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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  November 20, 2021 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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the cool. i thouyoght u would have some edhood ltvuure fax for . us ptcaioning sponsedor by cbs >> sgearnt: tonight,di verct ottses in sevaler cities follow tinghe acquittaofl kyle rientthouse. e,>> w the jury, finthd e defend kant,ylh.e rittenhouse,o t guilty. >>eporter: i'm nancy chen in kesnoha, wisconswiin, thow h the city is reacting after kyle ttenhouse wauns fod t noguilty on all cous.nt >> sargent: talsoonight, debin's new battle. as want prest idenmarks his bihdrtay, the celebrn atiomabey shasort his "builbad ck bteetr" plan faces roadblocks in a vidided nasete. plusco, vid ucation. e mad tral verush for anksviging iuns der way as health oicffials issue new warnings about sprngeadi teh viatrus fmay repteorr: i'm taom witn i los leanges,he wre the t.s.a. facebis g crownds ad a federal vaccine manteda deadline. >>ar sgent: also, ia vdeo
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sted to socialia med of the chinese tes nnistar msingsi for weeks.wh athe t government iamed is now saying about her return topu bl licife. ♪ luck be a lady tonight ♪ saenrgt: and later, a sin city stacople okg inup a meback. repteorr: iits imsspreive or appalngli or ia lttle bit of both? >> tishis t "hecbs weekend news." >>ar sgent: good evening. i'irm ika sargent. adandia az is off. tonight, the cre'salm in keno wsha,isnscoin, afterpr otteesrs took to tsthe reets ointher cities follongwi the not guilty vicerdt aonll counts kyfor leit rtenhouse. e illinois teenager testified hect iedne slf-defense when hesh otnd a killed two men and wounded a irthd in the summfer o 20 during a prostte. e ondemonstratiotun rnedto in a iriotn protland. t it was peal cefuin new york ci.ty cbs' nancy chen isn ie knhaos, e whershcoe vered ther tial from day one. good eveninag, nncy. >>epr:orte irika, good
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evening outo y. despinite itl iaconcerns of unre, stthe city is moving forward aftefrr iday's acquittal. this gathengri hasee bn declar red aiot. r>>eport: erpolice in rtpoland, oren,go declared a riot fridaghy nits a a group of 200 protesters broke windows and threw objects at offerics. bron,okly n yework... t'>> is suabrd to me and it really reveals like howro bken e thsystem is. >> reporter: hurendds made theiir voces heard, ctobjeing to a wiscn onsijury's decision to acqu kityle rittenhouse. >> the jury reached the correct verdict. self-defense is not illegal. r>>eporter: rihottenuse prexessered liefft aer the verdt,ic seeinn adncvae clsip from a fox newso dcumen.tary >> it's been a rough journey, but we made it thh rougit. >>e w the jurynd, fi the fedendant, kyle ith. rteounhse, nogut ilty. ep>> rorr:te the jury oef sven women and five men delatibered for about 26 hours, fniding the 18r--yeaolnod t guilty on all five counts thfor e shootings that lefo t twmen dead,
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inincludg thanony huber. >> were wen ih sk.oc we coun'ldt believe it. >>or repte ar:nthony's fatr,he john hub cer,alled rittenhouse a coward and sails the firamily snha't been able to get closure. ve>> eryi tme they show the otfoage, it's li wke iatend to gechan it...>> rorepter: 500 natliona guard troops behad en statiedon taon snd abyhead of the verdict, but today, just blockoms fr the thcourou, sealong lake michigan... likte nohi engver happened. >> reporr:te ...neiboghrs raked leaves while others got the last picf ks othe sean soat a farmemar's rket. t>> ihi pnkeople are a lilett hesitantco to moue t, so i think they want to geth trough this ekweend. >>or repte rr:ittenhouse w cifang a life enstence in he had been convict oedf th meost seriou cs ofhaesrg, first dgeere intentionaml hoicide. buint stead, he says he now plans uto prsue a cerare in nursing. ikira. >> sntarge: ncnay chen, thkanyo u. hodeuse moatcrs aree clebtirang fr'siday seewping passage of a
