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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 14, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at history on capitol hill as president trump is impeached for a second time. tonight the next steps and reaction from bay area raushgs. >> as california expands its vaccination effort, some bay area counties are encountering
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new problems with the rollout. >> if people are doing things that are obviously imprope we're gonna call that out. >> after a warm day today, we could see some records broken. >> within the last hour, we've learned a lucky bay area lotto winner is holding a multimillion dollar ticket. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. a live look from capitol hill tonight where the senate will now decide whether to remove the president from office. today a bipartisan majority in the house impeached president trump on one count, inciting an insurrection. >> donald trump is a clear and present danger to our country. >> skyler henry is on capitol hill tonight with a historic vote and what comes next. >> the ayes are 232. the nays are 197. >> reporter: the house voted to
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impeach president trump on a single charge of incitement of insurrection. for last week's deadly rampage at the capitol. the first time in u.s. history a president has been impeached twice. >> the danger is too great. we must impeach. >> defend this constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, including donald j. trump. >> reporter: while ten republicans broke to impeach, most stood by him. >> he specifically told the crowd to protest peacefully and patriotally. and the vast majority of them did. >> instead of stopping the trump train, his movement will grow stronger for you will have made him a martyr. >> reporter: amidst the inauguration of joe biden, the national guard is mobilizing up to 20,000 troops around washington dc. >> no true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence. >> reporter: without mentioning the impeachment, president trump
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condemned the capitol riot but did not take responsibility for it. exactly when the president said a trial will begin remains unclear. mitch mcconnell says he will not use emergency powers. global congressional delegates say impeaching the president isn't just about what happened at the capitol. >> now they understand what so many of us have been saying for so long. and that is that donald trump presents a clear and present danger, and that he is a national security threat. >> no president can ever incite an attack against americans on our capitol while performing a constitutional duty. but also setting a standard for duck for future presidents. >> we'll have all the late-breaking development from washington starting 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> a live look outside after a
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beautiful day across the bay area. and we've got more springlike weather coming up. >> we're gonna be see temperatures more reminiscent of march and april. it's because of high pressure in the atmosphere. it means literally more atmosphere. more air on top of us pressing down. and that air warms up as it gets on top of us. not only this is bubble of warm air going to dominate our weather, it's going to push this storm track way up into british columbia, which is weird for the middle of january. how weird for our high temperatures tomorrow? about five to ten degrees above average around the bay. 10 to 15 degrees above average farther inland. and we're just getting started. tomorrow is not gonna be the warmest day in this stretch of mild january weathers going to occur coming up in just
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a few minutes. tonight california is expanding its vaccination plan in response to new guidance from the sooed. but that's not making things any easier for bay area health officials. >> reporter: bay area officials say they are caught in a constant maze of changing state and federal guidelines combined without having any knowledge of when their next doses might be coming. how is the rollout going? it all depends on where you live in. contra costa county, sandra bauer was able to sign herself and her husband up for their doses via the county portal today. >> check out and see if you qualify.
