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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 9, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news in contra costa county where two deputies were shot tonight. we'll take you to the scene for the very latest. human remains recovered in santa clara county. what the police are revealing about the grim discovery. a high school issues an apology. the newly released report which details how it failed to protect sex abuse victims. taking drastic action tonight to keep the ever- growing crowds away. we're going to begin with breaking news. two deputies shot in contra costa county.
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let's get right to andria. >> reporter: this is the scene right now. deputies are here, investigators are here looking into what happened here tonight. we are in knightson. it's the eastern part of brentwood. we want to show you video that we captured earlier of the scene. the contra costa sheriff's department has confirmed the suspect has been killed and two deputies have been shot. they are telling us this all started around 12:30 this afternoon. we don't know what the initial call was about, but a stand off began after the suspect was seen with a shotgun. at 1:20, that's when we started getting word that one person was killed and three deputies were injured. two deputies were transferred to the hospital and a third was released on the scene. we are waiting for more information and -- but to recap what happened here tonight, the suspect has been killed. two deputies shot. they were taken to the hospital. we don't know what their conditions are at this point.
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reporting live in -- near brentwood, kpix 5. >> be sure to watch the kpix 5 morning news starting at 4:30 tomorrow for any new developments in this investigation. in the south bay tonight, investigators are trying to identify human remains found earlier today. those remains found in a creek bed in coyote in an unincorporated area of the city. investigators tell us it appears there was a tent or homeless encampment there. but it's too early to it will if the remains were a man or woman. new video tonight of fire crews putting out flames at an apartment complex in san jose. the fire started around 5:15 this evening on south willard avenue. 39 residents were evacuated but two dogs were killed. firefighters had trouble with visibility during the fire fight. >> it was hard to see what was burning at this point.
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and once the hewaableable to se was a fully engulfed apartment on the second floor. >> tonight the red cross is helping the displaced victims find temporary housing. a prestigious high school in san jose is apologizing to its students for failing to protect them from sexual abuse at the hands of its own staff. maria medina is at the school with the investigative report just released today. >> part of me is disappointed that it took this long. >> reporter: that was catherine in 2018, the original whistle blower and sex abuse survivor. after coming forward, many more victims spoke up with similar allegations of abuse by faculty at presentation high. today the school released the final report and issued an apology saying, quote, to the survivors of the abuse, we
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deeply and sincerely apologize. the stark truth is the school did not live up on its commitment to protect you. >> the school has actually done a lot of good work. or organization has been on the campus. >> reporter: executive director esther says they've worked for presentation high recently in trying to change its culture and have even received funding from a campus group that serves the community. >> we've been asked to come to campus, talk to young women. that's what we want to do. we want to create an environment where young women feel comfortable. >> reporter: but according to the report, for decades, the school did not create that environment. long-time principal mary miller resigned in 2018 and apologized. >>faed me after grad abuse to the police, i was
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devastated. >> i think they've started the journey in terms of look at their own systems, you know, how do we support young women who make these allegations. >> reporter: the report goes on to say presentation is updating its policies on reporting abuse. it's trying to learn from its decades-long mistakes. >> is a beginning it. is a process that the school has to undertake. >> reporter: sexually abused en. nigh no longer work for is trying to stay off the state's watch list, all while dealing with an influx of visitors to south lake tahoe area in a surge of coronavirus cases. during an emergency meeting tonight, county licensing authorities were given the power to suspend health permits for businesses defying state guidelines. officials say they don't want to drive anyone out of
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business, but they do want people to follow the rules. other counties on the state's watch list have gone back to closing bars and indoor dining at restaurants. coronavirus cases among healthcare workers at san francisco general have shot up 50%. hospital officials confirm tonight that 15 workers tested positive between june 27th and july 6th. meantime, the entire maintenance crew at san jose's lake cunningham park had to be sent home because of possible coronavirus exposure. sources tell kpix an employee tested positive and was in close contact with coworkers. the union rep for 750 city workers says they have repeatedly raise concerns that supervisorred were not following safety precautions. staff meetings were held in
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small conference rooms and workers would eat lunch together in close proximity. >> they weren't doing screenings in the mornings. they were nosupposed to be meeting indoors. i've been work walnut grove this department ever since may and they just aren't taking it seriously. >> 14 workers have been quarantined. a spokes person said the park remains open. that outbreak comes as california reports the highest number of deaths in a single day since the pandemic hit. health officials reported 149 deaths in just 24 hours. that's more than 20% increase over the previous high. a similar situation in florida, which reported its biggest jump in deaths and hospitalizations since the pandemic started. dr. anthony fauci said the state reopened too early. >> certainly florida, i know, you know, i thk jumped over a couple of checkpoints. in arizona, hospitals have
