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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  July 10, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning. right now, streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking overnight, a car crash from a major grass fire around the alatoona pass. both areas are now back open. we will have a live update from the scene and we have a look at the back of. a hostage situation ending and gunfire. the hour-long incident with what happened. search for a missing actress turns into a recovery mission. the new footage showing her final moments before taking that fateful boat trip. thank you for joining us. it is july 10th. i am anne makovec. >> i am michelle griego . >> we have more around the
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alatoona pass. there was a fire that open overnight that was sparked by a vehicle, a big rig on the right shoulder. as of right now, this is one of our busiest areas. we are seeing some hefty do legs. this is your all lanes were previously shut down but all lanes are open and they reopen everything and canceled this just before 5:00. there is a bit of a backup you give yourself a few extra minutes. if you are traveling out of tracy from our house, towards grant line, it will take you 15 minutes to do so. to a five to 680, give yourself 40 minutes. katie nielsen is live on scene, street side to get us more information on the fire. >> reporter: you can see those brake lights you were talking
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about and you are looking at 580 right now. you can see traffic flowing well in the eastbound directions but westbound, we just reopened those last two lanes that had been closed. you can see all of those brake lights. as you are saying it started around midnight last night and it caused all lanes both east and westbound to be closed for most of the overnight hours. the eastbound lanes reopened about an hour or an hour and a half ago and westbound lanes have just now reopened and so we are still seeing some of that backup. alameda county firefighters essay the flames were whipped up by the highest flames. at one point the fire did jump into the side of the freeway, sparking big grass fires but we also have been told that there is another brush fire that is currently burning near 205 and grant line over in the mountain house parkway. we are not sure if that is an extension of this fire however a lot of trouble this morning around the alatoona pass coming out of the tracy area on 580. in tracy, kpix 5. well, it will not be as
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strong as yesterday thankfully. let's talk about what you can expect this morning. we are in the 50s and 60s with mainly clear skies and some patchy fog right around the bay. this afternoon, we are going to be warming up for sure. we are above average once again at about 5 to 10 degrees above average. 68 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, and topping out to 96 degrees for concord. a hot weekend is ahead. the hottest day of our extended forecast is coming our way for the weekend. details are coming up in a few minutes. new details out of contra costa county. three deputies were shot and one suspect is dead after a nearly 12 hour-long hostage situation. this is around nights and. they say it all began early yesterday morning after a woman reported she was being held hostage at a home. she managed to escape but the suspect barricaded himself in the home for several hours and then after dark, deputies say he came out with a shotgun, shooting three of them. deputies returned fire, killing the man and two deputies are in the hospital and the incident is under investigation. investigators are trying to identify human remains found yesterday. they were found in the creek bed in an unincorporated part of san jose southeast of the city. investigators tell us it appears there was a homeless encampment but it is too early
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to tell if there are human remains for a man or a woman. this church will resume for the body of a missing actress. naya rivera went missing wednesday after going out on lake pyro with her son. the 33-year-old is presumed dead. we are getting a look at her final moments seen alive. they are showing that her mercedes suv was pulling into the parking lot wednesday at the lake. they then walked to the marina where they untied the lines and her boat pulled out and went to the center of the lake and sometime later, her son was found alone on that boat. >> they were able to conclude there were only two in the boat and they were both left to die. we had no indication after talking to her son that she made it to shore. >> investigators say that she had experience navigating the water but still there are dangers just below the surface. and 80 person rescue team has been searching for two days. to the coronavirus outbreak, san francisco london breed said she has tested negative for covid-19. you she is on tuesday, wearing a mask at a rally calling for
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an end to gun violence. she was exposed later that day. the mayor will not make any public appearances for the next 10 days and will get retested. a lawmaker has tested positive for coronavirus and is in the hospital. assemblyman tom lackey has been hospitalized since sunday but he says he is expected to make a full recovery. that comes days after it was announced. they will be closed and cleaned after several lawmakers and staffers tested positive and among them assemblywoman autumn burke, who is currently quarantining with her six-year- old daughter until the doctor gives them the all clear. let's go to sfo. the tsa is making safety changes to better protect passengers and officers after several have come down with coronavirus testing positive recently. the new safetyprotocols include having officers change into a new pair of gloves between interactions with passengers. officers will also be required to wear face shields in addition to face masks.
