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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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first in the country to lose health insurance coverage under the affordable care act. >> aetna has announced is pulling out of arizona starting next year. >> brahm reznik takes a look at what this means for your coverage. >>reporter: pinal county could become the first county in the country to lose obamacare coverage. health insurers claimed they can't afford it. folks in casa grande say they just don't get it. >> you're talk >>reporter: obamacare will vanish next year for the 10,000 people covered in pinal county. >> that is like telling a whole town sorry, you can have insurance. >>reporter: at net the latest company leaving obamacare as marketplace. it follows the exit of united healthcare and humana. blue cross blue shield -- blue cross blue shield help that ending coverage and maricopa and pinal county. >> i don't believe the marketplace is collapsing i believe what we are seeing is a
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>>reporter: that will leave 12 arizona counties with one obamacare ensure next year. >> what is happening in arizona is more reflective of what is happening nationally then it is about arizona alone. >>reporter: senator john mccain says it proves his point about obamacare. >> it is clear obamacare is unraveling at a rapid rate. >>reporter: in casa grande she does not know what the future holds for many patients at her sun life health center. >> it is sad when yok some people might have to move to have access to insurance. >>reporter: one sign of hope blue cross blue shield says it is looking at coming back to pinal county for next year. >> the bottom line, come november nearly 10,000 people in pinal county will have to find new health insurance because at net is dropping out of obamacare. 12 other counties could also be
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company. you can find more information at 12 to the latest on the search for the serial street shooter. tonight members of the community getting an update from phoenix police. >> this comes as investigators have released new documents connected to some of the shootings. kevin kennedy joins us live with more. >>reporter: several members of phoenix police are expected to be here tonight. they plan on briefing the community in regards to the update in regards to their investigation when it comes to the serial street shooter. as many of you know this person is responsible for nine shootings, seven murders, most have taken place in maryvale. police are expected to give some details in regards to the investigation. it is unknown how much information they will provide to people in this community. the latest information to come out yesterday is that investigators have pulled
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all have happened that night or in the early morning hours. we know that police have recovered shell casings at several scenes. police say the suspect most likely is a young hispanic man with dark hair. silent witness is offering a 50,000-dollar reward in this case. we will be here all night and bring you the latest information in regards to tonight's events coming up after the olympics. live in phoenix. 12 news. your hot headlines. the suspect dead after being shot by a sheriffs s.w.a.t. team in apache junction. >> a sheriffs officials report deputies were serving a search weren't at home near idaho and superstition. the suspect now identified as larry currently jr. showed a weapon and was shot by a deputy. he died at the hospital. >> a man is on the run in the magic ranch area near florence.
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girlfriend with a handgun overnight. he was last seen driving away in a silver pickup truck license play [ technical difficulty ]. >> chase field possibly for cell. a special meeting plan to discuss weather -- whether to sell the home to it real estate investment company. the price tag, $60 million. diamondbacks have to agree to any cell. turning out to the olympics tonight is the last own bile and aly raisman. both completing in for -- floor exercises, their final event. >> devon allen looking to secure a spot in the men's 110- meter hurdles final. you can catch all the action on 12 news starting at 7:00. 12 news and nbc working around the clock to bring you complete coverage.
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vanessa ruiz in rio and caught up with the anchors of the today show. >>reporter: once again coming from rio. as we all know the today show is the biggest morning show here in america. once again they are front and center when it comes to having the best olympic coverage. we got a chance to go on set, behind-the-scenes and give you a little sneak peek into what it takes to put on a show this size lights camera beach the today show taking over copacabana during the rio olympic games. >> i will say day in and day out this will be tough to beat to have the atlantic, copacabana beach around the corner ipanema, sugarloaf behind us this is really about as good as it gets. >>reporter: matt lauer, part of the team spearheading nbc
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goebel -- unforgettable moments to millions of americans every day. >> that is the fun of the games you get to watch someone's life change. you get to witness a moment in their lives where they actually change in front of you. sometimes for the good, sometimes knots. >>reporter: this will be matt lauer's 11th olympics no small feat unto itself but just as exciting and thrilling as the very first time they have been tag teaming for your. >> let's just say 15 times combined you do the math as to who has been to more. >> like the rest of us, they were well aware of what was being said about rio leading up to the games but it did not deter them from wanting to come here and show the very best of what the olympics have to offer. >> one of those things that headlines were there about zika, political issues, health issues, those are all real issues but i think there are a couple stories going on at the
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there are the problems and the athletes who come to celebrate. it is fair to make sure we tell it all. >> you can catch match and the rest of the today gain here monday through friday in the mornings after 12 today. huge night a prime time coverage watching some on bile going after that fifth medal in gymnastics and as mentioned earlier, our very own devon allen of brophy graduate going for his chance at a first olympic medal. you won't want to miss it. time coverage at 11:00. stay with 12 news for exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. don't forget our special olympic his own coming up at 6:30. a place you will get the best olympic coverage all month long. still to come tracking the race for the white house, what could be helping hillary [
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>> the 50 best small towns to visit across the u.s. which hidden gem should you check out in arizona? >> live images coming up from sky 12. storms brewing toward lake pleasant. we will take a look at radar
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. hillary clinton leads donald trump by nine points in this week's nbc news survey monkey poll. clinton receiving 50% of support compared to trump's 41%. trump slipping in the polls since seen a boost following the republican national
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$100 million on tv spots alone over the last two months. as for the trump campaign they have yet to air a single ad for the general election and it is unclear why. trump supporters have spent more than $12 million on their own. parts of louisiana are still underwater as the state continues to battle back flooding. >> disaster now blamed for 11 deaths. floodwaters have damaged 40,000 homes. 40,000. officialit months to clean up after these devastating storms. >> nobody is going to be forgotten. we will work around the clock and do everything humanly possible to render aid. >> red cross volunteers from arizona now in louisiana helping coordinate the relief effort. he plans to be there for the next couple weeks. still ahead injuries can take a toll on any athlete physically and mentally. what is the best way to help