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$2 trin lliosocial spending bill. now it m toveso e thsenate, where rathe zor-thin democratic majority leanoves rm oofor error. s' christinafi rufni a ist het whe uhose. >> repteorr: good evening. , wellpridesent biden spthent e y celraebti hngis 79th birthd qayuietly in wilmingt,on dele.ware meanwh tile,hehi wte house is celebrg atinth feorward progress iofts social spending lbil. bt they'olre hdi tnghest reerams until it gs etthrough the senate. of. >>hi ts bill is monumental. 's historic. reporter: the $1.75 trillibuon "ilbad ck better" an includoes mnefoy r expandde meredica, edpriction drug rmrefo, universal pre-k, and hurendds of bilonlis to fightcl ime atchange. we've done our job. dweelivered an even morepr ogssreive, more expansive bill. reporter: bomut sef o those meas muresig nhtot survevi these na, tewhich will geto t make chgeans berefo kicking it back a final time teo th hseou. >> ih ti wnke' wre--e're, you kn, owpretty solid t athis pot. and there' rs noeason whyh tis bi couldn't, you knorw, petty
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mu cchome back fthrom e seneat with s momeinor changes. >> rteeporr:ro pgssreive setober rnie sanderss say he wants trto senhegtn the bill in a number of ways. >> wvee' got toe danmd that thee aliethst start paying their fair shear of taxes. reporter: while moderate uthold-os tekyrsn sinema and joe himancn, have consistyentl soug trbo cu the cost and the alsce of the legtiislaonan, d could fight toe rme ovelements keli paid familay leve. >> there are disreagements. he k hnowse's not gio tngo get everythingwa he nt isn tihspa >> repr:orte t whehite house says presideidnt ben wouavld he prerefred his orig, inaleven ggera pckabuge, t he's focused onompmirose. w>>ill you sign it if it n'doest coninta paid family leave.>> iil wl sign i,s period. reporter: unlike the biopsy inasuctrture bill, this measurese don'hat ve any blrepuic sanupport so thhie wte house willve ha t foind a way to get all 50 democrats in the setena happy, ort a lesta equally and acceptaunbly haypp order to get it to irika.
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>>a srgent: chria stinrufifni at thete whi house, thank you. covid infonectis ear on theri se again in almost halthf eo cuntry ancod uld soon reach 100,000 a y daas theh tasgnkiv higoliday proaches.cb s'om t wait is at l.a.x. in loans geles. egoodvening, tom. repor gter:ooevd ening, irika. tmoreha53n million arimecans arexe pected tor tavel rdugin thisnk thasginivg holiday week. th meaons mre cros wdand more concer ansbout amanerics e arcrowding airports antd hiti tngheoa rds inn oe of thge bige hstoliday tralve weekendsth of e pandemic. onriy,da tht.e s.a. set a new record t forhis year, screening 2.2 iomilln spasengers. we're all taking different ecauontis. >> rorepter:he t incasree in trelav comes as millions of ricans areo nw eliblgie for boosters. the c.d. now rceominmendg thnyat a altdu can receive a d thirpferiz or moderna dossie x months a tfterhire last short, o two mo anthsfter teh johnson &jo hnn sovaccine. >> yaou hve an oporptutyni to get protect.ed
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you ha aven opportunity to use the estools. yoshu ould do it.>> rorepter: officials are ngtryi tpro event a po-tsthanksgiving covid surge. onnatiwi, denew cases aer up arly 54% in the lsat month. mish man, minneso, tanorth kodata, and wiscn onsiare among the deharstit h states. still, fears of theta delva rit anaren't pistopngn a exct 2ed0 million passengersfr omly fing this week. in addition to those crowd, t.a.s. staff are facing a monday adli tneo memeanti te hbiden adnirasttion's federacal vcine ndate. agthe ency is not releinasg uptedad compliance numbers. in october, it was about 60%. t. os.a.ffiaicls say therey' ready for the rush, but some aiineas pseerngs are whasat w ginog through ymiour nd befoore yu beganh tis travel perience? >> panic for. me >> it was panic for me. i swa reanelly vorus and scared. r>>eporter: airr tavel vesupor 80% over last year. 'sthat neaprr e-pande lmicevels. d of course,a tht rais semore
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concerns aboovut cid. a.irik >> sargent: watom i tt,hank you. panic at latanta's hartldsfie-jksacon airport after the accidentali dscharge of a we.apon people scrambled for cover. an airport spokespern sosaid a gun found during a bag check went off when the passenger lunged for it.he r repee oplefe sufremid nor now urto eops e'cov cidrisis. day, the w horldeahlt ortiginaona wrn aeds mnya as 500,000 lepeop cldou die there ofovid by spring. as' cbs iiamtz tyareb p,orts moore gvemernnts are turning to hahecor vid restiorictns, sparking widpresead reporr:te an ogyr of violence--ha tt's how the mayor of rotamterd dcresibed last nighs t'riot. itas w triggered by a threeee-wk partial lockdown as covid rates continue to skyckroet. riers set fires and smashed cars, while police shot live unds. at least seven peoplwee re reinjud ridung the
