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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 24, 2020 1:39am-2:13am PDT

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distancing colding. city and state leaders warn more drastic measures could come if people don't get serious. >> there are a lot of people who have taken this portity to bring friends together to have picnics. and that's not what this is about. [ chanting ] >> health care workers say they're heading into battle without armor. how california is mobilizing to try and get them more protective gear. >> reporter: the city of oakland hires a new police chief, and she's a familiar face in the bay area. more on the next woman taking over the job, and why she was selected for the position. now on kpix and streaming on cbsn bay area, a stern warning. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. tonight the total number of coronavirus cases across the area has reached nearly 900, with
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17 deaths. the biggest outbreaks are in san francisco, san mateo, and santa clara counties. there's a warning that the pandemic will get worse this week. right now, more than a dozen states are urging people to stay home. >> let's go to work. our country wasn't built to be shut down. >> all this comes as bay area cities and governor gavin newsom announce some new actions to keep the virus from spreading. betty yu has more on the tough message to people who are not taking the stay at home order seriously. betty? >> ken, the governor said the overcrowding at public spaces that we saw over the weekend cannot happen again. today mayor london breed warned
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the people of san francisco that she'll take more aggressive measures moving forward to make sure everyone cooperates. >> because it's a matter of life or death. this is not the time for a party, for a play date. >> a stern warning for those in san francisco not doing their part to flatten the curve. >> i'm staying home, i have like enough vegetables and food to stay home, so i haven't been going out. the most i go out is just to run. >> reporter: mayor breed said if irresponsible behavior continues, she'll have no choice but to close public parks. already san francisco playgrounds have been closed to stop the spread of covina. -- of coronavirus. >> the folks out socializing and not taking the social distancing requirement seriously, you are putting lives at stake
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and public health in jeopardy. >> reporter: the goal is not getting as many people sick at the same time so we don't crush the hospital system. >> the worst is yet to come. >> reporter: the governor said seeing people in california overcrowd the beaches and parks over the weekend gave him anxiety and suggested that social distancing could last 2 to 3 months. >> you can't play a pick up game of basketball game. you can't do that as you have in the past. >> effective immediately the governor said he's also shutting down all state parking lots, and starting at midnight, sonoma county says all parks will be closed to the public to slow the spread of the coronavirus. betty, thank you. in a strongly worded message tonight, san mateo's public health officer criticized those people not following the rules saying, quote, you disrespect us all. you spit in our face, and you will contribute to the death toll that will follow. it's a frantic race to
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round up medical supplies and increase hospital beds. the governor says california will need 50,000 beds, more than twice as many as previously thought. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the efforts to make sure health care workers are protected. [ chanting ] >> reporter: ppe, personal protective equipment. these nurses demonstrating at kaiser hospital in oakland say they don't have nearly enough. >> we want what you see when you see the pictures of china and the pictures of, um, italy. they're fully covered. that's what we want. >> reporter: instead, they don't even have enough masks to cover their faces, just as the cases of coronavirus are increasing. if the fight against the coronavirus is a and the severely wito fiatre war, we ep up every time. but if you're asked to go into a war, you need the weapons to fight that
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war. >> nurses are being told in other facilities when they bring in their own n-95 masks that they could be fired. >> reporter: kaiser hospital says they can't confirm that happened, bui sort oat is against the health system's policy according to a spokesperson. meanwhile, at highland hospital, an oakland resident donated 1400 masks left over from the big fires. >> i wanted to just encourage others to look in your supply, whether you're in the construction industry, we critically need these masks right now. >> reporter: california governor gavin newsom says that need is astronomical right now. >> 1 billion gloves to procure. 500 million n-95 masks. some 200 million shields. you get the picture. we're talking in the magnitude of tens of millions, in some cases hundreds of millions. >> reporter: the governor says private industry is now stepping up to help. >> we, by the way, have now 6
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california company, 6, that thli to macregowns. we just had a conversation with 25 providers that want to start 3d printing masks in the state of california. toa musk, how about this, i few days ago that he was likely to have a thousand ventilators this week. they arrived. it's a heroic effort. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. part of san francisco's laguna hospital is quarantined after 2 health care workers tested positive for coronavirus. the hospital confirmed that all patients within the unit are being monitored hourly for symptoms. health officials are trying to trace all people who had contact with the employees. new at 11:00, we're
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learning a food max employ in san jose who tested positive for the virus has died. the employment had not been to work since march 6th. the supermarket has temporarily closed and is in few ened new drive thru testin center for people with covid-19 symptoms. to qualify, you need to have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher. the location is on huntwood avenue. it's also open for health care workers and first responders exposed to the coronavirus. we'll continue to bring you the latest press conferences and updates on the pandemic live on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area. also tonight, the city of oakland has a new interim police chief, and it's a familiar face to the bay area. andrea nakano is in oakland with more about the next woman in charge.
