delicious. >> reporter: do you see why i am here this morning? the food is absolutely delicious. i also tried old clothes but it didn't taste like all clothes. it was delicious. shredded deep dish that you kind of pour over amount of rice. so good and just to let you guys know those are only 100 calories each even though their fight. not that er little healthy. >> ok. i would not want to ask about
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the pot contact but you know, who cares. >> what i'm curious about, it's breakfast time right now. are people eating that stuff for breakfast? >> reporter: yeah. >> ok. >> ok. >> reporter: you can order them now but mostly people are drinking the cuba coffee because there is a saying here, 3:05 it is coffee time. they drink coffee morning, noon, and night. >> the copy along with the cuban sandwich, that looks good. we will check back in with you later on. thank you. >> stay with kpix 5 for all the excitement leading up to the big game. by specials from miami on thursday and friday coming up at 7:30. it is 5:14 right now. let's get a check of the roads this morning as people are heading out the door. >> so far so good i was a referee with frequent accident reported right now by chp along 242. 680 and around the connector coming out of highway 4 area.
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you will see some delays because of bad. also seeing break lights west bound 580 at 205. for all the folks making the trek out of tracy supercomputers you know what to expect. some delays and break lights as you head to there. we've got a few slow in spots and some foggy spot this morning so limited visibility. at this trouble spot, if you're traveling along highway 4 towards 242, right around willow pass road, we have reports of a crash with lanes blocked. you will see delays because of that. traffic is still a little slow as you approach a scene so chp and emergency crews are unseen. injuries reported in this accident. we also have a crash with 680 that is just popping up on the sensors. travel times right now along highway 4 still in the green. 26 minutes out of any out as you work your way towards the eastshore freeway. the slowest but there is on 580 through the of month. bay bridge starting to stack up. no metering lectureship but that will probably change within the next couple minutes.
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the golden gate bridge off to a great start to delays coming out of the north bay heading into san francisco and most of the bay area bridges are pretty quite as well as the san mateo bridge for car free market street had been today. it will be closed west bound from stewart to venice. that is the new norm. you might see some extra busy connections on mission and howard which parallel market street for folks utilizing that instead. lots of things to plan for. you have been warned. other cities around the u.s. have also closed off some other street to traffic. in manhattan 13th street went car free and i spoke with your city department of transportation about their decision and one of the biggest reasons for making the change to make it safer for pedestrians and he says they are seeing that. >> safety was one of the big considerations for us as well. the 14th street is what we call streetn the city. s it's little early to have data but certainly everything we are seeing is that with fewer cars, fewer terms, it is making for a safer street.
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thisof th motivations here as well. comiupr next hahour we spoke with the new york city traffic blogger about what help them make a smooth transition plus the road closes at 6:00 and we will bring you life conditions. we are starting off the day with temps that are cooler compared to yesterday. partly cloudy skies and some patchy fog. here is a live look with our salesforce tower camera looking south. you can see temps in the 40s, 43 concorde. oakland coming in at 48, livermore 40 and 50 in san francisco. 46 san jose and 41% a rosa. let's check the visibility especially for the tri-valley. down to a quarter-mile. liver mod -- so, a chilly start okmiof n and
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cl. mile temps this afternoon and we will continue to warm-up as we head through the week with highs in land topping out by friday and saturday in the low 70s. the satellite and radar view because of the strong ridge of high pressure building in for us the pressure is on with those temps on the rise. as we go hour-by-hour on future cash you can see a mix of sun and clouds as we head through our afternoon. them for tomorrow we will see plenty of sunshine as we go through thursday and friday. especially by friday as well. saturday as well. springlike temps with the ridge of high pressure building in and strengthening for us. will actually see a little bit of a light offshore wind component at the end of the week helping attempts to warm- up for sure. as we go through today, temps will be anywhere from about four to 8 degrees above average and this is just the start. 63 in sunnyvale, 63 santa clara, 64 for a high in san jose and morgan hill, los gatos coming in at 64 and conquered pleasant hill 65 later on today and 63 in pleasanton as well as
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livermore. san francisco topping out at 62 degrees. 61 in alameda, 62 (64 for san leandro. 66 for santa rosa and looking at 64 for a high in cloverdale. so here is the extended forecast. you can see that temps warming up for sure. a little bit warmer thursday and then especially by friday and saturday with those temps in the low 70s. a big drop with our temps on sunday. cooler, breeze year, but still mild sunday into early next week. san jose is the first city to test a technology that can detect if someone is illegally writing on the sidewalk. e-scooter company line is behind this pilot program that rolled out on tuesday. it shows how the scooters can detect vibrations to determine which surface a sters like myself if you implement technology like that. i probably will not use your scooters as much.
