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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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flagstaff police on high alert.. after someone impersonates one of their own. why they think the man could be a danger to others... ???jimmy teases going for gold today in rio.. we've got that and other must-see events.. plus... dick van dick van dyke's still got it. the surprise performance he put on in a california denny's. that's in the morning juice.
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this morning.. one man is in critical condition after getting hit by a tow truck. nico santos is live right now
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now let's get a check of today's hot headlines... an investigation underway in san tan valley.. after a baby died at a home daycare. the 62-year-old woman in charge of the baby called 9-1- 1 when she found the boy not breathing and cold to the touch. she says the 6-month-old had been napping in a crib for 90 minutes before she went to check on him. investigators say the home renovation.. with exposed wood.. nails and dirty floors inside. no charges have been filed at this time. a sex assault suspect is on the loose in flagstaff this morning.. police say he fooled his victim into thinking he was a cop. the man allegedly approached the woman.. while wearing a baseball cap with the word "police" on it. the victim says she was then led to a secluded area and assaulted. flagstaff police say real officers will have a department issued police
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person is legit. this morning.. a san francisco man's post about a d-p-s trooper holding him at gunpoint is going viral. ken walton is questioning why the officer stopped him and his 7-year-old daughter -- in their rental car. d-p-s says it had a stolen license plate.. but the car wasn't actually stolen. d-p-s is blaming the rental car company for the mistake.. and criticizing the man's decision to post the incident on facebook -- which has generated death threats toward the officer. d-p-s says there's no dash or body the search is still on for a hit and run driver in phoenix. police say a woman in a wheelchair was crossing the road near 48th street and mcdowell yesterday.. when she was hit and killed. the driver sped off in a dark-colored truck. breaking news rght now of an apartment fire in mesa. team 12's jen wahl is live
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on the road to rio this morning.. the united states has racked up 75 medals.. 26 of which are gold. china is in second place with 46 medals.. followed by great britain with 41. an arizona native.. is going for the gold in the
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already taken home olympic bronze and silver medals.. but he first broke records in ahwatukee -- at mountain pointe high school. team 12's krystle henderson has his story.. through his former coach's perspective. there may be some sort of magic on this track fieldr just one incredible coachut this is a place where records are setnd olympiansare made.before will claye set this becoming the first student athlete in arizona to triple jar are but this is a incredible coachut this is a place where records are setnd olympiansare made.before will are made.before will claye set this record becoming the first student athlete in arizona to triple jump over 50 feettriple jump over 50 feethe needed a
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gold was gold was never part of the goalbut nowit's in reach. claye's also reach.nowit's in the goalbut never part of gold was gold was never part of the goalbut nowit's in reach. claye's also chasing after the world record.his best yet record.his best yet over 58 feet.the world record 60. which for this track champ isn't such a long shot.krystle
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will claye will compete today in the triple jump final. that's on at 3 o'clock.. then at 3.. brophy's devon allen will go for gold in the also today.. team u-s-a's aly raisman and simone biles compete for the last time.. as women's gymnastics wraps up in rio.. that starts at 9 o''s 110 meter hurdles final. and the duo of kerri walsh and the duo of kerri walsh jennings and april ross wilni country brazil.. in the women's beach volleyball semifinal. that starts at 7. and don't worry -- because if you miss an event.. we've got everything you need to know on 12-news-dot-com. exclusive rio content is just a click away. trump taking a note out of the history books.. why his plan to beat isis.. sounds like something we've heard before.. plus.. it may not be thursday.. but we're giving you a blast from the past in the morning
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bang" and it will give you all the feels... you're watching 12 today... ###break### ###break###
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???toss ###break### ???toss morning juice morning juice???toss ???toss ???toss morning juice joseph gordon-levitt is known more for his acting.. than his musical skills.. but he's definitely got a hidden talent when it comes to the drums. he recently decided to treat subway riders to a drum solo.. as a part of his show -- hit-record. take a
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dick van dyke may be 90 years old.. but he's still got it. he and his a-cappella group stopped into an l-a denny's for a bite to eat after appearing on a local morning show.. and everyone there got their own private
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now time now time for your juicy question of now time now time for your juicy question of the morning... recent estimates show that ?this? is bought for 5 to 10 percent of adults.. but ?this? is made of adults.. but to 10 percent of
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let's get let's get another check let's get another check of your hot headlines..of your hot headlines.. an arrest has been made in connection with the large fire burning
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announced they arrested 40-year-old damin pashilk. they say pashilk is being charged with 17 counts of arson in connection to the clayton fire as well as several other fires across lake county over the past year. the clayton fire has burned more than four-thousand acres and destroyed more than 175 structures. officials surveyed the damage yesterday.. following historic flooding across southeast louisiana. the hard-hit areas could only be viewed by helicopter. several roads remain appear to be damaged or destroyed. in all.. 7 people died.. and more than 20-thousand had to be rescued. the state governor estimated the total damage will exceed their $6-million dollar threshold and the u-s government is stepping in to help. several tornadoes touched down in indiana yesterday.. this tornado was spotted in a neighborhood about 20 miles west of indianapolis. emergency crews tracked the funnel cloud.. to make sure
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of damage.. but ?no? reports of injuries. the arizona cardinals are in san diego.. and team 12's cameron cox is there with the latest pre-season madness.. donald trump unveils his plan to stop terrorism.. and hillary clinton teams up with the vice president. your decision 2016 coverage.. in just 3 minutes. ###break###
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donald trump laid out his framework for dealing with terrorist threats during a speech in the swing state of ohio. the republican presidential nominee declared that destroying isis would be the core of his foreign policy if he becomes president. trump also called for "extreme vetting" of immigrants seeking to enter the united states.. and said he would ban anyone who doesn't embrace american values... this morning.. trump's
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campaign chairman's business ties to ukraine. "the new york times" is reporting that ukraine's former president and putin supporter.. paid paul manafot nearly $13-million dollars in off the books.. cash payments.. in a five year period. manafort denies receiving such a payment.. calling the allegation "silly and nonsensical." meanwhile.. vice president joe biden joined hillary clinton for their first joint appearance on the campaign trail.. in a pennsylvania town where both have strong roots. in scranton.. they toured biden's boyhood home and the home of clinton's father and grandfather.. later in the day.. clinton and biden held a rally.. criticing trump's ability to handle foreign affairs.. and national
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today.. clinton will be in philadelphia for a voter registration event. it's about it's about time.. the latest rumor about the new i-phone -- could it be waterproof? this is the biggese cat.. you will ever see. we've got that plus tim tebow.. in your morning juice.. more 12 today coming your
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new information this moring in the serial shooter case.we've got the latest details on this all morning long.... another day - another revelation on the campaign trail.this time the vice president is getting involved. details on that at 5:20.
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catstradamus...large and in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome


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