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>> reporter: we got confirmation tonight that susan manheimer is taking over the oakland police department. she's a well known officer in the bay area. she was a captain and lieutenant with sfpd, then took over as a chief for the san mateo police department. w,she may be taking on what may be her biggest challenge yet. she just left her post as a top cop in san mateo at the end of 2019. in an interview with kpix 5 last year, she was looking forward to retirement. >> i'm going to take a couple of months off, decompress, and be a grandma. >> reporter: the couple of months turned into 4, but she's now agreed to take the job as the city of oakland's interim police chief. so far she's getting glowing reviewing. >> i think susan knows oakland extremely well, and i think she's tough, and she'll make a difference.
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>> reporter: she takes over ann kirkpatrick who was fired without cause last month. it was an unpopular decision with the rank and file. >> we need toust their rk, and lo weestathe loyalty and diction >> reporter manheimer has 6 months to gain the trust of her department while trying to get them on better footing with the monitor. >> if she's not interested in staying longer, she will help us attract someone to become the chief of oakland. >> reporter: they were also impressed with her work on the streets of tenderloin and hope the experience helps the city of oakland thrive. in oakland, andrea nakano, kpix 5. >> and oakland mayor libby schaaf released a statement tonight saying
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quote, in chief m anheimer, oakland gets a proven hero who will further reduce racial bias and improve community engagement. still ahead, worried about paen in the middle of a pandemic. tonight's project home looks at what's being done around the bay area to slow down the eviction machine. and a major update whata to saying about the tokyo games. we're still in early spring, which means there's still rain chances in the forecast, including a good chance on the way tomorrow. we'll see
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now our original series project home. this all started with san francisco, and then the governor ordered all of california to shelter in place. >> but what happens when you're at risk of losing your home? susie steimle shows us who's being hit the hardest by the pandemic, and why the eviction machine is difficult to slow down. >> reporter: exactly one week ago, the region received an order to stay in the comfort of our own homes, which for many is uncomfortable. especially if you're now worried about how to pay for where you're supposed to stay put. richard reynolds lost his roofing job. he was working on the new facebook building in santa clara county, but the work has been deemed non-essential, so
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richard was sent home. >>at because of the pandemic or the covid-19 virus we're not available to return to work until april 7th. that's too many days of a gap to receive any kind of money or leniency to even pay rent. >> we would really like to see a full rent and mortgage holiday so that payments are reduced to 0. >> reporter: brad he a community organizer with the community rights committee of san francisco. he's pushing for more protection for tenants like richard on a statewide level, including direct financial assistance, rent and mortgage holidays, and a full stop on evictions and forclosures. >> things like this become sensible in a crisis. it should be sensible that there's no economic impact on people when they're struggling to survive. >> reporter: president trump did call for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures for single family homeowners impacted by covid-19. governor newsom called for a moratorium on evictions, but left policy decisions up to local
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leaders. san jose, berkeley, and the county of san mateo have put in place a moratorium on evictions. the city of san mateo along with hayward, santa rosa, and santa cruz have plans in the works. one advocacy group is mapping it out for tenants. the anti-eviction mapping projects maps where the protections are put in place, but most ordinances only help the people who can prove the eviction is a direct result of covid-19. so evictions in many parts of california are still being carried out from before the pandemic, and that means lawyers have to crowd into court. >> i have to be out here and come to court. i have to deal with opposing counsel and deal with other clients. i can't stay at home and shelter like i'm being directed to by the public health officer of the city. >> every single time someone has to come to court to defend themselves against an eviction action they are putting not just themselves, but the entire community at risk. >> reporter: these lawyers hope san francisco will soon declare a
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holiday and close the courts. that's something that alameda and contra costa counties have already done. the city supervisor has been working to shut down what he calls the eviction machine. does that say judicial system right now? that they think it's die thlkar supposed to leave their home. that makes no sense. we're confident we'll get that changed. >> reporter: advocates also want a moratorium on utility shut offs, but that didn't help oscar gomez. his landlord shut off the water on wednesday for 4 hours a day to perform necessary ajustice a djustments to avoid sewage back ups. >> i have a neighbor who's older and immune compromised, and people have kids. it's overwhelming. uncertainty is frustrating, and something as ordinary as running water in
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my apartment is now frustrates. >> reporter: advocates say they believe the governor and mayor intended for the protections to be in place all along. >> i do believe that the leadership has the best interest of the community in mind, and this is an unintended consequence we're facing right now. >> reporter: the fear isthif e are not specific enough, people will start to fall through the cracks. and for people like richard, that raises anxiety. especially with april's rent payment just a week away. >> i'm just trying to figure out how i can keep a roof over my head, and right now, not being able to pay rent, i don't see how that's possible. >> reporter: state assembly member phil ting has plans to introduce an order that goes further than the governor's order. it would freeze all evictions statewide and extend the moratorium for an entire year. we know a lot of people are struggling right now. if that's you, we put together a list of resources that can help people,
