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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture. >> maybe you e the most aggressive drivers. >> elizabeth smart held captive and raped for years says pornography made her living nightmare worse. >> secrets of balding. it might be something we all have in our scalps. >> and parents have been talking all day. should schools really ban homework? tonight on 12news at 10:00. >> looking at pornography wasn't enough for him.
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looking at pornography, it wasn't enough for him. then it led to going out and kidnapping me. pornography made my living hell worse. >> good evening everyone. elizabeth smart's horrific story told before, but never like this. >> smart was kidnapped in salt lake city back in 2002. held captive for nine months and rap >> she is giving out graphic details about how porn made her living hell worse. >> team 12's trisha hendricks dives into the mind of an addict and asks should pornography be treated as a health crisis. >> reporter: we are hearing from an addict who started the recovery froze years ago. >> i'm recovered, not cured. >> reporter: speaking only with
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adepiction. >> it is a health crisis for me. >> reporter: he asked us to refer to him as robbie. >> i am a member of a local 12 step fellowship that supports sex addiction. porn was my gateway drug. >> reporter: he is weighing in on what elizabeth smart said about her abductors. he knows how damaging the addiction can be. >> it can affect people in a damaging, robbie stopped being product productive in his daily life. >> i had no ability to control it. i'm thankful it didn't take me down the same path it took that individual but it didn't let go until i found help. >> when patients are addicted to porn and have these obsessive thoughts about porn, they may experience the same thing a drug addict may
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says it is like a reward system in the addict's brain. >> when they watch it, it creates a level of satisfaction that they are not experiencing in daily life. >> reporter: most addictions come from trauma. >> once someone starts obsessing over it, they become unmotivated or distracted. >> reporter: that is then there's a problem. in robbie's case, he is feeling in control of his life and wants anyone porn or sex addictions to know they can get help. for a list of resources go to trisha hendricks, 12news at 10:00. >> thanks. new developments surrounding the police officer who slammed into a three-year- old girl last week. little vanessa's family holding back tears today while a lawyer announced that they are launching their own investigation into what happened that night.
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medically induced coma after an 11 hour surgery over the weekend. >> vanessa sustained a brain injury. extensive damage to her skin and tissue. in and around her head. >> phoenix police officials tell us they won't be commenting on the case until the investigation is over. new tonight, phoenix taking the number one spot in study that you may or may not agree with. >> apparently, we have the most aggressive drivers in the country. >> as monique griego explains, we are not just talking rush hour on the freeway. >> reporter: the study looked at highways and city roads and phoenix was found to have the most aggressive drivers in both. cruising through phoenix, you have seen them speed past you, cut drivers off. ride someone's bumper or maybe
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maybe it's the extreme heat fueling our left foot, but a new study by found people in phoenix are the most aggressive drivers in the entire country. >> i feel like it is implants from other places. >> reporter: the study that collected metrics for drivers in u.s. cities calculated aggression by how hard people accelerate, brake, or change speed overall. speeding was not considered. >> if other places worse. la is worse. >> it is scary. when i visit california, i refuse to drive. >> reporter: if the valley has the meanest streets for drivers, you are probably wondering who has the nicest. honolulu. >> when we were in honolulu, we were the most aggressive. the people there are probably pretty mellow. >> reporter: not everyone feels being an aggressive driver is necessarily a bad thing. they say maybe it's the other way around. >> i wish everybody would get out of the left lane if you are
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>> reporter: if you wonder which city has the least aggressive drivers we will tell you in ten minutes. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. now to more hot headlines. a 22-year-old phoenix man and his four-year-old nephew come face to face with a serial street shooter and they are talking about it. the pair was driving home from the laundry last month when they stopped at a stop sign. that is when a car turned in their direction and the driver was pointing a gun. i was shocked at first. within seconds it was slow motion. he just pulled out a gun. is this really happening? >> the man telling 12news he sped off and miraculously, no one was hurt. he said the composite sketch matches the description of the man who was shooting at him. flagstaff police arrested a 19-year-old woman wanted for
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where she was. they were able to track down samantha runstrum after someone complained she was camping behind dumpsters and panhandling all across the city for money. and, an aps worker is in the hospital tonight after being shocked while working in the air in a bucket truck. sky 12 over 539th avenue in lower buckeye. this is just west of tonopah. still no word on the employee's condition. bu lines can cause severe burns or even death. now to decision 2016. the big news tonight, that donald trump might be making a return to the valley next week for a major speech on immigration. if republican presidential nominee has been walking away from all of his inflammatory rhetoric including his plans to deport all undocumented immigrants. 12news has learned the campaign
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speech tentatively set for august 31 which is the day after arizona's primary elections. a new poll just out tonight finds that hillary clinton leads donald trump across the country 50 to 42%. she has held similar margins since the end of july. clinton is leading trump with hispanic voters as well by 51 points. we are following breaking news now. an earthquake mare magnitude of 6-point is has rattled rome and central italy in the middle of the night. there was no report of damage, but state run radio says people ran into the streets shortly after the shake just after 3:30 a.m. it was felt in central rome as homes in the historic center felt a long swaying. we'll have more information on and also on our app. well, it is turnback tuesday. all afternoon, we have been
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younger. >> tonight, we are talking about something very close to my heart. losing your hair. in the past, we have always been told it is about genetics but that may not be the case. >> you have great hair by the way. the key to losing your locks could be something we all have in our scalps. as matt mauro found out, there is a new treatment to help. >> reporter: it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman. when it comes to our appearance, one of the things we our hair. if it is falling out, getting brittle. it is not a hereditary issue. there are ways to fight it and keep your head healthy and turn back the clock. we all want hair like the rich and famous. luscious locks that look red carpet ready. but what do you do when your hair is not so hollywood hip? you could head on over to the hair doc, the trichologist.
