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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 10, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, look from our exclusive salesforce tower down the area. it is july 10th and thank you for joining us. >> i am i am michelle griego. let's go over to the weather. >> let's start with breaking news overnight, we had a crash on the alatoona pass. i want to show you some video of what happened overnight. you can see it shows a line of fire spreading through the hills near this area. there are plumes of smoke into the sky and there were 200 acres burned. they did stop but it has not
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been contained. we will be going to the scene to get more information. as far as the freeways, this happened at 11:45 with a crash on 580 near northland. we got word that all lanes are now open but both the directions were completely shut down. there are closures on grant line in the area. we will keep you updated. let's get a check on the forecast from mary lee. >> good morning, we will be watching temperatures climbing this afternoon, another above average day with the temperatures as we are looking at warm temperatures once again
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. here is a look at the treasure island cameras. we are in the 50s and 60s, upper 60s in concord, upper 50s for oakland and 63 in livermore, 53 in san francisco and mid 60s for santa rosa. through our day, we are 68 in san francisco, 75 in oakland and 87 in san jose and 96 in concord. daytime highs are up to 5 to 9 degrees above average. we will talk about our hot weekend coming up in a few minutes. developing news, the contra costa sheriff's office is expected to give an update later this morning after three deputies were shot yesterday and it began after a woman reported a man was holding her hostage since wednesday, threatening to set her on fire. she managed to escape yesterday morning after deputies went to the house to investigate. the negotiation team and s.w.a.t. team were called. they said the suspect shot at him several times during the day and would not surrender. after 9:00, the man came out of the house and fired his gun at deputies. three were head and fired back,
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killing the man. two deputies are in the hospital with gunshot wounds. no details on the woman involved in that incident. in the south bay, they are trying to identify human moraines found yesterday. they were found in a creek bed in coyote, in unincorporated san jose southeast of the city. they say it appears there was a tent or homeless encampment nearby and is too early to tell if the remains were a man or a woman. a search for a missing actress will resume this morning. video of the last star was released yesterday. naya rivera is presumed dead after her 4-year-old son was found alone on their rented pontoon boat. the footage shows her mercedes suv pulling into the parking lot on wednesday at lake pyro in overton ouray county. they then walked over to the marina. a crewmember on the dock untied the rope and then they went to the center of the lake. >> we concluded they were the
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only two on the boat. we have had no indication after talking to her son that she made it to shore. >> investigators say that she had experienced navigating the water there but still there are dangers below the surface and even a person search and rescue team has been searching for her for two days. berkeley could be the first to prohibit police from making traffic stops. instead, unarmed city council or workers would be tasked with enforcing minor violations. traffic stops are the most common interactions with the public. several studies have found evidence of bias with those pulled over. they will take up the proposal next week. activists were out all night guarding a new black lives matter mural. the creators wanted to prevent cars from driving over it. he and other activists they will be kept in on the streets until they put a protective
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coating on the artwork. coronavirus cases among healthcare workers at san francisco general hospital have shot up 50%. officials had confirmed 15 workers tested positive between june 27th and july six. that brings the total of cases to 45. with 3 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the u.s., president donald trump is going to visit south florida for a briefing on drug trafficking. they are one of the nation's hotspots with hospitalizations and deaths climbing fast. laura podesta has the latest. >> florida reported its highest single day death toll yesterday. >> we should take precautions. there is no need to panic or be fearful. >> florida's total is to more
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than 4000 dead. hospitalizations are also growing at a record pace. >> in april, this is now, this is how many admissions we are having to our hospitals with her diagnosis. it is double what it was at the beginning of april. >> they are being sent additional nurses and staff to help manage the influx of patients. >> we will try. we will have extra people here. but cases are still increasing. >> texas reported more than 100 deaths for the first time yesterday. they wanted total could be higher because people are dying at home and might not be tested for covid-19. >> you are looking at the number of covid related deaths and it may be in undercount. new york had the same phenomenon. >> he hopes states do not need to shut back down. >> i would think we need to get the states pausing.
