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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 1, 2020 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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on the coronavirus in california. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. bay area nurse are joining nationwide may day actions demanding covid-19 protections for all healthcare workers. kpix5 has more from the live news desk. >> they want their employers and government to step it up when it comes to personal protective equipment and to do that right now. this was the scene outside of kaiser oakland earlier today. nurses demanding the highest levels of protections including air purifying respirator and single use n95 masks coverings, shoe goferrings, and gloves. the governor is ready to start speaking. let's hear what he has to say today. >> farm workers and others that are making sure that our essential needs are met at this
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very important moment. it's right to pause and reflect and thank each and every one of are suffered. the need to do everything in our power to make sure that their immediate needs are attended to and that we move aggressively but thoughtfully and tray teenically with a health first mindset to reopening the economy in the peril of economic conditions. i want to begin not only to acknowledge those workers but to just remind you a bit about what we've been doing as both essential workers and those that have been displaced, we talked yesterday about a new portal for child care but again, you can't talk about the work force, those needs of essential workers, and those
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that are searching for job opportunities displaced talking about the need and caring for their children. some 20,000 vouchers have been set aside in our efforts to address the child care needs, thousands and thousands of critical front line employees. over 28,000 slots that are available today and if you go to that site, type in your zip code and you can see a number of license facilities in and around your community with available slots and information about health and safety and quality assessments that our team has put together but child care has been foundational in that space and more resources to invest in that space coming from the federal withature to distribute as quickly as we can
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but again, very grateful for the work, the department of social service, and their imfa sises on child care in this state. acourtingly we focused on sick leave. there was a gap with the federal cares act relating to sick leaves and more with congress as it related to sick leave of protecting smaller employers and employees, which was critical but we wanted to make sure that those in the food chain, from farm workers and those that are packing and preparing and distributing, those that are there on the front lines in the grow stores and larger employers had sick leave protection, those employees getting that prveoud advance an agreement in that space and just want to aplowed the grocery's association and one of the largest unions in
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the united states for their outstanding willingness to contribute and put aside their differences and contribute to the needs of the employees. other things for the front line care workers. care for caregivers and provied stipends and nursing people spending the nights in their cars and scared of going home and potentially contaminating their community or household. we wanted to address through day-to-day necessities and we have already been able to distribute some 36,000 stipends in the program and capacity to do up to 50,000 and we have more people signing up every single day but other 36,000 and
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stepped up and helped support those efforts and many of them no longer are and we've been able to book over 78,000 room nights, 78,000 room nights free or deeply discounted hotel rooms for our caregivers and workers across the spectrum in the healthcare system. thousands and thousands of individuals being able to take a shower and isolate in a room to go back to work and come back and have a place to call their own before they go home and get back into their communities and that's taken off and delivered on the promise we promoted. i recognize we can always do more. we're trying to do more ill er h
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program just started ramping up in a few weeks back. we've also been pushing a series of other efforts to take care of people, particularly in the skilled nursing facilities working with caregivers with ihss workers. we've been able to do 173,000 wellness checks. we made some agreements with some of our largest unions in the state to allow additional resources to provide that additional attention to vulnerable californiaens that are that was a foundational
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principal and effort and i'm by incredible work of teams all up and down the state to check? 177,000 people. we talked about augmenting the work force and had remarkable numbers and this healthcare announcement we made in weeks back and focusing on the surge and we talked about the surge and the need not just to find physical beds and alternative care sites for hospitals and the like and ppe and enough personnel people and we had a universe quite large of a potential work group and we haven't needed them and tens of thousands of people needed applications on the site and some of our duplicates and some of them didn't necessarily work to meet our needs, but there are hundreds and of co i to re red throhe ther heal
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acknowledge their incredible work. we primarily focused on the skilled nursing facilities and we just as an example, this is a modest example but impactful example and talking about the strike teams, these efforts on infectious control, infection control in the skilled nursing facilities. with i have through that health core website been able to identify just in southern california, 87 individuals that just came off that site that are part of our strike teams in our surge work force in our skilled nursing facilities in southern california, 78 in northern california, an additional 35 pre-deployed in and around the richmond area in the san francisco bay area. all again part of that
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healthcare site. the response was overwhelming and humbling and critical moving forward and toggle back and make many changes to the stay at home odderrer and if we see community spread and the numbers grow having the physical assets in place already in having this work group that we're still vetting and we'll provide incredibly important resource for us if that personnel is needed. i mentioned ppe, it's always important to remind people of ppe. that's a worker safety issue and goes deep to the spirit of may day and international workers day. we've got to protect the front line employees and not just pro stipends and hotel room and make sure that we have a health core that can help support the most vulnerable but also make sure that we have their protective gear and we are really pleased. this week i announced earlier this week, we got 3.1 million
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new surgical masks that came in from overseas. there's been two additional flights in the last two weeks arriving in the state of california with 5.1 million additional units of surgical masks and -- 5.2, excuse me. we got 5.2 million distributed and 5.1 million went out in addition to the 3.1 million earlier in this week. 8 plus million new masks just like that in a few days with flights coming in in part of the larger contract and very encouraging. those were supposed to come in starting may 1. they've already come in and it's an encouraging sign and as soon as they come in, with owe try to get these things and i recognize n95s are
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a big part of the orders coming in and we have responsibilities for gloves and shields and gowns and all the rest of the protective gear and it's also important not only for essential work force but to broaden as we begin to reopen our economy. by the way, just on that, this ppe question, we talk a lot about testing on monday we'll talk about tracing and tracking and isolation and issues of quarantine and i'll update you on the contracts there and our work force effort there is and some of the technology we'll use to guide operations and ppe is fundamental in terms of reopening the economy sooner. those include protective gear essential for businesses to reopen and provide customthtion workers that protection they deserve. ppe is foundational in that.