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developing out of the north bay, sonoma county health officials say new restrictions on indoor businesses could arrive on monday. they are predicting the county could be added to california's coronavirus watchlist. the state imposed limits to close down bars, indoor dining, and drinking at breweries and wineries. those restrictions will last for at least three weeks or more. the state school superintendent will hold a hearing on ways to expand funding for student support services. it comes as many districts plan to remove police officers from campuses. tony thurman is discussing how to manage disruptive or challenging situations with students that are in his words less punitive and more constructive. philanthropic foundations will take part with several lawmakers. president donald trump and the cdcr on different pages when it comes to schools this morning. the public health agency says it will not answer calls from the white house to provide
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guidelines for reopening k-12 classrooms. at least quote additional information. he has criticized the centers for disease control and prevention guidance as too tough and expensive and he is also threatening to cut off federal funds if schools do not reopen. california teachers are waking in on the best way to send kids back to school. many parents are pushing for students to return in person for their mental health. in a letter to state leaders, they say that they do not feel safe returning yet as case counts continue to soar. >> back then, it was just starting. the numbers are still going up. we are hitting new highs. there is no logic behind that.? we are keeping track of all the updates on school reopening plans on our website, just go to prestigious high school in san jose is apologizing to its students for failing to protect them from sexual abuse at the
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hands of their own staff. after several sexual abuse victims of four years ago, presentation high school hired outside agencies to investigate allegations that spanned decades and held the school handled them. staff failed to take action and did not look into allegations or report the accusations to child protective services or law enforcement. they released the final report yesterday. >> part of me is disappointed it took this long to get where we are today however part of me is relieved because this is such a critical step. >> that was kathryn leehane, in 2018, the original whistleblower and sex abuse survivor. after coming forward, many more victims spoke up with similar allegations of's abuse by faculty at presentation high
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school. they should an apology saying to the survivors of abuse, we deeply and sincerely apologize. the stark truth is we did not live up to its commitment to protect you. >> i think that we started the journey in terms of looking at their own systems and how do we support young women who make these allegations. >> next door solutions to domestic violence says that they have worked with presentations to try to change its culture and none of the faculty have found to abuse students currently work at the school. nearly 40 residents are displaced following a fire in an apartment complex in san jose. it happened yesterday evening at the building on south avenue. 39 residents were evacuated at two dogs were killed and firefighters had some trouble with visibility during the firefight. >> it was so thick and it was hard to see what was burning. and once the wind shifted a little bit, we were able to do something. we were able to see it was fully involved. >> the red cross is helping the displaced victims find temporary housing. fighting wildfires and the pandemic. both are taking a toll this morning.
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for help coming from the state's up next on kpix 5 and stripping us streaming on cbsn bay area. we're looking more at this clearing. temperatures will be on the rise. details where you live are coming up. we have some pretty big delays out of the alatoona pass due to a fire. details on that are coming up. we are taking
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when it's made with love, it's made to be shared. him the hot are getting drier and you might call that climate change and you might call that global warming but one thing we know, is our approach to dealing with wildfires has to change with the climate that is changing.
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. >> in the height of fire season, firefighters are also battling the pandemic and is cutting down on the crucial part of fighting five errors. they have benched some inmate hand crews in california. they will help in governor newsom announced an unprecedented plan to get more boots on the ground. they will hire eight and 58 seasonal firefighters through october. the formation of professional firefighter hand crews, we will use them in exactly the same manner as we have used them in the past. >> they say the budget also includes a $285 million for a blackhawk helicopter for cal fire and millions more to upgrade communications equipment and wildfire cameras. an update on that crews fire in gilroy. they have it at 85% contained. not before it managed to burn 5400 acres, destroying one
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structure. cal fire says they expect to have it 40% contained in about a week. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. brazil's president is expected to signed a decree to suspend setting a fire's and amazon reason many officials say the use of fire has forced residents. it follows a letter from a number of multinational companies pressuring brazil to protect the rain forest. redwood city-based impossible foods is teaming up with colin kaepernick to make a critical play. >> he gave out 1000 plant-based burgers at this baptist church. a minister tells us in addition to providing food security, the drive is helping to promote healthier options. >> as black and brown individuals, we tend to eat a lot of starch and a lot of meat. a lot of people do not know that colin kaepernick is a vegan, and so this is a bright