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their closing bars including las vegas. >> we know that it is easily spread when people are congregating for long periods of time. >> verizon is another hot spot and they will limit indoor dining to 50%. synack we have had a brutal june. >> they have less than 200 icu beds available. laura podesta, cbs news. california is the first state to sue the trump administration over a new student visa rule announced during the pandemic. the policy issued monday would bar international students from staying in the u.s. unless they are scheduled to take in person classes. it was filed by the attorney general javier. they allege the policy is unlawful and reprehensible. >> california graduates, they have more than anyone else and we are proud of having the most diverse group of students in the nation. >> university of california system is also joining other that are trying to sue to keep úthey are rallying in oaken and they denounced the new international student policy. >> there is not only a pandemic with his coronavirus but a
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pandemic of systemic oppression and white supremacy that was started at the very top and trickles all the way down. >> trump administration's is the new role as an effort to keep international students from committing fraud since they were not actually going to a school in person but some believe there are all tear your motives.. >> what you think is really going on? >> racism. >> university of southern california said they would be offering no cost in person classes to international students that made it to maintain their status. >> the centers for disease control and prevention or on different pages over back-to- school plans. the agency says that they will not answer calls from the white house to revise guidelines for
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reopening k-12 classrooms and will release additional
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information. president donald trump has criticized the centers for disease control and prevention guidance as too tough and expensive. he is also threatening to cut off federal funds if schools do not reopen. for the latest updates on school reopening plans in the bay area, go to the special section on our website, el dorado county is trying to stay off the watchlist and they are dealing with an influx of visitors to the south lake tahoe area and a surge in coronavirus cases. during emergency meetings, county licensing authorities were given the power to suspend health permits for businesses defying state guidelines. they say they do not want to drive anyone out of business but they do want people to follow the rules. other counties on the statec watch list had gone back to closing bars and indoor dining at restaurants. a prestigious high school in san jose is apologizing to its students for failing to protect them from sexual abuse at the hands of their own staff. after several sexual abuse victims came forward a few years ago, presentation high school hired an outside agency to investigate allegations that span decades and how they handle it. according to the report, staff failed to take action and looked into sexual abuse allegations or even report the accusations to child protective services and law enforcement. they released the final report yesterday. >> part of me is disappointed that it took this long to get where we are today however part of me is relieved because this is such a critical step. >> that was kathryn leehane. the original whistleblower was her and sex abuse survivor and after coming forward, many more victims spoke out with similar allegations of abuse by faculty
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and at presentation high school. they issued an apology saying to the survivors of abuse, we deeply and sincerely apologize. the start with is that our school did not live up to its commitment to protect you. >> i think that they have started adjourning in terms of looking at their own system. how do we support these women. >> nonprofit organization next- door solutions says they've worked with presentation to try to change its culture and none of the faculty found to have abused students work at the school anymore. if you this home is equipped with gig speed internet from xfinity.
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there's this game-time internetting room. so fun. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is. get gig speeds and the most wifi coverage from xfinity. now that's simple, easy, awesome. enhance your online experience with even faster speed. choose from a range of fast, reliable options, up to a gig. click or call to learn more. crews had some difficulty
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with visibility during this fire. it started on a second-story unit around 5:00. it was on south willard avenue. 30 were evacuated but two dogs were killed. >> i spoke to someone and it was hard to see what was burning. once the wind shifted a little bit, they were able to help the front unit. they could not see it was on the second floor. >> the red cross is helping the victims find temporary housing. it is 4:44. some companies are being hit hard from the pandemic. how their stocks are faring and new rules if you want a coffee at starbucks. we are breaking it down in today's money watch report. wall street was mixed on thursday. the dow dropped 361 points and
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the nasdaq rose 55 while the s&p 500 fell 17. tech stocks like amazon and apple boosted the nasdaq to another record high, meanwhile oil companies, and other industries hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic fell yesterday. beginning july 15th if you want starbucks you will have to wear a mask. the coffee chain will require customers visiting is 8900 coffee own stores to wear a face mask. the rule is regardless of the local mandate, which varies from state to state or even city to city. starbucks says the customer does not wear a mask, they can order through the drive- through, curbside pickup or have their coffee delivered. the big ten conference is canceling nonconference athletic games. those impacted include michigan, and iowa state, wisconsin and penn state. in a statement, they say it
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places the health and safety of the student athletes, coaches and others as the number one priority. according to a 2019 analysis by forbes, the top 25 most valuable college football teams in the nation pulled in an estimated $2.7 billion in revenue. seven of them are in the big ten conference. that is your cbs money watch report for more, had to let's get a check on weather with mary lee.