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in neighboring ausiatr, thousatonds oko tthe stree otsf vienna suthoing "rencvie!" afr e thgovernmennt anounced a nation lockdowstn arting on mond.ay the protests ercalled by the far-righpot opsiotifrn eedom party ose leader ucoldn'etattndec baus lfse-isolating wh itcovid. the lock wdownilln iitially last for 10 day bs,ut officials say it could go on as long as 20. austriwians llnl oy be able to e leavthr eihomes fro specific reon is,ncluding buying grocieers, gngoi to the doctor, or the governmhaent s alaso sid star ftingebarruy 1, ccvainatnsio wil ble mandatory for ciall tizens. er in germany and chrtmisass i being scaled back, incdilungn i thbaviaar region. its worldam-fous christmas markets, whierch we ppsuosed to enop nexte wek, will be closed agn aifor the se ycondear in a isth womaan sys, "it's justan nongyi, and i woulald rely hohape tt remo peoe plwould get vaccedinat sweo can get out of
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this cycle." ribavaa tishe country'sge larst statd e anho tmeo more than 13 million oppele. itasn oe ofh te lowtes invaccatn iorates and onf e othe highest rates of hospitatalizio.ns he iren the, heth officials brsay aiitn is on a e knifed ages covid rat sestay stubbornigly hh dan that to oiavd lockdownsk, lie in cointaenl europe, pe eoplhere neo ed tget tehir bstooer shots and geemt th soon. irika. sargent: thyoank uim, tiaz ab. stigraht ahead oen th "cbs weekend ,"news ai mlesneto to bett perrotect kids in carns, ad 's driven by a s cbnews investigation.
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>> sarge tnt:he illion-dollafrr inasuctrture biigll sneind to law thies wek byre psident bidenlu incdeas isprovioton protect chil idrenn rear-end collisions. bsas cis' kr v canleave reports, three fm orwas prompted by a cbs
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newsnv iestiongati. >>epteorr: 11 years ago this week, andy anlid z waerrn lost their 16-ntmoh-old daughter, ta, ylorwh tenheirn miivan was dya ws driving. his seat collaps bedackwards, kistringay tlor. a>> ilways tht oughof trying to justify diwhy d tay die? and i have always saii d dotn' want htoer die in vain. e>>veryim te i ese a child hibend the driver my heart brksea forh tem because you don't .know >> rorepter: the was rnerfstir edtalk tuso in 2015 pensacola start sof aixea-yr cbs news inveatstigion. >> it waas ll because of some stupid t carhawet thohtug wsa the safest thing we could get foour r family to proctte tehm. r>>eporter: we identified zedons of familwhies ose chdrilen were inju oredri klled in sim cilarraessh. crassth tes oshw when hit from ndbehi, ofrnt seats can fail and potentialllay unch thec ocupants into the back seaart e regurslato tlel arpent to put their drchilen. >> it's been very frustrating to usha tt it's taken them this long teo se a problem.>>
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rorepter: car maerks and regula htorsavloe ng known it's an e nationalhw higayra tffic sa afetydmisintration's own serearchers warned about the tential forj maornj iury or deinath teha erly 1990s. aun idustrys etimates put the costfi to x thes isuone the ordeofr a dollar or so per se. >>bs c shined the spohttlig on th iisssue. >>ep rorter: prompting by ourre poinrtg, senat eord markey and corewossman kathleene ric adding language to the newly signed infrasturructe llbi requiring a snewtrhengt standard in two years, pending e thappvarol of the secryreta of trantasporti.on >> i aom nwoi gng to apply msot pressuhare tt is politically possible on n.h.t.s.a. to atc, and toc atui >> repor fter:orhe t warners, ait's menomt of peace aimd thr arhet break, andey th hope a lecyga for littlelo tayr that wieall ld to lives being saved. >> there's hope in her loss eainstd jofust sitting at the cerymete a andski, ng"why did this happen? diwhy d isth change our lives fover?" it makes he hr ae arond it
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kes me prou bd toe her dad because'e shs kmaing change. >>ep rorter: the natn'ios tauo satyfe regulatoairs sd t iwillwo rko tmeet its conesgrsialon mandates. fety epxerts tell cbs news, e thback seat is still the sastla pce for chireldn. th sgeugst trying to a put chbeild hi tndhe eve passenger t when it was innot use. kris van cleave, n cbsews, wainshgton. s>>arge: ntstilahl eadvi, deo cof ahisene tennis stari mssing r wee.kswh at the chinese state ma ediis claiming.
