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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 9, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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put lives in jeopardy. >> inmates family members, elected officials, healthcare providers, all rallied outside san quentin today, a prison with a coronavirus outbreaks so severe that it's putting pressure on bay area hospitals.>> the worst prison state screwup in history. >> there are thousands and thousands of men and women within the prison system that need to be released. >> marian wicker's husband, like about half of the state prison population, is considered a low risk inmate by the cdr assessment tools. >> governor newsom, release prisoners now.>> we have plans to bring the population down from 131% capacity to below 100% capacity. >> today governor newsom called the san quentin outbreak incredibly frustrating. and while he is promising more help, there are now more calls
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for accountability. >> people have lost their lives because of these decisions. and these people are still in their jobs. this has to end.>> there was some talk about accountability today, not just from assembly member levine, but from the governor himself. some finger-pointing over who is to blame for the messed that was produced at san quentin. we will talk more about that at 6:00. >> there is plenty of blame to go around, but isn't entirely up to the state, is it just the es rnsibility? ly in hocalifornia pris system there is a federal receiver involved here, and that gentleman was called out a couple of times today. we will talk about that coming up at 6. the finger-pointing is
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not settled.>> thanks, great reporting. the san francisco mayor london breed has tested negative for covid-19 after being exposed at a public event. the mayor won't be making any public appearances for about the next 10 days and will get retested. she says she is lucky to have a job that allows her the flexibility to work from home, but not everyone is so lucky. a supervisor also attended the same event and we were told he has also tested negative. tonight governor newsom announced more support for cal fire for the peak wildfire season happening amid the pandemic the new state budget includes $285 million for new blackhawk helicopters. they are faster and carry three times more water. also, 130 million for upgrading communications equipment 3 to 5 million for wildfire cameras, 25 million for new technologies and wildfire modeling. plus, a big investment in cal
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fire's workforce. >> one of the more important investments we made was $85.6 million investment to provide a new permanent workforce for cal fire. we are adding an additional 172 members full-time and equivalent staff to our team. >> california has seen more than 1000 wildfires already in 2020 compared to the yearly average of 2500. cal fire is calling on everyone to report suspicious fire activity and keep vigilant in fighting coronavirus as well.>> we need you as the public to wear your mask. your mask is what will keep you safe from infections coming into your community as well as keep our firefighters and emergency responders say from taking infeout into their population. >> hellfire is also changing its protocols when helping evacuees read that includes
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health screenings, dedicated cleaning staff and prepackaged meals. we first brought you the governor's update live streaming on cbsn a area, 24 hours a day on and on the kpix news of another digital platforms. time now to get a check of the forecast. temperatures warming up around the bay area today. and just wait because it is going to get even hotter.>> temperatures will continue coasting up as we head into the weekend, but it's hot enough for inland portions of the bay area right now. a lot of 90s in santa rosa, concorde, livermore and fairfield. fairfield had a high temperature close to 100. down to the low 80s in san jose and napa has managed to cool down into the upper 70s. so it is not hot everywhere, especially at the water, 59 degrees at half moon bay.
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i temperatures on friday will be a degree or two warmer are there inland, with temperatures a couple of degrees warmer in san jose and about the same for concord. around the water, temperatures still mild, slightly above average for this time of the year. the hottest day in the forecast looks like it will be sunday. let's get you to palo alto where a new black lives matter mural is getting around the clock attention.>> reporter: this is the mural that artists painted on june 30 on hamilton avenue in palo alto. it is right outside city hall. one of the artists said he spoke to the mayor about putting a protective ceiling on it to preserve it and that it would possibly happen over the weekend. but when that didn't happen the artist decided, we will protect it ourselves, and that's why
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you see the orange cones. but one of the artist decided to park his car on hamilton avenue, my photographer is zooming into that car, he decided to park here to stop cars from driving over the mural and he said he spent the night here overnight and has been here ever since and he will stay here until the city puts a ceiling on top of this mural.>> the reason i'm here is for three things, number one, to protect the art. number two, black lives matter, and number three, support the police.>> i just heard from the city just a few moments ago, so i have not been able to get a reaction from the artist we spoke to. the city said they've actually decided not to put a ceiling on the mural because it would change its color and make it slippery, making it a safety hazard. we will go ahead and talk to the artist and get his reaction and bring that to you at 11:00 tonight.>> black lives matter!