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>> reporter: it is what emanuel paul is an expert in. if you have a dry or oily scalp and your hair is suffering, he can probably help you. >> it fights bacteria and infection on the scalp. if we have too much, that is where we see people that are experiencing or will be experiencing hair thinning, hair loss. when they have a high level of oil, that is that. >> reporter: to control the excess oil, paul has a recipe for success. he soothes the scalp with what is like a patience. a vapor mist to open pores. a massage, finally, a helmet full of light therapy. 90 minutes and a few hundred dollars later, the scalp should feel better and your hair will be happier and healthier.
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the glitzy glamorous look you always wanted. that's not all. they will also recommend products to use at home. matt mauro, 12news. >> how do you spell trichologist? >> i have no idea. what do you think? >> it's interesting. >> it is. it makes sense. we do a lot to our skin. >> and your scalp is part of your skin. >> you don't really think about it. so, it makes sense to me. >> yeah. [ laughter ] we already told you tonight that phoenix was voted the home to the most aggressive drivers in the country. in a few minutes find out who we beat. >> some teachers are doing away with homework. why some say this is better for your kids' education. >> and the touching moment between a boy and his dad who
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>> 12news at 10:00 continues right now with these stories ahead. getting rid of homework in schools? >> the most aggressive drivers in the country are right here in phoenix. the two city that's we beat. >> and the today show's new puppy's name is revealed. >> it is one of our top trending stories tonight. is homework a waste of time? >> a texas teacher says yes. she started a nationwide debate over homework after she sent a note home telling all of her
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year. >> there are studies suggesting that homework doesn't benefit kids anyway, so she is not sending any home. she would rather see the kids spend time with their families, play, an get a good night's sleep. >> some teachers argue it shouldn't be excessive but kids should have some. while a lot of parents love the idea. >> sometimes, having that structured time to come home and do homework is nice so the parents know they are doing something. >> i like actually. i would have to say i agree with that principle. for school, they should have time to be able to finish it there and leave it there just like how if you are working you leave your work. >> a lot of parents would rather their kids be kids after school. you said that earlier and you are right. parents wind up doing a lot of the homework anyway whether it is helping or the kid just has a melt down and you have to help. >> yeah.
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little. a lot of times they can't read yet so i feel like i'm doing the homework instead of them. maybe when they get older it's different. but yes. i kind of like that teacher. >> yeah. i think it is a good point. so, let's go back to our other story about the traffic. who do you think came in second and third when it comes to cities with the most aggressive drivers? >> monique griego is back with the answer. >> reporter: most people we spoke with couldn't that california or los angeles didn't take the top spot. san diego second, los angeles third. when it came to city roads, tucson took second place an memphis finished the top three. honolulu, seattle, boston, and portland were the least aggressive cities. go to for the link. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. all right, thanks mo.
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didn't just jinx us. sports illustrated, we all know about the curse. they have fixed on the cuber of their nfl preview issue. the cardinals will feel the glow of their first super bowl win this year. that's pretty high praise. >> it's high praise. >> i love it coming from sports illustrated. i just hope the first two preseason games didn't mean anything. >> and they don't. >> we are talking preseason. >>'r looked too good at all. i tell you what, this third preseason game should tell us a whole heck of a lot right? >> i hope so. >> who the heck ... the bears are who we thought they were. >> oh, no doubt coach. teams traditionally play that third preseason game as if it were address rehearsal for the regular season. here are three things i bowl
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sunday afternoon in preseason game number three against the houston texans. number one, showcase chandler jones and his pass rushing skills. >> one of the top teams in the league. that's exiting. >> reporter: his presence is a big reason why so many are picking the cardinals to make it to super bowl 51. >> our goal should be winning the super bowl. >> reporter: he will be extra for the >> to this day, i'm a new england cardinal ... [ laughter ] i'm a new england cardinal? >> reporter: see him get active in the passing game. johnson, 101 against most linebackers is a complete mismatch. >> david, exactly. david is ... he's a freak. >> reporter: get his timing, route-running and rhythm down in full speed game conditions.
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them over. >> reporter: johnson gets 1,000 yards rushing an receiving this season. >> he is definitely going to be my first pick of fantasy football. >> reporter: and number three, i would like to see the cardinals utilize their tight ends more in the passing game. >> you are asked to run like a wide receiver. block like a tackle. >> reporter: utilizing this group for more than blocking and the occasional pass play. all right, mark. let me ask you this. are you buying what sports illustrated was selling? >> i am. if [ laughter ] >> if. if. if they stay healthy. let's say carson palmer goes the year healthy. david johnson has another year. >> you like it? >> yeah. >> i am buying what they are saying. and i don't believe in the si jinx. >> i like that.