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>> sart:gen senera williams is onamg the tennias strs demanding to know whose happens to ngpe shi. it's been nearly three wksee since thhe cinese tennis play sadippeared after accusing a chinese commustni party leader of sexual auasslt. chesine officialsea relsevid deo of hhaer tt they cla wimas filmed today. here's cbs' ramy >>ep rorte cr:hine tseennis star peng shuai, a wimbledond an frenpech on ubdoles champ and ah
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retie-me olymp hian,as not verfgyiebl been heard fronm sice nove 2mber. after she accedus zn zhanog f fciorng her to have sex. shse potehed r lureid allegas tionand admsiisonofs an onga ain-o affgain affair. the white house is nwo calling onhi fnaor ar pobe and trspenarcy. >>kn we owhe t prk hsa zero coltrancr e focricitism and a record olf sienngci those that easpk out, and we cont tinueo condemn thosae prctesic. >> rteeporr:u bt this weekend, peng's account posted pictures of heplr aying way cat and surroundedst by uedff animals. ainn email this week,pu rpteordly from penng, ad icpubliz oedn state mdeia, made a u-turn ohen rn iitial note saying, "tlhe alegatioon f sexualau asslts i not ture. i'm not mis, singnor am i safe." that letseter nto t a skeicptal steve si, monhead of the women's teisss aociation whod, sai "i ha ave hard time believe
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believing that peng shuaite wro the ema iil received. i haev repeatey dltried to reace r to no avail." human tsrigh activt iswilliam nesa tyshis is par tforhe course t forhche inese communist pay.rt do youe hava rdha time believingl tyinghiems ail came from peng uashi. many times they will detain someone in a very sitensivcae se d anthen give out messages whheetr it's a forced confession or letter throu sghtate media tlouets. hiso ts tsfi th disisrbtuing pattern. >>ep rorter: chinmia's ntrisy of foreign affairs clmeaid to veha not heard oe f thcasfes o peng shuai. buglalob tennis stars have. including se wrenailliams, and numbern oean-rkemed n t'sennisch amp novak okdjovic. honestly, it's shockin yg,ou knthow, at she's >> reporte or:thers like the k.u.'s liam brodhey, t u.s.' jamie mphaton, and japanao's nmi osaka also leveraging their famo snehi thle ight witeh th hash g "where is peng shuai?" " ra imynocencio, cbs news, hong kong. scblarg nenxt o the cbs cbs
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ef nfectews, the hottest highsc hool footbaall temam kes historhey in tirn ow special way.
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>>arntge: the undefeated caliiaforn soochl for the deaf made footbalsl hito fryriday plining their first-erve mifilsna gamd e anpuinllg out a win. the cubs, inclungdi the ciroach, are all deaf, and beat alavon ghhi 52-61. e postseaso an is fir istn any t sporinhe t schoos l'70-yearhi sty.or >> thaa t's wifon r us. and we're into the championship so thas t'a thrill. >> sargent:h te big game for stthe atche ampionship hescdulefod r nexwet ekend. tonight, t.he fb. ii.s warning anyone wcoho sop uedp cash on a california freeway turn it in. it was raining mon oeyn interstate 5 in sanie dgo frayid. drerivs scrambled itfor when the bags of money accenidtall fell out of an armoredr tuck. lipoce detained one couple stuck there af lterocking themselvesou t of their car. when we rerntu, could it be the sonlyafbee t in las vegas?