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black lives matter! >> activists painted a black lives matter mural on fifth avenue in york directly outside of trump tower. not only did mayor bill de blasio sanction the location but he also picked up a paint roller and help to create the art installation. he was joined by reverend al sharpton.>> the son and wife of a doctor are speaking up for the first time about the ambush shooting that took the doctor's life in sierra county. the interview you will only see on cbs.>> i said where is dad and he's like, he's been shot. and i said what you even mean. >> when paige gershman received text messages from her son she said she thought he was sending her videos from scenery from a trip with his dad. but they were reaching out with
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a far more harrowing message. he and his father have been shot, and ari gershman had been killed. >> we asked him for directions and the shooter pulls out a pistol and starts shooting, after two or three shots he was hit. >> the 15-year-old bolted from the car and took off into the surrounding woods in sierra county. he said he got lost and went he was finally able to call his mom he barely had reception and his phone was running out of battery. >> when my phone died i didn't know what to do, so i prayed. >> local authorities say it was more than 30 hours since they were able to locate jack and reunite him with his family.>> we all just screamed and hugged and cried. but then it was that relief and we knew he was okay. but then it was the reality that ari was not. >> later that day enforcement detained the suspected gunman,
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40-year-old john thomas conway. they say he is suspected of shooting and wounding two other people in a separate attack hurt the motive for both shootings, unknown. >> i hope he spends the rest of his miserable life in jail. >> now dr. gershman's family is remembering a man they called humble, smart and generous. >> he was all about helping others, and just so funny and kind, he's my best friend. >> paige gershman said that jack will be asked to look at the lineup today. a gofundme to support the family has already raised more than $430,000.>> the alleged gunman, john thomas conway was wanted on two felony warrants at the time of the shootings. last year he made the butte county sheriff's most wanted list for charges including vandalism, battery making
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terrorist threats. a violent 24 hours in antioch, the city saw two homicides in just one day. police say a 35-year-old man was shot inside his vehicle lla driveway along melissa circle when at least one person approached him and opened fire. edward succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, no suspects have been identified. hours earlier an argument turned fatal in a liquor store parking lot. police responded to rome's liquor and food store yesterday morning. they found a 35-year-old man fatally stabbed while a 48-year- old man was found lying in a nearby intersection with multiple gunshot wounds. he was hospitalized in stable condition. still ahead on trying son found alone on a boat. and california goes to court to protect international college students. the legal battle over the
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the search for a missing glee star has turned into a recovery effort. she went busy while boating with her son in southern california. and she was last seen in the los padres national forest just about 50 miles north of los angeles.>> reporter: from the air, on the water and under it, searchers push forward with the recovery efforts for actress nyara rivera. investigators say she and her four-year-old son rented a pontoon boat wednesday afternoon but when the it and r son sleeping on board that there was no sign of his mother. >> there is no signs of foul play or anything that went wrong besides a tragic accident. >> investigator say rivera's son was wearing his light life
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vest, and the child told them he and his mother were swimming but it's unclear what happened after rivera got in the water. >> he told us he was put back on the boat by his mother. >> authorities say rivera is familiar with lake pyro and has been coming here for years.>> the lake is very in depth, it goes from 40 feet to five or six feet. i was out on the lake last night and our depth finder was going crazy. there's a lot of debris and trees at the bottom of the lake, there are a lot of factors that play into the lake. >> is known to have rip current's and cold and deep waters. authorities say there have been drownings here in the past. they now presume rivera suffered the same fate. just a couple of days ago she put a picture of her and her
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son on social media with the caption just the two of us. to make the mayor of seoul korea was found dead today. his daughter reported him missing and said he left her a message that resembled a will. the day before one of his secretaries filed a complaint accusing him of sexual harassment. he was in his third term as mayor. california's attorney general is suing the trump administration over its new mandate that prevents international college students for receiving visas if their classes are all online. >> california has more students on international visas than any other state. for those enrolled in programs with no in-person classes available, the trump administration only additional guidance to students was either leave the country or transfer to another program. bottom line, the decision with this policy was simply arbitrary and capricious.>> the
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university of california is filing its own lawsuit and seeking an injunction to prevent ice from enforcing the order. stanford, harvard and mit have also sued. a live look at the white house where president trump is claiming partial victory after the long awaited supreme court ruling on his taxes.>> one point i'm satisfied, at another point i'm unsatisfied. this is a political witchhunt, appear witchhunt, a hoax. >> although the president can block the release of his records to the congress, returning the case to lower courts. in hese the demas the presence tax return, with chief justice writing not even the president is above the common duty to produce evidence . >> it is not good news for the president of the united states. >> the public is not likely to see the president's records