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>> reporter: sonoma county, healthcare workers were getting their first doses in a drive-through vaccination site. in alameda county, the health department opened a website portal that briefly crashed from too many people logging on to register for appointments in. santa clara county, software had county officials pulling out their hair. >> we're trying to get people vaccinated. if people are doing things that are obviously improper, we're gonna call that out. >> reporter: this is all happening as the state opens the criteria to anyone 65 and older. counties like santa clara don't have the doses to fulfill those groups right now. >> we hope to be in a position to do that as well, as soon as we get more vaccine supply here locally. >> reporter: counties like marin say the new guidelines that people 65 and older should be vaccinated are great. they're
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not sure they'll have the doses for another two weeks. kpix 5 has learned the feds are urging tesla to recall about 158,000 vehicles. the national highway safety administration asked the carmaker to recall some model x luxury sedans and utility vehicles. the touchscreens can fail after a few years of use, and that could affect safety functions such as defogging and backup cameras. there is a push in one city in alameda county on pump the brakes on selling gas or diesel vehicles. katie nielsen explains some are questioning if the plan is even feasible. >> reporter: bmw is one of the largest car dealerships here in berkeley. bmw could have a dozen different models of electric
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vehicles. and soon that could be all you see on this lot. cars packing san pablo avenue tonight all with one thing in common. almost all of them run on gasoline. >> we've done a lot with clean energy, making our buildings cleaner. this is one area we haven't dealt with. >> reporter: city council member kate harrison says she's suggesting an ordinance that would require 80% of all new cars sold in the city by 2027 to be all electric. >> if we have car dealers that sell to electric vehicles, i'm not going to marin county. i'mer >> reporter: joe diaz questions whether it's enough electric vehicle demand in the market. >> i haven't actually sold any electric cars. ever. >> reporter: council member harrison says it's a realistic step toward the city's goal
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offing fossil fuel free by 201030. >> the idea that we're gonna work our way out of this by everyone bicycling and walking is not accurate either. some people have to have cars. >> reporter: the proposed ordinance would only apply to new car sales. wi newsom's. how do you fix this? the new tax just unveiled. >> the most inspirational answer to this moral crisis of homelessness that i have seen. >> and the first commercial crab haul of the season came in just a few hours ago. but there's a catch, so to speak.
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>> i'd probably say this is about a third as good as last year. >> no powerball jackpot winner tonight. some
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big businesses in san francisco and all over california could have to pay up. as part of an ambitious new plan to ease the housing crisis. >> a new bill would create permanent funding for hom
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programs. kpix 5's suzie stylel reports businesses struggling to survive this pandemic are pushing back. >> reporter: as darkness descends on san francisco tonight, the homeless can be found hovering over a newfound source of heat. >> it's gonna keep you warm. it also maybe if it's wet or damp out here it, also dries your clothes. >> reporter: the former oakland parks and rec employee has been sleeping in front of city hall for three ms he says people keep getting injured this way. >> it is dangerous to not know what you're doing. you're gonna get really burned. you could wake up with your leg messed up totally. >> reporter: this is what homelessness has come to in california. the state's seemingly unsolvable crisis. >> it's time that we change our approach and give california a fighting chance to reverse homelessness. >> reporter: lawmakers are hoping ab-71 is the answer. it's a tax on businesses making more than $5 million a year in
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profit. taxes will go up 0.8% or more. supporters say it will raise $2.4 billion a year and establish a permanent source of funding to end homelessness. the mayor calls it -- >> the most inspirational answer to this moral crisis of homelessness that i have seen during my entire career in public service. >> reporter: according to the corporation for supportive housing, tax revenue in california is down 50% over the past 30 years. authors of this s this intentional targets the corporate tax breaks. >> even if you say it's just going to be on some big wealthy business, the reality is it's going to affect prices for consumers in california. and it's going to impact jobs. >> reporter: david klein is a spokesperson for the california tax payers association, organizing a coalition to oppose
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ab-71. these are all of the businesses writing to the governor tonight saying a pandemic-induced recession is not the right time to raise taxes. >> businesses and the general public have seen a lot of money spent on issues that are supposed to solve the homelessness crisis. and the problem has gotten worse instead of better. >> we need to get off our selfish attitude in america. ain't none of us better than nobody else. we're all the same. god made us all the time. >> reporter: if it does pass, it will impact any business doing business in caical. not simply the ones headquartered here. >> we saw the list that you had there. do we know which companies this would trial apply to? >> reporter: they weren't specific about which companies
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it's going to impact. we know it's companies with profits over $5 million annually. but that's something we'll look forward to hearing. they said there's about 2,285 companies impacted. >> keep sending your stories and ideas to project home to looking live toward fisherman's wharf in san francisco. the first catches started arriving at pier 45 a few hours ago. but the catch is not what crabbers were hoping for. >> reporter: boats have been coming in throughout the night, dropping off the first batch of