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like richard, and that's with this story on our website. >> yeah, susie, renters have it tough. they have to work out a deal th la lot of folks owning homes, they'll fall behind on their mortgage payments if they don't get back to work quickly enough. what about the people who own? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. they're talking about foreclosure forgiveness, or excuse me, mortgage forgiveness on a state level as well, and it's interesting you bring that up because we decided to look at that for next week's project home. so we'll look at that next, because you're right, it's a problem for homeowners too. >> it costs so much to live here, and a hit like this is devastating for so many people. >> keep sending stories and ideas to project home, and you can see all of the reporting on our website. switching gears, a beautiful sunset tonight
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way maybe. paul has more on the forecast. >> yes, a little drizzle, very light rain showers crossing the bay bridge this evening. you can see that with the windshield wipers flashing by. not enough to put puddles on the road. i wasn't out for a run on my dinner break, and it is a little damp out there. for the moment, high def doppler just showing a few light returns. not much in terms of measurable rainfall out there yet at this point. let's switch over to the future radar, and futurecast shows a better chance of showers beginning to roll in from the west heading into the sunrise hour on tuesday morning. so some showers, it's not going to rain everywhere all the time. plenty of gaps in between where it's not raining. but just keep the umbrella handy if you're out or have the rain jacket with you, because we'll see locally heavy downpours here and there. not enough to erase the rainfall deficit, not even close, but still, we'll take that we can get.
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and the rain showers out there tomorrow as well in the evening, you may have to push a walk back to wednesday. it will be unsettled throughout the day on tuesday, and still some spotty showers possible wednesday. but at that point, the rain chances should be lower. again, the rain won't be a difference maker in terms of making up the deficit, but we'll take what we can get. we're about 50 percent of what we should have to this point in the season. we'll get a little bit as we head through the next 48 hours. it will wash some pollen out of the atmosphere, but the pollen count will climb back up toward the end of the week as the atmosphere dries up. mid-40s already in santa rosa, not too much of a drop the rest of the night. only down into the mid to upper 40s for low temperatures by early tuesday morning. that's due to the layer of clouds overhead. that also blocks the sunshine. we only warm to the mid to upper 50s for highs on tuesday, well below average for late march.
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temperatures warm up as we hit the end of the week, once we see the sunshine back. still lingering showers on the way for wednesday. if you're up early tomorrow morning, wake up with mary and gianna for the latest on weather and traffic starting dark and early at 4:30 a.m. social distancing in the snow. how a community in lake tahoe is trying to keep the tourists away
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a warning tonight for people trying to get fresh air in the high country during this coronavirus outbreak. >> yes, the mayor of south lake tahoe is begging those looking to social distance in the snow to stay away. over the weekend, people crowded the mountain town. the mayor is now asking all vacation home rental owners to stop renting for 30 days, and hotels and motels to do the exact same thing. the big concern is that the local hospital only has 60 beds. >> so most people, i think, are coming up here to shelter in place in a
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beautiful place, and i can't blame them, but we are asking that people stay home. >> it's a smart move. i think it will keep all elements in place. >> i think right now it's a good idea that people comply with this because, you know, that's how people are getting sick. >> the mayor says he does expect the city will end up enforcing the state at home order with police. dennis o'donnell is joining us live on location for sports tonight. hey dennis. >> reporter: actually, ken, we're from the butler cabin. hello friends! will the olympics be the latest sport postponed as a result of the coronavirus? and the
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>> reporter: welcome back friends. a member of the international olympic committee saying the games in japan this summer will not go on as scheduled. the ioc, for their part, saying they'll hold off on the decision on whether to push the games back to 2021. how about oregon's sabrina ionescu named the player of the year. she's only the second player ever to be a unanion.
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pin e ba drafters spring. nfl, the 49ers announcing a new one-year deal for defensive lineman ronald blair. blair is still rehabbing from a torn acl suffered last november after chasing down russell wilson. san francisco has also report ed to agree to a deal with kerry hyer as they try to replace deforest buckner. >> i was surprised because he's been a tr he developed into an all pro, pro bowl player, but he played so well that he price pointed himself out of their plans where they wouldn't make him the second highest paid tackle in the national football league.
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instead, they've invested in eric armstead and will probably rotate a couple of different guys through to replace buckner. >> reporter: hey, in the times of coronavirus, you have to figure out a way to stay in shape. earlier i ran during the sports cast with my dog chili during the entire sports cast. what are you doing to stay in shape? share your workout videos with us, and you might just end up on tv. that's it, friends, (male announcer) up next, how would you like to get
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