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>> this comes after the mayor challenged the company to solve the problem of riders sitting pedestrians on sidewalks. line says the first violators will be given a warning and repeat offenders to be fined or kicked off the platform. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, praising or punishing which works better in the classroom? coming up the new research that shows scolding could make students lose focus even more. and let head outside as we take a live look from our sutro tower camera. clear conditions there as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. coming up at 7:00 on tbs this morning rudy giuliani discusses the new allegations against the president plus the number one scan in the u.s. is costing americans tens of thousands of
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welcome back. checking the roadways right now bay bridge metering lights are on and we are seeing are slowing go pattern as you work your way across the upper deck of the bay bridge. no stalls or incidents reported but some slightly slower speeds there. again we are seeing backup on the bay bridge the on the 880
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overpass. some slightly slower speeds as well as you work west bound 580 coming out of the altamont and the accident 242 at four has been clear. happening today new residents will move into the new community cabin site. this is the seventh site and is for people who live in the chinatown and jack london neighborhoods. the site focuses on what mayor libby schaaf calls the four p's. partners, pets, privacy and possessions. it has garbage service, on-site security 24/7 and low-voltage electricity to each cabin. saying is completely voluntary. in open 56% of people have left a cabin site to move into housing or a longer-term program. >> that is a very high success rate. and the cost to operate these communities is roughly half for example san francisco navigation centers. >> there are now 232 community
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cabin beds in oakland. they are funded by a variety of sources including the city of oakland and alameda county. on her healthwatch this morning federal health officials are reporting 2711 cases of e-cigarettes or vaping associated lung injuries with 60 confirm us. the cdc and fda continue to recommend people not used vaping products that contain thc, the mind altering and gritty in marijuana. new research suggests praising and not punishing is best in the classroom. the study in the journal of educational psychology looked at more than 2500 students from kindergarten to sixth grade. researchers found that the more teachers praised and the less they scolded students the more they listen to the teacher and focused on assignments. san jose will soon be home to the largest ice-skating facility in the western united states. the new facility will be about twice the size at nearly 400,000 feet. >> was completed it will serve as the new home of the sharks
5:26 am
minor-league affiliate the barracuda and works to take a little over two years. i am here at cafe versailles enjoying some of my cafi. i will let you know about a little cuban coffee and what 49er fans were coming into miami for super bowl liv can expect. >> and don't forget we are streaming right now on cbsn bay area and you can find tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:30 and streaming on cbsn bay area, going car free. the big impasse people are worried about today when marquetry closest to private vehicles. plus a large memorial continuing to grow for kobe bryant. the laker legend, and the new way fans are hoping to honor him. we are at live in miami
5:30 am
ahead of super bowl liv. the predictions coming in from two former winners. >> thank you for joining us this wednesday. it is january 29, i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. michelle is in miami and we will hear from her and just a moment but first, we want to begin with a major traffic change in san francisco starting today. one of the busy streets will go car free starting in just 30 minutes. a two-mile stretch of market street will be off-limits to private cars and rideshare vehicles. >> we have live team coverage of the chain showing you the impact and let's start with gianna franco in the traffic center. >> this will be a big change for people who commute along marquetry. basically the area between vanness and the embarcadero is where the closure is in a private vehicles will be allowed. is down from 10 to main street west bound from stewart to ben s. if you're commuting into san francisco you will need to plan for that. we will hear from jackie were in just a second but i want to
5:31 am
show you traffic conditions at the bay bridge where you can see traffic is stacking up. we saw a slower than usual traffic pattern on the upper deck and it looks like it has been cleared out but the damage is done and the metering lights are on. slow be on the 880 overpass and traffic is building and is slow right, super commuters making the trek out of tracy into the altamont pass. 36 minutes to go from 205 to 680. is transit might be your best bet this morning. everything is on time and you can utilize mass mary lee heading into san francisco if you want to avoid some of the possible changes. so mission, howard, might be busier than usual select check in with jackie ward with a street view of what is in store for drivers today on market street. jackie. >> reporter: it might be confusing and might add a turmoil to people's regular morning commute, that is why police officers and parking control officers will be out here at 6:00 to 7:00 this morning to ease confusion. here is who will be allowed to drive on that stretch of artistry. taxes, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, muni and
5:32 am