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over, but we just can't get enough of the olympics. all week long, we are looking back by counting down the top moments on our evening newscast. tonight, that brings us to number 1. the valley's own will clay winning silver and proposing to his girlfriend. clay, who graduated from mountain point in phoenix won silver in the triple jump. he jumped into the stands and popped the question. his friend tweeted that clay said earlier in the day when he woke up, he knew it was going i would say so. and speaking of rio, team 12's vanessa who was there covering the olympic games for about three weeks just got back to the valley. >> i think her feathers got confiscated at security. >> uh-oh. >> but we were there today to greet here and garrett wishman as they returned to sky harbor. >> and the reporters from asc's
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here at 12news. >> it makes us feel really good to know that all of that hard work paid off and it was all for a good reason. because, we saw it every day in the facebook posts and on the twitter mention. so, we feel like we did a good job and i know our viewers noticed. >> that was at the forefront of our minds going in there thinking we need to find arizona representative. arizona athlete. arizona visitors of the olympic games. >> redeemer. sugarloaf. it was awesome. >> that is such a long flight. they went from rio to new york to jfk when their flight was delayed. they finally got here, it was almost 20 hours to get back. >> oh, that's brutal. >> so vanessa will take time off. she will join us back on the
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behind the scenes stories. so, today was a pretty quiet day. >> except for this morning. >> thunder booming outglitter was pretty intense. good rainfall across the valley. some areas picking up almost half an inch of rainfall. sky harbor not quite as much. let's look at the numbers from today. 96 this morning. so, that moisture did help to keep our temperatures down quite a bit. we were eight degrees below the average. we only picked inch of rain in sky harbor. pretty much, once the morning started to settle in, everything cleared out and here's the look tonight. we don't see anything happening out there on the radar. even if you widen it up. there is nothing brewing which is different from last night. at least we had some weather that was brewing. if you look up to the north though, we have a little bit of moisture that is moving in
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significance. we should be quiet here in the valley. you can see the showers kind of fading away there in the northeast part of the state. so, our futurecast is showing that moisture is going to be thinning out for us here in the lower deserts for tomorrow. an even as we head into thursday. by friday, we will see the moisture surge back up from the southeast and that will kick in chances of rain once again for friday and then possibly better chances as we head into saturday. meanwhile, the temperatures are going to stay below normal. so 97 to 101. mostly sunny skies tonight will be partly cloudy with temperatures into the 70s . so it should be a pretty nice start for you tomorrow. if you are traveling across the nation, here's a quick look. stormy weather expected from el paso. midwest is looking stormy. saint louis, chicago, very dry conditions for the east coast. they will see temperatures pretty decent for this time of year. 90 for raleigh. we will see temperatures in the 90s there up along the east coast. here in the valley.
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normal for the next several days. we will kick in rain chances for friday and saturday. and then next week, dry as temperatures climb to 107 by tuesday. next, it's the little league moment that is going viral. the emotional meeting on the field between a father and his son. >> you are doing awesome out here. >> it is what he says that has everyone sharing and posting. >> celebrate 100 years of the arizona park services.
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>> all right. it was tough trying to find an unquestioned mvp for the night. but, here is reds and rangers. look at billy hamilton on the run. yeah. you got to take another look at this one. reports hamilton is running 22 miles an hour before making a dive on this sensational grab. billy hamilton our 12news mvp of the night. all right, at chase field, hold on. asu night at the ballpark as well.
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of distraction. the legends are confused. but sparky brings matt william to the finish line for the win. speaking of wins, matt kemp with a two out three run double. braves even the series at 1-1 with a 7-4 win. mark? >> all right guys. thanks. now to our shot of the day. a touching video that has gone viral. >> it was at the little league world series yesterday. and it is a reminder to all of us that bas is still just a kid's game. here's a look. >> here comes dad for a conference. >> i just came out to tell you how much i love you. as a dad and a player. okay? you are doing awesome out here. one more hitter. this is your last hitter. okay? understand? come right after them. hey, cheer up. have some fun. >> oh my god. that is so sweet. >> i know. >> that is so sweet.
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also his son some great advice. >> and to go out there and n that moment and just say hey, i came out to tell you i love you. >> i love you. have fun. that's what it is all about. >> very heartwarming. sometimes more important than walking a batter on a full count. don't go away. dolly pardon joins jimmy on the
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>> finally tonight, the today show's newest addition has a name after an online vote. the eight week old black lab was officially named charlie. >> i wanted ace. >> i wanted ace too. >> charlie fits. charlie fits. >> the other choices sergeant ace. he tees second puppy with the purpose to become part of america's vet dogs training to support veterans and first responders. couldn't be cuter. >> coming up tomorrow morning on 12 today, the two numbers you need to know when it comes to losing weight. plus, the one thing you have likely taken from a restaurant. thanks everyone. 12news is always on.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dolly parton, donald golver, the u.s. women's gymnastics team,


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