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anytime soon and likely not before the election. in the meantime president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen is back in prison after a very short reprieve. he is back in custody for violating the terms of his early release from prison due to the pandemic. in may he was ordered into confinement but was recently seen eating at a new york city restaurant. he was serving a three-year sentence for lying to congress, facilitating hush money payments to women who claim to have affairs with the president. the government's leading infectious disease expert is walking back his comments about another potential shutdown. dr. anthony fauci told the wall street journal yesterday that some states should consider it to slow down the coronavirus area but then listen to his remarks today. >> rather than think in terms of reverting back down to a complete shutdown, i would think we need to get the states pausing in their opening
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process. >> dr. fauci said some states did not follow public health y and the u.s. had another daily record for cases yesterday, nearly 60,000. florida reported its biggest 24 hour jump in deaths since the pandemic started. it was 120. california, arizona, texas and florida are the hotspots on the white house task force red zone scale. it's time to get a check at the forecast. paul is standing by, and it's really starting to feel like the heat is on.>> especially away from the bay. temperatures are comfortable around the water and near the a we head into the second weekend of july. a little bit of fog developing along the bay and the coast. for tomorrow, mostly clear skies, near average high temperatures along the bay and the inland heat will continue
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to build. the hottest day will be on sunday. not talking about record high temperatures, but you will definitely notice an increase in temperatures. it's already 95 in concord, 92 in livermore, san jose reached into the mid-80s this afternoon, now backing off a little bit. 76 in oakland, it feels pretty nice out there the futurecast shows the fog trying to creep across the bay, with a little bit making its way inland by early tomorrow morning. we will see plenty of sunshine for the rest of friday. same pattern friday night into saturday. the fog will thicken up along the coast and creep into the bay early in the morning. and then plenty of sunshine for everybody the second half of the weekend. temperatures tonight dropping down to what's normal, 55 degrees in the city, mostly mid
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to upper 50s. the color spots dropping to around 50 degrees in the valleys of the north bay and right along the coast. the warmer spot staying around 60 degrees. we will heat up tomorrow before the unsharp breeze kicks in. it will not be an overly windy day by bay area standards. the wind will pick up gradually as we head through friday. should be around 10 miles per hour by noon, and then we will see gusts over 20 miles an hour during the early afternoon and evening. but again, that is not a windy day. temperatures in the upper 60s low 70s, and then upper 80s as you head into the santa clara valley. hotspots will be are there innd, talkg close to 100 in fairfield, mid-90s up and down the tri-valley and eastern contra costa county will get in the upper 90s. upper 80s and low 90s for the north bay, with similar temperatures on saturday and
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sunday that's when the temperatures peek. we do steadily drop off as we had into next week. back to near normal temperatures by wednesday and thursday. the warmest day on the water will be sunday and tuesday. temperatures should end up reaching five or 6 degrees above normal. coming up we will take an hour by hour look at tomorrow's temperatures. tsa struggling to protect its workers during the pandemic. the new safety changes for screening passengers. and after months of sitting silent, disney world reopens its doors. what visitors can expect in the era well many people have such a misunderstanding
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tsa is making safety changes to better protect passengers and officers. more than 1000 employees have tested positive for coronavirus. the new safety protocols include having officers change into a new pair of gloves between interactions with passengers officers will also be required to wear face shields in addition to facemasks. the uss theodore roosevelt returning to the port earlier today. the carrier deployed in january but docked in guam in march after a massive outbreak on board with over half the crew quarantined and to members died from the virus.
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the captain was fired after he warned the navy about the outbreak.>> disney world is officially back open despite a surgeon coronavirus cases in florida. passholders were able to reserve a spot to visit the park today and tomorrow. it didn't appear to be very busy very disney world had been closed for four months, now masks are required, capacity is limited and other safety measures are in place. the park officially reopens to the general public on saturday. covid-19 has dealt a huge blow to bed bath and beyond. the company announcing it is closing 200 stores over the next two years, but 20% of its locations. so far no word on which stores are on the cut list. more local news coming up at 5:30 including our original series project home. what's behind an astonishing spike in homeless people in the santa clara county. could
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your blood type put you at higher risk for coronavirus? what new studies reveal. and a new partnership involving for the sweaty faces,
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and the hidden smiles.
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the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. >> you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 , more local news at 5:30. colin kaepernick's vegan diet inspiring a new partnership. there are a op isuilding medically fragile and this is a major health risk. >> some oakland renters going on strike. how they say their building owner is putting them at risk for coronavirus. first, our original series project home, a major uptick in homeless deaths in the bay area's biggest
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county. >> this statistic grabbed our attention recently, the number of homeless people dying each year in santa clara county has more than quadrupled over the last two decades. so what is going on? we looked into public records and discovered the answer may not be what you expect. >> teresa wilson just entered her 50s and with this new decade comes new health concerns.>> i'm in pain every day, my body hurts. >> she says her worries worsened with every day she spends on the street. >> my body out here has changed and has gotten weaker. >> public records obtained by kpix shows a staggering increase in homeless deaths in santa clara county, up more than 400% since 2000. 166 people died last year compared to 31 in 2000. every year,


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