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partnership that they have created. >> impossible foods also donated 3000 plant-based burgers to the san francisco marin food bank. we want to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. does go to and you will find stories of how we are better together. it is 5:17. let's get another check on the roads with gianna. good morning, it is still a busy ride as you go into the allatoona pass. was done in eastbound 580 are open so that is the good news but at one point, they were
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completely shut down due to a fire that is still active on the hillside. they did reopen lanes around 3 am on the eastbound side. they open up before 5:00 but this is an area where we see a lot of traffic and a lot of brake lights. we have heavy delays continuing out of tracy. if you are taking 205 over towards grant line, that is where the delays are. they extended to 205 and the allatoona pass portion. it is at 19 miles an hour. drive times are right around 41 minutes so it is improving. it is still very slow and this is only a portion of when you get to what is there. it is still very busy in the area but lanes are open in both directions. katie nielsen is live on scene and will bring you an update on what is happening as far as the fire goes. the rest of the freeways are quiet. there is one accident on 680 and a crash on 237. the bay bridge looks good and there are no delays at the toll plaza. we are seeing a pretty quiet ride on the golden gate bridge and things are light in both directions. we are not seeing a lot of cars because they are looking at traffic on 101 two clear
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construction. we will start seeing traffic moving through but there is only a temporary delay. things are pretty typical. that is what you morning drive looks like. it is time to check in with mary. >> i just checked the current conditions near the allatoona pass and gusts around 234 miles an hour. through the afternoon in that area, firefighters will be seeing southwesterly winds at 20 mile an hour. here is a look with the tower camera as we look east with those golden colors in the sky. here is the bay bridge and mount diablo. they have mainly clear skies and patchy fog along the coast and bay. we are 67 degrees and it is a mild start for concord. oakland is 58, 53 and more and 60 right now for san jose.
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checking the winds, as opposed 13 mile an hour and eight in concord and five mile an hour winds in livermore and santa rosa. taking you through hour day, you can expect mild conditions around the bay, in the mid 60s and around the coast. and we are heating up in mind, upper 80s to low to mid 90s this afternoon. another hot day in length with that sunshine. the heat dome is building because of this strong ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest and that is building into the bay area and that is why temperatures are moving above average across our region. you can see the sunshine as we go through the day and then we are looking at plenty of sunshine on saturday and for sunday. sunday looks to be the hottest
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day out of the week. the daytime highs are looking at 87 for san jose and santa clara, 94 in morgan hill for the east bay and 96 in concord and 99 degrees in fairfield as well as for brentwood. the tri-valley is in the low to mid 90s and around the degrees, mid-70s for richland is also for alameda and oakland. the north bay is in the mid to upper 80s to low 90s. 90 in sonoma and 93 for santa rosa, topping out at 95 for windsor and 96 for st. helena. here is what you can expect. it is similar for saturday. we are heating up on sunday. it is the hottest day of the weekend. we are above average monday and then cooling down as we look into the middle part of next week as onshore flow kicks in. listen to that. an abandoned baby duckling now has a new shot at surviving. someone dumped it at a lake in sacramento a few days after was born but since then, it was not born in the wild and had a lot of trouble getting by in unfamiliar surroundings. >> domestic cannot fly so when you dump them out of a pond or
5:22 am
park, you are basically giving them a death sentence. they do not know how to live on their own. >> the duckling named mumble after the movie happy feet has been placed with new owners in a permanent home. the protective measures that are keep
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downtown disney is back in business despite a surge in coronavirus cases. >> it is where they can get to disneyland for now. a line of cars that stretched down the block early this morning. businesses and outdoor restaurant are welcoming back
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guests with barriers and no contact payment options and social distance waiting areas. guests are required wear masks. >> we want to go into the parks but we know it is not safe yet and we would rather be here and be able to do some shopping. >> it is some magic. during this pandemic, everyone has been very stressed and at home and it was nice to be out and have fun. >> disneyland in other parts remain indefinitely closed. i am live along the area where a no overnight brush fire shut down both lanes
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, streaming on