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fewer than 150 unoccupied icu beds this that entire state. president trump and the cdc are on different pages of the school book tonight. the public health agency says it will not answer calls from the white house to revise its guidelines for reopening k through 12 classrooms. instead, it will release, quote, additional information. the president has criticized the cdc guidance as too tough and expensive. he's also threatened to cut off federal funds if schools don't reopen. for the latest updates on school reopening plans, head to the special section on our website, announced during the pandemic. kpix 5's joe z res ucbeth student body would be impacted. >> reporter: at an immigrant
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rights rally in oakland tonight, they are denouncing the new international student policy. >> there is no just a pandemic of this coronavirus, but a pandemic of systematic oppression and white supremeesy. >> reporter: international college students would have to leave the country or transfer if they were attending a program that offers only online classes that fall. today, california became the 1st state to sue the trump administration. >> not on our watch. california graduates more students from college than anyone else. and we're proud of having the most diverse group of students in the nation. >> reporter: the university of california system has also joined a chorus of other colleges that are suing to try and keep the new order from happening. >> i ey ke ac, but wantfunding ertrump
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nistrati says the new rule is to keep international students from committing fraud since they would not be going to a school in person. what do you really think is going on here? >> racism. >> reporter: today, usc announced anyone student that needed to take an in-person course in order to keep their student visa would be able to do so free of charge in order to get around the policy. a 6-year-old is on a mission to save the oakland zoo. tonight, we'll hear from the girl who's inspiring people from all over to step up and help. >> i got the idea making donations with bracelets. >> for the zoo; right? >> for the zoo. >> to raise enough money to feed all the animals at the zoo for like a monow. illegal fireworks weren't just bringing noise pollution to california neighborhoods on the fourth of july. the new environmental study.
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checking back in on the breaking news in knightson tonight. two contra costa deputies were shot in a confrontation with a suspect. now, tonight that suspect is dead. the two deputies are as i say injured. minutes ago we learned the incident actually began around noon. well, the stand off ensued. the two deputies ended up being shot, the suspect killed. we'll stay on top of the breaking story, bring you new details tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. a 6-year-old castro valley girl is trying to save the oakland zoo one bracelet time. >> we spoke to the young lady
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who's already raised more than $80,000 so far and she's not stopping there. >> reporter: when andy heard the zoo may be shutting down permanently, she took action. she donated the $5 she got from the tooth fairy and now she's exceeded her goal of $70,000. andy has been visiting the oakland zoo since she was just a baby and has been going back frequently to visit her friends. >> the wart hogs to guinea hogs and i like going on the gondola. >> reporter: covid-19 has taken her zoo days away since march. to help the zoo with day to day expenses. >> reporter: her initial goal was just two hundred dollars. but the fundraiser went viral. as of tonight, she's topped a
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goal of $75,000. >> she helped to raise enough money to feed all of the animals at the zoo for like a month now. >> reporter: for every donation of $25 or more, she makes one of these. >> i thought of the idea, making donation with bracelets. >> for the zoo; right? >> for the zoo. >> reporter: thanks to friends and neighbors, she's fulfilling more than 200 orders. >> so we have to buy smaller -- >> smaller envelopes so we can mail them out. >> reporter: all of this so she can hopefully visit the zoo again with her younger brother. >> as parents we just want to make the world a better place and it's really inspiring to see her at 6 years old trying to take matters into her own hands. >> have a good day. bye. >> reporter: andy's mother kelly says this fundraiser will last throughout the end of this month, but when school starts again next month, her bracelet
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making days may be over. >> i just love this story. if you want to help, you can go to the facebook page 6-year-old andy's fundraiser to save the oakland zoo. berkeley could be the first city in the country to prohibit police from making traffic stops. instead, unarmed city workers would be tasked with minor violations. the council will take up that proposal night activists in alto plan to be out all night guarding a new black lives matter mural. yesterday, one of the creators parked his car near the mural to prevent other cars from driving over it. he will be camped out on the street until the city puts a protective coating on the art work. tonight we are seeing new video of some of the last
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moments missing glee actress naya rivera was seen alive. the 33-year-old mother is presumed dead. her suv pulling into the parking lot on wednesday afternoon at lake piru. rivera and her son walked down to the marina. a crew member unties the lines, rivera's boat pulls out and the boat heads for the center of the lake. >> we were able to confirm they were the only two on the boat when the boat left the dock. we have no indication after talking to her son that miss rivera made it to shore. >> investigators say rivera had experienced navigating the water there, but still there are dangers just below the surface. an 80-person search and rescue team has been searching for her now for two days. despite a surge in coronavirus in southern california, downtown disney is now open. a line of cars stretched down