paratransit bikes and scooters. the new rule will only allow drivers to cross market from stewart to vanness but not drive on it. if you drive on market where you're not supposed to the pie will be nearly 255 bucks. the sfmta says safety is a major reason for the change and in 2018 123 injury collisions happen on market alone between octavia and stuart streets. >> were trying to do is really minimize the conflict between bicyclist, pedestrians and private vehicles. >> this is only phase 1 of a three phase project. up next and sometime this spring with the extension of bus only lanes east from third to main street and at that point taxis and buses will not be allowed in those lanes. come this summer there is a plan specifically for the sections of ellis and joan street near market to improve safety and vehicle movement. there will also be major
5:33 am
bicycle intersection improvements done throughout the first half of the year and it's all inspected to cost around 3 1/2 million dollars. how to our local business owners feel about this? we will hear from a couple of them coming up in our next half hour. life on market street in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. you can see jackie is bundled up. temperatures are in at least the 40s in many spots and 39 in livermore. chilly in livermore this morning. we are looking at temps about 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday morning at this time. a live look at our suture camp and looking at 49 in san francisco, 43 concorde, 54 oakland, san jose coming in at 46. as we head through our day a mix of sun and clouds, a mild day ahead so leave the jack -- d the jacket this morning and take it up in the afternoon. looking at temperatures that will be about 4 to 8 degrees above average for this time of year. the 60s in san francisco and mid-60s in the in concord and
5:34 am
this is just the start. will have more on our warming trend coming up. there are three more days for californians to register for comfort california or face a penalty to that in san francisco aims to raise awareness about the open enrollment deadline. it starts at 10 am at the ymca aquatic center. olympic swimmer nathan adrian will lead a swim class and he will be joined by cover california director pete lee. the deadline to register is january 31. the investigation continues into the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and eight other people. the corners office was able to confirm the identities of all of the victims. a cell phone video emerged yesterday and appears to show the helicopter spinning out moments before the final fatal crash. the ntsb says the results of the investigation may not be released for at least another year. to a new way to honor the laker legend more than 2 million people have signed a petition to make kobe bryant the nba logo. it has support from stars like
5:35 am
justin bieber, snoop dogg and asher. the nba has not commented on the petition. we have super bowl coverage for you all morning long. the 49ers are getting ready for super bowl liv on sunday. michelle griego is live in miami this morning with more on the bus ahead of the game. michelle. >> reporter: there is a lot of buzz already. we saw some 49er fans last night and they will be trickling in more today. that is exciting. i am at cafe versailles were the voting understands will come. this is where all the locals and torres come. even presidents will come here and get their cuban coffee and whatever they want. a lot of people are talking football. dennis o'donnell has been rubbing elbows with a lot of players and former players and he has been getting some super bowl predictions from people including ranga caskey and terry bradshaw. >> it's a tough game for you to
5:36 am
call? >> well, yeah. i'm married to a chiefs fan. that's horrible. >> so you are picking kansas city then? >> no. kansas city that the score san francisco will win the game. >> that is why i am a number one analyst. >> reporter: you know what, they should all pick the 49ers. i'm just saying. but that's coming from me who lives in the bay area. i'm going to start asking some of the locals who they will cheer for. we did see some locals yesterday and some guy from germany who has a friend in the bay anhe decihe was going to be a 49ers fan. we will take it, guys. i will bring you a little coffee, coming up, back to you. of course, we are predicting the 49ers win. it will feel great. as jimmy g always has.
5:37 am
when it comes to the big game it is a chance for a lot of fans to place their bets. diane king hall is live on wall street with more on how much cash is actually going to be changing hands here and more into a good morning. >> reporter: we will start with a recap of stocks that rallied on wall street yesterday and the global effort to contain the coronavirus. the dow jumped hundred 87 points and the s&p 500 was up 32 points. starbucks has close some of the source in china and ashton comes as the country battles the rapidly spreading coronavirus. executives say it started more than 2000 shots at the direction of local government officials. they say the closures in this second market will ultimately impact the bottom line. there is no longer any kobe bryant merchandise in nike's online store. when you search his name on the site it appears but the company is offering its condolences to the family. >> back to the super bowl
5:38 am
that's. it means a lot to us here in san francisco, home of the 49ers. so what kind of numbers are we talking? how much money will change hands? >> reporter: football fans are expected to put out about $6.8 billion on the line for the super bowl. that's according to the american game and associations, association rather. about 26 million people will bet and more money is on the chiefs versus the 49ers. >> i've got to put you on the spot. where is your money going? >> reporter: i'm not betting. i'm not putting any money on the game this year. i'm saving my money. >> but you do know what directors would be? >> i do. i do. i'm with you. 49ers. >> diane king hall at cbon she is a smart one.