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kpix 5 and cbsn bay area a grass fire shuts down interstate 580 for a short time. we have team coverage on the firefight and the backups. taking legal action, the state of california is now suing the trump administration. why the attorney general says the new rule impacting international college students is morally reprehensible. there will soon be fewer police officers on new york city streets. why officials think they are seeing a surge in retirements. it is friday, july 10th. i am anne makovec . look who is in the studio. >> for the first time in four months, it is good to see the few people who are here but i miss you all. we will go over to gianna with a look at our traffic. we are having some issues. >> yes, we are. we have a few brake lights as
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you work your way westbound near grant line because of a fire that happened overnight. it was prompted by a vehicle fire on the right shoulder. it sparked the fire on the hillside. some delays are continuing. they have shifted more out of the tracy area towards grant line. it is still quite slow. once you're past that area, things improved towards the 680 but all lanes are open in both directions. there is just some residual slowing. at drive times around 38 minutes from 205 to 680. i am at grant line road at the allatoona pass, where they were talking about this
5:32 am
residual traffic backup, as they were saying, all lanes are open but you can see the black charred area, where that is where the fire was burning. it started around midnight after a crash in the eastbound lanes. it spread through the grassy median area between north flynn and grant line. the chp had the entire freeway shut down for most of the overnight hours and at one point the fire jumped across the freeway and was actually burning up the hillside but alameda county firefighters got it stopped and the fire is out. the eastbound lanes were able to reopen around 4:00. those westbound lanes reopened just about 30 minutes ago but we are still seeing some heavy backups because of all of that slowing that was going on earlier this morning. on the allatoona pass, kpix 5 you can see the winds and a
5:33 am
live shot. we are checking train wind gusts and looking at 34 mile an hour winds in the allatoona pass area and as we go through the day in that area, looking at southwesterly winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. here is the treasure island camera and we are looking at some patchy fog. along the coast, right around the bay, we are catching some fog and that marine influence. we're still heating up in length. we are in the 50s and 60s as we go through hour day. we're looking at those winds, looking at 5 to 10 mile an hour. we will show you the daytime highs. 75 in oakland, 87 in san jose and 96 in concord. california is the first state to sue the trump administration over a new student visa rule. that policy was issued on monday would bar international students from staking in the u.s. unless they are scheduled to take in person classes. the lawsuit was filed by california attorney general xavier becerra and alleges the policy is unlawful and morally reprehensible. >> california graduates more students from college than anyone else and we are proud of having the most diverse group of students in the nation. >> the system has also joined a
5:34 am
course of other colleges who will try to give the new order from happening and immigrant rights rallies will happen, and demonstrators announced the policy. >> there is not only a pandemic with is a virus but a pandemic of systemic white the primacy that is at the very top and trickles all the way down. >> the trump administration's is a new role as an effort to keep international students from committing fraud since they would not actually be going to school in person. some believe there are alter your notice. they say it will be offering a no cost in person school to try to get around this but they will be able to use it to maintain their visa status. now to college sports, admit the pandemic ivy league schools are postponing sports until the 2021 spring semester and now big ten teams will only play conference games and they have football, and women's soccer
5:35 am
and field hockey and women's volleyball. >> activists in palo alto are staying out all night and into the morning, guarding a new black lives matter mural. wednesday, one of the creators parked his car near the mural to prevent other cars from driving over it. >> the reason i am here is for three things, number one to protect the art and black lives matter and number three, support the police. >> activists say they will be out there until the city puts on a protective coating. >> in new york city, actavis painted a black lives matter mural on fifth avenue directly outside trump tower. not only did the mayor approve the location but also picked up a paint roller and health. he was joined by the reverend al sharpton. president donald trump called similar murals around the country quote symbols of hates. in lower manhattan, center street will be known as black lives matter boulevard. the new name was unveiled
5:36 am
yesterday and another po mem mural is on that street and these murals are being painted in each of the five boroughs. in the past few weeks, there has been a huge increase in police officers retiring in new york city. it is up 400%. the new york police department says nearly 200 officers have filed for retirement and the first week of july and that is compared to just 35 in the same period last year. it is believed the rising number comes as protest against police actions continue. the nypd says they are monitoring the situation. president donald trump is suggesting he may grant clemency to roger stone. he was convicted of lying to congress and witnessed tampering. he imply that he is considering the move in some interviews on thursday according to cnn, have a dozen sources at the white house expect the president to pardon him or commute his