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the block. plexiglass barriers, no-contact payment options and socially distant waiting areas. guests are required to wear masks. neighboring disneyland and california adventure remain closed. new at 11:00, think there were a lot of illegal fireworks here over the holiday weekend? take a look at this. so bad in parts of southern california, it actually became hazardous to breathe. overnight, air quality in and around los angeles is the worst it's been in a decade as dry stagnant air held the prosecution in place. >> that's why we can't have nice things. >> can't even have clear air. the air pollutions been going down during the paic then everne starts setting off fireworks and it gets trapped in place. big area of high pressure is building. think of it as a big dome of
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hot air. it's going to build a little closer to us. we're going to be on the fringe of the heat dome, but we're going to feel the influence of it. temperatures into the upper half of the 90s, even touching 100 degrees in a few spots. we're starting to feel the influence of that warmer weather pattern already, especially in and around concord where the temperature is still barely below 80 degrees. mid-60s for oakland and san jose. 59 degrees in the city, but above 70 in livermore and santa rosa. temperatures are going to drop off as we head through the night and future cast shows fog building in along the coast and the northern bay. then it will back up quickly toward the coast and we should see plenty of sunshine by tomorrow afternoon, including for the dog walking forecast on friday. darcy seems content to stay in the air conditioning and play dress up. petaluma, warming up to the low
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to mid-80s by lunchtime, but close to 90 degrees in the afternoon. that's a little too warm for the puppy paws, so take it easy, get them out early in the day or wait until closer to sunset. we'll start off in the 50s to maybe mid-60s in the east bay. then everybody warms up there is going to be an on-shore breeze. 60s to low 70s around lunchtime in the bay. we're talking about 90s especially for the usual hot spots, eastern contra costa county, salonna county in the upper 90s. a lot of upper 80s and mid-90s around the north bay as well. but the hottest weather, sunday is going to be the warmest day for everybody. mid to upper seconds along the coast. with many people starved for any sort of entertainment during the pandemic, the lock down puppet theater
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at a time when so many people are starving for some sort of entertainment, a man in
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chicago is feeding the need with -- shall we say no strings attached? >> ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. >> wow. matt owens has transformed his balcony into the lock down puppet theater. he needed something to do after he was laid off from his day job, making toys for zoo animal it is. he poured his creative energy into dusting off an old hobby. >> i know people who don't know me at all stopping me on the street and thanking me for the puppet theater. >> lock-down puppet theater. matt tries to keep his address a secret to limit the size of the crowd, but take a look. he's not having a lot of success at that. hey, everybody. i'm dennis. buster posey continues to be absent from giants summer camp. and change is coming to college foot
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the college football season is a little bit more than seven weeks away, but the schedules are already changes for the 2020 season. the big 10 became the first conference in major college football to adjust their schedule, announcing thursday they will play only conference games this season. other leagues such as the pac- 12 are considering a similar plan. buster posey was absent from the giants work out again today with what the team continues to call a personal issue. posey is still trying to decide if he wants to play this season or not. national se became the second mls team to withdraw from the league's tournament in orlando after 9 players tested positive for covid-19. sc dallas with drew earlier
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this week. phil mickelson and the pga tour in dublin, ohio for the next two weeks. lefty started off strong, but the tee shot in the water. that's a double bogey on 16. he finished with a 73. bounced back after missing the cut his last time out. the former cal bear shot a 65 and he will take a one-stroke lead in the second round tomorrow. july 9th, here is what happened on this date in sports history. 4 years ago, serena williams defeated to win at wimbledon for her record tying grand slam title. three hours later, she and her sister won the doubles tournament. 2013, -- 2011, a first for
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the yankees. >> 3,000. history with an exclamation point. >> derek jeter becomes the first yankee to join the 3,000- hit club. second came 5 years later, also on july 9th. >> it is -- oh, what a catch by torii hunter. >> torii hunter's home run catch of barry bonds was overshadowed when the game ended in a tie.
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i love that view of the city. >> yeah, the city saying "just captioning sponsored by cbs >> crowds hitting the casinos as las vegas reopens in a big way. >> some guests say they're not interested in social distancing rules. >> i'm not a big fan of that. >> this is the cosmopolitan casino in las vegas over the weekend. tons of people roaming about, almost no one in masks. >> all right, folks, bets in. bets are final. betting is closed. now, let's give it a spin. ( beeping ) >> 103. >> 103.


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