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good morning. >> good morning to you. happy friday. we are at the end of the week and we are looking at those temperatures climbing up to another above average day with those daytime highs at 5 to 10 degrees above average. here is the salesforce tower camera. you can see the patchy fog rolling in across the bay. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. concrete is checking at a mild start, at 68 degrees and 63 in livermore and san jose are looking at upper 50s in oakland and mid-50s for san francisco and for santa rosa. as you go through your afternoon, we are looking at mild conditions along the coast in the mid 60s and around the bay, upper 60s to low to mid 70s and hot conditions in mind. we're talking low to mid 90s later on. upper 80s to low mid 90s inland. that heat dome is building. the stronger pressures across the desert southwest bringing them excessive heat. it is building into the bay area and with it, we will see temperatures again, above average for this time of year
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and especially heating inland. if we go hour by hour, you can see the sunshine through our afternoon and then for tomorrow, we have plenty of sunshine for saturday and especially on sunday. it is the hottest day of the week. the future cast winds are not as breezy. we are 5 to 15 miles an hour for this afternoon. we are taking you through the day. through the south bay, we are 70, 90 for morgan hill, 90 for los gatos and for the east bay, topping at at 96 degrees for concord, 98 in brentwood, 99 degrees for fairfield and for brentwood and the tri-valley is in the low to mid 90s and around the bay, looking at 68 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, and for the north bay,
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in the mid to upper 80s to low 90s. 93 in santa rosa and 90 for sonoma and 89 for napa and 95 for windsor and 98 for st. helena. we have above average tempers that will continue for saturday and then heating up on sunday. the hottest day of the week is on sunday so we are above average and cooling down by the middle part of next week. let's look at traffic. i want to go straight to the past to give you the latest on these closures along 5:80. both lanes were closed and they will be shut down. there was a fire that happened overnight and it started with a crash on 580 near grant line. both lanes are due to be open. we have a line of red especially on the westbound side. there is more volume to trickle into the alatoona pass plus with these recent reopenings, things are still pretty backed up. all lanes are open up in both directions along 580 but the drive times are still quite slow with a 51 minute drive time to go from 205 to 680. these delays are because of a fire that happened overnight. katie nielsen will bring us more information but lanes are open up in both directions now. there are some closures around
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grant line and north linden road because of the fire. 200 acres were burned. there is no containment at this time. the rest of the freeways are very quiet. highway 4 and 101 have no delays. the golden gate bridge looks good and there are some road closures. you will see a few brake lights and that is usually wrapped up between 5:30 and 6:00 but as far as the bridge goes, it is an easy ride into the city. new york city was once the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, treating thousands of covid-19 patients but as tom hansen reports, one health care system is launching a new center to follow survivors of the virus. >> mary lou survived the coronavirus and she was diagnosed in late march. >> i had a dry cough and i lost my appetite which was very unusual for me and i was running a low rate temperature. >> then her condition got worse and her blood pressure was high and she had an abnormal heart rhythm.
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>> they sent me to the hospital. i was week. it felt like i was dead weight. seama she is a warmonger 1150 receiving treatment at the mount sinai health system's new center for people recovering from the coronavirus. >> initially, it was a preliminary disease and over a period, we appreciate it is a multisystem disease affecting the lungs and the kidneys and the heart and the brain and neurological systems. >> doctor barbara murphy says the goal is to provide patient suffering from many health issues post covid with care from specialists in one place. mount sinai is also establishing a covid-19 registry so researchers can collect information on the mental and physical health of patients to study the long-term effects of the coronavirus. by following patience and understanding what happened, we can learn more and discover
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more through science and looking to prepare ourselves should there be another wave. >> she spent a week in the hospital in april. >> i feel like i am going slowly because when i came home, they sent me home but i really was not myself. >> she said despite the slow recovery process, she is taking walks and doing some rehab on zoom to build up stamina. cbs news, new york. coming up, streaming on cb him
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good friday morning, we are going to be heating up . 87 for high temperatures in san jose, and 96 in concord. 99 in fairfield and for brentwood and around the bay, looking at 68 in san francisco, 75 in oakland and the north bay is 88 and 93 for santa rosa. your weekend forecast is coming up in a few minutes. we have been hearing for
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weeks that the oakland zoo is running out of money. a six-year-old castro valley girl is trying to save it one bracelet at a time. andy soulard heard the zoo might have to close permanently and she took action. >> i thought of an idea, that we could save it with bracelets. >> she wanted to make $200 but it went viral and she is now getting over $80,000. she is not stopping there. >> she hopes to raise enough money to feed all of the animals. we just want to have a better place as parents and it is really inspiring to see andy at six years old trying to take matters into her own hands. >> you can go to our website,, where we will have all the information on how to donate to her fundraiser if you are interested. >> it is so cute. the thought of losing some of these zoos are really sad and i know that they are really struggling. you have to love them. kids are stepping up to the plate. we are all starving for entertainment with this locked
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down and the chicago man is trying to feed the need with no strings attached. >> ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, >> he has transformed his balcony into the locked down puppet theater. he needed something to do after he was laid off from his day job making toys for zoo animals, so he poured his creative energy into dusting off an old hobby. >> i know people are stopping me on the streets and thanking me for the puppet theater. we are distracting people from how heavy the world can be. >> he will keep his address a secret. it does not look like he is having much success. >> we are@this area where lanes of traffic are blocked off
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morning. right now, streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking overnight, a car crash from a major grass fire around the alatoona pass. both areas are now back open. we will have a live update from the scene and we have a look at the back of. a hostage situation ending and gunfire. the hour-long incident with what happened. search for a missing actress turns into a recovery mission. the new footage showing her final moments before taking that fateful boat trip. thank you for joining us. it is july 10th. i am anne makovec. >> i am michelle griego . >> we have


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