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crabs of the season. and there are three containers right here. since there was a delay in the crab season, some were wondering if that would translate to more crustaceans this year. >> everybody wants fresh dungeness crabs. >> reporter: crab season was supposed to start on november 15th. >> reporter: charley from r&r quality meats and seafood in
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redding has been waiting since noon for the shipment to arrive. his customer have been waiting weeks. >> we normally have people lining up in the morning and have to go out and tell them sorry. maybe next week. >> i know the season was delayed and i know everybody's having a hard time. the fishermen are having a hard time. so please, buy some crab. there's nothing like fresh product out your own backyard. >> reporter: a few theories on why there are fewer crabs. some of the fishers tell me crab supplies go in a seven to ten year cycle and this could just happen to be a down year. paul hagan standing by with weather. and it was pretty rough out there on the surf. >> i think they're probably used to it, especially this time of
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year. water tens to be a bit more choppy. we're gonna be warming up. dry weather anticipated throughout the duration of the seven-day forecast. take a look beyond that in just a second. we are gonna be seeing those above average temperatures continuing through most of next week. and it looks like that warm spell is going to peak by the time -- sunday and monday. the martin luther king holiday. reduced visibility early tomorrow morning. the computers have backed off a little bit in terms of how thick the fog is going to be. it should dissipate by late morning and temperatures are going to warm up with plenty of sunshine overhead. temperatures mostly in the 50s. 48 degrees right now in santa rosa. the sun has been down for six hours and
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we're still in the 50s for most of the bay area. and then those temperatures are going to be warming up in a hurry, including for cole if oakley. temperatures are going to warm up into the upper 60s. early fog giving away to plenty of morning sunshine. and the warm spell is just getting started. some nice dogwalking weather ahead. it's gonna be a beautiful stretch of weather of the temperatures about five to ten degrees above average around the bay and the coast. well into the 60s. and inlantemperatures have the potential to top 70 degrees. ten to 15 degrees above average. this is the pattern that's gonna hold through the middle of next week. then it looks like things are gonna flip around for the last week of january.
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to go with it, increasing signs that may be a wetter weather pattern as well. we'll keep you updated. no rain in the seven-day forecast. just enjoy the mild temperatures. sunday and monday, the warmest days. highs in the low 70s. inland, mid to upper 60s around the bay. and even low to mid-60s along the coast. we will keep you updated. joe thornton skates without heels for the first time in 16 years. now the team to beat in the nba, why his job just got easier and harder.
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after seven games at home, the warriors suddenly have some trouble with one of their road games. >> you kinda knew this was gonna happen, right, liz? the warriors will not play friday night in
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feb.s. that game has been postponed. because the suns a so far called off this week. ouch. the warriors will play tomorrow night in denver. they'll get back their the leader of their second unit. missed last night's game because of a positive covid test but it turned out to be a false positive. a massive 14 trade went down in the nba today. james harden essentially forced his way out of houston. he got his wish and was dealt to the nets. brooklyn got a super team now with harden, durant, irving. three superstars coached by steve nash. his buddy, kur, kerr reacted tonight. >> if there is somebody built to coach that team with that set of
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star, it's steve. i would put my money on steve being able to get that job done. tomorrow night the sharks drop the puck on the new 56-game season. he finished dead last in the western conference when the league shut down last march. after a coaching surge, they decided to keep the interim coach. they got that but lost another 40-year-old, joe thornton signed with the maple leafs which was not a popular decision in the dressing room. >> you can't say enough about him. i read an article, little stories about him. everybody has a hundred stories about that guy and how incredible, how human he was, what an incredible
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testimony. it sucks to not have that energy and laughter around the room. the 41-year-old wearing a different nhl uniform for the first time since 2005. he had two shots in 17 minutes of ice time. they got the win. morgan rielly scored in overtime. leafs a bay area lotto winner is several million dollars richer.
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another night, no winner. powerball jackpot has ballooned to $640 million. >> but check your tickets. one lucky person in the bay area still won big tonight. a live look at paul's market in san jose. we learned a ticket sold at that store matchedut of the six numbers. just missing the powerball. once 89 this is at paul's market on east empire street, san jose. that ticket is estimated to be worth $2.7
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million before taxes. >> there have been 33 powerball drawings in a row without a winner. $640 million jackpot is the eighth largest in u.s. history. it's just gonna grow too. here are the winning thbs. 4, 19, 23, 25, 49. and he had them all except the powerball. 14.
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