5:37 am
sentence. he is set to begin a 40 month sentence on tuesday. in the meantime, his former personal attorney, michael cohen, is back in prison after a very short reprieve. he is back in custody after violating the terms of his release in may he was ordered to home confinement however was recently spotted eating at a new york city restaurant. he is serving a three-year sentence for lying to congress for facilitating hush money payments to women who claim to have had affairs with the president. new details in a trial of r. kelly. they say they want the trials because anonymous and partially sequestered because of the significant media coverage and his alleged history of interfering with legal
5:38 am
proceedings. he was indicted in march on racketeering and sex trafficking charges. his brooklyn federal trial is set to begin in september. a ray of hope amid the turmoil and the economy. american credit card debt is shrinking. the federal reserve says it is less than $1 trillion for the first time in about three years. consumers are apparently pulling back on debt during tough times and they also have fewer spending options with gathering spaces like restaurants shut down due to the pandemic. starbucks is setting a mask rule for customers at all of its stores in the u.s. and new data shows a high percentage of americans are having trouble making rent or mortgage payments. for more we are joined by diane king hall. >> good morning, wall street said they dropped 361 points and the nasdaq added 55 and s&p 500 fell 17. americans are still struggling to pay their rent or mortgage according to apartment was, 32% of households have not made their full july payment yet and one fifth of households is not
5:39 am
made any payment whatsoever and 13% of people pay only a fraction of the rent or mortgage. this is the four month in a row where many of households struggle to pay for shelter. if you want starbucks, you will have to wear a mask. the coffee giant will require customers visiting it's 8900 company owned stores to wear a face covering while inside. the rule is regardless of the local mandate. if the customer does not wear a mask they can order at a drive through or have the coffee delivered. >> we know remote work is here to stay for a while and apparently we can jazz it up a bit? >> yeah. >> how about work from paradise? this program would allow visitors to work remotely from the island for one year. lawmakers have introduced to the barbados welcome stamp for tours to avoid the housing restrictions of short-term travel. they have wi-fi speeds that might be the risk you will have to take. sign me up. >> i know. i want to call them later today and say is this possible?
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>> let's do it. >> it will be a big no.? we could do that. have a great day. >> speaking of that, here is one. some new treats unveiled in the uk which frankly is pretty close. this is really going overboard. heinz ketchup has launched a do- it-yourself ice cream kid that comes with flavors like tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce. and also in high scoring. they do not plan to sell them here in the u.s. that is probably a good business decision. >> saving the zoo. coming up next and streaming on cbsn bay area, we will meet the little girl making it her mission to keep the gates at the zoo open. we have patchy fog rolling in and a chance. we will talk
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you can see the driver ramming an suv. the suspect drives into a cul- de-sac with nowhere to go. he drives over a fence of a raised parking lot and in his car, falls to the street below. the man gets out of the car and then falls to the ground. he is now in police custody and no word yet on what started that chase. a supervisor may extend the rules for short-term rentals in marin county. they have temporary requirements for airbnb type rentals. landlords must tell neighbors it can be short-term and designate someone local for neighbors to contact if there are problems. now, a planner says those rules may become permanent before they expire next month. happening today, charlie daniels is going to be laid to rest.
5:45 am
flags in wilmington are flying at half staff. he passed away after a stroke but he leaves behind a legacy that his fans came out to honor during a visitation. szymecki represents a bigger thing than just one person and as an individual, i grieve for his family as well because losses are always hard pick >> he was 83 years old. now lady antebellum is suing anita white over the right to share the name lady a. the change was to remove any association with slavery and they say during negotiations over sharing the name, the deal was derailed after anita white lawyer demanded $10 million. she is used the name since 1987. the oakland a's girl is trying to save the oakland zoo one bracelet at a time. when she learned it might have to close permanently she took action. >> i thought of an idea of
5:46 am
making bracelets. >> her goal was just $200 but the fundraiser went viral and she now has raised over $80,000 and she is not stopping there. >> she wanted to raise enough money to feed all the animals at the zoo for a month. as parents, we want to make the world a better place and it is really inspiring to see andy soulard trying to take matters into her own hands. >> she is amazing. if you want to help, go to and we will link you to her fundraiser. happening today, it is national kitten day. it is a day where we encourage people to adopt your kitties, like mail guy, daniel tiger, and then caitlin's kitty, patty mayonnaise. here's my original kitty. >> winston. we love winston. i know, you have the cutest
5:47 am