5:39 am
5:38. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, some hiccups expected when marquetry goes car free today. coming up the big thing and other major city did that helps move about their transition. it is a chillier start to the day this morning and also dealing with some patchy dense fog as we start off the day. today the start of a warming trend for us and i will let you know how warm it will get can my side be firm? and my side super soft?
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asand achieved new york city'sed cacleanest air quality in more than 50 years. as a leader in the fight against climate change, he helped shut down over half of the nation's coal plants, then led one of the biggest pollution reduction efforts in history. as president, he intends to reduce emissions by fifty percent within ten years. because if we want to stop climate change, we need to make a change. this is a fight-we can't afford to lose. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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welcome back. 5:41. as we take a live look at harvard stadium in miami as the countdown to the super bowl is definitely on. we're four days away from the big game between the san francisco 49ers and the kansas city chiefs. >> all week long we will have reports from florida as we get ready for super bowl liv. >> today we are getting a taste of little havana. kpix 5's michelle griego is live in miami with your wake-up to classic coffee and awesome sandwiches. >> reporter: you know what, guys, i have been drinking the coffee this morning so i will a little more alert than they did two hours ago. we are at versailles. it's been here nearly 50 years and is a family owned business business. this is where a lot of stars come, a lot of tourist, and you can see all the locals gather
5:43 am
early in the morning to come and enjoy their coffee and talk with each other. presidents have even come you. this is called -- this is a small window they come up to and may order the coffee. you will never say espresso because if you come to little havana there are three copies that you will order. >> we have coffee all day long. miami has a 3:5 and this is our -- 305 and this is our qb class and coffee espresso with a lot of sugar. and this is espresso cuban coffee with some milk, and this drking it yourself. of that's what these little cups are for. a lot of people order it and attempt to drink the whole thing but it is cuban coffee but bigger.
5:44 am
and you buy these and they come with these little cups and you just, you know, share with all your friends. you have little shots of cuban coffee. >> reporter: it comes in as little cups because it really has some power in all of that strong coffee. so that cuban culture, the food, the coffee, that is all at the heart of little havana. take a look, guys, i will show you some food coming up but these are amazing. and the cuban cheryl, i will eat and get back to you. >> make sure to bring back about 50 pounds of that copy and make sure you learn how to make it so you can brew it for our morning team every morning. >> it looks so good. compared to what we have in the break room right now. yeah. we would love you to hook us up. >> reporter: anything looks
5:45 am
good compared to what we have in the break room. but, yeah, this is the absolute last. >> fabulous. looking forward to hearing more about those easter go check back in with you in a few. sore mornings harvard stadium has brought in 125 chefs to prepare for the ultimate super bowl feast on sunday. everything from burgers, mozzarella sticks, soup and sandwiches, to caviar, cocktails, and high-end champagne. much like the players the chefs will practice right up until sunday. >> michelle dennis and recliner in -- it's too bad we didn't sent mary to miami because she would've eaten all of the. >> oh my gosh, those cuban charles, those look really good. weimar up my alley than some of
5:46 am
the sandwiches. by the way, the coffee in the break room is not that bad. i drink it all the time. >> it's not that bad but to each his own. let talk about marquetry. big changes right now. and this is set to go into effect in about 15 minutes. >> yes, it's going car free and commuters hopefully are planning for that. it will be interesting to see the traffic patterns around marquetry and how that will change as people will use mission or howard instead. if it was up to me i would use mass transit to if i use marquetry to commute into the city until people get used to it. as far as traffic goes, we will continue to keep you updated all morning long. let's get a live look at the bay bridge. it is stacked up and the metering rights are on. is slow right as you come out of the 880 crossing westbound into san francisco. upper deck of the bay bridge is slow this morning. hopefully that will dissipate
5:47 am
in the next few minutes. richmond-san rafael bridge, getting busy and more cars are on the road. san mateo bridge looking good. no delays right now, in fact traffic is like from 880 towards 101 and we got break lights and the usual stop along the outsmart pass. ultima pass. -- south bay drive times look good. traffic is pretty light as you work your way through their. car free market street is found from -- basically most of marquetry between venice and the embarcadero, but the plan for and give yourself extra time if you typically use marquetry. other cities around the u.s. have also closed up some of their street to traffic. in manhattan 14th street what car free at last year. i spoke with a blogger who covers traffic in the big area apple and he told us would help them make the transition
5:48 am
smoother. >> they spend so much time talking about this process as you guys are in san francisco that by the time it hit there wasn't that many cars there because a lot of drivers already figured out they would not be able to go there. what we found over the next few months transit riders the sword and transit travel times drop dramatically. and there's not that armageddon, the car catastrophe everybody predicted. >> again the traffic change starts in just the tent about 10 minutes and we will bring your light conditions coming up at 6 am. fingers crossed to go smoothly for today. we are looking at cooler temperatures this morning. a live look without salesforce tower camera looking north at the golden gate. hartley county to clear skies with patchy fog and we will show you exactly where we are dealing with dense fog this morning. check out the thames. 43 in concord, oakland 50, 39 in
5:49 am
livermore and you are dealing with some dense fog this morning across the tri-valley. san francisco 49, mid-40s for san jose, 41 for santa rosa. visibility right now we are down to zero in livermore. very dense fog. please be careful if you're traveling across the tri-valley right now. we are looking at about one mile from napa in the north bay. whether headlines, a chilly start with patchy dense fog, as we head through the afternoon a mix of clouds. today the start of a warming trend for us. a mild day ahead and we will continue to warm-up as we head through the week. by friday and for saturday the daytime highs in the low 70s. in san jose the last time san jose hit 70 degrees was back on december 12 of last year. so far we are going for the eight days since we have been in the 70s in san jose. and likely hitting that by friday. so for today in san jose mid- 60s, warmer for thursday, and there we go for friday at 70.