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>> everyone likes taco tuesday what other food should have a day dedicated to it? we will hear suggestions from some of your favorites and double players. yes he was cleared to return to cardinals playing field? cameron cox reports from san
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. >>
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. time for our sound off question. are you looking to escape the city for the a new list out of the 50 best small towns. which hidden gem should you check out in arizona? according to busy is the best city to visit in the state. if you have ever been to busy, share your pictures and stories with us. >>reporter: from student athletes to prose giving all you have got to a sport can be a defining feature in a persons
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show you how an injury can do more than hurt your body. athletes and injuries. went the two combine it can be a tough come back physically and mentally. >> of people stop doing the things they need to do to get better. >>reporter: for high-level athletes there can be allotted steak of steak for their careers but often it is younger athletes who take the biggest mental hit. >> mo are on the fringe of playing athletics right now trying to go to the next level. >>reporter: their entire identity is built around being a sports star. >> tough when they go down to lose that part of their identity. >>reporter: even a specific year in high school athletes really feel the pressure. >> tends to be in the junior class. most people getting their
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so it tends to happen when they really get kind of disconnected and have a tough time dealing with a catastrophic injury. >>reporter: the best way to get back on track setting short- term and long-term goals and let teams know there is a future once they get back in the game. it is sunny here but not that far away we have storms brewing at lake pleasant? >> expecting storms in the mountain that they are closer to the valley. >>reporter: always a good thing if we can get rain any time of year. live images from sky 12 towards lake pleasant. a nice downpour with rain coming down. quite a few lightning strikes as well. also gusty winds. let's take a look at those right now, 32 miles an hour in scottsdale, 23 in deer valley, glendale posting 22 miles an hour.
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winds from the thunderstorms. in early one developed around kit creek, it did not make it to the valley, now we are seeing the live shots quite a bit of lightning north of lake pleasant. it does look like -- watch out for gusty winds. we have stronger storms out east of apache junction around superior stretching toward kearney, lots of lightning, heavy rainfall pa heads up if you plan to travel. a short time ago we had a shower that developed over the a stray as, storms near gila bend also starting to wind down. meanwhile up north showers still alive throughout portions of yavapai county north of prescott. a stray storm possible in the valley otherwise partly cloudy
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temperatures triple digits until 9:00 and finally dipping into mid 90s as we head closer to 11:00. tomorrow, similar. storms developing in the high terrain, trying to make their way to the valley. we have a slight chance of a thunderstorm but looks like thursday is the day where we see more moisture in the central and lower deserts. storm chances slightly higher. temperatures coming down. today we hit 111 but as we head toward the weekend temperatures coming back ma effect the weekend looks like it will be drive. . bruce arians such a popular guy in the valley makes us all pause for a second when we see this. the coach rushed to the hospital in san diego this afternoon experiencing stomach pain. the cardinals tweeted out moments ago. >> here is what we know from mark dalton, shortly after arriving at the stadium for
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staff that he was not feeling well experienced in making paint -- experiencing stomach pain. examine a the on-site and taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. additional updates will be provided as available. we will keep an eye on that throughout the evening. >> we are all pulling for him. cameron cox in san diego working to get more details. we will bring you those as soon as we get them either here or online. here is coop with the rest of sports . >> we are certainly keeping our fingers crossed for coach arians hopefully nothing serious the. cardinals in san diego practicing for the next two days against the chargers, a team they will face friday night preseason game number two. cardinals making news off the field as well. cameron cox has the details. >>reporter: 180 guys on the same
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the chargers will be competitive but still will take care of one another. still nice to hit someone else for a change. >> everybody gets tired and bored. >> under the lights at qualcomm stadium they will have their first of two joint practices tonight open to the public. >> a normal practice guys know it is a practice not a game. >> >>reporter: are the guys clear on policy? >> i think they are. >> the heat of the moment the? through you don't know what's going to happen. >> it's going to be fun. a lot of my high school classmates and head coach is going to be there. show up the performance a bit. >>reporter: the local kid born and raised here in san diego. he really has reinvented himself this off-season. more vocal and that is exactly what the defense needs. that coming up at 10:00.
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trying to get more details on bruce arians. we will hear more tonight at 10:00. asu kicks off its home season opener september 3 against nau. a lot of new faces to get familiar with and we are doing our part with the segment we call get to know your sun devils. tonight the food of choice. . >>reporter: you hear >> fried chicken friday. >> no doubt steak day no doubt. >> i have to go with steak saturday. >> i think waffle wednesdays. >> definitely steak saturday. steak saturdays for sure.
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[ technical difficulty ] fried chicken fridays, hawaiian roast. >> taco tuesday if i had a second barbecue friday. >> rice, green beans. >> fruit i love fruit fruit sunday's. >> pizza fridays. >> sunday like a seafood sunday. seafood gumbo. >> i am all about seafood. >> i am all for the gumbo. >> all good options. >> he but here olympic zone coming up in just a couple of
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. >> thanks for watching 12 news at 6:00.
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, liberty stands with you.
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clarissa shields fighting and how can you go to rio without going to the beach.>> this is more like a cat walk then the beach. he has earned the right to call himself the greatest athlete in the world, but before ashton can defend his title in rio, yes to get himself and all of
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olympic zone. caribe devine along with joe dana, and welcome inside the olympic zone. do you have your boxing gloves?>> i left them in the gym, and have not box today in my life. we start with the women's boxing, and making its olympic debut in london, four years


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