kitten. how about caitlin's cat, patty mayonnaise. that had to be the best name ever. >> i do not think that they can hear me. we love the cats. keep them coming. we will check in with gianna with a look at travel. >> i heard you, and i second that. patty mayonnaise is one of the best names i have ever heard. if you are a parent, you know what i mean. westbounder 580 is one of our slowest spot's and we saw some delays around the allatoona pass. this is a fire that was pretty much active overnight. it looks like everything is okay. we will give you an update but as far as traffic goes, we are slow out of tracy onto the allatoona pass and maybe the
5:48 am
connector from 205 to 580. the drive times are a little bit faster but west on 580 at greenville is sluggish. speeds are dipping down to 11 miles an hour as you make that connector on to 580. the crash is to the white shoulder. you will see some activity on scene and possibly some spectators slowing down. it is holding steady at 80 minutes. we did have an earlier trouble spot on 680 on the right-hand side. it is right around the parkway in the fremont area. it is not causing any brake lights. we are seeing them for a couple trouble spots in the south bay. westbound 287 has a crash with delays backing up to 880. it looks like traffic is slow on the westbound side and south of there, on 880, we have a
5:49 am
crash at the expressway. this is blocking at least at the middle lane and chp is on scene. we will see if that gets busy but right now, you're seeing speeds at 10 miles an hour. because of that trouble spot, southern 880 is a little troublesome. we are watching the winds in the allatoona pass area and wind gusts are more than 30 miles an hour in that location. through the afternoon, for that area, we have southwesterly winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. here is a look with the salesforce tower camera as we look east with mainly clear skies and patchy fog along the coast, right around the bay. we are in the 50s and 60s and it is a mild start in concord at 57 degrees. oakland is 58, and 67 is 53 as well as santa rosa. checking the winds, they are at 13 miles an hour at sfo, 15 in fairfield at the moment, and through the day, we're looking
5:50 am
at temperatures in the upper 60s with breezy conditions for our afternoon. and now let's show you oakland, for the east bay, topping out at 70 for high temperatures of mostly sunny skies. and then to the south bay, san jose is 87 and then that is by 3 pm. the heat dome is building and there is a strong ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest and that is bringing excessive heat for them and that ridge is expanding for us and that is why those temperatures will be on the rise, above average for this time of year. going hour by hour and looking at that sunshine today, for tomorrow, we are looking at similar conditions and we are going to be heating up for sunday, the hottest day of the week. for the south bay, we are 87 in san jose, and topping out at 96 in concord, 99 for fairfield
5:51 am
and brentwood and the tri- valley is in the low to mid 90s and upper 60s in san francisco and mid 60s in sausalito and daly city and low 70s in berkeley and then the mid to únorth bay and mid 90s for st. helena as we go through our afternoon. here's the extended forecast of what you can expect. it is similar for saturday but we will heat up on sunday to the mid to upper 90s and into the 70s to low 80s around the bay and upper 60s along the coast on sunday and we will cool down next week. back to you. it shows how animals are staying cool at the brookfield zoo. these african lions along these dogs got some meat bones of frozen and this sloth bears enjoyed fruit frozen inside an ox box and the reindeer called off. it is an asset.
5:52 am
we do not have the space on campus or the resources to build the centers. this gives them that an off- campus, that is professionally equipped for a theater. >> san jose state reached a new 35 year deal to continue operating the hammer theater in downtown hannah rose. you can watch the full interview on cb ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds!
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i think you will agree that one of the few thrills that we get these days is delivery of something we might be mindlessly ordering. a young boy in new mexico has found a way to brighten his neighbors. >> six-year-old cameron blackman started by leaving packages for his parents, like flowers and rocks and now he is branching out into his neighborhood. he likes to leave a gift and then ring the doorbell. his parents say that he knows what he wants to be when he grows up. >> he says i want to work for ups and i want to be a mailman and i want to deliver packages. it is always, when i grab, i want to deliver packages. >> that is so cute.
5:56 am
they were nervous but it turns out there neighbors are happy to get the surprise deliveries and they hope that they continue. definitely, coming up, a marijuana grow operation goes up in flames. the new pictures coming in. i am live along the allatoona pass, where traffic on 580 is still backed up after an overnight grass fire. we will have all the details just ahead. >> let's take a live look outside. look at this shot of our camera on sutro tower. it is friday morning at 5:56. we will
5:57 am
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, streaming on cbsn bay area, a major backup as crews mop up hotspot. we have a nasty crash that led to a fiery freeway shut down. a discovery in santa clara county, the questions into what police are digging up. a search for a recovery mission getting underway. the latest in the disappearance of naya rivera. good morning, it is friday, july 10th and thank you for joining us. >> we have live team coverage with that fire and a backup. we are beginning with gianna.


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