5:50 am
cooling down a little bit saturday and especially by sunday. here as a satellite and radar view and the reason why, the ridge of high pressure building in and the pressure is on the temps are on the rise as we go through the next few days. on futurecast going by hour-by- hour a mix of sun and clouds and as we go through tomorrow we will see more sunshine and especially by friday. sunrise is as 7:16 and sunset as 5:29. daytime highs today, low 60s in san francisco and oakland. fremont 62 and mountain view 65. of course we are cheering on our 49ers taking on the kansas city chiefs. our sunday super bowl sunday to the forecast upper 60s and kickoff in miami. there is that extended forecast with attempts warming up thursday and especially by friday and saturday. 5:50 right now and still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming
5:51 am
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now the family can sit down at the table, where everyone knows to be mindful of their manners. dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. today the start of a warming trend for us. it is a chilly start to the day. temps 5 to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. as we head through the afternoon a mix of for the
5:54 am
coast, upper 50s for the bay, low 60s and chicken or inland locations topping out in the low to mid 60s. this is just the start. will have more on how warm the thames will get this we. taking a look at the roadways right now. one of the busiest spots is 580 westbound. if you were commuting out of tracy into the altamont pass you will need 43 minutes ago from the 205/580 connector tort 680. we are seeing a lot of break lights and mostly between mountain house towards redline. the rest of the freeways are problem free. as the super bowl excitement ramps up one fan is getting the chance of a lifetime. >> the nfl surprise and educator with tickets to the super bowl. he got the surprise of a lifetime. a free trip to super bowl liv. he is the executive director of technical education from miami- dade county public schools. for years she has dedicated countless hours helping
5:55 am
thousands of students achieve their goals. and to say thank you the nfl wanted to give her the experience of a lifetime. >> educators that help our athletes along the way are super, super important. i wouldn't be here today without the education i received right here in dade county as a kid growing up. >> i have always wanted to be at a super bowl but when it is at home it's even better. >> she received two 500 tickets that the nfl game of the season to dedicated answer she deserves it for all the things they do. >> we hope she is reading for the writing when she is there. >> the 49ers. the average ticket price this year around $8000-$9000. it's a lot. >> $8000? if i got free tickets i might be standing outside trying to sell them. i will watch on my television. coming up of the next half hour here on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a city getting the green light to
5:56 am
open some unique cafis. why everybody is not on board, next. in less than five minutes, market street becomes car free. up next we will tell you who will not be allowed any longer. and 49er fans are finally heading into miami ahead of super bowl liv. to cheer on their favorite team. of course the 49ers. as the players and the code talk about all of the moves that were made to make that team super bowl worthy. >> don't forget we are
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 6:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, one of the areasiest tting rid of
6:00 am
cars. right now we are live with what you need to know for your morning commute. the complaint alleges corruption, bribery, side deals. >> bombshell allegations involving the man tasked with keeping san francisco claim. the fbi probe just getting underway. we are like the miami as the niners get ready for the biggest game of the year. that move has change the shape of the season. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, january 29, i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. right now san francisco's long- awaited plan for going car free on market street -- will have life team coverage all morning long. let's start with gianna in the traffic center. >> good morning. it may take some getting used to as the car free market street goes into place. definitely plan for that this morning. if you haven't already heard eastbound from kent to main street and west from stewart to van ness, that portion no longer allows vehicles. jackie will have more information on who exactly is allowed to travel through r.


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