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it's just another reason we have to be real deliberative on how we reopen the economy and it's may day every year since my birth. that's a day to express yourself, which is a wonderful tradition in this country. people protesting the status quo, which is also a wonderful point of privilege we have in the united states. we should celebrate that and thank people for expressing themselves but that expression this year is one of frustration and concern and deeply understandable anxiety about the economy and the fate and future of their families and this state and our nation and the world collectively we're trying to build and so i just want folks to know, we're getting very close to making really meaningful augmentations to the stay at home order. we are weeks not months, i want to say many days, not weeks, as long as we continue to be
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prudent and thoughtful in certain modifications and we'll be making i think some announcements but, look, ppe is foundational and we still have a lot of work to do to procure even more ppe. but that's a good sign. issue of training becomes really important in the efforts to identify the needs of our workers both those that are essential that need to be retrained and get recalibrated in terms of opportunities within the existing work force and change their previous job description to meet the acute needs of the moment but also those that have been displaced. we got $17.8 million out in the training grants and their 42 work force in the beneficiary throughout the state of california and those training dollars are import these things
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build up and wage garnishment that we did to make sure that any of the ho dollars redistric other obligations to victims if indeed you you're responsible and the garnishment and it's important and it's a point of emphasis, the last point but it's an important point, most important, issue of unemployment insurance. 3.9million folks since march 12 have filed for unemployment insurance. we've been able toistribute s e with this record number of unemployment. 340,000 people, we just started a couple days ago, 340,000 people have signed up for the
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pua, which is pandemic unemployment assistance separate from unemployment insurance and we are processing those as quickly as we humanly can and quickly and humanly as possible. that's really important for people to know and also important for people to know we wave it on unemployment insurance insurance and a delay beginning the processing. we're mostly in the 21 day period for the millions of people that were distributing money and i just want folks to know again, 1340 people was not enough to re-deploy to help the call volume and distribute bene additional 600 new people in the last days being trained and re-deployed and they're in the process and in the cue. we talked about chat boxes that we put up with texting technology and new eligibility changes and we're star know y
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this way for some of you that have scalled and deeply frustrated because there's multiple lines and we're trying to integrate that process as well, but we recognize we have a lot more work to do, but i do mark with data and metrics the progress and can say this that this time last week, we are now 50% greater in terms of our engagement than a week ago, even with the volume increasing and so it just is a good sign that we're starting to -- we're behind but get ahead. meaning we're falling back quickly and we're holding our own and pushing back against the tide of understandable and legitimate frustration that we have a responsibility to clearly address. in getting support to our front
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line workers and we can't thank you enough for the incredible work you've done through very challenging and difficult times. i've said this on many occasions on the front line workers that we have included in our truckers and logistics folks, the folks in meat packing plants, the factories are unsung heros in this effort and may not sound like a big thing but it might be important. we want to take care of our truckers at some of the truck stops up and down the highways. they have a hard time getting food and one of the things we were able to do at least at 14 ese up and i offer a point of consideration and food trucks, that was not legal. we made amendments through an executive order and you've got the food trucks up to support our truckers and teamsters and others independent and i want
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to acknowledge all of you for those moving things around and keeping things going and all those early supply chain concerns, you substantially mitigated and i just want, we can't thank you enough and acknowledge all your hard work. it's a little different and last year with maria and down to the america river college doing may day where i tried to fix lightbulbs and change t4s or t8s, i didn't do a very good job and proving that everybody has value, everybody has worth. that all of us should celebrate whatever vocation you have and whatever profession you have chosen. millions and millions and millions of acts of individual generosity and spirit and expertise that keep a society together and make an economy buzz and i just want to thank you for building our economy and allowing us to work hard to
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get through this difficult time so we can get the economic conditions where you deserve them to b.. i'll make additional comments. as you know, we make modifications that got a lot of attention but deserve some and relates to faith based services and the ability to sell cars with conditions and work to open up bike stores and continue our efforts to begin to modify a reopening of the economy, those have already taken shape and we talked yesterday about expansion with outdoor activities and clarification around issues of gof and tennis and issues around roller blading and kicking the soccer ball with
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your family. we'll continue to update those on a consistent basis and i know you're very, very eager to update and sectorial and regional not just potentially and regional chances and we're working very hard day in and day out to advance. i can only say this: we're gettin, very close to making some announce 789s that i think will be very meaningful to people in retail sector, hospitality sector. yes, that includes in that second phase, restaurants, again. with series modifications, we've got teams of people working not just internally but externally to look at each type of business within each type of industry.