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ethe all-you-can-eufat bfet is making a
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. >> sar: gentfinally tonight, like so manyi ctie ls,as vegas isin facg covid achllenges, and one sin city staple is hoping to be tathe odds. cb ms'ark strassmaann hs hte delis cioustory. ♪ck lu be a ladyon tight ♪ >> reporter: las ves galearned early how to satis afyny appetite. but before the rat pack croon, acacrobatics deiedfi the laws of avity, or divas demanded our adoration b♪ecau ise'm your lady ♪ >> reerport: ofod took center age, now an american tradit tion,he a-yllou-can-eat buffstet, ard tehere. r>> fiday night is seafdoo night. we'll go through 3500 pounds of
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cr ep>> ror mter:icelha kennedy oversees this buft feat the utsoh point hotesil canoff o the strip. hlrougy 2,500igration galembrs eat .here a $9. b95reakfast include bottomless bleed marys. >> we are a loss leader. we're here tro daw gues stinto ousr cain ao,nd it certainly works. >>ep rorter: it's worked for vegas sithnce e early94 10s when el horanc oneped the first vegas bufeft. st? $1. by t95he 10, mosmat jor casinos offered midnight ckhucnwago buffets.>> ce omhere, p, layeat here, go ckba anday pl smoe more. repr:orte ahontny curtis publs ishe"te hlas vegas seadvir." l>> aot of it is the next buffetry ting to d boetter than the one befe.or vegas is m theost cmopetitive ty in the world. buetff is a like a microsmco for ffets themse.lves >> repor ster:tainrtg last march, nointhg ucold compete with covid. sin city shut down.
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al60l vegasf bufets stoppedse 1only1 vhae reoneped. clinuding the banacchal buffet eaat csas r'palace. $75, the prit ciespiutgo in the city d>>o we have theua qil? sponsible fotr is ninee chee,re kitchense, feding 3200 pe aople day. does b theuffet reflect the general decadence of veg iasn general?>> oh, 100%. ifowau lk thrghou oru buffet, u will have exactly that sey nsorovloerad. yon'u dot oknw where to start,wh ertoe begin. r>>eporter: another hunger drivinnyg ma buffet-goers running for onsecdsn ad thirds is psychological. >>ve erybody wanots t beat vegas d anone way they think they can it isy b-e outtiang them in the febuft. >> reporter: jpueff gh owns. but atid cov's paek, nothing
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went outht e door.wi llt iever get back to what it wa >> i believe. so 's the fbaric of the city. d ancustomexprs eect it. and it's paf rt othe draw. r>>eporter: like the cchanal buffe it,t reopened in y after 14 months. >> tufhe bfe wtsere the very first thing that clos dedown. d then thetr sipse clod down right after. think it's a hugine dicator at vegas is back. r>>eportehar: tt means two gsthin: llmiions every year will lee avvegas poorer, but no one wi llleave here nhugry. smarktrassmann, cbse nws, eangti myself lsily in las vegas. sargent: vegas, whyoere u nehaver veo t choose bet tweenhe crab and have it all. that's thes "cbweenekd news" for sthisaturday. later ons cb8 , "4hours." annd do't fort ge"sdauny mornini than je pauley"om torrow. iri'm iksaa rgent in chi.cago good
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captionipong snsedor by cbs > >>live from the cbs bay area stiouds, this iskp ix 5 news. concerns about hoy lida shoppinget safy d anunion uasqre after a massive crime spree. thche anges promis edby e th mayor d police iechf. >> we have tomake it difficult r fopeople to do what they did last nigshht, atr tewindows, wipe t oueveryt. hing plus, e thbiggest trav el ekweend for bay eaar airp orts since e thstt arof the paemndic. >> the lines along because peoplery t to get vaccines for thanksgiving. > a holiday teboosr shot rush kicking intohigh gear. po li cearrested eight ople and e arpromising changes inun ion square after a huge sma shand grab crime spe re


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