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sectorial and individual guidelines that will be a requirement of any meaningful reopening. i'll say it again, i deeply understand the rural differentiation between some of the dense urban. we hear you, we're paying atnti we are endangering many, many of you very directly and health directors in particular in working individual by individual basis and cities representing all 4 the 0 plus cities in the state and our county in all 58 counties and so those conversations continue, we're processing them. i want to be crystal clear. know that and know that i'm looking forward to answering your call, addressing your anxiety, and it's not lost on me. we're not turning our back to those concerns. we recognize the economic pain and how that manifests in health issues as well.
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we said this in the beginning of the week when we put out principles and guidelines, there's the health consequence we have to address with c19, covid-19, but there's also a health consequence of an economy that's ailing. the mental health consequence. not just physical health consequence and that's why again, we started to address some of the physical issues that are manifesting because of a lot of behavioral health issues by opening up scheduled surgeries again in our hospital system and that's being phased in very, very thoughtfully. up and down this state and differently in different parts based on different conditions and different hospital systems all up and down the state. but that spirit of recognition, that spirit of collaboration, that spirit of partnership is going to be advanced in very public ways very accident very soon but again, we're driven by data and health and we're driven by good guidance and so just know that i'm looking
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forward -- next week to be making, i think, some very cotructive announcements in this space. i don't want to overpromise, but i just want to assure you that if we can hold the line co and just avoid the temptation to get back and congregate with people in ways where we can see an increase in the spread, we'll get there much sooner than many people perhaps think. let me make this point on the basis of the data that allows me to make that point much the data today was slightly encouraging and same time deadly and discourage i and we tragically now have lost the lives of over 2,000 people in this state of california. the number of deaths in the last 24 hours were not encouraging but part of the bucket of discouraging and devastating to the families
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that have been torn apart because of loss of a loved one in the communities impacted by the loss and integral in the quality of lives. 91 people lost their lives in the last 24up. today in simila lost their lives. don't think this virus is disappeared. ask the family members of those that tragically lost loved ones and we reached the second milestone, over 50,000 cases of positive test results that have come back for covid-19. over 50,000 now. those numbers went up. again, the good news is so did our testing. over 655,000 i tests now conducted and it's may 1. i wanted to get here by may 1 and we've been averaging over 25,000 tests every single day just as we said we would.
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i say that and i'm not spiking the ball and not fleeting. it can be based on supplies and many different factors but yesterday close to 30,000 tests that were reported. i just remind you they were reported in. we still believe many tests not being reported and we're doing everything we can to get to everybody and a lot of individuals and a lot of groups doing testing that we need to get in the system but that's encouraging but the testing comes with the discouraging numbers of more positives and i want to remind you of them. the good news is -- good and discouraging is our icu numbers were flat yesterday. hospitalization actually went knowi said pua. y and then i. cog ani
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understat and appreciate it. the pui number in relationship to icus p icus, people under investigation for potential covid-19. we saw a significant decline in both categories. icus and hospitalization yesterday in the pui space. flat in terms of total icu beds but drop in puis, a modist decrease in puis so that's good news. bad news, positives, good news, stable line that you have ical stancing thatveat scale in state over the course of the next week. we'll be able to make some
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announcements that will give people some more confidence and the ability for california to get back on its economic feet. so no one wants to hear the word patience so i won't use that word. i'll just reflect on the fact no one wants to hear that word. none of us want to hear it because we're all impatient and deeply anxious and deeply desirous to start to turn the page and turn the corner with all the modifications that are required. the data is starting to give us more confidence, ppe testing, our ability to begin very, veriedly itive madifications in the progress of getting guidance ready to deliver to counties, cities, and regions all across the state. that's a broad stroke. it's a little long winded and a where we reflect essential and displaced workers and thank everybody out there for their hard work and sacrifice and
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again i want to thank in particular that were not part of that list and more essential for others. for the parents out there and uncompensated care that mothers in particular do and a special month for any reason and i said this we owe a particular debt to all our mothers and women out there are in this care economy that just have done heroic work and often underrecognized and undervalued and we cannot impress upon -- all of us cannot express enough our deepist gratitude in respect to those mothers and parents out there doing double duty right now with the schools being closed and all the extra work that is under terms of
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heavy burden. with that, happy to answer any questions. >> i don't know specifically about the issue san francisco is doing and governor and we made a deal with the company called patel to put together sterilization of n95 masks and the first went up and operational and there's a second unit that's coming to
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northern california quite literally as being set up in the past one of the masks arrived that was sterilized off that line for burbank today and was presented and shared with our team in our morning meeting and it looks as new as any other mask. that said, i appreciate sterilization, 20 times per mask. not everybody's first choice and that's why we went out to get that large contract and we are looking forward to getting many, many more of these n95 masks and we have districted and i hope i'm wrong. other states districting over 44 million n95 masks and 44 million and we'll need multiples even of that to meet the needs


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